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Full Version: Edward Elric Model/skin
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One day i decided to make edward elric. Im still workin on em (although ive been too busy to do so in a while). Here's what i got so far:
IPB Image

IPB Image

There are more production images on my site over here:

*note* the head part of the model is not complete. As well as other details on the skins.

neck edit:
IPB Image
very cool i wanna do this kinda stuff at design school!
awesome! ><
Azura Elric
Wow, that's amazingly done. I wish I could do that on the computer....

Now, all we need is a Roy and some weapons for a fighting game!!! happy.gif
This just just plain AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! ohmy.gif
I wish I could do something like that and I'm studying digital media production which makes me wanna cry T__T and the only I can do is draw........

Ok, forget that part...anyway, you did a great job there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up with the good work!!!! Somehow can't stop being amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!

note: sorry if I appear completly nuts: the projects are driving me crazy -__-
@.fma: Wow ohmy.gif ! That's so cool biggrin.gif . I wanna be a video game designer when I grow up, to me it seems like the coolest job laugh.gif . In your spare time, could you please make one of Alphonse?
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