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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@ Princess Blade, Untitled, Tombow, Galorfilinde, SRH, RizaXRoy, paca: Thank you soo much guys!! I <3 u all.. I didn't expect this much response Thanks everyone~ happy.gif

@ RizaXRoy: I'm too lazy to draw the petty little details of the military uniform, so I have never drawn a fighting Roy or Riza.. XP

@ those having trouble with I hope will be fixed soon.. then I would be able to read your fics! biggrin.gif Need a zanpakuto
*ack! i've been Bleach!-ed* katana anyone?

@ Galorfilinde: Both?! *blushes* Aa-... *tounge-tied for words*

@ Jo21: Welcome back! It's been a long time.. I understand your situation, PSLE kills..
Darn it! I need to get the hang of drawing Roy! None of the 2 I just did look anything like him!
*highfive's Mel-chan* You've been Bleached! lol, i absolutly love your second one! iot looks so clean... so well colored! ou did a great job making your pic look good!
Here is my picture, spruced up with photoshop.
Okay! I finally did one of Roy.. Head only! laugh.gif
I'll post it up once I fix the darned webcam! See you guys tomorrow!
I mean tomorrow here!
@ Nil-chan: It was you, windy-chan and Mystrial who got me Bleach!ed tongue.gif W00t~ Ed, Win, Riza and Roy in casual outfits look really good! You drew Ed better than me, my Ed loks like a girl! I'l make Ed-fans mad if I were to draw one and put it up.. Great job happy.gif I <3 seeing Riza in miniskirt..

@ Untitled: Your posts make us really curious about your drawing. You've been noting your progresses.. tongue.gif
@ Nil-chan - Yay, you posted your drawing! It looks like Ed is comparing his height to Winry's or is that just me? They all look cute happy.gif And I love the transmutation circle of Roy's gloves now on his shirt. Great job!

@ Untitled - Yeah, like Mel said, you make us very curious. I'll be waiting for your drawing tomorrow smile.gif
Nil Chan: Lovely artwork! Roy and Riza/ Edward and Winry look wonderful in their casual clothing. Two of my favourite pairings in one great artwork.
QUOTE(Untitled @ Aug 19 2006, 06:03 AM) [snapback]434479[/snapback]

Hey, do you guys really think that there'd be no Royai in 63?

No.I don't think so.It would have Royai in chapter 63 because of their current situation .This is my opinion only and I hope I could guess it right! biggrin.gif
Untitled : I'm curious too,I'm looking forward for your fanart tomorrow!

Nil-chan : Nice drawings and their outfits look really good! They are so cute! biggrin.gif

Melriza : You're welcome!..I see..hehe..You're right and I get your point!..So, I think I won't draw the fighting style anymore!..Thank you!.
Princess Blade
Aww, cute drawing! ^^

Ssshh...don't tell Ichigo! *gives you Zangetsu* wink.gif
can i have Hyourinmaru?

thanks you guys! im really glad you liked my artwork, even though it looked better before i scanned it.. oh well.

@Galorfilinde: lol! That's what i was going for... it seemed kind of to work there. Yay.. you caught his array! i was trying to give each character something that he/she was kind of known for... so yeah. i guess that worked. happy.gif

*pops head in randomly*

I feel lost...but...I still love royai, so I have a place here, right? *looks around*

And...since Iwas bored, I actually wrote something new *gasps*'s nice to know this thread is still active *nods*
@ Seventh_sky - Welcome to the Royai thread! Yup, this is the place to be for Royai fans, and it's always uber-active biggrin.gif
Will warn me the next time you write such a sad fanfic? You almost made me cry when I read it! I hope that will never happen in the manga.

@ Nil-chan - Yay, I've got eye for detail! happy.gif Except when I'm drawing myself, I always overlook things then. But you managed to capture their characteristics.
seventh_sky : Welcomee!!!!

People, the omake of the vol.14 is translated (zomgfta).
latest gangan stuff
^that needs a translation (what does arakawa write there >_<???)
Gangan Tv advertising
have you ever played this??? "flame out"
OMG!! seventh_sky!! WELCOME HOME!!! It's been loooong time!!
I missed you!!! Glad you decided to check in!! happy.gif
Yap, the thread is still active, and growing!!
Plus, we got whole bunch of new wave of awsome Royai fans who post here.
They are just as talented, and just as nice, and fun guys/ladies like the ones we had when you were here. Bet you're gonna love them, and they're gonna like you!!
BTW, nice fanfic!! Hope you're gonna stay, and post many more!!!! biggrin.gif

@Nil-chan - Love your drawing!! I like your style!! happy.gif

@paca - Thanks for the links!! Yeah, if nobody can find the translation, I can do it after the Arakawa FMA skecth book translations. I'm almost done with FMA sketch translations, except few editings.
And, wow, I'd love to read Arakawa-sensei's new manga (the one on the cover)!!!
It looks awsome!!
*feels loved* XD

aaand...its time for ANOTHER sad fic...which you can find here. I hope that works, I just uploaded the chapter XD

I was wondering to my friend why I'm always writing such angsty stuff, so he told me to go write something happy. I'm in the process of trying to...hmmm....*gets inspiration and runs off*
@ Seventh_Sky: Hi! Nice to see you posting here smile.gif Welcome (back) to the Royai-thread!
*sighs* I love the fic you posted in your first post. The setting is great and the emotion in it just grabbed me by the throat. It was sad, but not in a mellowdramatic (sp?) way. Really beautiful and an awesome fic.
I'll read the next one tomorrow, cuz it's kinda late here and I can't seem to focus anymore happy.gif

@ Nil-chan: Wow! Your drawing is really adorable! I love how you did them all. (miniskirt xD) The shading is really good too! Great job! Can't wait to see more biggrin.gif

Which reminds me.. I should really write something, or draw something. All you guys are being so active! happy.gif *feels guilty*
I love you, Keoni ^^ Thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!!
Does anyone know where I can get some good FMA clips, or download the episodes? I wanna make a music video, and do some voice overs >_<

seventh_sky: Nice to meet you and welcome back to Royai thread! Those fics are so nice but I love the first one! It's really sad and touchful....oww! Great work!

paca: Thanks for the link!

SRH: If you have bitcomet,you can download through torrentspy.

Princess Blade
Hello, and welcome!

That game is addictive. O.O
eeee.....I need an easier place, that other place doesn't like me. I had to download a bunch of stuff....
I'm Baaaaack! You know you missed me and my random questions! Well, no, you probably didn't, but I can pretend.
Roy: "That's deceit."*
I don't care! Go back into the manga where you belong!

Sooooo sorry, I just read the last 16 pages. @.@ You all have been so random and sooo active without me!

Welcome to all of the new people! I'm sorry, I lost count of how many there are, but we love having more people around to talk to! I'm not usually this crazy...

Now, I know you're all over 62 and waiting for 63, but I didn't get to spaz with you all when it came out, so bear with me.

[spoiler] Was I the only one that went kind of blink.gif when Madame Christmas said "Shouldn't you just go play with Elizabeth-chan?" Other than that interesting comment: The Royai scene was sooo sweet! The That's the 2nd time Riza's asked Roy not to die. When Winry said it she followed it by saying "I may have fallen for him a long time ago." Hmm... And Riza DID NOT firget anything. We KNOW that.[/spoiler]

Sorry if I mentioned something that was brought up on the other forum, I just don't have the energy to check... *falls asleep at computer*

*Had to steal that from Chapter 61. smile.gif
Ok, I'm in my friends house right now. Which has no webcam. We're working on my friend's birthday gift.
I'll be sure to post when I get home happy.gif
@ seventh sky: WELCOME to the thread!! So sorry, I'm late.. I've bookmarked your fics and I'll read them sometime soon, I'm busy with my presentation.. Hhh~ Yup, I bet you'll enjoy your stay here, it's so comfy! Everyone's sooo nice..

@ paca: Wow! You always have new FMA-fan stuffs for us! Thanks for the links!!

@ Keoni: Ehehe, you should draw/write something for my, Nil-chan's & seventhsky's works! >:c Just kidding.. I wanna see another mei=chan drawing if you have the chance to do one.. Ehehe..

@ Nil-chan: Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Roy's array, Ed's alchemic symbol, Winry's wrench and Riza's gun! ohmy.gif Psst, wanna trade Zangetsu for Hyourinmaru? *drags Zangetsu* <-darn, it's heavy!

@ SRH: Does animesuki still has FMA episodes to download? unsure.gif

@ riza'slittlesister: Welcome back! I went 8D when Madame Christmas said that, followed by "Aww~ <3" Ehehe.. Your random quotes and ques never fail to keep up on the right track, unfortunately, my bain is rather dead today so I can't think of anything much. I slept at 3.30 a.m. to study economics last night and woke up at 9+ this morning.. *groan*

@ Untitled: Make sure you post your drawing as well happy.gif You've been tempting us too many times! LOL XD

I love what's quoted in my siggie
Yes, yes.. I will.. Do you guys have a good Royai pic that I could copy? I need one. All that I have are too hard for me.
Oh yeah, I dont think that my post of the fanart would be anytime soon! I might go home 6!!(Philippine time) Use your map to see what time that'll be! laugh.gif
riza'slittlesister : Welcome back!!..Not you are the only one, I think all of Royai fans here are blink.gif also when Madam Christmas said that! But that scene is sooo sweet for me!..hehe.. laugh.gif

SRH: Mm..maybe you can try this..FMA full episodes.But this should be a long time to download those episodes!..I think other people here will help you !

About the Roy/Riza pic in the hosptal,Summoner Colette is right!I just finished that FMA game 3 and saw that pic!.I'm very sorry for saying it's from FMA game 1 before!!...But,so sad that I didn't understand what were they talking about!... sad.gif .So I just guess what they said because got little chinese words from Japanese language!
Darn.. My webcam wont work. Or atleast the computer wont read it.. I guess that gives me time to work on more fanarts for a while! Sorry guys.. I dont really know what's wrong with either the computer nor the webcam. Anyways, I'll tell you guys one thing! My Roy doesnt look like FMA Roy.. dry.gif Sad huh? laugh.gif But my friend told me it looked like him! I'll look for a scanner I can use and maybe then I could show it.
HAHAH!!!! OH YEAH!! I DID IT! IN YOUR FACE WEBCAM! Okay, the quality is kinda bad since.. Yeah. Webcam. But anyways, its wrong to let you guys wait any longet happy.gif
click me
Now to try Riza! I finally got the hang of Roy! Could anyone post me a good easy Royai pic? Be nice! This is still the 2nd FMA drawing of mine! laugh.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
wow... I've been away for a while... sigh... but wasn't 62 great?! You know, for a while there I forgot that it was Riza telling the "story" to Ed... Poor Roy, though, he must feel so lonely... However, it's kinda funny that [spoiler]He appears to be contacting Riza's grandfather! Haha![/spoiler]

So, how's everyone doing? I had to stop posting for a while b/c of marching band camp... and then school started... gag!!!! It's only been two weeks, but... is it over yet?!
@ Seventh_sky: You're welcome ! smile.gif (yay! I'm loved laugh.gif )

@ Sharpshooter-chan: You should just buy them, you know? It's the easy way of getting them in a good quality tongue.gif (Yesh, I know they're expensive)

@ RizaxRoy: Don't feel guilty smile.gif I make mistakes all the time. *laughs*

@ riza'slittlesister: Hey welcome back! Nice to see you again! I <3 that scene smile.gif I think it's sweet.

@ The New Fullmetal Alchemist: Hey! *waves* it's been a long time since I've seen you around.
*laughs* I know! Can't wait to see what will happen next!

Right.. Like I said, since all of you are so active in making stuff, I felt kinda guilty smile.gif So I grabbed my pencils and decided to give it a shot. After 3 hours (!) of screwing up I decided to drop Arakawa-sensei's style and make a Riza drawing Keoni-style if you can call it that Sorry Mel-chan, I'll do a Mei later smile.gif
My attempt at fanart
Man, I hate how my evil scanner messes up my colors sad.gif
Fast posters!!

@Seventh_sky: *tackleglomp* WElcome home!! i always love seeing you and your awesome sigs... hehe. I loved your stories! Ansgt is my hero... i luvs it. Its so amazing... *writes to much angst*

@Tombow: Thanks so much! i'm really glad you liked the picture. happy.gif

@Keoni: Wow... that's really good! i liked how you colored it! Very pretty! Your scanner if that's messed up by your scanner, the original must be amazing. *hugs* I'm glad you liked my picture. biggrin.gif

@Riza'slittlesister: Welcome home again!!! *hugs* I loved chapter 62... so amazing.

@Untitled: Wow! You got the hang opf Roy! Whenever i draw him, he doesn't look like Roy at all, i think... Great job!

@Mel-Chan: Yup yup... i had to put those in there. otherwise you might not have been able to tell who was who, lol. Zangetsu for Hyorinmaru? No way!! The only one i'd trade it for would be Benihime, but i already stole that too. *strokes her swords*

Well... since everyone else is sharing fics... This is my Royai 100 drabbles. Tada... full of angsty goodness among other things.
It's great to see that everybody is still here and this thread keeps moving! smile.gif
I don't know what to say... I missed so many pages!

seventh_sky: welcome back! smile.gif

Welcome, of course to all the newcomers I didn't see! biggrin.gif

@ Nil-chan: Thank you! *hugs* I'm really glad you like it. happy.gif Well yeah, my scanner doesn't seem to pick up light shades, so (to me) it now seems like my 9 year old siter colored it laugh.gif
Ah yes the Royai 100! I love them all!
OT: has stopped being evil to you yet?

@ Untitled: I really like you Roy pic! You've certainly got him down! Great job biggrin.gif

@ Valérie: Hi! *hugs* Welcome back! Nice to see you again. *nods* yep we've got a whole new batch of Royai-lovers smile.gif

@ Seventh_Sky: I just read the second fic you posted and I think it's awesome. You write angst very well, the emotions all seem very real and the lyrics fit your words perfectly! Beautiful

Wait, I can share fics! Uhm.. Some of you already know this one *nudges Nil-chan* But most of you don't so yeah..
Fanfic yay

A little non-angst to lighten the mood laugh.gif I couldn't write angst to save my life sad.gif
@ riza'slittlesister - Welcome back! Yeah, there was a huge kind of Royaigasm here when chapter 62 came out. I could manage not to read it yet though.

@ Untitled - You did very well on the Roy drawing! His face and expression, it's typically Roy!

@ The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Haven't seen you around for a while! Welcome back ^^

@ Keoni - I really like your drawing! She looks very elegant in the pic, but still very much Riza.

@ Nil-chan - I'll definitely read your Royai drabbles later! Just not now, I'm kinda tired because I didn't sleep before 4 AM last night, and right now it's 23:18 PM

@ Valerie - Long time no see! Welcome back!
to Untitled and Keoni such pretty drawings!! I can't draw FMA characters, no matter how hard I try T_T
@ Seventh_sky: Thank you! biggrin.gif *hugs* But hey, you can write great stories and make awesome graphics! *nodnod*

@ Galorfilinde: Yay! I'm glad you like it. I hope you'll finish your ed soon. I can't wait to see the finished result biggrin.gif
@Keoni: Gasp! It's your royai fic of goodness that made me smile! *hugs* People really need to read this.... And no. is still being evil...and i have three things to upload... *cries* oh well. Maybe i'll just post them somewhere else...
Thanks for the welcome back, folks! Soooo to, get me back into my rhythm of posing fun questions...

In the chess analogy, who do you think is which piece?

My idea was:
Pawn: Fury
Rook: Breda
Bishop: Falman
Knight: Havoc
Queen: RIZA!! biggrin.gif *awwww moment*

But I've heard different ideas. Not that it really matters (except the Queen part).

Another idea, but it might be slightly spoilerific, sooo:
[spoiler]Would anyone else be surprised if Roy ran into Scar? That seems like it would be a good, suspenseful end to an upcoming chapter... meep. But we all know Scar can't hurt Roy. That would be seriously anticlimactic![/spoiler]
Princess Blade
(Chess pieces) That's exactly what I was thinking, considering that Fuery is the lowest in rank and Riza's the highest in rank within the group (excluding Mustang...because he [really] is KING. XD).
Glad you like it guys! That's it! I'm just gonna copy something Royai-ish. But not now.. (sadly xD) I'm doing a power point presentation for my friend and I dont know what to put.. And I'm still teasing the darned computer. "I made you read the webcam~" laugh.gif
riza'slittlesister : Your idea is right but I think Breda should exchange with Falman because his rank is higher than Breda... biggrin.gif ..Riza is queen, no doubt about it.!.hehe

Keoni,Untitled: Nice drawings.! Hope you guys have more fanarts!.. smile.gif..Keoni and Nil-chan,those fics are so good! Keep on moving!

Valérie: Welcome back to Royai thread!

Here is my fanart-Roy and Riza
@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - I think I saw some site where you can dl 1 episode of anime per night, free, but can't find it at the moment. I let you know when I find it. smile.gif

@riza'slittlesister - Welcome home!! You read 16 pages of this thread in one night!! That's devotion!! happy.gif
Yap. we went nuts over the "Royainess" of chapte 62!! I know what you mean!! biggrin.gif

@RizaXRoy - I make plenty of mistajes like that on this board!! (And, nobody had killed me so far!! biggrin.gif) And, love your Roy&Riza drawing!!

@Untitled - Very nice drawing of Roy!! And, this is only the second drawing you did on FMA??? Wow, very good!!!

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Nice to see you back!! Hope you had good time at the camp!!
Yes, Roy contacting the general was interesting development!! Can't wait to read the next chapter!! biggrin.gif

@Keoni- Awww, nice Riza drawing!! I love that "Riza touching hair" pose!! happy.gif
And, love your Roy fanfic!! Yap, made me smile!! biggrin.gif

@Nil-chan - I'm having trouble accessing your pages on FFNet!! NOOO!! I want to read them!!
ETA: I can read them now. And, as usual, they are awsome!! You're sooo talented, and it's such a pleasure to read your writings!! happy.gif

@Valérie!! *runs up and hugs her!!* Nice to see you!! happy.gif

@Princess Blade - Yeah, I agree with you about the chess pieces!! smile.gif
@ Untitled: That looks so much like (chibi-fied) Roy! Good job!

@ The NFA: Welcome back! *waves* Well, I didn't expect Roy to "indirectly" contact G.Gruman.. and I hope Arakawa Sensei will reveal what's written in the parchment..

@ Keoni: ohmy.gif It's sooo lovely!! You and your lovely drawings always make me happy. I'm sorry t hear about your scanner, because I always have such problem.. Like Nil-chan have said, the original peice should look more lovely than this.I've read your fic before and I <3 it very much!! X3
It's OK, just take your time to draw Mei-chan for me^^ *hugs* *feels special*

@ Nil-chan: *cries in a dark corner* I want Hyorinmaruu~~ (T^T) Zenbonsakura is alright though..
Yay! Updates!! I'm glad that has given some mercy on you. Now you can post your latest drabbles! Can't wait for more~

Hey, welcome back Valerie! It's been a while.. do make time to read our spams that you had missed..

@ riza'slittlesister: Hmm.. if Roy's serious in his moves. Scar would end up BBQ-ed.. biggrin.gif *prepares BBq saucce*

@ RizaXRoy: You fanart is pretty good too! You drew them in their unfiroms very well!!

EDIT: Ah, Tombow! You post faster than me.. X3
happy.gif Glad you guys like it! I havent really drawn much FMA(2 times onleh). BTW, I DID NOT SNEEZE ON THAT YOU HEAR?!
laugh.gif Anyways, thanks for the comments! I'm now off to play.. Sims.
*is barely caught up* Welcome, anyone I missed...Thank you all for your suggestions, but my sister and I have found a place for our heaven.

Soon as I get my new Royai story up, and the latest chapter of Confessions of a Fuhrer, I'll post a linky link here for you guys. and if you dont' read either mine or Nil-Chan's wonderful, stories, YOU SHOULD!

Tombow, Melriza: I wasn't drawing their uniforms that well..XD.....but thank you so much! Now I'm drawing another royai fanart but not in uniform anymore!.. biggrin.gif

SRH :Don't worry, I will read your fanfics and Nil-chan's too!.. biggrin.gif

The New Fullmetal Alchemist :Sorry I'm late to say welcome back !

Below is the conversation of Roy and Riza in the hospital scene, I copied them from the game!..But I might not write the words so clearly because I don't know japanese!..Does anyone could translate it if have free time?..Maybe Tombow ?..hehe
Princess Blade
Thanks for transcribing that!

Aiyaaaaaaa, all i can read is the Kana. *cries* However, I think they're talking about events in the game...
EEEE I wish I could read that! *cries* But I'm an english freak, and know very, very, very little japanese.
Awww thank you Nil-chan, Mel-chan and Tombow *groupglomps* I'm so happy cuz you guys like it, it really means a lot to me smile.gif *feels all warm and fuzzy inside* And I'm glad I was able to make you smile, that was what I was aiming for happy.gif

@ RizaxRoy: Your Roy and Riza drawing is really good! I like it muchly biggrin.gif
I wish I could read that!

@ SRH: yeah, I should read your fic, too happy.gif *goes off to look for it.

Last night I decide to finish a Roy-drawing I started on in Turkey.. (mainly because Mei was being downright evil to me dry.gif Why? why won't it come out right? T_T )
So i scanned it... and now I want to chuck my scanner out of the window harr. So I took a picture instead smile.gif
My Roy drawing

@ RizaXRoy: Yay~ You're drawing another one! Draw them in bathsuits please..
About the conversation, I can only read the katakana and understand the meaning of some kanjis because they look like chinese charaters.. Xd

@ Keoni: Wow! That's a very cool Roy drawing!! I like his pose! Well done~ biggrin.gif
I know how you feel about evil scanners, my earlier artbook scans were totally ruined by my friend's scanner. At least my cousins' is better than hers.. dry.gif

I had nothing better to do while staying up late. I made a nice report at the Gallery station.. I'm tired, gotta get some sleep.. I was thinking of drawing a Roy and Riza bath-tub scene since I can't draw a guy's body.. I could try to do a shower scene, see what my hands say..

*Wha?! It's 4a.m.?!*
@RoyXRiza: Thank you very much!!!!

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