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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@Sakura-Kissu:WelcOME!!!! Have fun here!! ^__^

@ Nil-chan: I believe Misha-chan will scan it for us smile.gif And thank you! *hugs* You know it was you who made me decide to take up graphics happy.gif Oh, you changed your sig a bit, I see. (those Chinese signs weren't there before, were they? ) Now it looks even greater biggrin.gif

@ Sakura-kissu: Welcome to the awesomeness of the royai thread! Nice to meet you happy.gif
Princess Blade
Royai Chapter 62 discussion from the livejournal community hagaren_manga

Gah! I love you guys, I keep refering to you guys to my family that you're all my Royai family, and I need you to chatter to about the best couple in the world.


Roy's just a guy with a flame for a girl with a gun.

Riza's just a girl with a gun and the hotts for a guy with a flame. *snickers*

Lt. Misha Mustang
I love your avatar!! sharpshooter

Yea I will try to scan it hope it doesnt mess up like it did last time. I wodner if the magazine is still in toy r us. *runs to the store*
Will someone please tell me how to ptu my beautiful siggy made by Nil-Chan into my signature?

@ Lt. Misha Mustang: Thankies!
Princess Blade
Do you have a link to the pic? That is, can you upload it to photobucket or another picture server? Once you do, click your 'edit my signature' link. Then, click the insert-image icon (it's the tree pic on the toolbar beneath font & size), insert the URL and *poof*. smile.gif
@Misha - Please, please scan it!!! biggrin.gif Thank you!!!

@Princess Blade - Thanks for the link!! So much Royai talk all around us, it's AWSOME!! happy.gif

@Sakura-Kissu - WELCOME to the board!!
And, welcome to one of the nicest threads on the board!! biggrin.gif

@No_One -Your welcome greeting is pretty impressive, too!! I like it!! happy.gif

@Keoni- Sqee!! Lovely avi/sig of Roy and Royai!!
And, that brings to the question of my "sigless" status...
It's simple... I'm being lazy!!! Tehehe!! (Guilty giggle!!) laugh.gif
(You also noticed that I've been using the same avi like, forever!! I'm awful!! XDDD)

@Nil-chan: - OH!! That word in chinese characters, it's sooo fitting for them!!
The word means "Royality" or "Faithfully Royal" or something in that line, right??
I totally dig it!! happy.gif
*Is painfully typing her tragic Royai love story* Thank you all *cries* I want you all to read the first chapter when I toss it out on You'll love it. Angsty and CHOCK FULL OF ROYAI!!!!!!
^^^ Awww, can't wait to read it!!! happy.gif

And, about how to add the sig...
As Princess Blade has posted, if the sig pic comes with Nil-chan's Photobucket album URL, and Nil-chan said ok to use that address, AND the board would accept that URL as yours, then you don't need to rehost it. Just proceed to "My Controls", "Edit signature"...
If not, right click on the sig pic, and choose "Save image as... " (or something like that) and save the pic to your computer first.
Next, upload it from your computer to Photobucket (need to register, but FREE) or ImageShack (no need to register) or some other on-line image hosting account of your choice, then use the pic's URL from there as your URL for the sig.
Then, proceed to "My Controls", "Edit signature", and using the image function...
[image]URL of your sig pic[/image]
You put this line in your sig editing space, then hit "Update my Signature".
That should work, I think... happy.gif

If you run into some problem, post and let us know. ^^
@Tombow: THANK YOU *hugs you*
@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Awww, nice Royai sig!! Glad it worked!! biggrin.gif

(Oh, and, you can also add a small line, like, "Thanks Nil-chan for my awsome sig!!" or something like that in your sig space also.) happy.gif
OOOOOOO I love this place, and it all started with a link from DeviantArt *chuckles*
ed's numbuh 1 fan
QUOTE(Tombow @ Aug 15 2006, 01:32 AM) [snapback]432879[/snapback]

@Keoni- Sqee!! Lovely avi/sig of Roy and Royai!!
And, that brings to the question of my "sigless" status...
It's simple... I'm being lazy!!! Tehehe!! (Guilty giggle!!) laugh.gif
(You also noticed that I've been using the same avi like, forever!! I'm awful!! XDDD)

i could give ya a signature wink.gif XD kidding kidding,
though i always DID wonder why you only change your avatar and signature on holidays rolleyes.gif

-ahem- i'm new to the thread i'm more of a EdwardxWinry Fan but Roiai is cute also, i like all pairings ...exept yaoi/yuri and such ^^;

anyway, you all have such pretty signatures i've noticed laugh.gif and....uh...i hope to see you around i guess

Roiai rocks mah second pair of socks!!! : D
ed's numbuh 1 fan!! Hugs!!
WELCOME to the Royai thread!! biggrin.gif
I knew that somewhere under that board ID of yours is Royai fan hiding to be exposed!! biggrin.gif
And, yap, I do holiday avi/sig specials, and then other times I get pooped out and be lazy!! laugh.gif

QUOTE(sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye @ Aug 15 2006, 01:50 AM) [snapback]432899[/snapback]
OOOOOOO I love this place, and it all started with a link from DeviantArt *chuckles*
@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - I think that's wonderful!! Spread the words, spread the circle of Royai friends, and spread the Royai goodness!! Tehehe, hope that makes any sense!! biggrin.gif
Ok.. I'm back. This thread moves fast! I just read chapter 62 now.(Darn you school!)
And I just cant wait for 63!!!!! laugh.gif Ok, for now I shall... Do nothing!
What a torture you guys give me today.. *groan* 3 pages in a day after being out of the house for 10hrs.. XP

@ Misha: That picture was used in armour anime? Do scan that page!!

@ Edamame, SRH, Untitled & Keoni: You guys have awesome siggies!! So shiny and now my eyes burn..

@ Tombow: Thanks^^ I feel like making a new one later.. I'm too lazy.. XD

@ Nil-chan: Dang! You've changed your siggie again?! That was fast.. I love what the chinese words meant n your sig, it's sooo LingxRanFan -ish!! I wasn't sure what it means unitl Tombow mentioned it <my chinese has gone rusty after more than a year of not using it..

WELCOME to the Royai thread ed's numbuh 1 fan!! Yeah, Royai ROCKZ! Here with us, we'll turn you into Roai fans just like everyone else.. Just kiddin'..

BTW, I've found this wonderful image at google sometime ago.. Click me!
MeLRizA that's such a nice pic!! The credit for the sig should go to Nil-chan happy.gif
laugh.gif Hope your eyes didnt hurt that bad! 3 pages IS kinda hard..
@ tombow: *laughs* I see. laugh.gif And I'm really glad you like my sig 'n avi smile.gif

@ ed's numbuh 1 fan: Hi! *waves* Welcome to the Royai thread (yeah, i know it's spelled wrong happy.gif) Hope you'll enjoy your stay.

@ Mel: Awwww that pic is just too kawaii for words!
Oh, and thanks for the siggy comment happy.gif (I told you I would get tired of the other one in 3 days, remember XD)
@Keoni: I LOVE your siggie and avatar XD
Roy Jr.
Whew! Finally caught up.

(sigs and avatars: realy cool)

'Bout time I post something, I'm getting tired of arguing with people in General Discussion.
People in this thread are so nice I wonder how they can get along with some people in this site

Thank you Nil-chan for making me a sig!
I didn't really want a sig though.
I just wanted you to teach me how to make one. tongue.gif

But thanks anyway! Your'e really nice ya know! laugh.gif

Welcome ed's(?) numbah 1 fan!!!

Hope you stay! People are really nice and rabid here. tongue.gif
Oh noes. I'm late. xD
@ Reika: Thank you! biggrin.gif Your avi speaks the truth! lol love it!

@ CoffeAlchemist: Hi! Welcome to the Royai thread! It's nice to meet you! Hope you'll enjoy your stay happy.gif
You say you're late? For what? (It's never too late to start your Royai obsession XD)
btw: I do love your gorgeous sig!

@ Roy jr.: If you wanna know how to make sigs, I suggest you go and read some online tutorials, like the ones here (if you have photoshop )- > Try this or this. They cover most of the basics. Then go an download some brushes and stuff et voila! *points at own siggy*

As for your other question. It's my believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if I don't agree with them at all. happy.gif
Oh! Nil-chan you have been working hard. I like the siggys : D.

Welcome !!! ed's numbuh 1 fan and CoffeAlchemist!!! Have fun here!!
Thanks for all the welcomes, everyone! ^^ BTW, I wrote a Royai drabble thing on Fanfiction about Chapter 62, if anyone wishes to read it. ^^

My Fanfiction URL
Welcome to the thread Coffee Alchemist, Ed's Numbah 1 Fan, and Sakura-Kissu. I hope that you have a great time here. tongue.gif

On another note, I cannot believe the alarming rate that people post in this thread. I go away for a couple of hours and there are three pages of posts.
@ Edamame: You noticed? this is nothing happy.gif trust me. It can go much faster than this. like on Royai Day... 7 pages in one day I believe.

@ Sakura-kissu: As i said in my review, I thought it to be very sweet. Poor Roy...
QUOTE(Keoni @ Aug 15 2006, 11:25 PM) [snapback]432956[/snapback]

@ CoffeAlchemist: Hi! Welcome to the Royai thread! It's nice to meet you! Hope you'll enjoy your stay happy.gif
You say you're late? For what? (It's never too late to stop your Royai obsession XD)
btw: I do love your gorgeous sig!
Aa- I think you meant "never too late to start your Royai obsession" happy.gif
Don't worry about the siggie, I'm kinda bored of mine and I feel like changing. Just that I haven't had the time to make a good set..

@ Roy Jr: Yes, you know it I got tired of making posts there too Skip that laugh.gif;; If you want more tutorials, here's the linky Nil-chan had gave me. It's pretty good. If you want photoshop brushes links, just PM me happy.gif I hope they're up to your liking..

Yup, it's never too late to start obsessing over Royai CoffeAlchemist! WELCOME to the ROyai thread, where we, obsessed dedicated Royai fans make Royai-ish spams all over.. blah.. blah.. Enjoy your stay~ BTW, U <3 your siggie, it's soo Royai-ish, too much of it such that my eye burns again.. XD *covers eye*

@ Sakura Kissu: Oh Em Gee~ That was uber-Royai!!
@Mel: *slaps herself* Man I'm stupid!
*laughs* that is indeed what I meant. *shakes head* What can I say? Insomnia is killing my brain laugh.gif

*runs off to fix post
People type too much! lol, jk, i love it when you guys post a lot. happy.gif

Lol, yes, i changed my sig a little... it's supposed to say 'loyalty'... i decided it was to plain.. so i added some prettyness.

@CoffeeAlchemist & Ed's Numbuh 1 Fan:Welcome to the-most-awesome-five-hundred-and-thirty-seven-pages-long-thread-of-all-time-because-it-is-based-on-the-wonderful-pairing-of-Roy-Mustang-and-Riza-Hawkeye-who-so-obviously-belong-together-and-the-thread-that-is-home-to-all-the-awesome-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-anyone-else-and-who-are-also-the-nicest-people-on-earth-and-are-very-welcoming-and-amazing. Sit back , enjoy your stay here, and have fun with the royai! (And CoffeeAlchemist: I LOVE your avy!! Poor Ichi... tongue.gif)

@Tombow: Lol, i love your avvy... it's sort of how i ikind of recognise you. happy.gif (i kind of identify with people by the first avvy they had when i met them...) Oh, and just to make this clear, anyone is welcome to use any links they want from my photobucket...
Princess Blade
Yeaaaaaah...I'm having fun trying to keep up. tongue.gif Oi vay. T.T

@CoffeeAlchemist & Sakura-kissu & Ed's Numbah 1 Fan
It's great to see new people! Welcome!!
Yes, people, this page grows fast O__O!!! XD And will go on growing !!!!
Welcome CoffeeAlchemist and Ed's Numbah 1 Fan!!! Hope you have fun on the thread that's more like a family.

@CoffeeAlchemist: Your siggy is love. <3

@Mel-chan: That pic you posted wasn't that the one you had to post for my "The next person to post..." thread?

@Tombow: I identify that avvi with you. When I see that pic else where I think of you. BTW thanks for complementing my poor greeting skills.

@Sakura-Kissu: Two things first, like I said on your fic was sweet and tugged at my heart strings. Second about your avvi, just where is that from? It's bugging me.
Hmm I haven't changed my avvi in a long time. Maybe I should?
@MeLRizA - That Royai pic is so sweet!!

@Untitled and Roy Jr. - Glad you're back!! biggrin.gif
@Roy Jr. - I've read your thread about having trouble accessing this board, and I was wondering if you were still having problem with the board.. smile.gif

@CoffeAlchemist - Welcome to one of the nicest threads on the board!!
That sig is totally Royai!! biggrin.gif
Anytime is good time to join this thread. I'm glad you found us!! happy.gif

@Sakura-Kissu - Thanks for your fanfiction link!! Short but, oh so Royai!! biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Edamame @ Aug 15 2006, 11:35 AM) [snapback]432972[/snapback]
On another note, I cannot believe the alarming rate that people post in this thread. I go away for a couple of hours and there are three pages of posts.
Tehehehe!!! @Edamame - Yap, that's us!!! laugh.gif
This is one of the most active/fastest growing threads, and longest FMA character discussion thread on the board!! (And, one of the nicest, IMO. happy.gif )
Sometimes it moves so fast, it makes me dizzy, too!!

@Nil-chan and No_One - Awww, thanks!! I'm glad you aprove of me and my avatar. happy.gif
Princess Blade
Randomness from me will ensue!

I'm proud to note that I now will wake up to the sight of Royai every morning, lol. XD

IPB Image
And the pic was taken from the bed--digitally zoomed 3.0x so that you can see the poster, lol. I -heart- the poster. *squee*

Obsessed much? Just a smidge. wink.gif
^^ @Princess Blade - Nice!! happy.gif
So, when you go to sleep, Roy and Riza are right there watching over you!! biggrin.gif
Princess Blade
My heroooooooes. lol. wink.gif
@ Keoni: You're getting old Yesh! Another person has caught my insomnia~ *cheers* Nah, just kidding..

QUOTE(No_One @ Aug 16 2006, 08:58 AM) [snapback]433196[/snapback]

@Mel-chan: That pic you posted wasn't that the one you had to post for my "The next person to post..." thread?
Oh darn! You remembered it!! ohmy.gif lolx..

@ Roy Jr: Don't worry, I have problems making posts too, I always get kicked to forum index whenever I click the "Add Reply" button. It always happens such that now I'mgetting used to copying my text before posting..

@ Princess Blade: I WANT YOUR POSTER!!! PM me your addie and I'll definitely raid your room.. ph34r.gif Bwahaha~

@ Tombow: You haven't changed your avvy for a long time, that makes you so recognisable happy.gif And it's a good thing.. Heh heh.. Shall I change my avvy everyday so that people can't identify me? Ahaha.. *touch wood, I'm too lazy and busy for that..*

CT for this thread: *it just popped up when I was eating ice-cream*
I've visited the Yaoi thread and view some of the posts inside and got my eye burnt badly. I think we should be very proud of our fandom. At the Yaoi thread, they talked about all male FMA characters and sometimes from other anime too. Here, we talk almost purely Roy and Riza and this thread is much more longer than theirs. Behold the power of 2 against the many~
ed's numbuh 1 fan
haha laugh.gif this thread is as bad as Penny XD
ah and thank you for all the welcomes, your making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside tongue.gif

MeLRizA : you mean the Edxwinry thread is'nt even popular? X3 kidding kidding :3 think this thread is longer then the Yaoi thread.....

ack o_O i don't think thats humainly possible laugh.gif
Yaoi? What's that? laugh.gif kiddin'. I never really go to any yaoi thread in gaia online. Yeah, I find it strange too! In gaia, yaoi threads go faaaaaasssstt... Good to know that its not like that in this site!
I'm currently "trying" to draw Roy... Then Riza... Then both of them.... If I could.. I'm in a good mood! My test scores arent THAT bad! In fact, I'm kinda high in the class! Wee!! (Ok, sorry for being off topic that time happy.gif )
Mel, Roy Jr. : yes I also have some troubles with this site.
Wow, again so many new people. Welcome to the awesome Royai thread!

@ Tombow - I love your avvy too happy.gif Every time I see that pic, or the first ending of the anime, it reminds me of you. When you had another avvy, like on a special day, it just seemed weird to me laugh.gif

@ Princess Blade - That's an awesome poster! Waking up with that sight must be great ^^ I want one too so I don't have such a bad mood in the morning XD

I'm getting tired of this kind of 'war' between the Royai fans and the Yaoi fans *sigh* What does it all matter?
Gasp squee! Galorfilinde, that's my computer in your sig!! Yay!! High^5! Macs are awesome... wink.gif And i kind of agree with you, too. I have some friends who like yaoi... (hugs Galorfilinde) and even though there are those who are really nasty... i don't want to judge people for that.

lol... even though we are supposedly 'spammy', we're all still friendly with one another and always have fun posting here... and most of the time our discussion does revolve around Royai. Ok, so sometimes we don't have a really serious conversation, but we all love eachother, so it's all good. happy.gif

Lol, i drew a picture of Roy, Riza, Winry and Ed... and they look really young(well, Roy and Riza do... it's kind of funny. I'll try to get it online if my evil camera willl cooperate, since i have no scanner.... Grr.
blink.gif @ Princess Blade: J/K I LOVE THAT POSTER TOO! *squeals*

To everyone else : Sorry for my lack of response, for I have been deeply lost in my Royai writings, and you can all expect great things from me! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!
QUOTE(Galorfilinde @ Aug 16 2006, 07:37 PM) [snapback]433383[/snapback]

I'm getting tired of this kind of 'war' between the Royai fans and the Yaoi fans *sigh* What does it all matter?

Aa- I'm terribly sorry to bring this up guys.. but yeah, so sorry to bring this up again~ sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif OK, I won't talk about yaoi anymore here.. BTW, you avvy and siggie is beautiful!! I'm not a huge Gackt fan, but I <3 him "Mizerable" and "Story". I wish to hear more of his great hits..

*I need to get a new set, everyone's changing theirs..*

@ Untitled & Nil-chan: Can't wait to get a peep of your artworks~ You guys make me feel like drawing one.. and that reminds me of something I owe to Galorfilinde.. *feels guilty*

@ SRH: Ehehe.. I'm expecting.. XP
@ Nil-chan - Yay, another Mac user!! I'm jealous, I want an iMac too! I just got a iBook G4. But I love it happy.gif

@ MeL - Aww, don't feel guilty. I have to admit that I'm pretty lazy too, I haven't been working on the calendar for some time. I'm more busy with photography and drawing lately. But I'll make sure our Royai calendar will be finished in december laugh.gif

Talking about the calendar, I've got something now from Reika, Blue_Haven, Jelly_Belly, SsleepyAlly, Chibi Viki and myself (it could be that I forgot someone). I selected them from Royai day, it are the ones with the best quality.

To everybody who doesn't know about the calendar:
I'm making a special Royai calendar, with art from the members of this forum. If you want your art in the calendar too, please send me something! It's very welcome happy.gif Please make sure it is good quality, or the images will look bad if you print the calendar. Preferably complete works, not just a doodle or quick uncolored drawing. Of course, uncolored drawings are ok if they are meant to be black/white, with shading and stuff. Don't hestitate to send it!

If your better at writing than drawing, that's great too. I'll add quotations from fanfics to the calendar happy.gif Just send me the line of your fic you want in it, and I'll add it. If you don't know which line you want in it, I'll just select one. But it's easier for me if you just tell me, because everyone here writes a lot fanfics.
I'll give everyone credit in the calendar. If you don't want to tell your real name, I'll just add your nickname you have on this board.

And, I need to know everyone's birtday, so I can add them! Not everyone has their birthday on their profile. If you want your birthday, art or fanfic quote on the calendar, just PM me. That's much easier than posting it in this thread, because it's growing too fast. Thank you!

You can also mail it all to me if you want:

That was a long post... XD
What a lovely poster Princess Blade and your signature is so sweet. (I visited that fan-art site, and the artwork is beautiful)

Galorfilinde: What a wonderful idea! I cannot wait to see the finished product. It should be really neat because there are so many talented artists and writers here.
@ Galorfilinde: *laughs* That was indeed a long post. I can only hope to ever recah such lengths *is a notourious short post person* XD I would love to help you with your calander, but my drawing skillz are... not that good *cough* awfull *cough* So I'll just send you a quote 'keej?

@ Mel: I'm not old! Yay, Mel's fanart! Can't wait! You should sent your Royai!Hommunculi in for the callender! I loved those.

@ Untitled: Fanart! you're making me curious happy.gif

@ Princess: I want that poster! biggrin.gif

@ ed's numbuh 1 fan: *nods* yup, fast and uberposting, that's us biggrin.gif As bad as "Penny"? No way XD
Love your Alphonse sig and avi! Especially the bg!

Right.. I was googling for pics when I found this. You guys might have seen it (i dunno happy.gif ) but it made the Royfangirl in me go *gasp and squeeee* so I thought I'd share it with you guys smile.gif
I love that picture Keoni! . Two wonderful FMA men in the same artwork. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
Thanks for posting that pic Keoni! *saves* I'm gonna use it as wallpaper biggrin.gif Roy and Hughes in their younger years, right? I won't say what the fangirl in me is thinking when I see that pic, or I'll get myself killed here tongue.gif
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