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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Oh! Pretty pictures!
Maybe you could add them as atachments paca? That way, they wouldn't take up much space, and we can view them bigger. ( Cuz me want the 6th pic big. Roy looks so.. *drools*) Thanks for posting those! I love them.

@ Windxalchemist: Yup, we still move fast.

@ Tsunade: Cuz it looks cool? happy.gif In the movie, I'm sure Roy let it grow because of the eye patch. I think he doesn't like it much. Something tells me he very self conscience.. *laughs*

@ 55th animalalchemist: You're a girl? He would date you. happy.gif *laughs*

@ Summoner Colette: *agrees* On both accounts (exams and Riza's fear) Hohemheim is different. I can't really explain why.. He doesn't seem as ... scary as Riza's father. More gentile.

@ Galorfilinde: Oh! Good Luck on your presentation! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do just fine! happy.gif
@ Galorfilinde : GOOD LUCK for your presentation!! ^^ I understand the hell you're going through especially when you present solo.. dry.gif *remembers her 1st solo presentation*

@ paca : THANK YOU for sharing those pics!! You should put them as attatchments so that we can view their full size.. Would you mind? tongue.gif *here, a big cookie for you* Uwaaa~ Roy and Riza are soooo SMEXY!!

@ Tsunade-chan : About the hair thing, I agree with Keoni.. Men are pretty self-concious about thier looks sometimes, and can be more concious than women! ^^ I have a guy classmate who is like that, his haircut and clothes are really stylish compared to the other students.. He acts cool too now, that's annoying..

Hmm.. About Riza's back.. If her father was abusive and she was afraid of him, it should be possible that he forced the sigma on her back. However, given Riza's obidient nature, I just had the feeling that she volunteered for it. Well, although her father wasn't being nice to her she still loves him as father right? laugh.gif
Sailor Starlight
Hey guys! Sorry I really haven't been as active as I really wanted to be in the first place but I have a good reason. Well, it's like this, I've been stuck on a Royai fic for a couple of days now.. And I just completed it last night! It's a One-shot fic which adds up to about 7 pages.. Kind of. Anywho, besides the page count, the majority of the people have enjoyed it so I just thought I'd post it here because other members have said that they love like reading my stuff on FanFiction.Net. So yeah, here's the link and please make sure you read and review afterwards (for feedback). Thank you!

Click me for Royai overdose.

PS: General question: How can I use coloured fonts here? Do I have to be a certain rank? Does my account have to be a certain age? Or is just my computer being completely retarded stupid as usual? Much love and Royai plushies to those who answer. happy.gif >> Oh and sorry for being slightly off-topic.
Hyugafalcon: How many time did I spell your nick wrong? blink.gif And everytime I missed the "a"?Oh sorry for that .
And thank you, but I prefer to wait until Spoilers are not longer spoilers tongue.gif

Summoner Colette: Maybe Riza was afraid, but even when her father was already dead? Or is she afraid of something else?. Could be everything we all said.

Paca: Have you noticed that on ,almost,everymovie, series, tv shows and Animes that have a cientist father are like, first cience and then family? What you said made me think of that.
Love the pics, and if you can please enlarge them

Tsunade-Chan: That`s true, I haven`t notice that. And abput Riza, same as I just said to Summoner Colette, Even after her father`s dead.?

Galorfilinde: Good Luck, and you are going to be just fine smile.gif

Keoni: Who knows? I have like millions and millions of competence. laugh.gif And you are rightabout Riza`s father, Hoho hans`t that scary look on his face, he has a calm look.

Sailor Starlight: I`m gonna read your fanfic tomorrow, because here it`s 6.38 am and Im a little sleepy.

And to all : Happy Father`s day, don`t know if you celebrate it today though happy.gif
55th_animalalchemist: Am I supposed to count? O_O Okay, I really didn't want to have to go and type out the whole long thing.

Sailor Starlight: cool fic. I like that they were still in character the whole time.
@ Sailor Starlight: I'm gonna read your fic later on. Don't have much time right now. sad.gif
About the color fonts. It's sort of a silly thing.. Click the color-thingy, then scroll up. The color-pick-thingy should appear at the top of your screen. Hope that helps. ^^

EDIT: I read your story smile.gif And this is what I thought:
Aww! I thought that was incrediblely cute! I think it's great you're able to write fluff, without them being out of character. I especially like how you've written the dialogue. It sounded just like the things Roy would say. About the length. I don't think it's too long, I think it's a perfect length fror a one shot. (I even expected it to be a bit longer ^^)
*laughs* Whoa, was that ranting? Anyway.. great job ^^

OT: Well, my dad's happy. laugh.gif Since it's both father's day and his birthday. Double presents!
Hyugafalcon: No, I don`t want you to count, what I said was like a saying.It`s like a "WoW" expresion, Don`t know how to explain it . Do you understand?

Sailor Starligth: I like your fanfic, and the story as well.
Hi !!! [attachmentid=6375]

Ah!! an attatchment ...mmm.. to do that i have to copy the files to my computer dry.gif ..... I will post them bigger.... in the same way i posted the pics before (Ok?)

I will post them later smile.gif
Ok Paca, thank you.
@ Paca: Are they from an internet site then? Maybe you could post the direct links to the pages with the big pictures instead? ( Not that I really care how you post them.. as long as you post them wink.gif but it keeps the pages from stretching sideways happy.gif) Anyway, thanks in advance! You're the best! *hugs*
The big pics. biggrin.gif 当然 First Roy pics!!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

I don't post the page because i can't insert links blink.gif (my computer is angry mad.gif with me)
w00t! It's the smiling-eye-patch-Roy from Shambala! *squees*


Thanks paca! *gives muffins*

55th_animalalchemist: I guess so... I'm just really stupid today. I'll understand once I finally get a good night's sleep.

And Roy's fuzzy jacket makes me think of something that I don't remember, but I know it was funny.
Sailor Starlight
Keoni - Aww. Thanks so much for your lovely review. It really does mean more to me than you'll ever know a lot to me, thanks so much. And everyone thinks that they're in character through out the whole fic... Which is kinda suprising for someone like me who sort of writes them OOC the majority of the time when I write fluff. By the way, lately, I can't find any good Royai fics. sad.gif It's so depressing. Looks like I have some more work to do by entertaining all the Royai fans out there (aka you guys).

Oh and for that whole "colour" thing, I've tried what you told me to do (which is how I expected it to work in the first place) but it's not working.. Which is really strange. All the other panels and such work, just the colour one seems to hate me.. >.< Ah well. You guys really don't expect pretty coloured fonts from me anyway, right? XD

Hyugafalcon & 55th_animalalchemist - I'm really glad you guys liked my fic. It really means a lot to me that you'd take some time out of your probably "busy" schedule's to read and give me some very nice feedback. Thanks so much! happy.gif
@ Sailor Starlight: Awww, fluff. And Roy's calling Riza useless for once, not Riza calling her useless. Even though in the end it's really Roy who's useless.... right? lol
Well. It was a cute fluffness. Much liked. Like all of your ficcies~

@paca: OMG.! thank you so uber muchness for posting those Roy pictures. The one where he's winking is like to die for!!!!

@Keoni-chan: Ah! I'm in love with your siggy! totally going to steal! Well, I won't if you don't want me to. but I lUFF it~

@ Sailor Starlight Girl : Sweet fic^^ love the ending!! Sorry for reviewing so late too (I don't have a account).. =p About the colour font thing.. Here's a tip..
[ color = hotpink] *type what you want to say here* [ /color ] ===> Roy v Riza
PS : ^without spaces please =)

@ paca : Thanks again for the pics.. Maybe you can post the url link so that your post would not get too large in the future^^
Hay I've been gone for a few days. But Schools out so yay!
I have noticed that Nil-chan and Tombow have been gone for awile, hope they didn't die. Jk I'm sure they're just really busy.happy.gif

I can't say too much because I haven't gotten that far in the manga yet. I'm in like capter 20-something, I think. (Fairly new to it)

@paca Thanks for posting the pics. I love them! I saved them all to a file on my computer. Someday when I'm feeling nice I'll e-mail one to my friend who is completely in love with Roy.(But it prabaly won't be for a wile, I sent her one yesterday and she turnd it into a RoyEd icon!)

Now I will go read Sailor_Starlight's fic.
Sailor Starlight
windxalchemist - Yeah, I loved it how Mustang had some sort of "authority" over her by calling her useless and everything. And as long as there's people willing to read and review my fics, and actually ENJOY them, I'm going to keep writing and entertaining. happy.gif Currently, I have another Royai fic in mind.. It's sort of a song fic.. And I've started it.. Kinda. But it's really kind of crappy.. So I'm probably going to scrap the whole idea. ^^; Sorry for the rambling there. XD

MeLRizA - It's all good about the late review. Speaking of "late" reviews, a review is never late 'cause I love getting reviews any time of the year. happy.gif They really brighten my day. Oh, and just because you haven't got an account at doesn't mean you can't review, because I always have any reviews open just in case people are, 1) Too lazy to sign in or, 2) Don't have an account (which would be you, in that case =P). And thanks so much about the colour tip! *gives you Royai plushies* .. But another thing.. How am I supposed to know what other colours there are? I likey to test colours and such around the place, you know?

No_One - Hope you enjoy my fic! ^^;

[Edit]: Stupid "b's" and their "cool" sign. *scowls* .. I'm alright.. *advances on smiley and eats it* >=D

[Edit 2]: Alright, I've changed it to ONE and TWO instead of the cursed letters.. *irritated face* Stupid "cool" smiley.. n_n
Awwww, Sailor_Starlight that was a sweet fic. I loved the ending and the part where Roy called Riza useless. At times they seemed a little OOC but for the most part I could actualy see them doing that!
And I would like to say it is a bit redundent to say "7am in the morning" it's eather 7am or 7 in the morning.<- Sorry if I seem like a picky know it all, because I'm not, I just want to help.happy.gif

EDIT: I was bord and abit of a creative mood so I decided to make some icons! (I used the pics paca posted.) Enjoy! biggrin.gif

[attachmentid=6382] <- Pretty
[attachmentid=6381] <-Sad?
[attachmentid=6380] <-Funny
[attachmentid=6379] <-Cool
[attachmentid=6378] <-Royai
[attachmentid=6377] <-Hot
Sailor Starlight
No_One - Thanks a ton for the review! happy.gif And yes, I think "7 in the morning" sounds better as well. Guess I could always edit it.. as I figured out how to do that yesterday.. Hah, I feel so proud of myself. Also noticed a few spelling errors with Havoc's name.. Okay, well, other people pointed it out to me, so I might as well fix all those errors and re-submit it, what do you think? ^^;
^^Yes, do edit it, that way people can get more enjoyment out of it, and they will be less likely to be critcal of it.
I'm glad your big enough to admit your mistakes and fix them.
Sailor Starlight:You are welcome, and is a placer to review a good fanfic. Unless, if I do that when Im really sleepy and can`t even think of words. I review.
Oh, And I have the same problem with putting the words colour and with my avy. dry.gif . But knowing my computer this is normal.

Paca: thank you so much for the enlarge pictures. I want to draw them all, but don`t know if I can, one thing is "want" and another different is "can".

Hyugafalcon: I wish I can explain it better.
Sailor Starlight
No_One - Well, isn't that how one gets better at his/her writing though? I mean, if you were insulting towards me (like really critical and mean about it), then I probably would have ignored whatever you said, etc. But I'm glad you were actually nice about it because sometimes, you just come across those types of people who "flame" you for whatever you write. Believe me, I have experienced flames and they really aren't that nice (actually, they aren't nice at all). I still remember my first "flame" it was when I was about 14-15 and just learning how to write. I think the person actually had the satisfaction of getting to me because I cried. I admit it. I cried my friggen' eyes out because of one damn flame that really didn't matter. But you know what? That flame made me a stronger and better writer, a writer who wouldn't quit, regardless of what? One or two people had said about my writing. I also admit that I was a "n00b" at writing back then.. But I think if I could see those people again, just show them my pieces of art now, I would say, "Look at my work, look at all those reviews, look at what I've become.. When you didn't believe in me, I had people who did. And when you said those hurtful things you said to me, I strived to be better. Worked my way to the top. Surpassed the likes of you, flamer. I bet now, you're just sitting there, with next to no friends because of your "flaming" kind. But because of your flame though, you've made me a stronger and better writer. So, I guess I have to thank you. Thank you for making me a stronger and better writer."

Sorry about my rambling, but I think I wanted to say that. I've been wanting to for a very long time. =/. Damn, I'm almost crying now. It's a very emotional subject for me because here I am, writing stuff that PEOPLE enjoy reading.. Whilst back then, it was nothing to anyone. No one even bothered to review or care about my fics... But then I made friends that would actually help me make my works better and actually beginning to enjoy English I learned more words and everything. Anywho, I'm going to shut up now before you collapse on your desks from my life story. XD!

PS: Thanks so much for actually sitting there for that long and reading everything I had to say. ^^;
*stands up from chair and applouds*
WOW~ You're a really strong person.. You don't take comments to your heart but you learn from them, and thats what I like laugh.gif I can see that you're improving, yet continuing to improve yourself!! Keep up the spirit, Sailor Starlight Girl!! I'm really proud to be able to meet good writers like you, not forgetting Nil-chan, windxalchemist, Tsunade chan, Hyugafalcon, Keoni and Jo21.. Do tell me if I've missed anyone.. tongue.gif Your stories are so insipiring!!
BTW, my CoverMan is on your new avvy!! I LOVE it!! Darn you!! *steals avvy*

Speaking of Nilchan, I hope that she and Tombow will be back soon.. sad.gif

@ No_One : Thank you for those icons!! They're just loveable~ I wanna the one with Riza SMEXILY stripping her jacket off!! XP *drools*

I have been keeping myself busy with watching "X-CLAMP" lately.. I wanted to do some funny Royai stuffs after that, hope it'll work.. Aa- Don't you think Anime Subaru Sumeragi of "X-CLAMP" looks a little like Roy Mustang? Take a closer look.. Here's manga version of Subaru. They both have differen personalities and powers but look almost the alike and end up losing one of their eyes!! >.< Waa~ Why do my favourite anime guys always lose one of their eyes?! In Subaru's case, its his right eye just like Syaoran of "Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles"..

blink.gif Was I spamming? I don't think so after I edited my post.. hehe..
Sailor Starlight
MeLRizA - Aww.. I'm really not that strong. I'm really an emotional person, but I'm not afraid to share my views.. Except the fact that Roy love me and nobody else.. Kidding. And stuff like that. I mean, if I really believe in something, for example, like Royai (staying on subject here), then if someone liked EdxWin more and were bashing the Royai coupling, then I'll stand there and stand my ground and tell them all the evidence there is of Royai more so than EdWin, you know what I mean? But I wouldn't shove it down their throats or anything.. Just give my Point of View, take it or leave it, you know? It's probably a bad example. But meh. I can't think right now. XD

And thanks for saying that my stories are inspiring and whatnot. happy.gif

Hehe, and I'm glad you like my new avvie as well. *huggles it and never lets go* MY ROY. xD

Anywho, I'm hungry. *runs off to get some food*
*glares at MeLRizA* You forgot me! mad.gif
*laughs* but since your a better fanartist than me, you're forgiven happy.gif Love you're new avi!

Speaking of which: Thanks No_One for posting those! Roy-in-rain LOL biggrin.gif

@ Sailor Starlight: That was very inspirering. I'm glad to see that you were able to grow from those critisme. A lot of people can't do that. You go girl! biggrin.gif
I know what you mean by standing your ground. *points at sig* Hurt him.. ph34r.gif *laughs*

@ Windy-chan: Thank you! I made it myself that's why it's way crapier than the last one smile.gif You can steal it happy.gif I don't mind.
Aa- I'm so sorry Keoni!! I'll edit my post now!! Gomenasai ne~ >.< BTW< there are many fanartists who are better than I am, that's why I should work hard too.. smile.gif
Your new siggie ROCKZ!!! I LOVE it!! Keep a close watch at it, or else.. Mwahahaha!!!

@ Sailor Starlight : Yup, it inspires me to be a better artist in a way too.. laugh.gif And also inspire me to write a story as good as yours.. hehe..

I'm still watching "X-CLAMP" now.. Subaru looks so much like Roy!! *points to her previous post*
Graet !! biggrin.gif you-like-it biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

@No_One:nice avis!!!!
Sailor Starlight
Keoni - Yeah, I know, but sometimes, you just have to bite your tongue and move on with your life and stop worrying about people telling you that you've made mistakes when you can (the majority of the time) fix them. Friends are good at pointing out mistakes then holding out a hand to help you fix them. smile.gif

PS: There would be no way in hell that I'd ever hurt Roy.. Besides, he'd probably hurt me first. ^^;

MeLRizA - Aha! I actually challenge you to write a story as good as mine (if not better). The secret to writing stuff, however, is that you actually KNOW about the people and you kinda just "pretend" and visualise them in a particular situation.. Or that's how I work my fics, anyway.. Even if it does sound a bit weird. unsure.gif

Random Person - My avatar and signature are really growing on me for some reason.. Especially the siggy which I spend like forever an hour an a half on.. *huggles it* So glowing.. I so love my Photoshop... And my semi-existant PS skills. happy.gif
@ MeLRizA : Jeeeej biggrin.gif *hugs* You added me *laughs* About the sig.. See? If a complete photoshop No0b like me can do it, you can do it too. happy.gif defends her kawaii Roysig jk. I'm not really siggy-protective laugh.gif

*google Clamp X Subaru* He does! except for the jaw. and Roy being waaaaaaay cuter laugh.gif

@ Sailor Starlight: Yeah, that can be tough. Especially flaming. I can't imagine what's it's like (never having recieved any) but I think it's real hard, since a story is kinda like a child. You put your heart and soul into it and you really want people to like it. And the if they don't.... butr your writing skills are real good, so I bet you don't get flames anymore ^^

Sailor Starlight vs MeLRizA! *laughs* That's gonna be interesting! laugh.gif

Sailor Starlight
Keoni - Ah. Lets just hope you never recieve a flame or else I'll be running after those mean people and doing a little flaming of my own. =) I hate dispise it when ANY of my friends get immaturely flamed by a n00b who knows practically nothing on the subject of writing. And if these people do, then they really should mind their own business and stop wasting their time with "flaming" those who really do work hard on their art, graphics, writing or WHATEVER they do. It doesn't just have to be fan fictions, you know. Flaming could be used just about on anything. Oh and for the record, no, I don't get anymore flames and I'm glad about that too. Also, if I did recieve any.. I'd be replying so fast with insults un-imaginable incohensible to man, they wouldn't know what would hit them. I'm just nice like that.

By the way, MeLRizA would win hands down because I really do admire her beautiful work with all the siggy's she makes. If anything, she should teach me all her prized secrets as I too, am still learning about Photoshop and how to make the perfect banner and everything. MeLRizA will win due to mass experience (most likely). I've been serious about Photoshop for about 6 months now? Hey wait, not even 6 months.. Make it about 3 months or so. ^^;
^In sketches.. maybe yes.. but definitely not in photoshop and writing fics.. (T^T)

I have been drawing manga for about 10 yrs now, if I could recall (9_9).. I was really sucky then and the first manga I ruined was -gulp- Sailor Moon.. Sorry Sailor Moon fans, that was once of the first anime I've watched. Others would be Magic Knight Rayearth, Doraemon ( blink.gif ) and Astro Boy.. They were on TV then and I would watch every afternoon.. wink.gif
Yup, practice makes perfect! laugh.gif Everyone can do it too^^ That was how my friend learned from me and her sketches are totally different from mine, this is what I'm proud of!! wink.gif
About writing fics.. *waves a white flag* \(@.@)P Thanks for the tip!! I would like to try and write one if I had the chance^^

@ Keoni : "X-CLAMP" Subaru didn't wear an ayapatch despite losing his right eye, he replaced it with a fake eye ball blink.gif laugh.gif !! Hahaha.. Most "CLAMP" characters actually have sharp chins, I notice.. And yes, Roy's still SMEXIER than Subaru!! wub.gif BTW, I really am a photoshop noob and I'm proud of it.. I've been robbing my friends' tutorial works.

I know this is from the magazine . is it for something special????
IPB Image

More pics!!

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
Sailor_Starlight Wow! *applauds* I see what you mean. But I've never been flamed, except by sis. but she doesn't really count. Now I'm going to try to be more like you, your my new role model, okay?

@most every_one I'm glad you like the icons, that's the first time that I actualy put any that I made out there to be seen. Mostly because I only started making icons last week.

@paca Hmm looks to me like it's Valentine's Day, or White Day, maybe?

EDIT: Sweet 100th post!
I'm going to butt in and say that I have gotten flamed for making the characters OOC... but I hadn't seen much of the series. So I couldn't help but make Havoc creepily bi. (And Riza to be so... open about her feelings)
Everyone, Nil-Chan said she is having trouble with this website, I'm guessing that's why she hasn't been on in a while. unsure.gif

@Summoner Colette and everybody: I 'm having problems with this website too. Most of times I can't enter the page blink.gif blink.gif . In exchange of this page I get a page which says "The page cannot be found" ....blablabla. That's why I didn't post when the 60 chapter appear...TT_____TT.

@No_One: Do you think so?? When is it???
IPB Image <= Roy: *After the Chibi OAV* I got dumped by a woman, don't rub it in.


thank you paca for those totally cute picss~

and No_One for those funny avvies~

Well Sailor Starlight Girl's writing totally rocks. So don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I haven't ever gotten flames. I've done a pretty good job at keeping on people's good sides with my fics.
(She gives an awesome review, seriously.She took so much time to critique the story!)

@ ALL: you can call me windy-chan if it's less of a pain that windxalchemist
yap yap~

I've been having trouble here too...


If anyone else is having trouble, I'll make a RoyxRiza forum for us to talk in...

windxalchemist, cute picture xD Is that Lust and Gluttony in the background?
@ Summoner Colette: Poor Nil-chan sad.gif*nods* there's something wrong with the server here. Lately I've been having no problems what so ever, but before I couldn't get on for days at a time. ( Go figure, I signed on in januari and wasn't able to post until a month later blink.gif)
About the forum: Can you? That would be awesome. I think it's a brilliant idea biggrin.gif
Hey good eyes! I saw Lust but I didn't catch Gluttony ^^ '

@ Windy-chan: LOL Did you see Roy's expression? Poor guy! Hughes has got a huge stack of photo's laugh.gif

I want those cards! I'd keep um in my wallet and go hughesing all over it laugh.gif

lols. I have a spare forum which was supposed to be for my dead Royai site... we could use that biggrin.gif

and... from typing random site URLs, I typed in... and it led me to a site filled with pretty doujins. Not sure if you all saw it before, though biggrin.gif

That's my favorite so far biggrin.gif

... there's more.. @_@ (, just go clicky on the drop down menus)


Not done yet, obviously xD


@ Summoner Colette - I can help you with the board if you'd like! ^-^

I Thuoght I was the only one with problems with the " " website . This problems are odd blink.gif
Thanks eina. I have all the admin stuff taken care of (This isn't my first forum) but I can use some mods.

And those doujins are pretty happy.gif

Wow Summoner Colette! That looks really cool already! You sure move fast smile.gif And if you need anything... Well, I guess you don't ^^ But I wanted to say it anyway.

@ eina: Aww I love those! and I agree, the first one is the nicest. Kawaii biggrin.gif

BTW: There's something wrong with the IP adress of this site, that's why we all have trouble getting in. The gallery is down, too
I contacted Nil-Chan about the site. Hopefully she'll join.

And uh, mods will be decided later. I doubt we'll need them, but it's always fun to have a mod team xD

And Keoni, I like your sig. Roy looks hot
^^ Thank you! Roy is hot, enough said LOL
I had to make my own sig this time, cuz I felt bad about asking Nil-chan for a new one every other month rolleyes.gif

About mods, if it's just the Royai-thread team joining, I don't think we'll need those happy.gif For now *laughs*
I have just enter to And I found the page done!!!! Really fast!!! that's great........ you make it veeeery fast =O!
we can post on the new

and i forgot... i made icons here.

oh and yes, Keoni that Roy in your sig is so hot.... *melts like the fangirl she is right now*

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