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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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I really love that gallery. Not usually a big fan of sexy men with furry ears, but I'll make an exception for that artist, those were adorable.

Thank you for sharing. ^^


As for the Elite Soldier getup --tongue.gif I'd LOVE to see Riza in a Ghillie Suit. That would be HOURS of entertainment.

Ghillie Suit =

Ahh.. haven't been posting here!! I'm so sorry!! >_< Thanks for all the website links! I have seen so many fanarts! I see that some of these japanese artists are making "100 Royai draws" challenge thing.. Wow.. I admire thier patience.

I missed you SRH!! *hugs* Yeah, when will your baby be born? By the way, I remembered that you went for a cosplay sometime ago. Do you have any pictures to share, or was the Riza Hawkeye costume a little tight for you? dang, I wondered where you have gone to.. Did anyone missed me too? tongue.gif

I'm not able to contribute anything Royai yet but I will finish the mini FMA comic strip I told you about soon. It will be lame, I promise. So, get ready to bash me when I'm done with it. I hope to finish it by tomorrow night, the earlier the better as I need to pack my stuffs too. I will be going home on Sat morning.. Ahh, I have been doing it for the past few days and it gets on my nerves a little because there is so much to colour and draw, add the speech bubbles.. But I'm so proud of this artwork, it makes me smile so I hope it will make you all smile too!! *OffTopic*
[spoiler]There would not be Royai in the comic strip but there will be Roy and Riza[/spoiler]

I hope to finish the comic strip a.s.a.p. ... I'm getting a little tired of it. *sigh*

EDIT: Ahh!! I saw that drawing before! It's soo well done!
*blushes* I feel so loved. It's great to be back here again. I went back and looked through all those pages you mentioned Tombow, you're such a sweetheart, thank you for the updates. Arantzain, looks like you did some great research! Wonderful work.

To all those that did some great artwork, I loved looking at it.

Umm, on the baby front. The twins are doing great. They should be born some time in the spring, I'm thinking about maybe April, March, somewhere in there. I learned the other day that I'm going to be having a little boy and a little girl, so now we're picking out names, and everything else that we need. Clothes, diapers, etc, etc.

But anyways, I was disappointed at the lack of Royai in 65 too, but there's always 66 coming up soon, so no worries.

BTW: I have made yet another great story. It's on, and it's called The Rebellion. It's based strictly on the manga, and from time to time, I might be asking you guys for some help on it, since it's strictly manga, and I have read all the chapters, but some are a little fuzzy and I'm too lazy to go back and look.

So, just telling you ahead of time. Much Royai love, and I'll talk to you next post.
Hi everyone I'm back!!! Sorry I wasn't on during the three-day weekend or last weekend. But this time I have a four-day weekend!! Because it's Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey day everyone!! (actually it's not until tomorrow but it might be tomorrow where you are, and it's kind of a big deal at my house so I probably won't be on)

@Arantzain: You are so amazing! That huge list of manga!Royai, I saved it in a word doc. and it was 15 pages! Size 12 font. And your little drabble is so pretty, and poetic.

@SRH: I missed you. I'm so glad to hear everything is fine and it's great news a boy AND a girl! *hugs*

My mind seems to have gone to mush from reading all the pages I missed and I can't keep any of it straight. (I'm sure I missed a lot) but it seems we're talking about fanfics and such? I'll let you in, I've been writing some but I can't write Royai. I haven't been able to since this summer. I had some inspiration at Halloween, but I had too much homework and it's gone now.

Since it's Thanksgiving:
I am thankful for FMA, Royai, and all you amazingly-awesome people happy.gif

EDIT: I see my little fan dialouges made it into Tombow's colaberation post, I like the name you gave them too.
Hi , I'm new here ._.
I love roy and riza soooooooooooooo much ^O^
And I am a fan too.
Well this is my drawings:
This is me:


Young winry

My love riza hawkeye

Haruno sakura

Ino and sakura

Just a girl..

A mermaid

Yagami riyto

Mio amakura

Hope you like it happy.gif
@ Sara Chan; Those are okay, Sara! And welcome to the forum! biggrin.gif
But this isn't the appropriate place to share your artwork.
Please create a topic in Fanart or share in one of their threads (that is meant for sharing, that is).

This is for chatting/sharing Royai goodness, but that is pretty much it.
Glad hear your a fan, though.
Welcome sara chan!! I hope you stick around, everyone here is really nice, and we always have so much fun talking about and shairing Royai goodies. But like funderful said those pics shouldn't be here, Riza can stay. Since you seem new to the boards and posibly to forums in general, I'm willing to let it slide. OMG Raito! *squee* sorry Death Note fan
All things aside I like your style of art it's quite cute. Do make us a nice picture of Roy and Riza sometime. biggrin.gif
School is over!!! *jumps in one leg* ; _ ; I am so happy.....

@SRH: Hi!!!!! *Hugs* Oh! It's so nice to see your posts again!!!! ..I'm so happy that everything is all right happy.gif. A girl and a boy ..great!! happy.gif. You should visit those japanese pages that we have found *points to the links* and the doujins!!! XD I you can't find them thru the pages tell me happy.gif

@MeL: That drawing is wonderful! xD

@Sara chan: Welcome!!... You have lots of drawings you should make yourself a topic in Fanart wink.gif.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Wow... my internet has been down quite a while... 5 whole pages!!! That's going to be a lot of reading...

BTW, Paca, what's the link for the site you posted a while back - the one with the game with all the little Riza's, and you had to match them up??? I can't find it, and my friend and I want to play it while we burn off some turkey and pumpkin pie...

happy thanksgiving!!!
Thank yoooooouuuuuuu sooooooo much... smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif << i'm 12 >>
and i know that this topic is just for roy and riza.. <<<LOVE THEM >>>
but i always want to post a new topic its abate.. i don't know why??? sad.gif sad.gif unsure.gif
well in this site you can download hagaren songs file... tongue.gif

thanks to you againe.. biggrin.gif
@The NFA: The site of the little riza's game is down sad.gif ..... so the link that i posted long ago won't work...Sorry....sad.gif I am also hoping to find the game again...if I find it I will pass you the link wink.gif.

ARGH!! BAD NEWS!! There's something wrong with my tablet! I won't be able to do the comic strip on time now.. I'm so sorry!!! I hope I can get it repaired so that I can continue doodling and making something nice for christmas.. I hope so..

Starting from tomorrow afternoon onwards (my timezone) I will rarely poke you all because I will be back in my hometown. I am not too sure if the internet connection is okay there, but I will try if I have the chance.

WELCOME to the Royai thread Sara chan!! Those drawings are pretty good, well-done using a computer mouse and photoshop for someone so young like you! I agree with No-One that you should make a thread for your artworks.. I think you have made one. Anyways, I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here. It's loaded with the best-est forumers around, sharing the Royai goodness.. biggrin.gif

@ paca: Thank you! I think that's the prettiest drawing in my dA gallery.. Hee..

@ SRH: Glad to hear you and your twins are doing great! I'm as disappointed as you are to know that there is no panel for Roy or Riza in ch65. I will be more disappointed when ch66 is released, and I can't go online to download it at home.. I hope there is Royai in ch66, it's time for Roy and Riza to come back to the scene now. I am guessing that they could be appearing somewhere after the middle of the new chapter. The beginning will be reserved for a shrimp to make his BIG enterance.

See ya' all!! I'll miss everyone here sad.gif
@MeL-chan: *hugs* We will miss you!! ; _ ; .....Yeah that drawing is WonderFul!! You are improving a lot! ....What is wrong with your tablet >_< ??? Poor tablet...*writes a "get well soon" note for MeL's tablet*
I want chapter 66!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Have you seen my new siggy???..happy.gif I like it *pets the siggy* xD
happy.gif Welcome, Sara. biggrin.gif I'm not AS new...I signed up sometime over the summer, yet I rarely post. xDDD; It's good to see there are more young Royai fans! I ish 14...XD;

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? (If you celebrate it, that is...)

Mine was boring. XD;

I ate lots of yummy bread rolls. biggrin.gif

Dude. Does anyone else find it hard to believe how quickly 2006 is ending? Soon it's gonna be frickin' Christmas!


-bored and sorry for bugging people-
OK..I can't take it anymore...haha...
i still can't post pictures up here at all...

sssooo...i decided to post it on my blog so you guys can go get the pics there... is pretty obvious it is my's got plenty of random anime pictures in it...if you like the other pictures you guys can take'em too!!

*loves my blogskin!!* goes...

Whoop! Finally found a way to share the pics with you guys...haha tag if you want just to tell me that you have been there!!

Hope you guys like the pics..!!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
animefreak_zzz - That's an awesome blog! laugh.gif I love those pics!!!

Where on earth did you find this one??? It's AWESOME!!!

paca - thanks for offering to send the link once you get it! smile.gif It's funny, my friend tried it and said she didn't get it - even though she's japanese and could've found out how to play if she wanted to! I just kept clicking until something happened. smile.gif

Tombow - yaaay! You're a mod now!!! Congratulations! smile.gif When'd you get such a terrific title? (it's been awhile since I've been on the forums)... Anyway, in the words of Elysia Hughes, "Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!" smile.gif
@ anime freak; Holy cow.
Awesome. I love your blog!

I just felt like I had to say that.
I drew some chibi Royai stuff, but Riza's face looked to square. ;(
Nuu! My Roy was perfect...
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Funderful - will you post it? smile.gif
Hey, minna-san. happy.gif I'm working on a Royai AMV. XD I posted a thread under Fanworks asking for feedback on possible songs I may be using...But yeah. XD Can anyone tell me what number episodes these 2 are?:

* The one where Winry and Riza are on the train, and Riza tells Winry she's in the military to 'protect someone'. (Whom we all know is Roy. <3)

* Where Roy-tachi go to Risembool to try capturing Edward, and Roy gives a big speech about how he killed Winry-chan's parents. XD

-bows- arigatou gozaimasu yo. ^^
@ The New Fullmetal Alchemist I don't know. I'm too lazy to scan it up at the moment. >>
Perhaps later.
@Funderful: I want to see it, please ~~~~~~~~~~!! *waits* happy.gif

@The NFA: xD, the game was up only for a kind of festival sad.gif ....then it came up again and there was another new game!! ...but it's down again like i have already told you sad.gif

: Maybe this can help you Royai music!

@Tombow: Oh!! Look at your title!!! xD Congratulations!!

@animefreak_zzz: Thanks for the pics they are great!! wink.gif
QUOTE(Sakura-Kissu @ Nov 25 2006, 12:56 PM) [snapback]477743[/snapback]
* The one where Winry and Riza are on the train, and Riza tells Winry she's in the military to 'protect someone'. (Whom we all know is Roy. <3)

I know for a fact that this is in Episode 36-- the timing count is about 19:20 into the episode, almost at the end.
(I remembered this one since I used these screen-shots in modifying the toy guns I used for my Hawkeye cosplay. laugh.gif)

Not sure which one the Roy/Winry exchange was in, but I *believe* it was either late season one or early season two.
I can look it up and get back to you.

PS: Scanner is back up and working as of this morning, so fanart is coming. One of these days...

PPS: Congrats, Tombow, on making Mod!! wink.gif
Oh em Gee, guys! ^__^ Thanks for the help/suggestions!

Yeah, for the ep with the Roy giving that speech to Ed/Winry/Al...I wasn't sure if it was eppy 45 or 44...Maybe even 43. XD;;
Thanks so much for your support guys.

Mel-Chan:: Of course, we have to be fair, not everything can be about our beloved Roy and Riza. The story did start with Edo, and it has to end that way also, but I'm pretty darn sure H.A. will toss in some good Royai for us if she truly loves us.

Sara_Chan: Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are all so glad to have you here! And I'll have to agree with everyone else, you should go make your own fanart thread, it'll be fun. Those drawings were spectacular! Here we like to try to keep all of our topics on Royai, since we've made it this far. Everyone once and a while we do get off topic though, but who can help it?

Chapter 66 is just around the corner! *is counting the days, hours, minutes, and seconds like a nut case*
@The New Fullmetal Alchemist & Funderful & Paca: Haha...thanks...gald you guys liked the still frustrates me though...that i can't post them directly here...but feel free to visit my blog often...i always post with anime pictures..haha...

And next tag my board.. haha!!

Aye, I too like the pics.

Been considering doing a Royai AMV m'self, but the computer with the 'net (and thus FMA) doesn't have my good video editing program and vice-versa.

Yay for mod-ification!

With my return from Chicago, I'll work on FPA (still All Royai for now) more in the Morning.
Hey guys, quick question:

Does anyone know if the Stone is what started the Ishbal war in the MANGA, like the anime, or was it something different?

I completely forgot, because I'm caught up in the NOW Manga, and can't remember the earlier chapters. Thanks so much for your help in advance.
@Sharpshooter Riza Hawkeye

By the way, where does the picture in your icon come from?

Does anyone know if the Stone is what started the Ishbal war in the MANGA, like the anime, or was it something different?

From what I recall, in the manga, the war was started by Envy, in the guise of an Amestrian soldier, firing a shot at an Ishbalian.

So, I guess you could say that the quest for the stone started the war, since it was instigated by the Homunculi.
I'm baaack!! I missed you all sooo much! *glomps*

First of all: Congratulations Tombow!! You're a mod now! *hugs* You really deserve it, you're such a great help to all the members on the forums, and always so kind!

SRH - You're going to get a twins? That's awesome! A boy and a girl, so cute! I'm glad you're ok now ^^ And yeah, I'm curious about your cosplay too. I remember you told us about it ^^

MeL - I saw your artwork on deviantART, it's awesome! Even though I don't know RanFan or Ling, I love it. You're really getting better and better! I'm gonna get myself a pen tablet very soon, a very cheap one tongue.gif just to try it out.

To all the new members - Nice to meet you!!

Whoa, the forum really has changed a lot... I like the new features! Though it doesn't view that great in my browser... stupid Safari

Anyway, I've been terribly busy with school lately. I finally got our project finished, and got 93 out of 100 points! I'm very happy with it ^^ Spend loads and loads of time on it, the last week I was from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at school... I totally stressed out because I thought we wouldn't make it on time. But we did biggrin.gif That, and I've got some other interests lately, so that's the reason why I wasn't on anymore.

I haven't had any time for the Royai calendar, either... I'm so very very sorry! sad.gif I'll try my best to finish it, but help is now greatly appreciated. I've got to work now every day from 9 to 5. And for that, I have to travel 3 hours, so that means I'm away from home for 11 hours every day...

How have you all been doing? Anything new about Royai I should know about? ^^
OMG!! It's Galorfilinde!! *runs up and glomps Galorfilinde!!* And, Thank you!!! happy.gif
I missed you soooo much!! So nice to see you again!! Hope your study is going well!!
I understand the school keeping you busy!! Many members are having busy semester.
Let's see...while you're away, we celebrated your birthday here happy.gif and we had Royai Halloween on Oct. 31, and we were disappointed that there was no Royai in Chapter 65... sad.gif

So, I have been having a bad cold, plus me trying to get used to my new "duty," I wasn't here for several days.. So sorry!! Finally catching up now...

@Arantzain - Well done with your first Royai fanfic!! Beautiful writing style!! I love it!!

@LadyHawke78 - Thanks for adding your Riza's firearm research to the "update" list!!
And, isn't chibi-viki-san awesome??!! I love that Riza fanart!!

@MeLRizA - Awww... You'll be going home.. I'm happy for you that you'll be back with your family, but I'm gonna miss seeing your posts!! Hope you can get the chance to visit us!!!
BTW, I love your drawing!! It's so sweet and wonderful!! And, hope your tablet is working fine again!!

@No_One - hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day weekend!! Hope to see you this Friday!!

@sara_chan - Welcome to the Royai thread!! I love your Riza avatar!!

@Paca - Your school is over already??!! Lucky you!!!
I love your new Riza sig!!

@Sakura-Kissu - I remember you!! Welcome back!! happy.gif
Tho, I'm not sure which episode that was.. Sorry!!

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Hmmm... I can't remember the stone thingy neither.. that was quite some time ago!! tongue.gif Hope others can remember it... biggrin.gif

@animefreak_zzz - Thanks for the link to your blog!!! Awesome!! happy.gif

@Funderful - Yeah, post your chibi Royai please!! I wanna see!! biggrin.gif

And... yes, I just recently joined a Mod squad for the board.. tongue.gif

Thank you so much for the congrats everyone!! It means a lot to me!!
Love ya all!! *hugs!!* happy.gif
OH WOW!!'re a mod now!!

I still can't use the "add reply" icon though..but it's alright...i'll wait somemore...haha

I'm sure you'll be a nice addition to the people running this place...

glad you liked my blog!! and...WELCOME BACK!!
^^ Thank you, animefreak_zzz!! That's so nice of you!! happy.gif
Yeah, I'm still not used to seeing that title under my name, but.. I'll try my best!! biggrin.gif

I'm on IE just now for testing, and using FastReply, and testing if I can post a pic with FastReply...

And, I guess I can... like this. biggrin.gif
(I know I already posted this one before, but I just picked the one that was in my Photobucket for the test. biggrin.gif )

What I did is... having my pic in photobucket, and get the URL of the pic.
Then using FastReply, but typed in code like this

[img]URL of the pic[/img]

I think this one is IE 7.0, and older version might be little defferent, but...
Maybe this could work for others with IE and having trouble with regular AddReply, to post the pic also?? unsure.gif

(Oh, but animefreak_zzz, I LUUUV your blog!!! biggrin.gif )
That pic is uber-cute, Tombow!! I really mean to draw a Royai Xmas pic this year. I like to pretend that I can draw sometimes. I've had an idea-- I really should try and sketch it out tonight.

My scanner is back up and working, so I am getting a move on some fanart I've been meaning to post. I re-sketched an old peice last night, and it looks alright. Nothing spectacular, but kind of funny. I need to go back and ink it one of these days, and then I need to do some research on how to color in Photoshop!

In the meantime...

"Some things I drew while I was *supposed* to be working:" (Really. I drew these at work. Because meetings are BORING.)

** RoyAi sketch (Just wanted to see if I could draw the characters right. This isn't even touched up in Photoshop, so it is absolutely crappy quality. I still can't draw Roy...)

** If FMA were a shoujo-manga, this is what Riza would probably look like... (Sorry- I've had this idea in my head for a fan-doujinshi even since I read "Kiss in the Sky"... I might have to go thru with it one day.)

Feedback plz... THX! wink.gif
Oh ho my goodness, doctors here in Texas are bad...And I don't know how I could have NOT noticed it.... I'm not 6 months pregnant like I'm supposed to be. I'm 8 months pregnant and due to have these babies sometime in December! *shakes head, looking scared and weirded out* I wonder if I'll be a good mother or not, what with my crazy ways...BUT anyways, who cares...

Thanks for your help on my quick questions guys, thank you so much, I knew it was because Envy shot a kid, but I was just wondering if it was to make the stone or not, but whatever...

@Arantzain: I'm not really sure, I got it off of Photobucket, and I think it's something fan made.

Chapter 66 is sneaking up on us! Right around the corner my dears!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Actually, SSRH, we have approximately...
13 days, 0 hours, 31 minutes, and 20 seconds left until
Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 66!!

(You have no idea how hard it is to cute and past their count-down thing! laugh.gif)

...So they gave you the wrong due-date?!

@ LadyHawkeye - I really like that first pic you did!!! Seriously! You didn't try and trace/copy the characters like they're drawn in the series, but rather you used your own unique style - and you did it very well! They still look like who they're supposed to, but still retain a uniqueness that comes with drawing something in a different form. You should be very proud! happy.gif I like Roy's hair in that pic more than in the series, actually... kinda weirded me out at first, but I really, *really* like it! No more mop-head! laugh.gif
Whenever someone mentions babies in this thread I immediately think of little Royai children. tongue.gif

And, err, I'm working on Royai related stuff. >.>
Hhiiiiii, againe..I'v been searching
And I found this pics…hope you like it.. smile.gif
This is from doujinshi:
<*link removed*>
<*link removed*>
Roy X Riza rolleyes.gif

and i finished my paint..

Ja bye bye biggrin.gif
@LadyHawke78 - Nice drawings!! I like your style!! Of the two, I like the Riza profile one best!!
I would love to see more!! biggrin.gif

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - That's unbelievable!!
They misjudged the conception date??!! blink.gif
December is just around the corner!! Oh my!!!
But, I bet you'll make a nice mother!! You're kind and caring!!
Do you know the "new" expected date??
Well, at least both babies and you are doing fine, and that's good to know!! happy.gif
So, is there any chance you'll give middle names, Roy and Riza to the babies?? biggrin.gif

@sara_chan - Thank you so much for the links!!!
And, your painting of Riza is so cute!!! I love it!! happy.gif
(Umm.. unfortunately, judging from the Japnese in the manga, the first half of the links are from "hentai" doujinshi, I think (?), and we have children as young as 8 years old visiting our board, and some of the regular posters on this thread are 12 and 13 years old, and we have non-adult content rules for posting of pics... so, a couple of links are a bit "too mature" for the board, and I had to remove the links. So sorry!! sad.gif )
The second half of the links are all ok, and they are very nice!!
The second from the last, I love that Riza pic!! It's beautiful!! happy.gif
haha...mod Tombow-san is on a rampage!!
I thought it was really sensible of you to actually quality check those links...
keeps this place clean...and as "inocent' as possible..

haha...unfortunately...i can't use the new method of posting pics cuz i do not have that kind of account...

I hope it's alright that i just continue to post the pics on my blog...
i'll tell you guys if i found some new pics when they are up on my 'Humble' blog...haha..

@animefreak_zzz - Gahh!! My first "link removing", and it's on our thread!! How ironic!!
Sorry to hear that you can't use Photobucket!!
But, I love your blog!! biggrin.gif (pssst, you can keep the link to your blog in your sig space!! It's perfectly ok to do that, if you like. smile.gif )
And, thanks!! I go "Ganbaru"!! happy.gif
Congrats Tombow!
I have returned! The pics? Yeah, just need to scan them in! *bonks scanner*
Wow.. Look at all the pics! happy.gif Well, post on! I'll be reading past pages happy.gif

*falls into the world's deepest trench*
Pics, yay! Thanks.

And I missed the board-not-allowable ones. Ah, well, probably seen them in my various travels online anyway. tongue.gif
@sara-chan, Thank you for the set of links! This pic cracks me up:
I know I've seen it *somewhere* before (probably on LJ...) but it gets me every time.

@SSRH, OMG, your due date is just around the corner! Maybe you will have the babies on Christmas... that would be some present! laugh.gif You need to let us know when they arrive.

@esrz22, Strange, but I just had a funny thought about 'Royai children' this morning... made me want to draw a comic. However, I somehow *just* don't see those two as having kids together. I think they are too wrapped up in their military careers for that.

And THANKS TO EVERYONE for the feedback on the sketches. I appreciate it, since I am incredibly insecure about my artwork (I've seen people half my age completely kick my butt at drawing...) There WILL be more, trust me! I am trying to convince myself to draw more often. As far as art critiques go (and sort of O/T...) I also have an OLD EdWin lineart posted in DeviantArt if anyone is interested in that pairing, or just wants to check it out...
hiii..haaiiiiiiaat tongue.gif
I'm really soooo sorry.. sad.gif about the pics.. unsure.gif
but.. i draw riza ..and hope you like it rolleyes.gif
soon i will post more pics ok.. biggrin.gif
My goodness, thank you all for your support. I found out that my CORRECT due date is in fact, the 24th of December, and I'm sooooo excited about it!

Sara-Chan: Great pictures, really they are...
*saves Untitled from the deep trench* Nice to see you!! And, thanks for the congrats!! happy.gif

@esrz22 - They were with very mild contents..
You can probably get the link from sara_chan if you really want them. tongue.gif

@LadyHawke78 - Yap, I love that Riza in the wedding gown with a gun pic!! biggrin.gif
And, your Al, Ed, and Winry line art is very nice!! I like it!! happy.gif

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Oh my!!! Christmas twins!!
We are gonna have a huge celebrations then!!
Hope everything goes well!! Can't wait to see the pic of your twins!! happy.gif

@sara_chan - No problem!! Thanks for the links to all those awesome pics!!
And, did you draw that Riza?? Very nice!!! I want to see more!! happy.gif

I can't wait to see Chapter 66!! Dec.12 seems too far away!!!! tongue.gif

QUOTE(Tombow @ Nov 30 2006, 02:21 AM) [snapback]479475[/snapback]
@esrz22 - They were with very mild contents..
You can probably get the link from sara_chan if you really want them. tongue.gif

Nah, I just don't like being in the Dark. tongue.gif. As I said, probably seen them. tongue.gif
I found out that my CORRECT due date is in fact, the 24th of December, and I'm sooooo excited about it!

Hey, so you *might* just have Christmas babies afterall! smile.gif

So... yesterday, I went off on a couple lengthy, psychological/sociological Roiai related rants in another thread, so I figured I'd link them here in case anyone is interested in reading some long-winded philosophies on the pairing. (I tend to throw out a lot of academic terminology in my posts, and I apologize for that. Currently taking Grad School courses, so I'm in that sort of mindset I guess.) There is a comparison to Ed/Win in here too, since there were originally posted in the Roiai/EdWin comparison thread...

And thanks, esrz22, for sparking my thoughts on the second post!

Here ya go:

Feel free to discuss/debate here...
I'm willing to agree to disagree. wink.gif I'm cool like that. I won't get defensive on y'all. Promise!
riza hawkeye 9
hi !!! \o/ .. i'm just spiyng a little .. so it will be a quick post

TOMBOW CONGRATULATIONS !!!! YOU'RE A MOD NOW !!! i'm so happy for you !!!

SRH i'm so glad that everything is going ok !! and yes you're gonna have a very special christmans present congratulations !!! and about the stone in the manga , i remenber that envy shoot a ishbalian child so the war could start and fuhrer brandley could use the deads ( both ishbalian or soldiers) to create the stone ( even barry the chopper was there when they used the ishbalian soldiers to do it).

MelRiza we will miss you !!!li hope you have a nice trip and please come back here when you can ^^

sara-chan hi !!! welcome to the royai thread !!!! hope you have lots of fun ! BTW your drawings are very nice !!! and thanks for the pics ^^

animefreak_zzz i love your blog !!! be sure that i will always visit it ^^, the pics are lovely thanks ^^

LadyHawkeye .. i love your drawings , riza is so good , you made her perfect if FMA was a shoujo manga !! and your discussion about royai , i really liked , and i have to agree with you about roy and riza relantionship , i think they are a true canon either , and in the current manga i think it's became clear that they are a couple especialy after riza was taken hostage by the fuhrer ( if you remenber in a old chapter when wrath is talking to the father he said that roy's kindness would be his strengh and his weakness and that he would force him to open the gate .. i really believe he was speaking about riza ^^)

and to finish , i just made this

what you guys think ? i'm planning on using as mi sig .. it was made on paint cause i really suck at computer ...anyway .. give me your opinons

and ...

11 days, 6 hours, 57 minutes, and 52 seconds left until
Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 66!! \o/
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