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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Princess Blade
Hee-hee, thanks. ^^''

And as for Roy & Riza's office scene, I completely agree with you:

[spoiler]I loved how he became so happy, albeit surprised, when she came in; uber cute. smile.gif Also, after she leaves (T.T), he makes that wonderful analogy to the chess pieces--that Bradley had taken everyone, including the queen (*coughrizacough*), but that "it was too soon for checkmate." WHOOT! GO ROY! Let's hope he gets his girl back (and the rest of his staff, of course <.< >.>). wink.gif[/spoiler]

Royai goodness = *SQUEE*

PS: This isn't related to Royai, but it's definitely Fullmetal-related.
A pic taken at Anime Overdose 2006 (August 4-6). Just think "Chibi." **wink**
*squeels, rolls on the floor screaming, more high-pitched screaming, last sream, flops on the ground and dies*

OMGosh!! Chapter 62 has been released when was asleep and some translations were done when I was in school!! I must be in heaven~ <3 I almost couldn't download it because I need a LJ account, until paca saved me in the Royai Forums (Thanks girl! You rawk!!).

@ No_one: Loved all your writings!! They're sooo sweet! Write more Royai fluffs, although there's a tendency for everyone to go a little OOC when doing it.. Nevahmind!

@ Lt Misha Mustang: I've never met you before but WELCOME to the thread!! Do come and check in for updates in this thread more often. Enjoy your stay here!!

@ Tombow: You're welcome! Sorry for the rather crappy scans though..

@ princess blade: You've spoiled me soooo badly with your spoiler and Ijust can't wait~ BTW, is the girl in the pucture you? Love your gentle eyes and I wanna squeeze those cheeks so badly, soooo cute!

*goes off to read new chappie*
*goes downstairs for ice-cream*

AAAAA!!! I need scnalations now~

@ Reika: You're doing it?! Yay!! *bounces*
^^ @Reika - I know what you mean!!
I'm going SQEEEE!! with Royai happiness!! biggrin.gif
When I saw that [spoiler]"Even Queen was taken away" comment by Roy on page 41[/spoiler] I was like, "YESSSSS!!! We scored a home-run!!!" laugh.gif
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHAT ABOUT:
[spoiler] ELIZABETH-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw, I think I'm gonna translate that as "My little Elizabeth", I don't want to take the chan away xDDD [/spoiler]



Tombow, tell us anything that might be wrong translated please ^^
@Reika - Yap. "Elizabeth-chan"!!! XDDDD laugh.gif

And, great job with the translation!!
Just a few minor stuff I'm thinking...

Page 38, bottom left panel: I might do... Roy: "So, I should be careful while I'm out." Or something like that...

Page 39, top right panel: Roy's...that's "escort", as in bodygourd, right?? Just doublechecking...
Then, go down to the second box, far left, Roy's "kurou wo kakeru" comment... I believe Roy is appologizing for leading Riza into hardships, the current situation of Riza being taken as a hostage, and also pre-appologizing for her upcoming trouble, of being forced to work as a Bradley's aid, because she had followed him.
That's followed by, (going down to the next panel, far right,) Riza taking that Roy's words, and answering back by saying that she might have had made a wrong choice in picking Roy as a person she would follow to (she does not really mean it. She is only jokingly extending his line of thinking that because of him, Riza is facing a trouble,) I think. Of course the answer is "no she did not pick the wrong person" hence, Riza is saying "no Roy is NOT causing her the hardship ...he is not leading/had lead Riza into the current and upcoming trouble."
Yeah, it's very round about way of Roy saying "I'm sorry" and Riza saying "No apologies necessary," I think.

Page 42, bottom right panel: Roy's "keiki" comment, I believe the literal translation is "I came to play to enliven my life for a change." biggrin.gif

Thank you for the great translation!! happy.gif
haha thank you tombow, I don't get that kind of things, I'll post this in the other thread too. THANKS!!
@Reika - I'm being duly impressed with your translation skills!! happy.gif
@Tombow: no way XDDDDDDDDD
Thanks Reika!!!
Thanks tombow!!!!!!!!!

Roy Mustard
Just to make note of...I'm scainning the drawings right now...take time.

Crap...I need to find otu how this stupid scanner works. It's taking longer than I thought.

Okay, so I scanned Rizqa first. Size wrong. *goes back*
yay! can't wait for your drawings!! so much royai for a day!
@Roy Mustard - That sounds great!!

I'm in Royai heaven today!!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Tombow @ Aug 11 2006, 07:54 PM) [snapback]431271[/snapback]

I'm in Royai heaven today!!! biggrin.gif

I'm overdosaged with Royai too... I feel like it's Royai day once more.. *sigh*

@ Roy Mustard: I just can't wait to see them!! Hurry, scan them in~

I'm working on a Roy siggie for another forum, it seems to take me forever to cut the picture..
Roy Mustard

Okay here's one to let you know I;'m still here. The scanner went wrong...I don't know why it cuts my drawings. It's all dry.gif gone small.
Riza shooting gun, but the scanner cut the gun off.

Riza in a loveheart...the apples hae been cut by the scanner > >

More to go....I'm scannign these again back in Shanghai
Roy-shower is going to take long..grown ups are here and they can be watching.
Anyway, here's the restaurant one., It's in pieces since I can;t get them all into one.

I never knew there was a Royai day. o.0
Royai 1

Hang on. Got to go for a while!
@ Roy Mustard: Those are uber-AWESOME!! Your "abstract" like style makes all those drawings feel so comforting, especially the 4th one. Great job!! Do more Royai drawings if you had the chance^^

*now I have no face to draw anymore.. Roy Mustard is so young and he's too good!* tongue.gif
Roy Mustard
Well I didn't like Riza Apples. Thanks to someone who did not wipe the mess after dinner, her face got stained and I had to use WHITE OUT to colour her face, then colour pencils and it looks weird. Mum just insulted me about my drawings. So used to her... dry.gif laugh.gif

Okay...Roy shower coming up.

By the way, we could make Royai poems...
This is no spoiler but highlight anyway. If I were Roy and this were to Riza. (It's perverted!!! So don't read if you get offensed by these stuff)

Me as Roy poem 1: [spoiler]Roses are read, female butts're wide, I like her cleavage and what's beside! *Roy laughs* *Riza gives those famous, three line by the head signs* [/spoiler]

me as Roy poem 2:[spoiler] *If Roy and Riza were married and had pets) *Roy spekaing randomly* The bunnies are fed, I let the dogs out, honey(Riza) I love your chest, and those things that's bulging out!!! laugh.gif [/spoiler]

To RoyaiFreya-If you're new (Seeing you only made a post) welcome, but just to give a warning again, don't read the poems if you're pure.
Bl**dy h3ll, you're dirty minded!! Ack! We're the same, I <3 your poems.. They're really good gags!! Wahaha.. I understand how you feel about scanners that destroy your drawings, I just had a taste of it.. *kicks scanner although it's not mine*

I've just made this siggie.. Tell me how you think about it..
IPB Image
Roy Mustard
It's like CHOCOLATE!!! I love it, and it's the EXACT same picture on my poker card.
Post more tommorrow...bye

HANG ON!!! GOD! KISS KISS KISS! THE BLOODY scanner IS NOW WORKING! I'm the genius..mWA HAHA...of course, being the genius in this idiotic school is nothing to be proud of. =)

[spoiler]He actually used QUEEN?!? wub.gif *dies, goes to join Hughes in Royai heaven* I have DEFINATELY read a fic with this allusion! Wait for it... I will find that fic... It was good! Actually there were two: This one is very Royai, centered around the Queen This one is less so, more general, but there are lines that are amazing. The whole thing is very well written too.

Ok, now I'm just dying to see the scanlations as a whole! [/spoiler]

Wow, sorry to all of the (very strong) holdouts. I admire/envy your resolve. dry.gif smile.gif (yes, I had to make sure I got in enough smilies)
@Roy Mustard: awww thank you very much!!! they are really cute!!! ^0^ May I join with you in royai heaven? should we change the date of the royai day to this one?? lol, or mabe another royai day?????? because I surely I'm in royai heaven....
Yes, this is officially a new Royai Day!!!

Roy Mustard: Those are great! Sorry I didn't comment earlier, we posted at the same(ish) time!

Royai Heaven Roll Call:

Hughes, Maes?
---Get married already!
blink.gif Riza'slittlesister?
---Scanlations! Please???
rolleyes.gif Reika?
---A new Royai Day!
dry.gif They're insane.

I had just developed another crack theory. Madam Christmas is Pride! LOL. (No, not really. Hahaha. Am just playing around.) But really. Roy takes the whole thing as a chess game. He better not lose, considering the fact that he only won one game to Grumman.

Roy Mustard... YOU'RE GOING TO DRAW A ROY SHOWER? OMG. I cannot wait, since your art is so awesome!

Princess Blade
I'm sorry my spoiler made you look at the chapter. *HUGGLES* And also, thank you for the compliment--I've never had anyone tell me my eyes were gentle-looking, lol. ((If you're wondering who I'm posing with, it's Edward's English voice actor--the sweet and hilarious Vic Mignogna. ^^))

@Reika & Tombow
Thanks for the translated Royai section. smile.gif But, would you know what the last couple of pages are saying? I tried to translate it myself, but it sounds a little off:

[spoiler]Something along the lines of Grumman being contacted by Madame Christmas, and his bolded line in the big bubble on the last page had to do with an "old person"'s full name or whatever... See, I don't know, lol. ^^[/spoiler]
Roy Mustard: Lovely illustrations. I especially like the one of Roy and Riza; the pastels add a nice touch. Your Roy poems are certainly amusing and I'm agreeing with MelRiza that you have a dirty mind. laugh.gif

Eina: Not to sound stupid, but may I ask who Madam Christmas is?
Princess Blade
She's a character in chapter 62, featured towards the end. smile.gif
QUOTE(Princess Blade @ Aug 11 2006, 06:54 PM) [snapback]431360[/snapback]

She's a character in chapter 62, featured towards the end. smile.gif

Thank you Princess. I am currently on chapter 59, so I have a little more to read until I find out who she is. I'll try not to read any spoilers in the meanwhile.
I spoiler this because is an opinion after reading chapter 62
[spoiler]With all that of the democracy and the murders they have no "future", their destiny is soo limited, It will be other reason to "don't have a life (family, for example)" TT_____TT[/spoiler]
Princess Blade
You're very welcome. smile.gif I hope you enjoy chapters 59-62. ^^

I'm confused by your theory. ^^"" Is it related to chapter 62?
QUOTE(Princess Blade @ Aug 11 2006, 04:22 PM) [snapback]431373[/snapback]

I'm confused by your theory. ^^"" Is it related to chapter 62?

Ok . I was meaning after reaching their goal, what's next?, maybe nothing very happy and good, there is a cost that they should pay for all the things they have done (Ishbal). So, if they make a "happy life" it would be harder..... (did I explain myself, I'm not sure haw to explain it in Eglish XD). I mean it is only one more reason to behave in that way.
HAPPY ROYAI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!1

Drawn at work lol xD


I suppose they do have their dreams, as for the [spoiler] king and queen lol xD [/spoiler] but they are aware that's something they may never get. Dreams are free, right?
OMG it's here! It was here already. man I need to some catching up!

It's full of Royai isn't it! *runs off to check it out*
It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas Royai day!!

Anyway I just love the new chapter!!!!! I can't wait until until it's all translated!

Thanks everyone who comented on my fics. I'll try to write more.

*My moms rushing me g2g*
Ahh. Sorry Edamame ><

@Paca - Hmm. You have a point, as tragic as it might be. ;_; </3. Kowing Roy he might have a way to fix/remedy that.

Hopefully. And yes. He did refer to him and Hawkeye as those two specific chess pieces, so who knows,lol. tongue.gif

DARN IT!!! And again I didnt read the past pages..
This thread goes really fast and I still have to study!
Oh well..

So um... what's up?
Untitled: Everyone is currently spazzing about Chapter 62, which will be coming out soon. We're all really excited because there IS Royai in it. biggrin.gif I won't specify what, but it's there! I'm sorry you have to study, that's not fun. I start school in a few weeks. *shiver* Oh well. I'll enjoy the summer while I can!

I still haven't read a full translation! I want to see the scanlation before I start my 11 hour car ride to the beach! Ah, 11 wonderful hours in a car with my younger siblings! I'm soooo excited. So yeah... unless the scanlations come out in the next few hours, this is the last time I'll post for a week! I'll miss you guys, but I'll have lots to read when I come home!

Do svidanya!
*insert crashes and screaming here*
Why *crash* isn't *bang* the *boom* scanlation *screech* done *random explosion* yet? *dies terribly* All of you people are going on and on and on... it's like a royaigasm and i'm not feeling the love here! Why oh why can i not read japanese?!?!?! *stabs self with a rusty spork*
Sorry Nil-Chan. I broke my oath of never looking at the raw.

*hides in shame*

It was worth it for the AlxMei and RoyxRiza
Princess Blade
*revives Nil-chan*

When there's Royai swarming the web, I cannot resist. No matter what. *cries* I tried translating/scanlating the Royainess of chapter 62, but the lovely Reika did a fantastic job doing it. ^^' This chapter's a good read.

Sooooo good. *cries*

PS: My boyfriend suggested I give you a rustproof spork. *gives*
AWw, thanks, Princess Blade...

@Summoner Colette: Gasp!!! You broke the oath? No.... I thought... i thought we had something special!!! *cries* jk, i don't mind. It must have been really good for you to have broken the oath..
Ooh.. Yay!! Chapter 62!! I really really really really cant wait!(seriously I cant!)
I'm entertaining myself by listening to music, bothering my friends and yeah... happy.gif
Roy Mustard
Is chapter 62 the one where Roy find out that the fuhrer is a homunculi?

And yeah I'm dirty minded, but I never get further than that. I think.

When is Royai day, and what do you do? o.0
So if there;'s a Royai day, when is the Edwin day?

Roy shower...coming up.

But it's UGLY. I accidently made him too skinny...and I forgot to decorate his bath room! It's plain and ugly so I'm deleting it soon.
I forever will ttay to sketching.
@ No_One: Those fics are really great! *I'm late*

I'm still waiting for the scanlations to be done because it's troublesome to read the translations and RAW at the same time. Anyways, I'm so busy with schoolwork this weekend, so I can't really catch up with chapter 62 discussion =/ and Nil-chan don't worry, I'm with you.. ^^ I still can't fully understand the chapter despite reading all sorts of spoilers. I got myself confused and now I can't think of ways to start my essay.. Darn!! YOU GUYS SPOILED ME TOO MUCH, I SO WANNA BURN MY ESSAY!! laugh.gif

@ Keoni: Eep! We used the same Roy picture for our siggies!! I used mine in the other forum.. Ahaha..

@ Roy Mustard: You'd better draw him with the towel dropping off *drooling all over her room* I just can't wait... *gets drowned by her own drool* There's no EdWin day I guess, I never thought of that because EdWin seems a little canon to me.. Maybe there is but I don't know.. BTW, your cool siggie is special! Because it's your own artwork..

*talks under-drool, still considered as talking underwater*
@ Roy Mustard: You.. *blup* can't.. *brlup* do that!! *blurp-lurp*
Grr.. I cant read japanese!! laugh.gif
I cant wait anymore >.<
@Roy Mustard: no, I think it was chappy 50
Roy Mustard
I really did draw it! Anyway I'm TOO lazy to go find grown ups are here.

by the way, so the 15th book starts from chapter 62?
no, it starts from chapter 58
Hawkeye really looks super cool in that pic! can I have it as an avatar??? pls....
the text translations are completed XD!!!!
*I already want chapter 63 !!!! XD What does that paper say!?? O.o*
Translations are done? YAY! that should mean scanlations should be out soon, right?
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