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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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QUOTE (sToRm GodDesS @ Dec 18 2009, 12:17 PM) *
If in case some of you haven't seen it, the commercial about the dvd where Riza (in uniform) had her hair down is up at hagaren site. biggrin.gif

And I'm replaying the video on purpose to avoid reviewing for my exams later XD

Yeah, she looks pretty with it down.
QUOTE (jacksparrow589 @ Dec 18 2009, 12:09 AM) *
RoyxRizaFan--I wrote a little Christmas fic today that takes place before... all this messiness, let's say (because I'm not specific in the fic, but it's pretty obvious that it's while they're all still together in Eastern or Central), and while it's not exactly Royai and not exactly humorous, it gave me the warm'n'fuzzies to write. Hopefully you can do something like that?

And I totally just wrote and posted a post-manga-in-my-mind oneshot that, when I re-read it, reminded me entirely too much of the end of episode 51. I just about tore my hair out, but I'm leaving it up, anyway.

*grumbles*stupid lack of originality in plots even when I don't see it at first*/grumbles*

I still really like that fan fic, so don't say that XD Did you post the XMas one already, and did I miss it????

I want to do an XMas one, but I'll have trouble getting in the mood, even if it takes place beforehand, because, well, I'm silly. Maybe I'll do one after all, we'll see.

For the Christmas cheer, I changed my avatar, though!

Oh yeah, and Riza looks so beautiful with her hair down! Well, she always looks nice, but it's cool when she wears it differently.
^Nope. Posting that fic bright'n'early Christmas Eve! (If I put something out, it's usually on a Thursday, and 12/24 just happens to be a Thursday this year.) Cute avvie, by the way! smile.gif

Riza in that video looks great! (Not that she doesn't anytime else, as most people have said.)
When I first saw it on Keyhole I honestly thought it was Olivia who combed her hair on the other side LOL. Hooray for Keyhole video quality XD

QUOTE (black~hayate @ Dec 18 2009, 11:10 AM) *
sToRm GodDesS Haha your picture in the singature is pretty awesome. It's from one of the 1.anime extra ova things, right?

Yep. It's from Alchemists vs. Homunculi I think. Nothing is more painful than Roy falling on the ground, face first Haha! laugh.gif

What was that an ad for anyway? A lot of the video looked like scenes from the anime, but I'm sure that Riza's never had her hair down with the uniform before in the anime. Was it an ad for a soundtrack?
^ I believe it was an ad for the soundtrack and a DVD. The part where Riza had her hair down is from the newly animated version of the "Simple People" gaiden. (Which I haven't yet been able to find =3= )
@RoyxRizafan: I love your avatar, even Roy and Riza are in the Holiday spirit. I think I would die if there was mistletoe over them, instead of a Christmas tree behind them.

@sToRm GoDdesS: I like your signature too. I think Roy being knocked flat on his face was more embarressing for him than painful.
Since when does Riza appear in the Simple People gaiden... isn't the gaiden about Ed and Winry or something?

Nevermind, I'm not complaining.
I thought the part about how she started clipping her hair up was mention in that gaiden as well.
Yes, Simple People is a gaiden mostly about Ed and Winry, explaining how she got her earrings and there's a little about Riza in the end.

You can read the gaiden here in gaiden and guidbook scanlation topic: If you scroll down the first post, it should be there.

Here's the last page (well, it's not long anyway):

On topic of Roy and Riza having a child - not against it but please, not right now! Reading the last chapter I suddenly relized that Selim Bradey looks exactly what their child would look like - brown eyes and black hair. It gave me some creeps, actually.


heartwing, I see you were quicker with your answer! biggrin.gif
Yeah...whoa, Selim does look a little like what Hawkeye and Roy's child would look like. I don't think we'll see a child in the end though, even in an epilogue. Though I'd like to, I think it might be a little hard to pull off. I'm really not sure how the ending will be for Roy and Riza. I don't even know where to start predicting the end for the manga...much less the epilogue.

I think, though, that we will probably see at least these five Royai moments before the series ends:

1) Roy helping Riza recover (She'll be in the hospital for a while, probably) and Riza helping Roy adjust to blindness. We already saw this a little in anime1, but Arakawa will do it better smile.gif

2)Riza discovering what's happened to Roy. This is probably the most promising opportunity for Royai, and more so than just the "Colonel! Are you alright?" "Lieutenant, you're safe." we got in the Lust scene. (Which was nice, but i want more!) *enters rabid fangirl mode*

3) At least some clue that Roy is closer to attaining his goal (or maybe even that he has attained it) and that Riza is still with him as his wife subordinate.

4)Something else about Riza's tattoo. I just get the feeling it's going to show up again. And we will probably get the Ishbal flashback of Riza burying the child and asking Roy to burn and crush her back as well. Unless Bones is evil.

5) If Al gets his body back and/or Ed gets his limbs back, then we might see a scene where Riza assures Roy that he can work through his blindness and reach his goal just like the Elrics.

6) admitting their love <--- no.

I think we've got a lot of really good Royai moments ahead of us, people!
Ahh, I see, thanks again. happy.gif

@heartwing713 that looks good, very very.

Mmm,Selim does look a lot like their offspring... or they could be blond/black eyed...? Mmm, but brow hair is dominant, no? (can't remember)

Yeah, I think darker hair is dominant. Unless Roy has some blond hair in his family, their child would probably have black hair. As for the eyes, I guess they'd be brown or black, since both are dominant traits I think.

What would they name their child if they had one? (though I don't see it happening in the manga) (The fanfiction writers seem to think it will be either a combination of Roy and Riza's names (I've seen one where the child was named Riya, for example), or named after Hughes.
Darker hair and eyes are usually the dominant trait. But it is possible that if Roy and Riza have a child have a child the child could have blond hair. Both of my mom and dad's parents were brunettes, but my mom was born with blond hair, and my dad was born with dirty blond hair. While his sister was born with red hair.
QUOTE (heartwing713 @ Dec 19 2009, 09:05 AM) *
What would they name their child if they had one? (though I don't see it happening in the manga) (The fanfiction writers seem to think it will be either a combination of Roy and Riza's names (I've seen one where the child was named Riya, for example), or named after Hughes.

I've said this before, but I've always thought that they would name their son Maes for Hughes if they were ever to have one. I have no idea what they'd name a daughter, but I've never really thought of that seeing because the chances of them having an actual kid shown in the manga are slim, so I've always thought it pointless to think past just the possibility of them naming a son for Hughes.
I think Hughes is the most likely, if it were to ever happen, and if it will happen (which I doubt) I don't think Arakawa will delve that deep into the story, possibly just a quick snapshot of them holding a baby or something... beh

When I was taught genetics, they only classified it into brown or blue eyes, so I'm not sure if black eyes is just a mutation or something. Either way, their child could look completely different. Both my parents have brown hair and brownish/hazel eyes, and I tured out almost blond with blue eyes, with completely different features... and taking into account we know nothing of Roy's history apart from him being a foster child... the possibilities are endless. And just because this is in manga-world, we can't tule out the possibility of blue hair.

Except blue hair in FMA is a little too wild.
Bah, genetics. It looks good on paper, but then in real life they never work out the way you think. Both my parents have brown hair, and my sisters and I all came out blond.

Also, I'm never sure if Roy's eyes are supposed to be black or bluish. They change around a lot.

Also, eeeesh. Selim really does look like he could be their kid. I saw him in this one panel and was like, "Wow, he looks a lot like little Roy."
Yeah, Selim is the right kid for them! The way he is (or better he pretended to be), so innocent, so cute~ A mix of Mustangs hair and Hawkeye's eyes. They're big... the eyes, I mean. Bones could sing songs about Riza's huge eyes...
Also are there any new "Royai game is royai"-videos? I mean, royaish ones?
I've always thought that Selim either looked like a younger Roy or possibly like the child of Roy and Riza... and it gave me the CREEPS! D: Aw, well Selim was cute until we found out he was Pride and he turned super creepy... v_v haha!

And since I haven't commented on it yet, that image of Riza in the video with her hair down was very nice. It's really rare to ever see her in uniform with her hair down. Actually, don't think it's ever happened before. I can't wait to see Simple People animated too! I've always thought it was kind of sweet how Winry looks up to Riza in a way... and that even Riza was influenced by her meeting with Winry. It was really cute!
Katya Martin
Augh Selim. I don't know why I didn't notice that before... WAUGH THAT'S WEIRD. Think it was intentional?
Lol, that is strange about Roy and Selim. Czes from Baccano! also reminds me of a young Roy, although there are some differences, and Selim obviously looks more like what I'd picture him to be (since it is Arakawa's style, after all lol)

<-- Czes
Today should be the flower scene. I'm excited if they will show it or not...
Please flower scene, please please!
I can't wait for the next episode to see the phone call scene! I just hope Bones won't cut it out. They have to keep this scene to show what Roy wants to do with all those flowers he bought. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Michiyo- @ Dec 20 2009, 10:08 AM) *
I can't wait for the next episode to see the phone call scene! I just hope Bones won't cut it out. They have to keep this scene to show what Roy wants to do with all those flowers he bought. biggrin.gif

Definitely, as it wouldn't have made sense keeping the flowers' scene in that case tongue.gif
Not only that, but most of all to show that Riza is torn about telling him of Selim or not. XD
And then of course, there has to be the scene where she finally does tell him about Selim, and they use their crazy code!
genetics are relevent to it. Hair color is a bit complicated but basically has two forms: Black(dark color) - dominant, Blond(light color) - recessive. This is due to how much melanin your body can produce. The same goes with eye color. In this case, blue eye is the recessive trait. I got a B+ in genetics so you guys should check Wikipedia for more info.

Selim's eyes do look like Riza's a lot. Not to mention about his overall feature that resembles Roy.

@black~hayate: I like your avatar smile.gif
Quick and easy genetics: (or what I remember from high school)
Dark hair is dominant (B ), blonde is recessive(b ). Each parent carries 2 genes.

Say, father carries Bb (dark hair), mother carries bb (blonde)
Possible combination in offspring: Bb Bb bb bb
So it's a 50-50 chance of getting a dark-haired/blonde kid for this particular combination. The percentages differ according to the genes of the parents. If either parent carries both dominant genes (BB ), the kid will definitely have dark hair.

Back to more on-topic things, I love that phone call scene~Oh, that means the Selim confrontation is going to happen in the next episode?
Yay! One of my favorite scenes will be animated today laugh.gif
I absolutely love the whole part about Hawkeye being reassigned to the Fuhrer, and then the Pride confrontation, and of course the Royai that follows! biggrin.gif

Bones, if you mess up the next two episodes, I'll kill you. Again. Because I already killed you once after the Ishbal episode.

EDIT: Added spoiler tags, just to be safe.
Whoa... haven't been here in a few days...

Hm, as far as Roy and Riza having kids goes, I don't think that's gonna happen, but if they did, I'm of the opinion that a "Maes" would make itself at home somewhere in said child's name. I tend to envision any child with darker hair, although my brothers and I have lighter hair than our parents.

Oooh... Just looked at the screencaps for 37... I like what I see! (And I will add my wishes that the phone call is still there in the next episode!)
QUOTE (spectator @ Dec 20 2009, 04:39 PM) *
@black~hayate: I like your avatar smile.gif

Thx biggrin.gif I like urs too biggrin.gif
There will be also a new singature, I wish someone could do one for me.

About biology, genetics:
I want a dark haired, brown eyed kiddo biggrin.gif I mean, for Roy and Riza!
Ahhh, I can't wait for 'THE BIG REVEAL', and the phone scene, of course. But first, I must watch this episode!

Meh, I don't really see Riza having kids anytime soon. It doesn't fit with her image S: ...maybe, actually.. I dont know. I just want to see them together, a child is asking a bit much from a manga that isn't primarily a romance.

I just realised... we still haven't seen the 'burnmyback' exchange between them in Ishval, when is that going to happen, eh, Bones? And the rest of the volume they slaughtered. D:
Yes, a dark haired kid would be cute :3 although I'd just like to see a snapshot or something at the end of the series; it would feel strange seeing her with a kid .__.

The flower scene is coming up?? Ahh that is my favorite in the whole series...I'll have to remember to watch it biggrin.gif
And sharing a cute video I found this evening:

PS. Hayate, your avatar's cute and awesome biggrin.gif
QUOTE (amestris_star @ Dec 20 2009, 07:13 PM) *
And sharing a cute video I found this evening:

PS. Hayate, your avatar's cute and awesome biggrin.gif

Oh man. That video is RLY good, but all the new videos have that wild flashing. I mean, it's okay if it's not that bright. It's not like I have bad eyes, but people overdo sometimes biggrin.gif. But still that video is awesome, I'm not as good as this.
About my avatar: I would like some text on it or some effects... I'm just clueless and not talented, so I let it how it is biggrin.gif Cause I like it this way, too. Thx, I like to see that people like it =)
@amestris_star: I like that Royai amv, it's really cute, thanks for sharing it! ^^

@hayate: Awesome avatar! biggrin.gif
@hayate: Epic avatar XDD

I hope they don't forget the calling scene if not..........

PS: I just watched that vid and...I almost fall laughing from my chair It's awesome xD
Ahaha! Thanks for that video amestris_star! Hilarious!

Yeah, they better not forget the call scene. I don't think that they'll skip it, though. I bet it happens either at the beginning or end of the next episode.

Haha! black~hayate, your avatar is pure awesome!
Well, I'm pretty sure the phone call is necessary for the plot - if Roy didn't call Riza, he wouldn't have realized that there was something wrong until much later. Besides, I get the feeling that BONES enjoys shipping left and right.
I keep telling myself, "BONES can't skip it; I mean, they're keeping in every detail in all the other scenes!" but that's what I thought before the Ishbal flashback, too...and I still haven't forgiven them for cutting the jealous!Roy scene, either...

But whatever Black Hayate's new avi makes up for everything XDDDD

@ amestris star - THAT WAS SO CUTE! And funny XD I love all Roy's expressions. It's great to see a Brotherhood RoyAi AMV!

@ FMAObsessed - Thanks! I wish it was mistletoe, too!
@black~hayate: I love your new avi smile.gif

@amestris_star: Thanks for sharing the amv. I love the song they used. And I loved how they had the infamous balcony scene in it. I guess my only complaint would be that the creator didn't make it longer.

I can't believe how behind I got in Brotherhood. I am missing out on all the goodness.
QUOTE (FMAobsessed @ Dec 21 2009, 03:45 AM) *
I can't believe how behind I got in Brotherhood. I am missing out on all the goodness.

Hah, I'm needing to catch up on the latest 4 episodes!
Thx for all my avatar lovers, now I also have a new sig (you can read in my "About me" who the credit goes to).
I believe that we will get those flower call scenes, since Bones ships Royai in equalent exchange xD First they show something good, then they miss something up and they make up by showing something awesome. Now it's time that we get someting awesome >D
I'm thinking that the phone scene will be shown. I don't know if it will be in the next episode or not, but I'm very sure it will be included at least in the one after that. I wonder.... Does anyone think that Bones could possibly throw in the "Burn my Back" scene with the phone scene? Actually, on second thought, the two are probably hard to tie together really cohesively so I'm doubting it, but I still don't want to give up hope on them including it.... Maybe around the events of chapter 95 is when it will finally show.

Ah! I love the new signature, too, black~hayate! Very cute!
Katya Martin
The phone scene is ENTIRELY necessary. happy.gif
If they added in the little thing with Roy buying all the flowers, then they have to add in his call to Riza.
@black~hayate: aww, you changed you avatar back? I just figured out where it came from tongue.gif I had forgotten about that scene, and seeing it in ep 37 had me lol-ing.

@amestris_star: thanks for that video happy.gif Now whenever I hear ABBA, I'm going to think of this vid.

The phone scene will happen, unless Bones plan to butcher the plot (again). dry.gif
Is it too much to hope that when they finally show the "burn my back" scene, they'll throw in something extra? Maybe an OVA? (yeah, right rolleyes.gif )

@whippersnapper wow, an ova about Riza and Roy centric and isbhal included could be cool and if they put their chilldhood more But...........Bones...snif I think I look for so much

I made a little royai christmast draw:
amestris_star--Cute video! (I watched it but I can't remember and am too lazy to look if I said anything about it already.)

rinoaebastel--Great drawing! I especially liked Hayate on top of that present!
Kale Mustang
black~hayate: I <3 the new avatar

And this arrived today, so awesome in person:

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