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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@hayate, remember this is a shounen manga. People don't die from over exhaustion. They die from stab wounds to the heart accompanied with tragic revelations and such. I'm hoping Riza's got past the worst, and I say hoping because Arakawa is too unpredictable to predict D:

And all those colourings/fanart are amazing *nudges fanfiction link*, I have them all stored on my laptop xD Thanks everyone, muchly muchly appreciated!

Ahhh, it finally hit me that we've just had the penultimate chapter when I clicked + on myanimelist and the number changed from 106 to 107... next time I click will be the last time ever D:
Haha! We are all crazy people after chapter 107, aren't we?

Anyway, chapter 107 is super amazing. It even destroyed all my writer-block. Since that chapter was out, I could not stop writing my fic. laugh.gif

I don't know. Royai power is overwhelming to me right now. Dang! I have to study for tomorrow's final. See you guys tomorrow night.
Icons, fanfics, and fanarts galore! They are all awesome guys!

Is it sad that I haven't read the chapter or caught up on Brotherhood because I don't want it to end?
QUOTE (FMAobsessed @ May 12 2010, 08:38 PM) *
Is it sad that I haven't read the chapter or caught up on Brotherhood because I don't want it to end?

No it isn't. I've heard a couple people mention doing the same thing, but it'll be more fun to stick with it and join the party!

I just realized we're less than a month away from RoyAi Day!

Another week long celebration, this year??
@Causmicfire: I read the chapter. My orignal plan was to read a little bit at a time and draw it out I instead just read the whole thing. XD

Arakawa is really treating us with some good Royai scenes! I don't want to be like "It's about time!" but it is.
Miss MP
They have had good ones. But by the second-to-last chapter, yeah, they should be this way, haha.

I love how the scenes are still "actiony", but cute.
Tian Ai
Is it sad that I haven't read the chapter or caught up on Brotherhood because I don't want it to end?

FMAObsessed - No, that thought has occured to me several times. But I just don't have the discipline to resist the temptation! T_T Read first, cry later! biggrin.gif

They have had good ones. But by the second-to-last chapter, yeah, they should be this way, haha.

I love how the scenes are still "actiony", but cute.

Miss MP - I know. It would be horrible if they went all sickeningly-sweet-shoujo manga all of a sudden. huh.gif

But it makes me so happy to see how far they've/we've come. happy.gif
Nice icons, everyone! I just got back from holiday this afternoon so I'm trying to catch up on everything! when I left on Monday the whole chapter wasn't even up yet so I have that to look forward to! I saw the pages and rough translations but not altogether.
Causmicfire--I'm so very with you on the Royai Day celebration! (It's during finals week for me, unfortunately, but I'm done on the 9th!) My suggestion that we hold some sort of Royai wedding-ish thing is still one I'd like to put out there.
Miss MP
When / what is Royai Day? I've heard about it for two years but never participated or anything.
And it's fiction time! The translation continues...

That was how you were then, and then, and then.
You wanted death to cease you, because that way all your hurt would be gone. Physically and mentally, you felt to be at the edge of insanity.
Your condition was getting worse, sharply.
“Your condition,” said the white coated doctor, who took care of you, one day, “is still a puzzle. We do not guarantee to cure it in the conventional way, Mr. Mustang. There is yet to be a cure. But I’m not hoping for you to give up now.”
You smiled bitterly, “I am not thinking of giving up half-way, doc.” Although you were unsure how little fuel of preparation left to keep your wheel of life rolling, you knew her preparation had reached the limit.
That doctor drew a breath, took away the stethoscope that hung around his neck, and sat by your sickbed. “Not surrendering are two ways. First, with your illness. Second, with that lady. I don’t mean to stick my nose into your business, ignorant young man, but this needs an end.”
You knitted your eyebrows, as you rationalizing to where the discussion was heading. “You’re saying, doctor?”
“Even an old man like me can see both of you are holding up something. For crying out loud, she is waiting for you,” He looked at your face, which was in shock. He laughed, “I had been young before, you know. Son, fear of future is most foolish ever, since life is only that once. And with your current state…” his voice was soothing, like a father telling his son of the most crucial life philosophy,
“the faster the better.”
“But leaving her remembering me as a husband who left her the rest of her life? Hey…” You laughed out loud, scornfully. You would not even want to look at him in that situation.
“Is it not better?” asked the doctor as he rose up from his seat. “She will remember you in that sweet frame of recollection, where both of you have spent happiness together from, in sorrow and regret. Damn, if you do not act quickly, it will be too late.”
Now was your turn to be struck by reality. That doctor’s words had been swirling in your head for nights.
This far she had been following you, no, by your side. You believed in all of her, just like she trusted you. The world and dream, both of you shared one. She was the one who reached her hand to you every time you were trapped in the abyss – your light.
Both of your faithfulness has been threatened when she felt so guilty of hurting you unintentionally years ago. In fact, for god’s sakes, the hell you care, when had you lost your eyes on her hands? What you needed was only when she existed, but she pushed you away out of guilt. You did not have a chance to stop her and then only realized that gap turned wider. You had lost grip on her.
Your sickness had bridged that gap.
Then you had cleared the confusion of the past, so did she. What less was courage.
You did not want to repeat the past mistakes.
With all of your heart you loved her, and whatever would happen, you wished to be with her until the last day arrive.
“Marry me, Riza.”
No doubt between you and her.
Your wedding, was hold in the fall. Your bride was so beautiful, like the angel in white gown. Watching her walked across the aisle to the altar, with shy smile, had stopped you from breathing. The oath, you and her made, you watched her amber eyes that set confidence in you, and you knew that the past had been buried deep.
There was no regret tomorrow.
Since that day, your condition gained improvement. Or at least, stable.
With her, you life was so colorful. You were startled by her ritual of waking up and sleeping, pulling the blanket up till it covered her head for five minutes, and until she opened her eyes wide at the end. You enjoyed some of the light novels of her possession, although you did not admit it even to death, silently. You had found out that she disliked the closet, that never been moved back, was located, and closed the toothpaste whenever it was left open. And much, much, more, even her personality, that all this time had not been disclosed in time, as long as being superior and subordinate.
spectator--Awesome translation, as usual! It still tugs on my heartstrings, though. *sniff*

Miss MP--Royai Day is June 11th, and it's a day (well, usually the week surrounding it, the way we get hyped up here) that us Royai fans go absolutely nuts about anything and everything Royai. Well, moreso than usual. smile.gif There's usually a flood of fanart, fanfics, icons, banners... you name it, we pretty much do it. (Well, if it's allowed...) We sometimes do specifc things on specific days, and there can be day-long or festival-long themes. It's usually pretty free, and always a ton of fun.

As to the history, word has it that there were uber-Royai chapters on June 11th for a couple years running, so some fans started it up. Kind of like one of FMA's own little grassroots organizations. (I wonder if there's a Facebook group or event now, too...)

Well, am I missing anything or do I have anything wrong? (Wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last...)

EDIT: Hey! Would ya look at that? There's a bunch of Royai Day groups and events on Facebook! Still, ours is the best. wink.gif
^Gosh! It's that time of the year already? Time flies fast! How are you guys going to celebrate it then?

Oh wait! It's also near the release date of chapter 108!

I hope that I can get Royai overdose with it! That will be the best Royai day ever!

2010, June 11. Royai epic day!! Yay!
June the 11th will be when we get the whole new chapter translated and maybe raw, since it's so damn long. I think it'll take longer than usual, I mean, 1XX pages?

And June the 11th this time is a Sunday. Time to to plan! I overslept and forgot to do my AMV, but maybe I'll manage in time.
So how we gonna do it? Like... celebrate it the same week as Royai day, so that we start on Monday (or later) and the 11th will be the climax of the celebration?

Or will we start with the 11th and continue celebrating during next week?

Time to choose soon, don't you think? Only three weeks left, we got too carried away by the new chapter waiting.
I vote for start earlier and make the 11th the climax.

After all those class papers, I finally get to write something I like!
Tian Ai
spectator - Another amazing translation, thank you! It is very heartfelt. sad.gif Can't wait for the next part!

And I've never participated in the actual Royai celebration either! It's something I'm looking forward to. It makes me happy to see how Royai inspires so much creativity, thoughts, emotions from all of us biggrin.gif
Roy, Riza, Royai... is special smile.gif

I'm surprised that they didn't delay the next chapter a bit, to get all those pages done. 100+ pages in barely a month?! But if anyone can do it, it's Arakawa!
I think we should start our Royai Festival on June 7 (Monday) and end it on June 13 (Sunday). So it can be a week long celebration.
I agree with jacksparrow589, that the theme this year can be Royai wedding.

And what is even more awesome that the GanGan mag comes out officially ON Royai Day! biggrin.gif

So we can expect epic Royai moments in the last chapter. ^^

(Too bad I'll be in the middle of my university exams in June, so I probably won't have time to draw a fanart or make icons for the celebration. :S)
QUOTE (Michiyo- @ May 14 2010, 02:19 PM) *
(Too bad I'll be in the middle of my university exams in June, so I probably won't have time to draw a fanart or make icons for the celebration. :S)

I'm thinking that too sigh...but well I tend to stress a lot so I relief myself drawing. but get some time is another thing LoL
I'm so dumb. Of course the 11th June's not Sunday... it's Friday! Sorry ^^.
Sooo the celebration could be the whole week from 7th till 13th
And June 11 in Japan = June 10 in USA... My mom's birthday!

Haha! Double celebration!

Luckily it's summer when it happens.

Looks like I'll have to make that day for my fanfic's epilogue release day. WooHoo!
Miss MP
Sounds excellent. I should write something . . . or start a multi-chapter one, something I haven't done for the FMA fandom as of yet. The only day I have plans is Saturday (CC volunteer for the day). This sounds exciting!
Ooh. I agree with Michiyo, start Royai week on the 7th June. Funny how it coincides with the last chapter, someone knew it was ending in June, haha. I probably won't have anything to draw/write, mostly because I don't have the time, but also because I don't write, and I'm never happy with drawings I do.

I'm least looking forward to the last episode of the series though, it airs on the day before my birthday. sad.gif
Yay! Royai-spam Day!
My latest Royai comic spoilers from the last chapter, but everyone has reading it anyway.
Gimpy--Oh man! That cracked me up! I feel like Arakawa would make an omake like that!

And yes! Start the festival on the 7th! I can be lazy... er... take tiny study breaks from time to time...

Yeah, right... tongue.gif
Gimpy - lmao *wipes away tears*

So, the 7th through the 13th, or 14th?

*needs to get started on a banner*
Tian Ai
Gimpyhair - LOL cute omake! So many punchlines are born out of Roy's tragic new ailment XD

And it'd be great to see any banners, fanfics, and fanart that people make for Royai day happy.gif Aw, I'm excited already.

But wait.. this is the last Royai Day to be celebrated while FMA is still ongoing! :'( Oh nooo!
^Then by God (or whatever y'all believe in) we'll make it the biggest and best Royai Day EVER!
@Gimpyhair: Love your comics! Like Roy's eyes on the last panel -- dead fish eyes. laugh.gif
QUOTE (Gimpyhair @ May 14 2010, 06:15 PM) *
Yay! Royai-spam Day!
My latest Royai comic spoilers from the last chapter, but everyone has reading it anyway.

=D Oh god, that's awesome.
THE THREAD!! exploded! well because I haven't open this thread for days -,-
thanks a lot Spectator for the translation!! awesome!!

11 th of june = chapter 108 = FMA ends = royai day = my last day of final exam
YEAH, LIFE'S GOOD biggrin.gif
QUOTE (jacksparrow589 @ May 15 2010, 03:00 AM) *
^Then by God (or whatever y'all believe in) we'll make it the biggest and best Royai Day EVER!

Why we have to stop celebrating it? we can still do it for "remember them" biggrin.gif (it's just a suggestion lol)
Tian Ai
rinoaebastel - Very true! But it'll be bittersweet nonetheless that the original story is ended :'(

But Royai lives on forever of course happy.gif

That being said... page 9 (after 2 weeks... so sorry!)
Click to view attachment
@Gimpy: Lol, that comic was hilarious! laugh.gif

@Tian Ai: I liked the new page, can't wait for the next one. ^^

And of course we won't stop celebrating Royai, even after FMA is finished. But this year the Royai Festival should be very big and awesome. So we should start preparing, we have less than a month.
I might actually make a banner or something for my non-existent sig. I haven't made anything like that in a long while so I had better get started now lol.
^ great thing! :'( but that would be sad. -,- hmm.. let's see..
but then the site will stop the existence?? OAO''
*Scratches head* Now I have to think what I can do...(should be best after I finish exams xD)
@Tian Ai: the page stills made me squeal smile.gif
rinoaebastel--Oh, I never said we'd STOP doing Royai Day, I just said that we'd make this the biggest and best. Ain't no way I'm stopping celebrating!

Tian Ai--Awesome, as usual!
@jacksparrow589 Oh, Awesome then biggrin.gif

mm I think I know what im going to do just hope i can find time lol
I'd really like to throw all my efforts into a really nice fanart for royai day, but I have no clue if I'll have time. I'd like to do something that commemorates both royai and the end of FMA....gosh I really hope I have time, I'm dying to get started smile.gif

By the way, does anyone know what the Brotherhood episode airing closest to June 11th is? It would be another thing to add to the list of awesome things that are happening around royai day this year smile.gif especially if it's a royai episode!
June 6th will be 60: Heaven's Eye, Earth's Door, which should sounds like it'll be about Father's final transformation.

For the 13th: We don't have title information after that, but with all the action that takes place and depending where 6 ends, we might see the fight between Father and the sacrifices up unitl Roy and Riza reunite. (This also depends on the epicness of chapter 108's material and whether or not they'd take one or two episodes to animate it.

Tian Ai - beautiful work!

Also, fic rec!

By Your Side - Even in this darkness, she stands beside him, holding his hand. By lj's gretchen8642. It takes place during 107, so slight spoilers, though nothing like Ed get's his arm back. It's really sweet and heartwarming.
^that fic was so brillant, I almost died of Royai overdose xD
It's so damn awesome. Short, but just... I want moar?
I'm excited for this year's Royai day! I churned out SO much fanart last year... lets see if I can do even better this year! biggrin.gif
I'm new for this FMA fan website.
I' m a big fan for Roy x Riza!! Nice to meet you guys!

(starting my new reply with awesome Royai fanarts wink.gif these are from )
^ Welcome to the site! Have fun!

Also, I love those arts.
Causmicfire--That fic made me melt a little. Okay, a lot. wub.gif Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention!

Roy***--Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay! And thank you for sharing the lovely fanarts! I think I melted even more looking at those.
Tian Ai
Roy*** - You've found just the right place at the right time! Welcome welcome, we're glad to have you biggrin.gif

Thanks, everyone who liked the recent page happy.gif I'll work on other fanarts and such for Royai Day for sure! biggrin.gif

Causmicfire - That was adorable and well-written, thanks for sharing! sad.gif
Hahahaa at this part: "At the end of all this, I'm going to kiss you." He breathed out, made a noble attempt to point his eyes at hers.
I'd giggle if he was staring intensely at Ed by accident and both he and Riza were like, "..."

Here's another omake happy.gif
A play off the scene in The Underground Oath.

This version ends with one page:
Click to view attachment

And there might be more to this one wink.gif
Click to view attachment

Which do you guys prefer?
@Tian Ai - lol, yes that would be funny if he's been staring at Ed instead.

I think it would be fun to see a continuation of the second one. And Fuery is so adorable with his blush while Breda's all ???!

@Roy*** - Thanks for the fanarts, and welcome to the board/thread!
Royai Day is coming up already? Wow where does the time go. I think I may try to write some fanfic. I better start thinikng of ideas now.

@Roy***: Those fanarts are awesome, great find!

@Gimpyhair: your punchline was quite humorous. I feel like that was the first Gimpy comic I have read in a while.

I am glad that even after the last chapter is released, people still plan to keep on celbrating Royai Day.
@Roy***: Welcome to the Royai thread, and thanks for sharing the fanarts, they're great!

@Tian Ai: Loved the omake, I'm curious to see how the other one ends. ^^

And we got Royai scenes in ep. 57 too! Awesome Roy/Riza teamwork, which wasn't in the manga, but I loved it! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Michiyo- @ May 16 2010, 10:43 AM) *
And we got Royai scenes in ep. 57 too! Awesome Roy/Riza teamwork, which wasn't in the manga, but I loved it! biggrin.gif

If they're doing that now, imagine what we'll have with the canon Royai scenes... Oh Lord they're gonna kill me <3

And welcome to the thread Roy***
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