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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Either way... apparently the OVA starts with three children that look like Ed, Al and Winry. XD Dunno what that means. And Paku Romi apparently specifically said that Ed was a grandfather in Tokyo 2005.... but I haven't heard the clip, as I said. Just saw it on fm_alchemist on LJ.

I haven't heard anything of what happened to the Amestris people, but I would assume they're almost certainly dead or very, very old because Ed would be over 100 just to be alive in 2005...
Chapter 56!!! Maybe Riza will become the new Lust and Roy will have to figure out a way to save his love! XD
OVA? MARCH?! I probably won't be able to see it...will it be uploaded or something?
Roy and Riza as old people? ....that's just kind of....disturbing.....and I dont know who Noah is either *hasn't seen the movie yet*, but I still like EdxWinry, soooo......yeah.....

Why do I get the feeling that this OVA is going to be vaguely disappointing?
QUOTE(seventh_sky @ Feb 9 2006, 11:49 AM) [snapback]347922[/snapback]

Why do I get the feeling that this OVA is going to be vaguely disappointing?

Only vaguely? rolleyes.gif

Anyway, just under 11 hours until chapter 56!!!
Fullmetal Fangirl
QUOTE(Tombow @ Feb 3 2006, 04:15 PM) [snapback]346155[/snapback]

QUOTE(Valérie @ Feb 2 2006, 06:07 PM) [snapback]345972[/snapback]

Wow! Your signature is really...hum... suggestive wink.gif

laugh.gif You spoke for me. XDDDD

@Fullmetal Fangirl - Wow, you're going to Japan??!! Lucky you!!!
I can imagine you going BIG shopping spree for FMA items there!! XDD

That new FMA OVA is coming out on March 29 in Japan (region-2 DVD,) 3990 Japanese Yen.
It includes one main story, "7 Homuncli vs Millitary/Alchemists" thingy, plus 3 short independant pieces, one of which is Chibi anime, another one is live acton short story, and the third one is some stuff for kids, I guess.
You can get more info on "Hagaren new OVA to be released in Japan this March" thread.
I'll repeat the article here from the link on that thread.

(2006.1.12 02:02追記)
<<English information about new OVA>>
Fullmetal Alchemist new OVA DVD to be released on March, 2006 in Japan.
According to ANICAN extra issue Vol.5, February issue of Animedia and Newtype, it is called "鋼の錬金術師 PREMIER COLLECTION", and this OVA will include 3 new short stories and "State Alchemists vs Seven Homunculi", which was shown at Universal Studios Japan.
The details are as follows.

Title : 鋼の錬金術師(Hagane no Renkinjutsushi / Fullmetal Alchemist) PREMIER COLLECTION
Release Date : Mar. 29, 2006
Price : 3990 JPYen
Region : 2
Published by : ANIPLEX
Synopsis of each episodes :
・国家錬金術師軍団VS七大ホムンクルス(State Alchemists vs Seven Homunculi)
The short story shown at USJ's FMA attraction.

・実写篇(Jissha-hen / Live-action part)
One of new episodes. The story of armor Alphonse searching Edward.

・宴会篇(Enkai-hen / Banquet part)
One of new episodes. To celebrate the completion of filming "Conquerer of Shamballa", the party is held on Japanese-style pub named "凡豆(Bonzu)". Cute SD-characters congregate for that party, and make a big racket.

・子ども篇(Kodomo-hen / Children part)
One of new episodes. Not announced.

Staff :
Script : Goro San'yo (another pen name of Sho Aikawa)
Storyboard / Episode Director : Seiji Mizushima
Art Director : Yuko Yazaki

First-press Bonus Extra : two illustlation cards

[pre-order at]

Happy shopping FMA buying spree in Japan!! happy.gif

YAY...i THINK thast when i get to, you know, the release date. If it isnt, I WILL DIE OF FRUSTRATION AND PAIN on BONES' doorstep.
Oh, and when we get it...ILL RIP IT AND SHOVE IT INTO MY COMP FOR ALL TO SEE!!! Then. Then! Ill be happy.

But....why...why do I have the INTENSE feeling that theres going to be no Royai and lots of Ed...
Who ever noticed that that always happens when WE wont Royai..?

*Capitals. Im on a HIGH. I drowned in puddles today in the hail slash rain. I cant breathe or feel my feat because our skool is under water! *not really*

EDIT: nice icon, GaluxKitty! You. Me. Bed. NOW!! (kekeke)
11? 11 hours?! JESUS! SOMEONE STOP ME FROM DYING!! Im on SUCH a high! *dies of highnessage*
O___O wow...I haven't visited in a long time =S ::is also hyped up about chapter 56 ^^:: .___. too bad school has taken over my life, but still obessed about royai...for about almost a year biggrin.gif ::has gone crazy because of all her school junk she has to do, and has another science test tomorrow::


Greed and Wrath seem to know each other!

Mei's sick with a fever!

Ranfan found out about Greedling.


Damn, I'm at school, I don't have time to translate properly!!! T_T I'm sorry![/spoiler]
Yay, yay, yaaay!! Chapter 56 is out!!!
Lots of Roy scenes!!
Of course, I love the manga story of FMA and Ed doesn't get on my nerves as much in the manga, but I couldn't wait for some Roy action, finally biggrin.gif
The SorrowLady Alchemist
Hi, sup? I'm kind of new to this forum. AND I'M KIND OF LOST TOO!!! Right now I feel pretty stupid. Can you please tell me what is that of OVA? I don't have any idea. @_@
I'm kind of lost too (ask the people who run the rpg I'm in and they'll you...), but this is a good thread to come to if you like royai ^^

and....they need lots of Roy in the OVA....or I will go to Japan someone alive....rawr....
Riza Mustang
there were too little Royai stuff in ch 56.. anyone know what they were saying to each other in front of the car?
chap 56!!! [spoiler] so much royai!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost felt like crying seeing Roy's face when she wasn't there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T I knew there would be royai on this chappy yay!!!!! [/spoiler]
Fullmetal Fangirl
Where is it?! I WANT IT! WHERE?!?!?!

EDIT: er...n-no, wait, s'all good. Got it. Now...I want translations...*stares at Rizas face* ...*stares and points at her speech bubble* WHAT IS SHE SAYING TO HIM?!?! *collapses*
I posted sort of page by page summary for chapter 56 (scroll down to my post.)
If you like to know what's happening in chapter 56 while waiting for scanlations to come out, it might help. smile.gif
haha, I could always try to translate it to you, I can't understand EVERYTHING though. But you'll have to wait 'till I come back from school T_T...
Hehe, it's all yours Reika!! Thank you (in advance)!! happy.gif
Yes, I love that Royai moment in this chapter!! (tho I could use more... biggrin.gif )


Yeah, Ling is alive and kicking!! Cool!! smile.gif
Royai part translation (sort of), Tombow, fill in the blanks XDDDD:

Page 23:
-What the hell was that...
-This is bad!! (I don't know if this is the correct translation for this expression) The Lieutenant is...!!
*Sounds of someone running and having a hard time breathing xD*

Page 24:

-Mm? You don't seem to have a nice color, Colonel. (<-- Meaning as if he looked sick "you seem to be pale"??)
-Does a woman become some standing musculous man with a mustage"daruma"(<--which I don't know what means) if you date her in a place? (<-- Tombow, translate that XD)
-Just as anyone would expect, she isn't that stupid as to stand here all night long... No, or maybe they suddenly took her to the Fuhrer...
-Shit! Anyways, please be alright...

Page 25:
-Colonel!! You were alright! You were taking so much time I thought something had happened! Eh? Ah! I'm sorry!
-The Lieutenant just came from the bathroom
-Lieutenant colonel Armstrong, thank you for having switched my place while I was gone.
-Don't worry, don't worry.
-You didn't run away?
-Who was the one that said "what ever happens don't give up".

Page 26:
-Later on, don't say "it would have been better if I run away", lieutenant
-What are you talking about now.

That's all, I'm not sure of some of the translations as I already told you, so tombow, if you would please XDDD

BTW, did you notice that everytime Roy's right hand appears on the cells it is like "with something" on it? As if he still had the mark of the trans circle written with blood stained on it.

OMG yes!!!

I thought I was seeing things!! Of course I thought that it was some cell growth age... his hand looked kinda bubblely.
I searched since when does he have that, and he has it since the battle with lusto, since volume 10, but almost everytime he had a bandage or gloves on, that's why we didn't see it. I suppose it's blood, but then again... Ed should have a lot of blood over him too, maybe... he was so enraged that even the seal burnt his hand??
Yes! At last we see Roy and and Riza in this chapter! laugh.gif

Here is what I think about Roy's hand. I prefer using spoiler tags for people who did not read all the manga even if what I say does not reveal anything really important smile.gif :
[spoiler]I think that it is a scar. For me, he didn't just draw the circle with blood, but he directly cut/burnt(?) his hands even if that was painful.[/spoiler]

I just watch the Olympic Games opening ceremony. That was so great! May each country respect the Olympic truce! smile.gif
[i][font=Verdana]Hi! I've been reading this thread practically since it's conception, but I haven't done anything until now. I've silently watched from the sidelines ph34r.gif I've done a couple of things as guests-answered a couple of questions from a really long time ago, but that's it. Umm...being part of this site is free, right?

Anyway, I absolutely adore this pairing and am thrilled to hear that Roy and Riza have shown up again. I tried to see the scanlations on the MSN site, but they're not up yet...grr....oh, well, the spoilers should tide me over biggrin.gif
First off, @Reika - Thank you for the lovely translations!! Hugs!! happy.gif
Yes, EXCELLENT translations!! smile.gif

And, RoyxRizaFan4ever, welcome to our bpoard!!
And, welcome to the Royai thread!!
I'm so glad you finally decided to join us!! happy.gif

And, OT: Valérie - We have to wait till later for the TV broadcasting of Winter Olympic opening ceremony. So, I'm gonna warch it later!! smile.gif

That part on page 24:
ARmstrong: "Muh?? Colonel, you don't look so good!"
Roy: "No man is going to look good if arriving at the place of meeting with his women, and finds a muscular Daruma statue Daruma on steroid ( laugh.gif ) with mustaches (such as you) instead!!!"

This is tipical Daruma, (and Armstrong.) laugh.gif

[attachmentid=3635] ... [attachmentid=3636]

Daruma is sort of like a goal-achieving charm/reminder kind of thing some people and organizations, that might have certain goals they may want to reach/achieve, may keep in Japan.
It usually comes in red color, and round, about 1 feet/30 cm or so tall, and has mustaches. biggrin.gif
@tombow: oh, no problem! ^^ So it was well translated? ^^ yay!

@RoyxRizaFan4ever: welcome!!!!
You guys should get the Friendliest Forum Award (if it existed) biggrin.gif Reika, your art is awesome, by the way. Yes, I've seen it laugh.gif Tombow, your chapter summary is helping me deal with not seeing the scanlations. Thank you! smile.gif If this post looks weird, I apologize. I'm still getting used to the post screen. smile.gif
Yay! the next chappie sounds good! Can`t wait for the translation.

Welcome RoyxRizaFan4ever! It`s always great to have new peeps. biggrin.gif
@RoyXRizaFan4Ever: oh! you read my doujinshi? yay! I'm glad you liked it ^^

@RoyXRizaFan4Ever: Welcome!!!! I'm fairly new too so....wink.gif

@Reika and Tombow: Thanks for the translations!!!! I'm so happy! *dies*

Fullmetal Fangirl
Gee, g0t spacebar? and Welcome, NEWCOMER-SAN! *on a high, once more*

HAHAHA at Armstrong! Jesus, if I walked out and saw someone like him...Id just die at the sight of it.
Haha, its good to see that Roy was worried about Riza, and Riza was worried about Roy happy.gif *Royai monet!!* I heart Arakawa-sensei!

PS Olyimpic games! Bring it on, WORLD! Yeah! And btw, I heard that only 2 Chinese were entering! The fact that they got in is GREAT! But the fact that only 2 got in, isnt so great. But we'll see!
Yeah a new person!!! Welcome

...I'd say lets celebrate with adding more royai photos to the Royai photo album, but it's all on the other computer!! sad.gif
Thanks!!! biggrin.gif
Yo, I'm back again. ^^x Umm, this is kinda off topic, but can one of y'all help me? I found this pic last night while surfing some FMA sites.

IPB Image

And since I can't read Japanese, I have no idea what it says. Can you help me?? Is this some new addition to the FMA anime that I don't know of? Or is it something that some fan made up? All I know is that Mustang's face looks hilarious in the top right corner. And it looks like he got called "useless" again in the bottom right. XP

Please help? Thanks! ^_^
as far as I know that's a part of the ova, right? :s tombow, your turn, can't read that XD
wow, here are so many cute pics with Roy and Riza!! I've never expected to find anywhere anything like this, so I'm really pleased.

for me RxR are the best couple ever created and they fit together perfectly. and, one question: there was FMA OVA?? I've just seen the classic 51 one episodes... is there something more about our colonel and lieutenant in OVA??
The OVA has yet to be released, I think....

And as far as what people here have said, there isn't too much about Roy and Riza in the OVA....unfortunately T___T

I just read the chapter 56 scanlations! Royai (however subtle)! Woot! Anyway, reading it, I came up with a few questions.

1) Where do you think Roy and Riza are headed in the panel where they are approaching a carriage?
2) In reference to Ed's comment about Riza being a good hostage-Do you think he knows of Roy's feelings toward Riza?
And last, but not least-
3) Do you think there may be Royai in the next chapter?

I would post my answers to the questions, but I'd like to see what everyone else thinks. smile.gif
QUOTE(RoyxRizaFan4ever @ Feb 12 2006, 01:04 PM) [snapback]348977[/snapback]

1) Where do you think Roy and Riza are headed in the panel where they are approaching a carriage?
2) In reference to Ed's comment about Riza being a good hostage-Do you think he knows of Roy's feelings toward Riza?
And last, but not least-
3) Do you think there may be Royai in the next chapter?

1. I have no idea... maybe one of Roy's many safehouses?
2. I would assume he has an inkling; he at least knows how precious Riza is to Roy as a subordinate. I reckon he knows... kind of like the "What about Ranfan?" to Ling in 55. Poor Ed... savvy to everyone's romances but his own. XD
3. I hope so~ @_@ If she has to work for Bradley they might not see each other for a long while. ;_;
QUOTE(GaluxKitty @ Feb 11 2006, 07:37 PM) [snapback]348995[/snapback]

I would assume he has an inkling; he at least knows how precious Riza is to Roy as a subordinate. I reckon he knows... kind of like the "What about Ranfan?" to Ling in 55. Poor Ed... savvy to everyone's romances but his own. XD

I think he's starting to realize new things...even if it is a bit late for his age.XD
1) Where do you think Roy and Riza are headed in the panel where they are approaching a carriage?
2) In reference to Ed's comment about Riza being a good hostage-Do you think he knows of Roy's feelings toward Riza?
And last, but not least-
3) Do you think there may be Royai in the next chapter?

1) To say goodbye to the subordinates?
2)Yeah XD I think he does XD
3)I hope so!!!! T^T
@Blue_Haven - Yeah, Reika did a wonderful job with translation!! happy.gif

Lady_sith, WELCOME to one of the nicest thread on the board!!
I just read your post on "Welcome" thread that you're a BIG Riza (and Roy-Riza) fan, so I'm glad you found this thread!! smile.gif

@Rurouni_Alchemist - Yap, Reika is right, and that pic is from the main story of upcoming FMA OVA. It says we're gonna see lots of cool Roy fighting scenes, and also many gag scenes, the famous past gag senes and some new ones. happy.gif

Yes, the main story is "7 Homuncli vs State Alchemists," with plenty of screen-time for Roy, and many scenes with his military gang, including Riza. Yay!! (Actually, I think Roy is one of leading characters, and with the clever ploy of including "guest alchemist trainee," Roy will be often talking to this unseen trainee, hence it looks and sounds like he is talking from the screen to YOU, the viewer.) biggrin.gif

As far as I know, the story is stand-alone, and no direct linear connection to the Anime storyline.
You can get more info on "Hagaren new OVA to be released in Japan this March" thread. smile.gif

Now, back to manga.
I love chapter 56! It's like a Valerine's Day special!! wub.gif
It starts with specila fan service (naked Ed!!) then Royai (tho too short,) and rare "tender" Ed-Win moment, and also Ling-RanFan moments.
It was nice, but yes, I'm totally hoping we'll see more Royai in the next chapter!! happy.gif
RoyxRizaFan4ever , could you please tell me where you found the chapte scanlation? I have yet to read or even see the newest chapter and I feel so behind... rolleyes.gif
^^ @AndroidLust - Chap 56 scanlation is up at ZOMGFT (password needed), and also on MSN Group FullMetal Alchemist (no password needed. Can't post the link, but you can Google it to get the link, then go to Pictures section.) happy.gif
Thank you ssssssssssooooooooooo much Tombow! You`re just way too good to all of us. biggrin.gif
I do need to catch up on the manga T____T

But I did find this, which I think is a DVD scan, but it's quite nice, Roy looks good in a suit...XD
@seventh_sky - Nice!!! Now if we can add Riza with nice dress there, it will be perfect!! happy.gif
@Tombow: thanks ^///^
Roi Moustang
QUOTE(Noriko @ Aug 17 2004, 08:37 AM) [snapback]6801[/snapback]

Oh my god ;_; Hawkeye is so hot XD If I were Roy or a guy... I would devour Hawkeye as quickly as possible (trying not to get shot of course) XD

XD Roy looks like a serial killer mad man! XD He looks like that killer from "BLUE HEAVEN" (manga) XD

OMG Noriko that has to be the funniest thing i have heard in a long time... But i do agree with you on the one... Really i think Roy and Riza are a better couple and Ed and Winry because Roy at least shows interest in Riza (AND ALL GIRLS IN SKIRTS) but i think Ed thinks of Winry to much of a friend for them to get together neway
Dude, Hawkeye is HOT. XD

Actually, most of Mustang's staff are awesome in one way or another. XD Roy knows how to pick them.
Hawkeye = t3h sex!!!

Seriously I'd love to get a piece of that! (Way to obessed with Hawkeye)

But really I love all of Mutangs men.....
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