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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Misha's avatar has some pictures that are in chapter 59. I can translate the funny part with Hughes and Roy though.
@laurasuka and paca: Welcomez!! *Tacklez hugglez both* Whew... um, just read Nil-chan's post and get the best welcomes ever biggrin.gif.
@Tsunade:Wow, that is awesome lyrics! I am dying to hear the music tongue.gif
@Lt Misha Mustang: I love your sig. Its Roy. Its so perfect.
@Keoni: Love your sig too! Gee, everyone is getting new sigs. Me wants one too... I shall find a new one soom smile.gif.

I hope I didn't miss anyone... unsure.gif The forum was offline this morning for me, so I couldn't read or post anything. 2 pages in 1 day! This thread is teh awesomeness. laugh.gif
@RoyalRoyai: Lol, thanks. I'm glad you like my welcome speeches. CAn i be the official greeter of the Royai thread? oOh, that would be so much fun!
Lt. Misha Mustang
Thanks =p

Nil-chan its the translation along with the Raw thats why I was a bit confused lol

Welcome Paca Im not always here but welcome happy.gif
QUOTE(laurasuka @ May 10 2006, 06:43 PM) [snapback]393533[/snapback]

i like royai *royai, royai nyaa* some people should think that liking an unexistant guy, is stupid, but isnt just like an little girl love, is only an apreciation of an original character, there are very few original characters in the otaku's world. royai royai nyaa smile.gif

I get what you mean. My best friend thinks it's so funny how much I like cartoon charicters. I say don't you think he's hott/cute or what ever the case maybe she says "no, because hes not even real." I don't think the simple fact that he doesn't exsist takes anything away from the fact that he is hott/cute or what ever.

Otaku. Hmmmm huh.gif how shell I put this? being an otaku is not a good thing. picture, if you will, a 40 year old balding man who spends all day watching salor moon (unedited) that is what an otaku realy is an anime pev. blink.gif

Oh yah, welcome laurasuka & paca I think you'll find this to be the most fun, fastest moving thread ever in the history of fun, fast moving threads! smile.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
THanks for letting me know where the chapter is - had no idea Zomgfta would have the RAW already! Thanks again! Off to dowload it! Er, study for physics! Hahaa! Does anyone here understand series and parallel circuits? blink.gif Just thought I'd ask! Haha! laugh.gif
Lt. Misha Mustang
My sister thinks I love japanese people cuz I love anime she's like watch ur going to marry a japanese guy soon cuz u love these ppl so much
^^oh.. i have to hold out a little while longer then... sad.gif i hope it comes out soon!
Nil-chan-- Oh my word, people think I'm about 4 years younger than I really am too!!!! The RAW is so tempting... Must-Not-Look-Until-Can-Read!!! Grr... I hope it doesn't take ages this time!
QUOTE(Lt. Misha Mustang @ May 11 2006, 06:21 PM) [snapback]393974[/snapback]

My sister thinks I love japanese people cuz I love anime she's like watch ur going to marry a japanese guy soon cuz u love these ppl so much

I have a cousin (or some sort of relative) who spends a lot of time in Japan and my mom thinks she'll end up marrying a Japanese man just because she loves Japan so much. She kind'a makes it sound like a bad thing, but it's not if you are in love. And one of my friends in Japanese class is always on the look out for hott Asian guys. (Roy counts as one, wait is Roy Asian? unsure.gif he does look it.)

Oh and AndroidLust those song lyrics are so tuching I bet they sound just super-fantastic* with music. I would realy like to hear it some time. smile.gif biggrin.gif [but I might cry, sad songs realy get to me...that doesn't mean I wont like it.]

*sorry about that it's kind'a late and my brain just died laugh.gif
Hehe, I kind of predicted the translation for chapter 59 would be up by today.
I'm still waiting for the scanlation, tho. smile.gif

@paka - WELCOME to the Royai thread!! biggrin.gif

As much as I hate being the party pooper again, IMO it is better that we remind ourselves, and exercise self-control, than to be told of this by others who are not usual posters of this thread, so, here it goes....

This thread grows fast, and it is hard to keep up with the thread, even without spam posts, and spam posting is making this thread grows even faster, and almost impossible to keep up...
Please curve using this thread for personal chat. You can chat using PM, IM, or some other chat threads on the board.

When you are posting on this thread, please try to include some content that has something to do with Roy, Riza, Royai, or FMA. Of course, some personal chat here and there can happen, and IMO it is fine if mostly among posts with Royai/FMA related contents.

But recently, the thread has been getting noticeably chatty page after pages.
I do not wish to see the title of this thread being edited/changed to "Royai fans, let's chat about ourselves!!" or something, and this thread being sent to Open Chat or Spam Central for having mostly chat posts.

Please help keep this thread in the FMA Character forum, and try reducing your chat posting.
Thank you. sleep.gif

OT: I just realized riza'slittlesister's avatar and Connie Mei's avatar are exactly the same one!! (That nice Roy/Riza one.) Must be the popular avatar!! biggrin.gif
Anyways, chapter 59 is great! I was like "When are Roy and Riza gonna appear?!?!?! *gasp*" The whole time. Well I was gasping the whole time.
QUOTE(MeLRizA @ May 12 2006, 12:26 AM) [snapback]393814[/snapback]

same here... blink.gif huh.gif i understand a very tiny bit of it as some of the kanji-words may have close meaning to some chinese characters. i wish i can read japanese...

there is Royai!!! but i cant make out what Roy n riza were talking to each other... dry.gif so sad...

FMA #13 will be released 16/05/06 in singapore... be sure to get them while they're sizzling HOT... laugh.gif

... I thought JD comics had already released the fma #13 in singapore?! I saw it at the comics connections at juction 8... biggrin.gif
@ paca WELCOME to the forum laugh.gif

@ Jo21 i see... guess im really slow. i have just checked the chuang yi comics website a few days ago, haven't been visiting comic stores lately...

i drew 2 pictures of Royai a few days ago, in chibi version. i'll put it up later... laugh.gif i hope you lik it happy.gif but first, sorry if they are retarded... =X
they're uploaded... laugh.gif

Roy & Riza in han-bok (traditional korean costume)
Roy in a kiddy suit & Riza in dress and matching boots

sorry if they look retarded, feel free to comment on them (i'll accept any comments, whether negative or not happy.gif)
@MeLRiza: Oh god, those are so cute!! Roy and Riza in han-bok and Roy-Riza in dress and suit. wub.gif We haven't seen any good Royai chibi fanarts in a while. That just made my day laugh.gif

@Tombow: I'm sure the spam will decrease soon. Especially when you become mod. There hasn't been much Royai talk these days. But more is probably coming since the chapt 59 is out.

@Nil-chan: I'm having to resist reading the RAW too. Isn't it annoying when everyone knows it and we don't unsure.gif laugh.gif
aaaawwwwwwwwww~~~ RoyalRoyai THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such a nice comment laugh.gif
*overjoyed, jumps and hits her head at the ceiling...*

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Lt. Misha Mustang
Those are so cute Melriza happy.gif

I hope the chapter comes out when I get back from work then it made my day from hard work.
@MeLRizA- Those pics are adorable. I really like your style! You should draw more!

@Lt. Misha Mustang- I love your new avy and sig. Such a sad chapter. sleep.gif

I'm starting to wonder if Roy knows that Riza has that tattoo on her back. I mean, when would he have been able to have seen it? She always has it covered. Maybe she hasn't revealed the "final knowledge" to him yet.
well, I noticed he has just one alchemy glove.
Lt. Misha Mustang
Thanks happy.gif I wonder that too that would be funny that Roy accidently saw her.

*Riza walks in naked* Ahh Colonel!! *gets a gun* get out!!
Told you I'd be back when the chapter came out...

And it has. If anyone's interested, Chapter 59 (either the whole thing or part, I'm not sure. Haven't read it yet happy.gif; ) is on the MSN group too. It's raw, but it's there. biggrin.gif
Thanks for all the encouraging comments on the song guys!Especially yours Tombow, it was so poetic. You dudes are the best! biggrin.gif

Oooh, chapter 59! Riza is so adorable, even when she`s all sniper like. Need transies.
Yep , it is at MSNgroups but it's not complete, I read it first time there and said "what it's this all!!!! nomore?? " and then I noticed that there where missing some pages ( nearly 12). And after that I started searching the chapter enverywhere until I found it complete biggrin.gif

(sorry if i have mistakes with my spelling blink.gif English isn't my first lenguage )
QUOTE(MeLRizA @ May 12 2006, 07:21 AM) [snapback]394121[/snapback]

they're uploaded... laugh.gif

Roy & Riza in han-bok (traditional korean costume)
Roy in a kiddy suit & Riza in dress and matching boots

sorry if they look retarded, feel free to comment on them (i'll accept any comments, whether negative or not happy.gif)

Oh my gosh those are so cute!!! I really have no compliant about them. I always find Riza and Roy really hard to draw. But yours are so cute!

The only complaint I have is you double posted deary >.< Edit your post next time.

Oh and yes if any you have found so good Royai fanfiction can you post them/pm them to me I'm having trouble finding somegood ones. I keep going... Read it, read it, read it...
@MelRizA: Omg, those are so amazing! i love the second one! but yeah, like Tsunade-chan said, try not to double post, ok?

oh, tanks to welcoming me xD, i say otaku not for its real meaning, there's another term: akiba -kei, but it's only appicable to japan( only there exist akihabara sleep.gif.) dont get worry, i dont waste my life watching sailor moon, or someting equvalent, XD. this forum is good, its funny and, hi no -one
oops... i forgot about the "edit" button... thanks for the nice comment guys laugh.gif ありかとぉ~
@MeLRizA - Those are like, totally adorable!! Sooo kawaii!!! And yet, they actually look very very Roy and Riza, especially, Riza on the second one is like, dead-on!!
Awsome job!! I wanna see more of them!! biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Blue_Haven @ May 12 2006, 02:46 PM) [snapback]394178[/snapback]
I'm starting to wonder if Roy knows that Riza has that tattoo on her back. I mean, when would he have been able to have seen it? She always has it covered. Maybe she hasn't revealed the "final knowledge" to him yet.
Hmmm, at this point (in chapter 59), Roy is already the fLame Alchemist, but yeah, somehow I get the feeling Roy doesn't know about Riza's tatoo. Just my feeling tho. Don't know for sure, one way or another.

@Reika - Love your new Royai avatar!!

@RoyxRizaFan4ever - Nice to see you!!
Thanks, TOMBOW!! XDD

I do believe he knows it. I have the feeling that Riza showed him alchemy and the tattoo because she fell in love with him and his words... but after that, she never new anything about him, and when she had the appropiate age, she joined the military too.
QUOTE(Reika @ May 13 2006, 03:47 AM) [snapback]394496[/snapback]
I do believe he knows it. I have the feeling that Riza showed him alchemy and the tattoo because she fell in love with him and his words... but after that, she never new anything about him, and when she had the appropiate age, she joined the military too.
^^ Hmmm, that is possible, too.
One thing I can see is that Roy cares about Riza already at this point.
...Judging his dismay to see [spoiler]Riza also getting "murderer's eyes"[/spoiler]
I KNOW!!!!! And did you notice??!!

[spoiler] not only his pain when he's near her!! They even go to another place to talk privately!!!! ^0^ [/spoiler]
^^ Yap, indeed!! This chapter is.. well, of course I'm so happy to see Roy and Riza again, but also the contents of this chapter are very painful subjects to read...
And, I noticed stuff in this chapter, similar things have happened in WWII, too, like[spoiler] them burning Ishvalans, as Germany burned Jews like that, or the human experiments...[/spoiler] The war is awful.
wow, I admire your culture knowledge... yeah, this chappy has too many painfull facts, but that's because we are being informed of many poeple's suffers at once..
^^ Yeah, Arakawa-sensei sure piled up the human suffering in this chapter, both Ishvalans, and the ones in the military (except Kimblee!! )
So far, I was slightly taken back by the blantness and the painful nature of subject in the chapter...
But, since Reika has pointed out few inconsistencies on Chap 59 thread, I'm going to go back and go over the chapter more carefully again... (Not that I haven't read it over and over already... tongue.gif )
@ MeLRizA
great drawings! i bet that i can't draw as well as ya did! biggrin.gif
Lt. Misha Mustang
Crap! I saw those Sig and Avis posted on a Hagaren Comm. I was gonna use them, but you got to 'em first xD You win!

Reika and Tombow
You guys are observent! Yeah, Riza's eyes begin to scare me when she see's Roy. Is it possibly because
[spoiler]She has now only realised that Roy's joined the military? I heard someone say that she was assigned to protect only Hughes...but since Roy and Hughes were standing together it looks like she was protecting Roy. But Im not sure if what that person said is true. [/spoiler]
Yes *nods* and war is an awful thing.

What are you talking about? Akihabara? If you are talking about that...*laughs* Ive been there. Its a very...colourful...bright..eer, interesting place. I drowned in the Gundeem Seed stuff there. Actually, if was quite painful ... *doesnt watch Gundam Seed* and we left Akihabara the day before one of my favourite mangas was comin'...AND the FMA OVAs...

Awesomely cute! yeah! Gettin' comments is a lovely thing, isnt it? Kudos! (doesnt know what Kudos means...lack of brain cells)

PS: Will try to stop the spammin'. I think most of the spam is me xD Im sorry (is it is).

@Jelly_Belly: Its not just you... its all of us really.
@Everyone else: grr... i;m assuming that its still only in raw form still (the new chapter)
@ Nil-chan
I guess so... i wish that they could translate it faster so that we could read it directly!!!! mad.gif
They do go pretty fast, though, and i'm thankful they do it at all. But i'm willing to wait, especially since there seems to be so much Royai in this chapter.
@Jelly Belly:

That person just took that conclusion from what he/she understood. Actually

[spoiler] Riza was assigned to that tower without even have graduated on the military school. Hughes says "it's alright, Roy, the eye of the Hawk is with us", then he goes to her with Roy to thank her, and he says "it was you the one that shot that one, right? thank you!" So, no, she was not assigned to protect him nor Roy, she just saved them and Hughes and Roy went to thank her. That's all. [/spoiler]
@ everyone loads of thanks to those who have seen my drawings laugh.gif and sorry for double posting tongue.gif
yes, war is awful. i just can't imagine the deperateness, sadness and fear in it...

i think i should set aside sometime to learn japanese after my exams so that i can understand the fresh chapters every month. but the spoliers help a lot happy.gif . *bangs her head on the wall, knowing how dumb herself is.. haha..*
Alright, I translated pages 28-29-30-31-32 so you can have an idea of what they are saying. TOMBOW!!! tell us if something's not well translated, plwease???

Download it here:
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Wow... this chapter really moved me... but I have to disagree with... someone, don't remember who, who thought maybe Roy didn't know about the tatoo on Riza's back... I mean, after all... yeah... I won't say anything until I know everyone here has read it! smile.gif

But talk about irony - all of the war, pain, suffering, etc. going on - you guys were talking about how emotional it all must be... well, here's the ironic part - in my ap history class today (er, yesterday, sorry, today's saturday, isn't it?) we were watching a movie - and it was incredible! Powerful and sad, yes, but incredible - it was about the Vietnam war, and it was clips and pictures that they showed while famous actors (voices, you couldn't actually see them, of course) read letters from soldiers... it was... incredible... to see those images while men wrote about the most powerful things... you could tell how much the war had changed them... one wrote this totally philosophical letter... I seriously almost cried... but yeah... that's part of the reason I love FMA so much - it's so... real... yeah...

Definitely can't wait for chapter 60!!! Eeeeeeeeek! If this chapter tells us anything, the next one is going to have some major Royai moments! Does anyone know when it's coming out?...

Sigh... still haven't gotten around to fixing my sig...
Gah! This chapter sounds os amazing! And yeah, i think i agree that Roy knows about the tattoo, cause, in chapter 58 [spoiler]papa-hawkeye says he wasn't ready to be the flame alchemsit, and roy says he'd only learnt the basics of alchemy up until then. Papa-hawkeye also says that riza knows all the research, so it's sort of implied she taught it to him, and to do that, he prolly would have had to look at her back. [/spoiler]
@ Nil-chan lolx... i was very sure she did let him take a peek @ her back, or else how could Roy have done his flame-alchemy without it? laugh.gif

if you guys have some spare time, please check out the videos i've found @ youtube... theyre under the "what are you watching now" forum... enjoy XD
@ Nil-chan- that does make sense. I hope Hiomu Arakawa doesn't skip out on any of the details. XD
I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!! Iwas just wonderng what all that extra stuff on her back was. I figured it was like a higher level of flame alchemy or something she has yet to teach him. I don't know... blink.gif
OMG! it took me 15 minutes to catch up! blink.gif Leave for a day and this it what you get....

Alright, commencing catching up:

@ RoyalRoyai: Thanks for the sig comment! It's another example of Nil-chan's supreme sig-making skillz laugh.gif *looks at sig* *fangirlish sigh* Damn he looks hot happy.gif

@ MelRizA: omg I love your chibi's! They look so sweet! I love your style, it's very clean happy.gif

@ Nil-chan: If that's the case, I hope we get to see it! laugh.gif Boy, would I like to see the look on Roy's face when she takes her shirt off! lol

Mmmm, I think that's it...
Oh! Welcome to the (now not so) new people! *waves* And welcome back to some others! laugh.gif

Oh the scanlations arn't up yet? Damn, I like text in bubbles. Oh well everything comes to those who wait, right? happy.gif
Did you guys know that the words above the flame array on Riza's back says "Libera me" and "Domine", meaning "Free me" and "Master" in Latin!? I just happened to be bored and look around Wikipedia. Oh god, what awesomeness the tatoo beholds! biggrin.gif Just wait til we see Roy's face when he sees the tatoo tongue.gif
Actually, the words come from an old Christian requiem. That's what freaked me out, like wtf? huh.gif Domine also means Oh Lord.

I think it translates as Oh Lord! Free Me, but someone pointed out ot me that it could also be Domination versus Freedom, as a ballance, freedom on one side and domination on the other.

So now I'm all confused and don't know what to think anymore wacko.gif
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