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Full Version: Some Sketches
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ed's secret agent
Constructive criticism is appreciated. 'Kay?

Picture A
Walking away from my memories
IPB Image
Hagane no Renzy
I really like it! It looks along the lines of something I would draw, with time. The body forms could use a little work, otherwise the colors, shades, and overall drawing is brilliant. *claps*
ed's secret agent
Thanks! You can tell I *gulp* didn't work too hard/do well
on Ed and Al in front of their mother's grave.Well, I gots another one I just scanned. And, WOOT! for the fangirls on this one...

Picture B
IPB Image

cool.gif Please comment on both cool.gif
@ed's secret agent: The first picture was okay. The first thing I noticed was a bloody Edward laugh.gif . The second one looks nice, but Edward's metal fore arm looks alittle bit slim. Keep the art comin' smile.gif .
ed's secret agent
Which one did you like better?
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