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Full Version: Who Do You House With?
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I live with six other friends from college. My house, which I rarely go to when I'm studying, is quite far from my college so we rent out an apartment type house.
I live with my husband in my apartment. He's in the Navy and he's in Bahrain right now until September.

Le Monkey
Well now on my own in a flat (Apartment)
Kitty Alchemist
I live with my mom, little brother and two cats. But I'm moving out in two month with my boyfriend and one of my cat in a apartment for my college.
i live with my mum and brother, although he is 18 and looking for a flat. Oh and he's annoying
my parents and cockroaches
My parents my dog and cat and my step brother and my twin sister

QUOTE(Nia @ Jun 21 2006, 01:46 PM) [snapback]414767[/snapback]

my parents and cockroaches
Roy Mustard
My parents and I. Well mostly just mum anyway. I like it better that way.
Cutie Ed Lovr
Just my grandparents thats all.
I meant Parents + Siblings. >>

I live with my pets, My parents, and my little brother, for I am attending High School.

My mom is absolutely freaking crazy.
I can't wait 'til the time approaches that I graduate.

So many college students here.
Le Monkey
Me and my dad now, Moved to london 3-4 months ago.
~Wolven Alchemist~
I'm 16, so I still live with my parents. And my two younger sisters. happy.gif And my cat. Yes. I love my cat... =^._.^=
I still have my 3 roommates from before: the international student I met in Japanese class in summer of year 1, the Vietnamese student I met in Humanities class in year 1, and the Caucasian friend I've had since Grade 5.

My place is still quiet as a library most of the time. sad.gif No one really ventures forth from their rooms.
Right now, my dad and my brother. I go to my mom's every second weekend and on some holidays.
I live with my two cats, dog, and pet rat. As for the humans I'm forced to board with wink.gif :

-Six year old adopted brother

My zodiac says to avoid them, and I agree with it. Let's just say. My dad's bi-polar, mom's out of her mind, and brother is just...creepy and agressive. I think I'm the one that was adopted.
I"m currently staying with my parents , but because my dad is in the navy , he has got transfered. So , i'll soon be shifting in the dorm. at school !
I now live with my Mom, Step-father, three of my brothers, two of my sisters, (the rest of my sibs live in other states)
three dogs, and five fish.
I'm living w/ my grandparents, parents & sister...
I'm living with my brother, sister, aunts, uncles, granddad, cousins,and niece. Whew, how's that for a family? Sure is crowded here. wacko.gif
i live with a few diffrent people and my cat(and their pets)
Molecular Alchemist
Currently living with my dad, stepmom, and sis. I know its sad to be my age and still live at home, but it cuts down on bills...and i'll be leaving to get me PhD by the end of the year anyway.
Well I live with my 3 brothers, my mom, and dad biggrin.gif. I also have 6 pets [3 dogs, and 3 cats tongue.gif]. I am thinking about moving out when I am 18 or 19 somewhere around that time happy.gif.
Im 15 and I live with my family: Dad, Mom and big sister happy.gif
But in another apartment lives my cousins and my aunt smile.gif
Oh yeah, and our pets (Three dogs and two turtles)
I live with my mother and littlesister. My big sister and brother has moved out long time ago. My father live in Russia, city name st.petersburg
Envy II
I just live with my parents.

I probably will be for a while, too. I won't be going off to university for at least two years.
My parents and my brother. My sister moved into New York City a long time ago (she's out of college).
Envy's Lady
My parents and pets(a dog and 3 guinea pigs).

My sister used to live with us still too but now she lives in Japan.
Its Me and my mum in my house smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
When I'm at home I live with my dad. happy.gif
I am still fourteen and am at my last year at high school. I am planning on going to dormitory school as soon as possible.
I live with my mother, and a large collection of animals.
Lucky Lucy
I live with my mom wub.gif and my grandmother biggrin.gif and of course, my lovely cat, Whiskers!
I live with my big brother,my parents and my pets happy.gif
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