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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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There is no link with chapter 61, but today is Jo21's birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO21! smile.gif
Happy Birthday, Jo21! Whoo!

Still no link? .... sigh... thanks for the pity, Mel-Chan... *goes to sulk in a corner to wait for the chapter*
Jo21, happy birthday! I hope your birthday is filled with love, contentment, and happiness...otherwise known as cake, ice cream, and presents! laugh.gif


In one of the earlier chapters Riza says there's someone she wants to protect and it's implied that that someone is Roy.
I wonder how long more do we have to wait for the scanlations, but reading the manga with the translations at the same time isn't a gib problem, just that its troublesome..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jo21~ hope you had a great day full of treats and lots of presents!! laugh.gif *cheers*
I shall celebrate my 1234'th post too, it's such a nice number.. X3

I hope the scanlations are out by this weekend..
Zomgfta didn't up load it dry.gif . Anyway I already download the chapter laugh.gif . And read the translations that reika did and the one that is here. But it is easier to read the text translations on the scanlations rolleyes.gif . But I couldn't wait laugh.gif , so i read them!!!!! The flashback has ended, has it???. So what's going to happen now ph34r.gif ......

Happy birthday Jo21 !
Happy Birthday Jo21!! ^^

For some reason I think all our questions will be answered later on in "the final battle" woooooooo

ohmy.gif OMG suspense!!
AHHHHHHHh! I can't wait! In the interview on ZOMGFTA it sounded like the end of the series was coming quickly. I don't want it to end! Nooooo!

Happy Birthday Jo!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Riza'slittlesister - Well, Arakawa did say in other interviews that she plans on there being around 20 volumes... So, there's what, 4 chapters/volume? And we're on chapter 61? That's just over 15 volumes... While the end is nigh, I'd say she still has a bit of a ways to go - and that's not really even going by the whole "20 volumes" thing... I mean, from our standpoint, the story is just beginning! The secrets of Ishbal and the homunculus (off topic - is the plural of "homunculus" "homunculi"??) have just been spilled (and even then on a very basic level), so it would be fair to say that she's just now reaching a sort of literary half-way point... I mean, we haven't even gotten to the actual climax yet! In the anime, it happened in episode 42 - which was, in pretty much any way you look at it, the beginning of the end, since [spoiler]Ed and Al "found" the philosopher's stone - however, instead of using it to get their bodies back, the ending twists and they have to find a way to destroy it, instead.[/spoiler]... So, no worries, but I think we've still got plenty of time to spend with our favorite characters! smile.gif And you know what that means, don't you? More opportunities to witness some absolutely delicious Royai action! laugh.gif Hahaha! smile.gif God, I love this series... Please hurry, ZOMGFTA!!!! I know you guys are under a lot of stress right now, but please, hurry! smile.gif

EDIT: Wow... blink.gif... am I really the only one on right now? It's only midnight, people! Haha! Then again, I am on the East coast... so yeah... smile.gif
Is the translated version still not up yet? [head/desk]
@The New Fullmetal Alchemist: I completely agree, 20 volumes? I think she may add some more, NOW is the centre of the manga, she just reached the middle of the story.
Thanks guys! i had a terrible birthday... it freaked me out when i found out that my friend gave me a clock as a birhday present... YAH!!! THE RAW IS OUT!!! biggrin.gif
And so is the translation. *still refuses to look, got link from another page*
I just read [spoiler] If that is your wish, untill the hell [/spoiler]!!! and it's sooooooooo damn beautifull!! lol XDDDDDDD So now I guess why she joined the military and believed him etc... [spoiler] She's obviously in love with him xD [/spoiler]
Muchas gracias, spasiba, merci, and thank you to everyone who reassured me there... (that's thankyou in spanish, russian, french, and english) I was getting nervous! But it turns out we have more time to find Royai than I thought! biggrin.gif And I am soooo pleased with how polite everyone is being to the ZOMGFTA people. No one is screaming at them! Sure, we'd all like the scanlations, but family and work come before the random fans online!
arakawa planed to finish fma in 2007!!!!
Really? Where did you read that? blink.gif
2007? oh no... that's next year! i hope its like, in december, or something... i'll have, like nothing to live for... i hope they end it well... and i hope she gives us one hell of an omake/gaiden...
what what WHAT WHAT WHAT???!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT HEART ATTACK JUST GAVE ME???!!!! WHY???!!! there's NO WAY there are 20 volumes to 2007!!!! I feel like crying now.... T_T...
QUOTE(Reika @ Jul 14 2006, 10:36 PM) [snapback]421732[/snapback]

I just read [spoiler] If that is your wish, untill the hell [/spoiler]!!! and it's sooooooooo damn beautifull!! lol XDDDDDDD So now I guess why she joined the military and believed him etc... [spoiler] She's obviously in love with him xD [/spoiler]
Yeah it is!! I love that part and I am convinced that she does have some feelings for him, as in regarding him as someone very important. This may be because she don't know if she has another relative (G.Gruman) and the only person she could fully lay her trust on is Roy! Then on, a deeper and sort-of-more-complex "L-O-V-E" develops.. Hee~ That's my theory..

@ paca : Good bite!! Where did you get that info from? I calculated that the chapters that is released to us won't finish in 2007 but maybe Arakawa-Sensei would try to end her work by that time. This means that probably, she's writing chapter 65-70..
I have read that long ago she said that she would be working on fma for 7 years (more less). I think that she said something about 80 chapters, maybe i am wrong. ...... I will go and check.
But I am sure that she is in the climax of fma!!!! The end is coming!

About the other thing that you are discussing ....mmmmmmh...... I think that (trough time and events) they have became more than friend...........
I heard there still were between 2 and 4 years to go
really??? I know that she programmed that (end of 2007) at the beginning of fma ..... but things change and things happened ...... and well she will be working on it a little bit more............
I pray to HER (God) so she may continue a little longer!!! Besides, there are a lot of things going on as to finish them so.. "quickly", the xinges people, Father....
yes... there are too things to be explained!!!!!

Imagine .........2015.... and we still reading fma!!!
HalfAsian Alchemist
Love the Haweye pic, simply amazing.

As for Mustang, er, I can't remember him being that dark and sinister. He looks like a freaking vampire, or some other unnatural being that's about to rip your soul from your body and utterly devour it, though knowing Mustang, he'd probably barbecue you first. tongue.gif
HalfAsian Alchemist Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome HalfAsian Alchemist!! happy.gif nice to have you here.

Creators say a lot of things about their series and end up doing something totally different, like she said that she intended to kill Barry the Chopper off way back in like volume three but instead she decided to let him live a little longer and he ended up being a huge contributor to the plot.
Some Royai moments would never have happend if Barry wasn't there!!
the "barrysituation " isn't the only example..... ph34r.gif there are a lot
Arakawa manages the story-line....but she also let some thing happen smile.gif .
It's better in this way..... i was wondering : has she already decided the end of fma???? unsure.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ MeLRizA - I agree with you - she may say that she plans on finishing sometime next year, but it could be quite some time before we ever finish! Haha! I'm going to go check the ZOMGFTA site now!

Welcome, all newcomers! smile.gif Enjoy your stay! smile.gif

EDIT: Nothing new... sigh... I suppose I could just read what's already out there, but I'd rather give my support to ZOMGFTA - even if I can't donate any money to them! They've worked so hard for all us FMA fans! They deserve all the support they can get, no?

Anyway, here's my prediction for the future of Arakawa's on-going manga (at least as far as Roy and Riza go...) I'm thinking there's going to be a big clash (duh) that will involve some major self-sacrifice on one of their parts... probably Roy's... Despite Riza's trying to "shelter" him, he's gone in full-force and is obviously not going to be backing down any time soon - think of the ending of the anime, but multiply it times 12 in regards to his level of devotion for the people he loves most... (ie, Riza, his subordinates, etc. - possibly even his country...)
@paca: Yes, Arakawa-sensei, one of the first things she decided was the ending.
That's what makes a good story, when you know where your going with something.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Haha! I'm in totaly agreement with you there, Blue_Haven! - not entirely relevant, but still - for one of my fanfictions, I had the ending totally and completely written out in less than a day... however, it took me about a week to actually figure out a way to start the damn thing... smile.gif

Ok, time to go and check ZOMGFTA!!! I'll let you guys know if anything's new!

EDIT: Sigh... nope... and what's with my post counter? It's all messed up! Gaaaah!
ph34r.gif Let's steal the end ph34r.gif
QUOTE(Reika @ Jul 15 2006, 07:20 AM) [snapback]421897[/snapback]

@paca: Yes, Arakawa-sensei, one of the first things she decided was the ending.
She does? I'm glad she did, ending is the most crucial part of the manga apart from its climax..

Hmm.. Instead I predict that something big may happen to Roy and Riza like what The New Fullmetal Alchemist had said. Followed by more Royai-ness in is *squee*, either one of them gets wounded real bad, but not up to a state where he/she turns into a handicap. Afterall, Arakawa-Sensei can't make both of them to die, right? We Royai-Lovers will go on a riot~ >.<!! ... I wish I am Arakawa-Sensei so that I can make a good Royai-ish ending, full of fluffs! Lemons anyone?

Ah- I almost forgot! WELCOME on board to the GREATEST Royai thread HalfAsian Alchemist!! Enjoy your stay here and have lots of fun!! X3 Please wait for our official greeter to give you a proper greeting..

OT : Hmm.. this website didn't seem to give me any problems since last afternoon.. I wonder if the server has been fixed..
is the translation out yet? sad.gif biggrin.gif
finished (mostly)
they aren't in the scanlations dry.gif , but they are finished!
Hey I'm relatively new! Read some of the earlier posts on this topic and loved them all! I started reading FMA a few months ago but I'm totally into it now ... yay for Roiai!!! laugh.gif
*squee* Yay~ A new member!! WELCOME to the MOST AWESOME thread of, the Royai Thread!! Enjoy your stay here and have lots of fun!! X3 Yeah, we rock guyz.. Don't worry about being new, everyone here don't bite.. happy.gif
Nil-chan would give you a proper greeting later..[/i]

*sigh* i wonder when the scanlations are out.. I need them. I hope they're out by today..
Dang.. a whole new page, and two new people!!

@Jenn and HalfAsian Alchemist: Heya! So glad your here! Welcome to the awesomeness that is the extremely-active-now-four-hundred-and-forty-pages-long-most-awesome-forum-of-all-time-of-all-the-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else Royai Thread! Hope you enjoy your stay, the people are all awesome and welcoming, and we have much fun times here.

@MelRiza: I hope they're out too... >_<
I won't be here tomorrow, but maybe the scanlation will be out by the time I get home? Please? Anyways...

WELCOME, new members!

Another one of my trademark random comments/questions!

On page 10 of chapter 58 (it continues to page 11): doesn't Hawkeye's advice to Ed match HER actions towards ROY to the letter? Oh: implicit Royai! wub.gif
Welcome jenn!!

@riza'slittlesister that is the exact same thing I thought when I read that part. XD
@ riza'slittlesister : Hmm.. it does implies Royai because Roy wants Riza to survive no matter what.. Didn't Roy told her to survive in chapter 61? I just had the feeling he did.. unsure.gif
BTW, i don't quite understand the "letter" part..
'to the letter' is jsut a saying meaning 'exactly'. but yeah. Very good point, i had the same feeling about that when she said it! Of course, it may be because we're rabid royai fans...
In fact we are laugh.gif *cheers for Royai*

To me, it implies Royai because Roy wants Riza to survive while he needs her to protect him *pokes Riza's speech bubbles*..

Gosh, is it just me who thinks that Riza "hinted" Ed she loves Roy there? We all have always said she does.. If yes, she protects Roy because she loves him and she tought that Ed should protect Winry because he loves her.
Aww~ how sweet.. Roy loves Riza but he doesn't show it. The best part is that both of them somehow knew about each other's feelings but they don't show it.. *squee*
It took me an hour to read te last 11 pages.I can`t recall anithyng...well

Galorfilinde: I`ll send you a large image for the calendar, oh and my birthday it`s on September, 16th.

Jo21:A couple of days later.ejem..... Happy Birthday! sorry for be late.

Jenn and HalfAsianAlchemist: Welcome, and have fun here!

about the 61 chapter, do you know where can I find the scanlations?I know that the translated scanlations aren`t out yet, but I just want to see the pictures , so I read the translations and see the pictures. Thanks.
And About Fma ending on 2007, for me is a little soon, the story still has a lot to explain and discover.But Arakawa decide it.
Amethyst Sunset
An entire thread with Royai goodness.


I think I'm in heaven. biggrin.gif I'm new to the forum, and I've started supporting RoyXRiza for a really long fact, I started supporting it before EdXWinry (which is my second favorite FMA couple).

Isn't Royai just THE most obvious pairing in FMA? wink.gif
yeah, it is
@riza'slittlesister: Yes! of course!

@Amethyst Sunset: Squee! another Royai lover! Sweetness! That's so awesome! And yes, Royai is the best pairing ever! so amazing, ,sweet, wonderful, and beautiful! *sighs* ANyways, Welcome to the-most-awesome-four-hundred-and-ninety-eight-pages-long-thread-of-all-time-because-it-is-based-on-the-wonderful-pairing-of-Roy-Mustang-anf-Riza-Hawkeye-who-so-obviously-belong-together-and-the-thread-that-is-home-to-all-the-awesome-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-anyone-else-and-who-are-also-the-nicest-people-on-earth-and-are-very-welcoming-and-amazing. Sit back , enjoy your stay here, and hve fun with the royai! Glad you could join us before out 500 page celebration. happy.gif
Welcome, HalfAsian Alchemist, Amethyst Sunset and Jenn! I hope you'll like it here!

Wow, almost 500 pages! You're right Nil-chan, we should celebrate that!

I've finally found a store in Holland where I can buy FMA manga! I've bought two, because my wallet doesn't allow me to buy more XD But I'm going to save money to buy all of them. I can buy them online without needing a creditcard ^^ I think it'll take a very, very long time before the latest volumes will be there though. They only have up to volume 8, and 9 and 10 can be pre-ordered.
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