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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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A Pierrot's Aria
Happy Royai Day (from the UK!!) xP

I did something, but I'm not entirely happy with it...My scanner massacred the grey, especially, and made it look more streaky than it actually is. laugh.gif And as you can tell, I didn't bother editing out all of the mistakes I did with the lineart. xDxD!! And for all I know, my laptop could be lying to me and all of the colours could look pretty hideous. Ahaha!

(Warning! My image has potential end of series spoilers!) Until the End
This is the two after the end of the series...and no awful 'tache for Mustang! I chose this particular part in the time line because I wanted to show that my favourite thing about Royai is how they'll follow and help each other until the very end. happy.gif After all that's happened, Riza still chooses to follow Roy. That's why I went for their poses: Roy motioning forward and Riza happily saluting.

I'll comment on everything once everyone has contributed at the end of Royai day! Everything's looking marvellous thus far!

@jacksparrow I collected these links for you to save from it all building up for you...I hope that's okay. happy.gif Please feel free to edit, and put them wherever necessary and delete from my post. hug.gif

2011 Royai Day Celebration Contributions (so far...)
<Full final album can be found on this post. ~js589>

Royai Day Fanart 1, Royai Day Fanart 2, Royai Day Fanart 3 by Schnabeltier (Page 1500, Post #22487)
Royai Day Fanart by 4de (Page 1500, Post #22490)
Royai Day Fanart 1, Royai Day Fanart 2 by HawkseyeM1910 (Page 1500, Post #22493)
Mustang Family, El Sr. Mustang, Desde entonces, Manzana by yadi ina (Page 1500, Post #22497)
Royai Fanmix "Set Fire to the Rain" Cover, "Set Fire To the Rain" Fanmix by FirstMoon (Page 1500, Post #22488/ Page 1501, Post #22502 )
Until the End (Warning! Contains potential end of series spoilers!) by A Pierrot's Aria (Page 1501, Post #22501)

5th Time by Telramko (Page 1500, Post #22492)
Every Piece of You, One Step at a Time, Along the Way by angelstar2408 (Page 1500, Post #22494)
We Are Our Own Heroes by iAmJelly (Page 1500, Post #22495)
More Than Coffee by Schnabeltier (Page 1500, Post #22487)
Your organization is superb as always, A Pierrot's Aria. I have to say, honestly, your coloring is amazing. ohmy.gif Very expressive. Did you use real markers? I'm no good with them haha.

I've finally posted my fanmix,hope you'll like it : Set Fire to the Rain ~ Royai Day Special FST

Aww,it's amazing to see we're still active <3 Don't die fandom wub.gif
wow! there are good fanarts!
happy royai day !
Schnabeltier--Wow, amazing drawings! Your fanfic is lovely, too! smile.gif

FirstMoon--The art for your fanmix is excellent! (As is the fanmix itself!)

Michiyo---Chocolate Queen! *squeals* You made my day! :hugs:

4de--Excellent drawing!

Tombow--I totally remember not being a member but stalking the thread during that Royai Day! biggrin.gif

Telramko--Cute fanfic!

HawkseyeM1910--Love the art! They're very well done!

angelstar2408--Cute poem and awesome oneshots! (I like "Along the Way" particularly--Roy is not a robot!)

iAmjelly--Okay, that fanfic... I think I died... WONDERFUL!

Dark-Winds--A million paragraphs? Lookin' forward to it! smile.gif

yadi ina--You draw very, very well! smile.gif

StormGoddess--Give your friend a hug for me! She did an amazing job!

LadyNorbert--I was wondering why it wasn't being updated! I know it'll be worth the wait, though!

A Pierrot's Aria--I think I'm gonna cry! Thank you so much for putting that together! I'm in your debt completely! (I will do the final version this evening or tomorrow morning, if you'll let me!)
<No worries! And of course. tongue.gif Just did this much so it wouldn't completely mount up for you. xP hug.gif -Pierrot>
EDIT: Ack! and I completely forgot to say that I love your artwork! smile.gif

And now, my contributions:

Only Together can they make it to the top.

And, the final chapter of Dissonant Symphony is up! My second go at the Royai 100 is complete! (And yes, I did do the math from the start so that it would end on Royai Day. tongue.gif )

v xUltimate_Shieldx--That picture is adorable and I love it.

HAPPY ROYAI DAY! biggrin.gif
Here's my picture I drew for it happy.gif

I'll write about what I like about Royai and comment on other pictures later when I have more time.
Happy RoyAi Day all!!! Here's my contribution!

@ A Pierrot's Aria - I love your art! Your style is very cute, and the colors are bright and fun! Love it!

@ Schnabeltier – I love your pictures, especially the coffee one! As for your story, it was very cute, and the way you told it and the point of view you used were very clever. (though I don’t drink coffee, either!)
Happy RoyAi day!

@ 4d – Awesome sketch of an awesome picture! That’s got to be my favorite Roy/Riza wallpaper smile.gif

@ HawkseyeM1910 – Amazing detail on her back! I also love the pic of the two together. So cute and I love seeing Riza in her civilian clothing.

@ yaiina – Your style is so adorable! I love the way you draw! The family picture is my favorite – so precious!

@ First Moon – Love the playlist! Cool idea!

@ iAmJelly – Your fan fic was absolutely beautiful. I loved the way you wrote it, and I loved the last line so much. It really sums up the depth of their relationship.

@ angelstar2408 – One Step at a Time was very cute and sweet! I love the second one as well! They’re always there for each other smile.gif

@ Ultimate Shield –
I adore your drawing! So cute and the colors are lovely! Riza’s expression is hilarious!

@ jacksparrow – Congrats on finishing your 100th chapter! That’s amazing! Great timing lol It was very sweet and summed up their relationship well, like a big red bow on top of your collection! XD
Okay, still not posting my reson for loving Royai and commenting on all of thelovely works you've all done yet, because I still don't have time. I'll post that tonight biggrin.gif It'll be a long one. But I WOULD like to share the lovely cake with all of you that my friend, xUltimate_Shieldx, and I made last night.

Roy's totally lighting the candles smile.gif Yeah, I know, we're totally lame. BUT WHO CARES?! ROYAI WHOO!!!! (Btw, that blue thing is a gun, since we didn't have gray >.>)
Everything that's been posted so far is great. I love all the sketches, fics, and other media that's been posted.

@Dark-Winds your cake is amazing. I can't express how much I adore it. Send a piece of it to Florida for me tongue.gif

Edit: Also, this is my friend and mines first Royai day, I drew and she began writing a multi-chapter fic, she tried posting on here but it wasn't working for some reason, so I'm advertising this for her because she keeps nagging me to smile.gif
Bay Alexison
Hello, hello! I'm more of a lurker in this forums, but this is very nice we're all celebrating Royai Day here! biggrin.gif I'm really loving the art so far and I need to get reading the fics when I have the chance (I had read iAmJelly's story and am caught up with Lady Norbert's trilogy, both very awesome writers! )

Okay, a couple contributions:

One Night at Madame Christmas: A short story where Roy takes Riza to meet his mother (Madame Christmas) for the first time. This was written for the help_japan auction that was going on at livejournal a while ago and finished the story in time for Royai Day! biggrin.gif

Drifting Apart: In which Roy and Riza are driven nuts after being separated (takes place after Fuhrer King Bradley separated Roy's men). I actually wrote this a while ago for a writing community at Dreamwidth, but I think this is also appropriate for Royai Day. smile.gif

LOL, sorry both of them are on the long side. wacko.gif I hope you guys enjoy these, though!

As for why I love Royai, like the others said they had been through a lot together and trusted one another greatly. Also there's this recurring theme of "DON'T DIE!" between them, so it seems they can't live without one another, as hard as they tried. :3

Positively amazing. I love it XDDD Very clever!
My favorite thing about Royai is the subtlety; in most programs I've seen I don't fall in love with pairings because they're always so heavy-handed with sexual jokes, and fanservice every 30 seconds, and blah blah let's draw as much attention to it as possible. But not Royai. It's there, but it's not given enough focus to ruin it. Plus their extensive, traumatic and codependent history is amazingly well done biggrin.gif

...Have some unrelated fanart! biggrin.gif I did this stuff last month and then decided never to draw people again ;_;

^this image is huge like you have no idea because I forgot I wasn't zoomed in in PS and forgot to resize it
A Pierrot's Aria
I know I said I'd comment after the 11th, but I thought I'd just start now! xP

@Schnabeltier Your sketches are absolutely gorgeous! I really love your style! And I think you write really well --don't put yourself down. Your fic was really awesome and I enjoyed reading it! My favourite part was definitely when they use the code!

(And thank you!! And yes, I use Copic Sketch markers. I haven't had much practice with them...>< But every picture means more practice. xP)

@4de A fantastic sketch of that image!! You did a great job with it!

@Telramko I love your fanfic! You write so well and I really enjoyed reading it! I think you've gotten their personalities through really well, as well as the way they interact with and understand one another.

@HawkseyeM1910 Your fanarts are absolutely wonderful! Your style is really cute!

@angelstar Your poem is absolutely beautiful and your oneshots are fantastic! I love how you've portrayed just how much Roy cares about Riza!

@iAmJelly I absolutely adore your fanfic. I just love how upon their first meeting, Riza already seems to have developed a trust of Roy. I love how you developed the theme of a bond and trust in one another as the fic went on!

@Yadi ina Your fanarts are really lovely! I think my favourite is definitely the one with the whole family --their daughter is so cute!!

@Storm Goddness Your friend's picture is absolutely awesome!!

@LadyNorbert It's a shame you couldn't finish it off in time! But I'm going to say anyway, that I finished reading Brilliancy, and well, it's pure brilliancy. Seriously, I loved it just as much as I loved Flowers of Antimony. Throughout the stories you keep personalities intact and you not only show the amazing bond between Roy and Riza, but the bond that they also share with the rest of the team. I have now started reading The Game of Three Generals and I can already tell that it's going to be just as amazing!

@First Moon Fantastic Fanmix! I don't like Amy Winehouse or Glee, but the majority of the songs are great, I particuarly like the choice "Kings & Queens ~ 30 Seconds to Mars" and both of the Muse songs you put on there! biggrin.gif

@Jacksparrow Your fics are absolutely awesome! I love how you've portrayed their "togetherness" as well as their deep understanding of each other in both fics--and I love how fast paced "Only Together" is. It reads so well!
(And thank you!)

@xUltimate Shieldx Absolutely superb fanart! I just love Riza's expression!! I love the King and Queen theme and the chess board themed background! Very fitting indeed!

@Dark Winds That cake is the epitome of WIN.

@HawkseyeM1910 Wow!! I read the first chapter of your friend's story and it seems really awesome! I definitely have to keep up with this one!

@Bay Alexison Both of your fanfics are an absolute pleasure to read! All through the first one I had a constant grin on my face and the second one is brilliant because I think you've capture how they would/did worry when separated. And I agree with your reason for loving Royai --I love that, too!

@Pannan Incredible fanart!! I absolutely adore them! I love how it seems they're in battle, back-to-back --which I find is really symbolic of how they do have each other's back! And the colouring is fantastic!! And I totally agree with your reason as to why Royai is awesome --less fanservice, the better.

@RoyRizaFan I just love your picture!! That's a really awesome and creative idea! It shows really well the celebratory mood!
(And thank you! biggrin.gif)

@A Pierrot's Aria Uuugh, you stick to digital colouring from now on!!! xDDDD!!

v ETA: @lizzard_2010 Your picture is soooooo adorable!! I love it!! biggrin.gif And welcome to the board --I'm glad you could join us for Royai Day!
Hey, I haven't posted on these forums before, but since it's Royai Day, I really want to say how much I love all the art/stories (AND CAKE! XD) I'm seeing; they're absolutely wonderful! I wanted to contribute to today too so I made a piece of fanart also. Here's the link; I hope you all like it! smile.gif
I don't have much free time because of my exams, but I still managed to draw something for Royai Day.
Hope you like it. ^^
Royai Day 2011

I love everyone's contributions, it's great to see this thread so active today, even though the manga ended a year ago.
I hope it'll be the same next year too. biggrin.gif
I figured I would comment on everyone's work now that I have a free moment.

@Schnabeltier I've seen your sketches on websites before and thought they were amazing, so to see that you posted them on here too, is pretty exciting.

@4de I love the sketch, you did a great job

@Telramko Sweet and very interesting fic and take on their lives

@angelstar I loved the poems and the fics were super adorable

@iAmJelly That fic was fantastic, I've read many other of your fics so, I already knew I would be a fan of this one

@Yadi ina I love your work, super cute, I was particularly fond of the last one too

@Storm Goddness Happy Royai day to you too. Your friends art is beautiful!

@LadyNorbert I'm a little sad I didn't get to finish it this week, but it's because you know I'm in love with your work. Hope you have a good time at the wedding!

@First Moon I love your fanmix, it's super cute and it was an interesting idea to combine your favorite things together

@Jacksparrow I love your fan fics, I think I've commented on them before, but if not, then I need to do that. I hope you continue writing ^.^

@xUltimate Shieldx I really, really admire your work, you have such a unique style, I'm a fan of yours wink.gif

@Dark Winds I've said this before, but I will say it again anyway, I love your cake, I want to steal it biggrin.gif

@Bay Alexison I love both of your fics! I especially love your first one because I was always extremely interested in Riza meeting Madame Christmas, so I'm glad to see someone finally wrote about their first meeting

@Pannan I love your style, and your coloring of the pictures, you did an excellent job, I would like to see more of your work biggrin.gif

@RoyRizaFan I found your picture on DeviantArt before here, but I had a super excited reaction to it. The balloons gave a nice touch to it, and made me realize Royai Day should celebrated by everyone, even people who don't love them as much as we do tongue.gif

A Pierrot's Aria I think you did a great job at drawing them, they look super cute, I also love the way you colored the picture, and what I really, really admired, was your perspective/the scenery, there's one thing to draw the focal point (Roy and Riza in this case) really well, but when you draw the scenery just as excellent, then extra points for you!

@lizzard_2010 I just added your picture to my favorites on Deviant Art, I have to do that to the other ones too, now that I got a free moment. Words can not express how much I adore your picture. I love work that closely looks like the anime, and I think you did a fantastic job on make it look really close. I need to browse your other work. smile.gif

A Pierrot's Aria, RoyxRizaFan, jacksparrow589 Thank you very much for the compliments
And back to A Pierrot's Aria for the third time tongue.gif, my friend said "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm glad you find it interesting and plan to keep up with!"

I hope no one else commented yet after I wrote this, because I am not neglecting your post if you did !

Happy Royai Day! biggrin.gif

EDIT: @Michiyo I think you posted when I was still writing this long review! Anyway, super, super adorable picture. I adore it. It's super good for a quick little picture you just did today! biggrin.gif
Dark-Winds and xUltimate Shieldx--That cake is amazing and I want it all NOW. biggrin.gif

HawkseyeM1910--Nice fanfic!

Bay Alexison--Glad you decided to join us in celebrating the most important day of the year! tongue.gif And lovely fanfics!

Pananan--Wow... That back-to-back drawing is beautiful!

Michiyo---D'awww... So cute! smile.gif

I don't feel very inspired lately...
But just today, I was visiting one of my favorite japanese fanartists (who generally does art for the Xenoverse and Okami...), and look what I found :
Royai, Hayate and puppies !!
I squeed hard... I have a lot of interests in commun with this artist but I wasn't expecting to see some Royai art. So, "squee time" for me !
Just thought I should share it... Royai Day obliged.

As for Royai... Well, I love them because of their trust, respect and devotion. And those little moments that make my insides burn in the sweetest way... "Don't Die"
I love the occasional playfullness/humor also... they're so cute, seriously.
Happy Royai Day everyone!! biggrin.gif It's nice to see everyone's work!
As what Michiyo- says, I don't have much free time because of exam next week...but I drew as quickly as possible.

(Oops, too large sleep.gif )

My favorite thing about Royai is... they're grown-up couple. Royai is very different of the pairing of anime/manga I've ever seen. I just love how they both interact and communicate openly to one another. They do show a strong connection and their relationship is very deep and emotional. Also, I like how the characters (Roy and Riza) are awesome and very attractive. All thanks to Arakawa-Sensei and Royai Fans! biggrin.gif
Happy Roiai Day everyone!

I can't draw and I don't write well, so my contribution is this: I asked my husband whether he thought Roy and Riza had ever... been intimate... and he said "Only if SHE initiated it." I think my husband is right; if Roy tried to put the moves on an unwilling Riza, he'd end up with a few extra holes in him. wink.gif
RadicalDreamer--So... CUTE!!!! wub.gif

Ignae--Lovely art! smile.gif

sarahbn--Hmmmm, I dunno... I can see it being that way or the other. They'd just never force the other, is all, is my opinion. But yeah, it would probably be worse if it were Roy. laugh.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@HawkseyeM1910 No problem! I have a few fics I have on my "to read list" now. xP (jacksparrow's fics being among them, I feel bad that I haven't started reading them before, but I've only started reading Royai fics recently! D: ) I don't have a fanfiction account, so I have to keep a small group of bookmarked stories. laugh.gif

@Michiyo I'm so glad you were be able to do something! hug.gif I can easily say that's the cutest thing I've ever seen, you did a fantastic job with it!!

@RadicalDreamer That fanart you posted is spectacular! And I agree with your reasons as to why Royai is so great! biggrin.gif

@Ingnae Absolutely gorgeous drawing! I really love the bright colours and really, really love your style! I love images of them back to back!

@sarahbn Welcome to the Royai thread! hug.gif

(I made comments on previous contributions on page 1501, just in case anyone missed them!)
Okay. Here we go. The things I love about Royai. Prepare yourselves for a very long response. *clears throat*

1. Their devotion and loyalty to one another.

I feel like Roy and Riza have this very strong, unbreakable bond that I've never seen in any characters in a series before. They are always by each other's sides and watching each other's backs. They would do anything to protect one another. I feel like even though Riza is the bodyguard, Roy would just as easily risk his life to save her (Which has been shown before in the manga). Riza will do whatever it takes to help Roy get to the top. Neither of them would ever betray or leave the other one for selfish reasons. Wherever one goes, the other will follow.

2. Their unspoken feelings and bond.

I believe that throughout the whole course of the manga, and before that, Roy and Riza have known that they love each other. I think that they both know how the other one feels as well. They express these feelings silently and have their own hidden language of saying "I love you." Whether it's just a brush against each other, or a quick glance, they know what he other one means. And this doesn't just apply for their romantic feelings either. In general, they have a strong sense of understanding of each other. They known when one is in danger, or when the other is trying to tell them something. Roy and Riza know that they love each other. There is no denial in their feelings with each other. They know how they feel and they accept that. They also accept the fact that they cannot be in an open relationship because of military regulations. And they also feel it is for the better. Fraternization laws aren't there for no reason. They're not something that can just be abolished, and Roy and Riza understand that. They want to put their job and their duty and helping the people of their country before their own wants. It's not just their own way of helping the country, but their way of atoning for everything that they've done. They want to put all of this before a relationship. Riza could easily quit and marry Roy, but she chooses not to. She chooses to stay by his side and not only protect him, but help restore the country in her own way too. I don't know if Roy and Riza will ever get married because they'll always put their duty first. But in my opinion, that's what makes their relationship so awesome and unique. That they would put everything else before their own personal wants, but still know that they love each other through this unspoken language and be content with that alone.

3. The way they act on their feelings.

This kind of goes along with the unspoken language thing, but kind of not. They act on their feelings through this unspoken language, but I'm sure that they express themselves in other ways too. For example, my friend and I like to think that dancing would be a cool thing for them to do. Mainly because dancing is a form of unspoken language between you and your partner. It seems like the perfect activity for them, am I right? biggrin.gif Also, I seriously wouldn't doubt it if Roy and Riza have accidentally slipped up a few times and ended up having a sexual interaction. Let's face it, nobody's perfect. Not even Roy and Riza. Everyone slips up now and again. So I'm just saying I seriously don't doubt it. But I don't think it would be a bad thing necessarily. It would just be a good way for them to pour out their emotions to one another. But those are both just fan assumptions *nervous laugh* But back to my original point. Roy and Riza act on their feelings in a good way and remain loyal to each other while doing so. I have to say, I'm not a believer in the fact that Roy is some player who goes around having sex with women. Let's think about this logically. We know that a lot of his dates are women who leak information to him from Chris Mustang. We also know Roy's general nature, and how he treats people. Roy really likes women. He's been around them his whole life. He was raised well, dresses well, and is very polite. The kind of guy who holds doors and pulls out chairs. Sounds like gentleman to me. He has a lot more respect for women than people think he does. I think he goes out with women so much simply because he enjoys their company. And then let's consider this, if Roy and Riza know how they feel about each other, why would Roy sleep around with other women? And if he did, why would Riza put up with that? It just doesn't add up. But once again, back to my point. I think this is another way of showing how they act on their feelings that I love. Roy could get any woman he wants. He doesn't need to stay loyal to Riza. And yet he does.

4. Their ultimate theme.

The ultimate theme of Roy and Riza is one of my favorite things about them. "Staying by your loved one's side no matter what." Roy and Riza have been through everything together. They've seen each other do awful things and they've seen each other get completely out of control. They've remained by each other's sides even when nobody else wanted to. It just shows that they'll never give up on each other, and that they'll go through thick and thin to stay together.

5. Reading between the lines.

Roy and Riza are one of those pairings where you have to read between the lines to fully appreciate and understand them. I feel like there's a lot of misconceptions about Roy and Riza not only as characters, but as a couple. One example is what I was talking about earlier, the whole thing about Roy being a player. If more people would read between the lines, and study Roy's character, then they would see that he wouldn't just sleep with everything that moved. And it's the same way with Roy and Riza's pairing. A lot of people were upset that Roy and Riza didn't get tgether. But if you read deeper and analyze more you can see that they've known they've loved each other the whole time. And I love analyzing. So I love how deep Arakawa made their relationship, and that you really have to look to find it smile.gif

*deep sigh* OKAY THAT WAS REALLY LONG! But I really love Royai, and it IS Royai day lol (Not here anymore, it's 12:23 AM TT___TT but it's because i took almost an hour to write this lol) My friend, xUltimate_Shieldx and I have put a lot of time and effort analyzing Royai cause we have no life xD But these are my reasons for loving Royai so much biggrin.gif And I swear I WILL get around to commenting on all of the amazing works you've all posted! I looked at them all and they're great!! I'll post individual comments tomorrow when it's not this late lol If you read that all you can have an imaginary piece of the Royai Day cake my friend and I made lol.
As you probably know by now, Dark-Winds and I are friends and have the same thoughts on Royai, so if you want to know my thoughts and what I like about them, just read her long comment happy.gif

On another note, I'll finally comment on everyone's stuff!

Ignae: I really love the hues of pink you used. It makes the picture look light and sweet happy.gif

Michiyo-: Aw, those are really cute chibis biggrin.gif The picture is adorable.

lizzard_2010: The first thing that stood out to me on this were Riza's eyes. I really love how you did them happy.gif The coloring is nice and simple too.

Pananan: I really love your use of colors. That with your use of strokes makes the picture look really nice biggrin.gif

FirstMoon: I was pleasantly surprised by this! All the songs and descriptions you had were really nice and I enjoyed looking through them happy.gif

yadi-ina: All your sketches are cute and simple. They were fun to look at biggrin.gif

HawkseyeM1910: Your sketch in its own way is just so simple that it's nice smile.gif I love how you just have them standing their so simply and yet touching each other like that happy.gif The single picture is cool too. I like any picture with Riza's back in it biggrin.gif

A Pierrot's Ace: Wow! The coloring really got my attention. I love your use of marker (at least what I think is marker) and admire it. Markers (at least for me) are so difficult to use. I love the concept, too. happy.gif

4de: You did a good job with this happy.gif That perspective is really challenging so I applaud you for taking that challenge and succeeding with it smile.gif

Schnabeltier: I think that pen sketch is my favorite. I love the poses and the simplicity of it (can you tell by now I like simple things?). Also, I like how you used the pen for it. And I love the wedding in your other one. It's very cute happy.gif

And unfortunately, the only fic I've gotten to read so far (it takes more time and motivation for me to read fanfictions) is iAmJelly's. I simply loved how you portrayed their relationship, and it felt very in character and natural and just so deep and beautiful. It was a very enjoyable read and it truly does remind us why we love Royai.

Dark-Winds and xUltimate_Shieldx - Fantastic, I agree on everything and I couldn't have said it better! I especially agree with you on your second point! Also that cake is fantastic, it is not lame at all! Also, xUltimate_Shieldx that fanart is super adorable! I love chess themes and her expression ahaha. Also, I actually use a mechanical pencil! I just tweak the lines on photoshop because otherwise they'd be really hard to see ><

Ingnae - Oh, I love love love it when people draw them in something formal. Right before focusing on your exams too! Impressive haha.

Pananan - Never draw people again?! Hey, what you've done is pretty good, really and I love that one by the tree. I love this style, like you don't even knowww.

lizzard_2010 - It's gorgeous! You even got the art style down and Hayate's adorable!

Michiyo- - That's adorable! Really, I don't know how you people manage to draw anything with an exam coming up, it really is impressive haha.

RoyxRizaFan - I like your 10 balloons idea! and 10 years? I hadn't noticed it's been that long already!

FirstMoon - Oh gosh, Rain and No Air. I love how all the songs are more or less apt. You really thought of this well!

A Pierrot's Aria - They look amazing nonetheless! I'm jealous! I've always wanted Copic Markers but they aren't really available around here or they're crazy expensive smile.gif

jacksparrow589 - Beautiful, simple but there's depth to it. Exactly how I'd describe their relationship.

Bay Alexison - I liked Drifting Apart! UST is one of my favorite things and you hit my weakness, bullseye. No doubt they do have it tongue.gif

RadicalDreamer - Thank you for sharing that, awww so precious! I don't even like dogs but aha so cute

sarahbn - I'm pretty sure she's the one who gives her approval but I agree with jacksparrow589 that it's a mutual decision, if it ever happens. IMO there won't ever be a need to ask, I think they'd just go for it when they know it's time.

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you liked them!

Last minute submission! Last trick up my sleeve, I guess. Like I said in the Penny for your thoughts thread, can't draw people making out, ever. laugh.gif I drew this for Megami.Ze over at because I love her work so much. It was especially inspired by her fic, Shatter. Seriously, give it a read, it's beautiful.

Schnabeltier: Oh, it's pencil? Well, then I love how you use pencil happy.gif Also, I love your last minute drawing. The use of lines to shade/"color" is is really pretty, and the pose is really sweet biggrin.gif

And I forgot to mention this before, but thank you to anyone who commented on my picture. It's highly appreciated! happy.gif
Hehe, Happy Royai Day! Amazing parts everyone, this is so exciting!

Here's my contribution to the festivities:

Deviantart: When You Move, I Move With You

As for my response to the prompt, I had this answer, which I submitted with the entry:
"The theme for this year had been "My favorite thing about Royai is..." so I suppose I should include that. And thus, my answer to fill in that quote is this: their bond. Through thick and thin they've been there, are there, and will always be there for one another. They've seen the whole spectrum of one another, both their best and their worst, and even seeing the latter wasn't enough to break them apart. There's a subtlety and undertone in their relationship that can't be denied. They connect on ways far deeper than meets the eye, and they're so fully in-tuned to one another, so intertwined in each other's lives. The devotion, the loyalty, the care is simply amazing, astonishing, overwhelming even once you comprehend the deeper aspects of their relationship.

I'm not entirely good with words at times, and don't really know how to explain myself, but I hope that made sense somewhat."

I don't know how to put it to justice really--it's raw, it's real, I mean, what else can I say?
Just wanted to share this
So. Much. Royai. Oh gosh - I wish I could take a good look at everyone's fanarts and fanfictions all ready, but I have exams in three days and I'm kind of freaking out so I won't be able to get to them properly until after.

Still though, thanks everyone! I'm glad you all liked we are our own heroes - I wrote it in a rush (again, because I'm freaking out about exams) so I'm really glad you all enjoyed it.

@Telramko: Is that official? It looks official - I think that might be the shippiest official thing I've ever seen *hearts*
A Pierrot's Aria
@Dark Winds Amazing compendium on the relationship between Roy and Riza. It's all well thought out and I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your points! I particularly love the point you brought up about Roy being a gentleman, and not the player that a lot of people make him out to be!

@xUltimate Shieldx Thank you! And yes, I did use markers to colour it. biggrin.gif

@Schnabeltier Your picture is really awesome and so sweet --I just love the sketchiness of it!!
(And yes, Copics definitely leave a crater in your bank balance. crybaby.gif ) xD!

@RedAsATomato Your picture is so brilliant! I love how Riza is behind Roy, in a protective stance with her gun. And I love the colouring --the shading looks so lovely and soft! And you explained their relationship with one another really well!

@Telramko That's the most awesome card ever...! o.o
QUOTE (iAmjelly @ Jun 12 2011, 03:32 AM) *
@Telramko: Is that official? It looks official - I think that might be the shippiest official thing I've ever seen *hearts*

I think it's official but I don't know where its from.
Okay, so, we've come to the official conclusion (passed it a couple hours back while I was getting some much-needed sleep, anyway) of our Royai Day 2011 celebration.

Everyone did an amazing job contributing, I think we can all say that. I was wowed by the quality of everyone's work.

So, pretty much just in order of posting, here they are: the contributions. (If links don't work or if anything else is wrong, please PM me and I will work on it as soon as I'm able!)

2011 Royai Day Celebration Contribution Album (Final)

Royai Day Fanart 1, Royai Day Fanart 2, Royai Day Fanart 3 by Schnabeltier (Page 1500, Post #22487)
Royai Day Fanart by 4de (Page 1500, Post #22490)
Royai Day Fanart 1, Royai Day Fanart 2 by HawkseyeM1910 (Page 1500, Post #22493)
Mustang Family, El Sr. Mustang, Desde entonces, Manzana by yadi ina (Page 1500, Post #22497)
Royai Fanmix "Set Fire to the Rain" Cover, "Set Fire To the Rain" Fanmix by FirstMoon (Page 1500, Post #22488/ Page 1501, Post #22502 )
Until the End (Warning! Contains potential end of series spoilers!) by A Pierrot's Aria (Page 1501, Post #22501)
King and Queen by xUltimate Shieldx (Page 1502, Post #22517)
Happy RoyAi Day 2011 by RoyxRizaFan (Page 1502, Post #22518)
Royai Day Cake 1, Royai Day Cake 2 by Dark-Winds (and xUltimate Shieldx) (Page 15002 Post #22519)
Royai Portriats , Royai Fire by Pananan (Page 15002 Post #22523)
Family Portrait by lizard_2010 (Page 1502 Post #22525)
Royai Day 2011 by Michiyo- (Page 1502 Post #22526)
Royai Day Artwork by Ingnae (Page 1502 Post #22530)
Schnabeltier’s artwork for “Shatter” by Schnabeltier (Page 1503 Post #22536)
When You Move, I Move With You by RedAsATomato (Page 1503 Post #22536)

5th Time by Telramko (Page 1500, Post #22492)
Every Piece of You, One Step at a Time, Along the Way by angelstar2408 (Page 1500, Post #22494)
We Are Our Own Heroes by iAmJelly (Page 1500, Post #22495)
More Than Coffee by Schnabeltier (Page 1500, Post #22487)
Only Together, Until the End by jacksparrow589 (Page 1502, Post #22516)
A Burning Star by HawkseyeM1910 (Page 1502, Post #22520)
One Night at Madam Christmas’s, Drifting Apart by Bay Alexison (Page 1502, Post #22521)
Dark-Winds’s Favorite Things About Royai by Dark-Winds (Page 1503, Post #22534)
RoyxRizaFan's Favorite Thing About Royai by RoyxRizaFan (Page 1503, Post #22533)
FMAobsessed's Reflections on Royai by FMAobsessed (Page 1504, Post #22549)
Gah! I'm late! But I guess it's never a bad time to talk about why you love RoyAi in this thread...

But first, thanks to Jacksparrow and A Pierrot's Aria for organizing everything! It'll be so much easier for me to go back and finish commenting now smile.gif


The reason (one of the many, but I think DarkWinds did a wonderful job covering the rest) why I love RoyAi is because it’s written on a different level than most relationships in manga, books, TV, movies – anything! Most relationships are out in the open – written on the surface – and therefore only touch the reader on the surface. RoyAi, on the other hand, is written below the surface, something that exists there but isn’t spelled out for the reader. That way, when the reader comes to see it, it resonates on a different level with them than the more blatant relationships do.

While most character relationships demand a reader to accept their existence as true, RoyAi asks the reader to understand why their relationship is true. I think that’s that’s what makes it different, and oine of the reasons why it affects us more than other couples.
A Pierrot's Aria
@RoyxRizaFan Don't worry about it, I added your reason to the album list so everyone can see its awesomeness. xP hug.gif I love your reasoning and think you've hit the nail on the head in regards to the nature of Roy and Riza's relationship!

Thank you very much, jacksparrow589 for putting together the album (and putting it in your sig so everyone can find the amazing-ness!) And of course, a huuuuuuge thank you to everyone who contributed their absolutely awesome, brilliant, fantastic (...I could go on all day) works. I can easily say I enjoyed every fanfic, essay, fanart and fanmix! wub.gif It was all a total pleasure!
Telramko - Oh my! Fdsfsdfsd I love this, every time it gets me, every time! When they look at each other like that it makes me believe they're a married couple hahaha. I mean, is that really the way you hold a subordinate?

RoyxRizaFan - My thoughts exactly. I'm very impressed how skillfully Arakawa managed to convey such a relationship and how it just… draws you in to ship them haha. No doubt even the anime staff do, I mean, drawing them in wedding outfits?They're one of us. laugh.gif

Seconding that, really, thank you for diligently putting the works together, jacksparrow589 & A Pierrot's Aria !

Everything pretty much inspired me to get myself a shiny new signature, really. Can you tell I love flustered Roy? Was he ever even in canon? Stop making things up, Schnabeltier It started to feel pretty empty anyhow. laugh.gif
I still don’t have much time to comment on everyone's contributions, but I’d like to thank you for sharing your awesome works, they’re all amazing. Also, thank you, jacksparrow589 and A Pierrot’s Aria for organizing this event! hug.gif

@Telramko: Wow, that pic made my day! wub.gif It looks official to me, I really hope we’ll get a clear version of it.

And, thank you to anyone who commented on my drawing, I’m glad you liked it. ^^
First time being able to comment on Royai Day and it is over. But everyone contributed some great works. I am impressed and convinced that Royai will not die.

and Pierrot's Aria, I am duly amazed with your organizationd skill. If I had to organize this, I probably would have gotten frustrated and gave up.

But I wanted to contribute a reflections piece I wrote about Royai for Royai Day. But I think it is too late, and it is quite long. Is it alright to still post it here?
FMAobsessed--Post it! Yes! I'll certainly add it to the album! smile.gif
Hello all!

I know both me and Kale haven't been around the forums for a while since we were both busy of late, but we're still celebrating Royai Day anyway smile.gif Done that with searching for art, fanfics, etc. smile.gif

So, a big hello to any new Royai fans and a big hug to the oldies, like us, of the thread ;P

PS. jacksparrow589, I totally love your avvie pic! smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@FMAobsessed I can't wait to be able to read your reflections on Royai! biggrin.gif Better late than never!

@amestris_star It's really nice that you and Kale Mustang were still able to celebrate Royai day! This was actually my first Royai day and it was very fun. It was also great that you could drop by this thread again. hug.gif

@jacksparrow589 I forgot to say this before, but it's awesome to see that you have an avatar now! Extra points for it being Royai. tongue.gif

Also, thank you for the appreciation, everyone. But jacksparrow589's initiative is what helped spark this year's event. So thank you, jacksparrow589 again, you're awesome! hug.gif
I'm back! What wonderful contributions everyone made for Royai Day - I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Thank you to everyone who left such nice remarks about the Elemental Chess Trilogy, too; I'm expecting to get it all wrapped up in the coming week.

Here's how I spent the Royai Day. laugh.gif This is me and my husband with our beautiful goddaughter and dashing godson-in-law.

Lady Norbert's Royai Day

<Pssst, Lady Norbert, the pic at the above posted link is viewable only for Facebook account holders sad.gif ~ Board Staff>

ETA: June 14
Augh, sorry, I didn't realize the link wouldn't work - I used the same link in my blog post and there haven't been any problems with it as far as I know. Let's see if I can figure out this picture attaching thing. smile.gif

Click to view attachment
amestris_star--Thanks! I totally kinda stole it from Causmicfire. I did credit her, though! And good to see you back here! (Again, since I said it on the Penny thread, too! tongue.gif )

A Pierrot's Aria--I might've taken the initiative to say "Hey, let's do something!" but it really wouldn't've happened without your help. You're awesome! Thank you so much! hug.gif

Lady Norbert--Psst... We can't see the picture! Must have tight privacy settings or something... Would you mind just attaching it to your post, if it's not too big? smile.gif
Well, here are my Royai thoughts and reflections. It is really long for a post. But hopefully it can fit.

My Thoughts and Reflection on Royai

When it comes to couples in fiction, such as anime, manga, TV shows, and books I usually tend to support the secondary pairing. The secondary pairing still being important to the plot, but we know that they are not the protagonist. For some reason I cheer for them because I always felt that the primary pairing was a given. The only time I have rooted for a main pairing has been in the TV show Bones, but I honestly think that the actors ‘chemistry is great. But out of any fictional pairing, I can say that Royai is my favorite. Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist, is a fantasy with believable characterization and an interesting story that engulfs the reader; it is the wide cast of characters that carry the plot, and each character has believable traits. It is the pairing Colonel Roy Mustang and his aid Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye who show how people’s strengths and weaknesses benefit one another in a relationship.

Ever since the beginning, I have always felt that Roy and Riza’s relationship was beyond a typical anime relationship. In most shounen anime’s, it always felt like the relationship between two characters was one of arguing, and acting like they hated each other, then screaming at the top of one’s lungs if the love interest was in danger. While in a shojo anime, the two characters fall in love at first sight and have a whirlwind romance. I have trouble relating to high school romances, because I didn’t really have one in high school. I honestly wasn’t ready for one, and the guy friends I had were guys I had known since age three, or gay. But I was drawn to Roy and Riza’s unwavering loyalty and trust to one another. They seem like a perfect couple, but I think it is their faults, and how they work with them that make them believable and my favorite couple.

Loyalty and commitment is a huge factor in the Royai relationship. Where in other TV shows it seems like a good plot device is to have a romantic pairing doubt their partner’s loyalty, Arakawa never does this. Roy and Riza have both been through so much that they know it is not worth doubting one another. I appreciate their character development. They met when they were both young, Roy learned flame alchemy with Berthold, Riza’s father, when Berthold dies, and Roy tells Riza that he will be in the military and that he will essentially take care of her.
But one thing I love, is how Riza doesn’t just force Roy to take care of her. Instead she joins the military because she believes strongly in Roy’s dream. And it wasn’t until Ishval that Roy even knew that Riza had joined the military. This means that she went through basic training, cadet school, or whatever kind of military training that the FMA universe has without Roy. She didn’t rely on him to help her through the training. She proved that she could be independent of him, and prove her worth as a soldier. She proved her worth by being sent to the frontlines of Ishval.
Another aspect I love about Roy and Riza is that they are not afraid to show their weaknesses to one another. They show their weaknesses because they know that the other will be strong enough to support and/or encourage them. I have heard people say that Riza is the one that cannot live without Roy, and that she loves him more. But I don’t think this is true at all.

When Roy’s best friend Hughes dies, it is Riza that stays with him by Hughes’ grave site. Roy confides in Riza about how an experienced Alchemist like him understands fully that human transmutation is wrong. But in his heart he would give anything to have Hughes back if he could. He then subtly cries in front of her, while making the excuse that it is the rain that is hitting his face. Meanwhile, Riza just softly agrees with him, because she knows that this is the type of comfort he needs right at this moment.
The next reason that Roy also can’t live without Riza is how he is always asking her to follow him. He never orders her to go after Central Command with him. This is because he believes that he has pulled her into this world burdened by Alchemy. But it is also because he needs to hear personally from her, that she will not abandon him. It is as if Roy is letting down the walls of superior officer, to get Riza’s approval in what he plans to do next. Because I feel like Roy needs to know that Riza will be supporting his goals no matter what. And that it doesn’t matter if anyone else agrees with him, but as long as Riza does he will always continue forward. I love how Riza answers him, “you know there is no need to ask,” this is as if Riza understands Roy’s uncertainty. She is telling him that she will follow him anywhere and that no matter what adversary they will face, they will face it together. This response honestly gives Roy the strength to keep going to achieve his dreams. Because he knows that Riza will not abandon him.
Then Riza has also proven how she needs Roy. Fullmetal Alchemist may be a fantasy, but it has realistic character development. I love how Arakawa portrays Riza as a strong and independent woman that any women should look up to. But she doesn’t have Riza be too strong that women feel like they can’t relate to her, or possibly try to emulate her. Arakawa shows that Riza is capable of expressing emotion like any women. I think we all know what scene I am talking about.

The infamous chapter 39, where the main suspense is when Lust tells Riza that she has killed Roy and Havoc, and then smiles creepily. Riza then fires round after round at Lust before breaking down and crying. I have heard that some people think that makes Riza weak, or that she is the one who can’t do anything without Roy. But I think that this ultimately makes her stronger.
The fact that Riza breaks down and cries in front of the enemy shows reader’s that even a tough character like Riza has a breaking point. No one can be strong constantly in the face of danger or uncertainty. We are all going to have to cry at one point or another in our lives. Riza isn’t only crying because she thinks Roy is dead. She is crying because if Roy is gone, he will not be able to see his dream achieved, or the goal of them working to give the next generation a better future. And I think that Roy and Riza both being able to see a peaceful country for future generations is crucial to them. They know that the world isn’t perfect, but they want to do their best to atone for their sins in Ishval.
Of course when Roy reprimands her at the hospital, isn’t because he was angry at her. I think it is because he was in disbelief that Riza, his rock would break down like that. Roy was scared that he was going to lose her too. And when she gave up the will to live, he wanted to make sure that she would never again lose the will to live. And this reprimanding works, because Riza grows stronger. The two of them are separated not because they doubt their trust or loyalty, but because Wrath uses Riza as a hostage. They both are forced to work separately from one another, but once they reunite it is as if they were never apart from one another. There were no awkward stares between them, instead they are both in their element and completely ready to fight. Roy and Riza can be independent from one another, but deep down if they know that the other one is deceased, it will take a long time to ever recover from something like that.
I believe that they would never fully recover if they ever lost one another. I believe that they would learn to live life without their second half, and go through the emotions of grief. But deep down Roy would always believe that Riza should be here with him and vice versa. This is probably the reason why Roy hugs Riza in chapter 101.
He was terrified that he would have to live without her that he lets the Colonel/Lieutenant guard down in front of everyone. At that moment I believe that to those around them they really stopped being superior officer and subordinate, and became a man and woman who honestly love and need each other. I also think it is plausible that Arakawa could extend Roy and Riza’s background. She could show Roy’s education, and maybe show how he and Riza learn to slowly let each other into their lives. I think that Arakawa could handle this perfectly because she did create Roy and Riza’s relationship.
@FMAobsessed: Amazing insight. There was a lot that you added in there that I never even thought of before. I always love reading people's take on their relationship. It was beautifully written :,)
QUOTE (FMAobsessed)
I believe that they would never fully recover if they ever lost one another. I believe that they would learn to live life without their second half, and go through the emotions of grief. But deep down Roy would always believe that Riza should be here with him and vice versa.

THIS. I have been maintaining this for a while. They'd go on because they have to, even if they may not necessarily want to.

And that reflection in its entirety was amazing. It's been added to the album. smile.gif
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you guys liked it <3 It was very fun so I'm planning on more mixes in future. (especially I have a nice idea for the next celebration day -you-know-which-one-i'm-talking-about-)

I'm very fluttered to see the fanmix inspired people wub.gif

@Schnabeltier:I really wonder which two songs you are talking about biggrin.gif *curiousmoon*

Everyone's works are amazing as well,there are too many dunno where to start.

I'll check the reasons later.

@LadyNorbert: Congrats! Also is that you in left? Ah the couple is so sweet,I wish the best for them. ~ (Is groom Scottish or...?)

BTW,I love tvropes and and something bugs me in FMA's "Official Couple" trope.

link to trope
Mustang and Riza. Even if not as explictly stated as Ed and Winry or Ling and Lan Fan, they definitely fit the "overtly paired off" and "understood by the rest of the cast to be an item" qualifications of this trope.

I wonder what makes them less stated then LingFan.I mean,I'm not against the pairing but I can't see a reason.(It's probably the only one-sided pairing in fmaverse) If someone can explain me what makes them more implied then Royai I'd be really glad.(Because now,I feel like I'm missing something in plot)
QUOTE (FirstMoon @ Jun 14 2011, 10:38 AM) *
@LadyNorbert: Congrats! Also is that you in left? Ah the couple is so sweet,I wish the best for them. ~ (Is groom Scottish or...?)

C'est moi! And yes, the groom is of Scottish descent - all the men in the wedding party wore kilts!

I also love TV Tropes, and have been doing my best to bump up the presence of Royai annoys me when other people delete my edits. I put Roy on the "No Badass To His Valet" page and someone took it off because they disagreed with me. I maintained that Riza's the only one who can mouth off to him without really making him mad, and they said that other people do too - they specifically cited Hughes, Ed, and Bradley. I got annoyed, because Bradley is his superior and doesn't really mouth off to him (just makes his life miserable when the time comes), Hughes doesn't mouth off to him (just drives him batty), and Ed, and Roy gets plenty irritated with him.

By comparison, Riza can kick his legs out from under him to stop him from entering a fight, call him an idiot, and nag him to finish his paperwork. Do we ever see Roy get mad at her? Just once - because she almost died. So it agitated me that my edit was taken off, although they did at least leave it where I put it on his character list. I added lots of things to his and Riza's character lists, including Green-Eyed Monster (his reaction to Barry the Chopper - the one scene I wish had made it into Brotherhood!).
QUOTE (LadyNorbert @ Jun 14 2011, 08:55 AM) *
C'est moi! And yes, the groom is of Scottish descent - all the men in the wedding party wore kilts!

It's so cute,does he have accent too?

I also love TV Tropes, and have been doing my best to bump up the presence of Royai annoys me when other people delete my edits. I put Roy on the "No Badass To His Valet" page and someone took it off because they disagreed with me. I maintained that Riza's the only one who can mouth off to him without really making him mad, and they said that other people do too - they specifically cited Hughes, Ed, and Bradley. I got annoyed, because Bradley is his superior and doesn't really mouth off to him (just makes his life miserable when the time comes), Hughes doesn't mouth off to him (just drives him batty), and Ed, and Roy gets plenty irritated with him.

By comparison, Riza can kick his legs out from under him to stop him from entering a fight, call him an idiot, and nag him to finish his paperwork. Do we ever see Roy get mad at her? Just once - because she almost died. So it agitated me that my edit was taken off, although they did at least leave it where I put it on his character list. I added lots of things to his and Riza's character lists, including Green-Eyed Monster (his reaction to Barry the Chopper - the one scene I wish had made it into Brotherhood!).

Yes,I know you are a trope-maker (checks every week,lol) I can't wait for your triology's page tongue.gif
Oh wow,there is some serious wank going on there. I don't want to talk about other fans but I know most of them quit the fandom after they learnt (Warning! Major Royai spoiler ahead!) Arakawa stated them as canonor still trolling. I just...People shouldn't deny (Warning! Potential end of series spoilers ahead!) what's going on in the picture.(The most painful example was EdWin ,it was painfully obvious from the beginning but yet everyone denied it.)

But I'm talking about more different situation here,I mean..seriously? It's been up there for months,I didn't say anything because I hadn't read the Greedling vs. Bradley part well that times.I finished that part a month ago and I-couldn't-see-such-a-mutual-love-thing.Yes,Lanfan loves him -she cut her arm- but on Ling's side..was not...that much...Atleast not more than Royai.

Again probably I'm missing something in picture.
I guess that "hating" has a lot to do with a couple of things:

- The idea of "shounen doesn't have romantic parings" or the WANT of shounen not having romantic parings. Many people still think animes can be deadlocked defined by a particular genre and, when doing so, will have an specific set of "implied rules" they cannot cross. So, like: in Saint Seiya, Seiya and Saori cannot be a couple because "SS is a shounen", and therefore, made for teen boys and teen boys don't care for romance (and actually seem allergic to anything in regards to that). This pre-conception always leads to people denying a pairing "a priori", since "this type of series doesn't have that".

- The automatic aversion to parings that have a very large fandom and, therefore, attract large amounts of "silly/screamy fangirls". Which is quite understandable and, in fact, quite justifiable in regards to Royai. Many royai fans tend to "see royai where there's none" or to reduce the interaction between the two characters to "they love eachother". Automatic denial because of that is just as wrong as this 'fangirl' attitude, in fact, cause it's a mere reaction to an overreacting, instead of a true, self-built position or interpretation.
But I have to agree that, sometimes, the fandom itself is responsible for making people be averse to something. I only got to watch Hetalia this year, in fact, because of the fandom, cause I couldn't STAND all the "tsunami" of Yaoi parings and commentaries about it. It even make me not want to even WATCH the series. Of course people are entirely free to support, talk, write fanfics about anything that 'moves them', but I really do think that we also have to be careful not to be "annoying" to others, pressing our own preferences in their faces... We live in a society and, therefore, should give space to others, not taking all the space for ourselves. The consequences of not doing so are exactly THIS.

- Personal preferences. Just as there's sites where people are "pro-Royai", there are those whose leaders are "royai-con". And, whenever a person from the 'opposite position' enters a site of their 'opponents', they can be relegated or even offended, depending on the level of civility of the members. I always tend to avoid both, cause I'm not prone to "taking sides", but I prefer environments where people have liberty to actually have freedom of discussing a certain subject.

Therefore, it's not a 'rational' opposition, but, mainly, an emotional one and, as such, won't give way to ANY sort of reasoning we can possibly come up with: they'll just reject or be upset by anything we say. The only thing I can actually say about it: people will change/get less radical once they get a little more mature! Practically ZERO people I know who are actually a little "older/more mature", who already got over their 'teens' have any problems accepting Royai as a cannon couple... Hell, my brother watched ONE episode of FMA:B and said "oh, so Riza joined the army to protect Roy..." noone had to TELL or explain him anything. And it's pretty much the same with all of those who are not actually very much preoccupied in "finding out the true nature of peoples relations".

It's natural for people in their teens to get pretty 'tied up' in their own views, having problems accepting their own feelings, other people's feelings, being outermost afraid of relationships... it's just part of that phase. And all create their own way to deal with that, being constant denial, opposing it or even 'overrating' it.

Unfortunately, there's only so much we can do about it.
Kind of off topic, but I have to say this

@FMAobsessed I really really really love your take on Royai biggrin.gif My thoughts exactly. I can see you've taken the time to really look deeply into it and break it down. Some of the things you said in there I've never even considered before smile.gif Really good analysis! Haha, I love reading long analyses of Royai.
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