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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Okay. not all spam. rolleyes.gif
But a lot of spam. Which means I'll need a lot of rice.... hm... being Asian has its quirks I guess.
Anyways. that was totally spam, sorry.

AHH! i'm like in love with everyone's royAi offerings. I am not joking. I can't even remember them all off the top of my head. Ergh. Let's see.

Nil-Chan: Zomg~ Fluffy, FMA Precious moments. Kawaii. Scanner, is going down your christmas list.
And.... I like your first royAi 100 drabbles! It was so nostalgic and. Ah!!!!!!!! -I am only capable of screaming-

Jelly_Belly: I liked your Christmas in June royAi.~ Ah! Uber kawaii.

Azura Elric: I like your new siggie. It's so royAi! *derness hanging around in the air*

Tsunade-Chan: OMG! Tsuny-chan! I loved up your kinky fan art! Winry's been swallowed by the royAi fandom! yes. yes. That's good. Ah~ Thanks for reviewing on ff.~

MeLRizA: Good luck on exams!

55th_animalalchemist: I like the drews~

Oh, by teh way. Just because I like spam and rice. I wanted to know how old everyone is. A) I am very nosy, cool.gifI just wanted to know, it's like a random thing C) What age group tends to like anime D) Okay, C was a total lie. I'm just nosy laugh.gif
I know how old Nil-chan is, but that's just because I stalk her for her royAiof And Tsuny Hrm. Well. I am 13. There! I am too lazy to go look at everyone's profile. >.<

-windxalchemist a.k.a. "windy-chan"-

[footnote: Tsunade-chan dubbed me Windy-Chan, lol]

What do you mean "Christmas in June"?....I don't remember doing anything liek that...?

-Jelly_Belly a.k.a Jelly-chan

Im...14....Is that young or no? Im asian too! Yay! Riza with chopsticks!
You know how RoyAi day's this thread's form of Christmas in June? And your picture was all wintry, so I decided to name it literally Christmas in June. yap yap!

hey windx ...your signature is huge x_x
Ahh! I almost missed Royai day! I didn't read Tombow's time zone thingy until today!

Well, here's my fanart, it's not as meaningful as Reika's pic (couldn't see it but read the description) or as fluffy others but it's my work...................tons of mistakes, hope you like it.

@Ssleepy Ally: wow, it's great, I liked it very much, you have pretty much talent, girl, more than me T_T XDDD I'm sorry you couldn't see my image, is rated ^^U...

@Jelly Belly: THANK YOU! XDD

wow, there's been so much posts since I posted that I can't answer to everyone :s thank you to everyone that saw my pic XD and oh my, I really liked your deviations! I LOVE THE ROYAI DAY! XD
Whew, I made it!! I had to be out for some stuff all day today, but wanted to get back on-line for the Royai Day!!
Wow, this thread grew, like several pages in one day since I posted this morning just couple of hours before the start of official Royai Day period!!
Got so much nice stuff posted here!! Awsome!!
I'm gonna take time to enjoy all the Royai goodness presented by so many of you, but first....

Happy Royai Day!!

Presenting a brief change of pace from "hot and heavy" Royai actions( biggrin.gif ) I present my translations of... Roy Q&A (from Hagaren DX book, scan courtesy of Jelly_Belly)

Questions for Colonel Roy Mustang!!

Q: Colonel, are you useless on windy days also??
Q: Useless in the fog, too??
Q: How about in the snow??
Roy: W,what all these questions abruptly!!
Al: Everybody is wanting to know those!!

Q: Colonel, you create flames with your alchemy by controlling the amount of Oxygen, right??
So, that means you are useless in the high altitudes, like if fighting atop the 1,000 M (roughly 10,000 feet) high mountain??
Roy: Ummm, I.. I may arrive there little late....
Riza: Please avoid being tardy, and try to manage your schedule better.

Q: Colonel is "useless" in the rain... So, what happenes if it rains during the war??
Q: On a rainy day, do you do stuff, such as, making a talisman sunny weather doll and pray for fine weather, or stuff like that??
Roy: Ahem, I take a day off on a rainy day during the war!
Havoc: Like you could!! As if you are a chief/king of a tribe on a Pacific island or something!!

Q: We know Colonel Roy Mustang is useless in the rain, but how about in the water...??
Could it be that you are "useless" in the water, like, you can not swim??
Roy: What?? How, how rude of you!! (Rather panickingly..)

Q: How came Roy-san can snap fingers with the glove on?? We all tried, but none of us could!!
Roy: Ha, you all need far more learning to do!
Riza: That is not snapping of fingers. That noise is from chemichal reactions of substances in the air, caused by the alchemy.

Q: Colonel hasn't won chess matches aginst the General at the East Head Quarters, (except the last one.) Were you losing the matches intentionally, or you honestly couldn't win??
Roy: He is the commander of the East Head Quarters. Dispite how he might look to you, the General is truly a good chess player.


And, just for recently joined members, here is the reposting of the companion piece, Riza Q&A, which I translated on page 370, post #5546 of my post (re-edited.) (from Hagaren DX book, scan courtesy of Aoko-chan)

Questions for Lieutenant Hawkeye!!

Q: When you are out, how many guns do you usually carry?
Riza: Two guns. The second one is for security, in case the first piece might malfunction.

Q: About clothing underneath the miltary uniform, it looks like the Colonel Mustang wears whiite shirt, Lieutenant Hawkeye and Second Lieutenant Havoc wear black shirts, and Major Armstrong does not wear anything underneath. Does the military has any official guidelines??
Riza: For the formal Military occasions, such as the Military funeral of Brigadier General Houghes, we're supposed to wear white shirt underneath our uniform. For everyday wear, there are no set rules.

Q: Lieutenant, you don't like mini-skirts??
Riza: Any type of clothing that would hinder the movements during combats would be problematic.

Q: A newspaper in Rizenbul (GC magazine, Vol. 6, page 68) had a headline that said "CONCLUSION OF CIVIL WAR." Was that refering to the Ishval uprising??
Riza: Yes, the civil war that ended with the destruction of Ishval.

Q: I hear that somewhere far east of Xing, there is an island nation. Does that mean there is an ocean outside Amestris??
Riza: Our country (Amestris) is located in the center of continent, and not connected to the sea, but if we go further out, there is an ocean.

Q: How has Black Hayate been doing?
Riza: Growing well. And, well disciplined.
Roy: Well disciplined...???
Riza: Did you say something, Colonel??
Roy: Um, no, nothing!!
(Caption from the pic of Black Hayate reads: Black Hayate is growing up strong!!)


Now, I'm gonna check everyones' awsome creations..... Talk to you later after I read all these awsome fanfics and check wonderful Royai fanarts!! happy.gif
....You're welcome? *Can't remember where she was 5 minutes ago* Sure thing...anytime?

Is it Royai day still, where you are? It better be! Anyway, nice picture! Is it water colour?

Now i seriously need to draw.

EDIT: Uuuuuu, Tombow, thank you so much!
And Like I said, I`m back with the other drew finnish.
I like everething that everyone had post. Thanks for sharing tongue.gif

Hope you like it. tongue.gif
HAPPY ROYAI DAY!!! laugh.gif
Wow, this thread grew, like, 3 pages since I left yesterday. It's going too fast, I can't remember all drawings and fics! But I really enjoy all the Royai goodies ^^

@ 55th_animalalchemist - That drawings turnes out great! I like them very much. Do you already start to love photoshop? XD

@ Tombow - Thanks for translating, I really enjoyed it! Especially Roy's part

@ SsleepyAlly - Wow, that's a great drawing! I love it, it's so cute!

Wow, Tsunade-chan and Nil-chan, talented at both writing and drawing!

@ Azura Elric - That's such a cute drawing!! I love it ^^

Keep on going with the awesome Royai stuff! There's only 5 hours left! I wish Royai day would last longer!
^^Yap, we still have 5 more hours of official Royai Day period!! Yay!! biggrin.gif

I'm still going through pages, and reading all the fanfics!!

Let's celebrate THIS WHOLE WEEDEND as Royai Day Weekend also!!
And, of course we can post our Royai artworks/fanfics even BEFORE and AFTER this time period, and we'll celebrate the Royai goodness throughout the weekend!! happy.gif
I agree! let's celebrate it as a WHOLE weekend!!!
^^ I agree Reika!! happy.gif

Here we go!! So much to enjoy!! This is my quick reviews, but I'm gonna go back and enjoy them all over again during this weekend!! biggrin.gif

@Chibi Viki - Wow... I am so honored that we have you here for the Royai Day!!
That's a lovely Royai Day poster, and vey lovely & touching post!! Thank you so much!!

@Nil-chan - You're so talented!! Loved your epic!! And the other story!! Awsome!!
And, love your drawings!! Love your style!! Nice kisses!! Very very nice!!

@Tsunade-chan Love your story of Roy and Riza's daughter!! Nicely constructed, and it's so cute!! Loved all the names, too!! And, loved your "Royai Day special" pic collections!! biggrin.gif

@Hyugafalcon - Sweet srory!! Very nice!! I loved it!!

@windxalchemis - Loved your funny story, and all these wonderful collection of cute stories!!
I really enjoyed reading them!!

@eina - Such a sweet story!! Loved it!! Very very nice!!

@Summoner Colette - Short, but sweet story!! Very nice!!

@Jo21 - Yeah, I liked it!! biggrin.gif

@MeLRizA Wow, that pic is so sweet!! And, the second one is so funny!! laugh.gif
And, love your Roy's Shrine!!

@No_One - Beautiful story!! Love it very much!!

@Reika - I'm getting Mature Content Filter!! The description sounds great!! NowI MUST find the way to unfilter it, so that I can get to your Royai art!! ohmy.gif

@Keoni - Awsome fic!! Sweet and lovely!! Love it!!

@seventh_sky - Glad you're here with us on Royai Day!! Makes me very happy!!

@Galorfilinde - Wow, what a lovely Royai drawing!! And, beautiful Roy pic!!

@Blue_Haven - So artistic and beautiful!! Love it!!

@Jelly_Belly - That's so sweet!! Love your drawing!!

@Azura Elric - That one is so cuuuute!! Love it!!

@55th_animalalchemist - Wonderful pic of Roy and Riza!! Very nice!!

@SsleepyAlly - That's totally awsome!! All these extra details adding wonderfull story to the pic, and love your Hayate!! Great job!!

I'm looking at how much artistic contributions we gethered on this thread for the Royai Day, and I'm in complete awe of all the talents we have on this thread!! It's totally amazing!!
Thanks everyone for all these wonderful Royai creations!! happy.gif
*sneaked past Mr.Study*

@ SsleepyAlly : Very nice artpiece^^ You're waaayyyy better than me @ painting.. and the chibi-Riza and Hayate are so adorable!! (the ones that I believed Roy must have drawn)

@ Tombow
You've eventually made your appearance.. only to be mashed by the overwhelming amounts of Royai fanworks~!! XD Thanks for your translations too, I love reading Roy's corny parts!! Thanks too for liking my sucky drawing!!

@ 55th alchemist
You've just started using photoshop?! ohmy.gif *hands up in defeat* You're much better than me.. My first attempt was really horrible (trust me, you wouldn't wanna take a peep @ it) BTW, your pictures were great too^^

@ Reika
I love your new siggie~ so sweet!! XD

5 more hours to the end of Royai Day? I wish it would be 5 centuries.. tongue.gif

EDIT : @ Azura Elric : I almost forgotten about your cute Royai drawing!! I wanna hug that puppy-Roy~

Ack! *caught by* I'll be right back~~*
@Ssleepy Ally: Your pic is great! i love it!!

@55th_animalalchemist: Great job, they're really nice!

only five hours left? *sigh* its actualy only 8 in the morning of June 11 here....yay!
@Tombow: Haha I didn't know you were underaged ^^Uu I added the filter just so they wouldn't take the deviation away...

@MeLRIZA: yay! thank you! ^^
Happy Royai day to all of you!

Unfortunately, I did not have time to draw something.... but here are the results of the contest!

There are two winner since there are two age categories.
The winner of the 16 years old and more category is...
Congratulation Reika!

The winner of the 15 years old and less category is...
Congratulation SsleepyAlly. I see that you already posted your drawing... rolleyes.gif

Everybody will win somehing. I made a list on my site^^.
Thank you very much again for your interest in the contest!

Now, I'm going to read all the pages I missed because there are a lot! tongue.gif

Happy Royai Day!

I'm so happy biggrin.gif . Although, it's driving my family completely nuts. Which kinda makes it better, in a way.
@Valerie: THANK YOU SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T I'm sooooo happy lol XDDDD I would have wanted to actually finish the drawing but... ^^U you know how busy I am with my exams... SsleepyAlly congrats to you too!!!

Hey, sis, can you add your webpage link?
Wowee! So many new posts! I'll check back to comment later!

But first : Congratulations Reika And SsleepyAlly! I love both your drawings! Great job!

*goes back and tries to catch up*
@Valerie: ^^U... there's a problem.... I already have the vol13 limited edition with playing cards... ^^U
Wow, congratulations Reika and SsleepyAlly! Your fanarts are awesome! Well, even though Royai day is 'officially' over... dry.gif it's still june 11 here, so i think i'll post something else... *evil grin*
Aw... Royai day is almost over *Frowns* And I missed like 3 pages, so I was confused... but I read everything. I hope nobody forgets about Royai day next year... I know I will.
Reika: Err... well... we'll talk about that in PM^^...
Congratulations Reika and SsleepyAlly! Your drawings are awesome! I like all drawings, but I agree that yours were the best!
And thank you Valerie! I'm very happy with the price, I needed a mousepad! ^^ It was fun to participate, and please let me know when there will be another contest!

Aww, according to the time table, the official Royai day ended now. But we will just continue to celebrate it, right? Here it still is june 11th ^^
Congrats Reika and SsleepyAlly!! Your fanarts are very nice^^ Reika, its really amazing how you can draw them in that pose ohmy.gif

While taking a break, this what I did to one of Riza's face in chapter 58 (if I'm not wrong).. yeah, GIMP war.. The 1st one was lost becuase I forgot to save it ( mad.gif ) so, this is the 2nd one..

Royai Day has officially ended here.. sad.gif *yawnz* I'll disturb you guyz next time then.. ta-ta~!!

EDIT : My friend has just watched FMA.. she posted @ her msnPM "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FMA ENDING SUCKS" dry.gif Because she's another Ed-lover.. Sorry guyz, I didn't manage to spread by Royai fan-bird desease to her.. sad.gif , but she find Riza DAMN HOT and was sort of.. all over her.. mellow.gif laugh.gif
Oh, I was watching the clock for the ending, and I only looked until 11:58. (When it ended here) Stupid me...

I did find out on another site that everyone just thinks that it's "A cute couple" and didn't say anything else about it. Seriously, 3 people in a row saying the exact same thing.
Congrats Reika and SsleepyAlly!! Your fanarts are very nice^^ Reika, its really amazing how you can draw them in that pose

I agree xDD that was an special day, if I want to draw something like that now I could forget about it XDDDDDDDD I look at it and I say "no way I drew this" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD but THANK YOU!!!!!!!! ^0^

I was amazed at the mad skillz some underaged have, wow, I wish I had that skills at their age, I would be quite a pro right now.
Azura Elric
Wah, and it rains on my RoyAi Day = = It's still Royai day over here so meh XD

*goes to look at the pretty Royai fanarts* :3 Sooo much...
Wow! so many pages went by while I was sleeping. That means the "offical" Royai day is over, sad.gif but it is now the 11th, it has been for a few hours, in my time zone.

The results of Valerie's contest are in! Yay, I loved them all.
Every_one who put up a pic. good job! (my drawing skills are um, developing? at best.)

And I think is was Windy-chan's fic. from yesterday the short one toled by their kid, eventhough I liked it I was laughing because I was uncomfortable, just thought I'd say that.

Thank's again to every_one who read, responded to, and/or liked my fic. (link on pg. 461 post #6910 <- I feel sorta' like Tombow knowing the exact page and post number tongue.gif )
Tombow I did`nt see what you post yesterday , I`ve seen it just now. I like it. laugh.gif
Congrats Reika and Sleepy Alley great drews !!!
Melriza: I like your Riza drew! biggrin.gif
Tonight I`m gonna read since page 462 till 467 evereypage agian in case I missed something yesterday .
here Royai Day finnisehd 5 hours abd 16 minutes ago at 12 pm, I have like 12 hours of diference with Japan.
But, but here is still sunday , june 11th at 5.18 pm.
@55th_animalalchemist: thank you!!!
Hey sis! I'm reading the pages I missed and just saw that you posted a drawing! I can't see it because it is filtered. I'm not a deviantart member... Guess I'll have to register to see it! tongue.gif

Happy birthday to the creator of the Royai thread: RolfKaese
Oh my gosh. I can't even name all of the goodies.

SsleepyAlly. Awww. That was uber kawaii~

I loved all of the things people posted.

royAi, my OTP <333~~~

Man. It ended while I was at church, but, I still consider it royAi day. Errgh...
*goes to re-look at all the treats*

Thanks for all the reviews~~

Answer to Jelly_belly 3 pages ago. "OT" means off topic. And I'm almost twenty.

To everyone all your art is amazing! *steals for her collection*

MeLRizA Riza is damn hot! Let her drool!

windxalchemist You like that? One this one forum I go to there is about 250 people and each person has some sort of cute nickname. XD! It was kinda habit when I said it to you. I'm usualy called Tsu-chan or Tsuna-chan, if you want to use that.
Hmm...the number of posts are getting smaller. Post some random stuff people. Man, 4 days without food, and Im not hungry...I. am. God.

2nd in Valerie's contest. ^^ Ill take that, thank you, yay. I dunno how the hell Im supposed to receive that prize Valerie was talking about...My parents are gonna kill me, stupid over-protective people laugh.gif Anyway, congrats to everyone else who got a place here. Especially Reika and SleepyAlly !

Your friends a girl correct? Well that's ok, cuz I think Riza's...nice looking. You know, for an anime character that isnt even real to start with. Then there's Roy...

Could you please post your art again, not DA. Cuz its got that Adult Filter on...everyone says its awesome and I can't see it.
@Tsu-Chan: Sure. Windy-chan. I've dubbed that name. Lol. I understand that windxalchemist is kind of long. so windy-chan works.

Ooh. I like Jelly_Belly's new siggy. It's prettiful and royAi-ful.
lol Jelly_Belly, in my opinion anime people a.k.a. fake people, are much hotter than real people. (a.k.a. Roy)

It's over. royAi day's over.


QUOTE(Hyugafalcon @ Jun 11 2006, 11:36 PM) [snapback]410284[/snapback]

Aw... Royai day is almost over *Frowns* And I missed like 3 pages, so I was confused... but I read everything. I hope nobody forgets about Royai day next year... I know I will.

I'll come after you and whack ya as a reminder laugh.gif Grr...

QUOTE(Reika @ Jun 12 2006, 12:44 AM) [snapback]410323[/snapback]

Congrats Reika and SsleepyAlly!! Your fanarts are very nice^^ Reika, its really amazing how you can draw them in that pose

I agree xDD that was an special day, if I want to draw something like that now I could forget about it XDDDDDDDD I look at it and I say "no way I drew this" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD but THANK YOU!!!!!!!! ^0^

I was amazed at the mad skillz some underaged have, wow, I wish I had that skills at their age, I would be quite a pro right now.

The pose look pretty natural.. You're already a PRO!! biggrin.gif

@ Tsunade-chan & Jelly_Belly
She was ranting "OMGOMGOMG!!! The gunner woman, what's her name?, is damn HOTT!! And she's so cheo!!" ("cheo" is a typical Singapore style slang for pretty/cute/sexy/lovely/blah..) over msn. That made me happy!! >D

CT : Was the old RoyxHawkeye thread that pathetic bad? Someone did mention most of the posts were mostly spams.. and there were only 27 pages sad.gif ... Alright! Cheers to us now, this thread definitely swell laugh.gif !!!
Congratulations, Reika and SsleepyAlly for winning the first prizes, and No_One, Jelly Belly, Keoni, AndroidLust, and Galorfilinde for winning other prizes in Valerie's Royai fanart contest!! You guys/ladies Rocks!! biggrin.gif

And, congratulations to everyone on this thread, because, I think, our 2006 Royai Day was, I would say, an OVERWHELMING SUCCESS!!
Hope we can do the same, or better, next year again!! happy.gif
Hey sis! I'm reading the pages I missed and just saw that you posted a drawing! I can't see it because it is filtered. I'm not a deviantart member... Guess I'll have to register to see it!

well, it has an adult filter too ^^U

Could you please post your art again, not DA. Cuz its got that Adult Filter on...everyone says its awesome and I can't see it.

I would love to, but I don't know how ^^U
@ Reika - Try to upload it at, or submit it as an attachment on the forum. It would be a shame if they couldn't see your awesome drawing!

Again, so many new pages. Every time I visit this thread, I'm all confused XD

I hope I won't forget Royai day next year, but I think I will. I always tend to forget these kind of things. And I guess I'm not such a huge Royai fan as most of you are here tongue.gif

Anyway, I really enjoyed Royai day!!
Ok I knew I missed some drews and fanfics.

Galorfilinde: yeah the photoshp is great, I only have 20 dyas of 30 trial days. And Im get used to the tools , but it`s a great programme, and thanks biggrin.gif
Tombow, thank you.

Blue Haven:Sorry sad.gif , yesterday , I missed your fanart. But not today, I like the way you made them very much. biggrin.gif
Melriza: thank you very much
Yes I have just started using it, my drews are not very well painted, (except the roy and the first roy and riza ones), but I think I have time to make it better. tongue.gif
NilChan : thanks biggrin.gif tongue.gif
Someone ask the age of everyone , Im 18.
and agian someone ask how the Mustang`s kids could be named, I loke the idea of Maes for a boy,and I like Milagros (means "miracles")for a girl.
And I think I said that" I like your drew or fanfic" to everyone,because I really like everyone`s drews and fanfics biggrin.gif , If I missed someone, I didn`t mean to and sorry if I did sad.gif

Oh and Happy Birthday to Rolfkaese and thanks for create this thread.
Aww... so quickly and royai day is now gone... biggrin.gif
^^ Jo21 - Gone, but not forgotton, as I present..

The 2006 Royai Thread Royai Day Album

Opening comment and special Royai Day poster by Chibi Viki on page 487, post #7292

dear ChalkArt_Royai and Fine after the war by MeLRizA (page 486, Post #7285) *Links no longer working
Forbidden Royai (Rated M) by Reika, (page 487, post #7297)
Royai Role Switch by MeLRizA, (page 487, post #7294)
You and Me Tonight and Roy by Galorfilinde (page 488, post #7310)
Roayai in black by Blue_Haven (page 488, #7317)
Happy Royai Day!! by Jelly_Belly (page 489, post #7327)
Embrace 1 (page 489, post #7331) and Embrace 2 (page 490, post #7345) by Nil-chan
Royai Day Banner and Happy Royai Day!! by Azura Elric (page 489, post #7334)
Royai Day Special Collection by Tsunade-chan (page 489 post #7335)
Royai fanart 1, Royai fanart 2, Royai anart 3 (page 490, post #7350) by 55th_animalalchemist
(4 more fanarts by her will be added here later)
Roy and Hayate by SsleepyAlly (page 491, post #7355)

You Are My Love by Tsunade-chan (page 479, post #7181)
Origin (conclusion) by Nil-chan (page 479, post post #7183)
Worse Than a Blind Date: a royAi fanfic by windxalchemist (post 481, post #7201)
Blackout by Hyugafalcon (page 481, post #7210)
The Blue That is Our Skins by eina (page 482, post #7224)
Thoughts on Rainy Days by Jo21 (page 485, post #7274)
Rain by Summoner Colette (page 486, post #7277)
My Royai Day Fic by No_One (page 486, post #7289)
Is This Love? by Keoni (post 487, post #7303)
Trees, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Never Know, and ‘Till Death Do Us Apart by windxalchemist (page 488, post #7316)
Military Personnel by Nil-chan (page 489, post #7331)

(I'm still fixing the catalogue, and i'm sure I probably missed some of your fine contributions...
If you noticed that I missed any, or the title of your art is not right, or any other stuff you noticed, please post and let me know. Then I'll gladly edit the list. smile.gif )

(The below is the pre-merge page and post #s)

The 2006 Royai Day Fanart/Fanfics Contributions!!

Opening comment and special Royai Day poster by Chibi Viki on page 461, post #6913

dear ChalkArt_Royai and Fine after the war by MeLRizA (p461, #6906)
Forbidden Royai (Rated M) by Reika, (p462, #6918)
Royai Cosplay by MeLRizA, (p462, #6922)
Royai contest entry art and Roy by Galorfilinde (p463, #6931)
Roayai in black by Blue_Haven (p463, #6938)
Happy Royai Day!! by Jelly_Belly (p464, #6948)
Royai fanart 1 (p464, #6952) and Royai fanart 2 (p465, #6966) by Nil-chan
Royai Day Banner and Happy Royai Day!! by Azura Elric (p464, #6955)
Royai Day Special by Tsunade-chan (p464, #6956)
Royai fanart 1, Royai fanart 2, Royai fanart 3, Royai anart 4 (p465, #8971) and (4 more added here) by 55th_animalalchemist
Roy and Hayate by SsleepyAlly (p466, #6976)

In her mind by Tsunade-chan (p454, #6802)
Origin (conclusion) by Nil-chan (p454, #6804)
Worse than a Blind Date: a royAi fanfic by windxalchemist (p455, #6822)
Blackout by Hyugafalcon (p456, #6831)
the blue that is our skins by eina (p457, #6845)
Thoughts on rainy days by Jo21 (p460, #6895)
Rain by Summoner Colette (p460, #6898)
My first FMA & Royai fic by No_One (p461, #6910)
Is this love? by Keoni (p462, #6924)
Trees, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Never know, and ‘Till Death Do Us Apart by windxalchemist (p463, #6937)
Military Personnel by Nil-chan (P464, #6952)

(I'm still fixing the catalogue, and i'm sure I probably missed some of your fine contributions...
If you noticed that I missed any, or the title of your art is not right, or any other stuff you noticed, please post and let me know. Then I'll gladly edit the list. smile.gif )
Sailor Starlight
Hmm, I personally didn't know there was such thing as Royai day. And it just popped up everywhere on FanFiction.Net and I was like, "What the heck?! Since when was there such thing as Royai day?" And I was so confused because I was wondering how I didn't know about this (because I'm like a huge Royai fan and I didn't know what was going on) and it was just so depressing because I didn't do ANYTHING to celebrate the day (except for writing a late little drabble, which is totally OOC on Riza's thoughts about Roy). But to everyone who submitted something: Great work (and yes, I did manage to get around to reading some of your stuff, especially Roy's wedding day to Riza, I think windxalchemist wrote it? I can't remember. Was a little too lazy to review. XD).

Anywho, I do hope I do get informed of Royai day.. THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR! .. Okay, this excludes my birthday and Christmas. Damnnnn.. I'm gonna be 21 next year. *dies* Oh well. I'll be ever so closer to Roy's age (if he didn't age, that is). *shifty eyes, ducks due to daggers being thrown at her by fan girls and her Riza muse* X_x;
@Sailor Starlight - WELCOME to the Royai thread!!
Awww. sorry you missed the Royai Day!!
(BTW, if you read my WELCOME post to you on "Newcomer" thread, which I posted on June 3, practically right after your post, I specifically recommended you to visit this Royai thread!!
I said "I see you are a "massive" Royai fan, you got to stop by on our infamous Royai thread!!" with the link to this thread and all!!
If you had done that and came to this thread then, you had NOT missed the Royai Day!! sad.gif )

But, it's not too late!! You can still post your Royai Day fanfic/fanart.
There are some who couldn't be here on this weekend for personal stuff, and those will be joining the celebration little late, hence, you can still join the celebratiion, too!! happy.gif
Yap, if you like, post your Royai Day fanart/fanfic!! smile.gif
Ahh that`s great Tombow, you shouldn`t bother, thanks biggrin.gif
@ Sailor Starlight - Aww, too bad you missed it! But, as Tombow said, you can still post your fanfics/fanart ^^

@ Tombow - Thank you for putting all fanart/fanfics in a list! You are awesome! But don't forget your own contributions for Royai day smile.gif
Tombow: Thank you very much! You're the best! I started to read the pages yesterday and didn't read all the fanfictions and didn't see all the drawings. It's very helpful! And thank you for the translations you did too! Roy is so funny. biggrin.gif

Reika: I'm 25... Is this too young? tongue.gif When I want to see your drawing, I have a message telling me to register to see it. wink.gif

Sailor Starlight: Welcome to the board!
^^ @Galorfilinde - Tehehe, mine (the translation) was just the sidekick!! biggrin.gif
(But, thanks for the kind thoughts!! happy.gif)

Anyway, isn't that list awsome??!!
(I mean, not the list, but the CONTENT of the list.... well, you know what I mean.. laugh.gif )
I think we can declare that our first Royai Day was OVERWHELMINGLY successful!! happy.gif
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