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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Roy Jr.
Oh wow, Thank you Nil-chan!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif

This sig is so great! laugh.gif

Thanks again!!!
@Roy Jr. - Oh!! Great looking Royai sig!!!
Let me guess... Did Nil-chan make that one?? biggrin.gif
That's a super cool Royai sig!!! happy.gif

(*Coming back for more translations..* biggrin.gif )
Roy Jr.

Got that right! laugh.gif
She's really great isn't she?
^^ @Roy Jr.- Totally!! happy.gif
We are so lucky to have Nil-chan!! biggrin.gif

Oh and, if you like... You can add a small line in your sig space, right under that sig pic, and say stuff like, "Thanks Nil-chan for my awsome sig!!" or something like that, too!! happy.gif

OT: I just read on other thread that you were in the hospital for appendex surgery??
Hope you're all right now!!
Nice to see your post here again!!

And, thanks everyone!! I'd also like to point out that RizaxRoy did awsome jobs on transcriptions!! I'm very impressed!! happy.gif

(*Going back for more Royai translations..* biggrin.gif )
QUOTE(seventh_sky @ Aug 24 2006, 02:09 PM) [snapback]436712[/snapback]

lol, Scar and Lust...can you imagine the two of them getting into an argument? *imagines Lust trying to claw Scar, and Scar blowing up buildings again*

Haha..this is quite funny!..I think ScarXLust is ok for me!.. biggrin.gif

Tombow : Yeah..I completely agree with Nil-chan!.Thank you very much! You are so great ! The '??' in the circle is looks like the chinese word-two,and got a comma on the right above!Like this 二' !

Roy Jr :Your Royai sig is so awesome!appendex surgery??!.I hope you're all right too!!

I love this moment which is so cute!
Yahh!!! You're right!! That scene is so cute! I wish more of those scenes would come up in the manga..
Go Tombow!! That's right! Show em who's boss!! Translate em!!! laugh.gif
@ Keoni: Who knows? Maybe in my dreams.. wink.gif Tee hee~ XD

@ Nil-chan: A week? laugh.gif Maybe yes, but I'm willing to give up ice cream for a month (I just can't resist temptations) to see Roy and Riza hugging/kissing/being intimate to one another.. laugh.gif

@ Tombow: Ahaha.. I'm happy to hear that! You fell off the chair?! Are you alright? biggrin.gif

@ Roy Jr.: Great new siggie!! Like Tombow has said, put a credit for Nil-chan.
You have appendix surgery?! I hope you're fine..

@ RizaXRoy: Your userID still confuses me a little.. lol, I really <3 this part [spoiler]Riza: I like to say that I have an honest personality.
Roy: I'm happy that I have a subordinate who has a strong will as you.[/spoiler] Isn't Riza trying to imply how much she cares and worries for Roy? Yet it seems that he doesn't get it.. Or maybe he does, just that he doesn't wanna show it out.. tongue.gif

OT: May I ask, do they sell usually sell pan tablets in IT fairs? I'm not too sure but I know that the prices of the goods sold there are much cheaper than usual..
There's a HUGE IT fair near my area starting from this coming Thursday, so I was thinking of buying the pen tablet and external hard drive there.. *I'm deperate*
@Roy Jr: *blushes* I feel so appreciated! happy.gif I hope your surgery goes well

@Tombow: Aww, thanks so much! We're really lucky to have you, too. biggrin.gif Thanks again for all your hard work in translating stuff for us!

@Mel-Chan: Yeah.... i could probably go a month for that. yay intimacy!

@RizaXRoy: I love that scene too!! She keeps waiting for him... *sigh*
QUOTE(MeLRizA @ Aug 25 2006, 06:48 AM) [snapback]437060[/snapback]

@ RizaXRoy: Your userID still confuses me a little.. lol, I really <3 this part [spoiler]Riza: I like to say that I have an honest personality.
Roy: I'm happy that I have a subordinate who has a strong will as you.[/spoiler] Isn't Riza trying to imply how much she cares and worries for Roy? Yet it seems that he doesn't get it.. Or maybe he does, just that he doesn't wanna show it out.. tongue.gif

I definitely agree with you!,Melriza.Roy just doesn't want to show it and Nil-chan is right, Riza keeps waiting for him! Riza waits until the next morning...she is so caring and dedicated to Roy!

Melriza : I love Riza more than Roy so Riza first..are you clear now?.. biggrin.gif..If you still confuse, I'm gonna shoot you like Riza did to hayate..j/k..hehe.. tongue.gif

Untitled : Me too!..I wish for more royai moments especially like this,but if can ,I would like to have more romance moments!..XD
Hi!! yesterday i couldn't enter to tis site ...... *snisnif* ; ___ ;
Oh! there are lots of new posts, this go on growing fast XD.

RizaXRoy, Melriza: I also think taht roy doesn't want to show any emotion *shy!*XD -jijijijijijii-. And riza is always giving hints or insinuations happy.gif.

Tombow: wow!!! you always help us with translations!!!!!thanks!!!! *joins the others in the gratitude to Tombow*

: Other wonderful siggy!!

@ Nil-chan: Let's do it!! ... when there's such a scene. tongue.gif

@ RizaXRoy: Ok, now I get it.. Ahaha.. don't shoot me~ :puppyeyes:

@ paca: Hey, yeah! You're right.. Roy doesn't show his emotions to anyone, except Riza. Although he was talking to Riza face to face in that scene, they were outside the fuhrer's place and there was a guard near them.. Hmm.. Riza? Yep, she does.

OK, the bath tub scene is done!! It's just a quick pen sketch I did last night.. Ahaha.. Here it is, and I made Riza OOC again.. dry.gif

OT: I'm desperate. There'll be a 300k sq feet IT exhibition near my area. Do you think they sell wacom pen tablets? They're rarely sold here, so I wonder if I could get one at the exhibition because it should cost less..
I won't mind buying from ebay. However, I have no credit cards and the shipping fees to my place makes it not worth..
OMG! Mel-chan!! I don't care if Riza is OOC< that is the most amazing thing ever!!! *dances* Your talent always makes me so happy!! *glomps* Yes, lets! That way, i can have Royai and loose weight! lol

@Paca: Aww.. thankyou...

Melriza: It's good that you get it now..haha..don't worry,I won't shoot you ! biggrin.gif ..Wow, you did the bath tube scene! I love it! Hehe,you are really talented!..Great great work!

Paca,Melriza : Yeah...Riza did show her emotions and gave us hints! Roy should show his emotions to Riza in the next chapters so that we'll be in Royai heaven again!..XD

Here is my fanart!
Waah.. You guys draw too good! Mines turning out as such a mess!
You all have so much good fanarts darn it! Anyways, they're all nice for me!
Roy Jr.
Thanks for the concern guys. And yeah, I'm ok now.

Speaking of drawings, I can't get Riza's eyes right!!!!
But if i finally do, I'll post it here.

Oh yeah, Iv'e put a credit for dear Nil-chan!
@Tombow: of course I'm proud of you!!! XDDDDDDD
^^ @Reika - I'm glad!! XDD

@paca- Yap, this board was down, and I could not access it for a while, too. sad.gif

@MeLRizA - Wow, that Royai drawing is sooo sedactively good!! Hooray to OCC Riza!! laugh.gif

@RizaXRoy - I LUV your Royai massage drawing!! I love the way Roy is smiling!! happy.gif

@seventh_sky - Nice new sig!! biggrin.gif

@Roy Jr.- Glad you're recovering well!! happy.gif

(I'm almost done with page 2 of the game transcript that one later!! biggrin.gif )
Yay!! Go Tombow go! Good luck translating btw..

I'm gonna snap! I cant get Riza. I'm drawing her hair down, what more if I try it clipped??
Yay, TOmbow! *hugs* You're so diligent in translating for us... Thankyou!!!

@RizaXRoy: Wow... backrub scene! Whoot!! i love it!

@untitled: I undertand your frustration. Riza's hair down is really hard.. I almost always draw it clipped. >_<
@ Nil-chan, RizaXRoy & Tombow: Thank you very much!! I'll draw non-OOC Riza next time.. I feel a little weird drawing her OOC, but it's nice to see her going OOC. ><

@ RizaXRoy: Aww.. I <3 your fanart!! The expression and poses are so sweet!!

@ Roy Jr.: Glad to hear you're recovering soon!! Good luck on your Riza drawing!

@ Tombow: I feel so guilty, you've been doing all translations that we throw on you and it seems that you're being kinda.. umm.. troubled with. ^^; Anyway, good luck!! *joins Nil-chan*

@ Untitled: Either way is fine.. but I admit drawing her hair clipped up is easier..
Oh, it's easier? Never knew.. This will be my 3rd FMA fanart and my 1st Royai..
Oh well, I'd rather copy my reference pic rather than change stuff.. It'll look horrible if I changed..
@Tombow,Nil-chan,Melriza: Thank you so much !!I'm glad that you guys like it! .. biggrin.gif I'm working another Royai fanart,that might be my last drawing because my semester break is over soon! sad.gif

@Tombow: I feel guilty too.............Thanks again and sorry for pushing you so hard to translate those things! Good luck ! hehe..*Join Nil-chan and Melriza *

@Untitled: I agree with Nil-chan and Melriza !, Riza's hair down is quite difficult to draw and hair clipped is easier..! But I'll draw Riza's hair down in my next fanart..*headache*

@Roy Jr : It's good to know you're fine! biggrin.gif I can't wait to see your drawing! Gambateh!

OT: Melriza, do you know why Jelly Belly leave? I saw you mentioned that in your post before.
RoyXRiza: I love your fan-art! The back-rub scene it so sweet. Roy and Riza definelty need more romantic moments.

Roy Jr.: I am glad to see that you are feeling better.

Everyone here is inspiring me to do something creative now. I really want to right a fan-fiction, but have never written one before. I have ideas is mind, but I'm never pleased with the final result of my work. I am really anal with my writing, so I suppose that's why I never set out to write a fan-fiction.
Awwwww! That bad tub scene must be the cutest thing I've ever seen Mel! I love it, it makes me really happy biggrin.gif

And I love your drawing too RizaxRoy. It's really cute, with the massage thing and all! And you're doing another one? Yay biggrin.gif

And you're doing one too untitled? Whoohoo! it'll be just like Royai day laugh.gif Can't wait!

@ Edamame: oh you should! Writing fanfic is so much fun! Just try it!

I don't have much trouble drawing Riza's hair down. I usually draw girls with their hair down, so I'm kinda used to it... The only thing that definitely ticks me off it her bangs (or whatever you'd wanna call them) pure evil right there dry.gif
I don't have problems drawing fma charcters but I didn't draw them too much times =___=...... (I'm lazy....)
@ RizaXRoy: I checked back my old posts and.. I forgot why she left. But she's often online at the Royai Forums..

@ Edamame: Your English is very good. You should write a fanfic.. biggrin.gif I've tried it twice.. They're here if you wanna read them..

@ Keoni: Yay! I've made you happy!! You made me realise I often draw Riza's hair down.. because she looks prettier that way..
For bangs, what I did was to study Yukari Kawachi's girls pics and practice drawing them. That manga artist draws bangs very nicely! ohmy.gif I <3 her drawings.. They're so pretty!!
Princess Blade:
you were talking about this moment of the movie (this smile), weren't you ^^??----->IPB Image

Jelly doesn't come here sad.gif . Mel is right she is online at the Royai Forums ^^. Why she dosen't come here??? huh.gif .... maybe she has problems with this page blink.gif
I don't think she's said anything about that, though.. i wonder.

@Mel: The link doesn't work... hmm.

@paca: I love that smile! It's my favorite part of the movie... (and the only reason i even sort of like it...)
Princess Blade
Yep, that's definitely it. ^^ It's like ''s love!'
There's soooo many talented people on this thread *claps hands* such pretty artwork!! *fangirl squeal*

=O if anyone has art that they'd like me to make a sig with I can try, just make sure it's a high-res pic XD Lemme know, and I'll get around to it as soon as possible ^^
Princess Blade
PS: Found a pic of Roy.

Verdict anyone?
@ paca: Hey! I have a slightly larger version of that pic.. Here it is, it's somewhere at the bottom of the scan..

@ Nil-chan: These should work then.. shameless self advertising link and Yukari Kawachi's babe. I use Kawachi Sensei's manga girls drawing for hair reference, that mangaka draws very very very well!! ohmy.gif Her works are published in 1990s, I wonder why she doesn't publish anymore now..

@ princess blade: I can't download the picture sad.gif I've tried signing up but there was some error. If anyone has downloaded that pic, can you send it to me? [puppyeyes]

OT: Mwahahaha.. I've just called some IT shops and found out that they sell WACOM Intuos3 at a good price biggrin.gif I'm going down this afternoon.. C ya~
OMG I just made my first music video. It's Royai of course XD! I'm so happy, I can't believe I made one. It's not the best in the world, but it's the best I can do for now. IF you guys wanna see it just, tell me!

@Edamame: Thank you so much! I agree with you,they should need more romance moments! biggrin.gif I'm looking forward to your fanfic!..Gambateh!

@Keoni: Thank you for liking my fanart! Yup,I'm doing another one but might not as cute as this!

@Melriza: Thanks for answering my question, so she's in another Royai sad

QUOTE(MeLRizA @ Aug 26 2006, 09:18 PM) [snapback]437820[/snapback]

@ princess blade: I can't download the picture sad.gif I've tried signing up but there was some error. If anyone has downloaded that pic, can you send it to me? [puppyeyes]

I can't download too!.. sad.gif

@SRH : Yeah...fantastic! I wanna see it!. biggrin.gif

@Paca: I love this smile!!Her eye looks sad but her smile looks glad because her Taisa is back!
@RizaXRoy: Hehe, I knew someone was bound to reply quickly.

Here you go everyone:

I hope you like it. I love the song I used for it, it's my most favorite song in the whole world. I think it fits them perfectly.
I've attatched the pic of princess blade for you guys happy.gif
I still have a pinch of patience left to draw but now I've gotta sow something for our class.. We're gonna have a cheerdance!!! And I'm just going to do this coz I want a good grade laugh.gif

That's such a cool music video! How did you do it?
I just used my downloaded version of the song and put pictures in there. It's nothing big really *blushes* I think I would've done better with clips.
SRH how dya make it? How dya make it?? laugh.gif I just wanna know. I was never any good with music videos..
Windows movie maker?
Oh sheesh.. Okay! laugh.gif I never tried Windows movie maker.. You reply fast dont yah??

Okay... I'm going to try to get photoshop! So that I can edit a pic... And make it Royai!! If I get photoshop that is...
Roy Mustard
Keoni- Roy looks very cute like that. Keep drawing please!
Anyone here- What did I miss o.0?
Anyone who reads the manga- I just got book 14 - . -; Can anyone please spoil me if they know about the thing behind Riza's back o.o? Cos I can'y get anymore mangas anymore! > >.
sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye-Nice pics in that video...sorry if I sound foolish, you watch Inu YashA?
@Roy_Mustard: I won't spoil it for you, but i can tell you where to get the rest of the manga: Here: Clicky! (Volume 14 ends with Chapter 58, so start at 59 wink.gif)
@SRH: Hehe..You made it first time but it's so great! Great work! Yeah, the pics in that clip are so nice! biggrin.gif

Sharpshooter_Riza_Hawkeye: Cute video! I need to learn how to use Windows Movie Maker. I also want to learn how to make an AMV.

Untitled: Photoshop is so much fun. I have only used to for photography purposes, so I love to see how people use it for drawing. I have seen some really beautiful pictures done on Photoshop. I look forward to seeing your finished Royai one!

Speaking of Photoshop, could anybody reccomend a good site with tutorials on colouring?
@ SRH: Nice Royai AMV! I wish I knew how to play around with wondows movie maker..

@ Roy Mustard: You've missed my Royai Bath tub scene! >:C Jk.. FMA Vol.14 has bee published in your place (are you from Shanghai?) ? Hmm.. That means I should be able to get it in about 2-3 weeks' time..

@ Untitled: You must try photoshop! It's very fun and addictive.. XD

@ Edamame: I haven't tried colouring using photoshop yet but here's a whole bunch of photoshop tutorials which teaches you almost everything.. Here's another one. I hope they help..

I've got my pen tablet!! Wahaha.. I'll try colouring using photoshop once I'm done with my homeworks, or I'll never touch them laugh.gif
SRH: is it hard to use Windows movie maker????? O.o
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
OMFG - Who here saw the FMA movie at theaters on Friday or Saturday????

I did, I DID!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!! ROY IS SO HOT ON THE BIG SCREEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif :wuv:

(BTW, I can't believe that there were only three showings of it period... and to think I found out about it on Friday... If I had checked the internet the same time on Satuday, I would've completely missed it!!!!!!!!! They did a pretty crappy job of advertising... I'm sure that's why not very many people went to see it... sob!)
Hey guys! I've been gone to Paris for a weekend, but I'm back now!
Wow, you have been so creative! I love the artworks MeLRizA and RizaXRoy! I missed a lot!
And that's a great first amv, SRH! I tried using Windows Movie maker once for making a Lost music video, but I never finished it. I want to make a Royai video too, but I'll have to use iMovie for that... still don't know how to crop a clip, or split them up.
Roy looks so hot with glasses!! I love that pic!
Oh!! welcome back Galorfilinde!! ^^ how was your trip??? what is Paris like???
The New Fullmetal Alchemist: you have seen it on theatre O__O wow!!!
In my country anime movies aren't in theatres (never, well only chijiro and howl's ) How lucky!!^^ Did you enjoyed it???
I'm so glad you guys liked it, thank you for your comments. Windows movie maker, isn't that hard for me to use. I hope I'll be able to get clips pretty soon here, but I'm happy just using pictures. The next music video I'll be making is for Hughes, because he rocks.

And I'll be seeing Roy and Riza on my TV screen September 26, 2006. Which is the day I shall get the movie, cause I'm saving up money. Royai rocks man.
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