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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Okay! I'm working on them now. May I know who are the autors of these doujinshis? biggrin.gif
"Trick or Treat" is from this site, and the author is known as Neko (a.k.a. 527 ..."Go-nii-nana").

Kiss in the sky is from the link posted by Paca, and the site is here and I can't read anything there, but the site name seems to be "alico." That's all I can decipher from that site. tongue.gif
Finished!! The scanlations!!

Kiss in the Sky


And.. I put the credits in every page.. mellow.gif

I can't resist showing this to you guys, I know it's off-topic... tongue.gif
@MeLRizA - Those are perfect!!! Thank you!!! happy.gif
And, I LUUUUV that A walk too sweet drawing!! That one is sooo sweet!!
Awsome job!!! happy.gif
Tombow-sama you flatter me.. You're welcome!! Photoshop is my friend~

EDIT: I have a new siggie!! Courteousy of and I <3 the new quote in it too biggrin.gif
Woot, scantalations.

Love that sig.

MeLRiza, I rather like those fics. As was said earlier, those who think they are bad often aren't. smile.gif

Thanks on mine. I plan on working a bit more following up from it, either in drabbleish form or as a full fic. 'Cause Edward at a wedding is sure to be amusing. Especially 'Roy's' wedding.
i love your sig, mel~chan!!!!
I've been so late... having a bad weekend, i haent had any time to get on!

Thanks so much for all the Royai-ness shared by everyone. happy.gif
I was browsing YouTube and found this. Totally awesome.
QUOTE(esrz22 @ Nov 18 2006, 09:54 AM) [snapback]475191[/snapback]
I plan on working a bit more following up from it, either in drabbleish form or as a full fic. 'Cause Edward at a wedding is sure to be amusing. Especially 'Roy's' wedding.



Sorry, that will be hysterical. What do you want to bet he blows something up? Maybe with Roy's help?

Riza is going to kill them. tongue.gif


PS: "Kiss the Girl!" Oh god, I'm crying, I'm laughing so hard . . . I LOVE the clip of Ed "yaaaaayyaaaayyyaaaa!"
Explosions would not be unexpected. I suppose I'll write it in at least full one-shot form, if not a chaptered fic.

Yeah, yaa-yaaa Ed was quite possibly my favorite part of that Vid. The very thought causes me to crack up. Makes me want to employ SingingEd in the WeddingFic. Wonder what the drinking age is there...
@ Esrz;
The 'Yeah-Yeeah' sort of took me by suprise, also.

Are you implying Ed sing drunk?
I have only one thing to say to that;
Rofl. Roflmao. Pardon my chatspeak. biggrin.gif

Yeah, dude. He should totally sing 'Journey'.
I can just imagine, face all red from alchohol, slurred speech, swaying back and forth and whatnot.
Al would crawl until the table and try to escape to safety.
"I'd like to dedicate a song...
Twoo teh' newlyweds."
Just A small town girl... Livin' In a lonely world!
She took the midnight train, goin' anywheeere.

Yes! Yessss....

Okay, I'll get to writing tonight or tomorrow. I assume that all Subordinates/Team Roy members would be there. Including Armstrong. That'll be interesting to develop. I get the feeling that Riza's going to come out of it ready to shoot quite a few people.
@esrz22 - Thanks for the link!! biggrin.gif

@Nil-chan Nice to see you!!
Sorry you are having a bad week!!
Take care, study well, and hope you can get the break sometime soon!! *hugs!!*

@MeLRizA - OMG, that sig is totally awsome!!!
Roy's expression while saying "Leave it to me/us!!" is priceless!! laugh.gif
BTW, they are all eating typical festival/fair foods in Japan, like Roy is holding grilled teriyaki squid, Riza is having a plate of "Takoyaki", etc., and toys they are holding are from typical festival/fair games in Japn, like Roy playing with an water balloon on elastics. smile.gif
Thanks for telling us what Roy was saying, Tombow!

*gets to work on Royai wedding disaster fic*
Oh boy!! As much as i would like to annouce my return with a new batch of pictures...i am faced with a daunting obstacle...

*Sobs* I CAN'T reply to the forum.....!!


haha...ok...not so much to exagerate about...but i guess i would just have to wait for it to be fixed...
have patience people...the pics will come soon...

oh yeah...i am back from my exams...*hope i do well..*

and thanks to Tombow-san for the advice!! *WAVES*

*waves back to animefreak_zzz!!*

Thank you, for letting us being aware of the problem about not being able to post the pic!!
'Cause, that is a serious problem on our thread!! tongue.gif
(Booo... I miss animefreak_zzz's awsome pics!!)

Well, I guess we have to wait...
But, animefreak_zzz, NICE to have you baaack!!! happy.gif
Hi~~~!!!! I'm soooo happy I am finishing school next week!!!! *runs in circles* WIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! xD
Why are we nearly in page 3!!!???? O_O No no no , it can be possible >_<!!!

@MeL: Wow! Thanks for the scanlations!! That pic is great!! Wonderful work! wink.gif
I like your new siggy a lot happy.gif

@animefreak_zzz: Nice to see you here again! *waits for the pics*

Crazy replier went through here last night. I was wondering the same thing when I woke up this morning.

I just got back from getting myself into trouble on Mel's tres-cool Royai site. I likes it much over there, nice folks. Maybe shouldn't have made my first post about the RoyxEd vs. Royai debate, but you know which side I'm on. tongue.gif

Uh, just as a side comment: does anyone else want to bang their head against a wall when trying to navigate Japanese sites?

I'm sure this is my fault for not having the appropriate stuff installed to be able to see the characters, but I can only rarely find the images. And I'm still looking for nice fanart. Gotten a lot out of this thread and some from Deviant, but if people have suggestions for nice sites, I'm all eyes/ears/tongue. ^^


Uh, also, I'm really proud of my current wallpaper, would love to take a picture of it, but it uses a bit of someone else's fanwork sooooo. . . well, maybe I shouldn't?

But I like the quote. "Rain is grace."

<3 John Updike.
@Rantza: Yep, it hard to navigate japanese sites if you can't see the sharacters u_u..... I have posted lots of fanarts sites here, I can tell you wich are the better (in my opinion happy.gif) ones, or tell what are you lookinf for - for example this one (No_One give us this link wink.gif )-.... You joined the other site, don't you? Great! It will be really nice to see you there .....all are very nice! xD

Sure did. ^^ I was shocked how many people replied --it's wonderful to find a community that's really dedicated to Roy and Riza.

As for that site. . . ZOMIGOD! HAWTZORS! First page is tres-wow.

Unfortunately, I don't seem able to find how to get any further into the site. I need to learn Japanese. Would help if I learned English first though. /brainfail.

I just squee'd. x.x

I would love more recommendations like this, if you have any.


Edit: . . .

Ohmigod. Ed, Roy, and Al in white suits.

Nosebleed, nosebleed, nosebleed . . .]

Edit x2: I am completely not responsible for my own lack of coherence. I believe I may be ruined for life.
Oh!!! I want chapter 66!!! But ;_; I don't think that roy or riza are going to appear....

@Rantza : that site is an easy one... (believe me I ahve entered in ones that all was in japanes or all were little boxes ... =_=u) You have to click on the link "gallery" wich is on the top of the main page> now you are on the gallery>start clicking on the little shapes on your left (yes , those little links!) click, click and click!!!! xD. Other thing taht helps in these type of sites : look inte the bottom of the page, where the URL changes while you pass over a link, can you see it? Well, sometimes there (into the URL) it appears the word "gallery", "pics" or something similar ..... this last helps me a lot smile.gif. Do you want more site's links?
@Paca - That BlueMoon site has awsome Royai pics!! happy.gif

Yap, I wanna chapter 66 too!! biggrin.gif
-jumps down from the ceiling all incognito-like, and scans the area, clutching a gun-....

HIII, MINNA-SANNN! happy.gif Dude, I haven't been on here in forever...I doubt anyone here remembers me. XDD;; -emotearslidesdowncheek-

Duuuude. I wonder if there's royai in the Dual Symphony game...Though you can't play as Riza, I've heard..Only Roy, Scar, Ed, Al...And possibly Winry. -sigh-

IT'D BE SO AWESOME IF THERE WERE ROYAI, THOUGH. biggrin.gif It'd make the game even more worth it to buy, ne?
x.x Yeah. 66 craving begins now. Like you say, I don't think we'll get any Royai in 66. 68 at the earliest, is my guess. Which is too bad, because I am dying of curiosity to know how Riza is getting along, and whether Roy has gotten *any* work done in the intervening chapters.

I would be incredibly grateful. Like, incoherently. I completely just put that picture of Havoc, Roy, Ed, Al, and Ling all in those suits, as my backdrop. I'm NEVER going to finish my homework at this rate. But please, feed the mill. ^^


Also, hello to Satura! I am new to the thread, but it is good to meet you!

QUOTE(Noriko @ Aug 17 2004, 07:52 AM) [snapback]6801[/snapback]
Oh my god ;_; Hawkeye is so hot XD If I were Roy or a guy... I would devour Hawkeye as quickly as possible (trying not to get shot of course) XD

XD Roy looks like a serial killer mad man! XD He looks like that killer from "BLUE HEAVEN" (manga) XD

omg i agree hawkeye is so hot and also roy looks expetionally dark and werid.
@pawnedbyme: Heya! Welcome to the-most-awesome-six-hundred-and-twenty-seven-pages-long-thread-of-all-time-because-it-is-based-
-and-amazing. Sit back , enjoy your stay here, and have fun with the royai! (in case you didn't know, the first page is over two years old...

I agree! Of course, I'm always excited for the next chapter. *crosses fingers for royai/roy and/or riza*
@Sakura-Kissu - Welcome back!! biggrin.gif
Of course I remember you with that funny avatar!! laugh.gif
You got any more fanfic since last time??
Nice to see your post again!! happy.gif

@pawnedbyme - Welcome to the board, and welcome to the Royai thread!! biggrin.gif
If you like Riza, roy, and Royai, hope you will stick around, and enjoy the Royai goodness with us!! smile.gif

@Arantzain - Yeah, it's a good chance we don't see Roy nor Riza in chapter 66. Booo.
But, we can always hope!!! tongue.gif
Oh, BTW, it's tombow as a one word, not Tom + Bow. Gahaha!! laugh.gif (It means dragonfly. biggrin.gif )

*Joins Nil-chan on crossing fingers!!* happy.gif
I'll join in on the finger-crossings.

Verily. welcome to the Thread. Enjoy.
Yes, Indeed.
Royai fun for everyone.

Anyway, Esrz, I can't wait for your fanfiction.
I wonder what fine song selection will be included (If any) with your -cough- previous Idea?
'Journey' would still be awesome.
May I make a suggestion, though?
You might want to place the Wedding slightly in the future, so everyones a bit older.
Unless you're leaning towards slightly unrealistic.
I don't know.
You were going to attempt to make Ed indulge in a bit of wine too, weren't you?
I'm not sure he'd drink until he was of the age.

I can just imagine;
Ed: "Sho' the old man's getting married. And I can't even get a girlfriend..."
-Pounds on table, face down-
"Not even Winry! It's not fair!"
Al: "Ssh, Brother, you're embaressing me! I know this is your first time at a wedding, but what your drinking has it's side effe-"
"No, no. Hush now. I never felt better!"
-Stands up, swaying side to side-
"I would like to... Dedicate a 'shong..."
Riza: "You're ruining my wedding!"
-Pulls gun from under dress which was attached to one of those leg straps-
Bam! Bam!
And Havoc turned slightly to the side as he shuffles away...

>< I'm sorry. My imaginations running wild. Aw, man.
Just hurry up and finish it, Asap!
riza hawkeye 9
it will be a quick post , my tests began this sunday and only ends after december 10 !!! so i won't be able to come for a while ( i will miss you guys ^^...but i'm trying to make something for royai christmans/new year in return)

firts hello goes to Paca and her awesome sites of royai pics !!!! thanks thanks thanks !!! you're wonderful !!!

Nil-chan \o/ \o/ \o/ !!!! i'm so in love with your animation !!!! i love it congratulations !!!

No one thanks again !!!!!

tombow i love the collection for royai halloween and the translations !!!! you're awesome thanks !!!

esrz22 i don't think i introduce myself so ... hello !!! welcome to the best thread about the best couple ever !!! its nice to have you here ^^ and lego royai !!! thats really different and awesome !!! congratulations !!!

Arantzain hello !!! i don't think i met you before too !!! so welcome !!!!! i hope you enjoy the best thread about the best couple ever !!! and yes i must bow to you several times !!! that copilatiom was the best thing someone could do for a royai fan !!! thank you so very much , i love it !!! wub.gif

OMG .. no royai in chapter 65 ... *join the crossfinger group too* i hope that theres royai in 66 ( but i think its quite impossible...)

MelRiza hello !!! i read your fics !!! i liked them very much !!! congratulations ^^ , and well alxmei pic is wonderfull , i love it , you're really great !!! and lots of thanks for the scanlations !!!!

pawnedbyme and sakura-kissu hello !!! welcome to royai goodness too !!!!

and lots of people are talking about writting fics .. please do !!! i dying to see them !!! i'm a fic addicted !!!

well this was supposed to be quick , but what could i do , i've been gone for 9 pages (omg!!! O.O) i'm very sorry if i didn't comment something or left someone behind , 'cause its hard to check everything i've missed !!! but promisse i come back here ASAP !!!!

and to finish , check on this .. roy and riza cosplayers singing their love theme ^^ ~~~cuute ^^

bye bye =***

edit: .. i forgot ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUICY TOOT !!!!

Shame on me. >.< I'm really sorry.

I am really behind on homework right now, so the Roy/Riza thing is on hiatus, but I bet I have a bit in here somewhere I can post. Not something that's a real part of the story, but a character exercise I did for Roy.

Will link right after I finish. ^^

On the topic of My Fic-it could very well be in the Future. My little tidbit there seems to place it post series already, with my comment on Roy's rank. tongue.gif It'll fall into my personal continuity, I'd imagine, with a set of post series events different than the movie ones.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUICY TOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@riza haweye9: Nice to see you here again!!!

@Funderful: that make me laugh! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

@pawnedbyme: Welcome!!!

@Sakura-Kissu: I remember you!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!

@Rantza: I have already posted those sites here so maybe it will be better if I PM you the links! happy.gif What do you think?
Paca, that would be wonderful, thank you. ^^

@Rantza:Ok! I have just PMed you happy.gif

More sites!:

Have I posted this one? I don't think's full of comics!!! xD Douseka... yep, I posted the gallery of pics of this site ...not the main page or the comics happy.gif.
I should put all the links togheter in order to put them only once x_x .
Lulla-bye site full~~ of pics (link to the gallery wink.gif it's easier 'cause i can't see characters ...i only see little boxes =_=)

This one has only 4 pics;Suspension.

The gallery of this ( one is hard to find so I wil put the pics: has got a really simple art, black and white, but good happy.gif.

Rascal Lamp. Good pics! and a funny comic....yes is in japanese but it's clear what happens....(I mean the one with roy shaking xD) . Scroll down>you will find "Illustrations"> click on the little boxes! happy.gif (< that's direct to the gallery) (it has a lot in English...well, I'm talking about the menu xD)
Have I posted this one? I don't think's full of comics!!! xD Douseka

Wow. That is a really good site... I wish I knew Japanese so I could figure out WTF is going on in the comics. XD

/owe you in perpituity.


Thank you so much!

Hooray for more pics! Thanks for the links, Paca.
Yikes, page 3!! >.<

Paca - Those sites and pics are simply awsome!! Thanks so much!! happy.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - You're welcome!! Nice to see you!!! happy.gif
My own computer is still dead, and I'm on brrowed comp, but I'll try to post more translations as much as I can. biggrin.gif Oh, but.. that video link is not working... I wanna see it!! sad.gif

@Funderful - Gahaha, your imagination is going too wild!! >.<

@esrz22 - Oh yes, I think your story has the potential of becoming an epic!! biggrin.gif

@Arantzain - Tehehe, no problem!!
Many people mistook my ID for Tomboy, Tomcat, and some others.. XDD

Oh, and....
Happy Birthday, JUICY TOOT !!!!
Thread Rivival!!! Why was this on the second page?

Happy Belated B-day, Lain/Juicy Toot! *hugs* I already told you on the royai forums, but i can tell you again, right? happy.gif

@Tombow: Aww, you're computer's not working still? At least you can still get on... Do you know what's wrong with it?

Thanks for the pics, Paca!
Belated birthday happyness.

I finally updated the webcomic (link is in my sig). Fixed the focus issue. May well add more Lego Royai goodness today to make up for the lack of recent updates.
Juicy Toot's birthday was yesterday? ohmy.gif
I'm sorry. Happy belated birthday!
Hurrah! -Throws streamers around-
riza hawkeye 9

tombow : i'm sorry its isn't working ... i'll post it again ^^.. here it goes..

the forum don't let me do it the other way so i will post the link like this ^^

okay now i'm leaving is calling ( /o/...nooooooo!!!).....

and thanks to paca .. roy in a tux ..~~dies~~ *____*
@riza hawkeye 9 - That link is working... Thank you!!! happy.gif

@Nil-chan - The power system went dead on my comp, and I'm giving up on fixing mine.. because the whole system is so old and slow. I'm hoping I can get some spiffy new computer by Christmas, but not before. sad.gif
I was wondering, does anyone know what work/circle is responsible for the image that was used as a base for this signature?

I've seen it colored in several places and would like to see the source images/comic.


Oh my gosh....*looks around at all the changes and the new people* So...much has changed. I guess I'll start off by saying:

Hello people I don't know. And Hey guys I'm back to people I do know!

I've had a few troubles with my pregnancy, and had to be put on bed rest, but I'm okay, so no worries on that. I have managed to keep up with all the Royainess. But unfortunately, not here. I'm not even going to try reading all the pages I missed, but if I missed anything important, just let me know the page and I'll go check it out.

While on my bed rest I managed to keep writing my stories,and reading the latest chapters of the manga, and find Royai pictures and what not. Talking to people about it as well. I got into some good arguments over some odd couples, so I've been doing ok.

So, I just thought I'd let you all know I'm still alive, and if you really want to be updated, just add me on your Yahoo (if you have one) as sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye.

Much Royai love guys. biggrin.gif
^^@Arantzain - I don't know the answer... Sorry!! Hope some others can help you... unsure.gif

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye -Wow, wow!! You know what?? I was just thinking of you last night!! That, wishig you you were doing fine!!
Missed you!! It's so nice to see you again!!

So much has happened. The board has gone through upgrading, and has some new look!!
And, of course we have more new people!! biggrin.gif

We were kind of disappointed that there were no Roy/Riza/Royai in chapter 65, and hoping the hope for the next chapter!!

Paca and others has been kind enough to deluge us with awsome Royai links, Royai drawings, fanfics. biggrin.gif

Arantzain has brought her ground breaking research report of the list of all the scenes of Roy and Riza in manga.
It's posted on Page 620, post #9300 and also her findings on her post the next page.

We got nice collection of Royai Halloween fanfics, and the album is listed on Page 621, post #9301. (My post)

I know there are much more, but I'm having cold, and taking cold medicine, and my brain is not working much.. Sorry!!
I'm sure others can fill you in!!

Anyway, so nice to see you that you're doing ok!! *hugs!!*
Yay, first piece of Roiai.

No smut, but part of the 7 Stages challenge that Sutlers prodded me into. Link's as follows.

Responses always are nice. ^^

Thread Rivival!!! Why was this on the second page?

LOL! Sounds like we have a new goal here: Try to Keep this Thread on the First Page AT ALL TIMES! XD

Anyhoo, thank you for more pics, Paca. You never cease to amaze me.

Arantzain, I look forward to reading the first part of your fic. I'll do that as soon as I get home. (Can't access TEH LJ here at work. Boo.)

Tombow, in your "updates", you forgot about my insane fangirlish rant about the exact models of Riza's sidearms. LOL!!

(Firearms are cool. Huh huh.)

sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye , hope everything is going okay with the baby. When will the little one be arriving?

Oh, and just so I can feel like I've added something *constructive* to this post, THIS FANART by ChibiVicki pwns me:
QUOTE(LadyHawke78 @ Nov 22 2006, 09:39 AM) [snapback]476773[/snapback]
Oh, and just so I can feel like I've added something *constructive* to this post, THIS FANART by ChibiVicki pwns me:

"Elite soldier"? I see Riza's had her class change. tongue.gif
Thanks for the link!
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