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Full Version: "a Day With Daddy"
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Hagane no Renzy
Flowers blossomed in rich color that fine day in Central's Park. If you had been standing right there, smack dab in the middle of that park, you'd have seen happy citizens walk all about, laughing with eachother. Young couples kissing and experiencing their first love. Or, in our case, a loveable State Alchemist and his family enjoying a day-off.

"Oh hoho, honey! You're so mean!" Mrs. Hughes laughed merrily at her husband. Maes laughed just as loud, with his sweet young daughter, Little Elycia, perched on his shoulders giggling in her high-pitched voice.

"Daddy, Daddy! That was so funny! Please tell another one!" The toddler begged.

Maes grinned and swopped down his daughter on a nearby bench like an airplane. Elycia laughed. Maes squated down to meet her eyes.

"Once upon a time," he began happily as his wife took a seat next to her daugher, "there was magical little princess."

"Really, Daddy? A magical one?" she laughed.

"Ooooh yes, the most beautiful princess in the world. Her name was Elycia. She lived in a giant castle made of pink candy!"

"Hahahah!" Elycia laughed. "Pink candy!!! Pink candy!!!"

"Yes, the tastiest pink candy in the land. But all wasn't well in her castle..."

Mrs. Hughes tried her best to hide her laughter. Elycia looked worried. "Why, Daddy? What's wrong with the Princess' cassuwl?"

Maes had a very serious look on his face. "She cad to be careful, or else..." just then, the father went into several attacks of tickles on her daughter. "...the Tickle Fairies would come and get her! Tickle tickle tickle!!" He grinned, showing no mercy as his wife chuckled.

"HHaaaaa!! Daddy--s-stoppp!! Hahahaha!!!" Elycia laughed with glee.

Less than a year later, that sweet child would look back at these moments and wish she hadn't taken advantage of them.

Le Monkey
... So sad, Yet bitter sweet...

Good effort.
A sad little tale but a good read.
Hagane no Renzy
Thanks for your guyses judging.
@Hagane no Renzy: Good job smile.gif . The ending kinda stabbed me in the heart. I was thinking, "What a happy scene biggrin.gif !... *reads more*... Happy feelings gone sad.gif .
ed's secret agent
Good.... and bad.... Very nice.
Very nice..Ya,very nice...
Saturn Stars
It made me feel terribly upset, for that you have done yuor job as a writer. I hope to see more from you soon
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