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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@Tombow:Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! xDDDD *waits*

-Colorful (gallery)
-Aqua Stream
-Mechanical code and vanilla drop
^Really good drawings. (click on "PIC" -the first like is more edwin, the second is ttotally roy and riza- and click on doujin)
-fake the cross
^lots~~~of good pics!
@Paca - Thanks for more links!! biggrin.gif
I have to go for now, but I'll post the translations for Kiss in the Sky Royai doujin manga later tonight!!
Dammit, I'm just going to go download the manga.
But it seems like a waste of money; I just pre-ordered volume ten. ;_;
*waits not-so-patiently for chapter 65*
At least the suspense is not murdering me like it was for chapter 58... i almost died then. >_<

@Funderful: That's what i did . The US is way to far behind. It kind of bugs me. *wishes she was japanese*

@Tombow: Aww, thankyou thankyou! I love that you're willing to post a translation, it's so nice of you! *hugs*'

*dies from all the work she has to do*
While you wait for the manga chapter, you can read the next FPA comic. Now with explosions that look like blood, kinda. >.>
I'm going to work on posting kiss in the sky translations, but meantime...

Chapter 65 scanlation is out!!.
No passwords needed. Yay!!
Y'know, I should have mentioned that earlier. When I downloaded it. >.>
Content edited, and the final version moved to page 624.
@Tombow: You are GREAT!!!! *hugs* Thanks for translations!!!!!! Do you want me to edit it with the translation????


I know someone said SOMEWHERE what guns it is that Riza uses as her primary side-arms. But I can't find the names.

Anybody know?

<ficcing with great energy.

I know someone said SOMEWHERE what guns it is that Riza uses as her primary side-arms. But I can't find the names.

According to the Wiki:

"Riza's favored side-arms are the Browning Hi-Power and FN Model 1910; she switches back and forth between them often, and she used both of them simultaneously on one occasion. "

I am leaning toward the FN 1910 ( ) as her primary sidearm, since it bears the Fabrique Nationale logo, as seen clearly in chapter 58.

(Top right panel. Also see the WestGateCentral link for a larger picture.)

In the incident where she used both the Browning and the FN 1910, she was also holding Roy's gun (Episode 16 of the anime. See my icon. laugh.gif)


The "information" section at WestGateCentral has some information on the guns that appear in the manga (including the rifles of both Amestris, and Aerugo):

A little while back, I had a friend of mine who is a real gun-aficionado actually research this for me (I showed him screen caps from the anime and panels from the manga) and he said that the sidearms looked like a Makarov model, circa the 1910's-- which makes sense in relation to the time frame the series is supposedly set in. However, this is different information from the Wiki, so take it with as many grains of salt as you wish. I'm willing to bet that the FN 1910 is accurate.

Can't wait to read the fic! Are you going to post it here when you are finished?

(My goodness, look at the size of this thread. O.o There is a WHOLE LOTTA of Roiai love all up in here!)
Yeah, thanks for those translations.
@LadyHawke78 - You beat me to it!! biggrin.gif
Thank you for posting the links and info for Riza's guns!! happy.gif

@Paca - The links in your last post are not working!! sad.gif
And, yes, please please do the scanlation!! Thanks bunch!!
(I'll finish the translations of that one tonight!! biggrin.gif )
@Tombow: They work for me? O.o .... maybe the one that don't work are the ones that I hotlinked =_=u. The one wich has a lot of pics is this site "Over active" Is that link working????

More sites:
(I have posted to much sites and links..... maybe i should put all them in one post <.<..)
-Air capsule
-Poco a poco (Really good pic, i like the style a lot, you should visit the page!)
-Tsukikiri  (roiai pics!, clcik on gallery>second link next to gallery (fma)
- (Another good gallery! Look at one of the pics: I forgot that it was so warm in the sun)
-Subtle relationship
-tmmd (Interesting style)
-=love squall=
- (good pics!)
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Thanks Paca and Tombow! You guys are awesome!!!

Now, what's all this about "page one" and "page two" blink.gif ???
@LadyHawke78 - You beat me to it!!
Thank you for posting the links and info for Riza's guns!!

I tend to know a LOT of generally useless information. XD
(I blame it on cosplay research...)

I am shocked at the immense-ness of this thread. 623 pages... O.o
I think I may need to post some fanart in here someday when I get my scanner working again.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Oh, yay! LadyHawkeye, you should! It would be fun! ^^

I'd post some random stuff, but alas, I have no scanner... I could just use my friend's though... yes... *evil smile* Thanksgiving is on its way, and ... no, wait, never mind... she's going out of town... Hm... That's ok, though, I don't have much anyway!

And I feel so inadequate posting pics of any kind when we have paca here chugging away! wink.gif
@LadyHawke78: We 'd love to see your fanart!

@The NFA: No!!! Please, post!!! Post~~~!!! -jajjajajjaja- smile.gif
@Paca - Overactive link is working. biggrin.gif

@LadyHawke78 - You are good with FMA info?? Awsome!! Nice to have you on Royai thread!!
And, yes we are the longest running Character discussion thread, and also one of the nicest thread on the board!! If you like Royai, please stay with us, and enjoy the Royai goodness!! biggrin.gif
Yes, yes please post your Roy, Riza, Royai fanarts here!! We'll love you for that!! happy.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Post them, post them, please!! biggrin.gif
And, page 1, page 2... are my translation of Kiss in the sky... so that Paca can scanlate them.. If you click on page 1, page 2... and so on on my previous post, you see the pics. biggrin.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Paca - of course I will! laugh.gif I was just kidding! smile.gif But I'm sure you knew that... happy.gif

Here's what happens when you google "Royai"

Oooh, foxy!
Good links indeed. Japanese ones would be more useful if I could read it, but good pics nonetheless. tongue.gif
@ LadyHawke78

Absolutely will post the fic. Am currently debating whether to post it chapter by chapter, or wait until it's done and do it in a fell swoop. Chapters 2 and 3 are mostly finished. Chapter 1 is being recalcitrant. Chapters 4+ are getting themselves in order.

As you can tell, it's going to be pretty long. x.x

Uh, short summary: takes place immediately after the movie, although I borrow heavily from the recent revelations in the manga. (Tch, I know, mixing 'verses, but what can you do?)

Anyway, Riza and Roy have a falling out. Riza gets involved in the controversial Ishval Rehabilitiation Project. Back in Central, Roy discovers that there are good reasons that the effort is so controversial. Alchemy, murder, politics, falconry, sexual tension, and marzipan abound.

I'm having so much fun. ^^


Edit: I almost forgot, I'll be looking for some beta help, here soon. If there's anyone who's interested, I would be mucho grateful.
I'm slowly working Royai Illustrations into my fanart...
Even if you can't see them, Roy and Riza are there.



Anyway, good links. ^^
Since Fanfic was mentioned...

I'm working on one at the moment, following directly from Episode 51. Yeah, I'm totally ignoring the fact that the Movie even exists. tongue.gif Anyway, I'll most certainly be including Royai. I'll post linkage when it gets to a point with Royai.

*runs off to work on FPA*
QUOTE(esrz22 @ Nov 15 2006, 06:38 PM) [snapback]473924[/snapback]
Since Fanfic was mentioned...

I'm working on one at the moment, following directly from Episode 51. Yeah, I'm totally ignoring the fact that the Movie even exists. tongue.gif Anyway, I'll most certainly be including Royai. I'll post linkage when it gets to a point with Royai.

*runs off to work on FPA*

Yeah. Like I said somewhere else, I had to do BACKFLIPS to make motivations work out. What were they ever thinking? x.x

I could have discarded it, but I feel like it's easier to start with a conflict, and I dunno about ya'll, but after Roy [spoiler]runs off in that balloon (my roomie describes it as, "flies off to kick evildoer-butt with his boyfriends") [/spoiler] I have a real hard time imagining Riza's going to be real happy with him.

Aye, 'tis true. I'm a bit lazy to backflip, so I'm just scrubbing. 'Tis my way. Last Episode certainly gave a strong Upcoming Royai feel, so All Is Good. Except That Which Is Bad. I blame Roy. Or Ed. Or something. >.>
@ Esrz22;



Now my brain hurts.

Anyway, I hope your fanfic comes up in roses. ^^
Or whatever the hell they say.
Whatever the hell they say indeed.

As to the head-hurting.. MWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I don't post the same way I write. So, err, I won't be that confusing. tongue.gif

*again wishes he could draw so he could draw Royai. >.>*
^^ I'll draw some Royai for your Fanfic if you drop a request on my fanart page!
None chibi as possible.
-Slaps self for whoring my board- ;-; ;-; Again, I ramble.

Well, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
Heh, thanks. I've got my FMAddict friend breathing down my neck for me to write Fast, but I need to Plan first. >.>
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Arantzain - I've been doing lots of Beta work for people over the past few months or so... The only reason I'm offering now is because everyone I work with is a studen (including myself), so updates are sporadic at best. I have a nice, week-long break coming up here in a few days, though, so I'd be happy to read over anything you have! smile.gif I enjoy Beta-reading... happy.gif Plus, it's a lot less time consuming than getting my own stuff written up... eh-heh-heh... My poor fanfics... they're collecting dust... sad.gif It's ok! Momma's gonna have lots of time to spend with you next week! *yes, I am crazy*

I quite enjoyed that "Royai Chemical Industry Co." thing, though... happy.gif
It's hard to tell Lego people are hurt unless you draw blood or remove body parts. Neither of which were done to Riza despite the events in the latest Full Plastic Alchemist. [/shameless promotion]
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
hahahaa! laugh.gif

Nothing too wrong with that! smile.gif

So, are you still posting your lovely Royai leggo comics here, or do you have them elsewhere now? They're strangely addicting... blink.gif
They're a webcomic. I may not remember to post here when I update, but the Link is in my Sig.

*bad yaoi mental images*

Thank you. ^^

I have a 20-page paper this weekend, but when I turn it in on Monday, I will come home and fire some work off to you, before I sleep the sleep of the justifably dead.

Hopefully the first chapter will be included, but that'll really depend on how this weekend goes.

Then I will glut myself Wednesday-Sunday. /purr.


Hee hee. Fire. In a thread about Roy (fire!) and Riza (firing guns). tongue.gif

Yeaaah, maybe I should get more sleep. >.>
Here's my translations of Kiss in the sky!!
(brought by Paca, and posted on page 624, post #9320)
Contains large portion of non-literal translations this time.
Also, my usual disclaimer applies: Additional info, and/or alternate translations are always welcome!! I may yet to change or edit some wordings later.
And, if you bring this to other sites, please credit this board and this thread. smile.gif

Hope you like it!! (Click on the page number to see the pics!!) happy.gif

Kiss in the Sky
(Note: There are Roy's inner thoughts parts, and then there are actual interaction parts between Roy and Riza. And on page 5, two lines of Roy's inner thoughts are displayed. Yap, took me a while to decipher that. biggrin.gif)

Page 1

Roy: "May I kiss you??"
Riza: "As you like. Except.. "
Riza: "Not on the lips"
- Since then... 4 years has past.. Lieutenant..


Page 2

- Only that once..

Roy: "This one here..."
Riza: "Yes.."
Roy: "Lieut..." *crush* *tears*

- Since that rejection, I have never touched her.


Page 3

- If I tell her...
That I want to hold her, I know she would come close, and say please.

Or, say I want to have her, then she would let her be mine without another word.


Page 4

*sound of the door*

Roy: "!"
Riza: "Eh..Ta, Taisa??"
Risa: "Anything wrong??"
Roy: "AH.. Yes.."
- I've finally realized..

That, tho we stay so close in proximity, we have been far apart.

That ... there is a "distance" between us...


Page 5

- Love. Passion.
If I wanted to lose myself in my passion for her, I could have done that anytime.
Knowing that, yet I chose not to.
- What I wanted was...
No, I could not make any such move. I was.. I was afraid of losing her.
- I.. I just wanted a kiss.. on her lips.
Four years.. And I haven't even held her hand..
- I wonder what she will say. If I tell her. That, I want start over, from the beginning.

Paca or someone - Could you scanlate this??!! happy.gif
(If you have questions on translaions while scanlating, please post and ask me.. biggrin.gif )

If anyone sees some other Royai doujin in Japanese and you'd like to see the translation, please save that on your computer (re-hosting), and post it here, (no direct linking please..)
and I'll see what I can do.. smile.gif
@ LadyHawke78

Absolutely will post the fic. Am currently debating whether to post it chapter by chapter, or wait until it's done and do it in a fell swoop. Chapters 2 and 3 are mostly finished. Chapter 1 is being recalcitrant. Chapters 4+ are getting themselves in order.

Oohhh... shiny fic... I can't wait!

The plot sounds really interesting. I'm sure that mixing 'verses is not taboo (C'mon. It's fanfic. Have a good time with it!) That, and thre is just far too much good material in the manga to ignore it.

I have been interested in writing a post-anime, pre-movie Roiai fic for a LONG time, but my writing skills are worse than my drawing skills, AND I would prefer to learn how the manga ends first. I am such a manga addict.

Fanart is forthcoming. Promise. So you all can critique my piss-poor art skills. >.<
Must fix the scanner situation first.
*Maybe* I'll be able to get some cosplay pics up in the meantime...

...and FPA totally pwns my soul. *And* damages MANY brain cells at the same time. XD
In general, people who think they're piss-poor writers, usually aren't. tongue.gif

Really pleased with what I wrote last night. Now I need to actually do my paper (due in four hours, oh god oh god oh god) and then I am back to do some more work on the fic. I WILL finish chapter 1 if it is the last thing I do with this flesh.


Also, as I was writing last night, I realized I had left out a pretty important detail: the fic is *definitely* going to be R rated. Betas may even decide to smack it with an NC-17, we'll see. I'm really sorry in advance if that's a problem. x.x

Heh. I've been writing some, but only rough drafage, really. I find that I 'never' like to read my own writing. No matter how good it is, I just can't stand reading it. Always think I need to improve something, etc etc. Hooray for Royai fanfic.
QUOTE(esrz22 @ Nov 16 2006, 04:08 PM) [snapback]474395[/snapback]
Heh. I've been writing some, but only rough drafage, really. I find that I 'never' like to read my own writing. No matter how good it is, I just can't stand reading it. Always think I need to improve something, etc etc. Hooray for Royai fanfic.


I mean, you never finish anything and go, "Hey, I like all of this!" But . . .

I dunno, you should post us some of your stuff. I bet we'll really enjoy it. ^^

Yeah, I don't know why I don't like reading my stuff. Am working on that issue. tongue.gif

I've not got anything FMA related to post, yet. The main fic I'm working on has lots to do, still. Am probably going to write little short things while working on it, which will then be posted. I'm conflicted about something, actually. I have it going that a artifact type thing (>.>) carried for now by a fancharacter allows Ed to return to his own world. However, this means that I need to introduce the fancharacter Right Away, as I want fast Ed returning (which winds up with Ed+Fanchar (Tentatively named Gantros) suddenly appearing in the middle of the room we see Roy in in the end. Cue Riza nearly stabbing him by accident) in the current draft) homeness. However, it gives me a bit of a bad feeling introducing a fanchar Right Away. Thoughts? (it'd probably be better to start a thread in the fanfic section for questions like that. >.>) If I can get input on that Quickly, I may have stuff ready perhaps upon the morrow. Maybe. >.>
Personal opinion? Do it, write the fan character in. I'd six times rather have a worthwhile fancharacter than a badly done/forced "established" character. Not only that, but if you dally around incorporating the character, or with Ed sitting on the other side of the gate, you will get bored --and so will your readers, as a result.

I have a lot of fan characters in the fic I'm working on. None of them are protagonists, and 98% of them aren't even supporting characters --but they're all people, and I'm very proud of several of them from a characterization perspective.

I guess this is because I come to this from a novelist's perspective, but I don't see anything wrong with fan characters as long as they are not Mary Sueish and do not interfere with the dynamics of established relationships. (Some invented lass --probably standing in for the fic's author-- getting between Riza and Roy just to cause angst, would make me an unhappy Rantza.)

Anyway, just my cent and a half.

Right, makes sense. I'm attempting to avoid Sueism and make a Good Character. I've created a bit of a mcguffin with the artifact (currently a Sword), but FMA revolves around one, so tongue.gif. I suppose that a new character would come Quickly in Official Work, too.

Am trying to convince myself not to type up (in italics) some monolougish thing to paste at the beginning of each chapter. tongue.gif

*starts working More on it*

I'll use this thread to state my Antagonist/Villian: Mechanic/Alchemist Ephraim Zarukai (tentative name). He's got Oddautomail. See, he replaced the bones in his left arm with automailish stuff, leaving the Flesh. Each "bone" has a transmutation circle of some kind carved into it, to simulated clappychemy without the clappy. Additionally, he has automail tentacle-type-things (with tools/blades/claws/whatever he feels like transmuting on the end) attached to his back by his left shoulder. He could easily be Overpowered, but then again so were the Official Bad Guys. tongue.gif I've not yet decided Why he does Evil Type Things, or who he works with and/or for.

Additionally, I need to find a way to keep the Converting Mass Into Energy alchemy of Gantros (him carrying the mcguffinblade is because he Found It or something. No chosen one type stuff. Anyone who knows how (he barely does) can use the thing. Rather like the Stone) from being Too Overpowered. Something about not liking to use it on humans works to limit him. Perhaps if too much energy is produced one can no longer form it into a controllable (beam) form.

Sorry for the Non-royai rambles. tongue.gif
QUOTE(esrz22 @ Nov 16 2006, 10:46 PM) [snapback]474548[/snapback]
Sorry for the Non-royai rambles. tongue.gif

@esrz22 - I agree. It's getting Off Topicishy.
Could you please discuss the rest on your fanfic thread? smile.gif

In order to bring us back on Royai topic...

Halloween "trick or treat":
Click to view attachment
At the pub:
Panel 1:
Gang: "Trick or Treat!!"
What they are saying: "Buy us drinks, or else!!"
Roy: "What ..!!"

Panel 2:
Riza: "Trick or Treat..."
Roy: "Lieutenant, even you, too!!??"

Panel 3:
Roy: "Although...I'd love to see Lieutenant's trick.."
Riza: "What ...!!"

tongue.gif tongue.gif

And, some change of pace:
Coming soon...

Click to view attachment

(Both are from this site. smile.gif )

Now that I posted enough on-topic material, since it's Nov. 17 morning here, allow me to post this important OT announcement:
Happy Birthday, Lt. Misha Mustang!!
*dies reading*
Little report: I am being killed!! Cheerdance!!!! *no voice to shout with* Anyways, I'm sad.. No Royai..
Christmas! I'm too filled with requests right now. SOON! happy.gif Hope you guys understand. Thanks!

*falls in a well*
Love that little comic. Can't say I disagree with Roy. tongue.gif

And the Christmas one is Too Cute.

One other thing. It was raining yesterday. When I stepped into the rain, my first thought (in a Riza-esque voice) was the the Colonel was useless. laugh.gif

What is this? Non-Lego contribution from me? Was bored during School, so I took a few minutes to write this. Contains both Royai and Edwin.
*saves Untitled from the well* laugh.gif Of course we understand!! happy.gif

@esrz22 - Lovely short fanfic!! Yap, it nicely contains Royai, and it's sweet!!
Nice job!! biggrin.gif
@ Tombow: Shall I scanlate it for you? I can do a quick one.. I 've saved the panels and I can start on them now biggrin.gif

Talking about fics? I don't know if I have posted this and this one before.. Those are my first 2 and only fics. I don't think I want to write again, I have no talent in writing, that explains why my English is so bad..
@ esrz22: That was a nice, short fic!! Great one!

Do you remember that AlxMei pic I drew, which got posted here courteousy of the Roy and Riza chibi figurines photo? I've finished CG-ing it. If you want to view it, click on the dA link in my signature. It's under "Recent deviations", the first one. (Sorry, a little off-topic)
^^ Yes, yes, MeLRizA, could you do the scanlation?? biggrin.gif
The "trick or treat" one above, and there is Kiss in the Skay (post #p358) also.
Whichever you like doing (or both) will be great!!
Thanks!! biggrin.gif
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