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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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*waves* Heyz everyone^^ I'm peeping in before bed-time!! *yawn* hehez.. And thanks for the wishes *glopmz*

@ Nil-chan
You can be the official greeter-of-the-royai-thread-who-says-to-much-in-one-breath-to-awesome-newcomers laugh.gif The long greeting message is your special line.. hehez.. copyrights matters sleep.gif ...

@ kittygirl
Whoa- You came here ^^= WELCOMEZ!! Have fun and enjoy your stay here biggrin.gif

OT : I'd better sleep now.. gotta wake up early and do more serious studying, I've been slacking off today, just can't get to the beat XP *how spammy* I can't wait till June 11!! Royai day and chapter 60.. *faints* burting with Royai goodness.. laugh.gif
@MeLRizA Good luck with your exams! I got those coming up too, testing sux!

@Tombow Thank you for translating!, I would have tryed to if I could see more then just boxes dry.gif but as I've said before my dad won't let me install Japanese on the computer.

@WindxAlchemist If only he was really thinking that...*sigh*
Only 8 more days till royAi day~ *Dances around in little circles* laugh.gif

What? huh.gif
lol wink.gif

It's an obsession dedication to the fullest, nothing weird. tongue.gif

@ No_One yeah. I know. hrm.... *should totally make a billion gajillion dollars, then buy FMA, make it royAi*
pscht, yeah. I wish.

I come bearing Royai gifts! Oh no, the server is too busy to proceed my Royai search. ohmy.gif Forget what I just said, when the server will work I will give you all Royai fanart. BUT if you go on you may find some Royai. I just can't resist popular threads. Though I don't get Penny For Your Thoughts and I do not get it at all. I dunno why it's popular; I can't get it. blink.gif blink.gif
Ok here's how it goes.
Nil-chan = owns 1/2 of Jelly_Belly's soul.
Tombow = owns 1/2 of Jelly_Belly's soul.
Jelly_Belly = owns none of Jelly_Belly's soul.

*gets reminded of a Simpsons episode* ....

I dunno where you came from, but wassup? Goodies? Oh man, bring it on. Im starvin'.

Good luck with your exams! Hopefully you're a lot smarter than me and get some A's and A+'s. (I know you're smarter than me, so that's ok smile.gif ) S'ok, we all do killz your brains 'til there's nothing left.

EDIT: This has got to be the 7th time Ive started a new page....huh?
Sorry if you've seen this before, but these avatars are so cute!

Can't wait for Royai day! I'm goanna be clicking the save button so much. And I think everyone who entered in Valerie's contest should post it here too.(Because that'll be my only contribution^^; )

Um, I was wondering if anyone remembers the title of FMA gaiden where it talks about why Riza grew out her hair and Winry got earrings. I know it's buried somewhere in this thread but I know I'll never find it. >.<
Ouch That hurt Jelly_Belly!

Okaies! My gift to all of you for Royai day. Because I can't draw

You Are My Love

QUOTE(MeLRizA @ Jun 3 2006, 01:48 PM) [snapback]405426[/snapback]

@ Nil-chan
You can be the official greeter-of-the-royai-thread-who-says-to-much-in-one-breath-to-awesome-newcomers laugh.gif The long greeting message is your special line.. hehez.. copyrights matters sleep.gif ...


@kittygirl: Oh no... stupid computer wont let ou post your Royai goodness? oh well... i can't wait to see it!

@SsleepyAlly: It's called Simple People... i loved that one. It made me very happy.

@Tsunade-Chan: That was great! i luvs it! wub.gif

The next chapter comes out soon! Squee!!! Im so excited... *is desperratly hoping for Royai goodness*
Thankies Nil-chan! ^^

@Tsunade-chan: so made feel so sad..<3 it.
@Tsunade-chan - Whew!!
That was so moving!! Thank you!!
Wow, if this is the preview of what's coming on Royai Day, we are in for such treats!!

@Summoner Colette - Those are nice!! biggrin.gif I think Royai ones are quite popular, but I haven't seen the Ed/Wind one.

@kittygirl - WELCOME to the Royai thread!! happy.gif

@Jelly_Belly - Haha, nah, I don't want to own your soul, but I'll be your thread buddy, if you like it that way. happy.gif

QUOTE(MeLRizA @ Jun 3 2006, 12:48 PM) [snapback]405426[/snapback]
@ Nil-chan
You can be the official greeter-of-the-royai-thread-who-says-to-much-in-one-breath-to-awesome-newcomers..
I second that!! happy.gif Nil-chan's warm "welcome" spirits are very much appreciated!! biggrin.gif
>Summoner Colette
The Riza one's my LJ icon. ^^

I can't imagine Riza singing...hmm...guess I kinda have to now, since it's in your fanfic. But when she says "home" does that mean they've been living together? Heh, it's really nice, I always tried to imagine my own little ending of the is it possible you can read my mind? Anyway, chapter 2 please...? Oh, sorry for smackiing with a cane..or..whatever that was...heh. *smack*

Yay for buddies! Awesome.

Nil-chan = owns 1/2 of Jelly_Belly's soul.
Jelly_Belly = owns 1/2 of Jelly_Belly's soul.

So..who can give me a link to this gaiden you call Simple People? Mmm?
Nil-chan - Thankies!

SsleepyAlly - I'm sorry I ment it to be fluffy not sad!

Tombow - Moving... Wow. People tell me I usually write to much humor that nothing could be moving/angsty.

Jelly_Belly - Urg! I hated the end of the movie! I wanted to kill it It drove me nuts so I had to write a ending. Really it's supposed to be a oneshot but if you want a chapter 2 if you give me a idea I'll write a two shot.

Maybe something with small children...
...oh Roy's cane gave me a kick in the pants to actually get something done. wink.gif

P.S. How to get into Hawkeye's House - Find the ornamental turtle in the flower bed on the right of the front entrance. The key is hidden in his shell. XD
Thanks for the "GOOD LUCK" wishes everyone ^^= Gah! This thread sure keep me away from my studying.. I should return to my prison cell ASAP laugh.gif

@ Tsunade-chan
I love your fic.. Its short, fast but really moving (lke what Tombow said).. wub.gif I really love the ending.. Wait, Riza singing a sad/touchy song? I can't really imagine it but I'm sure it would be nice.. BTW, can you send me the song you used in your fic? I wanna listen.. XP My addie is under my profile information..
Anyway, your fic is an excellent ending for Roy and Riza in the movie.. I mean, was there any ending for them? Or did BONES missed that out in purpose [i]*prepares to dispatch her ANTI-BONES army*[i] accident?

@ Nil-chan
*presents the "OFFICIAL ROYAI THREAD GREETER" badge* laugh.gif

While I'm stuck @ my prison cell, I think I'll make a Royai picture.. That's what I'm good in, or me writing a fic? unsure.gif I'll think of something nice.. in return for those irresistible treats from everyone on Royai Day biggrin.gif

*yanked back into her prison cell by the collar by Mr.Study*
So cute!

Tsunade-chan: I like your fanfic, but I didn`t undestand at what question did Riza take it as a yes ? huh.gif
Was it the answer of Roy`s question of the extra key hide in the turlte?
I didn`t get the most important part. sad.gif .
@kittygirl - The last link doesn't work for me. sad.gif
But, the first three are nice!!
I LUV the first one!! It's sooo cute!! happy.gif

@MeLRizA - Hope you study well!! (But, I'm blad you are still stopping by now and then!!) happy.gif

Back to do more translations!! smile.gif
yay tombow!!! can't wait to read the trans! ^0^
^^ Haha, Reika, here you go!! happy.gif

Here is the rest of the translations for that passage paca has posted on page 443, post #6633, which is a small sample portion of the transcript of official FMA audio drama CD, in Japanese with Japanese voice actors for FMA, and sold in Japan.

(My usual disclaimer applies: This is my artistic interpretation of the passage, and includes non-literal translations. As such, alternate translations and further informations are always welcome.
I may yet to change some of the wordings later. Please do not repost untill final versions of translations are posted. If you repost outside, please give credit to this thread. smile.gif )
*Spelling of "Balona" and "Dolken" are my own, and not the official ones.
(For the convenience, I merged the first half of the translations here also:)

リザ 「おつかれのようですね、マスタング大佐」
ロイ 「ああ、ホークアイ中尉か。軍人などなるものではないと痛感しているところさ」
リザ 「他の職に就かれている大佐は想像できませんけど」
ロイ 「その評価、よろこんでいいものかな。――で、君に任せている件はどうだ」
リザ 「はい。バローナを含め、この地域には複数の犯罪組織が存在するようです。くわしい調査はこれからですが」
ロイ 「わかった、引き続きたのむ。」
リザ 「了解しました。」
ロイ 「ふぅ――」

Riza: "You look tired, Colonel Mustang."

Roy: "Oh, Lieutenant Hawkeye, I'm keenly realizing that maybe I shouldn't have chosen the military man as my career."

Riza: "I can't imagine Colonel as anything else."

Roy: "I don't know whether I shoould be pleased with that assessment, or... By the way, how are you doing with the case I assigned you??"

Riza: "Ah, yes sir, including the Balona region, there seem to be several crime syndicates in this area. I'm yet to to conduct more detailed investigations."

Roy: "I see. Carry on with your investigation."

Riza: "Aye, sir."

Roy: "Hum..."

ハボック「報告します、大佐! 現時点まで、街中で大きな問題は起きておりません!」
ロイ 「戻りが遅いぞ、ハボック」
ロイ 「ふん。どこの浮かれたバカだ、その旅行者は。それよりも、ハボック」
ハボック「? なんです」
ロイ 「遊んできてないだろうな」
ロイ 「で、なにを食った」
ハボック「カマかけっすか? 買い食いなんかしてませんて」
リザ 「アゴのところにまだ付いてるのは何?」

The door opens, and Havoc enters the room.

Havoc: "(Still in distance,) Lieutenant Jean Havoc, returning from patrol duty!"

Havoc approaches closer to Roy and Riza.

Havoc: "Reporting to Colonel!! As of now, there are no notable troubles in town!!"

Roy: "You returned late, Havoc."

Havoc: "Well, in addition to the crowd, there was the "pig-chase" parade, and here and there I saw some with light injuries also. Oh, and, I heard that some tourist who did not know well about the parade had inadvertently recieved the flower that proves the qualification for the "pig-chase" parade participant..."

Roy: "Ha, what a silly fool that tourist was!! By the way, Havoc.."

Havoc: "Yes?? what, sir??"

Roy: "You hadn't been goofing around while on patrol, had you??"

Havoc: "Come on, sir, of course not!! I was checking to see if there were anyone suspicious, from one back alley to another..."

Roy: "And, what shop did you stop, and what did you eat during that??"

Havoc: "Is that a trick question, sir?? Nop, I haven't stopped at any shops, or ate any food while on my patrol duty!!"

Riza: "Then, what do you have on your chin??"

Havoc: "Gah!! What??!! I do??"

(Now, the rest of the translations)

ロイ 「協力を感謝する、中尉」
リザ 「大佐をサポートするのが、わたしの仕事ですから」
ロイ 「よし、ハボック。外を歩きまわって疲れているだろう。特別に、屋内での簡単な仕事を振ってやる。この軍部官邸のトイレすべて掃除してこい。ピカピカになるまで磨かせてやるぞ」
ロイ 「ちなみに、掃除用具の使用は禁じる」

Havoc wipes his face with the sleeve of his military uniform for a moment... then,

Havoc: "...Ah!!"

Roy: "Appreciate your cooperation, Lieutenant (Hawkeye.)"

Riza: "It's my duty to support you, Colonel."

Havoc: "Haha, hahaha, eh, umm, that was only after I've completed my patrolling assignment..."

Roy: "Sure, Havoc. You must be quite tired from walking around outside. I'll give you a special assignment that's indoor, and easy. No brain, required. Go and clean all the bathrooms in the official military residence. Spic and shine, got it??"

Havoc: "(Half crying...) Aw aw, my pleasure, sir..."

Roy: "Oh, and do it without using regular cleaning apparatus."

Havoc: "You are a pure evil!!"

ロイ 「ああ、おかげさまでね。ドルケン中佐」
ロイ 「なに、買いかぶりではないか?」
ドルケン「はっは! ご謙遜を。なにせ、わたしより一回りも若くして大佐になられているおかただ。それ相応の手腕を見せていただけると期待してますよ。ぜひ、この凡人めにご指導くだされ。はっはっは!」
ハボック「あ、出てった(小声)なにしに来たんすかね? ドルケン中佐」
ロイ 「(軽い吐息)もちろん、皮肉をいいにだ」

The door opens again, and Dulken enters the room.

Dulken: "(Afer clearing his throat with a light cough,) pardon me, Colonel Mustang. I see you're busy at work."

Roy: "Thanks to you, Lieutenant Colonel Dulken."

Dulken approaches Roy and others,

Dulken: "Ouch, that hurts. However, this was the first time we had received such an advance threat form the terroists for the activities during the festival. And, we were not confident enough that us in our Balona jurisdiction alone could handle the festival security for the situation. But, with Colonel Mustang at the helm, we are feeling quite secure and confident that everything will be fine.."

Roy: "I say, you are grossly overestimating my ability."

Dulken: "Haha, please, don't be so modest. You are someone who'd climbed to the rank of Colonel at the young age that's a good generation younger than mine. I'm anticipating to have a glimps of your skills suitable of such a person. Please teach us, ordinary solders, a thing or two while you're here... Ha ha ha!!"

Dulken leaves the room. The door closes.

Havoc: "...Ah, he'd left... (with lower voice) ... Lieutenant Colonel Dulken... so, what was his purpose (of coming here)??"

Roy: "(With small sigh,) of course, to spit out his sarcasm!!"

(End of transcript - translations)

Ha, I see Roy and his gang are in some interesting situation!!
Too bad we get to see only a small portion of this drama!! happy.gif

(I may yet to change some wordings during the next few days. smile.gif
And, when I finish correcting minor changes and get the final version of the translation, this will be part of my Royai Day contributions. biggrin.gif )
@ Tombow
great translations!

@ everyone
yoyo!!! I am back again. I got bad results for my SA1... my class position is 10... T_T. Hey!!! the 2006 world cup is coming! yeah! does singapore have the fma movie yet? I wanna buy 1! ... I seem so crazy... I have been really tired lately... after listening to phone calls from my 'hime' at 11pm every night... regarding about whatever royai fanart contest... I am not gonna partitciplate(sp?). I am the worse in art... i will try to write a royai oneshot fanfic for the royai day! My pen name if Joey Boy. i haven't written any fma fanfics yet. hehe... see ya! biggrin.gif
^^ Thanks, Jo21!! Nice to see you!! happy.gif
I don't know much about SA1, but anyway, sorry it didn't go as you hoped for...
One shot special Royai fanfic for the Royai Day sounds great!!
Looking forward to reading your Royai fanfic!! happy.gif
*waves* Hi everyone! biggrin.gif
I'm back! Jeeeej laugh.gif

So much goodies! Where to start..

@tsunade: I love your one-shot! It's so really sweet! *went aaawww while reading it* I can just imagine Riza sitting there, playing the piano! happy.gif
Am I right to assume you're doing another one for Royai Day? Can't wait! smile.gif

@ Tombow: Translations Whoohooo! *hugs* Thank you so much! You rock! laugh.gif
I like the piece, too bad it's just a small portion sad.gif *wonders who Dulken is*

@ Nil-chan: I hereby declare you official greeter of the Royai thread! Now go out there and make us proud laugh.gif

@ Kittygirl: Welcome to the Royai thread laugh.gif Nice to see you here!

@ Jo21: Awh that's too bad! I'm looking forward to your fanfic though! can't wait

Oh my, it's nearly the 11th! I'd better get started on something!

OT: Remember the convention I was going to? Well I got there, but we where a bit early.. I misread june 30 and read june 3 *feels kinda stupid now* So I'll be going next month instead! happy.gif
thank you TOMBOW!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^ aw... I want to know what happens next... T^T *snff*
@Tombow: More translations! Thankyou so much!
@kittygirl: Aww, thanks for sharing! (but the last one doesn't work for me... sad.gif

I think in honor of Royai day i'll post a picture and add the first chapter of my Royai 100 drabbles. Im excited.
MeLRizA - People always make Riza so manish. Shoot here Shoot there. I though it would be nice if she was really intouch with her feelings. And that she could do girly things. I'm a really big fan of Girly!Hawkeye before becoming a soldier.
....I hated the ending to the movie! Grr! It drove me nuts!

kittygirl - I know that Artist! She's one of my friends!

55th_animalalchemist - Just reread the conversation before. The how to get into Hawkeyes house was just for fun.

Keoni - Another one?! Are you crazy? It takes so much effort to write one. Unless the plot bunny bites me in the ass.

Oh! Tombow thanks for the translations as always!
*crept out of her prison cell*

Heyz everyone!! How are you guys doing so far for Royai Day? I feel like burning my textbooks.. laugh.gif+

@ Tombow
THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! *glompz* You really roxx!! BTW, SA1 refers to Semestral Assement 1, we have those in Singapore primary & secondary schools, and Junior College (I think so)..

@ Tsunade-chan
I see.. Girly Riza would be too sweet for Roy I guess laugh.gif

@ Jo21
The movie DVD is not released yet.. I've been checking on it @ the stores since last year *darn it* BTW, don't be too depressed over your SA1, I believe you've done pretty well.. Still, PSLE is much more important sleep.gif, cheer-up biggrin.gif Your "hime"? I wonder who's that.. =p

@ kittygirl
thanks for sharing those NICE pictures^^

@ Keoni
You misread the date? You are getting really old eh? need an eye check-up? tongue.gif

*Mr.Study grabbed her by the neck, throw her back into her prison cell* (T^T)
@kittygirl: Thanks for sharing, I like the second one the best.^^ They did say that Riza was ticklish in the anime right? I don't see people using that idea a lot.
*notices siggy and agrees, unless Tombow don't want to be*

@Tsunade-chan: Girly Hawkeye is a great idea! Just don't turn her too girly that she'll start doing her nails everyday..^^;;

And thank yous to Tombow for the awesome translations!
@ Tsunade-chan - Aww your one-shot was so sweet. And that song really fits with the story! I agree with Tombow, it was moving...
BTW, your sig is awesome!

@ Tombow - Thank you so much for the translations! You are awesome! I really enjoyed reading it ^^

@ Keoni - Aww such things happen to me all the time! Well at least you have something to be looking forward to again, besides Royai day ^^
hi everybody!!!!

@Tombow. Thankssss biggrin.gif for the translations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it's only a little part of all, but if you want i have the rest................... just tell me . ok?

@ Tsunade: Whoops! Must have misread that! happy.gif *seems to misread a lot these days* You're absolutely right. Sorry 'bout that!
The plot-bunny.. LOL

@ MeLRizA: I'm not that old! Harr Yeah, maybe I should tongue.gif Good luck studying! I feel sorry for you.

@ Galorfilinde: You're right, I should look on the bright side of this. Glad I'm not the only one though laugh.gif

@ Nil-chan: A Royai 100 drabbles? Great idea! Can't wait.

Royai Day is gonna be great! Everyone has such great idea's! Jeeej for Royai Day! Whoohoo!
*must think of something too*
@Summoner_Colette Sweet! I was looking for those Avatars, Thank you soo much.

@JO21 Yay, your back! *hugs* You shouldn't feel too badly about your test, here we have an evil that goes by the name WASL, *curse you, WASL* any way I always do crappyly on that thing.

@Kittygirl Oh, I realy like your drawings! My favs. are "So Cute" and "Kissy" but sadly the last one "Eee" doesn't work for me. sad.gif can you fix that?

@Tombow Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to traslate and post the adio drama!

@paca I think I speek for every_one when I say Please post the rest of it! I wan't to know what happens.

I've been working on a Royai drawing but it's pretty slow going (for me any way) let's's the 4th that means only one week 'till Royai Day*huray!*...I think I'll be able to post it then.
*Runs off to work on it*
@No_One: ok i will post it right now.

here it goes from the begining ( the part which is in a smaller letter is the one i have already posted):
コミックCDコレクション「鋼の錬金術師 咎人たちの傷跡」



エド 「おー、街中盛りあがってんな! これが有名な、バローナの都の祭典か!」


リーナ「バローナへようこそ、旅のおかた! さ、このお花をどうぞ!」
エド 「ん、花だって?」
エド 「勇者、なんだそれ」




アル 「兄さーん! やっと追いついた~。 この人混みじゃボクは急げないんだから」
エド 「遅い遅い。アル、こういう祭りを楽しむコツは、スタートダッシュにあるんだぜ。オレなんか、ほれ、もう歓迎の花までもらっちゃったりして」
アル 「ム。浮かれるのもいいけど、ボクらがこの街に来た目的忘れないでよ」
エド 「わーってるって。(暗記している文献を口にする)華々しく開かれる続くバローナの祭典。一週間後の最終日には選ばれたひとりの楽士によって都に伝わる伝承曲が演奏される。その楽譜は、作曲家としても知られる高名な錬金術師ハーランによって書かれ、かの『賢者の石』の製法を暗号化したものであるとの説が存在し――、ん?」


アル 「? この鐘の音、なにがはじまるんだろう」
住人 「あんたら知らないのか? バローナ名物ブタ追いパレードだよ!」
エド 「ブタぁ?」
住人 「はッ、胸にその花差しといて知らねーのか。都のあちこちで放たれた凶暴なブタが、その花めがけて突っこんでくるのさ。それをかわしながら無事、都の時計台まで辿りついたヤツには、『勇者』の称号が与えられんだ」
エド 「なな! オレそんなの知らねーぞ。こんな花、捨ててやる!」


住人 「残念だけど、あんたの体にゃたっぷり花の匂いが染みついてるよ。――ほらきた!」


ブタ 「(遠くから)ぶき~~ッ!!」複数
エド 「げ、マジで来やがった! おい、アル!」


アル 「(やや遠め)兄さーん。ケガしないように気をつけてねー」
エド 「もう、そんな遠くへ? 素早っ!」
アル 「(やや遠め)ねえ兄さん! こういうお祭りを楽しむコツって、なんだっけー?」
エド 「(覚悟きめ)くッ、スタートダッシュッ!!!!」
ブタ 「ぶひ! ぶひ――――ッ!!」複数



アル 「少年ガンガン、コミックCDコレクション33。鋼の錬金術師vol3。『咎人たちの傷跡』」



アル 「兄さーん! 兄さん、どこ~! こっちに走っていったんだけどなぁ」


アル 「うーん。あ、屋台がある。あの店員さんに聞いてみよう。すみませーん!」
リオン「いらっしゃいませ! 焼きたてのパンケーキ、いかがですか?」
アル 「お客じゃないんです、ちょっと聞きたいことがあって」

 キラーンと歯を輝かせるリオン ※さわやか光線であってキザ光線ではない

アル 「ままぶしい! こ、このあたりで人を探してるんですけど。見かけてないですか? 背は小さいや、これくらいで、赤いコートを着てて。髪は、長めの金髪をうしろで三つ編みにしてる――」
アル 「うッ」
アル 「すみません。『兄』なんです」
アル 「わかりました、ありがとうございま――」


エド 「うわあああああああああああああああああああ!」

 どがしゃーん! とエドと大ブタ、屋台のテントに落下

エド 「(苦悶)あ、あう、ううう」
アル 「え、兄さん!?」


エド 「ア、アル?」
アル 「兄さんッ、大丈夫、兄さん! なんで空から落ちてくるのさ!?」
エド 「ブ、ブタをまくために、錬金術であの建物の屋上まで逃げたんだけどな。一匹だけ、しぶとく追いかけてきたヤツがいて、とうとう追い詰められちまって。お、おい、アル。ヤツは、どうなった」
アル 「一緒に落ちてきたブタ? 向こうでのびてるけど――」
エド 「へ、へへ、意識のあるオレの勝ちだな。ざまぁ、み、ろ(ガク、と気絶)」
リオン「その子が君のお兄さんかい? 気を失っただけかな」
アル 「ええ――、あ、店員さん無事だったんですねッ?」
アル 「す、すみません! 屋台、すぐ直しますから」
アル 「いえ、あの、宿は」
アル 「本当にすみません。あの、ボク、アルフォンスです。それから、兄のエドワード」



ロイ 「(ひとり言)この軍部官邸に祭りの喧噪は遠いな。同じバローナにあるというのに。」


ロイ 「かまわない」


ロイ 「両方、ずいぶんブ厚いな」
ロイ 「わかった、それから?」


ロイ 「こっちもか。(吐息)説明はいい。見ておく」


ロイ 「たしかに、毎日同じ配置では裏をかかれやすくもなるが」


リザ 「おつかれのようですね、マスタング大佐」
ロイ 「ああ、ホークアイ中尉か。軍人などなるものではないと痛感しているところさ」
リザ 「他の職に就かれている大佐は想像できませんけど」
ロイ 「その評価、よろこんでいいものかな。――で、君に任せている件はどうだ」
リザ 「はい。バローナを含め、この地域には複数の犯罪組織が存在するようです。くわしい調査はこれからですが」
ロイ 「わかった、引き続きたのむ。」
リザ 「了解しました。」
ロイ 「ふぅ――」




ハボック「報告します、大佐! 現時点まで、街中で大きな問題は起きておりません!」
ロイ 「戻りが遅いぞ、ハボック」
ロイ 「ふん。どこの浮かれたバカだ、その旅行者は。それよりも、ハボック」
ハボック「? なんです」
ロイ 「遊んできてないだろうな」
ロイ 「で、なにを食った」
ハボック「カマかけっすか? 買い食いなんかしてませんて」
リザ 「アゴのところにまだ付いてるのは何?」


ロイ 「協力を感謝する、中尉」
リザ 「大佐をサポートするのが、わたしの仕事ですから」
ロイ 「よし、ハボック。外を歩きまわって疲れているだろう。特別に、屋内での簡単な仕事を振ってやる。この軍部官邸のトイレすべて掃除してこい。ピカピカになるまで磨かせてやるぞ」
ロイ 「ちなみに、掃除用具の使用は禁じる」


ロイ 「ああ、おかげさまでね。ドルケン中佐」


ロイ 「なに、買いかぶりではないか?」
ドルケン「はっは! ご謙遜を。なにせ、わたしより一回りも若くして大佐になられているおかただ。それ相応の手腕を見せていただけると期待してますよ。ぜひ、この凡人めにご指導くだされ。はっはっは!」


ハボック「あ、出てった(小声)なにしに来たんすかね? ドルケン中佐」
ロイ 「(軽い吐息)もちろん、皮肉をいいにだ」




エド 「よしよし、ンーでもって、このパンケーキを鉄ベラで――よっと!」
アル 「あ、まだ早いんじゃない、ひっくり返すの」
エド 「オレを信じろって、アル。みろ、この芸術的黄金色! じゃ、さっそく味見を」


エド 「あちちちちちっ(もぐもぐ)うッ。ち、ちょ~~っと生焼けだった――、
アル 「だからいったのに。も~」
エド 「いやー、この鉄ベラがなー。ほら、軸がゆがんでるし、変なクセがついてるし」
アル 「道具のせいにしない! 関係ないでしょ、ったく」


アル 「あ! リオンさん」
エド 「ちーっす」
アル 「すみません、こっちからムリいって手伝わせてもらってるのに」


リーナ「(近づきつつ)こんにちは~☆ パンケーキくださいな!」
リーナ「もちろん! あッ、今日は店員さんが三人もいるのね。こんにちは!」
アル 「こんにちは。今日も、ってことは常連さんなんですね」
エド 「あ、おまえ!」
エド 「(小声)オレは、ブタのことなんか知らなかったんだぞ。おかげで酷いめにあっ
エド 「! 演奏会って」
エド 「(にやりと)ほほう。てことは、あんた楽譜を持ってるってことだよな」
リーナ「え? うん」
エド 「なら話が早い。ちょーっと、そいつ見せてもらえるかなぁ~?」
エド 「あー、そんなの信じる必要なしなし! なッ、いいから見せてくれって!」
アル 「兄さん、兄さん。リオンさんのいうとおりだよ、ね、我慢しよう」
エド 「うぬぬぬぬぬぬ、ぐぐ。わ、わーったよ」
リオン「ははッ。そうそう体は小さくても心は広く大きく! 立派だよ、エドくん!」


エド 「ぐ! さ、さわやかに言やいーってもんじゃッ」
リオン「さて! パンケーキができあがった。さ、どうぞ」


リーナ「ありがとう! はい、お代ね。それじゃ、また明日!」


アル 「ありがとうございました~! なんだか、元気なひとですね」





アル 「遅くなっちゃったね、裏通りは明かりも少ないし、」
エド 「(んー、と伸びをして)しっかし屋台なんか手伝ってると、日が経つのも早いな」
アル 「うん。祭典も、もう四日めが終わ(る)――、?」


チンピラA「急かすんじゃねぇ! よーし、あとは撒いた灯油に火を」


アル「兄さん、あれ! 建物に火を点けようとしてる!」
エド「放火!? ち、ふざけたことを――ッ。止めるぞ、アル!」


チンピラB「アニキ! あ、怪しいヤツらがッ」
エド 「てめーらにいわれたかねーよ! うおらああああああああああああ!!」

 ドカ! バキ! と乱闘音



アル 「――ふぅ。どうする? 兄さん」
エド 「警備兵の詰め所にでも突きだすか。立てよ。案内してもらうぜ」


エド 「誰が豆つぶか――――――っっっ!?」

 げし! とエド、チンピラAに飛びげり

エド 「あれ」
アル 「早とちりだよ、兄さん。思いっきり飛びげり入れちゃって」
エド 「あれ――???」



エド 「ここか、警備兵の詰め所は。すみませーん」
アル 「放火犯のふたり組、お届けにあがりました~~」




ロイ 「鋼の? それにアルフォンス――」
エド 「げッ、大佐!」
ロイ 「ふたりとも、なぜバローナに? ああ、伝承曲の楽譜、か?」
エド 「まーね。わずかでも可能性があるなら、ってやつ」
ロイ 「なるほど。で、その二人組はなんだ?」
エド 「ん、建物に火を着けようとしてたんだよ、こいつら。たまたま通りかかったからさ」
アル 「兄さんが捕まえたんです。あの、大佐こそどうしてこの街に?」
ロイ 「無論、仕事だ。ここバローナの軍部に爆破テロの予告状が届けられてな。管轄の軍人から協力要請があった。官邸の本部から警備の指揮をとっていたのだが、現場の様子も知っておきたくてね」


ロイ 「――知りあいの国家錬金術師と、その弟だ」
エド 「(ぶっきらぼうに)うちの大佐がお世話になってまーす」
チンピラA「マスタング? ロイ・マスタング、か?」
ロイ 「? なぜ、わたしの名を」
ロイ 「なにか知っているのか? このふたりは後でわたしが直に話を聞く。それまで留置所に勾留しておいてくれ」
軍人A「は! よし来い、おまえたち!」
ロイ 「主犯格には思えんが、なんらかの情報は引きだせるだろう。ところで防犯活動への協力、感謝せねばならんな」
エド 「ちぇ、大佐の管轄なら放っときゃよかったかも」
ロイ 「そういうな。ああ、今度、わたしのサイン入り感謝礼状を送ってやろうか」
エド 「ぜっっったい、いらねっつーのッ! 縁起悪ィ」
ロイ 「フ、照れるな。わたしの直筆サインは出世のご利益ありと兵士にも評判なんだぞ」
エド 「いや、『雨の日は無能』が伝染りそうだから、いい」
ロイ 「エドワード・エルリック殿へ、いや、鋼の錬金術師殿へ、がいいかな? どっちが
エド 「聞いてねーし」



アル 「お買いあげ、ありがとうございました! はい、次のかた~!」
エド 「おお、今日も朝から売れてるな。じょーできじょーでき」


アル 「どうぞどうぞ、店はボクたちに任せて」


エド 「――うっしゃ、やるか。いらっしゃいいらっしゃい~!」
アル 「なんかすっかり屋台の店員が板についてきたね、兄さん」
エド 「錬金術でもなんでも、やるならトコトンな、あん? 地面にメモが落ちてる」


アル 「それ、リオンさんが०
I really wish I could read Japanese. At least my new computer dosen't show blocks.

@Tombow- Thankyou for translations!! Always appreciated. smile.gif

@Tsunade-chan- That was very moving. You are a really good writer.

@MeLRizA- Good Luck!! >o<

@kittygirl- Welcome!! and thanks fr posting those cute pictures! smile.gif

Can't wait for the eleventh!!
@ paca: Oh! Thank you for posting that! you're great! *hugs*
The part you posted first seems to be the only bit featuring a lot of Roy and Riza, right? It was fun though thanks again for posting it!
And in case you're wondering: no, I can't read Japanese all of a sudden happy.gif I had babelfish have a go with it. Poor Tombow! It's really a lot to translate!

Hi Blue_Haven! *waves franticly* it's been a while!
I know! Isn't it exciting! Are you planning to make something to?

I've decided to do a one-shot fanfic for Royai Day, and maybe a drawing, if I feel like doing one tongue.gif
Keoni, please draw something too! I like your drawings ^^ Well, I hope you'll feel like drawing something tongue.gif

Wow that sure is a lot to translate! I hope Tombow will do it, or at least another part. I wish I could read Japanese sad.gif
@Keoni: Oooh, i can't wait for your story! That would be exciting! happy.gif
@BlueHaven: Hey! I haven't seen you in a long itme! Whats up! It's great seeing you again. happy.gif
@paca: o_0 .... thats a lot.... i wish i could read japanese... i'm definatly takin git in college when i get there... then i can help with translations! (somewhat)
yes, that's true it's a lot. (and i can understand japanese TT___TT) and i found more (but i can't read it). well, i only can read a little bit O___o.
I have found more but only roy is in the other (that's why i haven't post thjat here)
Ooh, so much is going on. I can`t wait for Royai day!

This may sound sorta weird and really random but I just wanna let you know that you guys are really great. I`ve been to other forums and such and you guys are so mature and kind. And friendly! You guys rock out loud!! biggrin.gif
Better save some Royai goodness for all! I can PROBABLY make a fanfiction about it, but that is if I can get enough ideas lol. Royai day is when you... huh.gif I don't get this about Royai day.
Royai Day is just a day that was randomly picked to celabrate all things Royai! We're all going to be posting pics. and fan-fics and any thing els we can think of that is Royai. (It's going to be soooo much fun! *can hardly wait*)
Everyone who liked the translation - I'm so glad you liked it!! happy.gif

QUOTE(AndroidLust @ Jun 4 2006, 08:20 PM) [snapback]406106[/snapback]
This may sound sorta weird and really random but I just wanna let you know that you guys are really great. I`ve been to other forums and such and you guys are so mature and kind. And friendly! You guys rock out loud!! biggrin.gif
Awww, that's so nice of you to post that!! happy.gif
And, I agree whole-heartedly!! I think we have really nice bunch of people here on Royai thread!
I really like everyone here, too!! happy.gif

@paca and everyone - Since half of the newly posted part of drama script is scenes with Ed and Al only, do you like those scenes translated also??
(I was like, "ha, what are Ed and Al doing in Roy's drama??" then I realised it's FMA drama... D'uh!! laugh.gif Paca, please go find one with Roy and Riza only!! XDDD )
For Royai Day, I can definitely translate the scene with Roy from the transcript paca has posted, tho. happy.gif

@Keoni - I make lots of goofy mistakes like that!! Glad to know I'm not alone!! biggrin.gif

@kittygirl - Royai Day is June 11, just because some fans in Japan last year decided it is. laugh.gif
We can't find much else about it, but we are going to have Royai Day here on June 11th, and gonna have fun anyway!! biggrin.gif

Yap, only one more week to the Royai Day!!
Also, hopefully, we'll see manga chapeter 60 sometime during this week!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(AndroidLust @ Jun 4 2006, 10:20 PM) [snapback]406106[/snapback]

Ooh, so much is going on. I can`t wait for Royai day!

This may sound sorta weird and really random but I just wanna let you know that you guys are really great. I`ve been to other forums and such and you guys are so mature and kind. And friendly! You guys rock out loud!! biggrin.gif

That`s true , they all have been very nice to me, and have a lot of patience to me and my questions tongue.gif .

Tombow: Thank you for the translations, biggrin.gif

I want to draw something for the 11th, but , except the drawings I made, the ones I making now are bad.
So I guess , I will try to do modify images.

Tsunade-Chan: Thanks for the help smile.gif
QUOTE(AndroidLust @ Jun 5 2006, 09:20 AM) [snapback]406106[/snapback]

Ooh, so much is going on. I can`t wait for Royai day!

This may sound sorta weird and really random but I just wanna let you know that you guys are really great. I`ve been to other forums and such and you guys are so mature and kind. And friendly! You guys rock out loud!! biggrin.gif

Aawww~ That's really nice!! I agree with you, everyone on this thread are really GREAT!! They're really nice to me.. I LURVE ya guys.. ROCK ON~ That's why I love to peepin' here.. =p

@ Tombow
Its really nice to have a great translator like you ^^= I wish I could understand Japanese too so that I can help out with some.. BTW, is it possible to take japanese in university? I'll be chucked-in to one next year XD

@ paca
Thank you for the CD dramas, its so fun to read them!! biggrin.gif

Now, who would be posting fanarts and fanfics on June11? Everyone? I really can't wait for the treats!!
See you guys soon!! laugh.gif
Maybe we can Google for a Royai doujinshi. I can probably look on DeviantART, but I may not find it.

I'm happy! laugh.gif I just found an EnvyxLust doujinshi while looking for a Royai one! Yippee! biggrin.gif
=3 kekekeke. Thank yoo. ^^ *im not as mature as most of the people here*

lol lol lol. See?

Oh, yeah and here, the people are soooooooooooooooooo nice. I know that cuz I go nuts and you dont crack it. ^^ And you're (you, as in, everyone) are so good each other. Share the Royai luv! =3

So, is it possible to go to Japanese school, liek MeLRizA said?

You able to tell me how to get a story up on I wanna write a story for Sunday (11th). So, do you write it on word and send it in? Or what? Starting soon. It'll be like ma version of the end of the movie. Hope you dont mind.

I saw some convo of Roy and Riza in there whcih was burried in the Ed and Al and...Rina...mellow.gif
Here, on this forum, is a Doushinji that I like, but it`s not finish. Reika it`s making it.
The story is that Roy pass throu the gate, and when he is passing to the other world , he see himself passing to his world.
there is a London`s Roy and a Amestris`s Roy, and they changed of world. It`s a little confusing to explain blink.gif tongue.gif
But it`s a Royai
Hey, everyone! please gimme some ideas for my royai fanfic as i am going crazy as i am writing 4 fanfics now, exculding the royai 1. biggrin.gif
Wanna challenge each other? Best fanfic wins, yeah? How about...Roy's leaving to the North (after series). What's Riza gunna do? *nudge nudge* Big fluff there.
Btw, whats SA1? And...Jo21, do you know who PCK is? Umm...He's from Singapore I think, but just to confirm that he's real...?

I just realised...well actually I've known this for a few months but the founder of our school's name is Frank Archer....FRANK ARCHER. that SCARY or what?! Frank Archer. Found. OUR school. Im scared.
@ Jelly_Belly
i will challenge ya but i will not write about that situatation. i will find my okaasan, hime and imoutosan to discuss about what to write about. i hope that my hime will call me tonight so i will be able to ask her about it. biggrin.gif well... PCK is Phua Chu Kang. he is quite famous for his show Phua Chu Kang. his real name isn't PCK but he is famous with that name. FRANK ARCHER?! oh god! *faints* blink.gif
@55th_animal_alchemist: London Roy must have spiky hair! tongue.gif

@Jelly_Belly: Frank Archer. You must change schools at once! Go to my school, home of the Mustangs! happy.gif

Yesterday I got the second FMA novel, The Abducted Alchemist, because it had Roy and the Military in it. I was hoping for Royai, but the only part that "suggested" Royai was with Roy working late and Riza giving him tea. There were more RoyEd than usual. "Roy grabbed Edward's waist to keep him steady". Mmmph.

I'll just say happy Royai day to everyone beforehand, incase I can't later. I'd be back like a week after Royai day, so... so... I'll just save stuff then. sleep.gif
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