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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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shanry--That is so. Freaking. ADORABLE! I can't get over it! The squee factor is through the roof. wub.gif

Now if only I could write Royai fluff like that...
thank you so much smile.gif
Oo, I love this week's question!

Riza- I've always admired her bravery and perseverance. She won't stop at anything to protect those she cares about, not only Roy but the Elrics and everyone she works with as well. She went through a lot of crap (for lack of a better word) during Ishval, and a lot after that, too, not only having her throat slit but also being forced to work under Bradley and being watched and threatened by Pride. And yet, through it all, she always remained brave and kept her eyes on the prize, and never betrayed her friends or herself. Though she's tough, she maintained a gentle side that was evident not only during her quiet moments, but her protectiveness of others.

Roy- I admire that he kept strong under completely impossible circumstances and was never afraid to take risks to reach his goals. I love that even though his goal APPEARED to be selfish, he only wanted to help others, and was willing to "chase pipe dreams" for as long as necessary. He never lost sight of his original goal, and despite losing his best friend and all the other obstacles in his way, and even on the one occassion that he DID lose himself, he was able to come back and continue to fight bravely, even after losing his eye sight.

So basically the same thing for both of them: they were brave and kept true to themselves.

@shanryelric - Your art is AMAZING 0_0 You are very talented!! *creeps around your gallery*
@Elisabeth Hawkeye
Hahahaha! That video was HILARIOUS! xD

and to add another one to the list, here's a video I know you guys will insanely love (I hope...^^')

enjoy!!! x)

SO CUTE!!! I love love love the fanart!! xD
@RoyxRizaFan : thank you so much!! OWO
Elisabeth Hawkeye
GeMikanXIII - nice,nice,nice! biggrin.gif great video

shanryelric - cute and adorable happy.gif likes so much!
Re: This week's question:

For Riza, I've always admired her strength. She's been through so much crap courtesy of her decision to follow Roy, and still she keeps going no matter what. Honestly, she is a fictional role model for me because of that kind of emotional strength and stability.

For Roy, I've admired the way he does the stupid things to get to the top - like Al said in that one chapter. He's got a lot of patience and a lot of the will to work through everything that comes his way in order to reach his goals. His determination is something I aspire to have because he just has that will to keep going.

For both of them, I admire their bond. It's not platonic, and not romantic, and yet both at the same time. The other is what keeps them going, and even if they're exhausted and ready to collapse, they'll keep going for the other one. That's what makes them so strong.
Guys, have you seen this awesome Roy & Riza drawing from Vol. 27? smile.gif The pic doesn’t have any spoilers, both of them look perfectly fine. ^^

It’s been a while since I last colored a Roy/Riza drawing, so I decided to color this.
Here’s the result, hope you like it: biggrin.gif
Colored Roy/Riza sketch

As usual, I made icons too:
100x100 120x120

With different background:
100x100 120x120
100x100 120x120

Now it’s time for a sig change. laugh.gif
Elisabeth Hawkeye
QUOTE (Michiyo- @ Nov 21 2010, 05:32 PM) *
Guys, have you seen this awesome Roy & Riza drawing from Vol. 27? smile.gif The pic doesn’t have any spoilers, both of them look perfectly fine. ^^

OMG!!! I almost fainted laugh.gif It's totally awesome!! Aww just a pity, that it wasn't used as a cover...well at least THANK YOU FOR COLORING IT! GREAT JOB happy.gif
Michiyo---You've totally made my day! Thank you so much!

*looks at picture again* Sigh... wub.gif (I've always thought they were a hot couple, but damn--this proves it!)
Riza Ayano
OMG!!It's really nice..You really make me happy today Michiyo-..Thanks for colouring it biggrin.gif
Just have to say... That looks gorgeous, Michiyo. wub.gif Great job!
XD the second I saw that picture, I thought to myself, "This is awesome, but I bet Michiyo will make it EPIC." (no lie)

Thanks for making that wish come true!!! Lovely job as usual!!!
Awesome coloring job Michiyo! I think this may be one of my favorite Royai pictures.
QUOTE (Elisabeth Hawkeye @ Nov 21 2010, 12:13 PM) *
OMG!!! I almost fainted laugh.gif It's totally awesome!!

ME TOO!! I was grinning like an idiot and forgot to breath!!! xD
That is so...aaaaahahhh!! I can't describe it!!! I JUST LOVE IT! xD

OMG!!! How do you make something awesome into something so EPICLY AWESOME!?! =OwO=
You are BRILLLIANT! x3
Thank you so much for this! *bows*
I was lurking in here and saw those icons,OMG.
The sketch is soo amazing girl_cray2.gif
Thanks for the kind words, everyone, they made me very happy! biggrin.gif
I'm glad you liked it, it's probably the last Roy/Riza drawing by Arakawa for a while, so I thought I have to color it. laugh.gif

But I hope that we'll get more Roy & Riza art in the FMA Chronicle guidebook which comes out next year. ^^

Btw, I made another icon yesterday:
@ Michiyo-: Oh my, that sketch is amazing. And your coloring of it(I know how much cleaning goes into getting those ready for coloring).

Sorry, been gone from the internet awhile. Will be making a return...
@Michiyo: What is this about a new FMA guidebook? It intrigues me!
@Causmicfire: Welcome back! ^^ Yeah, the cleaning of the pic took a while.

@FMAobsessed: According to a scan of Gangan mag, a guidebook is coming out next summer, in which Arakawa tells everything about the series. Also, there'll be "cut" scenes that were never seen before. That's why I hope that we'll get some Royai scenes. smile.gif

You can find more info about the guidebook in the New FMA Manga Guidebook thread.
Kale Mustang
Sorry I've been MIA as well, busy with work (had a co-worker go on medical leave for a few months, but came back and now I have a different work schedule), school (been taking Japanese - beginner, but I'm gonna chug along with it) and life as usual (been working on a fic with amestris_star that is basically our baby).

I have been keeping up with the merch - just bought the manga calendar (though since there was no FMA poster calendar, I bought a Bleach one (Type B if curious) instead) and have been keeping up with the BD/DVD releases - both Japanese and Funi ones. I also have the GanGan copies with the reprints and Elric omake epilogue...blah blah blah wink.gif

So to old friends, hello and I missed you all. To the new ones, welcome and enjoy your stay.

With things slowing down a bit - as well as mine and star's birthday's approaching - hopefully I'll be around more.
Welcome back, Kale and causmicfire!!! It's great to see you guys again! happy.gif

I can't wait for that guidebook, either. I'd love to see if there were any deleted RoyAi scenes, or any more RoyAi sketches. It'd be amazing if in one of the interviews Arakawa happened to touch upon those characters or perhaps even their relationship as well.

For the guidebook, I'm not exactly expecting RoyAi moments as much as Roy/Riza interactions but then again, for all of us, what's the difference??? I love the subtly just as much as I love the, well, scenes like my avatar happy.gif
Causmicfire and Kale--Welcome back! Good to see you here again! smile.gif

Royai in the guidebook would be good, indeed! But I agree with RoyxRizaFan: any sort of Roy/Riza interaction will do. But Royai would make me especially happy, just sayin'. biggrin.gif
Thank you for the information Michiyo!

This new guidebook sounds awesome! And either subtle Roy/Riza interaction, or full on Royai is fine by me.
I bring some hilarious Royai 4-komas from the DVD/BDs: (Scanned by Hamsterfactor from LJ)

From DVD/BD 14:

From what I understood Roy tells Riza that when they’re alone she always calls him “Cutie pretty lovely Roy”. biggrin.gif

And the other one from DVD/BD 16: (It has spoiler for chapter 102/ep. 59)
I think the pics say all here. Roy wants to take advantage of his blindness laugh.gif

I love Arakawa’s sense of humor, these 4-komas made me laugh so hard! biggrin.gif
I almost died laughing, especially at the second one! Oh God, Arakawa, you are brilliant...
QUOTE (Michiyo- @ Nov 27 2010, 05:59 AM) *
From what I understood Roy tells Riza that when they’re alone she always calls him “Cutie pretty lovely Roy”. biggrin.gif

I am now envisioning Roy as a magical girl. The result brings me back to Roy in miniskirts. laugh.gif

And that second one... Arakawa has hilariously shattered my hopes and dreams of Roy being a gentleman, and yet, I can kind of imagine this happening... It kinda reminds me of those really lame pickup lines, though.

Thanks for sharing, Michiyo-! I love these!
Reverine Methernlance

This from ChocolateQueen.
I come bearing translations!! smile.gif There were a couple kanji that I couldn't read, so if anyone could tell me what they are that would be great! Edit: Tombow has kindly identified for me the kanji I couldn't read. Thank-you!

QUOTE (Michiyo- @ Nov 27 2010, 08:59 AM) *
I bring some hilarious Royai 4-komas from the DVD/BDs: (Scanned by Hamsterfactor from LJ)

From DVD/BD 14:

From what I understood Roy tells Riza that when they’re alone she always calls him “Cutie pretty lovely Roy”. biggrin.gif

And the other one from DVD/BD 16: (It has spoiler for chapter 102/ep. 59)
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
I think the pics say all here. Roy wants to take advantage of his blindness laugh.gif

I love Arakawa’s sense of humor, these 4-komas made me laugh so hard! biggrin.gif

Riza: When we’re alone the Colonel calls me “Riza.”
Roy: Such a lieutenant…
Riza: ?
Roy: When we’re alone the Lieutenant calls me “cutie pretty lovely Roy!!!
Riza: That joke seems genuine, don’t you think?
Roy: That ability… you also seem genuine.

The Worst Plan in History
Roy: The good thing about being blind is that I’ll accidentally touch the Lieutenant!!!
Darius: We're going, too.
Riza: Let's fight together!
Roy: Oh, is she beside me right now? This is my chance!!!
Darius: Colonel…
Roy: Huh? It’s firm?
cherry-chan. :D
HAHAHA! Glad we have more Roy and Riza omakes to the collection. XD I just love Arakawa's humor. smile.gif)

Gosh, that just made my day. :3

Thanks for sharing the omakes, Michiyo-! And for translating, Nagareboshi! <3
OMG! OMG! OMG! (O.o)
Arakawa-sensei!! IDOL! TwT
You are just brilliant. This gave me even more faith and less doubt for this Awesome couple!
Especially the second one!!!!! (Remember Miroku and Sango??)

Thank you so much for sharing!

@Nagareboshi and Tombow
Thank you so much for the Translations!!! x))

Hello ! I'm new here !

I am a big FMA fan and a huge Royai fangirl (actually, I didn't like FMA at first... when I watched the first episode of the first anime for the first time, I thought it was going to be like Naruto or something... but I liked the humor, I watched a lot of amvs and I noticed how Royai reminded me strongly of another pairing I loved... so I became very curious and I watched beyond the first episode. And then, I realized how much FMA was better than most of shonen out there. The characters are so human and the girls aren't dumb and weak *it was great to see because I've watched Death Note before FMA... and DN is so sexist, it almost disgusted me*.).
Somehow, FMA reminded me of Harry Potter also... and not just because of the Philosopher Stone. I think I love the manga better for developping the entire cast in a deeper way... but I loved the first anime too... because it was more emotional for me and the bond between the brothers seemed stronger or something (however, it messed up a bit in the end and the movie, while technically good, made tons of bad choices IMO). I love both the japanese dub and the english one (but being french, I can't stomach my own dub lol... it's not very good unfortunately... good french dub are rare... especially anime dub). I wasn't sure to join (but I lurked quite a bit since last year)... since I always seem to know about animes/mangas too late (so the fandom isn't as active as before unfortunately). It depresses me sometimes lol. But well, I love this manga/show, the characters and their relationships so much.

I'm a fanartist on Deviantart also... it's pretty recent (again, I wasn't sure to join, my coloring skills aren't as good as others... but my sister encouraged me to do it... and well... I like sharing and taking advices anyway).

Those latest comics from Arakawa are hilarious by the way. Gotta love the woman tongue.gif .
Nagareboshi and Tombow--Thanks for the complete translations! *dies laughing*... *tries to put into words how funny the 4-koma are*... *dies laughing again* laugh.gif

RadicalDreamer--Hello and welcome! Always great to see a new face here! smile.gif I look forward to seeing your work on DeviantArt! (If you have any Royai arts, I'm oh-so-slowly compiling a Royai Thread Art Album, and if you give permission, I'd love to include them!)
Reverine Methernlance
um... excuse me, i am srry for bothering everyone, i am new here and i would like to join your conversation, if it is'nt too much trouble...
@ RadicalDreamer - Welcome to the thread! And it's never too late to join in - as far as I'm concerned, I'll be a RoyAi fan forever!! It's the first (and only) pairing I've ever been this passionate about, so it's one I'll never forget easily.

@ Reverine Methernlance- Of course it isn't any trouble!!! We love having more people in our conversations. The more the merrier!! Welcome!

Anyone have any ideas for Question of the Week? I'm not feeling too creative right now XD
Reverine Methernlance
Oh thank you so much RoyxRizaFan!! ^-^ I am so greatful for everyone's kindness *bow*
Unfortunatally i do not have any ideas for a question. srry... sad.gif
Welcome to the Royai thread, Reverine Methernlance and RadicalDreamer! It's always nice to see new members here!

Thanks for translating the 4-komas, Nagareboshi and Tombow! Arakawa is brilliant, I love how she makes fun of her characters. laugh.gif
Been a "lurker" and not posting on this thread for a while... (had been very busy with the board stuff, and then with the holiday stuff this wekend, since Thanksgiving weekend is one of the biggest holiday in the U.S. ^^)

Lots of stuff to catch up! tongue.gif

- Thank you so much Michiyo- for posting those 4-koma omake by Arakawa, and thank you so much Nagareboshi for the translations!
Those are so funny! laugh.gif

- Thank you, Michiyo- for posting the most recent Royai drawing by Arakawa-sensei, from FMA manga vol 27, and also sharing your colored version!! They look great!! ^^

- Thank you, Elisabeth Hawkeye and GeMikanXIII for the links to those AMVs! I enjoyed them very much!! ^^

QUOTE (shanryelric @ Nov 16 2010, 01:02 AM) *
wanna share my Royai fanart too you all smile.gif

My Royai Drawing

It's also featured in my Deviantart

@shanryelric - Wow, WOW, WOW!! That drawing is amazingly lovely!
Thank you sooo much for creating it, and sharing it with us!!
That one is becoming my instant fav! ^^

If it's all right with you, can we add yours to our Royai fanart collection in our Gallery??
(If so, please kindly PM jacksparrow589 with your permission and the file address. ^^)

- @jacksparrow589 - Sorry I haven't posted the answers to your last "Royai Question of the Week"!
That was actually one of the hardest question for me to put my thoughts into words. But, I basically agree with the answer expressed so well by RoyRizaFan here. smile.gif

QUOTE (RoyxRizaFan @ Nov 28 2010, 04:49 PM) *
Anyone have any ideas for Question of the Week? I'm not feeling too creative right now XD

I'm also out of ideas at the moment. Sorry! tongue.gif Someone, please help! biggrin.gif

- Welcome back, iAmjelly, Kale, and Causmicfire and all others recently "came back home" here!!
So nice to see you guys' posts again!! happy.gif

- RadicalDreamer and RadicalDreamer, welcome to the board, and welcome to the Royai thread! Glad to have you with us! biggrin.gif

- @Reverine Methernlance - Yes, that Royai comic has been posted (and taken down) multiple times here before, with the requests for the translations, but.. because we are PG13 board here, and that comic is a little beyond PG13 with the theme, as that comic is based on the setting that Roy and Riza are being a newly-wed, and the theme of the comic (in the board's view) is mainly Roy being one-track-mindedly pursuing the intimate "action" with Riza (as a newly married couple... you know ^^) and hence deemed not suitable for posting on our board. So, I took out your posts with that comic also. Sorry!! sad.gif

But... another awesome Royai comic done by the same artist has been translated and posted here, and it was brought back recently also... I think you can ask jacksparrow589 where to find the translations. It's one of my fav. Check it out! ^^

@Elisabeth Hawkeye - No, the official English dubbed episode of FMA:Brotherhood ep 27 hasn't been out yet. We're still waiting for the hiatus to end. You can keep checking for the latest info on this on this thread. smile.gif

And finally...
Happy one-day belated birthday, amestris_star!!
Hope you had an awesome birthday!! ^^
Reverine Methernlace--Hi! Welcome to the thread! We're always glad for new people!

Hmmmm... Question of the week... Question of the week...

Ooooh snap, this one's bad, but I'll throw it out there: What flower(s) personifies Roy? Riza? Royai? (Bouquets of different kinds are totally okay!)

My answers:

Roy: Purple columbines, fraxinella, osmunda.

Riza: Galega, galrium, white hyacinths.

Royai: Forget-Me-Nots, red peonies, violets. (Literal? Moi? Yes...)

I got my flower meanings here:

There are about 20 bajillion different sites to choose from, though. Happy hunting! smile.gif
Reverine Methernlance
OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bow* *bow* *bow*
I beg ur forgiveness!!!! I am so srry!!! I had no idea that the comic i posted was inappropreate!!! Please forgive my carelessness!!! *bow* I am so very very sorry! My how foolish of me to do such a thing!!>///< Please forgive my foolishness!!! TT TT *sob*
^ @Reverine Methernlance - No problem! Please don't feel bad. ^^ Others had posted that one before with the request for the translations also, and we totally understand that it's hard to tell the content unless being able to read the Japanese dialogue. Thank you for posting that anyway. ^^

QUOTE (jacksparrow589 @ Nov 28 2010, 07:02 PM) *
...What flower(s) personifies Roy? Riza? Royai? (Bouquets of different kinds are totally okay!)

@jacksparrow589 - That's a good Royai Question of the Week!! I like that! biggrin.gif
Give me some time, and I'll try to come up with just the right ones for Roy, Riza, and Royai! ^^
Reverine Methernlance
*sniff* Thank you so much for your kindness *bow*

As for the flower subject:
In my opion, a flower that would represent the Royai couple well would be a Vinca.
(A Vinca is a flower with 4-5 petals. The petals have the shape of a tear drop and come together at the narrow tip. The colors vary, pink, purple, magenta, white etc. The pinkish purpleish color is usually at the center and the outer part of the flower is usually white)
A few years ago, during the summer, we planted Vincas, along with many other flowers in our front lawn. Unfortunatally, that winter we had a freeze, all of our flowers and most of our lawn died during the freeze, except the Vincas. Then about a month later we had another freeze, the rest of our lawn and our remaining bushes died. But not the Vincas.
I believe the Vinca represents Roy and Riza well because both of them have endured. Royai has endured the battle of Isval, becoming dogs of the military, and much much more. But no matter what the odds were, they pulled through. Metaphorically speaking, Royai has endured and survived many "freezes".

Thank you for allowing me to express my opion *bow*
It's great to know there are more
people out there supporting this awesome couple! xD

@Reverine Methernlance
OMG!! That is the most BEAUTIFUL answer to a question of the week, I have ever read! wub.gif
It was so touching, I wanted to cry! TwT
I love it!
i come back ( I have been busy with my lessons)
The omakes are brilliant. Arakawa-sensei's humor is excellent. (I would like to see more)
Here edit it to be able to read them when they want
Thanks Michiyo and Nagareboshi

Thanks Michiyo and Nagareboshi!

...About the flowers... not know explain to me... confused.gif but reverine Methernlance's explaint was very pretty

and sorry for the fail sleep.gif
Reverine Methernlance--Whoa... Beautiful answer!

scarlette--The question basically asks which flowers you think best represent Roy and Riza (and Royai) for whatever reason. I used the Victorian practice of floriography (Wikipedia article explaining) to pick what I thought worked, but if you have a reason, any flower will work.
@scarlette: Nice job with the editing, but I would like to ask you to credit me if you're going to be posting the translation anywhere other than this forum. Also, I'd really appreciate if you could notify me in advance if you plan on using any of my translations so that I can correct any mistakes there might be.

As for the question of the week, I think that the following flowers apply to Royai: Forget-Me-Nots, violet, acacia, amethyst, agrimony, angelica, adonis, allspice, cactus, fern, maidenhair, geranium, heliotrope, honeysuckle. There's more, but I think my list is getting too long smile.gif
jejeje, it's not my type of activity ._.U

EDIT: Ups sorry, I' was hurried, very hurried. I hope that you not be offended with it, since I do not do it on the grounds of interest, only to share -///-

Reverine Methernlance
I would like to thank everyone for being so kind to me *bow*
and also for allowing me to express my opion, thank you.
This is the first time i have ever had a conversation like this on the web, i do not have a facebook, myspace or anything like that.
I just really wanted to thank everyone. ^-^
Oh! i am srry! i am off the subject aren't i? Srry <:)

Ah! i found a very beautiful picture and i would like very much to share it with everyone smile.gif

I love how the artist did the stainglass windows of the church ^ ^

Oh my goodness! I forgot to mention that the picture with the stainglass in it, the one i just posted, i forgot to mention that i did not draw it! i may be wrong, but i believe that artist's name is "Chocolate Queen". I could be wrong
I did not want to offend anyone
Reverine Methernlance--Yup! That is indeed Chocolate Queen's work, and what awesome work it is! I'm pretty sure someone on here has (or at least had) a link to the site in their signature. And really, we're a pretty relaxed bunch. As long as you're (mostly) on-topic, feel free to say what you think! Ask questions! This is how we keep the thread going. smile.gif

So... more on-topic...

When I saw "The Worst Plan in History", several things popped into my head at once. Last weekend, I decided to put them into a short comic. I'll probably post it. Probably. I'm fairly certain it's only PG-13 in its insinuations. It's mostly a really cheesy pick-up line I had Roy use. There's also a reference to the (in)famous kinda-sorta-DariusxRiza eyecatch. (Just when you'd forgotten about it...)

I'm also (still) working on a second Royai 100 and another short story dealing with snow and the joy it brings. AND finals week is coming up. Yeah, I'm slightly crazy.
^ @jacksparrow589 - I'm looking forward to reading your fic! ^^

Wow, I really like Reverine Methernlance's answer to the "Royai Flower" question! Very nice! biggrin.gif

And yes, that Chocolate Quesn't Royai Wedding pic is beautiful! ^^
We also got amazing Royai Wedding fanart done by one of our posters and posted on this thread around the same time that Chocolate Queen's Royai Wedding pic was posted on this thread last time, and IMO tha one is totally worth spending time searching for it also, (or maybe jacksparrow589 or some others can kindly show where it is if she can remember where it is. ^^)

I'm still searching for the right flowers for them. ^^
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