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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@Tombow: Thanks!! -I drew it myself happy.gif-

@Sara-chan: thanks for the pics

@SRH: For Christmas ?!! How cute~~~! We should make a big party in this topic!!! XDDDD

@riza hawkeye 9: Nice siggy wink.gif
I agree:"...if you remenber in a old chapter when wrath is talking to the father he said that roy's kindness would be his strengh and his weakness and that he would force him to open the gate .. i really believe he was speaking about riza ^^).."
Of course he was speaking about her!!! Wrath was nearly to kill them ('cause they know to much) but when he noticed how he can make roy open the gate (lust, riza, roy episode <__<) he let them live .O.!! In order to use roy....

@LadyHawkeye: Good work with those pics! (I like a lot the ed/winry/al line art!!)

@Galorfilinde: Oh!! You are visiting us!!! *hugs* We have miss you!! How are you? Don't worry we understand! everybody is busy happy.gif.


(Pics! and more pics!)

(Menu in English wink.gif ) -Pss, in "Log" theer are more pics!!-
*pops in*
Just to say hi, actually, I miss you guys muchly *hugs*
I've been so busy lately, (like everybody else) I really hope everyone is doing alright ^^

Oh, and a very big welcome to all the new people here! It's nice to meet you all smile.gif

But I wanted to show off my first animated siggy ever laugh.gif So yeah! *points* @ bottom of post*

@ riza hawkeye 9: Paint is an evil program, I used that before too.. You should get photoshop, you know. It's really not that difficult happy.gif Mel-chan used to hate it too, but now she's better than I am biggrin.gif
Still, I like the idea of your siggy, it's really sweet!
(Should you use it as a sig, I need to warn you. You have to make it a bit smaller, otherwise the mods (like Tombow *big grin*) will have to replace it with an ugly black box)

And I know I've told you before, but congrats on joining the modteam Tombow! *hugs* I know you'll be a great mod biggrin.gif
I read your story, Keoni-chan! I LOVE IT! That is how the ending of the movie should have been!

Thanks guys.

*rocks in her chair waiting for Chapter 66*
@ SRH: Thank you so much! biggrin.gif You've just made my night! And I agree, I demand a new movie! *Harr* laugh.gif
*been doing some reading back* Christmas twins? Wow that is so cool, you and your husband are truly blessed with such a wonderfull gift! *hugs*
Yar! Hello everybody, congrats to several folks (I'm bad at names, but I think there's a pair of Christmas twins and a modship to note.)

Finished my second entry for the 7Stages contest, which can be read here. It's sort of in four parts, because I wanted to be creative. Or stupid. Some combination of the above.

Please keep the art, commentary, and writing flowing. I'm not able to post so much right now (gorram finals!) but I am following along and it's wonderful to get news from everybody.

Haloo! I ish back with a promised drawing. This is still part 1, 'kay? Part 1 since I messed this one up big time. Ah well.. I'm really sorry!! BTW, for the record, I have no photoshop happy.gif
Riza with Roy stuff toy

@LadyHawke78 and esrz22 - I enjoyed reading that discussion!! Yeah, I agree with you about their relationship. smile.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - Nice to see you!!! And, thank you sooo much for your congrats!! That totally made my day!! happy.gif
And, that Royai sig is totally awesome!! It's sooo beautiful!!

@Paca - I love your drawing style!! That Riza is so cute and innocent.. love it!! happy.gif
And, the second link (COCAM) is soo nice!!! But, the first link doesn't work for me... unsure.gif

@Keoni - Ohhh, your new Royai avatar and sig are great!! Roy and Riza look so beautiful together!!
And, thank you!!! I'll try my best!! happy.gif

@Arantzain - Wow, awesome writing!! And, thanks!! biggrin.gif

@Untitled - Awww... that Riza is totally adorable!! And, Roy and Riza got matching expression!! It's soo cute!! I love it!!! happy.gif

*joins sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye and counts days for chapter 66!!!* happy.gif
hey...i've got one more new pic up on my blog..

it is one of roy with a gun in would have to scroll down to after the lengthy post of pointless daily rants...hohoho... tongue.gif smile.gif

you guys can get it from the blog link in my siggie..
hope it is nice..!! There are other pics there too if you all are interested..haha

Boy Tombow-san...u sure spend alot of time look so busy!! haha...hope you are having fun with the new job!!
@animefreak_zzz - Haha, yeah, I was "working." tongue.gif
You blog is awesome!! happy.gif And, I like your new Roy/Riza/Hayate avatar!! biggrin.gif

*tries posting a Royai pic from one of links Paca has posted, but Photobucket is giving me a hard time.... I'll try it again later..*
@Tombow: Thanks!! .... teh first works for me O_o...Well , I will put the link to the main page : Amedama

@Keoni: You are back!!!! *hugs* I like your new siggy+avi (Once I made an avi equal to that one O_O , only with a diferent backgroud!!! xDDDD, I deleted it long ago )

@Untlited: Nice drawing wink.gif

more sites: (menu in english)
BAN x3
another riza.. smile.gif

hope you like it biggrin.gif
Hello all! [waves at computer]

So much going on! Twins, chapters, legos, and newbies.... I don't know where to begin.

Guess I'll just start with the hello and dash out.

Love the links paca and all of fan fict that floating out there.

^^ @Starrieidgirl - Welcome back!!! So nice to see your post again!! happy.gif
Yeah, we had lots of happening (nothing bad... all nice and exciting stuff!!)
And, lots of nice Royai pics and fanfics and fanarts!! Hope you like them!! biggrin.gif

@Paca - Thank you for the links!!! They got such nice Royai pics!! They are so lovely!!

@sara_chan - Nice Riza drawing!! You're very good!! happy.gif

It's December!!! Shall we start planning for Royai Christmas?? biggrin.gif
Rantza votes yes. ^^

We should have a fanart/fan-fiction challenge, maybe?

That'd be Good. Would help motivate me to write. >.>

Oh, I have plans for future Royai episodes of FPA, but my dad has my camera. >.<
WooT! My first Royai Christmas! That sounds like so much fun! I won't torture you with my aweful drawing skills, but I might write something, if I have time/inspiration/brain-activity laugh.gif

Thanks Tombow and Paca! biggrin.gif I'm not that pleased with the snow though, but photoshop hated me last night *glares*

@ Untitled: I think it's pretty cute happy.gif *wants a Roy plushie*

@ Starrie : Welcome back! It's been a while! Nice to see you again!

Totally and uberly OT (please don't kill me): Some of the older members might remember I was going to do a Chobits cosplay. Well, I finally got the dress (based on Chii's bakery outfit) Now all I need is the wig. happy.gif
But I couldn't wait, so I decided to wear the dress to an after-halloween party (3 weeks after) I spend the intire night explaining I was NOT a French maid. Sjeesh
Picture taken before the party I'm the one on the left BTW and that messy house is my friends laugh.gif

Yay! It's going to be my first Royai Christmas too!! happy.gif

Yay! Let's plan! Let's plan!! happy.gif I wanna do something uber special! laugh.gif

Ah BTW! Thanks for the comments.
Oh good, I got Arantzain's vote for Royai Christmas, and maybe fanfics from esrz22 and Keoni, and Untitled's Royai fanart also?? Awesome!! happy.gif
BTW, Keoni, I love your drawing, too!! biggrin.gif

So, maybe we'll have Royai Christmas/Holiday fanart/fanfic album, and also we'll try to post nice Christmas/Holiday themed Royai pics throughout the Holiday season... is that ok with everyone??

And, if anyone has more ideas for Royai Christmas 2006, please post!!
Right now, we are wide open to the ideas!!! happy.gif

And, OT: Keoni, wow, you're so beautiful!! happy.gif
I can do Picficcage. Especially if I manage to modify the upcoming Lego train (got for $60!) into a more holiday one. The train won't happen until The Day Of Chrsitmas, though, probably.
*contributes because she hasn't in a while*

Haha, someone's scared.

Since I watched the ending of the series recently, I'd just like to say...

I love the last scene with Roy and Riza in the last episode! wub.gif
Triss Hawkeye
Me too!

Heh, hello people....I'm new. *waves shyly*

Roy and Riza are the best couple ever!!
riza hawkeye 9
hi everyone !!!

i love the ideia about royai christmans/holiday fanart/fanfic album i'm sure want to join ^^ ..with a fic i think .. maybe a fanart ... depends how much time do i have .. but i will contribute with something for sure !!
so how fanfics must be .. should we get a theme , specific words or characters (besides roy and riza =P) , lenght ???.. or will just be something holiday related ? let me know please ^^ ....or maybe we can vote .. you guys decide !

paca thanks for the links !!!! and BTW i love your new sig !!!

keoni thanks for the tips ^^ , i will try to get photoshop and make my sig smaller !!! i love so much your new sig's lovely !!! it's OT but..i loved your cosplay you look wonderfull

Arantzain your writting skills are awesome !!!! i loved it , please keep going like this !!!

Untitled your drawing is so cute ! i liked very much

triss hawkeye hello o/* !!! welcome to the best thread about the best couple ever !!! i hope you enjoy your time in here and i totally agree with you roy an riza are the best couple ever *___* !!

@Triss Hawkeye: OMFG, Icon Love! That is BRILLIANT!! I wonder if Roy ever asked Riza if she wanted to taste the "Colonel's Extra Special Secret Recipe." LMAO!!
("It's finger-lickin good, Leiutenant!") :dies:

@Fushigi Rockna: That is a hilarious FMA/FF crossover. YES, ph34r teh Tonberry!! XD

Back to inking my fanart now...
Triss Hawkeye
@LadyHawke8: *sniggers* If only I could claim it was mine...still it's hilarious! laugh.gif
LadyHawke78: No comment on Triss Hawkeye's icon. LOL

Triss Hawkeye: I love your icon, it's cute.

As for the Roayi Christmas bash, Count me in, although I'll probably be in the hospital for most of it V.V I LOVE YOU GUYS! *gets all emotional and stuff*

As for ideas, we should look back on our favorite Royai moments from the anime and Manga, and stuff like that.

TomBow: Welcome to my fandom.... *continues to rock and count the days, praying for Royai galore.*

EDIT: WHOOT! I started page 634! *jumps up, and winces, sitting back down* Big belly, means no jumping, dang it...
I'd like to propose a question to all...

What would Roy give Riza for Christmas and vice versa.

I think Roy would give Riza gun cleaning fluids, and Riza would give Roy an alarm clock.

@esrz22 - You can do Royai Christmas Picficcage?? Yes, yes, that would be great!! biggrin.gif

@Fushigi - Nice to see you again!! Gahaha, that's a cute Roy and Riza!!
Scary.. but cute!!! laugh.gif And, I love your new avatar!! biggrin.gif

@Triss Hawkeye - WELCOME to the board, and welcome to the longest Character discussion thread!! biggrin.gif
Oh, I remember that avatar!! One of the posters here had that one... just can't remember who... No, wait, two posters. Tho I still can't remember who they are. Now I have to remember who!! tongue.gif But, I'm digressing... laugh.gif Yes, we are the most active Character discussion thread, and since you love Royai like we do, I hope you're gonna love this thread like we do!! biggrin.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - Yes, yes, your fanfic, and possibly fanart also, would be great!!
We haven't decided about the length for the fanfics yet... Tho, I'm leaning toward ANY length, so that anyone and everyone can contribute his/her piece.

And, any suggestions for the word(s) to be included, if any, anyone?? biggrin.gif

@LadyHawke78 - Can't wait to see your fanart!! biggrin.gif

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Bet we'll all thinking about you this Christmas!! But, till then, no jumping up and down please!! biggrin.gif If you can contribute early, I'll make sure to include that in our Album!!

@Starrieidgirl - "What would Roy give Riza for Christmas and vice versa.." What a brilliant idea!!
Can we use that as a theme for our Royai Chistmas 2006?? I just love it!! happy.gif

Triss Hawkeye
What would Roy give Riza for Christmas? Ooooh I can just picture it:

Roy: *knocks on Riza's door*

Riza: Oh, Roy it's you!

Roy: *holds out present* Happy Christmas - for you.

Riza: Oh...thank you Roy! *blushes*

Roy: Open it!

Riza: *opens present slowly*

Gunshots are heard, and Roy is thrown out the door, the door slamming behind him.

Roy: What?!? It was just a mini-skirt!

Ok, I'm going to write a fan-fiction on that......
^_____^ Oh em gee. >< Thanksgiving just ended, and it's already Christmas season...Mah, time really DOES go by in this time of the year, huh? XD

Oh! As for Royai Christmas fics, my good friend Colie (Carrot theLuvMachine on and I posted a Royai Ed/win Christmas story up on Fanfiction. 'Tis called 'The Nightmare of Christmas', and it's about Ed, Al, Roy, and Riza-chan going to the Rockbell house to celebrate the holidays. Only the first chapter's up so far, we're waiting until more people read it/review it...Because we feel unloved. xDD; But expect lotsa chaos...Short jokes...And angst. ohmy.gif

>> The only reason I threw in Ed/Win is because Colie-chan's a fanatic. << -secretly dislikes Winry, and is shot often for it-

The link is....DRUMROLL, PLEASE?:

Read if ye want! biggrin.gif

I'm also thinking about doing a random solely-Royai Holiday fic....But after updating 'Ame', I feel like a lot has been taken out of me, creatively. XDD;; GAH, WRITER'S BLOCK. I hate it so! >< It hinders my writing progress! -emotearpout-

So yeah. :3
@Triss Hawkeye - Great!! I'm looking forward to reading your Royai fanfic!! biggrin.gif

@Sakura-Kissu - Aha, you and your friend are ahead of us!! Can't wait to read continuing chapters!! biggrin.gif

Oh, and for fanart artists... if you like to draw something with this year's (suggested) Royai Christmas theme, "What would Roy and Riza give to each other.." that would be nice, too!! happy.gif
*pops in* Whoo! Welcome everyone! Ahem:
To all new members: Welcome to the-most-awesome-six-hundred-and-thirty-four-pages-long-thread-of-all-time-because-it-is-based-
-and-amazing. Sit back , enjoy your stay here, and have fun with the royai!

@Tombow: *Squeeeeee* When did you become a mod? OH, that makes my day. I'm so happy for you! *hugs* Congrats!

I can't wait for all he christas goodness!
Awww... thank you Nil-chan!! I'm touched!! happy.gif It happened around Thanksgiving. I'm still being getting used to it. biggrin.gif


Update on Royai Christmas/Winter Holiday Season 2006!!

* We welcome your Royai fanfics.. (my suggestion is for ANY length... from drabbles to epics!! Or, even poems or haiku!! biggrin.gif ) fanarts.. (drawings, manga, Picficcage..) or, just about any other creations!! I suggest they will be all included in the Album!! biggrin.gif

* Again, I don't feel like making "winners and losers" for the holiday, so I'm suggesting this will be no-contest, so all contributions will be winners, and all will be included in the Album....

* The main theme is "Christmas/Winter Holiday Season" so, like, I'm thinking, Roy and Riza Hanukkah for Dec. 15, if anyone has contributions, would be included in the Album...

* For fanfics, I love Starrieidgirl's ides of "What would Roy and Riza give to each other.." as the theme for this year's Royai Christmas fanfics!! Opinions?? biggrin.gif

* And, if anyone has suggestions on any word(s) to include (if any), please give us suggestions!!

* For the submission period, I'm thinking... starting on Dec. 14, and through Dec. 25.
Yap, that's 12 Days of Christmas!! biggrin.gif (And that will includes Hanukkah period also. biggrin.gif )

* Also, during this period, if anyone can find any nice Holiday themed Royai pics from any of Royai sites, please post and adorn our thread!! happy.gif

Those are suggestions so far.
Please give us your opinions, ideas, and additional suggestions!! happy.gif
That sounds good. I can probably get something done for it. Got my camera back, so Royai piccficcage is in order.
* For fanfics, I love Starrieidgirl's ides of "What would Roy and Riza give to each other.." as the theme for this year's Royai Christmas fanfics!! Opinions??

LOL! that was actually the idea I had for my fanart anyway...
Sweet! laugh.gif
@Triss Hawkeye: Welcome~~!!!

Hi, everybody!!! Chapter 66 is so close >__>!!!!!
I have found more sites xD:
Omakes and some pics
Another!!! xD
(from BAN3)

Web comic
(from style)

Have I posted this one??? O_o Under the blue sky (gallery) It's full~~~~~~~~ of pics!!!
For example:
>> -shyly steps in- ZOMG GUESS WHAT. biggrin.gif I began a new Royai fic! biggrin.gif It's, yes, a Christmas/Holidays fic. xDD Basically, its about Roy being invited to return to his childhood home w/ his family for the holidays, and he drags Riza along...xDD And out of that comes a fake engagement, and lots of chaos. ohmy.gif

XDD ...So yeah. If it sounds interesting to you, check it out please! And don't forget to review. -wink-


I hope you guys enjoy it. -bows and scurries off-
@esrz22 - That will be great!! biggrin.gif

@LadyHawke78 -Sweet!! Can't wait to see your fanart!! happy.gif

@Paca - Gahhh!! Those are soooo funny!! I'm laughing so hard!!
Tho, some of them are hard to explain, but I will see if I can translate some of them. Thanks for bringing those here!! happy.gif

@Sakura-Kissu - Nice!! Can't wait to read the next chapter!! biggrin.gif
@Tombow: Oh!!! Thanks!!! ^__^ (It would be wonderful!!!!)

@LadyHawke78: I also want to see your drawings!!!

@Sakura-Kissu: I have already review!!! I like it!! Give us the next chapter!!!! XD

You must see these icons!!! >_< Click !!!
1 2 3
Eeveybody is there!!! (There are various of riza and roy)
\\If the links don't work..... Main page...\\

(from - click on it! there are more!!-)

Pics: 1 2 3
Thank you, Paca!!
I'm working on the translations of Royai doujin comic The Destitute Alchemist, from one of the links you'd posted (in between my study and assignment tongue.gif ) .
The setting is that Riza and her dad is utterly impoverished, and they are living on what Roy pays to Riza's dad as the fee to teach him Alchemy.
(They all go out to gather food. That's the scene with baskets on their back. laugh.gif )
There are some spots where the Japanese writings are not legible, so I'll see if I can guess those parts right, especially the ending. biggrin.gif
Heyo-- I popped on over to those "RoyAi forums" that Paca linked to a few pages ago just to add to the "songs" thread. I've had a number of Royai related songs bouncing around in my head lately, so I figured if it would help anyone out with making AMV's or whatever, I'd post them.

The thread:

The songs (click on the blurbs for complete lyrics):

When You Say Nothing At All ~~ Alison Krause

...the smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand say's you'll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

(This song brought to mind the "silent exchanges" between the two characters. They never say "I Love You", but without saying a word, it's obvious that they share a deep bond that goes beyond simply that of officer and suboordinate.)

At The Beginning ~~ Richard Marx And Donna Lewis one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I had lost hope you were there to remind me
This is the start

(The particular lyric I highlighted reminds me specifically of episode 48 of the anime where Riza comforts Roy after his interrogation. The entire song symbolized the characters' relationship for me because the two of them have endured so much together, and still, they remian by each other's side.)

I'LL STAND BY YOU ~~ The Pretenders


(The obvious connection, of course, is that Riza is Roy's bodyguard, afterall. She'd do anything in her power to keep him from harm. She also chooses to follow him even though she has no idea if he will be successful in acheiving his goals. There is a scene in the manga where Roy asks her "Maybe you've chosen the wrong man to follow", to which she promptly replies that she's sure she has not. Even if Roy is wrong in his path, there is no doubt that Riza will always be loyal to him.)
I'm confused O_o , what are you doing Tombow -jajajajajjajajajajajajaa!!!!- Beg my forgiveness!!! or be hit/bited/poked.. by me xDDDDD

Oh! In this post you make me talk to myself *hi paca, how are you? || Fine thanks and you*! xDDDDD

I can't remember what i have posted O_o

Errrr..... well....Ah!
I told you that maybe if i have soem time i can make the scanlations later (I ahve a very important exam of English next week so I will see if i can happy.gif)
@Paca - Oh!! Thanks, Paca!! I know!! That was freaky!! laugh.gif
(You see... I get this extra buttons now when I log on, and I'm still not used to those... And, instead of "Quote"ing your post, I hit the "Edit" button... yikes!! So sorry!! >.<)

@LadyHawke78 - Aww.. they fit so well!! Nice!! I love that!!
(BTW, we also have Songs for FMA characters, too!! Post them, post them!! happy.gif)
(You see... I get this extra buttons now when I log on, and I'm still not used to those... And, instead of "Quote"ing your post, I hit the "Edit" button... yikes!! So sorry!!

OMG, Tombow, I totally understand where you are coming from! laugh.gif

I know this it completely O/T, but I recently became moderator of another forum, and I can't COUNT the amount of times I accidentally "editied" someone else's post instead of replying. LOL!! (The darn mod buttons on that forum look EXACTLY like the regular buttons.)

I'll go ahead and post these songs over on the other FMA Character Songs forum. I have some EdWin songs posted over there from a while ago...
@LadyHawke78 - Gahahaha!! Yap, that's exactly what happened!!
Whew!! That was freaky!! >.<
Good thing Paca was right there so that I can communicate and apologize right away!!!! biggrin.gif

But yeah, I love those songs you picked for Roy and Riza!!
They are like, tailor-made for Roy and Riza's situation!! happy.gif

@Paca - Thanks for being a good sport!! Love ya!! happy.gif
And, yes, yes, scanlation will be very nice!! I'll work on the translations!! biggrin.gif

But yeah, I love those songs you picked for Roy and Riza!!
They are like, tailor-made for Roy and Riza's situation!!

Awwww... thank you! I'm glad you like them too. I love really reading into lyrics of songs and finding the perfect song for a certain situation.

(Now, what I REALLY want to do is challenge myself to draw a fanart that goes with the lyrics to each song!! I REALLY need to get back into practice with art, and I thought this would be the perfect prompt!)

Oh, and I was so inspired by Paca's new sig and icon that I looked up this:

More Than Words ~ Extreme

But if you only knew how easy
It would be to show me how you feel...

...Just reach out your hands, and touch me
Hold me close, don't ever let me go.
More than words
Is all I ever needed you to show
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
'Cause I'd already know

(complete lyrics under cut...)

Another perfect RoyAi song!! XD

@Paca - That last link has loads of Royai doujin omake!!!
(Adding to my "to translate" list!! biggrin.gif )
And, lovely Riza sig and avatar!! It's beautiful!! happy.gif

@LadyHawke78 - Oh, another nice song for Royai!!!
And, you can do fanarts to go with those songs??? That will be great!! Please please do!! happy.gif
@LadyHawke78 - Oh, another nice song for Royai!!!
And, you can do fanarts to go with those songs??? That will be great!! Please please do!!

Well, I cannot promise that they will be any good (or fancy and all CG-colored and whatnot... my artwork is a bit rough around the edges...) but yeah. I'll challenge myself to do that for you guys! I'm about to go on a loooong, doctor-reccommended leave from work, so I'm going to need something to do with my time.

Paca-- Thanks for more pictures! I really want someone to scantalate those omake now.
I am happy that you liked the siggy happy.gif (I'm trying to get used to my new tablet xD) -I hate the avi >_<!!-

@LadyHawke78 : Wiii!! more songs!!! that's really cute ^.^. I want to see your drawings!!! *waits*. Yeah! those omakes seem funny >_>.

@Tombow: I am making your list bigger xDDDDD. Look I have put more sites (i edited my post )
@Paca - Those are really lovely sites!! Thank you!!! happy.gif
(Yes, added to my "Royai translation" list again!! biggrin.gif )

OT: @LadyHawke78 - You're getting Doctor recommended break?? unsure.gif Hope you're doing ok!!
And, congrats for becoming a Mod on your other site!! (Don't know where, but sounds good!!) Good luck!! happy.gif

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