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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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actually, i already posted this somewhere on the forum, but io found the complete translation for everything on the tattoo on Riza's back. I'll post it again:
Here it is:
Beginning above the sigil:
Libera me, Domine, de morte aeterna in die illa tremenda, quando caeli movendi sunt et terra; dum veneris iudicare saeclum per ignem.
(Deliver me, O Lord, from everlasting death on that dread day, when the heavens and earth shall quake; when Thou shalt come to judge the world by fire.)

Continuing down the right side, around the arm of the cross:
Tremens factus sum ego, et timeo, dum discussio venerit atque ventura ira.
(I am seized with trembling and I am afraid, until the day of reckoning shall arrive and the wrath to come.)

Upside-down and beginning from the bottom, between the snake heads:
Dies illa, dies irae, calamitatis et miseriae, dies magna et amara valde.
(That day, the day of wrath, calamity and misery, the great day and most bitter.)

Beginning near the bottom and (I assume) continuing up the damaged left side:
Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine; et lux perpetua luceat eis.
(Grant them eternal rest, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them.)
The tattoo reads ALL that?! I thought it was just the two frases... Omg so they fitted the entire requiem on her back?
Thanks for (re)posting this nil-chan! You're the best! laugh.gif

OT: I'm so glad Arakawa-sensei includes Latin in her work. Now Latin I can read laugh.gif
Thanks Nil-chan for posting that again! I didn't realize that was latin on her back.
How can you guys read it? It is so tiny!
I thought Arakawa just scribbled something there to make it look like writing. laugh.gif
It makes me happy to know we're reading a manga where the manga-ka is so
devoted to her work. biggrin.gif
It wasn't me who read it, i can't se it either, lol. I'm not sure if this is acurate or what, but i found that on another FMA forum from someone who said they found it somewhere... i dunno.
@Nil-chan: Can I take that to put in Wikipedia? I've waited a long time to get to enjoy editing Wikipedia ph34r.gif.

Somehow, everytime I look at pics where Mei imagines "Handsome Ed", I get the feeling that Ed is bobbing his head to some music. It dances around in my eyes. Creepy, but funny.
Wow, this thread turned from spammy to scholarly overnight!! biggrin.gif
*being very vey impressed!!*

@Nil-chan - I couldn't read it, but now I got to go back and check it again... if that writing is the correct one, it's so interesting!! Wow!!

@Reika - Thanks for the translation!! I'm trying to download now... (It takes while with my Internet connection...)

@Jelly_Belly - It wasn't any one person...It was just the general trend that the thread becoming spammy, but it's all good now. happy.gif
@ Nil-chan wow... , i didn't know the writtings on the array had some meaning (which grabs my interest). unlike cardcaptor sakura's clow cards and her "transmutation circle" which had some chinese characters, they were just for decoration. i realised that as i read chinese... laugh.gif

@ keoni thank you ^^

hmm, i hope that the next chapter would explain how Roy got hold of flame alchemy. i can't wait to see his reaction when he sees Riza's back laugh.gif
[spoiler]I thought Riza already knew that Roy was in the military because when Riza's dad died, he was already wearing a military uniform[/spoiler] I don't think this should be a spoiler, but just in case.
^^ @Midori - Yeah, but not everyone in the military is on the frontline of Ishival war, I think??
(Hope that's what you're refering to... Otherwise, I have no idea to which post you're responding... laugh.gif )
@RoyalRoyai: Sure, if you want. Like i said, it's not a hundred percent acurate, but if you want to add it, be my guest.
@Tombow: Is true, cause Hughes wasn't in the war in the anime, and they's have to have soldiers otherplaces, right? I think that the alchemists came when Roy was like 22, or something? i dunno, exactlly... *goes to look it up on the timeline*
OT: Yay, i feel smart and scholarly.
i have the "fullmetal alchemist perfect manga guidebook volume 2". i remembered it says that Roy and hughes were born in 1885, Riza's was not stated, but i assume they guys' and her age gap is about 3-5 years? blink.gif ishbal war started somewhere near 1905 i think...
currently the book is borrowed to my friend. do the maths... hehe...
*goes to read Wiki.* Nya. Wikipedia is my friend. Its got EVERYTHING! Yeah baby.

That would make Roy and Hughes 20 when they went to war?
@ Jelly_Belly i think so... i'll check it up again when my book is returned XD

the book is in chinese... i will translate it and if there is any mistakes, please tell me wink.gif
@Tombow: no prob!

I believe Arakawa said Riza's 4 years younger than Roy, that would make her have 16 year old... awww... so cute...
i've found the timeline in the spoilers' party and, here...

guess that you all don't have to wait for my books' return ehz? hehe laugh.gif have fun doing some maths happy.gif
QUOTE(MeLRizA @ May 14 2006, 12:44 PM) [snapback]395011[/snapback]

i have the "fullmetal alchemist perfect manga guidebook volume 2". i remembered it says that Roy and hughes were born in 1885, Riza's was not stated, but i assume they guys' and her age gap is about 3-5 years? blink.gif ishbal war started somewhere near 1905 i think...
currently the book is borrowed to my friend. do the maths... hehe...

... so roy and maes are the same age? no da? i thought that maes is at least 1 year older than roy... no da... biggrin.gif
Where it says "Ling is born"where is says "15 years earlier" that means..when exactly? Well, doesnt matter.

[random spam]
Who's seen MI: III? ME!! Who likes it? ME!!
[another random spam]
Is Pirates of the Caribeean 2 out in America, you guyz? I saw a preview today...and MAN! I thought the first one was great! So...the main question it, when's it out whever you guys are? July 7 for us.

[/end of random spam]
QUOTE(RoyalRoyai @ May 13 2006, 05:15 PM) [snapback]394826[/snapback]

Did you guys know that the words above the flame array on Riza's back says "Libera me" and "Domine", meaning "Free me" and "Master" in Latin!?

The scary thing is that certain requiem is one used to help deceased souls recieve salvation.

QUOTE(Reika @ May 14 2006, 12:06 AM) [snapback]395045[/snapback]

@Tombow: no prob!

I believe Arakawa said Riza's 4 years younger than Roy, that would make her have 16 year old... awww... so cute...

Is Riza is 16 than the war is truly aging her. sad.gif
[quote name='AndroidLust' date='May 14 2006, 10:54 PM' post='395117']
I believe Arakawa said Riza's 4 years younger than Roy, that would make her have 16 year old... awww... so cute...
Is Riza is 16 than the war is truly aging her. sad.gif
*takes out a handkie.. sobs and nods in agreement* i feel sad for her...
Hmmm i have also read somewhere that Riza is only one year younger than Roy.. i dunno though, it was on an anime info site, can never completely trust those.

@Jelly_Belly: I believe it means Ling was born 15 years earlier form current manga-verse time.
Is it okay to question that timeline? Or is it canon?
You see, IMO Roy is 23 in Ishbal, not 20....

And this is why: laugh.gif
In the anime it is said that the Ishbal rebellion takes place 6 years prior to events, right? Well Roy is 29 at that time, minus 6 makes 23, not 20...
Than again I don't know if anime and manga draw from the same timeline. But if that's the case, then Riza is 19 not 16. Which still is young, but not too young to be send out in battle. ( IMO you're always too young to see the horrors on a battlefield)

@ Nil-chan: Awwww! I love your new siggy! wub.gif It's so sweet!

@ Jelly_Belly: Ling is 15, so he would be born around that time, but that box sure is confusing.

@ Tombow: See? We listen to you happy.gif We are so scolary right now laugh.gif
@Keoni: Thanks! I think that the time line is canon, so... i dunno. Roy became state alchemist at age 18, (youngest ever beofre Ed comes and steals his title!) i think, and i think it that was about 5 years before the isbal massacre, getting him involved at age 23, like you said.
I have more to support my theory smile.gif
In the manga, in chapter 7 After the rain, Roy tells Ed about Ishbal. He says the war started 13 years ago, (29-13 = 16) And the tactics changed 7 years later, when the fuhrer issued his 3066 order ( 16+ 7 = 23) Making Roy 23 during his serving is Ishbal.

See, math comes in handy sometimes wink.gif

Roy was the youngest before Edward? Really? Roy is so cool! [/ fangirl rampage]
I always thought that Roy was around 22 to 23 in the war. I read that Riza is four years younger too. I think Riza was around 16-17 when her father died. So Roy was 20-21? Riza was also at the military academy for a few years before she went to war, so that adds about three years? That would make her 19 in the war and Roy 23. Yay! the math fits. biggrin.gif So confusing@__@

random- I want to see a picture of Roy when he was little! -random
@ Blue_haven: Yup happy.gif your math matches perfectly to mine, and Arakawa-sensei's apperantly. See we're right, and the timeline is a little bit off. [OT] yeah! that would be so cool! smile.gif [/OT]

I never knew Roy and Hughes were the same age! I always thought he was a bit older than Roy, like 2 years or something. Cuz he looks older.. (or maybe just because he acts more mature LOL)

I don't like the look in their eyes! It's so sad!

[spoiler] I think it's really cute when Roy is concerned about Hughes drooling over his letter. Because those are the first to die on the battlefield. Too bad that does happen later on sad.gif [/spoiler]
*sneaks back in*

I haven't been in here in forever and wow this thread has what is everyone currently arguing about? XD
@seventh_sky: Hey, welcome back! nice to see you again... it's been forever! I think we're talking about the charactersd ages and roles in the ishbal war...

@Keoni: i know, i twas so sad! I almost cried when [spoiler]Roy said "Even she has the killer's eyes.... i felt so bad for her! It did make me happy when she saved, him ,though.[/spoiler]ANd yeah, i can see why most people think hughes would be older. However, i nterms of mental maturity, they're both like, five, lol.
@ seventh_ sky: Welcome Back! *waves* It sure has been ages! laugh.gif

@ nil-chan: LOL! True! very true.
This is such a sad chapter!
[spoiler] That killer look really got to me... Wars are so traumatising
Jeej for the cool handshake between Roy an Hughes though, I can just picture them, trying to be all tough and cool laugh.gif [/spoiler]

BTW: what's the word on the text in bubbles?(keonish for scanlation happy.gif) Is it out yet?
@ seventh_sky - Welcome back!! You've been gone for a long time. btw, I LOVE your siggy.

That chapter had so many royai hints. *fangirlish squee* I want the continuation of that flashback in chapter 58. What did Roy do after Riza walked into the room? Why did she decide to follow Roy into the military? Did she have no other place to go, or did she want to be with him? I know she says she had to protect him, but why does she feel that way WHY WHY WHY???!!! grrrrr, I'm done now. dry.gif
QUOTE(seventh_sky @ May 14 2006, 04:17 PM) [snapback]395284[/snapback]
*sneaks back in*
Holly macro, it's seventh_sky!!
WELCOME BACK!! So nice to see you again!! happy.gif
Yap, we are discussing the ages for Roy Riza, (and Houghes,) as reference to chapter 59.
We got such good detectives so far, and I think we are establishing that Roy is around 23, and Riza s around 19 in Chapter 59. biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Nil-chan @ May 14 2006, 11:21 AM) [snapback]395169[/snapback]
Roy became state alchemist at age 18, (youngest ever beofre Ed comes and steals his title!) i think, and i think it that was about 5 years before the isbal massacre, getting him involved at age 23, like you said.
@Nil-chan - That fact (Roy held the record of becoming State Alchemist at the youngest before Ed came) escaped me!! Thanks for pointing that out!!

Men, Riza was only 19 in chapter 59, and she is serving as a sniper in Ishval war... pointing the gun to people from distance, aiming to kill, squeezing the triger, witnessing the person going dead by her action, then quickly becoming ready to aim for the next human being & squeezing the trigger... Thinking about it gives me shudders!! It's so awful!!
No wonder she has changed to someone with "Murderer's eyes" sad.gif
... I can't believe that a girl like riza has killer eyes... only a boy like me who fights in school all day long will have killer eyes... my mum says that i have the evil eye. however, riza also looks kinda scary at times... sad.gif
Tell me about it. Especially when her hood was over her eyes and they shon...Im scared. And when she saw Roy her eyes widened and scared me even more.

Songs from the Naruto OST are so sad: Sadness and Sorrow, Hokage's Funeral. Oh dear... *begins to cry*

EDIT: 'Sup seventh_sky, my friend? Welcome. Better get reading, cuz Chapter 59s really somethin'.

EDIT2: Translations can be downloaded here:
though Im not sure if it's the one. The poster didnt mention anything...the titles in english, so my guess is yes.
::5 seconds later.::
Dammit the format of these images WONT WORK on my computer..some one changee the format.
when i first watched the series, i never expected Riza's life could be this sad. it was until i read chapter 58 & 59. i compared the look in her eyes in both chapters, and they were totally different.
when she saw her father collapsed in chapter 58, her "terrified" look was somewhat more gentle and softer. in chapter 59, there was so much fear, sadness and desperateness in her eyes... sad.gif especially when she met Roy at the battlefield...

i feel so sad when i see her sometimes, just had the feeling if i were in her shoes...
Lt. Misha Mustang
I know it was sad I think they should have put more about the past in the series not only hers but like when Roy went into the miltary.
I think Riza needs a hug. As said, she's gone through so much, watching her father die, and all that stuff at the Ishbal war...(shudders at Tombow's post)

@Jelly_Belly: Love your new avatar! wub.gif

@Lt. Misha Mustang: Yeah... once again the anime provides us with some lovely loopholes. (alliteration, teehee...)
Lt. Misha Mustang
I know... *cries* lol
* laughs*
Welcome back to a new fun-filled episode of "How Bones screwed up at FMA" LOL
But really the more of the manga I read, the more obvious it comes to me that they could have done a way better job dry.gif No I'm not gonna go on another rampage about how bad the movie was laugh.gif

You're absolutely right, Lt. Misha Mustang, that would have been so interesting.
I love flash backs. It gives you way better insight of a characters motives and how he or she got to be like he/she is.

Thank goodness Arakawa sensei is putting things right! biggrin.gif

You have a new avi Jelly? Again? tongue.gif LOL I love it! biggrin.gif
It's sad that Roy feels that he isn't allowed to have a family and be happy because he has killed so many people. (refering to blue gaiden when he's talking to Hughs) I wonder if Riza feels the same way. sad.gif
* is shocked*
Does he? blink.gifI missed that bit, I guess. Awww that makes me feel really sorry for him! sad.gif Poor Roy!
But maybe Riza can help him overcome his trauma? And then they'll live happily ever after!
I hope Riza doesn't feel that way too. i bet that is an awful feeling. Wars are truely terrible... sad.gif
Lt. Misha Mustang
Omg I was right 0_o lol

Yea it is, killing innocent people. the miltary even killed kids right?
Nil-Chan, I like your new sig.

I'm writing a RoyxRiza fanfic, I'll post it when I'm done.

*downloading 59 now*

I haven't spoiled ANYTHING for this chapter. I'm so proud of myself happy.gif


Finished reading it. How sad T_T
@Summoner Colette: Jeej! I'm so excited to read it!!! *squeals*

I wonder... if Riza felt that way it would be so sad.. but, still, if they can help each other to get over that...wub.gif that would be amazing.
Azura Elric
idk how much more Royai hintage one can take lol

*sniffles* But Riza looking sad makes me depress. It's so odd to see everyone differently now.
@Azura Elric: Wow, i havent seen you in a while! Welcome back!! And i know exactly what you mean. This chapter was uber depressing.. and the implied Ryai nearly killed me. How long is it gonna take them to get together already? *sigh* oh well.
I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen to one of them later on in the series. NO>< must.....keep.....hope...alive. I think they will get together eventually. I mean look at them, they're obviously perfect for each other. tongue.gif
@Blue_Haven I agree they are perfict for eachother but ....well I can't say much I have yet to read capter 59 infact I am way behind but from what you all have been saying I think maybe some day they'll get togther *hopefull wishes*
@Blue_Haven: If something like that happens i will stab the computer to death with a spork and become a nun. WHo's with me?

@No_One: Yes, we are all hoping!
@Azura Elric - Nice to see you!!!

(See, see, everyone?? I told you Azura Elric and MeLRizA's avatars are almost identical!! tongue.gif )

@No_One - I know, I know, I'm so hoping!!

I mean, if Roy feels that he doesn't deserve "normal" happiness, like getting married and have kids and family, like that, then it makes even more sense that Roy and Riza get together, IMO.
Two can really understand what the other has gone through, I think...

OT: Anyone getting a pop up when coming to certain pages of this thread, that says
"Welcome to MSN Communities!
Please sign-in with your Passport account
" ??

QUOTE(Azura Elric @ May 15 2006, 02:57 PM) [snapback]395744[/snapback]

idk how much more Royai hintage one can take lol

*sniffles* But Riza looking sad makes me depress. It's so odd to see everyone differently now.

I'd say that she looks dead. You know, those lovely souless bodies!
OMG RIZA'S A ZOMBIE! Ah! *runs from Riza zombie*

In all honestly Mustang showed more emotion than she did in their scene together.

Oh and Kimblee in military uniform = smexy!!! He's so thoroughly evil. I love it.
*plays along*
Riza's a zombie! Kyaaaa!! *runs into a brick wall*

Well...once again I've landed into the fm_alchemist community whilst its full of yaoi..I hate FMA Yaoi...I really do.

Thanks for the icon compliment ^^ One good thing about fm_alchemist is that people post great icons...that's the only reason I go there...I luv changing avi's it's fun. I do it so much on MSN its not funni.

You're not the only one..I thought it was my Hmm, thats real strange, I just pressed Cancel.

I have a feeling something's going to happen aswell. I just hope Roy or Riza doesnt die. Get's hurt, injured, I dont mind too could even lead to more Royai
Roy: Aaah! Im hit! Leave me! Save yourself, Riza!
Riza: No, taisa! I cant leave you! I love you to much!!
Roy: Riza! *hugs*
Riza: Taisa!! *hugs back*

*get's stoned by randoms because of lack of imagination and humour*
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