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Full Version: Episode 17 Discussion
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Please post the discussions on episode 17: "House of the Waiting Family" here. smile.gif

Ed, Al, and Armstrong finally make it to Rezembul(?) in order for Ed and Al to recuperate and get fixed up.
Again, most of the ignorant would dare call this episode filler but IMO it just doesn't feel that way.
This is actually one of my favorite episodes because it really teaches you a lot about the Elric brothers and their relationship with Winry and Pinako.

Plus, a big revelation in regards to Al, so let's pay attention.
As for Winry, she's going to look QUITE different from when we last saw her.

I think these are the episodes that make Fullmetal Alchemist the best anime series of all time.
lucky I had two chances to watch this.
it will air at 11:30 pm and 2:30 am.

if I miss this, it will be over for me, because this thursday I need to go to the mall and sleep over in the dorm, and my VCR is broken, and I don't know how to set a timer, so I will not be watching this thursday.

don't forget the humor too

And, what about a wrench thrown from Winry to Ed's head?
That'd leave a mark
i cant wait to see Winry!! shes so awesome.
I have been waiting for 3 weeks to see this episode.
I saw some screen caps of it, and... theres a picture of a cow! (Sorry >.>)
But thats not the reason I want to see this one. It just looks really good.
Awesome episode!

I haven't been able to watch FMA for several weeks and got excited when I was able to watch it tonight.
Although I've already seen it subbed, I always enjoy watching the dub.

Winry's character is awesome!!
Although I'm not too fond of her English voice.

But yeah Major Armstrong made me laugh hysterically a few times.
I liked the line when he said "I think I'll go chop a year worth's of firewood."

I did notice some dialogue changes from the original version but didn't notice any scenes cut out.

..overall it was awesome!! happy.gif
Blade Alchemist
^ Yeah I thought that going to cahop a years worth of firewood thing was funny to biggrin.gif

It was also pretty funny when the jewels around Armstrong's face finally fell off.
I am so happy I finally got to see this episode.
Although there were a few scenes that did contradict the manga (the one with Al in particular)

I am looking forward to see what the anime is going to come up with My favorite scenes:
* Ed and Al 's talk in the room before Armstrong interrupted them
* Ed and Al beating Armstrong, so cute.

I also was a lot happier with Winry's voice in this episode but that is probably because now that she is older it is alright for her to sound older.
Some highlights others didn't point out:

-The defeat of Armstrong. (his pink stars just kept sparlking the entire time)
-Ed repairs Al.
-Winry asking Ed and Armstrong to mess with their watches. "You guys are so stingy."

Good stuff.
Let's the Am. viewers know and ponder more about Al.
I'm also pretty sure Ed fans must have enjoyed this at least a little...
I enjoyed the conversation between Al and Ed a lot.
I am looking forward to finding out what Ed was going to tell Al.
I can't believe he would keep a secret from him this whole time.
Maybe my opinion will change when we find out what the secret is.

Also, I thought that it was a little weird that Al and Ed would show Armstrong how Al's soul is attached to the armor.
That seems like information that only the two of them should know, you know cause other people knowing about it could lead to Al's death.
ps-There were a lot of topics started in this episode that were left open, so please clearly mark any spoilers for those of us who are not in the know.

This episode reminded me a lot of episode 3 because most of the episode was emotional and the only real action was the Al vs. Ed scene.

These last two episodes were a great break from all the action that was in the the previous few episodes.
I love the action episodes but these kind are the ones that allow you to get to know that characters real well.

ETA: After seeing the episode again, I am a little surprised that Winry's parents were never mentioned by Al or Ed.
Ah,... so now I know....

That small, eight-pointed star array, inside of Al's suit of armour-
that's the CONNECTING POINT between Al's SOUL and the ARMOUR itself!

Been wonderin' about that.

And yeah,... great show, by the way.

QUOTE (Dragons04 @ Mar 6 2005, 10:06 AM)
what about a wrench thrown from Winry to Ed's head?

That leave a mark

Aw MAN,... you're not kidding, Dragons04!
I was watching the episode with a couple of friends, and when- from outa nowhere, that WRENCH HIT...
we all yelled: YEEOUCH!!

Honestly,... don't you all think he should've gotten a concussion from a HIT like that?
I mean, his skull isn't Automail. THAT HURT!!

I bete did get a WHOPPER OF A LUMP on his head, from the impact,...
but we didn't see it hanging around for the rest of the episode. blink.gif ohmy.gif
Just to let you guys know, you WILL find out what Ed was going to ask Al later on.
This episode should've given you some good hints.

Great episode.

The voice actors captured the emotional and comedic moments beautifully once again, especially Dismuke's Al.

We really understand the pain Al is going through in this episode, and Ed sees that pain and its tearing him apart emotionally as well.

Caitlin Glass I believe is the English voice of Winry and she did a great job as well.
i really liked this episode.
too bad my vcr and tape were being stupid so i could only tape like half of it dry.gif

i was a bit surprised at Winry's voice.
something about it seemed weird at first...

and the fight between Al and Ed and Armstrong was hilarious!
i laughed out loud for the first time at FMA when Armstrong tackled Al.

and Winry had some funny and cute SD facial expressions.
sure, what about Winry ask Armstrong and Ed about the watch?

what about the memory?

and yes, that wrench leaves a mark on Ed's head
The Thunder Alchemist
Did anyone else notice that when Al was still broken his childhood memory's were really blury to him, but when he was repaired they came back? Could this mean that when Al loses parts of his armor he loses parts of his soul?!
Haldir of Lorien
I blushed a llittle on that episode
why? because of the shower scene?
yeah, I think other Ed fangirls like the shower scene, eh?

this episode was hilarious
I can't wait to see the next episode!

Little sister Halider of Lorien says "yes" and my big sis did too , we both turned our heads at the scene
(not used to seeing that much of edward. dry.gif )

Quotee from edward, "OH SO I BUY YOU A WRENCH AND YOU TRY TO KILL ME WITH IT!!!" laugh.gif

here are my list of favorite parts of that episode.

- wrench thrown
- winry asking to take apart the watch * she looks at armstrong. " I think I'll chop a years worth of fire wood" lol
-Ed and Al's training session.

everything was perfect in this episode.
I can't wait for the next episode.
the preview makes me wanna rush through school and such when I knw I shoulldn't but it makes my days seem faster which makes it seem like Saturday is coming sooner.

Panzer Dragoon
sad.gif I think it's that he only lost part of his memory and the rest remains.

Very cute episode though.

I know what the question is and what it leads to, but I'm not telling tongue.gif

biggrin.gif My favorite parts: biggrin.gif
* When Winry threw the wrench (of course!)
* When she threatened Al with the wrench.
* Den (I have a soft-spot for dogs)
* When Armstrong announced that he'll chop a year's supply of firewood.
(I have more, but that may take up too much room.)

You know when the sparkles fell off of Armstrong, they should have surrounded Al.

Like always, here's some screencap pics.
If you haven't seen the whole episode or just haven't seen it, don't look unless you want to.
There may be a lot of them this time! ^w^ Wow, eight pics, I'm good.
*Breathes on knuckles and rubs them on chest*
(Oops, some of the pics may not show. Just click on it and it should show you.)
Awesome episode! (Yay for the pictures, Panzer Dragoon!)

I thought it was really tight when Ed and Al first began fighting...
They are so strong and fast! ...

But then POOF! Armstrong came, and that was great. XD

And I don't know about the other Ed fangirls, but this episode had GREAT pictures...
So pretty! tongue.gif
The shower scene was one of the highlights of the show!!

That and ED calling Armstrong, Major Spaz.
That was hilarious.

This is one of my favorite episodes, but it still gets better as they go on.
Red Shadow
Angst much Ed?

Gotta love the fight and shower scene, *squeals*.

As for the question Ed will ask Al if he hates him for attaching his soul to the armor.

Really good character development and background in this episode.
I thought the episode was great seeing as how i waited all week for this episode and i haven't seen fma for a while some things i thought were funny:

-The wrench being thrown by winry
-Ed getting hit by the wrench (that had to hurt)
-the fight scene between the brothers (very cool)
-shower scene *squeals* biggrin.gif

other then that the episode was great and it got me laughing and i can't wait for next week's epsiode biggrin.gif

did anyone notice if there were any EdXWinry hints in there?
cause i noticed some and was wondering if anybody picked up on that unsure.gif
Yay! Thanks Panzer Dragon. I saved them.

The very end of the episode made me think a lot.

But the rest was pretty funny, the wierd "dance" Winry did, lol.

And the shower scene.. biggrin.gif can anyone find a picture?

Very funny episode otherwise tho.

Panzer Dragoon
Awww, thanks Oashisu. *Blushes*

Hey, Ed_Elric_Fan, you're welcome.

I just love to post pics of the episode and if you noticed, they're mostly of Al.
Well, I have my reasons.

I may find some pictures of Ed showering in my picture folder.
Wait, there's one in which Ed's in the shower while the other two are from afterwards, no Winry included.

These pictures are gifts to the fangirls.
That doesn't count me because I'm an Al fangirl.

Hold on.... ok, here you go! ^w^

Off topic: huh.gif Have any of you been feeling pretty lately?
I have and I've been drawing pics of Al with a flower on his head saying,"I feel pretty," for some odd reason.
I hope it doesn't last long...
Bunny Hooded Bombchu
Aw man, at that shower scene, when Winry was crying, my little brother and I were yelling:
"C'mon Ed, make your move NOW!!"

Haha...when the scene ended, we were all:
"Way to blow it, Ed. GOSH!" Heheh.
Poor Winry though!
QUOTE (skykitten @ Mar 6 2005, 06:47 PM) *
did anyone notice if there were any EdXWinry hints in there?
cause i noticed some and was wondering if anybody picked up on that unsure.gif

@skykitten - there are clearly hints of Ed/Winry throughout the series.
Even more so in the manga.
At least on Winry's part, she has a clear attraction to him that I believe goes beyond their childhood friendship.
Winry just always seems to show more concern and affection to Ed.
And anger too. She always hits Ed, not Al.
unsure.gif gomen nasai, i haven't seen fma in a while and i'm trying to catch up here, but seeing as how there are edxwinry hints throughout the show is good cause i support edxwinry and think they're a sweet couple
Armstrong tackling Alphonse, priceless.

And when Al asked Ed "Do I have any friends?" I say i cried, it was so sad...

The music and the background really put into the theme of that question..
I thought this was a cute episode smile.gif A nice gettaway from the fighting and normal story line.

My favorite parts were:
_ "I think I'll go chop yearsworth of firewood" <- haha, Armstrong XD
_ The pause between Al and Winry before she pulls out the wrench and says "Nothing dangerous, I hope!!" and Al turns all animeish
_ Just Winry biggrin.gif She made me laugh in every scene besides the end...
I cannot BELIEVE nobody even mentioned Winry's lamp thing.

That was one of my favorite moments in anime! Ever.
No matter how many times I watch that episode
(And I've watched it about a bazillion times... give or take a few)
I still get all fuzzy and melty when that scene comes up.

I heart Winry. Ohsoverymuch!!!
I wonder why Pinako was so gracious to Armstrong?
I guess since Ed is now a state Alchemist it would be hypocritical to not allow a dog of the state into the house.

Plus Armstrong was polite.
I guess I answered my own question.

Anyway good character developing ep.
We needed a break from the action and exposition.
Well I feel bad becuz I dont remember like one or two of the scenes that you guys have mentioned.
But I did like the parts when...
~Ed and Al are training
~Ed is showering *DROOLS*
~Ed and Al are talking privately when Armstrong comes in
~Winry throws wrench and also threatens Al with wrench
~When Armstrong goes to cut a year's worth of fire wood

This was the second ep I've ever seen...IN MY LIFE!
im so disappointed with myself, but i plan to watch every ep from now on ^^
biggrin.gif I too loved this episode, just watched it again last night.

You guys left out the scene when Ed and Pinako are trading insults.
Too funny!

And I'm a fan girl because I also loved the shower scene, with his hair all loose.

Hey did anyone else notice that they(Ed and Al) now call Pinako grandma instead of Aunt?
In 'Mother' she was Aunt Pinako.
Guess it was a translation mistake.(?)
QUOTE (Toby-Chan @ Mar 9 2005, 08:34 PM) *
I cannot BELIEVE nobody even mentioned Winry's lamp thing.

Lamp thing? Am I missing something?
what was the date for in ed's watch???? i don't get it.
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