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Tobu Ishi

The Concept: A roleplaying game that goes above and beyond your typical roleplaying game, made up of a team of dedicated and creative players drawn from all corners of the FMA fandom. The kind of story that even non-players will read, and wait eagerly for the next installment.

The Setting: Amestris, three years after the close of the TV series

The Basics: Edward finds himself in the ruins beneath Central City, three years after the events that took place at the end of the TV anime series. He then goes on a journey to head back to his old home town of Resembool, wherein he must face the faces of many changes that took place while he was away...some of which he will have a hard time adjusting to... And this journey is only the beginning of the story...


And why post it here? Well, because unlike most roleplaying games, this game isn't just for the players who were lucky enough to snag the character they wanted. Fullmetal Folly is meant to be well-written and fun, filled with humor, drama, and even romance. Consider it like a huge, sprawling fanfiction, written by several authors at once.

Our moderators will do their best to whip this RP into an easily-read format on the main page, linked above. New "chapters" will appear on the main page as they are finished. To see the chapter that is in process, just click the 'friends' link in the upper right.

(e.g., go here: and start from the bottom of the page up.)

We're asking one favor, though. Please don't clutter up the roleplaying board itself with ideas and comments. That's what this thread is for! We'd love to hear what you think, so please post any thoughts right here in this thread.

(Be warned, the formidable Quistis is playing our Izumi, and she will not hesitate to go full-blown Scary Sensei on anyone spamming the board /or/ this thread.)

And now that that's all taken care of...GAME ON! laugh.gif
Are original characters allowed? Cuz I don't know anything about the ending of the series....(drat! And I wanted to be Edo, too!)
Tobu Ishi
Read the information page on the site.
Tobu Ishi
edit: Directions to the 'in-progress' section added in main post ^^
Tobu Ishi
edit: First chapter uploaded!

It's still in progress, but we thought we should upload what we have so far. Click the link at the top to read, or save time and click here:
I think I've managed to find everything of the RPG-fic that has been posted on GJ.
I'm really into the story now.
I managed to get a so-so copy of the FMA movie off the internet, so I kind of compared the fic with the movie. They're not far off.
(The DVD isn't even out in Japan yet, Jan. 26, and I fully plan on buying it when it is released in the states.)

Again, I can't wait until the story is finished. I'll keep an eye on it.
Keep up the good work!
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