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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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WELCOME to the GREATEST Royai Kingdom in ever Amethyst Sunset!! Enjoy your stay here and have lots of fun!! You're right, this thread is heavenly and glad you support Royai more than EdWin!!

We're a page away to 500th page!! We should celebrate! Woohoo~

@ Galorfilinde : Good for you^^ BTW, how do you purchase online without using a credit card? If its possible, I'd like to try too.. In Singapore, there's FMA manga up to volume 13 in chinese and I'm not too sure about the english one. Anyways, I have some dofficulty reading the chinese version as my chinese isn't that good..

OT : OMGosh, Romi Park is singing "Melissa" and why does she has to make her singing so hurting to my eardrums? ... At least its over and now I'm listening to "Eyes on Me" - FF VIII OST by Faye Wong.. Such a relaxing song..
one page away.. i vote we have a celbration similar to royai day!
Oh! we are near the 500 pages!!! laugh.gif ...that's a lot!!!
Welcome all the new people!
@ MeLRizA - The website where I order them is only for people who live in Holland, other countries cannot buy them without creditcard. So sorry, I can't help you with that sad.gif

@ Nil-chan - That would be great! I won't have time to draw something myself though. I'm very busy this week, and I have to finish the drawing for The New Fullmetal Alchemist's contest. But I'm looking forward to read more Royai fanfics and see more awesome Royai fanart!
Ack, I haven't been here in a while. Sorry! :3 Hope all is well, fellow RoyAi fanatics! biggrin.gif
@ Galorfilinde : sad.gif That means I have to push my luck to steal my dad's credit card and I know I'll die before even touching it.. XP Nahz, I'm not such a bad person..

@ LightningElemental : I don't think I've met you before but WELCOME!! Nice to meet you~ Everyone is doing fine I believe, except for Tombow..She hasn't been online since 12th June (a day after Royai Day - check out the treats!!). Hope you'll be online more often to enjoy the Royai goodness! biggrin.gif
Thanks for the welcome. smile.gif It's nice to meet you too. Thanks for the link, and I will definitely try to be here more often. biggrin.gif

lot of pics
Many thanks for the welcomes! I feel so loved ... wow ... 500 is a lot ...
I find the interview between truth and roy's subordinates that i was looking for ......but it's in japanese TT________________TT.
Welcome Amethyst Sunset!!!!!!!!!! (I LOVE amethyst!)

MeLRizA: In response to YOUR response to my last comment (about Riza's advice to Ed) that is EXACTLY what I thought! I'm definately adding that to my siggy! smile.gif biggrin.gif smile.gif

We have to wait for a few more days for the scanlations! But we DID know it would be late this month.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! 500 PAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Well, ok, not quite... I thought this post would put us over the edge, but it hasn't! Sob!)

And even though chapter 61 isn't out from ZOMGFTA, I imagine that it will be within the next few days! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! And, to celebrate this momentous occasion, ROYAI PICS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!! (even though almost every single one I have is from this site... but I'll try my darndest to put up the best that I have!) Here we are! Two "actual" pictures, and two fanart pics! Hope you enjoy! wub.gif

IPB Image From the 3rd FMA PS2 game...

IPB Image Sort of after the series...

IPB Image Aww! That adorable scene from episode 51!

IPB Image Isn't it cute?! I have no idea who drew it, but they did a pretty damn good job, no? smile.gif

Yays! I hope you all enjoyed it! What's everyone else's fav. pics of our fav. couple? smile.gif
Hi guys & ladies!!
I'm back!! Looks like just in time for our 500th page!! Wow!! 500 page!! smile.gif
I had been trapped in the black hole for about a month... I had been having trouble with the site for one month!! One month!!! Yikes!! I mean, serious YIKES!! sad.gif
I still don't know if it was my computer, or some site/network glitch, or what it was...
One day... right after the Royai Day, puff, & I started having problem with the site, and couldn't come on, and then after one month, again, puff, just like that, it's back on again... Hmmmm.
But, it's all good, because I'm baaack!!! biggrin.gif
Those who kept me in touch by email (you know who you are,) thanks so much!! Luv ya bunch!! smile.gif

Those who joined this thread while I was away... WELCOME!! I'm so looking forward to meeting you!! smile.gif
I have some serious catching up to do, but it's nice to be able to be back on again, and immerse myself in the Royai goodness!! happy.gif
Missed you all very much!! And, nice to be back!! happy.gif

ETA: Happy belated birthday, Jo21!!
Paca: Oh wow, those are a lot of pictures,like 30 pages. Wow thank you

The New Fullmetal Alchemist: Thanks for sharing, If I have to post my favourites pictures, I think I could need a lot of pages.

Tombow: Welcome back, we missed you.

Oh , I drew this,then the scanlation were not well, so I had to improve and coloured it with Paint.Because I started to watched Ranma 1/2 since cartoon network started to aired it, I imagined Roy looking like Ranma, and them on Paint I changed it.
@ Tombow
TOMBOW NEECHAN!!! I missed you soooo much!!! *cries*(i was really crying) aww... Jelly neechan isn't back yet...
@ everyone
YEAH!!! page 500 is coming!!! biggrin.gif
@tombow: TOMBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T I MISSED YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I'M SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!!!
Woohoo~ 500th oage and Tombow is BACK!! Yeah yeah yeah~!! *cheers*

*bounces* We missed ya soo much Tombow!! *glompx* You sure have a lot of catching up to do.. XP BTW, do check out the Royai Forums, just click on "Royai Brownies" at my siggie.. biggrin.gif
I know how it is like being trapped for that long..

The scanlations aren't out yet? Aww.. Thanks for the pictures paca and The New Fullmetal Alchemist!!
YEAH!!! IT IS THE 500TH PAGE!!! Jelly neechan isn't back yet... *cries* sad.gif biggrin.gif
Welcome back Tombow!!!
We missed you so much! I'm glad you're back biggrin.gif Now we can celebrate the 500 pages and Tombow's return!
She/he is alive! ALIVE! tongue.gif

Welcome to all the newcomers!

Yes! We reached 500 pages! laugh.gif
Amethyst Sunset




biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Absolute fun. Congratulations to everyone! *throws blue and gold confetti all over the place before getting dragged off to do homework*

Wow, and thanks for the welcomes, guys. happy.gif
500 pages ...Congratulations everyone!!...Nowadays,it's very obvious that Royai really hot and no doubt about it.! is good that Tombow is back and welcome to all the newcomers! we're going to aim 600pages..*im crazy*
Ok, major celbration time!!

First of all, let me congratulate everyone on the five hundred page mark! Halleluia, and heck YES! Longest thread dedicated to characters on Just shows were so much more rabid and obsessed dedicated than everyone else!

@Tombow: I know we all missed you so much!! *hugs* I'm so glad you came beack in time for the half way mark to 1000. yup yup... This thread would be nothing without you! *hugs gigantically again* Yeah, people here would also like to invite you to the new Royai forums set up by Summoner Colette. We'd love you there!!

*runs off to make something to commemorate the occasion*
Congrats on 500 pages!!!!

I've been here for EXACTLY 100 pages! biggrin.gif We're halfway to 1000 pages! tongue.gif I can't believe it!

Thanks for the lovely pics everyone!!
500 pages wiiiiiiii laugh.gif !!!!!

Tombow welcome back!

Ah! here is the interview with thruth :
IPB Image
posted by amrayn
The New Fullmetal Alchemist

Hahaha!!! I can remember how excited everyone was when we reached 400!!! This is nuts! Wahahahaaa! smile.gif

Oh, and guess what? ZOMGFTA is saying that the scanlations will be completely done by Wednesday!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! smile.gif wub.gif This is going to be so much fun! Eeeek! laugh.gif
Tombow! *hugs* We've all missed you soooooo much! Welcome back! biggrin.gif don't do that to us ever again

Welcome to the new peoples (I know it's late but I can't get on as much as I would like to)

ohmy.gif And 500 pages, we are sooo much more dedicated than RoyEd fans (they let their thread die)

@paca I'm happy that you found that interview you were looking for. smile.gif maybe Tombow can translate it for you...if s/he still does that. wink.gif

If I forgot some_thing then that too. (makes sense to me)
Here's a message from Jelly neechan:
"Jelly says: wtf you got to the 500th page without me...i hate you all"
How could you all get to the 500th page without Jelly neechan! *cries again for the 3rd time* sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
wow...everyone's celebrating!! haha laugh.gif

congrats u guys...finally hitting 500 pages..thats a nice record!!
keep it up with all the royai madness!! biggrin.gif

happy happy!!! tongue.gif
Woohoo Roy x Riza!!
Yeah don't really have anything productive to add, but a thread thats 500 pages long about Royai has made me very happy. biggrin.gif

Edit: make that 501 pages.
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(No_One @ Jul 18 2006, 09:48 AM) [snapback]422806[/snapback]

ohmy.gif And 500 pages, we are sooo much more dedicated than RoyEd fans (they let their thread die)

Really now? Awww, that's a shame.


QUOTE(Amethyst Sunset @ Jul 18 2006, 07:18 PM) [snapback]422901[/snapback]

QUOTE(No_One @ Jul 18 2006, 09:48 AM) [snapback]422806[/snapback]

ohmy.gif And 500 pages, we are sooo much more dedicated than RoyEd fans (they let their thread die)

Really now? Awww, that's a shame.


They should leave it to die... Mwahahaha.. *nods* sleep.gif We are too dedicated for our sakes..
This is soooo memorable.. We are having double celebrations! This plus Tombow's return!! When the scanlations are out, that owuld make it 3..

WELCOME to the GREATEST C.D. threads of this forums, TidyKiwi!! Enjoy yourself and have lots of fun!! Glad you came to celebrate our 500th page!! Yes, we are so dedicated..
Our official gretter shall make her official greeting message shortly
lol, Mel-Chan, i love how you always give my interduction! *blushes*

@TidyKiwi:Welcome to the-most-awesome-five-hundred-and-one-pages-long-thread-of-all-time-because-it-is-based-on-the-wonderful-pairing-of-Roy-Mustang-anf-Riza-Hawkeye-who-so-obviously-belong-together-and-the-thread-that-is-home-to-all-the-awesome-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-anyone-else-and-who-are-also-the-nicest-people-on-earth-and-are-very-welcoming-and-amazing. Sit back , enjoy your stay here, and hve fun with the royai!
I missed the 500 pages? ohmy.gif Oh well. Good job guys =D

I'll post a link of another one-shot I wrote (once I revise it) in honor of this.
welcome TidyKiwi!

QUOTE(No_One @ Jul 18 2006, 03:48 AM) [snapback]422806[/snapback]

ohmy.gif And 500 pages, we are sooo much more dedicated than RoyEd fans (they let their thread die)
We did? Maybe I should revive it then *grin*

Welcome TidyKiwi! I hope you'll like it here ^^

Aww I feel sorry for Jelly_Belly. I hope she'll be back soon!

OT: I've got a new phone! The Nokia 7370. I think I've fallen in love with it laugh.gif
Welcome Tidy! I'm so glad you came! smile.gif

Our great forum is the best! And we ARE the most dedicated fans here!
Wow, kudos to you guys on 500 pages! Yeesh, I can just imagine how long this thread is going to get before the end of the series. O_o;

Does anyone know why the MSN group with scanlations isn't working?

Oh, and sorry I haven't been on in...quite some time. happy.gif;

Edit: Never mind about the MSN group. Didn't look anywhere else before this thread, but I found an explanation
let's go for the 1000 pages!!! don't give up!
QUOTE(paca @ Jul 18 2006, 08:18 PM) [snapback]423137[/snapback]

let's go for the 1000 pages!!! don't give up!

Does Riza discussion worth 1000 pages of posts?
Hey, Dova, and welcome to the boards! More specifcally, welcome to our royai thread! And of course, this thread is worth one thousand pages. It's not a Riza Hawkeye fan-thread, its a royai thread, and with all the twists and being thrown at us in the manga, there is alway stuff to discuss, so i wont be surprised at all if we make it to one thousand. Besides, royai fans tend to be more rabid and obsessive dedicated than other fans, so we will make it. ALthough, i guess it depends on tastes. I'm sure there are people who think royai isn't worth a thread this long, but since this is a royai fan thread, most people here think it is.
How long have Riza and Roy known each other? Like about 10 years or so?
It's gotta be at least that long, maybe longer since they knew each other before Ichbal.
probably longer, too. Arakawa-sensei hasn't been very specific, but since we know Roy studied alchemy with Riza's father, we get the idea that they've know eachother for a while, since we get the impression Roy became Hawkeye-sensei's student when he was young.
Welcome TidyKiwi: HAve fun on this threat and forum!

Paca: Let`s try 1000 pages before FMA ends, wow Now Im crazyhe,he.

Dova: Every Royai Threat on the internet worth 1000 pages and more, lets said 100000000 bazillion pages.
And like every discusion that one if fan of worth alot of post.

I hope now that Tombow could return, JEllyBelly could too.

*stop the nation, Jelly is HERE!!*

Over 500 pages! W00t, baby! Nice job, Royai-fangirliez! (and boyz). =D Now...someone gimme updates from the past 100 pages..please. biggrin.gif And introduce yourselves to meeee again! I forgoten everyone!!

PS I havent forgotten you, Mel, nor Nil-chan and all you sweet people from the Royai forum! eek!
@ Nil-Chan - Sorry, I'm not used to the slangs in this forum. Is Royai a sort of a pseudonym of Roy + Riza? I'm not as used to verbal combination as you guys in this topic. I do like Roy. I love his devotion. I am not sure if I can survive in this topic for long, because I am not as interested in Riza as other fans, but I hope I can dwell here untill I accomplish some exciting conversation, here.
Welcome back Jelly_Belly!
I haven't read the manga so I won't be able to tell you about all manga conversations, but I'm sure someone else will. I'm glad you're back! happy.gif
Hi, Galorfilinde! *waves* You cool! happy.gif Yeah you really should. Maybe not from the beginning. xD But yeah.

Dova..who ARE you?
@ Jelly_Belly - I started to read the manga a week or so ago ^^ I'm going to buy and read all of them!
I noticed this sentence in your sig:
"EdRoy fans hate Royai fans, Royai fans hate EdRoy fans, hey look it's like...a cycle."
I don't agree. I like both Royai and RoyEd ^^ I know I'm weird, but that's just me tongue.gif You don't hate me for being a Royai and RoyEd fan, do you? sad.gif Royai is just the BEST couple ever, and RoyEd is just for fun. I think it's cute.
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