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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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XDD I have like five million stories started and only the oneshots have been completed. Honestly for me I just lose my passion to write the story and they end up rotting in my writting binder or on the net. *pokes her stories* The only one that is semi-active is my FMA High school story. >.<
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Ah, yes, fanfiction, I do love it! Oooh, guess what I just bought! FMA novel #3, and FMA Manga #7! Wheeeeee! smile.gif Oooh, yeah! The next manga chapter, I want to say it comes out on the 12 - or is that DVD #9?... I'll go check, hang on a minute!

EDIT: Silly me! DVD 9 is already out! And since DVD 10 isn't coming out until June 27, then that means yes, chapter 59 of the manga will be coming out this Friday, on May 12!!! Wheeee! laugh.gif wub.gif
@Tsunade-chan: Yeah, i kno how that is. I currently have two stories that are decomposing...

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist: It's so exciting, i kno! Squee!
Nil-Chan--what is your pen name? I'm sure if I review I like your fic! I like some that I don't review too, of course! lol. Sorry, spazziness... Anyways, you're welcome for the reviews, and thanks, but I'm sure your fic is better than a cookie!

Tombow-Thanks! I like my avvie too! ^^

I read The Flame, it was good, but I would have rated it higher. It was kind of funny to read, I'm watching Band of Brothers, which is also about WWII...
LOL Your avi's real nice, I have the other one, with RIza at the front..want it?

Lets fail together! LOL We just had a maths test today and I forgot about it..which means..I didnt study and didnt do homework...XD I didnt get to finish the test whilst everyone else could..and Im in the lower classes out of the 3...Sorry..Im just telling you my life story xD Dont mind me...

Heya! Mmm, I remeber seeing your name somewhere, Midori...

zomg house cross-country today xD sucked on ice. I felt blood in my throat and I think I died...
I just finished my english exam today... i got my maths exam tomorrow and i am gonna get the top of the class again! biggrin.gif
Are you sure you're the top of the class...? XDDD I told myself that last year..I ended up getting a C+ ...

Is going to start her own doujin. About alchemy. Ill tell you the rest later.
Nil chan read your fanfic 'childhood'... NICE STORY... XD *thumbs up* liked it very much...

my economics teacher was teaching rubbish again... i didn't listen to her class as it doesn't seem that she knows what she's teaching. there was a graph in the notes and she did not explain it to us, she was reading the labels of the graph and running her fingers across the lines...
QUOTE(Jelly_Belly @ May 8 2006, 03:14 AM) [snapback]392305[/snapback]

Is going to start her own doujin. About alchemy. Ill tell you the rest later.

*is excited

This may seem kind of random, but have you guys ever thought about Riza`s hair? Like, in depth? I have cuz I`m weird. We all know that it was pretty short at the beginning of the anime/manga, but perhaps she didn`t want it that short. It may have been done just to make her job easier, but she didn`t really seem to care about growing it out. Perhaps Riza`s head was shaven? Now, before you start questioning, think about it. During WWll, any women associated with Germany found in enemy nations had their heads shaven. Perhaps Riza was caught during war? Maybe I`m just reading into it too much. I know it seems like a pretty strange and random thought, but it just sorta struck me...
@ Riza'slittlesister: Oh, on ff, I'm Nilmiel, (Nil is short for Nilmiel, hence Nil-Chan) and i share my account with my sister, so we're Nilmiel and Kenya, and my story is Childhood/Childhood Origins, whichever title you wanna call it by.

@Jelly_Belly: I'm in th highest possible level math for my grade... and i have a 66. tongue.gif I dunno what i was thinking when i signed up for it, but my story is basically the same as yours. I have a math test tomorrow... i should go study... Ooh, and you're gonna start a doujin? *squee!* make sure you post it, k? *squeeeeeeeeee!*

@MeLRizA: Thanks for the kind words! happy.gif Glad you liked it!

@AndroidLust: There's actually a Gaiden that explains somewhat about her hair. It's called Simple People (The Figure Red Gaiden), and you can find it here. Its really cute, too. happy.gif *is easily amused by anything FMA*
@ Jelly_Belly: Hey! No failing on my watch! C'mon you can do it! You're stating your own dous? *Squeee!* Can't wait! I love your style!

Math equals Hell, at least IMO wink.gif I'm so glad I don't have to do it anymore! (not to rub it in or anything.. I empathise with all of you)

@ AndroidLust: Owh! I hope not! That's awful sad.gif Maybe the short hair has a more logical reason? To show us all when a scene takes palce in the past? unsure.gif
Nil-chan-- I LOVE your fic! And you update so often, I love that! ^^
Jelly Belly-- Yes PLEASE! I would love the other av! I like my current one, but the other one would be great too!
Konichiwa Minasan! Hi everyone.
This is my first time posting in this thred, but I have loved Roiai for a long time. (they just make such a cute cuple! wub.gif )

And so I feal like a contributing member here a few of my Roy/Riza pics...
[attachmentid=5551] from the TCG in Japanese
[attachmentid=5553] Riza from my calender [May, June]
[attachmentid=5552] Roy from my calender [March, April]
[attachmentid=5550] from a deck of cards free with manga #13 (in Japan)

Oh, and btw I think Riza's hair is short in the begining of the anime because it would just be easyer for a woman in the milatary to have her hair short like a man's. And pluse she wont get any unwanted atention that way. [wink,wink] smile.gif

riza's littlesister, I have that same Avvie but revirsed. Roys in the background and Riza doesn't move.
@No_One: Welcome to the awesomeness that is the extremely-active-now-fourhundred-and-six-long-most-awesome-forum-of-all-time-of-all-the-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else Royai Thread! Hope you enjoy your stay, the people are all awesome and welcoming, and we have much fun times here. Thankyou so much for sharing with us! The pics make me uber happy, especially the cards, wub.gif *looks at roy tcgs* ooh... hotness... *drools*

@Riza'slittlesister: Glad i can make you happy!

@Keoni: No more math? grr... i wish i disn't have to do it... (im supposed th=o be studying right now, btw, tongue.gif)
The King and Queen of Hearts! I love that! ^^ And I am getting that avvie soon! I hope...
Today I was supposed to research the Battle of Port Royal from the Civil war, and somehow when I was typing the essay, I kept messing up Royal into Royai laugh.gif
Then in Science, we learnt about the Short Metal activity table, and I kept thinking about Short FullMetal. biggrin.gif
My life revolves around FMA, especially Royai cool.gif.

@No_One: Welcomez to ze awesomeness of Royai. *Stares at your calender and tcgs* Nuuuhhhhh! Why does everyone have Royai merchandise except me sad.gif. Wisconsin is sooo boring! And I have no money either tongue.gif. *Hugs self*.
@Jo21: Top of class? *Hi fives*! Me ish in top of math class right now happy.gif. I'm kinda proud. Good job Jo21!

I used extra lots of smileys in this post! Whats wrong with me!? Jk, smileys are fun =D.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Oh my god... my head... sorry... how long has it been since I've been on this thread, anyway? A couple of days? Nnnngh... my head hurts... can't wait til my English project is done... groan... well, my "adventures" fics did get their 100th review... I held a contest... now I have to write the story for the winner... yeah... see you guys wednesday night... (my project's due wednesday...) yeah... groan...
@No_One - WELCOME to the Royai thread!!
You got lovey calender!!
And, you got the latest playing cards!! Nice!! happy.gif

@AndroidLust - For a while, I thought you're going say Riza had shaved head once because she got some tatoos on her head!! laugh.gif
(We neeed new chapter!!! XDDDD)

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Hope your head will stop hurting soon!! biggrin.gif

BTW, anyone knows what's the latest on Valérie's Royai art contest?? unsure.gif

No_One: Welcome to the Royai!!!!!
@ Jelly_Belly and Royalroyai
Hehe... I was the top of the class with 93/100 in my previous exams. I used the = sign instead of -> and got my marks deducted. otherwise, my problem sums would have gotten full marks. i got full marks for my multipls choice questions. i am a genius! lol my dad used to be a genius in maths too. i guess it might be because of his genes that i was able to do well for my maths. biggrin.gif
Shat, I just typed a bunch of stuff and then it dissappeared ... o_O oh noez...*sigh* Ok..onwards.

*Has just realised you name looks like a face: o_O oh dear...well WELCOME!! Ima Jess, feel free to kick me, i still have a bruise from my friend kicking me today...I had nothing to do with her little fit but she still kicked me xD

I recall you just saying a few posts ago that you were smarter than can stop now. No really. I feel stuuped now. teh stuuped.

Most people
Anyone got ideas of what the doujins gonna be about xDDDDD No really, c'mon. Need ideas, start throwin' em!! Yar! Keoni Thanks for that compliment, no one ever does that ^^ yay!

EDIT: Keoni doesnt do maths? AIYA!! Wanna swap lives for a while? Cmon...Ill get to keep your kool avi while im there ^^

attachment for riza'slittlesister *did I spell it right?
No_One welcomezZ... laugh.gif i LURVE your calendar... they rockxx... XD

legal studies written essay test today... fortunately it was an open book test or i would have submitted my paper with only my paticulars and the questions to my lecturer... this clearly shows i did not study for it... n the doom is my exams are coming soon... \(*o*)/ if i get a B it would be a miracle...

i still cant do my math tutorial question, left it undone sice last week... tried them yesterday anf i still couldn't get the answer... laugh.gif
Aaaaw, MeLRizA bad luck xD Our exams start in 2 weeks. So I guess we all got tests n exams soon..*sigh* So...what year are you in, MeLRizA?

Stilll need ideeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaas for doujin! Wanna start as soon as possible! Will open a thread in Farnart section btw.
thanx laugh.gif im a foundation year college student... currently in UNSW... *feel so old*
how about you? wink.gif
is VERY stupid* So...what does that mean? Does that mean your like...18..or...47...or what?

Is in year 8 ....oh shat...Im so clueless most of the time.
im 17... hehez... but people always mistake me for a 13-14 year old girlie... laugh.gif its something unfortunate as people keep asking for your IC when you want to watch NC16 movies or buy NC16 DVDs...
ha ha very funny
i realised my hair is so messy now since i cut it last april. i had chocolate cake war n water bomb fight after that... nice way to ruin my hair lolx.. laugh.gif

i miss my tiny spike n curl (hair wax trick, my hair is naturally very straight and i don't like it)...
MelRIZA: O.o where are you from?
*Squeeeeeee* OMG No_One! I want that calandar! *sobs* They don't sell any merchandise here! I have to get it all online. Oh, and welcome to the Royai-thread! Stick around and you'll realise this is where all the cool people are.

@ Jelly_Belly and Nil-chan: No math is one of the privileges of being ancient, like me wink.gif
LOL. not having math is one of the very few good things of being me, Jelly. Mind you, I'm in an FMA-free zone, and the Dutch weather almost always sucks! laugh.gif But if I decide to change Avi's again, you can have this one. *raises hand* Promise! happy.gif

@MelRizA: I like your hair! It's really wild! happy.gif
Roy's so emo XD

But, they do make a good couple. It'll probably happen, too, which causes 2xsquealing because it's hard to wait.
HOly crap... one day and we get this... Ok:

@Tombow: I have no idea about the art contest, sorry. sad.gif

@MelRizA: OMG! you look so perty... I'm jealous. Yeah, I'm a cool sixteen yr old... Whoohoo!

@Keoni: YOu anren't acient, and even if you were , you'd still be a cool ancient person cause you're a Royai fanatic! And i kno what you mean about weather.. where i live it's extremely volatile... can't make up it's mind, and it's almost always crappy! Grr... In better news, i think i did good on my math test today, yay me!

@Atley:Welcome to the awesomeness that is the extremely-active-now-fourhundred-and-eleven-pages-long-most-awesome-forum-of-all-time-of-all-the-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else Royai Thread! Hope you enjoy your stay, the people are all awesome and welcoming, and we have much fun times here.
I got a Roy and Riza keychain plushie a while back. They sit happily on my dresser. Together, of course.
@ Atley: Welcome to the Royaithread! laugh.gif I believe EmoRoy was invented by some delirious Bones employée with a bad trip. (who should've been sacked! Harrr!) But your absolutely right, they belong together happy.gif

@ Nil-chan: happy.gif You're right!
extremely-active-now-fourhundred-and-six-long-most-awesome-forum-of-all-time-of-all-the-royai-lovers-who-are-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else Royai Thread
How do you come up with these LOL laugh.gif
I hate crappy indicisive weather! dry.gif It's the same here.. About the test.. Good job! And remember one day you'll be math-free too happy.gif

@ Summoner Colette: Awww! They are so cute! I only own two artbooks, but I have high hopes for the upcuming Animecon. They'll be selling merchandise. Jeeej!
@SummonerColette: Lol, of course together! Wouldn't have it any other way, lol.

@Keoni: Lol, how? I think i just have way too much time. *dreams of day with no math* sigh.. lol@ur theory on Emo!Roy. Most definatly should have been kicked out. and been kicked by all royai lovers for encouraging Royed
I'm considering giving them a little wedding ceremony, but I think that'd push me across the fine line of passionate and obssessive. xD

You know, the eye patch I could handle (didn't like it, but all in all not a bad look), the demotion I could deal with... But Roy not using the power of Flame? No Way! Not to mention the rediculous balloon-thing he pulled on Riza! That was not Roy!
* does yoga to relax*
Really, it was so out of character. dry.gif We should find the "genius"who did this to us and give him a piece of our mind. aka kick him to the curve untill he admits hinting RoyEd was a big mistake

@ Summoner Colette: LOL it would, I guess, but still, it would be so sweet happy.gif
Totally agree, Keoni, but the things you could say you could handle....I couldn't. I hated how the movie made Roy D:
@ Keoni & SummonerColette: You have both just voiced my opinions perfectly. biggrin.gif

@SummonerColette: I think we determined this a while back, but we have decided not to use the word obsessive, rather, we prefer the term dedicated.
@ Summoner Colette: At first I couldn't either, but I took a few deep breaths and told myself to deal with it, and it kinda works... most of the time... happy.gif I think they should make a new version, without uberlarge eyepatch, without Emo and definately more Royai!
Roy can keep his new hair style though, it's about the only thing do I like happy.gif

@ Nil-chan : dedicated! I totally forgot that! I will put it in my sig! LOL
Thank you all for your worm wellcomes. I feal so acepted, like I belong. smile.gif

@Keoni they don't have much FMA things where I live eather and what they do have is not Roiai.
I got that calander last month when I was in Japan. Befeor that I had no Roiai things, it was a sad time... sad.gif

@Jelly Belly I didn't notice that o_O thing thanx for pointing it out lol

I'm so glad everyone llikes my calender, thou I don't think it's a very good picture of Roy.

~I have to go to school early tomarow to work on my english project because I don't have an excuse, there is no reason I can't be there. 2 of my grup members have things they need to do so it's just me and one other trying to put together a presntation on a theem from A Tale of Two Cities. And I have to be producer for a movie wre makeing in drama so I have to work out a shooting scedule! dry.gif

Lol I realized I used 'thing' alot in this post biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Nil-chan @ May 9 2006, 03:09 PM) [snapback]393059[/snapback]

@SummonerColette: I think we determined this a while back, but we have decided not to use the word obsessive, rather, we prefer the term dedicated.

Aaaah..... laugh.gif

SO using that term if someone says I'm obssessed with Greed. xD

No_One : I love your sig! xD
@No_ONe: Omg! i luff your sig! Kawaii... did Tsunade-chan make that? And projects suck. Currently, im am being forced to read a 500 page book in two weeks, write a 1000 word critique, watch a movie that won an academie award in 1900, write ANOTHER thousand word critique, and then make a powerpoint on the year 1990. I think my APUSH teacher is tring to murder me. dry.gif

@SummonerColette: Yes, you are indeed a very prominant Greed Dedicatee.... (which makes you uber cool btw.
Thank you Summoner Colette and Nil_chan. happy.gif I got it from photobucket, I think it Tsunande made it. Your sig is real cool,(both of yours) cool.gif thats a great quote, and chibi Roy is soooo kawaii.

Wow thats alot! I'm glad I'm not you. jk jk.
No_One: Thanks, but Nepharski is the one you should compliment happy.gif

Nil-chan: Ah, but a TRULY dedicated RoyxRiza fan must hate Greed! Because of this laugh.gif

Anyways, here's a picture of the plushies:
IPB Image
Cute, and only $12.
QUOTE(No_One @ May 9 2006, 04:34 PM) [snapback]393103[/snapback]

Thank you Summoner Colette and Nil_chan. happy.gif I got it from photobucket, I think it Tsunande made it. Your sig is real cool,(both of yours) cool.gif thats a great quote, and chibi Roy is soooo kawaii.

Wow thats alot! I'm glad I'm not you. jk jk.

Actually a friend made it for me.... dry.gif It's kinda special to me.
Ah... oh well it's still realy cool.
@No_One: Hehe, i jus realized, your name is like o_O with N and ne on the ends... *is easily amused* And yeah, i'm glad you aren't me, too.

@Summoner Colette: Why would that make me hate Greed? I love that picture because i love both Greed and Royai. It's funny cause it's so typical of both (Riza and Greed) characters. (Actually, the Riza and Greed snipet is what makesme love tha [icture so much, lol.
lol, thanks for the lovely avvie Jelly Belly! It's great! I love the picture that Riza comes from too... Have you seen it? It's soo obvious what the two guys are thinking in the background! Maes:"I told you Roy, you really should get a wife."Roy:"Hmmmm... Do I dare?" laugh.gif I love that picture! Thanks again.

Welcome to all of the new people! I'm pretty new as well! (this is my 12th page) looking forward to chatting!
Lt. Misha Mustang
WOw so many pages I had to read.... *faints*
I know Lt. Misha Mustang I get over whelmed by it sometimes as well...
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