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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Yaaay! Almost 600 pages! And I'm almost all done moving into my "new" computer! Just have to finish transferring all those music files... blink.gif But yeah, No_One, I, too, blame my large amount of files on FMA! Haha! Oh, well! rolleyes.gif Good luck to you, too, on the SATs and all the other crap we have to put up with! See you guys on the 600th page! *waves*
Oh, yes, almost 600th page!!! biggrin.gif

@Fushigi Rockna - Love the idea of your fanfic!! Please hurry and write it!! biggrin.gif

@Princess Blade - Yeah, I have the feeling that Ed-Win may show up more, as well as more Royai, as the manga progresses with it's story. And, that would be just fine with me!! biggrin.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - See you on the 600th page!!

Less than a month till chapter 65!! Tho, I need to get the scanlations for chapter 64 first.. biggrin.gif
@ Fushigi Rockna: You sound so much like Arakawa Sensei. Yes, Lawrence is a good name and Miranda Mustang sounds sweet~

When will the scanlations be outt? Can anyone PM me the link? sad.gif Onegaishimas!

Ok, I guess I can't keep you guys waiting.. or someone will eat me. So, here it is Happy Early Halloween everyone!! I may have made the drawing a little to obscene.. but I wanted Riza to look powerless and sexy for Halloween. It's something for a change and it's refreshing. C:
OT, share some love for Noah!

A few more posts to 600th page~
Oh!! MeLRizA, thank you for the Halloween Royai drawing!!
Wow, Roy as vampire!! Brilliant!!
And, love your Noah!! Beautiful drawing!! biggrin.gif
Of course we can PM, and/or email you the link. happy.gif
riza hawkeye 9
hello everyone !!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif ..........almost 600 pages wow \o/!!!

Paca hi !!! mother's day is nice , in my country we have it too , but it's in may ^^!!!!

Fushigi Rockna hello !!!! nice to meet you !!! oh ..please write your fic !!! i love your ideias about the names and their meanings , and miranda mustang fits very well for a royai baby biggrin.gif

MeLRizA : OMG !!! your royai halloween drawing is so awesome !!! i love it .. congratulations !!! i wish i could draw like you laugh.gif !!!! and noah's draw is very good too , you really make her seems real !!!!! congrats again ^^

so ... i've never tried it before but the ideia came to me and i wrote a fic ^^ , its royai of course tongue.gif , i don't know if its good but i think i could take a chance if you guys are interested here the link

okay so .. see you guys in the 600th page celebration smile.gif !!!

wow ... less than a month to 65 ^^...*needs desperatelly a royai *
O_O Omg, I haven't been here in forever. I just got back from my honeymoon. And it seems I've missed a lot.

Welcome all new people.

Thank you topaca for wishing me a happy mother's day.

O.O I wonder what happened to translations...I hope they're out soon. Yeah, H.A wouldn't kill anyone else besides the evil people.
@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - welcome back!! happy.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - I love your Royai fanfic!! biggrin.gif

7 more posts to 600th page!!

OT: Anyone been to new ZOMGFT lately??
It looks very diffrent, tho it's the same link, so I'm not sure.... unsure.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Fushigi Rockna - sorry, haven't had much of a chance to talk to you, yet! ^^ That sounds like a cool story! I'd love to read it! I have a Royai story I'm working on, too - well, technically it's a crossover fic, but I'm focusing mainly on the FMA people... ^^ In order to carry through all of my "evil deeds" (ie get the story to end how I wanted it to) I had to pitch a few people in the Harry Potter world... Haha! I'm so selfish! But yes, is a great place to find out character names! I was on there for over 45 minutes the other day looking up names for characters for an original story I'm doing - I hope to eventually turn it into a film, but we'll see. wink.gif If you need a Beta, I'm available! I'm "working" for someone else, too, but she's been so busy she hasn't written anything! laugh.gif I'm kinda bored... So yeah, if you're interested, let me know! I know we all can't wait to see if you write the fic or not! smile.gif

@ sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - oh, it hasn't been that long! Glad you had a good time! Welcome back! ^^

@ MeLRizA - Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~te!!! laugh.gif It's so adorable! I luvs it! wub.gif
Wow, lots of new people o.o

Like I said earlier, don't count on any Riza for a while. I think we'll see Roy again too, what with Grumman and all.
@Mel-chan: ...o_0 wow. I want your skillz. (i know i've said it before, but really, i mean it.)

So close guys, we're almost there! 600, here we come~!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Yaaay! laugh.gif 600, 600, 600 pages! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!! I think I'll write a special "Adventures" chapter just to celebrate! ^^
QUOTE(The New Fullmetal Alchemist @ Oct 17 2006, 11:20 PM) [snapback]461459[/snapback]
Yaaay! laugh.gif 600, 600, 600 pages! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!! I think I'll write a special "Adventures" chapter just to celebrate! ^^
Yes yes, The New Fullmetal Alchemist, please do!!! happy.gif
the hawkeyed alchemist
all i can say is WOOOZA! roy mustang as a vampire wub.gif .both pictures are great your verry talented
Hello! smile.gif

I thought that the Roy and Riza Halloween image was great too. It is also neat that this thread has so many replies. I hope that Roya and Riza somehow will end up together in the manga and if by some miracle in another anime movie or series. Anyway hi again.
Yay 600 pages!!!!!! We did it!!!!
To kick off the celibration here are the cookies I promised! You get the choose between:
Roy/Riza (full body)
Roy/Riza (head)
Or if for some reason you just can't bring your self to eat them there's
Ed/Al/Arm. (heads)
Armstrong/decapitated soldier sorry there is only one decapitated soldier, it was a freak frosting accident.
All of them again! Don't let the pictures fool you there are much more they're just not in frame.

@Mel-chan I love your Royai Halloween and you Noa!
@riza hawkeye 9 Your fic is just so cute! It was just what I needed! =D
Hello! smile.gif

I really like your cookies. Very cute designs.

Wow! 600 pages for Roy and Riza!
Happy 600th page!!! biggrin.gif

@No_One - It's sooo appropreate that you got the first post on the 600th page with those awsome Royai 600th page cookies!!
They look really awsome!! laugh.gif
I especially like the Roy and Riza head ones!! They actually look like them!!
And, Armstrong one is funny, too!! Really great!!
Thanks for all those cookies!! Big Royai hugs!! happy.gif

@the hawkeyed alchemist and WinryRiza - WELCOME to the board!!
And, welcome to one of the nicest threads on the board!! biggrin.gif
Hope you're going to love this thread as much as we do!!
Have great Royai fun with us!! happy.gif

Also... since it's Oct. 18th morning here...
Happy Birthday, Keoni!!
Hope you have an awsome birthday!!!
Yay 600 pages!!
Yay! Cookies! laugh.gif Tombow is right. The Roy Riza one looks cute!Sorry to hear about the decapitated soldier incident! laugh.gif Well, they're still nice so, the heck with the decapitated soldier! happy.gif
ph34r.gif Ok now I have to go. I sneaked~ happy.gif

*stops running* Oh it's Keoni's birthday? Right.
Happy birthday Keoni!!
Yeah! Happy 600th page!! CONGRATULATION TO ALL OF YOU!!

@WinryRiza and the hawkeyed alchemist: Hello!!Welcome to Royai thread!! Enjoy your stay!!

@No One: The cookies are so cute!! I love it and wanna eat those cookies!!

@Mel: I really love your Royai drawing!! So amazing!!

@Fushigi Rockna: I love your ideas!! I really can't wait for your fic!

@riza hawkeye 9: Your fic is so great!! Gotta love it!!

Princess Blade and SRH: Welcome back!!
QUOTE(Princess Blade @ Oct 16 2006, 04:43 PM) [snapback]460840[/snapback]
Arakawa-sensei obviously wouldn't follow the path of the anime/movie, even though she did approve the story that BONES and company did--at least, that's what I read somewhere. It seems like she's incorporated more Royai than EdWin in the manga (but I'm not sure), so I think we'll get something good. wink.gif
I totally agree!!

QUOTE(Princess Blade @ Oct 16 2006, 04:43 PM) [snapback]460840[/snapback]
Arakawa-sensei obviously wouldn't follow the path of the anime/movie, even though she did approve the story that BONES and company did--at least, that's what I read somewhere. It seems like she's incorporated more Royai than EdWin in the manga (but I'm not sure), so I think we'll get something good. wink.gif
That means Riza and Roy will have a good ending!! Yaaaayyy!!! laugh.gif I'll put a picture of Arakawa Sensei in my new sig.. Heck yes..

Thanks soooo much for the comments everyone! You guys made my day and have inspired me to produce better artworks each time, really you do. I'm so happy to have joined you all because you all make me improve. When I see my older artworks I would say, "I drew this sucky thing?" My drawings look better now although they are still not up to standard yet. I will definitely work hard and hopefully I can classify myself as (online) illustrator.. Hehe..

@ SRH: WELCOME BACK!! You must be tired from your honeymoon.. You seem to have so much fun!

@ No_One: Those cookies are sooo adorable! I wouldn't wanna eat them, I would soak them in resin and preserve them.. Srsly.. tongue.gif

@ WinryRiza & The Hawkeyed Alchemist: Hey! Haven't seen you both here, welcome to the Royai Thread and thanks for commenting on my artwork!! *bounces*

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY Keoni!! *brings a thick fudge cake*
600 pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
Let's get 100 more!!!

@ MeL : I have already tell you what I think about youor drawing ^^. Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Welcome~~~!!! Welcome WinryRiza & The Hawkeyed Alchemist!!! Hoping to see your posts here ^^!

@No_One: I like the Roy and Riza heads!!! ^^ Kawaii~~~~!

@SHR: Your welcome ! ^^ You have welcome back for the 600 pages!!!

I will change my avi.... rolleyes.gif

Quick post before school.

*hugs* Thanks everyone I'm so glad that you like my cookies! biggrin.gif And it seems that your favorites are also my favorites: Roy/Riza heads and Armstrong (I also like Al cookie.) It's a shame that I can't really give them to you...

Happy Birthday Keoni!! Have a good one with tons of presents and really good cake.

@WinryRiza & The Hawkeyed Alchemist: The only reason I didn't welcome you before is I thought you had already been here before...maybe I was wrong? Anyways Welcome! (Or is it Welcome Back!?)

Ah! The time I got to go! See ya'all Friday. *hugs*
ok...maybe i am a little late...
but...Tanjoubi Omedetto Keoni-san

Yay..i wanna be part of the 600th page!!
but...with my exams 2 weeks later...
i guess i have no choice dry.gif but disappear for a month or so...
so...together with Keoni-san's bday... cool.gif
and my upcomming disappearence... ph34r.gif
here are some pics...
@ everyone: Thanks alot for your encouragement and kind words! ^^ Now I actually have some motivation to write the damn thing. tongue.gif

@ MeLRizA: That picture is the absolute smex. 8O

@ The New Fullmetal alchemist: Thanks, but I already have a beta....two in fact. ^^


@ animefreak: teehee...I giggle because that one pic is done by Haruka Sena, who happens to be a yaoi/shounen ai artist (I've never seen anything of her's be 'hardcore') well praised (by me tongue.gif) for her Mustang x Havoc art :3333

And happy birthday to whoever's birthday it is and happy 600th page XD
the hawkeyed alchemist
thanks for your warm welcome
riza hawkeye 9
hello !!!!!

happy 600th page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we did it !!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif

first : everyone thanks for reading my fic , i'm really glad that you liked !!!! it motivates me to write more ^^!!!!

the hawkeyed alchemist and WinryRiza hello !!! welcome to the best thread about the best couple ever !!! i hope you enjoy your stay !!!! we are all obesess dedicated to royai ih here tongue.gif

No_One wow!!!!! \o/ i just loved your cookies !!!! roy, riza , arm, ed and al heads are so great !!! they really look like them !!! congratulations ^^

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEONI !!!!!!!!! \O/ \O/ \O/ !!!!!!

QUOTE(paca @ Oct 18 2006, 10:18 AM) [snapback]461771[/snapback]
600 pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
Let's get 100 more!!!
@Paca -Yay, let's work on it!! laugh.gif

@animefreak_zzz - Oh nooo, you have to disappear for a month??
Yeah, I understand, because study comes first, but I'll miss you while you're gone!! sad.gif
Please study well, and come back soon!!
And, thanks for the awsome pics!!
The Roy pic on the right.. it reads:
"Are you cold?? Come closer."
Awww. biggrin.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - Yes, please write more!! biggrin.gif

@Fushigi Rockna - I can't wait to read that fic!! biggrin.gif

@No_One - Thanks again for the awsome 600th post cookies!!
Study well, and see you on Friday!! biggrin.gif

@MeLRizA - You know, I'm really glad you're with us, too!! happy.gif
Please keep up and you'll be an awsome online illustrater, I bet!! biggrin.gif

@Untitled and RizaXRoy - Glad you could stop by for the 600th page!! *hugs*!!

@the hawkeyed alchemist - Please stay with us, 'kay?? biggrin.gif

Yap, my 600th page wish is... Happy ending for Roy and Riza!!! happy.gif
@Tombow: Me too!! I want that! Royai goodness for page 600

@No_One: *mouth full* What cookies? What are you talking about? I never took any cookies....

@animefreak_zzz: wow!! Thankies so much!

@the hawkeyed alchemist and WinryRiza:Welcome to the-most-awesome-SIX-HUNDRED-pages-long-thread-of-all-time-because-it-is-based-
-and-amazing. Sit back , enjoy your stay here, and have fun with the royai!

@Keoni: *gasp* it's your birthday? SQUEE!! *tackleglompattack* Look! Look ! Look what i made for you!!!
IPB Image

Happy six hundred everyone!
Princess Blade
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Congratulations on reaching 18. smile.gif That was my best year (so far). ^^ I hope it is for you too.

Roy looks GORGEOUS in the 2nd pic. XD *Fangirl squee*

Thank you! I've been so busy with school and work that all I do is get up, go to school, go to work, come home, (maybe do homework), eat, and sleep. ^^ I still love my Royai even though I've moved on to Ouran High School Host Club. tongue.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Yaaaay! 600 pages!!!!!!! Wheeeee!!!!!!!! laugh.gif Damn, and here I thought I'd have a chance to write out a story first! I know, I'll do one on the fly, how's that? Improv fan-writing! Haha! Ok, I need for the next three posters to each give me a word - any kind, doesn't matter what! ^^ Could be a place, an object, an action - anything! Heehee! This'll be fun!!!

Oooh, looky, looky! I'm struttin' off my brand-spankin-new siggy and avvy made for me by the illustrious Nil-chan!!! Yaaay! Isn't it SWEET?! *squeee!* I'm so excited! laugh.gif

speaking of fashion... allow me to deviate from the present topic for a moment (you are all now free to ignore me...) Jefferey won Project Runway, WTF?!?!?!?!!!! He's such an @$$ - HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAH!!!

Ok... I'm good... Thanks again, Nil-chan! ^^ Btw, what font is that? *is curious b/c it looks really cool...*

Remember, next three posters - three words for a special 600 page story! edit: Whew, it's late! I'm going to bed! Be sure to look for it tomorrow sometime, provided I get my three words! ^^

BTW, happy b-day, Keoni! *hugs*
Great cookies, No_One! ^^

EDIT: Awww, man, I'm on page 601!! sad.gif That's not cool...
@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Oh my, those are awsome avatar and sig!! Ok, it's beyond awsome!!
Of course by Nil-chan!!! biggrin.gif

Speaking of...
@Nil-chan - That birthday pic for Keoni was beautiful!! It was sooo fitting for Keoni!! biggrin.gif

Oh wait, The New Fullmetal Alchemist, you want a word each from me, and the next two posters, then you're going to write a 600th page Royai fanfic based on these three words, right?? Sounds great!!
Ok, my word is: "rain"

BTW, we had another milestone.. The New Fullmetal Alchemist's last post was, 9,000th reply on this thread!! biggrin.gif

Yay, to the past 9,000 Royai posts on this thread!!! happy.gif
animefreak_zzz thanks for those two great pics! happy.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Atleast you tried to post on the 600th page happy.gif My word will be 'sleep'. I need some laugh.gif
Let's aim for 10,000 posts first before 700 pages XD

Now time to sleep on the computer! See you guys later or tomorrow again!
@Tombow: AWw, thanks. happy.gif

@NFA: I'm really glad you like it! Thanks! As for a word... how about... agony? fun word.

Meh... I'm really worried that Riza's gonna die now cause of what has been said in the "Will Hawkeye die?" Thread. I need reassurance.
@animefreak_zzz: Thanks for the pics!! Roy is so cool!!

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist: Oh..good!.Can't wait for your story!!!

QUOTE(Untitled @ Oct 19 2006, 02:44 AM) [snapback]462153[/snapback]
Let's aim for 10,000 posts first before 700 pages XD
Yay..let's make it!!! XD

@Nil-chan: Yeah, your birthday pic for Keoni is really beautiful!! Regarding to Riza's die, actually I worried about that too.But don't worry, I believe Arakawa sensei won't do such tragedy to Royai fans!!...XD

@Princess Blade: Glad that you still took your time to post here!! *hugs!*

@Tombow:Since your 600th page wish is Happy Ending for Roy and Riza, so my 600th page wish is every upcoming chapter has Royai scenes!!! biggrin.gif If our dreams come true, it would be so great and thanks God!!!!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Am I really, Tombow? Well, damn! Don't I feel special! Hahaa! Ok guys, here we go - I got "rain" from Tombow, "sleep" from Untitled, and "agony" from Nil-chan... Keep in mind that everything from here on out was done all at once - no breaks, no nothing! Nothing saved and nothing typed up in a seperate document... It's... 1:15 pm right now (wheee! I had only half a day of school! Haha!), and I'll put down the time when I finish...

This story will be in typical "Roy and Riza's Cracked-Out Adventures" fashion - Roy and Riza just trying to live out a normal, slightly romantic life in the Amestris army, and a perpetually tiny and cracked-out blonde alchemist to continually make it impossible for them! Haha! (kids, don't do drugs! They's bad!)

Roy and Riza's Cracked-Out Adventures #13 - 600 Page Special!

Words: Rain, Sleep, Agony

Roy stared out his office window and sighed as he watched the early morning rain pelt the window, trickles of water melting down the glass. He hated the rain... hated it, hated it, hated it... He sighed. He would never be able to get any work done now... rain always made him feel drowsy... and...

"USELESS!!" Edward Elric screamed as he ran down the hall and past Roy's open office door.

Roy stood up with a jerk, hands slamming down on his desk. "EDWARD! GET BACK HERE!" he yelled after his subordinate. But he knew it was no use... whenever Ed was hopped up on illegal substances he didn't listen to anyone...

"Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.... BANG!! *clatter~clatter...*"

Roy perked up in surprise. "What the..."

Ed came bolting around the doorway, covered in dust and garbage. He saluted briskly. "YOU CALLED, COLONEL SHIT-HEAD?!" he screamed, eyes dialated and a huge, cracked-out smile on his face.

Roy looked on in surprise - Ed had actually come when he called?! Then he realized what Ed had called him, and seethed, about to errupt at Edward's behavior and belittling comments when he suddenly closed his eyes and slouched down into his seat. He felt oddly tired all of a sudden... why was that...? 'Oh, yeah,' he thought with a groan, 'I haven't slept in three days...'

Edward, his attention span having reached its maximum, threw his arms up in the air, and yelled, "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! PICKLED DAISIES!!!!!!!! WAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" And away he went, running down the hallway screaming, tripping back over the trash can Havoc had just righted.

Havoc's curses carried down the hall, floating into Roy's office. Yet the expletives fell on deaf ears - Roy was out like a light. Three days straight of paperwork and no sleep had left him exhausted, and it would take a train crashing through his window to wake him up. And, since that was unlikely, his office being on the third floor, he slept on.


Lieutenant Hawkeye walked into the room, papers stacked high in her arms, covering her face.

"Colonel?" came her muffled voice, "I have some more papers for you - after this you can go home and..." her voice trailed off as she poked her head around and peered at her commanding officer, sound asleep at his desk, his arms cushioning his head. Riza gently set the papers down and quietly walked up to his sleeping figure. There was total silence save the rain drumming out its staccato rythym on the window. She stood over him and gently, slowly, reached out a hand to touch his soft, warm cheek - but stopped. Feelings gnawed away inside her - feelings of love, guilt, and agony - she wanted so badly to touch his skin, to stroke his raven-black hair... but her duties to the state stopped her - she couldn't do it - wasn't allowed to - and yet... she wanted to so badly...

"So, you wanna get it on with Mustang?" a voice whispered from behind her.

Riza nearly jumped out of her skin. She whirled around, pistol out and safety off.

Edward, dressed in a tan trench coat, sunglasses, and a brown fedora hat. She stared at him with a mixture of indignation, agreement, and good ol' fashioned shock. She had no idea what to make of him... Her mind raced furiously, trying its best to cope with this rather strange and awkward situation. Roy continued to sleep soundly.

After a moment she dumbly nodded - then paused - and shook her head vigorously. "No! No - Yes - No - I mean no! NO!!"

"Suit yourself, then," Edward said with a grin as he turned to leave.

Riza gnawed at her bottom lip - how could she pass this up?! "WAIT!" she called out, reaching a hand towards her cloaked saviour.

Edward turned. "Yes?" he asked, traces of a smile in his voice.

"I... I..." she tried to say it, but it wouldn't come out... She composed herself, firmly resolving herself to this course of action. "How much do you charge?" she asked cooly.

Ed's face broke out into the biggest, most cracked-out grin yet.


Roy slowly opened his eyes, yawning. He slowly sat up in his office chair, stretching as he looked out the still-rain-streaked window. He sighed... It was still raining... He looked up at the clock - 7:30 pm. It had been raining the whole day... "Oh, NO!!" he gasped as he jumped up from his chair and bolted towards the door. He jerked it open and ran down the hall. As he sprinted towards the break room he ran into his gun-wielding first Lieutenant.

"Riza!" he shouted as he took a step back. "I'm sorry! Please forgive me!"

Hawkeye gave him a puzzled look. "What do you mean, Colonel?"

"I fell asleep," he said nervously, "and I..." he was about to say "didn't finish my paperwork" when a flood of memories and emotions coursed through his body. His face softened.

Riza peered at him, worried. "Colonel? What happened?"

"And I... had the most wonderful dream..." he said, voice misty. He gazed at her with calm eyes - her, the object of his most beautiful dream...

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant, I'll go finish my paperwork now..." he said, face calm and handsome and his voice deep and sorrowful - he walked back to his office and sat down once again at his desk behind the rain-streaked window. It filled him with a crushing agony that everything that he had envisioned wasn't real, but only been a dream while he was asleep...

Riza Hawkeye continued to slowly walk down the hallway, face flushed and beautiful and just a little sad. It filled her with happiness and joy that everything that had happened was real, and not just some beautiful dream. Yet it did fill her with a furious agony that she had spent all of her money on what turned out to be Niquil...


Edward Elric laughed as he ran through the rain-soaked streets of Central, overjoyed that he now had money he could spend at Central's black market. Yet he couldn't help but feel a little bit of agony in that such a clever scheme could never work again... But then he let out a loud, cracked-out laugh - he'd still be able to make some more money out of this - next time he'd ask Roy! "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! 600 PAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ed screamed as he ran off into the rain...

........... End ...............

Yaaay! Haha! So, how did you like it? I know it seems really... "out there...." but that's kind of how these stories evolved... besides, it's all for the laugh - nothing more! happy.gif

Happy 600 pages, everyone! Looky, I even used size 6 font! Haha!

EDIT: I finished this around 1:55 or so... smile.gif
Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! biggrin.gif You guys are the best people in the whole world! *grouphugs all*

@ Nil-chan: *is speechless* That is so gorgeous! And it's Chii!! biggrin.gif *squeee* Thanks you sooo much! *tackleglomps* I heart you muchly! *keeps staring at picture*
Nah, Riza isn't going to die. That's just to build up tention. Roy is going to save her and then they confess their undying love happy.gif

@ Princess Blade: Actually 18 was one of my best years too biggrin.gif ( *whispers* I turned 23 wink.gif )

@ The New Fullmetal Alchemist: I like your story laugh.gif It's funny! good job! happy.gif

Happy belated 600 pages everyone! Let's do at least 600 more!
@Keoni: Aww, thanks! I'm very glad you like it. It took me FOREVER to cut out her hair, (and if you were any other person I wouldn't have done it, but for you it's worth it. happy.gif) I'm so glad you like! *hugs*

@NFA: What was Ed on? o_0 lol, good job.
@ Nil-chan: you go on making wonderful graphics!! laugh.gif

@ The New Fullmetal Alchemist: It's a funny story!! tongue.gif

The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Haha! Ed's on crack, what else? rolleyes.gif

If you want I can do some sort of romance fic, but I figured this way I could load it up to my "Adventures" series on - maybe bring in some new people to the forum! ^^
@TNFA: Your story is so funny! Well done! biggrin.gif
Yay, the board is back on!!!

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - That's a funny story, and nicely done!!
I like it!! Thank you for writing it for our 600th page!! Hugs!! happy.gif
@ The NFA: That's funny!! Great job!! Ed must be high on milk.. mellow.gif

I've tried writing fics twice. but they aren't as good.. >.<
Umm.. they're here, just browse around the thread and you will find 2 fics. tongue.gif

@ Nil-chan: The Queen of Photoshop is on her groove again. That Chii birthday card is sooo purdy! I wish it was mine.. :B

Wanted to tell you guys about this but the forums was down so.. Yeah.. sad.gif I'll be back in about a month! Ahhh.. I don't want my trip to Hong Kong to pass by so soon but I want my exam weeks to pass faster so that I can get back here and disturb everyone again!! I'll bring some pictures and more doodles..
Mel-chan!! Nooo~~!!!!! *Tackleglomp* Don't leave me!! I'd miss you and your eye-tortures and your pokings to much! *cries* Hurry up and do well on your studying so you can bother us again, ok? (and when it's your birthday, I'll make you a prettyness, too.

@Tombow: I'm happy too! I was worried that it was onyl my computer acting up again, but i guess it's ok.

So: I FINALLY got to read the new chapter. And there was no roy/riza/royai. That was depressing. Now i gotta wait another month. *sigh* oh well. We can pray for some for next month. *crosses fingers*
O_O We're still here? We won't reach 700 if it's this slow! laugh.gif Let's post up some stuff!

The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Haha! Ed's such a crackpot! happy.gif Thanks for that! Yay! Bring people to this forum! happy.gif

That was such an awsome graphic happy.gif

Okay, nothing more to say. happy.gif Bye!
This site was down **iak!* I couldn't enter yestyerday =_=.....HEllo~~!!

@MeL: Have fun in HK!!! We will miss you!!!

@Nil-chan: Your graphics are always great!! ^^ wonderful!!!

Want to see a drawing...I have no scanner so it's photo and i hate it but, anyways : Would you like to see it???
Yay! 98 pages to go! laugh.gif Hahaha!!
Yesh paca!! I'm sure that most would want to see it!!
@Paca - Post it, post it!! Pueez!! biggrin.gif

@MeLRizA - Awww... I'm gonna miss you!! But, I understand.. Hava nice trip to HK!! happy.gif

@Nil-chan - Yap, I was worried if it was only me, too!! And, speaking of my computer... mine is dead!! I mean this time, not even crippled... it's dead.. it doesn't even start!! Actually, it happened last week, on Friday the 13th. But, I have been in "denial", and it's been sitting there, and I have poked it several times, like, if I ignored it for a while, and try to start it, then it might start up again, or something.. XDD but it's not happening, so I guess I admit that yes, it's dead!!
I've been using my "loaner" computer, and since I can use this one most of the time because it's old and slow and the owner does not want to use this one much, so for now I can still get on line, and do some other stuff, but all my notes and other "important" stuff, like my fav Royai pics and such, are on that computer, and as of now I have no access to those stuff.. It's a bummer, and the major inconvenience, to say the least...
But, hey, at least the board is back, and that made me feel little better. biggrin.gif
(Thought Nil-chan might know how I'm feeling right now.. tongue.gif )
Oh nos the forum was down yesterday, I couldn't get on. Glad to hear it wasn't just me.

@Nil-chan Prettiness! You always do such pretty graphics.

@Mel-chan Have fun on your trip!!

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist Wow...that was special. laugh.gif Thanks for that.

@Paca Please post it, I'd like to see.

Yay ZOMGFTA is back!

Ack, I could die, I just swear I could... I went to the doctor today, because I felt something was a little askew...and guess what the big old goody good wonderful news is?

I'm having twins. Ken had to sit down HARD on the couch when I told him.

But anyways, I can't wait for the translations...whenever they get done... I read the fic on page 601, and I can't remember who wrote it, but it was wonderful. And all the pictures are awesome guys.

Come back soon Mel! You'll be missed. And Paca POST IT.
Princess Blade
Wow, that's really exciting! Congrats. smile.gif

I'd love to see the drawing, too!

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