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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Galorfilinde Welcome back from your trip. I hope that you had a great time in Paris.

Sharpshooter_Riza_Hawkeye: Your making a music video for Hughes? You rock! I cannot wait to see the finished product.

The New Fullmetal Alchemist: I'm glad that you enjoyed the movie. I don't think that movie will ever come to where I live. I have only seen it in Japanese, so needless to say there was a bunch of stuff that I missed. I'm studying abroad in the US in a couple of weeks, so hopefully I'll get to buy the DVD there.
Galorfilinde: Wow, welcome back from your trip,I wish I could go to Paris for a tour!Thank you for liking my art! biggrin.gif

QUOTE(paca @ Aug 27 2006, 02:49 PM) [snapback]438071[/snapback]

In my country anime movies aren't in theatres

Me too! sad..The New Fullmetal Alchemist, It's so great that you can watch it at theater!

It seems everyone would make a royai AMV,should I make a royai from window movie maker..? *ask myself*

Roy Mustard
I've got the movie, but I have no idea how to put it on...actually I do but it's going to take a bloody long time. You get the movies in Singapore or China-they sell a lot of illegable DVDs, but I buy and watch them anyway. > >. The quality is good and I don't think you'll get arrested that easily. I watched all the FMA eps from buying the DVD XD.


Nil-Chan- Thanks for the link, although I cannot read it yet
MelRiza- You can get the manga faster if you try going to airports, I thought I had to wait a month and then I went to the airport, I saw book 14 and bought it.

QUOTE(RizaXRoy @ Aug 28 2006, 12:07 AM) [snapback]438212[/snapback]
It seems everyone would make a royai AMV,should I make a royai from window movie maker..? *ask myself*
@RizaXRoy - Do it, do it!! biggrin.gif Or, another Royai fanart, or BOTH!! biggrin.gif

@Galorfilinde - Welcome home!! Nice to see your posts again!! How did you like Paris?? happy.gif

@Edamame - You are coming to U.S. in Septembers!!?? Just in time for the movie DVD!! biggrin.gif
And, I would love to read your fanfic!! I think you will do great jobs!!

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - OMG, lucky you!! And, I agree about them doing poor job on publisizing the FMA movie premier in the U.S.!!

@Roy Mustard - Nice new sig!! Sketch of Roy by Arakawa-sensei??

@MeLRizA - You got Pentab!! That means... more lovely artworks are on the way??? Awsome!!
QUOTE(MeLRizA @ Aug 26 2006, 08:20 AM) [snapback]437550[/snapback]
@ Tombow: I feel so guilty, you've been doing all translations that we throw on you and it seems that you're being kinda.. umm.. troubled with. ^^; Anyway, good luck!!
Thanks!! My friend took my computer to his this weekend, so that possibly he can fix few more stuff for me. I still have trouble accessing many sites with my computer, and sometimes having trouble loading up pages on some forums here, and also I'm having trouble getting java script to work on my computer, so on and on.. At least I can come to this site and post on this thread now, but I'm hoping he can fix few more stuff for me.

@princess blade - Thaks for the hawt Roy pic!! And, thanks, Untitled for making it into attachment so that I can see it!!

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Nice job with your first AMV!!

@paca & princess blade - Yeah, I like that Riza's smile, too. BUT, it's makes me sad that Roy didn't smile back the same way. sad.gif
BTW, paca - Nice new avatar!! Yeah, I miss Jelly_Belly, too!! Maybe she's still having computer problem with this board??? Hope she's doing all right!!
@ The NFA: I wish I've tailed you.. so I could see Roy on BIG screen.. wub.gif I'll squeal to no end if I was there..

QUOTE(sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye @ Aug 28 2006, 06:22 AM) [snapback]438087[/snapback]
And I'll be seeing Roy and Riza on my TV screen September 26, 2006. Which is the day I shall get the movie, cause I'm saving up money. Royai rocks man.
Hmm... I only get to watch FMA anime series in chinese (and the dub voices suck! Al sounds more mature than Ed!) and I've got the VCD last year. That's why I seldom watch TV..

QUOTE(RizaXRoy @ Aug 28 2006, 01:07 PM) [snapback]438212[/snapback]
QUOTE(paca @ Aug 27 2006, 02:49 PM) [snapback]438071[/snapback]

In my country anime movies aren't in theatres

Me too! sad..
That is also why I seldom watch movie, but I'm waiting for DOA the movie. I heard it will be released in late Oct, so I'll be able to watch it after my HK trip! XD *off-topic*

WELCOME HOME Galorfilinde!! *glopmx* Hope you've enjoyed your trip to Paris! Thanks for loving my artwork too \(^o^)/ I've never been to Paris but I think Paris is a great place for shopping and sightseeing monuments.. X3

@ Roy Mustard: Your userID still makes me giggle.. I've toured around Changi Airport several times and found no shops selling comics.. sad.gif

@ Tombow: Yeah man! I've got a PebTab and I'm gonna make more Royai eye-torture!! *shakes fists* Awww... I hope that your computer will be fixed soon. Glad to hear that you're still able to make posts here!! biggrin.gif

I'm still trying to do finish my homeworks. Once I'm done, I'll rape my PenTab immediately.. Mmm.. Long post today.
Tombow:I hope your computer will be fixed so that you can enter this site easily and post! hmm...I MIGHT do it both! This computer doesn't have the Window movie maker, but I can't use the computer that have window movie maker since my 'sister in law 'always 'use' that computer. So I have to wait until she's gone, but my study is started at that time......then might not have time to do it!!!.so sad..XD sorry, off topic!

QUOTE(Tombow @ Aug 27 2006, 11:07 PM) [snapback]438231[/snapback]

@paca & princess blade - Yeah, I like that Riza's smile, too. BUT, it's makes me sad that Roy didn't smile back the same way. sad.gif

I noticed it ! Roy is bad because of didn't smile back! mad.gif ..hehe..just kidding.. tongue.gif ..Roy is the best!
^^ Thanks, RizaXRoy and MeLRizA!! I'm waiting for him to bring it back soon, along with my translation notes, and fav Royai pics, and Vic's "Rain" song, and all other "important" Royai stuff on it!! Without them, I feel something is amiss in my life!! tongue.gif

OT:Today I couldn't access this board for a while again. huh.gif
I've gone mad and chibified my drawing.. Unfortunately, it's definitely not Royai!! dry.gif So, I gave it.. >.< Sorry!!!! Dont worry! I'll do it again!
Chibi Riza's very very easy for me laugh.gif
@Galorfilinde!! Was Paris nice?? I wanted to go there!
thanks Tombow, (I drew it myself ^^, but i don't have a scaner , so it's a photo). Why don't you join the other forum????
Yesterday , I couldn't enter to this site *grrrrr*......
Roy Jr.
^ you had that problem too?

I even went to other houses to try accessing this site but it was in vain. sad.gif
But anyway, I'm in now! laugh.gif

@Untitled- I don't know about how he thought it was. It's really nice but I don't like central paris very much.
I like the outskirts more.
Roy Jr.: did you go to other houses??XD...don't worry this site always has this kind of problems......

RizaXRoy: I think taht he was very sad....and worried in something else... =___=
Darn it! Burn stupid unable to draw hands!! Roar..
Well, Roy WAS being emo in the movie... Think it was because... Because..... Gasp! My brain is not functioning! Well, I think it was because he thinks so many people died because of him blah blah blah... Then when that specific incident thingy came when those wierd robotic things came, he saw a chance of Edo still being alive? Gah! Darn malfunctioning brain!! It was working in school... huh.gif Wonder what happened...
QUOTE(Untitled @ Aug 29 2006, 05:55 AM) [snapback]438444[/snapback]
Darn it! Burn stupid unable to draw hands!! Roar..
Well, Roy WAS being emo in the movie... Think it was because... Because..... Gasp! My brain is not functioning! Well, I think it was because he thinks so many people died because of him blah blah blah... Then when that specific incident thingy came when those wierd robotic things came, he saw a chance of Edo still being alive? Gah! Darn malfunctioning brain!! It was working in school... huh.gif Wonder what happened...
@Untitled - Actually, I think you explained it very nicely!!
Yeah, that explains why Roy was so excited to see Ed!! Yeah, that's it!! biggrin.gif
(And, please don't burn your hand... I bet you'll be sorry later if you did... XDDD)

OT: @paca - I'd love to, but my computer is having trouble accessing there.
(That's part of the reason my friend is checking out my computer. sleep.gif )
Oh!! Poor tombow's computer!!!

<-----New avi!!^^

^^ Thanks!! Yeah, really. sad.gif
QUOTE(paca @ Aug 29 2006, 06:46 AM) [snapback]438460[/snapback]
<-----New avi!!^^
Ummm.... nice.. blank.. space..?? unsure.gif

(Looks like the uploading did not go through. Maybe try uploading the pic to the board again?? unsure.gif )
... I did? Oh well, anyways, I cant burn my hand coz if I do, I cant use the computer, and if I dont I'll be very sad..

Edit: paca has such a nice avi...

Ooh! TV! (easily distracted)
Untitled: don't burn your hands!!!!! O_O

I can't upload that other avi ....... the site is working bad
^^ Ok... Well, I like your "original Riza drawing" avi, too. I think it's very lovely. happy.gif
Roy Jr.

"Such an exquisite work of art that concentrates on the lighter tones of color which bring out feelings of sentimentality to anyone who look at it. Yet also borders on the comical due to the use of funny faced characters."

........ blink.gif

Ahhahah.... Whatever. I think it's just great paca!
Hey do you guys have any good Royai pics for me to TRY to copy?
More TV! (much more distracted)
thanks Roy Jr.!! ^^ //I don't like too much -it only a quick sketch-//

Untitled: go here ^^

I was bored so i searched some things ^^:

IPB Image
Gender: Feminine
Usage: English, German, Swedish
Pronounced: LEE-sa [key]
Short form of ELIZABETH or ELISABETH. The name Lisa appears in the name of one of the most famous paintings in the world, the Mona Lisa, the portrait of the wife of Francesco del Giocondo by Leonardo da Vinci.

Gender: Feminine
Usage: English, Biblical
Pronounced: ee-LIZ-a-beth [key]
From Ελισαβετ (Elisabet), the Greek form of the Hebrew name אֱלִישֶׁבַע ('Elisheva') meaning "my God is an oath" or perhaps "my God is abundance". In the New Testament this is the name of the mother of John the Baptist. It was also borne by the 12th-century Saint Elizabeth, a daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary who became a Franciscan nun and lived in poverty. It was also the name of a ruling queen of England and an empress of Russia. Famous modern bearers include the British queen Elizabeth II and actress Elizabeth Taylor.

the laughing one

I have found the name RiZA, and it says this:
Gender: Female
Root: REZA*
Origin: Hungarian
Meaning: Harvest

REza: Root: THERESA||Origin: Hungarian ||Meaning: Harvest
THERESA ||Origin: Greek ||Meaning: One Who Harvests

The word Hawkeye may be applied in a number of ways:

James Fenimore Cooper invented the character of Hawkeye, first of the 'long rifles' (longues carabines), and his faithful Mohican blood brother Chingachgook, in The Pioneers, published in 1823. The most famous of Cooper's "Leatherstocking Tales" was Last of the Mohicans, the original American Western, though it was Western New York State that was the setting, and the French and Indian War that provided the background. "Hawkeye" was Natty Bumppo, the original pioneer in deerskins.
Hawkeye was a syndication title for the 1957 TV series Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans, loosely based on the James Fenimore Cooper novels. It should not be confused with the later Hawkeye, a 1994 series starring Lee Horsley as Bumppo.
Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce, taking his nickname from Cooper's character, was a major character in the novels, movie and television series M*A*S*H.
Hawkeye is the title of one episode of the TV series.
Hawkeye (comics) is a superhero published by Marvel Comics.
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) is the second and current Marvel Comics character to bear this name.
Hawkeye (Amalgam Comics) is a superhero published by Amalgam Comics.
Hawkeye (computer game) is a video game for the C64 and Amiga.
The Grumman E-2 Hawkeye is an AWACS aircraft.
Hawk-Eye is a virtual reality tracking system used in cricket, tennis and other sports.
The American state of Iowa is known as the "Hawkeye State."
Hawkeye is a city in Iowa.
The University Of Iowa's sports teams are nicknamed the Hawkeyes. Their motto is "It's great to be a Hawkeye".
Hawkeye is the name of a character in the Gerry Anderson TV series Terrahawks.
Hawkeye was the (now-defunct) RCA Broadcast Products division's name for the M professional video cassette format developed by Matsushita in 1982.
Riza Hawkeye is a major character in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist.
In the MMORPG Lineage 2, Hawkeye is an Archer class available to Humans.
The Hawkeye (formerly The Spectrum) is the school newspaper of the Plainview Old Bethpage JFK high school.

IPB Image
Gender: Masculine
Usage: Scottish, English
Pronounced: ROI [key]
Derived from Gaelic ruadh meaning "red". A notable bearer was Rob Roy, a Scottish outlaw of the 18th century.
The boy's name Roy is pronounced roy. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "red." As a short form of names like Leroy, Roy is also a form of the Old French term "roi", meaning "king." Roy Rogers is a modern chain of fast-food restaurants. Cowboy Roy Rogers; actor Roy Schneider
Roy Mustard
QUOTE(Untitled @ Aug 29 2006, 08:37 PM) [snapback]438483[/snapback]

Hey do you guys have any good Royai pics for me to TRY to copy?
More TV! (much more distracted)

Post later...kinda busy at this stuff

Tombow: I have no idea how to use photoshop, I drew that, but it was originally Hiromu Arakawa's scribble.

MelRiza: That sucks, you missed Edward being naked.(jk, but it's true) Well I'm sure it's going there really really soon!
happy.gif Thanks for going to post the pics! I appreciate it!
You do seem bored.. laugh.gif
@Untitled: yes XD...... *boredom kills*. Have you enter to the site i have posted??? It has a looot of pics ^__^
Yup! Its great paca!! Thanks! Now to look for one easy enough for meh!
Paca: You always post such interesting information. Boredom let's the mind do some crazy things. With that aside, I just wanted to say that your icon is lovely.
Edamame: thanks!!! ^^. I have searched the names of other charcters too (((...charcter names...))).

*Oh!! I could upload my avi ^^.....*

Untitled: more pics!!!!
Thanks so much paca!! You're such a handful! happy.gif
QUOTE(paca @ Aug 29 2006, 03:41 AM) [snapback]438434[/snapback]

RizaXRoy: I think taht he was very sad....and worried in something else... =___=

Everyone know the one that Roy worried about is Ed... dry.gif ..haih~~

Tombow: No thanks!..biggrin.gif. I just hope that you can enter this site whenever you want to...but please don't do the same way as Jelly Belly did-> sad

Paca: You always found something new!..Thank you!..And your avi is great but I don't understand the japanese words there..XD

Untitled: I'll wait until you finish your art work!.. biggrin.gif
I was unable to access the boards again yesterday morning, by the time I reached home from an outing (to an island resort-theme park), I was too tired to post. (= =) I'm still tired today.. It was soooo fun there! We played at the beach, went into the water, built sandcastles (although we're 17-23 yr olds)... but I had 3 blisters! Darn, I think they got infected laugh.gif I got sun burnt too! XD Check these out! The Giant Japanese spider crab, and that's my hand for comparison. And don't ever try to do this at the beach, because you know you can't climb down.

@ Tombow: Tee hee~ Once your computer is fixed, there'll be more Royai stuffs.. tongue.gif (jk) If you can, please join the other forum since you have problems entering the site. biggrin.gif

@ paca: You always have something new for us.. Thank you soooo much for the links! BTW, your avvy is lovely happy.gif Sweet~
BTW, I think I missed you "quick sketch"..

@ Roy Mustard: I hope so... I'll check the book store later, at the same time, I need to buy Teachers' Day presents for my ol' teachers.. Bah! I don't now what to give them..
@MeLRizA - Yap. the board was down the other day. I coudn't access it for a while, too.
And, as of now, I got the access back to this board, but my computer is having hard time accessing the other place. And, I'm still wating for my comp. sad.gif
OT: Nice pics from "Mel's day at the beach"!! biggrin.gif

@RizaXRoy - Awww... no way I can leave you guys!! No Way!! happy.gif
Yeah, I miss Jelly_Belly, too!! sad.gif

@paca - Thanks for the link for Royai pics, and the FMA character name info!!!
And, I love your new avi!! The pic is from pic for FMA Music or CD or something??
The Japanese writing says: Title: "Kesenai...", Artist: .., Music by..., Lyrics by.. or something. biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Roy Mustard @ Aug 29 2006, 07:59 AM) [snapback]438488[/snapback]
Tombow: I have no idea how to use photoshop, I drew that, but it was originally Hiromu Arakawa's scribble.
@Roy Mustard - Wow, I didn't realize you actually drew that one based on Arakawa-sensei's sketch!! I thought that WAS Arakawa-sensei's sketch!! You did great job with that drawing!!!! That Roy looks great!! happy.gif
Melriza:The crab is too big,.so scary! ohmy.gif

If anyone does have the Roy touches Riza's hair picture,please do send it to me! I need it so much!..Thank you! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(RizaXRoy @ Aug 30 2006, 12:28 AM) [snapback]438925[/snapback]
If anyone does have the Roy touches Riza's hair picture,please do send it to me! I need it so much!..Thank you! biggrin.gif
OR, post it, post it!! Please!! I can use nice Royai moment, too!! biggrin.gif
RizaXRoy it.!The format is not suitable so I can't do the anime type...sad.gif...I'm using picture type to do Royai AMV so I need it..!
Oh!! o/////o Thanks !!!!

I wanted my avi to say other thing O_O(I copy the wrong lineeeeee !!!AHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!)

*goes to edit it*

now it's right!!! ^^

It says :
With you in my usual sight, I can breath
Even though that's already plenty enough to me.

the pic is from ...O.o I don't know!!! this is the pic
Thank you all for welcoming me back! Yeah, I had a great time at Paris, even though it was very short. I posted some pics on the Pictures thread.

Yay, more Royai pics and information! Thanks Paca, for always finding something interesting! And, I love your avvy too!

@ MeLRizA - Wow, that spider crab thing is big! That pic is freaking me out!
And I wonder, how did you get down from the tree? XD I wish there were such beautiful beaches in Holland. I love palm trees! laugh.gif
MelRiza I am glad that you had a great outing at the beach. That spider crab really gives me the creeps and I like the palm-tree climbing picture. The beaches in the UK are usually all stone and the water is freazing. It looks beautiful where you were.

Paca Thank you for the cute picture. The expression on Ed's face is priceless-What the hell is he wearing though? (I think that the picture is from New-Type)

Gah, I need to back my bags...
YOu have got nice beaches in your country n___n (I don't like the beaches of my country , Brazilian beaches are fantastic!!! ).... That crab is too big!!! O__O (I like eating crab!! =P, have you ever eaten??)....
Thanks Tombow, RizaXRoy, Galorfilinde, Edamame & paca!! BTW, I love that giant crab, I think it's pretty cute.. XD

@ RizaXRoy: I tried to find a screen shot of episode 51.. Currently, my FMA VCD is not with me so I can't make a screenshot of it.. but isn't there a website to download anime episodes? You can try youtube, but the picture is very small..

@ Galorfilinde: How did I got off the tree? Umm.. I slid down the tree a little, then I jumped off.. tongue.gif I'm a sucky climber..

@ Edamame: Stony beaches? You mean like those beaches in Pirates of the Carribean 2 at the scene of 2 men throwing corpses into the sea in a stormy night, at the early part of the show? ohmy.gif That's a BIG difference from the beaches of Tropical Asia (where I am)!!

@ paca: I <3 crabs.. Singapore's black pepper crabs are FANTASTIC!
BTW, do you happen to have a larger version of the picture you posted?

EDIT: Just went on a scene search so, here goes..

The handkerchief scene, take a close look at Riza's expression..
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
She's so worried for Roy.. Aww..

@ RizaXRoy: They're small.. ><
IPB Image
IPB Image
but still as sweet.. wub.gif I tried my best to take Riza smiling..
@MeL: I have seen somewhere a larger version of the picture .... I will look for it ^^ (and post it).
(I have never eaten crab cooked in that way)Crab is delicious!!!!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hello, everyone - the comps at my school have been down, and I've had so much homework lately that school's the only time I'm able to go online... ironic, huh?? So yeah, the movie was good - I'm definitely buying it on DVD!!!! All I can say, though, is this:

1) There should've been some more Royai scenes at the end
2) They had BETTER release the OVAs on DVD here in the states... right now it looks like they won't... sob!!

Welcome back, everyone who was gone! Hello, everyone I haven't "talked" to in a very, very long time! I hope you're enjoying life in general... smile.gif

Wow, guys, lots of pics up!! It seems like that comes and goes in cycles, no? One month everyone's hosting pics, the next month we have no idea what to do with ourselves! Haha!
here's a slightly larger image if it helps. That's as big as I could get it.

IPB Image
Aiko Welcome!!!!! Get fun here!!! All are very nice!!! ^^
Princess Blade
While we're on the subject of images, does anyone know where I can find high-quality wallpapers of Roy & Riza? Or, if you have any, would you share them? I'd appreciate it. smile.gif Thanks!
Melriza and Aiko:Thanks for your help! biggrin.gif Do you guys have the Riza angry about Roy in the hospital picture?Melriza,I got the VCD of FMA but because of my format is not suitable so I can't cut the scene and save sad

Paca:Thank you for the translation!
@MeLRizA - Thankd for the pics of Riza!!
Yap, those are the ones!! biggrin.gif

@Aiko - Thanks for the larger Riza pic!!
Nice to see your posts again!!
Please stay and post more this time!! biggrin.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - You did see the movie in the theater??? Lucky you!!
Yes, I agree... There should've been some more HAPPY Royai scenes at the end!! sad.gif

@paca - That makes sense. biggrin.gif Those lyrics much nicely with the avatar!! And nice sig, too!! biggrin.gif
Roy Jr.
Those pics are so nice.... sad.gif ( I wish I could make those too. )

Please stay Princess Blade and Aiko! laugh.gif
@paca nice new siggy! wink.gif
Melriza:I know what you mean,Yeah..the picture is too small.If I make the pic larger,it becomes blur... sad.gif

My royai AMV is finished but still need to edit it if got more nicer picture.!
Princess Blade: I get most of my wallpapers here. There's a few good Roy/Riza ones there, just search around.
in the episode/part where riza goes and wipes mustangs face with a handkerchief.... i dont really understand why she did that..


does anyone know?
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