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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@ chibi viki
You're really talented!! you make me so jealous XD

@ Reika
That was shocking.. yet beautiful.. I loved how you caould draw them ****ing.. It was AMAZING!! Do post the coloured one^^

Here's a poopy Royai cosplay I drew within the last 2 hour.. *yawnz* Its really poopy.. I'm sleepy here.. VERY SORRY ABOUT it guys!! sad.gif *in deep regret for spoiling Royai Day (T^T)* I destroyed Roy's hair the other time, this time is Riza's turn.. thus making my artwork poopier..

I wanna present to everyone Roy's Shrine!! For those who may have seen it.. oh well.. sorry for repeating (huh.gif) for those who have not, enjoy laugh.gif

*yawns* Alright.. I gotta go now.. I need some sleep.. will check in again for more treats when I wake up ^^ See ya!
hahahahaha actually I didn't try to draw them ****ing XDDDDDDDDD, alright, I'll tell you the real meaning of the drawing:

First, they are naked to symbolize the kind of love they feel for each other: completely pure.
They are in that pose so I could make a subliminal image with the "space" in between, if you look closely, in between their bodies, there are two images left on that spaces, one's more visible than the other, they are heart-shaped spaces, so, actually it's just more of the same: they feel LOVE, they are in LOVE. (love is in the aire~XD)
Also, they are in a position that is "triangular", which means stability, they are stabilize each other, and of course, in that world of chaos.

Second, the background, the window: I tried to symbolize their past throught that window, the destruction and the mood they continuesly live in because of that (the colored version is somewhat grey), the scraches on the walls are the "scars" they have left now on them, Roy's suffered more (at least what I think) and so the image on his part is more unstable, that's why there's that beam almost falling and cracked.

And I think that's all, I just tried to do something Arakawa-sensei would do, ¬¬ actually I discovered yesterday she already does >.< Gods, she's GOD.
Happy Royai Day everyone! laugh.gif Oh, you guys sure have been active!

@ summoner Colette: I love your story! It's both sweet and funny! Great job!

@ MelRizA: Wow! I don't think that's poopy at all! Great job!

@ Reika: Wow! You're really talented! I thought it was really sweet! happy.gif

@ Chibi Vicky: OMG! Your drawing puts mine to shame! ^^ You really have tallent, great job! i like all the symbolism in it, too. You really thought about it.

@ No_One: Awww! That was really sweet!

@ Nil-chan : Jeeej! I'm really curious!

right.. To those I missed, I'll check back and cover you later happy.gif

Well, my one-shot fic is finished.. This it it : Is this love Tell me what you think okay? happy.gif
thank you, keoni ^^
@ Reika: You're very welcome happy.gif

Oh! I forgot to thank Azura for the translations! You rock!

I think I'll have the drawing up later today.. still ahven't finished it..
Yay day has started! Man, that bat mitzvah wasted too many hours of my time... didn't know anyone... ANYWAYS! Everybody's art is so beautiful... and the fics so touching... I wish Royai day was a year-long thing.
SUgoi! Wow, Keoni, that was really good! i was going to leave you a review on, but something wouldn't let me, so i thought i'll say it here, and leave you one when decides to be nice to me. It was really good, the imagery was very sweet! i loved that you didn't do the cliché 'i love you' but.. Squee! it was so good!

@MelRiza: That is really good! Ria looks so pretty... happy.gif i love it! i gotta go work on my picture. SQUEE!

@Reika: o_0 damn, ur good. that is so pretty... i kinda was startled that it was R rated, but it was very nice! You've got mad skillz, lol!
Yeah, I actually showed up for royai day XD

Um...yeah...not much to say except that I saw Reika's drawing and it was spiffy XDDDD you're too good at drawing, sis XD
@ Nil-chan: Thank you! happy.gif *feels all happy*
There's something wrong with! I had to try 7 times before it uploaded. Guess everybody's overactive on Royai Day LOL

@ Hyugafalcon: I was gonna wish you Mazeltov.. but then I realised it couldn't be your bar mitsvah LOL I know what you mean! I love Royai Day! laugh.gif

@ seventh sky: Glad you could make it ^^
Wow, so many Royai fics!

@ Keoni - That was such a sweet story! It made me feel sad in the beginning, but happy at the end ^^ Great job! You're good at writing!

@ No_one - That was so sweet! I like your writing style.

@ Jo21 - Cute story! I like your idea with the pictures ^^

@ Summoner Colette - Aww, that was just so sweet!

@ Hyugafalcon - Aww, such a sweet story! Love it ^^

@Tsunade-chan - It sure is a lovely story! I liked the part of the braid.

@ Nil-chan - Finally read your fic. It's so cute! ^^

I'm sure I forgot someone, I'm sorry. It's just that there are so many fics! I had a nice day reading Royai fanfics ^^


And all artworks are awesome too!!

@ Reika - That's a great piece of art, and there are such beautiful meanings behind it! Wow!

@ MeLRizA - Wow, awesome drawing! That hair and dress really suits Riza ^^ Seeing Roy with the gun and Riza with the gloves is weird XD. But I love it!
And the calk drawing is so sweet! I love the text with it. It's just so cute ^^

@ Chibi Viki - Wow, that's aome awesome Royai artwork! So cute! ^^ I love it


Well, here's my little contribution.
I also participated at Valerie's contest with this one. I only added a filter with photoshop, which I didn't with the drawing for the contest because it wasn't allowed.
If you like, I'll try to finish the colored version before the end of royai day!

And I vectorized (if that's a word XD) Roy's face. I wanted to Riza's as well, but it was just too much work. Only this one took me hours! There are some mistakes in it, but It' just my first vector, so...

Hope you like it!
Thank you @Galorfilinde (I liked your picture too!^0^) and @Nil-chan! ^^
@ Galorfilinde: Thank you! biggrin.gif I'm really glad you liked it!
I like the little poem in your drawing! It's uberkawaii and really sweet! Your vectored one is so good! I could never do that with illustrator! ( It has something against me! I swear)

*still reading up* So many fics! laugh.gif
Galorfilinde, really cute happy.gif I love the quote too.
Thank you Keoni and Reika! I'm glad you like it ^^ Yeah the poem sort of just popped into my mind XD. And Keoni, the only way to learn to handle Illustrator is to practice. [i]A lot[/b]. I still hate the program too XD

Oh my, I need to make a Royai sig! *goes browsing the thread, searching for two awesome pics which were posted recently*

*Edit: Thank you, Summoner Colette!
@ Galorfilinde: Your welcome ^^
Yeah I know.. I'm actally working on it, but most of the times I just go "AAAARRRGG!" after one hour and break out the pencils laugh.gif What I really need is more patience happy.gif Good Luck picture hunting!
Happy RoyAi day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's one of my fics~

There's another one!

I Must Be a Magician

Hello another one!

Here are my stories.

I hope you enjoy them.

OMG! I'm in love with everyone's goodies! -.-' that sounds so wrong rolleyes.gif

royAi goodies! I liked Reika's R art. lol. wink.gif It was pretty all the same.


@Reika- Thats very beautiful. You pulled it off very well and it was tastefully done. (I think I'll go watch you dev page)

@Chibi Viki- That's one of my favorite pics of yours. So cute. smile.gif

@Keoni- You are too good a writing!! >< Such a good story I think I'll go back and read it again. biggrin.gif

Galorfilinde- You did a great job. Vector is HARD. (thats why I don't use illustrator) laugh.gif Beautiful artwork.

@MeLRizA- It's not poopy!!! It's so cute! Roy better watch out cause Riza has his glove and she knows how to use it. XD

I guess I'll go ahead and post my pic. This is my first fully CG'd work so, eh. Scaned into and colored in Corel Painter. tongue.gif
@ Blue_Haven - Wow, that's just beautiful! The first picture you CG'd? That is very, very good! I love it, I'm already viewing it for the fifth time! ^^ You're really talented!
And thank you for your comment! ^^

@ Windxalchemist - I'll read your stories later! It's 00:20 here, so I'm too tired to stare at the computer screen, reading.
Keoni: XD My bat mitzvah was a year ago. This was probably my last one for awhile... do I have anymore younger friends? *Ponders*

Ya, know... we should have a discussion on something... canon on this wonderful day. Any topics?
@ Blue Haven: Thank you! Glad you like it so much happy.gif
I love your drawing! You're really talented! I just love your style!

@ Windxalchemist: Jeej more stories! *reads*

@ Galorfilinde: I know what you mean (since we're in the same timezone) It's just too warm to go to sleep laugh.gif

@ Hyugafalcon: Great idea! Can't think of anything though ^^
Ah... lessee... How about what their kids would look like and be named! (Okay, kind of random... and not canon at all)
For the first time in my life, I mind it that it's going to be a beautiful weather tomorrow. It will be too hot to sit behind the computer the whole day (in my timezone, Royai day ends at 6:00 pm tomorrow). And my room is in the attic, which makes it only worse.

@ Keoni - Where do you live then? I live in the boring little frog's land called Holland XD
@ Galorfilinde: Are you kidding me? blink.gif No way! LOL Well hello fellow Froglander! laugh.gif I'm Dutch, too! Weird... biggrin.gif
Oh crap, 3 pages in like 3 seconds....I had to wake up early to get on the computer before my sisters...and they wake up don't now what that can do to your head, but:

Happy Royai Day!!

Aaaaah, fanfics, Ill have to read your fanfics later when I know I have enough time on the computer, my sister's bound to kick me off soon.

Adult Filter's on, can't veiw it xD

That's a great piccy! I luv how you use the colour, very nice.

Ok, I gotta run and go get my fanart from my room, Ill brb!

EDIT: Hyugafalcon
Obviously the name's gonna be "Maes" if it's a boy. ^^ But I like the name...Troy...(has just watched High School Musical)
*agrees with Jelly* Defenitely Maes happy.gif As for girlsnames, with his datingrecords, he's have a lot to pic from *evil laughter* Maybe they'd name her after Riza's mother?

Well, I'm off! See you guys later! Keep spreading the Royai Love! (LOL)
@Galorfilinde: Aww! Your pic is amazing! i love it!

@Blue_HAven: Your's is great, too! yay!

@windxalchemsit: Holy crap, you must have been high on Royai or something, popping out that many fics at one! those were all cute, i love them!

well, there it is, kthxbai!! *runs away*


*runs back*

Didja know that it's RolfKaese's Birthday today! On Royai day! and he/she was the one who started this thread! Happy B'day, RolfKaese, whereever you are!
Ah, Maes definietly! Or maybe... they could spell it backwards and name him Seam...
Thanks for all the comments guys.^^

@Jelly_Belly- It's so pretty!! Roy's got his arm around Riza, Awww! You should draw stuff for us more often. tongue.gif

I always though they would name their son Maes too. It will happen one day!!
I've always liked the name Catherine or Elizabeth for a girl. Hey, that's Riza's code name. laugh.gif
I just woke up and I missed.. 2 pages+.. I had only a lilttle more than 5hrs of sleep.. huh.gif Wow! Never under-estimate the growth of this thread, especially today...

To those who liked my poopy drawing.. a HUGE thanks to ya'all!! I was thinking of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, just changing the "Smith" to "Mustang" and also, yeah the weapons.. Thanks for your warming comments too *bows*

@ Galorfilinde : I LOVE both of you drawings!! Riza's outfit was pretty revealing, eh? And I love the words on the picture very much!! Vector images must be damn hard to do but you did such an amazing job!! wink.gif I can never do something like that, I just learned how to use GIMP and made something horrible out of it..

@ Keoni : I back tracked a few pages and I read yours first.. Nice fic happy.gif I love the sweet ending!!

@ windxalchemist : You're another talented writer other than Nil-chan and Tsunade-chan (of course the others too^^), your speciality must have been short stories!!I enjoyed reading the 4th story very much, allow me to quote my favourite phrase..
"Do you, Roy Mustang take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, for richer, or poorer, for better or worse, in health or sickness, past death and beyond?"
"I do"
*sqeuals in excitement*

@ Jelly_Belly : That was such a sweet pic you've drawn!! I LOVE the actions!! and of course, I LOVE your pic too^^ especially the shading & shadow effects!!

@ Blue Haven : GREAT Royai pic!! Their action really captured the romance between them, love your drawing too happy.gif

We do seem to have lots of talented people in this thread!! *HUGE glompx @ everyone*
Holy crap, talent! I love the pic, jelly belly!

I come baring royai gifts! (my share, at least....)
My first of the Royai 100 Drabbles

and this fanart i did:

hope you all like! i might add another pic/ story tomorrow(my time) since royai day lasts that long for me.
Har har har.. Eventually you put up yours!! laugh.gif
The drawing is just too ADORABLE for words!! Just like those "Precious Moments" sweeties, but this one's Royai!! I LOVE it!! darn you for squishing my Royai chibis, Nil-chan! laugh.gif The drabbles was a great treat too^^ So much like the original, but its like you were telling the deeper part of the story!! Anither great job Nil-chan!!

You've got a new siggie too^^ damn nice~ >.<
laugh.gif Wow there are so many fics. and art! I can't keep it all straight! So I'll just say everything is wonderful! They were all soo cute. And the art was sooooo well dun and I realy enjoyed reading all the fics. Every_one here rocks!! biggrin.gif

And thank you every_one who read, responded to, and liked my fic. That made me happy. smile.gif

~I'm abit hipper right now, it must be the Royai~
It really is Christmas in June...
Azura Elric
Happy Royai Day everyone ^^

Made a banner just for this day and a sketch, using a pen Oo Never done that before XD

It's really crappy but that ain't the point.... to my devart

P.S. I love everyone's presents *huggles you all*
You're so evil, Tsunade-chan! But of a...good way. As in, a good, evil but, in a good-- ok what ever, but it's funny how you got those fanarts and stuck in writing. "Have babies already!" *snort* you win a cookie.

That's so cute! I love how you do eyes, makes 'em even more cute. So many people seem to draw Roy as a dog.

Alrighty! *goes and raws another pic since some of you liked the first*
Thanks Jelly_Belly! I love being evil. It's a prerequisite to be completely and utterly insane.

*Chows down on cookie* Winry is a big fan of Royai XD!
Winry got swallowed by teh fandom! I love being insane, it's fun, because I don't have to actually try, was kinda born this way, you know? ANyway, enjoy that cookie, you can have another one if you do more of that...stuff with the fanart.
I'll try to get more done, but I have to go to bed soon *curses for working at 5:30 in the morning* I really love screwing up fan arts.
That ROXX Tsunade-chan!!! I wub.gif it ssoooo MUCH! XD Here, have a pizza (my breakfast) smile.gif I'm having my 3rd piece now..
*clings onto MeLRizA*
Piiiiiiiiiiiiiizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Oh my, I just realised I havnt eaten in 3 days...holy crap. Tsunade-chan, I wantz my cookie back.

Tsunade-chan, where you livin', by the way? Sorry I always ask people this. Don't go to sleep. *grabs Tsunade-chan by the shirt* you're gonna sit here for the next 5 pages. No, seriously Just kidding, ma friend.
OT: I already ate it! Ha!~

I live in Western Canada. Jelly-chan!

It's only 10pm , but I work really early in the morning.
QUOTE(Jelly_Belly @ Jun 11 2006, 11:56 AM) [snapback]410070[/snapback]

*clings onto MeLRizA*
Piiiiiiiiiiiiiizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Oh my, I just realised I havnt eaten in 3 days...holy crap. Tsunade-chan, I wantz my cookie back.

blink.gif You haven't eaten for 3 days?! Must have been stranded @ some island for a couple of days with only internet connection around Have some pizzas too smile.gif

This thread is really hyper active today!! laugh.gif About 5 pages in a day.. Royai Day
Even though I havnt eaten, Im actually not hungry, must be the fever. Anyway. Thanks for the pizza, MeLRizA. *throws a cow at you* .....[ random ]

Tsunade-chan lives in Canada! That's hella cool. Didja know that Aussies love Canadian Accents? Anyway, what's OT mean? *shrugs* You work? That's funny, I laugh at people who work because Im not old enough to work, bite me I dont work....

The Hyperactive-Uber-big-thread-that-has-grown-by-5-pages-in-half-a-day-'cuz-it's-so-damn-popular- it's-not-funny-actually-it's-pretty-funny-Thread. Sure, works for me.

Why is a Legend of Zelda song playing on my iTunes...?!
yay.. im back for more christmas in June... here's another quick sketch i just did...
sorry for poor quality, i only have a digital camera...
WOW~ Another "Precious Moments" style Royai pic from Nil-chan!! I LOVE it, its so sweet..

Ok, I'll take my leave now.. I should get back to studying.. Its my Sem-1 exams tomorrow.. will drop in later to check out more Royai treats happy.gif ta-ta~!!
We don't have school tomorrow, even tohugh it's Monday.

Today's my spamming day, Im sorry, Im sure you can cope.

Oh my...that's nice, I never thought you'd draw things like that, hey you need a scanner. No seriously.

So, what do you guys mean by "Precious Moments"?
@MelRiza: Thanks, im glad you like it. it was fun to draw. happy.gif now, quit procrastinating and go study, lol. Hope you do well!

@Jelly_Belly:i kno i need a scanner... but my dad ywoun't buy me one. And what do you mean, you thought i wouldn't draw things like that? i am confused....
*shrugs* actually, Nil-chan I dont know, just that I hardly see anyone who draw those too kissing?
Hyuga Falcom, Summoner Colette, No one: I like yours fanfictions . They are great,
Jo21 : I left a review , but the same, I like your fanfiction too.
Windalchemist: I left you a rview on one of yours fanfics, But then I thought , It is easier if I say that I like all of them here, instead of leaving you a review on each one sayin the same. Oh and the one with the child and what the parents are doing on theirs room it`s very original.

I like all of the fanfictions that everyone did, they are all great.
Jelly belly Thanks for the drew, l like it very much.
Nil chan great the drew and the fanfiction
Aura thanks ,and I like your drew.
Tsunade chan
very funny drew and I like

Ok, this is shorter ,I like all of the Fanfics and drew that everyone did. biggrin.gif smile.gif

I have to finnish another one , I will post it in a few hours tongue.gif
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