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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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the site has been down for a long time sad.gif (I don't know why)
But it's UP now! biggrin.gif I'm excited, only 5 days and a few hours until the "Chapter 61 will be out soon!" comes up!!!!! Oh, and because I love smilies I decided to say which character some remind me of! (Yes, I'm trying to make up for my absence!)

ph34r.gif = Jacqueline!
cool.gif = Greed (#1)
blink.gif = Havoc
rolleyes.gif = Falman
dry.gif = RIZA
biggrin.gif = Hughes! sniffle
huh.gif = Fury (sp?)
wink.gif = Roy.
mad.gif = Breda
sleep.gif =Izumi
biggrin.gif = Gluttony

wub.gif = ROYAI
Roy and Riza DEFINITELY belong together!!!!! they can name their daughter Royza or Rizoy LOL or um I dont know.
Woohoo~ a new member!! WELCOME to the MOST AWESOME Royai Thread!! Enjoy your stay and have lots of fun!! Everyone here are very nice~ *beware, I bite.. laugh.gif

@ Riza'sLittleSister : You take law? Umm.. are you a university student? Law must be a very tough course..

... does anyone has any clue which month is Roy and Riza born in? I am completely clueless, but I guess Roy would be a sagittarius.. *completely clueless*

Gosh, I <3 my siggie so much.. I don't know why but I the more I look at it the prettier I think it is.. Must be the colours I suppose.. [caught spamming]
Welcome Winry144!!!!!!

I am waiting for the chapter too, riza'slittlesister.

I like your siggy MeLRizA.

Yay, finally I can post again! was off for so long. Missed you guys! Well... mostly girls actually tongue.gif

@ Winry144 - Welcome to the Royai thread! Hope you like it here ^^

@ MeLRizA - I love your new siggy! You're getting good with photoshop! Great pic of Riza, too ^^

LOL if I knew Roy's birth date, I'd do some lovematch thingies XD
Welcome Winry144!!! You'll get an official greeting when Nil-chan comes back. biggrin.gif

@MelRizA- You'r siggy is very pretty. I like the colours.

@Galorfillinde- Woah ! Your siggy is so trippy! It's kind of freaking me out a little. laugh.gif
@Winry144: Welcome! *giant huggles* Welcome to the awesomeness that is the extremely-active-now-four-hundred-and-eighty-nine-pages-long-most-awesome-forum-of-all-time-of-all-the-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else Royai Thread! Hope you enjoy your stay, the people are all awesome and welcoming, and we have much fun times here. Sit back and enjoy the royai!

@riza'slittlesister: HA! those are amazing! The jaqulene one had me cracking up. biggrin.gif

@Galorfilinde: Woah. That's... cool yet creepy. I like it. good job.

@Everyone: I missed all of you too! Im glad i got to see some of you on the other royai thread, too, though. *hugs for all*
Yes, I was bored...

Welcome, new member! Enjoy your (hopefully extended) stay! We're all very friendly and LOVE Royai! We're also waiting for something more concrete than what's in the manga at the moment.

Quick question for everyone: Where are you in the manga? Or did you only watch the anime?

I am waiting for Chapter 61 and watched the anime (I skipped some bits to get to more Royai-ish parts) and watched the movie.

MeLRizA: I am not a university student, but I went to a law camp. It was hard, but I loved it!
I have read "all" the manga (not in order)and i have watched all the anime , movie, ovas.... I have also listent to the cd dramas....... and read some parts of the novels.
I am waiting for the chapter 61 too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome Winry144!!
I hope you enjoy your stay at one of the awesomest thread in the forum biggrin.gif

@MelRizA- I love your siggie^^

Thanks paca, Galorfilinde, Blue_Haven, & ika07!! I'm glad you like it!

@ Galorfilinde : Your siggie is amazing too~ It may be a little freaky but I can see you're very good in graphic modifications! happy.gif

@ Riza'sLittleSister : Law camp sounds fun, I wish I can be the executor.. I love biting people's heads.. XP

I have watched both the movie and anime, read the manga till chapter 60 and "read" some CD dramas (credits to paca & Tombow).. I just can't wait for chapter 61 to be released, we get to see more Royai~!!
I think I'm going to die, I NEED the next chappy...
I know, i need it too. Only a few more days... we can ahndle it...

I hope Arakawa-sensei does give us more royai moments. Maybe Riza showing her tatto to Roy? ... hehe.
that would just be..... *drool* XD it would give such sexual tension to the scene....
A few more days.. Yesh, I wish I had a time-machine now..

QUOTE(Nil-chan @ Jul 7 2006, 09:35 PM) [snapback]419564[/snapback]

I know, i need it too. Only a few more days... we can ahndle it...

I hope Arakawa-sensei does give us more royai moments. Maybe Riza showing her tatto to Roy? ... hehe.

You remind me about our little discussion about desk sex after visiting the graveyard back there @ the other forum.. laugh.gif

Let me test my guessing luck again.. Hmm.. There is a high possiblity that Riza would show Roy that tattoo in this coming chapter. Since a few people have said that the last few chapters are "fillers" as they talk only a little about the current situation, which most of us are dieing to know.. Then again, my guessing luck may fool me again~
That would be AMAZING! Ah, now I REALLY need that chapter! But I wouldn't be suprised if it just skipped that part. sad.gif
Yeah, but she focused this "strangely" as to show us now how she got to show him her tattoo, but, still I think that's something important. You see, she didn't start the flashback with "the royai" story, but, with the "ishval" story, in which there are flashbacks to "the royai" story... I think she's giving more importance to what happened in ishval than how Roy got his alchemy... maybe, she'll leave that as a cliffhanger and show it to us when the manga comes to the present again and it becomes Roy's time to remember...
dunno if this is the same case, but... she doesn't usually explain things straight, I mean, she doesn't tell you "look, here you have the answer!" and show ALL of the answer,she preffers to "play" with us and give us answers bit by bit
@ Reika : What you said does makes sense.. In the recent chapters, Arakawa-Sensei seems to be killing 3 birds with 1 stone. She tells us about the Ishval mascare, how Roy got to learn flame alchemy and the development of Royai which all these 3 are connected to one another in some ways. It's like the flashbacks of Ishval war on Roy and Riza's part had something to do with how Roy got to learn flame alchemy and how Royai developed. To me, she seems to be putting these 2 special characters in lime light now - which is good as she has been paying waaayyy too much attention to the main characters ever since the beginning of the story.

Then again, I don't like the fact that some people said that the recent chapters act as fillers to keep the current situation in suspense. As if Arakawa-Sensei doesn't know how to continue after the part where Roy's team is decomposed. Like what Reika said, the tale about Ishval war may be what Roy had been recalling upon knowing that Riza is Fuhrer's personal assistant. Would Royai fluffs come in next? Desk sex? *I've just blown my innocense cover off..*
I just had the feeling that some fluffs between the 2 of them would follow up when the recollection about the war ends..
Then again, my guessing luck may be toying me..

*squee* I just can't wait~ laugh.gif
fillers? That doesn't make any sense to me. If she kept on going on with the story as it was, the "filler" one would be Scar, specially him besides all commented up untill now about Ishval and Roy's past. If this was an actual filler, it wouldn't give anything to the story, and it's given quite some explanations, plus more to come, besides the fact that... Kimbly's being finally showed, something she had planned for quite a few chapters ago. And I would say that some part of the intentions, or the way the intentions of the homunculus were done that affects the future is being explained too.

Also, this way, she'll be able to show us the nature of the Rentanjutsu, besides more and more things (for example, how was that stone created etc), maybe even the "human sacrifices" too. This is definitely not a filler, I think this is something NEEDED and now's the best of times to show it to us, because if she keeps going on with the "main" story ("main", because what's being explained is part of the main too, it affects this pressent), the characters that will have such importance in the future (scar, Roy, Riza (important hostage), kimbly (she showed him to us in "the present" etc) wouldn't be as developed for us etc as the "main characters" ("main characters", because the story is focused from them, and because the main idea Arakawa wants to tell us (family) comes from them the best, while the STORY is everything with everyone, not controlled by the characters, but by the story. I would even say that the one that controls the story, is not Ed nor Al, but "Father", at least for now), and wouldn't be up to the story, they wouldn't be "prepared enough" nor "raised to the ocassion".

Arakawa-sensei does not know how to continue the story? Noway, there wouldn't be such cliffhangers as there are. She already has planned enough things (hoho, Ran Fang's automail etc) to not need fillers, less a filler that gives us much more than what we may think at first.

Normally, someone doesn't start things and present characters (Father, New Greed, or even Mei Chang), without having thought of a story for them, and a plan for them.

I don't want this to be compared to any manga... or a certain anime (sorry, I had to say it XDDDD gomen!) there are no filler characters here... besides Yoki XD. This is an important phase, it's the developement and comprehenssion for us of some important characters like Roy, Scar, Marco,Kimbly and, of course, Riza, whose importance have been growing with the manga.
about all that thing about "fillers" Arakawa said about fullmetal alchemist
Just what I thought
I'm so pleased to read these, Reika & paca!! This explains that the story is always filler free.. Just as I knew I would happy.gif ..

Still, I don't like what they've said and I don't think some of them are Royai fans like us.. XD

Now I wonder how Roy and Riza would see each other. I don't think we would see them together that often now and I really want to know their reactions when they meet..
Yeah... me too, it's such a damn good cliffhanger, besides all that happened with Father etc, there's the cliffhanger of "how will they act from now on? will they see each other?" etc, AND what about their past??? what's happened??? what's going to happen??? etc
I KNOW it's so suspenseful! GRRR, kind of like the new Pirates of the Carribean movie! AND I have a great idea for a new fanfic, but I really don't like fanfics that contradict the manga, so I don't want to write it before I read the next chapter! AH!

Now, I have another perplexing question: Did Roy know Riza before her father's death?

I know it would make sense, I mean, he studied and presumably lived with her father... BUT the Hawkeyes are so formal! Hawkeye's dad never refers to Riza by her name to Roy, which would make sense if they knew each other... And Riza calls Roy "Mr. Mustang", it doesn't sound like they were particularly close, does it? Maybe she was away at school most of the time? Any ideas?
@ Riza'sLittleSister : Hmm.. not too sure. However, I think he knew her before her father's death since he's her father's student. According to Riza referring Roy as "Mr.Mustang", I think they are not close to each other. I presume that Riza seldom talk to him during that period of time, it was only after her father's death that the 2 got closer to each other.. Yup, those are my assumptions, I may be wrong.. =p

EDIT : Ahh.. I think my avvy matches my siggie now.. Hehehe.. ^^
yes, they knew each other before ! I think that "all" has being dragged since a begining O____O! About riza saying mr. ...... he calls him colonel now , and , aren't they close???
Roy was close to his sensei thet make me think that roy had no family since that time. I think that he used to live in the hawkeye's house...... why he couldn't be like a member of the family???? Well, we also have to considerate that riza said " I got a good education,blabla...", so, it can make us to think that she had been in a good school, away from home , why not?
Well, those both make sense. I personally agree with you guys for the most part. I think that she knew him, but they weren't very close because she was away at school a lot, like I said in my last post. I think she called him "Mister Mustang" because they weren't really close and she seems like she's always been really formal. Thanks!for your opinions!
maybe because he is older
Pray that the chapter is good!! >< PRAY! EVERYONE! PRAY!! ><
Hey every_one! I'm back. biggrin.gif

Blue_Haven.....I'll be sure to pray for that, for you...

I'm not that far in the manga yet so I was just sorta' skimming your posts.

@paca the first post I see was this really, really long chinese horoscope thing, thanks for that! happy.gif

It's kinda' late but: Welcome Winry144
I don't need to pray, I know the chapter will be good ^^
i dont know about the not pray. (maybe if you dont pray, it wont be good.....hmmm... ever.... um... ever think about that?......hmmmm.... yaaaaaaaaaaahahhhhh...........
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hello, all! Yes, I can't wait for the next chapter, either! Hopefully there will be some Royai goodness! And hey, if you'd like some just plain Mustang love (towards our favorite little shrimp Edward, but not in a sexual way - mostly just protective), then click the link in the sig! And oooh! Who wants to join in the fanart contest?! Please???
@Blubbernuggetalchemist: Hey, i haven't seen you before! Ahem: Welcome! *giant huggles* Welcome to the awesomeness that is the extremely-active-now-four-hundred-and-ninety-one-pages-long-most-awesome-forum-of-all-time-of-all-the-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else Royai Thread! Hope you enjoy your stay, the people are all awesome and welcoming, and we have much fun times here. Sit back and enjoy the royai!

so close to the next chapter, guys! i can taste the excitement. I'm loving whata Arakawa-sensei has been doing for us in the last chapters. Im so excited...
Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know I've started making the Royai calendar ^^ I'm finally free from school, so I have all the time now. It will be for 2007, because it's kinda useless now to make one for 2006 laugh.gif

Anyway, I have a request for all artists who made a drawing: some drawings are too small to put into the calendar, they won't be sharp. So...

Please upload the biggest size of the picture you want to have in the calendar! You can post me the link in a PM, or you can just e-mail the drawing to me if it's too big to upload. You can find my e-mail adress on my profile.

Maybe the fanfic writers could send me a PM or e-mail with the quote they want in the calendar. It can be a few lines, it doesn't have to be just one sentence. If you don't send anything, I'll choose a quote by myself.

Of course, I'll credit everyone! If you have a website you want me to credit, please tell me! I'll make a page at the end of the calendar with all names and websites on it, and your name will be next to the drawing/quote. So you'll be credited two times. I think it's going to be awesome ^^ I'm off now to continue struggling with InDesign tongue.gif
WELCOME BACk No_One!! Hope you've enjoyed your break^^

WELCOME to the MOST AWESOME Royai Threads ever blubbernuggetalchemist!! Enjoy your stay and have lots of fun here! BTW, you have an interesting username.. XD

@ Galorflinde : I'm so excited to hear that you've started to make the calendar!! Alright, I'll send you a larger version of my artworks as soon as I can get them scanned, because I don't have a scanner sad.gif .. BTW, I quite a few of them but I'll send all of them for you to choose. I'm thinking of making a new artpiece for the calendar.. I hope it'll turn out pretty good.. biggrin.gif I think you have a lot of of my artworks to choose from and thank so much for crediting. Thanks again for volunteering your wonderous effort and talent to make this calendar!! How priceless~ *glompz*

Chapter 61 will be a good chapter! Don't worry..
GODDDSSS!!! Just one day!!!
I forgot to say, I need your birthdays as well, so I can put them on the calendar. Only if you want to, of course ^^ Is it okay if I only put american celebration days on it? If I have to look up all celebrations of all countries, the calender will become uber full laugh.gif

I've been messing with InDesign for a few hours now, and this is what I've got so far. I haven't added the quote yet, I'm not sure what font I should use tongue.gif

Tell me if you like it so far, or what changes should be made. Of course, it's still very empty, but that will change. Should I do the entire calendar in light blue, or every month a different color? Or maybe every season a different color? Like, blue for winter, green for spring, yellow for summer and red for fall? Let's share some ideas!

I promised my teacher at school to practise with InDesign, so I've kept my promise! biggrin.gif And making a Royai Calendar is just so much fun! Anyway, I hope you like it ^^

MeLRizA - It's okay to make a new piece of art if you want, as long as they will be finished in december laugh.gif I'm sure it will turn out awesome, I love your drawings. If there's enough space, I can maybe put two of them in it, on one page.
@ Galorfilinde : Wow~ It may be simple but its nice! As for the suggestions, you may use a different colour for each month to match the fanart and season. If you have a larger version of the fanart, you can try to position it behind the dates, if possible *imagining* And make turn it semi-transparent to blend with the background a little, this way you can put as much fanart as possible since there are so many talented Royai-Lovers.. Hehehe.. biggrin.gif
Thanks for loving my artwork! I'll try to get it done as soon as possible, probably by the end of this month.. I hope I can..

Its already July10 in my place.. *goes to check ZOMGFTA*
That's a really nice calender! I think MeLRizA's suggestion is a good one. And most everyone's birthday is in their profile...

And I refuse to look at the Raw when it comes! >_< But it's so tempting! it always is...

two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the next chapter , TWO DAYS!!!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! New chapter soon! Yay! Hey, everyone! Meet my friend, Yuka! Say "hi," Yuka!

Ok, maybe not... some friend you are... nyaaa! Heehee! Just kidding! I love you, Yuka! smile.gif

So yeah... anyone want to participate in this fanart contest? Please? Come on, people, help me out here! I'm desperate! Gaaaaah! (bangs head on wall...) Ow... sad.gif
I would like to contribute with a pic I made for my dou ^^ :

My birthday:
17 November
Yay! *obesesses over new chapter* I can't wait to read it (see the pictures, I mean lol)

@ Galorfilinde: I love you callender design! It looks really nice! Great job!:D

@ MeLRizA: blink.gif I thought you and photoshop are sworn enemies? Great suggestion though!

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist: Well, I'll be off on holiday comming thursday.. So I don't think I'll have time to cook something up.. sad.gif

@ All newcomers I've missed: Welcome to the awesome Royai thread! Nice to meet you! happy.gif
@ MeLRizA - Thanks for the ideas! Maybe I'll do all pages in different colors, but that will be very much work. I guess I'll just do a different color for each season. I tried an image behind the dates, but it made it look very messy. It was a nice idea, but in my opinion, it didn't look right. And I think I'll give each artist one page, because when I put two drawings of different artists on one page, the style of the drawings will be very different.

@ Reika - Wow, that's an amazing pic! I'll sure add it into the calendar! I have to add that one to my favourites ^^

@ Keoni - Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

@ The New Fullmetal Alchemist - I think I'll enter your contest! I just read it, and it almost made me cry *sniff* If you want more contestants, I think you'd better ask at another place tongue.gif Most here don't really like RoyxEd

All seasons will have a different color on the calendar. This one will be for spring. Suggestions and ideas are still welcome. I haven't added any drawings yet, I need bigger versions first.
@Galorfilinde: yay!! thanks, you can check my DA gallery and take any picture you want ^^
Wow... Galorfilide... sweet! You got mad skillz, lol. I love the callendar.

@Summoner Colette: We'll hold out together! We can resist! i just hope they come out with the translation soon... >_<
I offer myself as a volunter to translate any royai that can appear on this chappy ^^, I would appreciate some help too
@ Galorfilinde : I think I know what you meant. Yea, it's kinda messy when the picture is but behind the dates and looks more complicated.. ^^; About the colour for spring, I think that's a very sweet colour! It matches the season very well! I should have some time tomorrow after school, I should start on sketching my art first..

@ Keoni : It seems that photoshop fell in love with me since I'm too pretty.. Hehehe, apart from drawing art by hand, I would like to venture myself into digital art too. Keep up with technology, yep, I don't want to be a computer-dumbo all the time~ Its a pain to see my brother being vetter at using programmes than I do.. Grr, because he would make fun of me to no end.. Hahaha laugh.gif

@ Reika : Thank you for volunteering!! I'm so glad.. Now I shall go and download chapter 61..

EDIT : crap, it isn't out yet..
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