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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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jacksparrow589: Roy? Riza? Who are these people you speak of?
Anyway, I really liked that. I like stories which are to the point but have the same amount of effect, well done!

Also to sidekick.kep37, I didn't have the time to read earlier but I have now. Ahh nostalgia. It hurts sometimes, doesn't it? Very nice indeed!

I really need to do something for Royai festival. I might write a little fic. I don't normally write though, so it won't be on, I'd probably just post it here... would that be cool?

Happy Royai Day Celebration!!

^ @FailToImpress - If you'd like, you can post it in our Fanfics forum and then post the link to your fic there on this thread? unsure.gif

QUOTE (FailToImpress @ Jun 8 2010, 06:06 AM) *
Someone is going to have to give me warning when the full chapter is out, because I know that one day I'll come into this thread not realising the whole chapter is out and I'll be bombarded by spoiler-tag-filled posts. laugh.gif I wonder how that'll work anyway... I think it should be like, a day after the whole scanlation is out, we're free to talk normally with spoiler tags in all threads. That seems fair, then anyone who needs to catch up, can. Maybe something has been decided already.

Currently we are considering this, and we may not lift "no-spoiler-for-chapter 108" for a while, even after we have fan-made scanlation for chapter 108, since that is the conclusion of the FMA manga series and not everyone may read the scanlation as soon as it shows up. ^^

(Gahaha, I just realized that I keep replying to her posts lately on this thread. XDD It's purely coincidental. ^^ )

Oh, and if any of you are good with hand-drawing (i.e. not using computer program,) I think Valerie's Royai Day Fanart contest is still on.
(Waving hi to Valerie, as she is one of our looong time Royai thread regulars. ^^)
...though, with the excitement of the wait for the final chapter and all, hope she can extend the deadline... Non??

Anyway, I can't contribute anything since I'm so talentless, and I'm tied up with translations of chapter 108 and all, but I will come back later when I get chance and savor all your guys' wonderful works later. Thank you so much for all these awesome contributions!! ^^
Awww... Tombow, your talent as a mod (not to mention translator!) is more than enough! *hugs*

I'll be sure to keep checking up on the rules for what can and can't be discussed.

I would do the Royai Day fanart contest, but alas, I can't draw worth... anything, really. At least, not people. So I shall just keep writing my fics.

FailToImpress--I was hoping you'd know who they are! I certainly don't! Nope--not even sure what this "FullMetal Alchemist" thing is or why I'm even here. tongue.gif (But you should totally write a fic! I know I will read it if you do! Speaking of... *goes off to read angelofsarcasm89's fic*)
QUOTE (Tombow @ Jun 8 2010, 10:15 PM) *
^ @FailToImpress - If you'd like, you can post it in our Fanfics forum and then post the link to your fic there on this thread? unsure.gif


Currently we are considering this, and we may not lift "no-spoiler-for-chapter 108" for a while, even after we have fan-made scanlation for chapter 108, since that is the conclusion of the FMA manga series and not everyone may read the scanlation as soon as it shows up. ^^

About fic writing, that's a better idea, thank you! happy.gif Now I just need an idea lol.

Yeah, that's the problem, you want to give everyone the best chance of reading the chapter fully without spoilers, but you can only keep everything under lock and key for so long! I do think it should stay like this for a while... I want to go as far to say keep it like this til after the anime has finished but maybe that's too long... I'm sure you'll all reach a decision for the best, though. smile.gif
Haha, I'm always the one asking the questions. blush.gif
Argh, here's my first contribution to the Royai Festival. I had another idea churning first, but this one pretty much begged to be written. I added it to my collection of one-shots for the previous year's festival. Tada!

My fanfiction one-shot, Weight. Not as romancy I first intended it to be, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. Also, I have pretty much no knowledge of weaponry of any sort, so that might be a source of error. XD I tried. Please feel free to review and leave constructive criticism.
@crazyanimefan: I liked your fanfic. I liked how you narrated Roy and Riza's developing relationship.

I think I commented on other people's fanworks. But if I didn't, I always enjoy seeing anything Royai related.
@ crazyanimefan: Really nice fanfic. I enjoyed it. The fact that you wrote out all the burdens that they as soldiers, and as well as, well, for lack of better words, "rebels" had to carry was very well done. And don't worry about whether or not it was "romancy". You got the point across and with Royai, that's how it is sometimes.

Updated my fic. Gunshot. Ishval. No originality here. XD Updating once a day is not fun... But, hey no way am I gonna turn back from my little promise tongue.gif
Oh wait! I have already posted a fanfic two weeks ago. One shot for Royai! Looks like I will have to make it as my contribution to Royai celebration.

Check out 'Eastern Headquarters' Attraction'.
Wind - Riza wonders what her father would think of his research a gunshot wound from being exposed. Set during the Ishvalan War.

They'll be a companion piece later today/tomorrow.
so, okay. maybe I'm late. still in the test week though so I can only post for like.. 5 minutes?

HAPPY HAPPY ROYAI WEEK!! it's my first time celebrating it. and when I do, the series ends? cruel.
Just want to share my fic for the Royai Week Celebration! Yay!!!
Here it is: Until These Flames Turn Blue
It's kinda crappy because it was rushed... Sorry laugh.gif Please do tell me what you think. smile.gif
Elisabeth Hawkeye
Hi everyone! Finally thanks to tombow who has changed mi displayed name as I requested, I must thank all of you cause you always make my day happy.gif ! Especially when the festival has started cause that day I was on athletic competition and I was here at the morning cause I can't wait tongue.gif And I know that I'm a bit late, but Happy Royai festival to all! And same here shanryelric I'm too celebrating this festival for the first time smile.gif , and yes it's so cruel that the series ends mellow.gif but still I think that even when it all ends we'll never stop posting here, making fanfics and pics wink.gif Isn't that right Royai fans?
And I almost forgot - angelstar2408 It was absolutely awesome! You have a really great talent, I must say that I've never read something so beautiful I'm really admire you smile.gif.
Happy Royai Week/Day/Month/thing! *super late*

I can't wait to read everyone's fanfiction after my exams end (18th JUNE AARGH), I'm SLOWLY working myself through the first chapter of my HP/FMA Royai corssover experiment. (Prologue on my fanfic page happy.gif).
YourViolentStalker: Wonderful fanart! I like the gentle tones and the genereal idea. So hopeful and symbolic, Roy and Riza finally unpacking all the boxes together biggrin.gif

angelstar2408: Wow, poetry! You have my respect and admiration.

You guys are awesome! Now it seems Royai celebration hit with full force laugh.gif *runs off to read more fanfiction*
Oooh, I'm off to read all the fics people have posted today smile.gif

Please pay attention to what we Mods are saying. No mention of 108 apart from in the 108 Discussion Thread!

Some posts have been removed.
Chiyo is absolutely correct above.

In case you guys already forgot...

NO POSTING of any, not even any HINT of chapter 108 content on this thread PLEASE!!!!

Of course you guys can talk about it on our board, just go to Chapter 108 CONTENT DISCUSSION thread to do that, or if you want to talk about how the series has concluded, go to FMA manga ending discussion thread and make your post there.

And, just to be sure... here is the re-posting of my special reminder post regarding the content of chapter 108.

<Special Reminder/Plea for the FMA Manga Final chapter content>

Since it is made known that many people would like to opt for avoiding any spoilers till they are ready to read the fan-made scanlation of the final chapter, we would like to remind/ask everyone that....

* Please DO NOT post ANY part of chapter 108 content on any other threads in any part of the forums, except on Chapter 108 content discussion thread (and the ones clearly marked as chapter 108 related threads, if any.) This includes any and all pics from chapter 108. This applies to ALL threads on our board, including many of the character discussion threads such as Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread, Edward & Winry! Aka Ed X Win thread, and so on. Please post any discussion on any content of chapter 108 on the chapter 108 designated threads only. Yes, this is different from our usual practice, but we ask everyone's cooperation. If you happen to forget and make post(s) indicating the chapter 108 content on other than designated threads, please do not mind that the board staff may go ahead and edit your post so that no chapter 108 content would be discussed on your post.

* Please DO NOT make signature or avatar that would indicate/show the content of chapter 108, either by images or by text.
If you happen to forget and make such, please do not mind that the board staff may go ahead and edit such avatar or signature.

The more you guys keep ignoring this and keep posting chapter 108 content discussions here, the board staff has to take care of that and that means the longer I have to STAY AWAY from getting into my TRANSLATIONS of chapter 108 in order to take care of the forums.

Therefore, in case some of you're waiting to see my translations of this chapter, please help us all by STOP making your posts with the content of chapter 108 on this threads. smile.gif

* If anyone sees any post that is starting up the discussions on chapter 108 content here, or posting any chapter 108 content, even a hint of how it is, EVEN with Spoiler tags, on this thread, please REPORT that to us by posting on Forum Mod Station thread, or PM me or Chiyo or any other mod available, and we'll take care of the post. (Please do NOT use "report this post to the Mod" button.) smile.gif

Royai fans who had read chapter 108 and wish to discuss about the conclusion, etc. (specifically for "Royai related discussions upon the conclusion of the series" only) you can now post your comments on
Reflections - Temporary Discussion Thread For Royai Fans upon the ending of FMA manga series
crazyanimefan: Nice fic! I think the burden of the tattoo is greater than any weapon!

angelstar2408: oooh a poem!! I haven't seen that yet! That last line got me, very good indeed!

Causmicfire: I enjoyed that. happy.gif I really need to read more fics, I feel like I'm missing out./

eep! I don't want anyone here to think I spoiled on the last page there, I was just asking a question, i'm innocent. happy.gif I haven't even read anything of it yet lol. It was rectified, so we're all happy. I apologise.

All these fics posted today have got me thinking about my own! I can't do serious, my imaginative capacity doesn't go that far, so I may take the funny route. laugh.gif
Just popped in to say HAPPY ROYAI WEEK to everyone smile.gif

This year Kale and myself didn't manage to get anything done... many things keeping us busy and not too much time... especially this week... *sighs* If we manage to, it might be after the fest I suppose.
Happy Royai week!
Another fic!

Until That Day - Roy doesn't want to, but he owed her. Set after the Ishvalan War. Companion piece to my last post.

Everyone's contributions are wonderful. I'll comment individually when I get more time!
Thanks so much to those who read my fic/poem and for all the nice feedbacks.
I have another fic here: Fog on His Windshield
A rather long oneshot... Sorry tongue.gif Please do tell me how it was though. smile.gif
HAPPY HAPPY ROYAI WEEK!!!! biggrin.gif
Elisabeth Hawkeye
QUOTE (angelstar2408 @ Jun 10 2010, 11:14 AM) *
Thanks so much to those who read my fic/poem and for all the nice feedbacks.
I have another fic here: Fog on His Windshield
A rather long oneshot... Sorry tongue.gif Please do tell me how it was though. smile.gif
HAPPY HAPPY ROYAI WEEK!!!! biggrin.gif

Even if I today only play cards in school I was so tired, but as I finish reading this beautiful fic, I'm starting admire you even more than after reading your poem biggrin.gif You really make my day! Thanks a lot and keep on doing your beautiful works. I can't wait to read more of your fics and poems happy.gif
aww totally awesome fics people. I love them so much (I will try to leave and individual review for all x))
It's twelve O'clock!!


Source: Chocolate Queen's Royai fanart website:

Burst out crying when I saw this...

Happy Royai Day smile.gif
Omg, I burst out crying too.... wasn't expecting that. Thanks for sharing, amestris_star. Wow.... *rubs eyes*

I only wish I could make something that epic for Royai day too! I just realized that I'll be spending the entire day at my internship on Royai day. I'm mad now. >:(
I saw that too. It's beautiful. And that same drawing is available as a wallpaper here.
After you click on the above link, look for the light colored text on the left side under the Red text. Those are the download links for the pic (highlight if you have a hard time reading)
01 is for Wallpaper and has 4 sizes, 02 is for cellphone and has 2 sizes, all are with the same Wedding pic.
The note on the page from the site master says the pics are "thank-you gifts" to the viewers from the site for the 5th anniversary of Royai Day celebration, and they are available for downloading for everyone "today (Royai Day) only". And, the note asks not to alter the pics/re-distribute etc. Also the site master asks not to download any other pics on the site as they are for "viewing" only, except those. (Note added by ~ Tombow :) )

There's also a new comic on the site:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Can someone translate it, please? smile.gif
Nice Royai picture there, and that comic looks interesting!
That picture made me squel amestris_star

And that comic does indeed look interesting.
I burst crying like a baby myself (Kale chuckled in the process of course, he told me about it)... it's so beautiful and somehow... it's kinda like a closure to all the Royai we love and adore so much smile.gif

I love that pic to bits, have it as my desktop and as my wallpaper on my cell phone already wink.gif

And glad you all like too smile.gif
It's amazing, amestris_star! They look so themselves, Riza has her back covered (first thing I looked at) and the whole picture just oozes unmeasurable sweetness. love it to bits and I could've cried had my sister not been seated right next to me laugh.gif
QUOTE (SneakyRuler @ Jun 10 2010, 08:30 PM) *
They look so themselves, Riza has her back covered (first thing I looked at)

Ahh I never even noticed that. wink.gif
It took me forever to work out why it said 0611 in the corner... then I realised it was the date. I got confused because we don't write dates like that.
@FailToImpress: Hahah yeah that's right. When I was in Scotland, I had to write the date on a paper and I didn't know how to write it. XD I just wrote it the way I always had, but it must have seemed backwards to everyone else there.

I'd like to draw a wedding picture too! I'm seeing quite a few of them now, and it's starting to affect me. (I want to cry every time I see them!) I want to make it as beautiful as CQ's!!!

PS: Just made that picture my wallpaper... ahhh, it's so wonderful.
^I'm the same, every time I see something as beautiful as that it inspires me! Pity I can't draw.
Right now I'm putting all my pent up not-read-chapter-108 energy into a fic I'm writing for the festival. But now I need to sleep.
There are scanlations out, if anyone's interested. That is all I will say about 108.

LOVE the picture, though. It's gorgeous.
Finaly, now I can put my spoiler comic In Da.

Omg awesome pic, i think this one is going to be my desktop x)
Wow! I missed a LOT being in my mom's classroom all day! I promise I will read the new fics and look at the fanarts as soon as I finish posting here.

My contribution for today: Chaotic Sonata theme 64: The scenery from a car seat

EDIT: Sorry, too tired to really remark much on anybody's work (Up since 4 AM, worked all day), but you all have excellent fics! Thank you for sharing them!
Happy RoyAi Day everyone!

Wow that Wedding fanart is Epic wub.gif

Thanks for the fan arts and fanfics! happy.gif I might read all of them today because I'm sick. Oh heck I'm sick on RoyAi day this is so not good. dry.gif

Oh well, thanks again! happy.gif

Love the wedding art! SO beautiful!!! Happy Royai Day!!
Happy Royai Day everyone! I love all the contributions that have been made so far!

And I know we can't discuss 108, but I was wondering, when can we discuss it here, on this thread? And when can we have icons or signatures relating to it as well?
Officially Royai day over here! So Happy Royai Day everyone!!!! Currently working on my fanart.. but its a total FAILURE at the moment. We'll see how it comes out...
My (official) Royai Day starts in a little over half an hour. XDD. That wedding fanart was amazing! I stared at it for the longest time and then this thought popped into my head: "Wait, stained glass? Are they in a church?" now I just opened a new tab so I can stare it some more. My God, that is just beautiful.

Wait, did I even say "Happy Royai Day" on this thread yet? Oh... no, I didn't. So yes, happy Royai day! As for my promised contributions with my Royai 100 themes for the week, well, my flash drive thought it would be fun to play hide 'n seek. Guess who's hiding? dry.gif Once I find it though, I promise, I'll upload everything that's been finished. In regards to my fanart, I finally found my sketchbook and I'll just do some finishing touches and post it up here tomorrow.

And I'm asking the same question as heartwing: When can we discuss 108?
Since I won't be able to post these until tomorrow afternoon for me, and Royai Day will have ended for most of you by then, I'm going to post the fics I wrote especially for Royai Day right now.

Until the End: After all this time, he was still asking her the same question. He should know by now that as long as the question doesn't change, her answer won't, either. Spoilers for chapters 102 through 107, but not edited since before the release of 108. (In other words NO 108 SPOILERS).

Of Complications and Contradictions: Roy's returned to the Hawkeyes' for the last time, and it seems that nobody, not even Roy himself, is quite sure just how to deal with this. Young-ish Roy and Riza.

Please enjoy! I promise I will visit here first thing when I get home tomorrow! Happy (somewhat advance) Royai Day! *throws confetti--heck, throws an entire party!*
This won't be the last right? sad.gif
happy royai day people biggrin.gif
I couldn't manage to do another draw sigh but for the ones that follow my comics I will post one page of each in some hours

@angelstar2408 For me no x)

@jacksparrow589 both of the fics are awesome .
Happy Royai day everyone! tongue.gif

I didn't get to read any of the stuff here due to my excitement and anxiousness to read the final chapter but here I am again!
To answer questions about the last chapter. No avatars or signatures are to be made of it untill further notice - there are still people waiting to read it and any glimpse of chapter 108 could deminish their experience of reading it. So be patient!
To discuss content of chapter 108 you can go here to Chapter 108, The Final Chapter, Content Discussion Thread or if you wish to express your feelings about the outcome of Fullmetal Alchemist, go here: Fma Manga Ending: Yuor Thoughts On How The Series Concluded. Both of the discussions contains spoilers so avoid them if you don't want to be spoiled.

Of course this is not our last Royai Day, it would be a shame to let it die after only five years of celebration!

Edit: Maybe we would use a royai-only discussion for FMA ending. We usually vent Royai stuff here but that's not possible now... and I'm pretty sure our obessiveness can drive other people crazy biggrin.gif

Not the last RoyAi Day for me, either. I hope to see this thread (and forum) stay quite active.

Happy RoyAi Day!

I'll have my contributions posted later b/c work and real life stuff.

Happy Royai Day on the day wink.gif

Of course it won't be the last biggrin.gif
Tian Ai
Hey everyone! I've been MIA for awhile, but it's been a crazy week for the community eh?

Thanks to those who shared fics and fanarts, very lovely smile.gif

Someone wanted a translation? I think it was amestris star?
Chocolate Queen's lovely new comic!
Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment

Edit: Just kidding, was it Michiyo?
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