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Well here they are. Not great but I hope they will do.

Winry Pregnant

Winry with Baby
Le Monkey
Im shure alchemist101, Will love them.

They are cool..
AWWW! Those are awesome! Great job, Big Sis! happy.gif
Le Monkey
^ I love your sig...
Hehehehe... thanks, le monkey! That avatar in yours is quiet hysterical. biggrin.gif
@Chiyo: Wow ohmy.gif ! Not only are you good at writing fanfiction's, but your a good artist too biggrin.gif ! Nice job on both of them, I think they look awesome smile.gif .
i think there awesome!
Aww thanks guys, that means alot biggrin.gif

Any other requests?
@Chiyo: Could you draw a picture of Edward and Winry together huh.gif ? It doesn't matter what they are doing... laugh.gif That came out wrong, sorry. Please smile.gif ?
Well here are some old pics I've done, some together, some Ed/Win suggesting.



BraidI realise his hair isn't this colour in this scene but...


HmmNow I'm just trying to show off.

You should explore this site if you get the time. I put all my work here. If anybody has requests and think my work is good enough blink.gif please don't hesitate to ask.
Le Monkey
I have an Idea... Could you do a manga version of hwm??

He he he, I know you wont have time tho....
It would take me a while yes. Maybe I'll do a pic for it...just don't know what of.
Le Monkey
Felix and ed when they meet....
@Chiyo: ohmy.gif Such wonderful Edward/Winry fanart smile.gif ! I really like the kiss one laugh.gif . Edwards expression is priceless biggrin.gif .
Woah!!!! Those are good! I agree with Hex-sama: the kiss pic is a nice one (even though I'm more of a yaoi fan ^__^'' but nothing against Ed/Win pairing) !!!!
Keep it going!!!!!!!!
awwwwwwwww, I love it, Chiyo!!!!! *sweatdrops* I knew there was a reason I needed to come back here...
And she colored one.
QUOTE(tempest_Strife @ Mar 11 2005, 11:45 PM)
And she colored one.

Aww, you found it.

I guess I got I coloured it lol.
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