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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Welcome to the awesome Royai thread!

Edward Elric hates you
Alphones Elric thinks you are cute
Roy Mustang thinks of you as a friend
Winry Rockbell thinks you are nice
Lust wants you to die
Envy thinks you are nice
Gluttony wants to eat you
Scar wants to kill you
Your chances of survivinfg: 63%

Yay, Al likes me. No surprise that Ed hates me. And Roy's my friend that's pretty cool. But ew, Envy likes me tongue.gif
Oh, GOD, riza'slittlesister thank you so much! *famed* Aaaaah! YAY! *reads* Teeeee.
I guess I need to do the quiz again, I didnt see the surviving part.
EDIT: riza'slittlesister, I know Im a pain in the ass, but the pics are so small you can't read the text. LOL don't trouble yourself with that,s'all good anyway, I'll find em somewhere else.
QUOTE(Princess Blade @ Jul 25 2006, 07:58 AM) [snapback]425261[/snapback]

Hey everyone. smile.gif
*waves* WELCOME on board!! Enjoy your stay and absorb as much fun as you like^^ *yes, I'm addicted to POTC, I've watched it 2x and I'm so happy about it* You do seem very nice to be eaten and C-H-E-E-R-S for Royai!! biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Roy Jr. @ Jul 25 2006, 09:56 AM) [snapback]425300[/snapback]
Anyway, can anybody help me make an avatar and a signature?? I'm having trouble with it.
Any tip can do.. smile.gif

Thankies!!!!! laugh.gif...................................................(!!!!!!!!) Hold it! Did u guys say that Nil-chans going away?? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. sad.gif I never got to meet/talk/type/chat blink.gif with her......

You can always ask Nil-chan to get you one but yes, she's currently on vacation ( sad.gif ).. Everyone needs a break from spamming here continuously *and I haven't gotten mine*.. I wouldn't mind helping out though.. Just tell me how you want them to be and give me the link to the pictures you want to use (via PM, or the mods will eat us).. And I'll set off^^ Nil-chan... we miss you..

@ riza'slittlesister : =D Thanks soooo much for the scanlations!! I've almost forgotten about them!! *hugs* I <3 u lady.. \(^o^)/** BTW, that was a good greeting!

@ paca : How do they tabulate the answers to the quizzes? I Envy hates me but my chance of surviving is pretty high.. *yanks her previous post* Hmm.. Thanks for the time to search for them, they're really worth tries, uber-fun!!
O_o Whe?! Why do I keep on getting Ed? Well, yea I like him as much
as I like Roy but... Ha?! "Short" huh? I'll show this darn quiz...
*tries to beat up quiz* Oh, who am I kidding? I AM kinda short...
NO! I'm not telling anyone my height!

O and thanks for the welcomes..
I think my asnwer was more horrible...but I am not gonna tell you all..hehe..*keep it as a secret*

Untitled and Princess Blade@:welcome to awesome royai thread !

Roy Jr.@: Nil-chan will be back after two weeks and she would still take the request for making the sig or avatar.

riza'slittlesister@:You're great in welcoming too!
Oh.. I forgot.. MeLRizA In that quiz thingy, you're not the one with
bad scores.. I AM!!!
Ed and Al thinks I'm cute
Roy thinks I'm hot
Winry thinks I'm nice
Lust doesnt think much of me
Envy thinks I'm nice
Gluttony wants to eat me(what do we expect anyways?)
Scar doesnt notice me
and my survival rate is.... a whopping.... 12%!!!!! wow..?
Roy Jr.


Oh, I didn't mean asking Nil-chan.
I was just disappointed coz she seems so famous in this thread.... And I never got to meet/talk/type/chat with her.

Do you mean she can make cool sigs?

Just joking, I don't want do abuse her kindness..

Thanks for the thought anyway. biggrin.gif

More power to RXR!!!!!!!
@ Untitled : WOW.. Your surviving chance is... pretty low.. all the best..

@ Roy Jr. : Yup, of course she does!! Just look around the forum and you can see some of her wonderful work (people's siggies).. Yup, her work is truly amazing.. You'll get to poke her when she returns^^
Roy Jr.
Umm... I know this is totally out of topic but I just want to have an affirmation.

By reading my posts/replies.....

Do you think I'm only 10? Coz really, I am...

Coz I was really insulted when one guy told me in one discussion (in FMA manga) that I was a lot more than that and when I told him I was really 10 he didn't believe me at all.
Roy Jr. if you are looking for avatars go here there are a lot of good one laugh.gif , look in all the pages.

MeLRizA: What do you mean with "How do they tabulate the answers to the quizzes?":unsure: . I find them already done in the web....
Hmm as usual i peek more than i post but i could not resist to the quizz

Edward Elric think of you as a best friend...dear lord
Alphones Elric thinks you are you are blind
Roy Mustang thinks you are are too baby XD
Winry Rockbell thinks you are nice...i pity ya girl
Lust thinks your ok for a human... woot!
Envy wants gluttony to eat you...meanie
Gluttony wants to eat you...come on gluttony eats everybody
Scar doesn't notice you...good i prefer when its Roy/Greed or Ling XD

I'm glad the latest manga chapters give us so many Royai ...just hope it will not have a tragic end
[spoiler]i am pretty sure Hawkeye's daddy is pride or whatever vilain ..some say timeline does not follow but just look at Mr Elric.. i fear riza becomes a sacrifice or sacrifices herself ...yea i know i should try being optimistic[/spoiler]
Sorry, photobucket causes pictures larger than a certain size get made tiny... mad.gif sad.gif mad.gif grr... But I think MOST of them are big... And I can read the small ones, but I have scary strong close vision. wink.gif Sorry!

Thanks, everybody for the praise for my greeting. It's not as easy as it seems at first. But it's still fun!
Kawool: remember that pride is the first homunculi to be created!!
QUOTE(riza'slittlesister @ Jul 25 2006, 11:45 AM) [snapback]425526[/snapback]

Sorry, photobucket causes pictures larger than a certain size get made tiny... mad.gif sad.gif mad.gif grr... But I think MOST of them are big... And I can read the small ones, but I have scary strong close vision. wink.gif Sorry!

Thanks, everybody for the praise for my greeting. It's not as easy as it seems at first. But it's still fun!

In your photobucket, go To "Account Options" and you you can change your max picture size.
@Kawool: don't even think about that!! Me thinking it is already enough!! let's not send negative vibrations to Arakawa-sensei!!! XDD

visit this site rolleyes.gif VisIt it!!!
Princess Blade
@Summoner Colette
Thanks for that Photobucket tip. ^^

I love that site. *squee* And her fanlisting (Touchstone) has some lovely Royai info too.
Thanks, Summoner Colette!!

Ok, everyone that wants an easier way to read 61, just go to the link on my last post! Sorry, about the issues the first time around!
@Roy Jr. I forgot to say how cute I think your name is. It's very cute. So your only 10? I never would have guessed. And Nil-chan is amazing at making sigs and avies, she made mine! (and I still love my avie)

@Kawool Ahh! Nooooo! (I shouldn't have looked) That can never happen, NEVER! *runs off*
I know, I know... I can imagine that happening, but that's just it: Every time I think I know what'll happen I'm always ridiculously wrong! That's my only little bit of hope. But I can certainly imagine Riza- can't say it... Ack!
QUOTE(riza'slittlesister @ Jul 24 2006, 11:00 AM) [snapback]425130[/snapback]

Welcome Untitled! Hope you like the forum. Don't worry, I came on the 400th page and there was no WAY I was reading all 399 pages before!

RizaXRoy and Jelly Belly! Yay! Other people that got Riza on the quiz! Oh, and I'll try to put the manga pages on my photobucket... I'll let you know when I'm done!

Oh yeah, on the other quiz I got:

Edward Elric think of you as a best friend
Alphones Elric thinks you are cute
Roy Mustang thinks you are hot
Winry Rockbell hates you
Lust wants you to die
Envy thinks you are nice
Gluttony wants to eat you
Scar think you are ok
Your chances of surviving: 52% huh.gif How can that be? I guess Gluttony, Lust and Winry are going to hunt me down.... laugh.gif

I `ve got exactly like you , except that Envy wants Gluttony to eat me, Alphonse doesn`t like me, and Scar wants to kill me.

Paca: I didn`t know it. Thanks for the info.

Untitled and Princess Blade:
Welcome to the Royai Thread, have fun in here!

Roy.jr: I know a lot of 10 years old people from forums, family firends, etc. And you as well as them, express better or have better vocabulary than me. so I belive you.

Oh I made this a couple of days ago.
IPB Image

Untitled and Princess Blade, WELCOME to one of the nicest threads on the board!! smile.gif
Yap, our official welcome host (and an awsome sig maker) Nil-chan is on vacation right now, but we try our best with our welcome greetings!! biggrin.gif
Glad you found this thread!!

I was Houghes in the other quiz... Hmmm
And, I got 57% chance of survival with this quiz.
Edward Elric thiks you are cute
Alphones Elric thinks you are nice
Roy Mustang thinks you are hot
Winry Rockbell hates you
Lust does not think much of you
Envy wants gluttony to eat you
Gluttony wants to eat you
Scar wants to kill you
Roy thinks I'm hot!! BWAHAHAHA!! laugh.gif

Oh, and I was off because I had trouble getting on this site again. (Don't know why. huh.gif )
If Mr. Hawkeye is [spoiler]Pride[/spoiler] then I'll just die.

(Thanks, riza'slittlesister!)
I don think he is..... what makes you think he may be? He uses alchemy, he's supposed to be buried....
@ Kawool : If what is written in your spolier would happen, I shall not continue reading FMA the moment Roy or Riza ***s (its a taboo word here!).. And *takes a deel breath* NNOOOOO~ be optimistic!! Don't think of such negative stuffs.. touch wood!! sad.gif -cries-
But I don't think he's Pride, I still stick on my fact that Pride may be Kimbley. He;s more suitable to be Pride because of his character and actions..

@ paca & Princess Blade : Ehehe.. Do try to find me there^^ I'm one of those rabid lads..

@ Tombow : You're such a loving and kind person, no wonder you're Hughes in another quizz... Yay-ness, Winry Rockbell hates us and Roy thinks we're HOT.. Wahaha.. I hope you do not get anymore problems with this site again.. Nice seeing you posting!

OT : I feel so sorry for Galorfilinde who will be making our Royai calendar.. I haven't sent her my artwork yet because I have no time to get them scanned.. *I need to borrow my cousins' scanner* I should spend less time slacking and get my schoolwork done so that I can move on with that piccy..
Why the f*ck do I always get thrown to the index page almost everytime I make posts? Its my 3rd time posting this message and I still have trouble assessing the page (it takes so long, dammit!).. Bah, I'm getting irriated now.. S.O.S. ..
Pride is a character that we haven't meet before.......
About, riza sacrifice, I think that she has a big chance of dieing.
Besides the fact that I hope this doesn't happen: If Roy and/or (especially) Riza dies I intend to stop reading! And if either of them dies, I think it will be Riza, we've already had a close call for Roy, and with her current situation... she wouldn't want to be a hiderance... But, NO it can't happen! Grrr.... mad.gif
NOOO!! riza and/or roy CANNOT die!!
I just won't ALLOW IT!
Even though I will keep on reading the series if they die, I will be very very sad sad.gif

But I don't think that will happen...roy and riza are both too important characters in the series to die.
(Then again, so was Hughes..)

Sorry I haven't been on for a long time again biggrin.gif
I was on vacation for four days or so rolleyes.gif

oh, and I found this music video..although it has nothing to do with royai or fma.. i thought it was really sad and it would be nice to make a royai music video out of it (too bad I can't make music videos..)
between the two hostages ( w and r) I think that riza is the first in the list to die or get terrible injured TT__TT
Roy Jr.

Just kidding right?


They won't die......

They won't die..........

They won't die.........

Never............... ph34r.gif
I won't accept it.

Ok, on a lighter note: They're still alive, and we can expect them to stay alive for at least another chapter. (Roy won't do anything stupid in 62, there's just not enough time to build it up) So... We can keep looking for Royai moments! Who knows, maybe there'll even be something to convince the skeptics blind people. laugh.gif

Ok, in short: They're still relatively unscathed, so we don't need to start mourning their deaths!
maybe if they died then could be bury together. One next to the other.
why... I mean, WHY?!! are you considering they BOTH are going to die for more than two pages long????? *watery eyes* they WON'T die T^T I know it... ..... .....
or they can be burnt and their ashes can .....
Princess Blade
Aiya, lol, this topic is making me very sad. The thought of a Roy-less or Riza-less FMA would make me cry. ^^'' But personally, I can't shake the feeling that something...well, tragic might happen. *sigh*

In any case, they're still alive and kickin'. Whoot. Go Royai. XD
Roy Jr. you should be soo sad.Think if they died you will inherit very much money!!! $$$$$$
They can't die!

But if one must, maybe they'll have a real Royai moment right before! Something that no one could deny that they were meant for each other, like a kiss! And at the funeral the one that's still alive will cry and say so in a long, sad soliloquy. *sob*

But it won't happen!

They will both live for many more years and get married and have children! One named Roy Jr.

Why the f*ck do I always get thrown to the index page almost everytime I make posts? Its my 3rd time posting this message and I still have trouble assessing the page (it takes so long, dammit!).. Bah, I'm getting irriated now.. S.O.S. ..

Hmm, I don't know but I developed the habit of copying and pasting my whole post into word, so I won't have to retype it and it checks my spelling!
I can't imagine Roy nor Riza dying in FMA. They are both too much of central characters, that there is no way Arakawa-sensei is going to kill either one of them soon, if ever!! rolleyes.gif

I can't wait for the next chapter, for more Royai moments!! smile.gif
yea, tombow I agree. At least they are not going to die for the moment. Besides, my impresion on Roy's message in all the manga is to give us hope and fight for our own innocent wills, to protect people. What would happen if he died? The hopes he's given us would crash down,and that doesn't make much sense.

And I wouldn't sacrifice any of them for a royai kiss momment >.<!!!
I have no idea what happened in the manga to make you think they'll die, but they won't! I won't accept it! I hope Tombow and Reika are right.

Who wants to join me in the FMA Rp? I'll be Riza, and I'm looking for a Roy. We could make it so Royai! laugh.gif
Well, I'm going on vacation first tomorrow, so I won't be here for a week. I'll miss you guys sad.gif You're the greatest people on the forum!
Yeah, I support what Reika & Tombow said too! Any of them can't die, if so FMA manga would crash in hell and we Royai fans would go on riot to make Arakawa Sensei bring them back together.. But yes, they do have a high chance of getting hurt..

@ Galorfilinde : Aww.. After Nil-chan's leave you're leaving too?? sad.gif It would be more quiet than ever now.. I'll miss you lots and so is everyone. Hope you'll be back soon!! About RPing, I wish I could be Roy.. but I have some problems with acting, I don't think I can help and I have no experience..

OT : Another cousin of mine has left for Australia (now she's with her sister) and I'm so lonely. I'm gonna miss her lots as she's soooo nice. I <3 her to the core. sad.gif So many people have left me.. Bon Voyage~ *current mood : gloomy, sad & lonely*
Galorfilinde,we'll miss you too..!..this few days,looks like many people here are going for vacation.

I agreed with Tombow and Reika.Also, I can't accept their death.I think Arakawa-sensei won't do that as we all knew that Roy and Riza are very important characters.More importantly,they will conquer the country together in the end so they must not die!

Yay, chapter 62 is coming soon!...royai moments..*happy*
@ MeLRizA - It doesn't matter you have no experience, I don't have experience either. The only experience I have are some very short stories, or beginnings of stories on my computer. And I once RP'd with my sister, but that's years ago.
Oh and I forgot to say, don't be sorry you still haven't got the picture finished for the calendar. You're the only one who's really working on it, and I appreciate that! biggrin.gif I still have a full 5 months to put it all together, so take your time.
You people leave too much D:< At least you'll only be gone a week. As for roleplaying, I really don't RP much. I'd probably slow you down.
Roy Jr.
QUOTE(paca @ Jul 27 2006, 10:42 AM) [snapback]426248[/snapback]

maybe if they died then could be bury together. One next to the other.


QUOTE(paca @ Jul 27 2006, 05:53 PM) [snapback]426422[/snapback]

Roy Jr. you should be soo sad.Think if they died you will inherit very much money!!! $$$$$$

...... blink.gif
QUOTE(Roy Jr. @ Jul 28 2006, 11:38 AM) [snapback]426678[/snapback]

QUOTE(paca @ Jul 27 2006, 05:53 PM) [snapback]426422[/snapback]

Roy Jr. you should be soo sad.Think if they died you will inherit very much money!!! $$$$$$

...... blink.gif

Both of them have high salary because riza is Lt. and he is Colonel. And I don't think that they are the type of person who expend all the money. jijijiji laugh.gif
I'd join the rp. I roleplay avidly (like, once a day) and as long as I could develop the character I'dbe happy with most characters!

Oh, sugar! I JUST realized that I'm going to be out of town when 62 comes out! ohmy.gif Oh gosh, I'm going to be thinking about it on the beach, just wondering about whether there's any Royai... This is going to be SO painful! sad.gif
no, talking seriously I don't think they are going to die ( getting injured is other thing. Characters in fma are always getting injured).

Oh! I nearly forget !! The chapter 62 is coming !!!!!! Wiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
please, do not keep telling me that I'm waitin for the next chappy!! XDD I'm happier when I'm not waiting for it lol
NO> Now I really want Chapter 62 to come out T_T

Maybe we'll see Greed again..?

Where is my long awaited Ling!Greed shower scene!? Ed, Al (technically), and Riza all had one!
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