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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@ No_One
hehe... ya got it right... no da... biggrin.gif

Well well... Royai seems to be the most popular nowdays! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Tsunade-chan @ May 19 2006, 11:36 AM) [snapback]397603[/snapback]

QUOTE(Azura Elric @ May 17 2006, 03:50 PM) [snapback]396822[/snapback]

HelloTombow, Nil-chan, Jelly....uhhh...EVERYONE!! XD Sorry, school has been pressuring me quite a bit. <<

But now I'm FREE!!! Free as a bird!! XD

Today was my last day of school and I shall officially graduate from High School on May 24th :3

Honestly I said that too... two years ago. Then I got a job, hate love it. Honestly I'd rather be back at school. I had such nice naps.

>> I always sleep in every lesson, especially economics and legal studies without fail. I seriously wish to work dry.gif ..

QUOTE(MeLRizA @ May 18 2006, 05:57 AM) [snapback]397093[/snapback]

Based on the last page of chapter 59 (where Roy and Riza were talking to each other in private), I predict that there'll be more Royai coming in cahpter 60 laugh.gif I hope tommorow is 12June.. Maybe they would flash on the point of time where Mr.Hawkeye (a.k.a. Hawkeye-sensei) died left Roy and Riza, then go on to explaining more things? I have the feeling that Roy's gonna get hurt *touch wood* and Riza would be used as a bait to kill harm Roy.. *takes out a handkie and sobs silently under the spotlight*

Oh god MeLRizA you made me have good bad flash backs of a Riza/Roy/Maes Mature fic. Yeah for porn with a plot fanfiction.

>> I'm sorry about that.. Let's not think of the bad side although we know there's a high possibility that it will come.. Most importantly is.., more Royai in the next chapter laugh.gif

By the way, may I ask if anyone has "FMA movie artbook"? I only have the TV artbook 2&3 and the movie guidebook, and I wanna know if there is any Royai pictures in the movie artbook laugh.gif
@ MeLRizA
Nah, i don't have it. biggrin.gif
niether have i
@ MeLRizA: I do! laugh.gif *huggles artbook*
There's not much Royai in it though... sad.gif

blink.gif You have tv artbooks? I'm soooo jealous (sp?) Could you scan some? Pretty please? *puppy eyes*
AAWWW~ You'd better scan those Royai here~

Alright, I will scan the Royai parts from my TV artbook 2 & 3 smile.gif By the way, I saw some of the pictures from the TV artbook 2 under the gallery section of this forum.. *I'll go check out which is not there*
QUOTE(Tsunade-chan @ May 18 2006, 11:36 PM) [snapback]397603[/snapback]

QUOTE(paca @ May 18 2006, 06:23 AM) [snapback]397107[/snapback]

Neya Michiko (Riza Hawkeye)
"I'm quite thankful for the chance to play such a cool character. I was quite nervous about getting the right feel and emotion for the last part, when Riza went 'Roy', not the usual 'Taisa'. I was wondering what would happen to the 2 of them after getting that part done, but I'm glad to know they're both alive. Truth to tell, I was thinking about what the new characters that came in the last episode would do to the story, but since it ended lightly, I thought it rather good."

At least she tries. dry.gif Unlike her "dub" over voices. Oh god, they never do it the same. I think the only one I liked had to be Melissa Mao from Full Metal Panic. u,u

Sorry I'm a Neya Michiko stalker fan girl.

Edit: Oh god no one can imitate Toru Ookawa too! I nearly died watching FMA and Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

Yes! Dubs have no emotion, i love that she can get into the character, too. I almost cried when she said'roy' too... I'm pathetic
Oh, i agree tooo.... his voice is like...*sighes* It makes me shiver. Sexy voice...

From the royai ive see in those books, (which wasn't much, grr) it was cute. I think ive seen the scans before. They're nnice enough.
@ MeLRizA: I posted some on page 390, and that's about all the Royai in it dry.gif Which support the large spread theory that Bones is a proud EdxRoy supporter mad.gif Let's not go there happy.gif

@ Nil-chan: I love Toru's voice! It's soo hot *fangirlish sigh* (I was kinda shocked to find oud he's 50 years old though blink.gif )
There is one part though where I like dubbed Roy better. During the funeral scene, there was a lot more emotion in dubbed Roy's voice, it grabbed me more than the Japanese voice did.

I've brought you some scans of my new 2nd artbook! biggrin.gif Maybe you've seen them, I don't know, but I'll post them anyway happy.gif
Sorry for my crappy scanner!

Has some one listent to "Fullmetal Alchemist Hagaren Housoukyoku - Mustang and Hawkeye In the Rain Parody"????

It's very funny!! tongue.gif

I think it's from the "Hagaren Housoukyoku " ..... (I found that one translated but do you know is there is anyplace where I can find the others???)

About artbooks:
..I have seen the tv artbooks .... I don`t like them..... I rather prefer the artbooks (n1 and 2n)....... (it's only my opinion)
@Keoni: Gasp! Thankyou thankyou thankyou! must buy second artbook!!!

@paca: can u post the link? Sounds interesting...
@ Keoni
I've not seen them yet.. Thanks lotx for the AWESOME scans!! so little Royai sad.gif I lurve the picture which ROY, Hughes, Ed, Al and Armstrong were wearing tuxedos.. Roy is just sooooooooo HOT *faints*, but he'll be HOTTER when his hair is not combed back laugh.gif

@ paca
You'd better post the link and let us dowload the song laugh.gif

Artbooks (n1 & n2)? I've never seen them anywhere in the bookstores here.. Did you get them online?
I've only seen the TV artbooks, MOVIE guidebok, Character guidebook and the GAME guidebooks.. sad.gif
Oh, lala!! @Keoni - Thanks for posting the artbook scans!! If I had seen any of them before, I don't care.. They are simply awsome!! happy.gif

@paca - Yes, yes, please share!! biggrin.gif

@MeLRizA - I wanna see scan of TV artbook!!

@No_One - Looks like it didn't work... Sorry!! sad.gif
I still get the pop-up. But, thank you so much for trying to solve it!!
I may post in tech section, and see if any tech expert on the board can give us better idea...
Sure Tombow.. I will get them scanned as soon as possible, right now I don't have a scanner with me sad.gif

Just testing, is my avvy ok? tongue.gif Its Royai *ehmz*, if anyone is againt it please tell me.. smile.gif
@MeLRiza: Gasp!! I love the new Avvy!!! It's amazing! ^.^
Azura Elric
*stares at the pictures*

Waaaah Scans from the 2nd Artbook? *__*
God, only the 1st artbook is out in english so far XD. I can't wait to see the rest of the scans. *heard Royai in there somewhere* hehehehehe
Thank you very muchiezz.. Nil-chan laugh.gif I grabbed it from photobucket.. I thought that it would not be suitable for kiddies..

I guess Roy & Riza were about to *ahemz!* up there.. << If they do that in the manga/series, I'll be over the moon..
@MeLRiza: Awesome new avi!! Though it's kinda disturbing... unsure.gif But anyway, its so... cool!! Someone must be real good.

I gotta go for a long time. My dad has been cross with me using the laptop. So yah... see ya guys.
@ Keoni I love those scans. My fav. is the last one, because it's Roy and Riza together(the most Roiai-ish of them all) I almost got that very same art book but then I was like ohmy.gif "it's soo expensive!" now I can't find it and regret not getting it when I had the chance... sad.gif

@ Tombow Hmmm....maybe it's just your computer or something Does anyone els get the pop up? I'm going to try something and if you still get it then the problem my falt.....

EDIT: Waaa *crying* It's gone... *sobs* I hope now you can post with out the pop ups...*sobs*
Aawww~ sad.gif We're gonna miss you RoyalRoyai.. Parents are like that sometimes, I understand..
Be back soon ok? wink.gif

Now, now.. If anyone finds my avvy "not OK".. Im not gonna care, I love this avvy =P Sorry about that laugh.gif ..
click here to the rain parody

you only have to download it!!
@RoyalRoyai: i'm glad you liked the sig! I will miss you...

@paca: GAsp! thanks so much!Im going to run and listen to it...

Edit: o_0 what does it mean? What were they saying? anyone got a translation?
@ paca
Thanks soooooo much~ *mwah*

I've been listening to the song several times now.. I need someone to translate it.. All I know is that Roy, Ed and Elycia are singing about Colonel and 1st Liutenant, and were laughing their heads off.. The song is funny anyway, they were acting-cute XD
First thoughts, translation please..
The ones who are singing are ed, al and roy.

And it's their "adaptation " for a typical child's song in japan

i will search the translation

but if i don't remember bad it's:

about the rain
roy sad
roy don't doing his job
and riza getting angry and shoting roy (bang!)
haha... that would make sense. Thanks for looking for it~

Ooh, MeLRizA, yo ufinally got a real sig! yay! i luff the chibiness.
@ paca
I thought alphonse wasn't there blink.gif .. unsure.gif HAHAHAHAHAHA~~~ Everything about the song is just funny!!

@ Nil-chan
*dances* Yeah~ I eventually know how to put the right URL for the siggie, hahaz.. I'm so blur..
Thanks for noticing laugh.gif takes out a hankie and weeps in happiness* Isn't it a little too big? huh.gif

I guess I'm too obsessed with Royai, since last July/August, the first time I watched FMA biggrin.gif
@MeLRizA: nope, its 480 by 300, and the limit is 500 by 300, so its ok. ilove the chibiness.
Azura Elric
Rie sounds so CUTE in that XD. And then someone decided to make a fart sound in the middle of her singing. Okawa was just random sounding cause Paku and Rie were both girls and then they added Okawa into it *gigglesnort*.
OMFG! I LOVE ROY AND RIZA!! XD im ADDICTED LOL but riza are the coolest couple in my opinion happy.gif; GO ROY! GO RIZA! YEA! BWAHAHA HAR HAR! XD laugh.gif
I listen to the song again the first thing after I ate my breakfast.. Ookawa was the one who made the stupid "fart-sound" right? BTW, Rie sounded more like Elycia ohmy.gif .. [i]*laughing her head off when Ookawa sings*

PS : Sorry, I think I've never seen ROY'S FRIEND before..
Hi! Everyone! that's translation and romanji below.I found it from community journal by kaitou_marina *thanks*...I keep laughing when Roy sings. laugh.gif


Ame ame fure fure Roy-taisa
Asa kara munou de kanashii na
Pichi pichi chapu chapu chikoku suru

Ame ame furu furu Riza-chuui
Taisa ni omukae yasashii na
Pichi pichi chapu chapu ran ran ran

Ame ame, ame ame, hai, akui ame
Taisa no shigoto ga susumanai
Chuui mo okote don don don


Rain, rain, falling, falling Cononel Roy
Since from this morning he's been useless, he is very sad
Pichi pichi chapu chapu, now he's late

Rain, rain, falling, falling First Lieutenant Riza
Meets with the Colonel very kindly
Pichi pichi chapu chapu ran ran ran

Rain, rain, rain, rain, hurry up and stop
The Colonel can't go through with his job
The First Lieutenant gets angry and bang, bang, bang!

I think pichi pichi chapu chapu mean lively lively chop chop because I found that from another person
WHAAA~~~ Thanks very muchie!!! XD

Now I know the lameness of the song and I still laugh when Roy does the "farting" sound..
@RizaXRoy: Thankyou so much! haha, that made my day! its so cute! wub.gif

@ROY'S FRIEND: Hey! How are you?Welcome to the awesomeness that is the extremely-active-now-fourhundred-and-twenty-seven-pages-long-most-awesome-forum -of-all-time-of-all-the-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else Royai Thread! Hope you enjoy your stay, the people are all awesome and welcoming, and we have much fun times here.
You all welcome!..I'm glad that I can help u all!..Well,Roy and Riza really driving me crazy..!Haih~.....still have to wait such a long time for chapter 60.. sad.gif
I wish this happens..
AAAWW~ Its 12 June today! Woohoo!! Chapter 60 is realeased! OMG! Its 100% Royai!!
PS : Chuck yourself into a time-machine.. smile.gif

BTW, has anyone tried singing "Ame no Hi Wa NO SANKYUU"? Roy's parts are pretty high actually, if you play the notes on piano.. It's kind of hard to reach. I'll post the lyrics in case anyone don't have them..

shanpen no RAIN
sekushii na LADY
KISS de esukooto

Roy : saa SHOWTIME
koi no MESSAGE
isshun de kieta

Riza : "ame no hi wa ureshii kedo, noo sankyuu"

Roy : "oo..manukena LONELY MAN"

Riza : "demo sonna tokoro ga kawaii noyo"

Roy : "me ni shizuku ga shimiru"

Roy : ima dakiyosete kono te de
kimi ni hi wo tsuketai nosa

Riza : TONIGHT nijuuyo ji
chotto shai na,
hoshi wo sagasou

Roy : asu no asa sanjuugo ji
kodoku kara,
isshoni CHECK OUT

Riza : "zubunureno, saenai koinu mitai"

Roy : "oo..I KNOW munou"

Riza : "demo itsumo tsuyokunakute ii noyo"

Roy : "hoho shizuku wo nuguu"

Riza : ima dakishimete agetai
mizu wo sasu hiniku na sairen

Riza : "ame no hi wa ureshii kedo, noo sankyuu"

Roy : "oo..manukena LONELY MAN"

Riza : "demo sonna tokoro ga kawaii no yo"

Roy : "me ni shizuku ga shimiru"

Roy&Riza : ima dakiyosete kono te de
kimi ni hi wo tsuketai nosa
Omg, i love that song! i listen to it constantly... its so sweet, the English lyrics are so pretty and cute! (i actually have the japanesse memorized...) *is completely obsessed*
You do?!?! POST IT!!! I can't find it somehow.. sad.gif

*burp, I just had my spicy lunch.. yummy~ I love chilli*
You mean you dont HAVE that SONG? MeLRizA, you poor poor soul...*checks* Aaaah, lucky you its in my harddrive, here: *attaches*

2 days without interent is REALLY annoying, especially when you find out that it was only because you kicked the cable outta its hole without knowing...oh geez.

I have english translations too:

Ame No Hi Wa No Thank You
Roy: Party
A rain of champagne
Sexy lady
A kiss for your escort

Roy: Now it's showtime
Despite a message of love
The moonlight
Vanished in an instant

Riza: "Rainy days are pleasant but, no thank you"

Roy: "Ohh... a foolish Lonely man"

Riza: "But that sort of scene is cute"

Roy: "Drops soaking into our eyes"

Roy: Now I'll embrace you with these hands
You see I wanna set you on fire

Riza: Tonight at midnight
Let's look for a star
That's a bit shy

Roy: Tomorrow morning at 11
We'll check out from
Loneliness together

Riza: "Dripping wet, you're like a puppy without skill"

Roy: "Ohh... I know I'm incompetent"

Riza: "But it's okay to not always be strong"

Roy: "Wiping drops from your cheeks"

Riza: Now I wanna hold you tight
A siren of irony that estranges everyone

Riza: "Rainy days are pleasant but, no thank you"

Roy: "Ohh... a foolish Lonely man"

Riza: "But that sort of scene is cute"

Roy: "Drops soaking into our eyes"

Roy & Riza: Now I'll embrace you with these hands
You see I wanna set you on fire

I was hpoing this song would be a more serious song ..liek those slow loves songs..but it ended up being this jazz thing. Luckily those lyrics are as good as they are. tongue.gif

EDIT: Check em OUT! Scans of Photo cards! Roy and Riza ones are dead SEXY~~!!! (in a non-gay way) Check it!
Squee! Jelly_Belly! You're my hero! The english lyrics i found weren't as good as those and didn't make as much sense, and these ones are more romantic..... hehehe... And you posted the song... spreading the joy of Royai... hehehe. I guess we can like BONES ok for this sort of thing, maybe, since the people singing it are Roy and Riza's seiyuu... hehe.

Ah... it won't let me see the pictures! it says its protected... wah..
I can't see the pictures either.

Nice lyrics though happy.gif
@ Jelly_Belly
AAWWW~ I LOVE YA GIRL~ X3 Thanks for the translations!! I have the song actually, it took se 2.5 days to download the whole album via torrent.. sad.gif

Here's the scans for TV ARTBOOK 2 & 3.. Enjoy smile.gif *I've only loaded those with Roy/Riza in them and the scanner wasn't powerful enough.. sorry for the inconvenience sad.gif *

>>Roy and Riza in Military uniforms
>>Roy and Riza, casual
>>Military kiddie in action
>>Roy, alone wub.gif
>>Basketball game laugh.gif LOVE THIS, ALL X3
>>Riza with Hayate @ the beach, Roy's far behind sad.gif RIZA's DAMN HOTT!! LOOK AT HER FIGURE!! 100% SEXY!! wub.gif *drools and gets jealous*
>>Roy, Riza, Ed and Winry.. Casual
>>Roy and Riza, Hughes' death *sobs, wipes tears with tissue*
>>Riza cuddling Hayate, Havoc sobbing @ background biggrin.gif
>>Roy holding his notebook and a love letter? blink.gif
>>Roy tugging his alchemic gloves, there's Ed in the pic but I cut him off.. =X
>>Drunkards toturing Al, Riza is left out.. poor Al. The 2 heads which got cut off are Ed and Winry
>>Roy, Riza and Armstrong *ugh!* as in the movie
>>Riza, Roy and Hayate.. A pretty sweet picture laugh.gif
>>Roy and Riza as in the movie, throwing unsure looks at each other
>>Roy and Riza as in the movie, COOL PIC!!! Upside-down or downside-up, OK wink.gif (my favourite)
>>Roy, Ed and Al
>>Roy, Riza and Hayate as in the series/game.. The red-part is Ed's cloak, he was positioned above them somehow..
>>PARTY!! Riza is DAMN HOT AND SEXY and ROY IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! X3 Al's kitty attack!
>>Roy, Riza Ed and Winry in kimonos.. ROY AND RIZA LOOK SOOO KAWAII AS EVER!!
>>Roy, Riza, Ed and Winry in kimonos.. RIZA's JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS EVER and ROY IS SIZZILNG HHOOOTT!!!
>>See Roy and Riza in the shadows? PS : I cut Winry's hair off so as not to distract the picture~
>>This was at the front-most page of the book, I cut off the Royai part and post it here

How's ^ ? I hope its OK to post this much..
MeLRizA- Wow, awesome! Most of the pictures I've never seen before, and the ones I have were low quality. Great work!

And just a little hint, you can customize what a link says by doing this:

[url= URL link here]What you want the url to say[/url]

So can change to Roy, Riza, Ed, and Winry

The one I used as an example is my favorite xD
Holy crap, MeLRizA that's awesome! thankyou so much! THey are amazing! happy.gif

@Summoner Colette I like your new avvy!
@ Summoner Colette
Thanks so much for the tip laugh.gif ~ This way my post wouldn't have to be that long.. This owuld help a lot in my future posts too.. thanks soo much!!

@ Everyone
I hope you enjoy those pictures laugh.gif Sorry if they didn't turn out that well sad.gif *blame the scanner!!*
Ice Blizzard
Wow MelRiza, Some of the pics are incredible! smile.gif
IceBlizzard, Hey! How are you?Welcome to the awesomeness that is the extremely-active-now-fourhundred-and-twenty-seven-pages-long-most-awesome -forum-of-all-time-of-all-the-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else Royai Thread! Hope you enjoy your stay, the people are all awesome and welcoming, and we have much fun times here.(or if you have already been here and i have already elcomed you, then hi again...)
BIG WELCOMEzz to Ice Blizzard *waves hands* Thanks for liking the pictures I've posted, your Envys are so kawaii happy.gif Thanks too, Nil-chan.. Glad you guys like them laugh.gif

I still can't see the pictures although I've tried the link several times sad.gif

*I'm so hyper active today*
QUOTE(Nil-chan @ May 21 2006, 08:30 AM) [snapback]398754[/snapback]

Holy crap, MeLRizA that's awesome! thankyou so much! THey are amazing! happy.gif

@Summoner Colette I like your new avvy!


QUOTE(MeLRizA @ May 21 2006, 08:30 AM) [snapback]398755[/snapback]

@ Summoner Colette
Thanks so much for the tip laugh.gif ~ This way my post wouldn't have to be that long.. This owuld help a lot in my future posts too.. thanks soo much!!

By the way, I put a space in the code on accident. There are no spaces in the code. happy.gif
Wow MeLRizA I love wub.gif those pics it's so great there is so many of them! I think I'v only seen a few of them befor, so thank you sooo much for posting them. happy.gif

slightly off topic: Is anyone [still] geting those MSN pop-ups? sad.gif
@w@ Wahhh so many awesome downloads! Pictures and music files and translations. woo.
Thanks MeLRizA and JellyBelly and paca!!!

and...........Welcome Roy's Friend and Ice Blizzard!!
@ MeLRizA: Thank you soo much for those scans! You're the best! *hugs* I love you're new sig! those chibi's are too kawaii for words! Love the avi too! Sweet!

@No_One: I'm almost afraid to say it, but yes I'm still getting the pop-up. Don't worry to much about it happy.gif I'm not hating you because of it laugh.gif Some times these things take a while to fix.

And a big Royai Welcome to Roy's Friend and Ice Blizzard!
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