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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Oh!! Keoni's 2006 Royai thread Halloween fanfic is posted!!!
*runs to read it*

@Keoni - That is AWSOME!!! So sweet, and touching, and lovely!! I love it!! happy.gif

And, thank you, yeah hope they look Halloweenishy!! biggrin.gif
*Reads Keoni's story* Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! I like it! (I want to see teh long prologue xD!!!)

@Tombow. Ah! Special occasion----> Special avi and siggy happy.gif!! Jijijiji

I have found more Short comics (all in ajpanese of course =_= )
^^ Yeah, I do that for major Holidays, like New Year, and such, just for fun!! laugh.gif

QUOTE(paca @ Oct 31 2006, 05:06 PM) [snapback]468537[/snapback]
I have found more Short comics (all in ajpanese of course =_= )

@Paca - Post them, post them, please!!! biggrin.gif
(I'll see what I can do with the translations. happy.gif)
@Tombow: Ok!I will post them after my eglish class! happy.gif ...*runs away* I'm already late o////o
Tombow:There are less and less people celebrating halloween in France.^^

paca: There are so many drawings! Where do you find all of them. I have to try that Rizagame! laugh.gif

I understand now why everybody is posting a fanfiction! There is a halloween fanfic contest! I read some of the Royai halloween fanfictions and I really like them!

I missed so many pages (44)! The profile and controls tools are different too... I can't see may avatar anymore! Where is my Roy? Royyy!!! laugh.gif
@Valérie: You're back! *hugs* Good to see you again! It's not really a contest. It's more like Royai Day, Halloween Style happy.gif
The controls are so weird now... And spoiler tags look funny too. At least my avatart still works (I think)

@ Tombow: Yay! *hugs* I'm glad you like it ^^

@ Paca: Oh! do post them! biggrin.gif And thanks!!
Hehe, i love the fics!!

@Tombow: Lol, i love the new sig and avvy. They make me happy. happy.gif

@Keoni: Too much Bleach? I don't *twitch* know *twitch* what you're *twitch* talking about.....

@Paca: The second half of the pics work, but the first ones don't.

I gotta go work on my fic... I'll post it asap!
I couldn't miss this one, can I? Happy Halloween EVERYONE!!! Trick you and treat me!! Ehehehe.. Have lots of fun and collect lots of candies!

I've already posted something for Halloween.. I have pictures of the Disney Halloween Parade I took at HK, I want to post them but they are not related here.. happy.gif; I guess I post my Halloween drawing again, in case some of you haven't seen it. But most of you already have. tongue.gif

Aww.. That fic is my Halloween candy Keoni, and it's so sweet that now my tooth hurts >.< I can't wait for more candies. Nil-chan, I can't wait to read yours!!

Tombow-san changed her avvie and siggie!! ohmy.gif *just noticed it*

paca is drowning everyone in fanarts again. Nil-chan told me that you had posted tons of them last week, but I have no time to read the older posts.. :C

Yeah, I realised many people's avvies are missing.. Including mine. I heard that the site was hacked. Is it true? Hmm.. I guess this is how they might have done it but I won't give it a try.
If you are using Windows. go to View -> Page source. From there, you can edit the Java script *it consist of all internet codes and language* and save it.
I learned about making websites early this semester, so I remember some of the lame stuffs I learnt.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Geez, I can officially no longer go onto these forums at school - freaky stuff happens, and it scares me. sad.gif

Speaking of scaring, what is it w/ random freaky people sending me pm's?! I got this totally random message from some new person about the parental instincts, etc. of Izumi and her husband - WTF? So, really nicely, I asked if maybe they had sent a message by mistake rather than posting a reply (their info said they had only made about 6 posts prior) Then I get this message along the lines of, "I've been on hundreds of forums - I think I know what I'm doing." GAAAH! It's so frustrating!!! mad.gif Why the hell do these people even bother sending messages if they're not going to give a reason why if they've never "met" you before?!?!?! mad.gif


Glad you guys liked the fic! I went ahead and posted it on last night. smile.gif Speaking of which, I have a whole other Halloween story to type up! laugh.gif

Get lots of candy, guys!

@MeLRizA - *hugs* long time no see! smile.gif
riza hawkeye 9
hello !!!! i made it !!! i wrote a royai halloween fic in time ^^ !!! i'm so happy \o/\o/ i have a class that was so boring so i use it to write the fic !!! ....i want to post the link , but for some weird reason the board don't let me add replys just fast ones ¬¬, so i will write the url so you guys can see it ...

EDIT: the board let me insert the link here it goes ....

halloween royai

well, the story may have some mistakes because i didn't have time to correct it properly ( and my english isn't so good too) ¬¬, if you find one notice me and i will correct then immediatelly !!! thanks

And i will read all the fics that you guys posted. ^^

i will be back later to read the posts i missed....=P !!!


bye =***

EDIT2 : this is my 50th post in this forum ^^ !!!! LOL !!!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Oh, crap, I still have to proof-read that story for you, don't I? I promise, cross my heart and hope to die that I will tomorrow afternoon! sad.gif

Happy Halloween! Your fic was adorable! wub.gif
Weee!! Such great fics! They're all so nice happy.gif
Anyways, I'm back to the Philippines! XD I need to catch up on some sem break homework right now.. But nah.. XD

Here's the drawing I've told you guys about! It didn't come out that good though..
Royai chibi
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Awwwww! happy.gif So cute! Look, they're kicking ass and holding hands at the same time! How adorable is that?! wub.gif I love the chibi goodness - great job, Untitled! It's wonderful!
Hi everyone!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I think might have eaten too much candy...and I might be too old to go trick-or-treating...oh well.

@Valerié: Hi!! Welcome back! It's nice to see your posts again! I missed you!! *hugs*

Oh yay! Halloween ficage!
@NFMA: Yours was so well written…maybe a little cheesy but it's a good thing. Just out of curiosity what was Maria dressed as in your fic? (I think she'd be a good kitty) What about Gracia? She needs a costume. (I have no idea)

@Keoni: I like yours it was uberly sweet!

@riza hawkeye 9: I think yours has got to be my favorite so far. I was almost tempted to not read it because of the length and I don't have much time. But I'm happy I did. smile.gif I did however catch grammatical errors, only because I'm used to looking for them, I'd be more than happy to fix them if you want.

And pics!!
@paca: WOW!!!! You find too many!! It's a very good thing. Thanks happy.gif

@Untitled: Aww, cute. I like.

@Tombow: Oh. Witches for Halloween! They're cute and special.
So since I had to study for tests on top of three hours of homework last night (you see why I can't be on during the week?) I had NO time to write a Halloween Royai fic. Even though I did have an idea...but it wasn't too much different from what is already here. So instead I have a string of logic! (It was inspired by everyone else's fics):
Roy is sexy. Vampires are also sexy therefore Roy as a vampire has got to be the sexiest thing ever!
Part 3 of 3
Roy: *hiding at other end of e-mail* ( He's hiding behind the lines at the bottom of this e-mail, really I think I saw him 'O_O') [our e-mail has been going on for so long that if you scroll down to the bottom all you'll see is a bunch of lines from all the replying]
Me: Roy, it's OK. You can come out now. You're around “normal” Royai people.
Roy: Royai? (Roy+love) I don't get it...
Me: Maybe I should have put it as Royeye.?
Roy:...Oh Hawkeye. *Thinks**smiles* That's better, I guess...
Me: Did you hear that?! Roy himself said Royai is better than RoyEd! *victory!*
Roy: *sigh* I really don't like all this pairing nonsense.
Me: Awe, if you want I could tell you everyone they've paired you with.
Roy: That would be good, then they wouldn't be able to ketch me off guard.
Me: *opens mouth to speak*
Roy: Wait, do I want to know?
Me: Probably not.
Roy: Then lets just leave it at that.
No offence to Fushigi Rockna and/or any other hardcore yaoi fans...I do have one yaoi OTP -oh crap! I think I just outed myself. (You could almost count this three part dialogue as a Halloweeny because he was scared by the fangirls)
OT: I wish I could show you guys my costume and pumpkin but they have nothing to do with Royai or even FMA. I'll post it on my Lj. You can look for it tomorrow, if you're interested.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! This has got to be one of my favorite holidays! biggrin.gif
@TNFMA Thanks for the comment happy.gif

Haha! That's nice happy.gif I like it! Yay! Roy also likes Royai better! XD
Oh and, no one's too old for trick or treat! Yay candies! XD
@Valérie - Yeah, these are Royai thread, Halloween 2006 Fanfic collection, with them of "When/if Roy makes move" because we had been discusing which one would make move first, Roy?? or Riza?? and many of us said Roy. And, so, just imagining how it would be when Roy finally makes move, and tell Riza how he feels about her. biggrin.gif
I hope you like them!! happy.gif

Oh, and the board has just gone through upgrading, and still working out kinks, so that's why some avatars are not visible. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon. biggrin.gif

@Nil-chan - Haha, mine is such a crude avi/sig combi because I don't have any program available to me right now. But, I wanted to put up something for Halloween. I'm glad they made you smile. happy.gif

@MeLRizA - Thanks for the Royai Halloween drawing!! It's nicely done!! I love it!! happy.gif
Yeah, the site got hacked twice recently. But, no apparent damage. Then we got upgrade. That's why some avatars are being invisible. Hope that, and some other kinks get worked out soon. biggrin.gif
And, my avatar and sig are for one day only. It's Hallowen Special. biggrin.gif

OT: @The New Fullmetal Alchemist - About PM... I think it means that people feel your are approachable, and they feel comfortable talking to you. I think it's a good thing. biggrin.gif
(Yeah, I get PMs from people, asking all kind of stuff. I think that happens to quite many of us. Just part of being on the "friendly" board, I guess. laugh.gif )
Unless they are rude or nuisance, be polite, and be nice, and you can guide them to appropriate threads to post those, and often that works. biggrin.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - Oh, I like your "OC" Halloween Royai fic!! Combining with song lyrics is a nice touch!! I like it!! biggrin.gif
And, congratulation for your 50th post!! happy.gif

@Untitled - Awww, that chibi Royai drawing is soooo adorable!! Love it!! happy.gif

@No_One - Gahaha, I love the part 3 of the Roy vs Fangirl!!
That was fun to read!! biggrin.gif

ETA: Whoa, I think the board just got those "invisible" avatars back to normal. biggrin.gif
I will put the link to the pages (because some links doesn't work):
-some are new, the rest has been already posted-

Page full of Roiai fanarts. It also has some comics. (Japanese)


Lot's of fanarts (some pages can't be found O_O ...maybe it's an old page Dx) There are also soem Roiai comics.

It's a diary (i think so) and it's full of pencil sketches.
More FanArts!
More Roiai fanarts!
Star Sugar

I will put the restlater ...It's hard to get the links again 'cause I had found them while i was surfing the net without paying attention.... and i was clicking on every link xDDDD 'cause I couldn't understand anything O_O ....xD
@Paca - Thank you for the links!!
I'll check those later, and if there is/are any Japanese dojin manga, see if I can translate some of them. biggrin.gif
Yay, more pics from paca!! happy.gif

OK, get ready for... Belated Halloween Goodness!!!sorry it's really bad...
Disclaimer: I don’t own it. But, when you finish reading this, I will own your soul. Meheh…

“Tell me why I’m doing this again?”
“Because!” The square-jawed bespectacled man exclaimed waving his arms around for emphasis. “It’s Halloween, and everyone knows that’s the best time of year, because that’s when all the little kids dress up, and my Elycia outshines them all with her radiance.” He sighed dreamily. “She was bunny when she was one, then, last year, she was an angel (the halo Gracia made her looked so adorable!!), and this year, she’s the epitome of cuteness…a ballerina!” Tears welled up in his eyes as Roy Mustang was bombarded with pictures of Elycia bundled up in various costumes. His eyebrow twitched and he pushed the enthusiastic father away from him.
“Exactly. How the hell did you manage to convince me to go trick-or-treating with you and your daughter?”
Maes rubbed his chin. “I thought that was why.”
“No, Maes, I would not come trick-or-treating with you or Elycia unless you had Hawkeye trailing me with a gun.”
“Exactly!” Maes intoned happily. Roy’s eyebrow rose. “What?”
“Well, I figured you’d act this way, so I asked Hawkeye to keep Gracia company while she’s handing out candy, so she said she would. She’s waiting at my house, and if I show up without you, well…”
“She wouldn’t care.”
“Not if I happen to let slip that dream you had-“
“What dream? When have I ever told you about any dream I’ve ever had?”
“You haven’t. That’s why it will be so easy to make one up and get her angry at you.”
Roy grumbled. “I don’t know why I agreed to this…”
“Aw, come on, it will be fun! And afterwards, there’s a party at my place, I invited everyone! Elycia will be in bed, and it will be all of us.”
“That might be why I agreed to come.”
Maes nudged him in the ribs knowingly. “Roy Mustang, are you actually willing to be social?”
“I am often social, Maes, just not during working hours when I have no intention of listening to an over obsessed father ramble on about his kid.” Maes placed a hand over his heart in mock pain. “You’ve cut me deep, Roy.”
Roy had been to many Halloween parties, and he found these were often the better ones. It was very lively, men and women dressed up in amusing costumes, plenty of good food, and plenty of interaction. This one was no exception. It was a relief to move about the party seeing coworkers with their hair down, (literally in some cases) and in costumes and overall enjoying themselves. He moved about from group to group, each in turn ridiculing him for his lack of costume before he exclaimed Maes had attacked him with pictures before he could change, and they all nodded sympathetically before he moved on. He stopped by the group of his own subordinates and had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at their costumes. Breda was dressed up with a sombrero and poncho, with chips in the brim and a margarita in one hand. Fury had on a brown fury suit, two puppy-dog ears on his head with a brown patch around his right eye. Falman looked very much the same, except his ears were pointed and it looked like he was wearing a uniform from Star Trek. It was Havoc who made him laugh, though. The second lieutenant was wearing his uniform, but it had a few more stars than his original one. He had a black wig pulled over his blonde hair, and who alchemical gloves were on his hands. He smiled as Roy approached. “Whoa, déjà vu.” He said amicably. “Nice,” Roy conceded as he looked his copy over. “Maybe if you dress like that more often, you’ll have more luck with your dates.” Even Havoc laughed at this. “I actually thought about it.” He said, grinning from ear to ear. Roy looked around. “Where’s Hawkeye? Maes told me she’d be here tonight.” He said, jerking his thumb towards the over-ambitious father dressed up like a photograph of Elycia.
“She’s over in the corner, there.” Fury pointed out, standing on tiptoe. “She was talking with us for a while, and then Gracia called her over.” Roy nodded and pushed past them to where she was standing. “If you’ll excuse me,” He said. As he left, the group of subordinates gathered around one another looking as if they were placing together a bet.
“Chuui.” He said as he walked up to her. She turned at his voice and looked him over. “Do you have something against Halloween, sir?” She asked, noting his lack of costume. He waved his hand in dismissal. “Nah, I was attacked by Hughes before I put anything on. And what are you supposed to be? You look pretty much the same, although the black dress is nice.” She smiled at him, exposing two pointed teeth. “Ah.” Roy said.
“It’s not elaborate, but I felt it fit the occasion.” She said, looking past him at the multitudes of candy and orange and black ribbons scattered around the Hughes’ home. Roy nodded, stepping slightly closer to her. “Fits you nicely.” He stepped behind her and slid his arms around her waist. She stiffened. “T-taisa-”
“Shh.” He hushed her, pulling her back against him. “We’re at a party, is there a problem?”
Riza sighed, but smiled. She leaned back against his chest. “I guess not.” She said softly. She reached down and took his hands in her own.
Across the room, three sad subordinates handed a grinning Havoc 1000 cens each.
I hope your ears aren't bleeding,
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Nil-Chan - Awwwwwwww~~!!! wub.gif That was cuuute!!! The ending was abit abrupt, but I guess you were going for the whole "we're not going to pretend anymore" thing, right? It was really good! *checks ears in mirror* Nope! I'm good! Great fic, good job! smile.gif

@ Tombow - thanks for that! happy.gif

@ No-One - Umm... Hmm... Ross, I think, would have been either in some scanty little skirt outfit, or in a giant animal suit - probably a bunny! laugh.gif I actually didn't have anything in mind for her, to be honest... As for Gracia, she was kind of dressed like a scare-crow/ farmer, but wearing those pants that has a hoop in the waist, so it juts out so she looks "fat" - but not really, b/c you can tell it's a hula hoop or some such nonsense... Don't ask me why, it's just that I totally imagine her wearing something involving a straw hat! laugh.gif
Wow, wow, @Nil-chan - That was good!!
Definitely worth the wait!! Awsome!! happy.gif
Yeah, I'm gonna read several more times so that I wouldn't miss anything!! biggrin.gif

OT:@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - You're welcome!! Keep up!! happy.gif
Yo... I am back after a long long time... What?! it has passed the 600th page already?! Happy already-passed 600th page and halloween...
@Jo21: Hi!!! Welcome back!!! Nice to see you here! xD

@Nil-chan: Awwwwwwwww! I like the fic!!!

@riza hawkeye 9: Nice Fan fict! Great work!

@The NFA:*finally reads it* Nice fic!!!!! happy.gif
@Jo21 - Wlcome back!! It's so nice to see you again!!
Hope your school work is going fine!!
Yap, we past 600 page!! How about that!! biggrin.gif
Some of our talented writers have created nice fanfics for Royai thread Halloween 2006!!
I hope you enjoy reading them!! biggrin.gif

Thanks everyone who posted all these wonderful fics and pics and drawings for Royai thread Halloween 2006!!
I will try to compile it to one album collection, or something, (like Royai Day 2006) so that everyone can access that and enjoy the collection later as well.

Or, if someone can do that for us, please go ahead and do!!!
(I was thinking of archiving all these collections in the blog section of this board, but the board format has changed and the blog section is gone!! sad.gif )
Have you seen the vol.15 cover????


Roy and riza (sad =( )
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Oooh, sexy! laugh.gif

Glad you liked my fic!

Hi, Jo21! *waves* I've never met you before, but welcome back! happy.gif
@ The NFA: That's amusing! Great fic happy.gif

@ riza hawkeye 9: Nice fic^^ Great job! Congrats on your 50th post too!

@ Nil-chan: Argh! That fic is too cute!! >.< I wonder what Roy was wearing..

I want FMA Vol #15 to be released in Singapore by mid Nov D: .. but I highly doubt so.. I <3 the cover..
Oh!! Young Roy and Riza (and Houghes) are the cover for Vol. 15!!
Too bad it's from Ishval war, and they look so sad..
But, I like it!!

Aww.. Now I really want the manga.. Too bad I can't find any yet..
Still going through Paca's links fow awsome Royai pics!!
I think it will take whole weekend!! biggrin.gif

Chapter 65 coming up in less than ten days??!! Yay!!
Hoping for any Roy or Riza scene!! biggrin.gif
Juicy Toot
Oh,wow!This thread is really long! ohmy.gif But for good reason! tongue.gif

*Trying to squeeze into conversation*
Oh!Volume fifteens cover looks nice!But it's also so sad... ;_;
Hello Juicy Toot, welcome to the board, and welcome to one of the nicest threads on the board!!
Yes, we are the longest thread in the FMA Character discussion forum, and one of the longest on the board. Also, it's one of the most active.
And, people here are very very nice. I think you'll love it here.
If you like Roy, Riza, and Royai, please stay with us, and enjoy the Royai goodness!! happy.gif
Juicy Toot
Thank you very much for the welcome Tombow! happy.gif

And I sure do like Royai,so I think I'll be sticking around here. biggrin.gif
HEy, Juicy Toot! Welcome to the-most-awesome-six-hundred-and-fourteen-pages-long-thread-of-all-time-because-it-is-based-
-and-amazing. Sit back , enjoy your stay here, and have fun with the royai!
@Juicy-chan: Welcome!!!! I know you will have a nice time here!

Look!!! I have found some movie omakes:
This is not roiai (but it's funny!!) xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD(trnslation by @ Hawkeye Chuui -Roiai forums-)

Posted by @Canal in the Royai forums:
-doujinshi cover
Delusion Alchemist
-Hayate in a can
Juicy Toot
@Nil-Chan: Hehe...Thank you for the welcome!Quite a mouth full you had there. laugh.gif

@paca:Thank you!! biggrin.gif I'm sure I'll have a great time here.And those are some awesome pics! 83
A new member!! WELCOME to the noisiest character discussions thread on the forums Juicy Toot!! *sorry to be late* We have awesome people here and I'm sure you will get addicted to this thread love it here. Enjoy your stay !! biggrin.gif
BTW, isn't that Lain on your avvy? Someone in the Royai Forums has Lain avvy too, but hers is slightly different..

@ paca: Thanks for hotlinking them here!! *hugs*

Time for me to get my avvy changed.. Just a very quick image manipulation at photoshop using desktop icons from here ^^; I also got my dA avvy changed as well, image come from the same source..
@MeL: *hugs back* Nice avi! -I will eat it!!!- changed your Da??? I can not see the changes O.o.... -Pss, I like the Rukia drawing happy.gif-
^ Thanks!! Yup, my old dA avvy way Chappy, Rukia's white bunny, on a pinkish background happy.gif Now it's some sausage thingy with a funny "Japanese" background..
Maybe I will make a new sig next week.. during the exam breaks.. *sigh*

So.. anyone betting if Roy or Riza will appear in chapter 65? I hope they would.. They had just begun to get more impoartant in the manga so they should appear more often now. Otherwise the readers would get disappointed and we shall hunt Arakawa Sensei..
^Now I can see it ! xD (Really funny)

Roy and Riza in chapter 65?????? Mmmmmmm, maybe they appear just in a few pages ..... like in the chapter (i have forget the No)|| when ed and ling were fighting with Father|| in which Roy appers aonly a few pages talking with Bradly...... this time we can get a page with Riza working for Bradly, taht would be good!!!

I have problems withthis site!!! I can only do "fastreplays"!!!!
Another page full with pic (posted by a roiai forum member) ~~Ringo~~
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Dang, Paca! MORE links? blink.gif I haven't even gotten through all of the ones you posted three pages ago! laugh.gif
Juicy Toot
Thanks for the welcome every body! biggrin.gif

Roy and Riza in chapter 65?Ooh,that would be so grand!! *o*

@Paca:I can only do fast replys too. o.o'
@The NFA: yes, more xD...but i will delet them 'cause the don't work (i have already posted the link to the main pages where i got them) wink.gif

@Juecy T: I think the forum has some problems ('cause it has been hacked 2 times =_=u)
Juicy Toot
Sorry for going a bit offtopic but,who did the hacking and why? unsure.gif
riza hawkeye 9
hello !!!

first of all : TNFA , Keoni and nil-chan i just loved wub.gif all your halloween fanfics, they are great and cute !!! i read all of them ( sorry for the gerenal coment , but i already review each one of them personnaly ^^)

untitled your royai chibi drawing is wonderful!!!

No One thanks, i'm so glad that you liked , and i would be more than happy if you fixed the mistakes !!! thank you so much ^^ btw .. i loved the roy vs fangirl thing !!!!

Paca .. i'm speechless , i don't know if just thank you fits you anymore ^^ ...i will have to think in something better to say after you posted all those royai pics .... i still didn't recover from the royai pic overdose ^^ .. thank you !!!and i'm so glad that you enjoyed my fic !! thanks

tombow thanks !!! i'm really happy that you liked it ^^

....after seeing vol 15 cover ---> *__________________* .. love it ... its a sad cover but still so beautiful

MelRiza thanks !!! i'm really glad you enjoyed my fic !!! i think i already said it but i'm gonna say it again...your halloween royai drawing is awesome !!!

Juicy Toot welcome to the best thread about the best couple ever !!!! i hope you enjoy your stay !!! we are crazy about royai in here ^^

and i can only do fast replys too O.o ... strange ... huh.gif

and according to ZOMFGTA ---> 5 days, 22 hours, 42 minutes, and 43 seconds left until
Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 65!!......its so close \o/ (i'm almost sure riza will be at this chap ...actually i hope for it ^^)

since i've been away i will put the link for 2 sites of royai fanfics ...i hope you enjoy ( but i think that you might know them already )
royXriza higher than the sun
to the raibow's end

ok .. thats it .. bye =******************
Juicy Toot
Thank you for the welcome and websites riza hawkeye 9! smile.gif

Only five days till chapter 65?I can't wait! happy.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hi, Juicy Toot! happy.gif I don't think I've said "hello" yet, so... Hello!!! smile.gif

5 days, 23 hours, 34 minutes, and 6 seconds left until
Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 65!!
Yay! I've got my hands on an FMA manga!! (vol 9 happy.gif)
Anyways, riza hawkeye 9 thanks! More fanfics to read!! happy.gif

Juicy Toot Hi!! Welcome to the RoyXRiza forums!! Hope you enjoy your stay with us! happy.gif *Please don't mind me, I sometimes go crazy blink.gif *

Nooo!! Don't hunt Arakawa-sensei down!! She's my idol!! XD

And to everyone!
Well, Christmas is almost coming up! Soo, I already prepared gifts for my friends and family. But since I can't get gifts for you guys and give them to you, what do you guys want me to do??
Serious answers please! happy.gif

Add Reply isn't working? I always use fast reply tongue.gif
Juicy Toot
Thanks again for the welcomes!! biggrin.gif

ohmy.gif Ooh Christmas is coming up!I totally forgot! >_<'
Oh Yea!!! I remember now!!! the vol. 15 cover!!! i saw it in japan!!! I just went to japan a few weeks ago and saw that!!! they have already started selling it!!! too bad, i didn't buy it. the manga shop there is sooo big! the whole floor was the manga shop!!! i bought some fma toys for my sister and my cousin. they also sold the fma artbook about the movie. too bad... my mum didn't allow me to buy. the worst thing is that they also sold HENTAI(porn) manga in the shop. ... so embrassing... my mum went into the hentai manga area... i nearly followed her in. THEY SOLD IT AS IF IT WAS NORMAL!!! *faints* blink.gif dry.gif huh.gif
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