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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Only you, Liz, only you... (I have to agree, though- they're so similar!)

Anyway, I was reading the 79 spoiler summary, and... (Putting this in tags just in case people have objections) It looks like no Roy or Riza anywhere!

Must go study for finals now!
QUOTE(Causmicfire @ Jan 11 2008, 10:47 PM) *
A couple icons from the scans of the Karuta cards provided by lj's surpassinglogic

*goes back to searching for chapter 79*

*comes outta nowhere*
do you think you could post the scans? that would be super duper cuz...
the link just leads me too the lj homepage T_T

*runs back into shadows*
I uploaded them to photobucket: here. That's just the card with images on them, if you want the ones with the Japanese text let me know.

yay! thanks so much! =D
No problem.

So, Valentines Day is only a month away. (my goodness, rhyme DX) Anyone up for RoyAi Flood?
Valentine's day RoyAi celebration sounds good, especially since there's supposed to be some Roy in the next chapter, which is coming out around V-day!

this is from the other thread about the next issue. it doesn't make too much sense, but it at least tells you who's going to be in the next chapter...

To the next issue.

Roy also absent hero, but also the sweat and labor was MARUKO BUN.
MARUKO Scarr is not赦すto admit that I guess I could.

ENVI alsoああなっOnce the word pathetic stage."

Hopefully Roy's been doing something useful since we've last seen him.

Goo new to hear, thanks RoyxRizaFan!
Causmicfire- I'd LOVE a Valentine's Day Celebration! I must strat writing something for it soon, though, or I'll never get finished in time!
Desu ne?
Nice icons, Causmicfire. I tried my hand at making some once too.. but I just don't have any talent for it. xD

I just read chapter 79.. And of course I'm missing the same thing as all you others. LOL. Why can't I EVER like a main character the most? Then at least I would get to see more of them. *.* ..I even like my own secondary characters more than the main characters. >.<
@Desu - Thanks^^ Maybe part of the reason for liking secondary characters is because they aren't seen as much. Then, there's still that mystery to them you always want to know more about.
Totally off-topic, but I can relate SO well to what you said, Desu ne?. I have it so bad-I've never liked a main character the best...sometimes i even dislike them...Ed's probably the main character i like the most (there is no FMA character i dislike...i love 'em all). I always fall in love with those characters that the author never really writes about...and they never have happy endings. Hopefully it's not the same for roy and riza!
Re: Ch 79.

However, ANOTHER chapter without Ed and Co. = Disappointing.

I guess the story has just gotten so big ritght now, and all of the charaxcters are in little groups all over Amestris, it is just more and more difficult to showcase more than one group in a chapter while still keeping the storyline coherent.

I'm thinking Ed and Co. will be in 80.
There needs to be moar Central. (I need my Olivia Armstrong fix. Dammit.)

What exactly were RxR up to the last time we saw them? Oh yeah. "Selim Bradley is Homunculus."
That WAS a while ago...
sorry guys for being a way a veeeeerrrry long time *bows* i was busy with my check-up and the doctors found scoliosis on my neck. so now i went on chiropractic theraphy and i have to follow certain rules - like only using the computer, gameboy and tv for 30 minutes a day so i might be gone longer. but hey, as a sorry i'd like to share this new song i wrote about roy and riza from roy mustang's POV. this is a rap-beat song and inspired by RoyXRizaFan's sig. i'm sorry if there's some language mistakes because english is my second language. hope you enjoyed it

The first time we met, I'm just an apprentice
You're my teacher's daughter, quiet yet beautiful
It doesn't take long until we became friends
But then I have to leave for the craziest decision in my whole life

After your father's death, I leave you alone
Then years later, in the war against the red-eyed race
We met again there, the place which I never thought you'll be in
The last place on earth I want you to be in

I know you've trusted me for that foolish dream I said to you
Gave me your secret then torched it down soon after the war
I can't imagine you suffer in this horrid place more
And I even felt more sorry when you said this is because of me
And at the same time too, I realize that I love you
Well, love is a battlefield

When I came to my bestfriend's funeral
It feels really hurt that I feel like I'm going to die
But in the end I didn't and I stay alive until now
It's all because you stay by my side

I don't know how long does it take
To get myself finally convince
My love to you, finally kiss you,
Kneel down, slip the ring,
Say 'marry me?'

I knew this sounds foolish
For I know that we're bound by rules
Not to love each other, not even to say
What can I do, I was in love with you
Well, love is a battlefield

Stern, determined, and always with guns
That's all what people say when they talk about you
But I can see more than that, I can see deep into your eyes
You're full of love, you're full of lust
Just like other women, only better than all my dates

I always think about the moment when my time will come
To see the people I missed long
Beckoning from the other side of the river
But one thing that I wanna do before I let out my last breath
Is to say those three big words to you
I love you

Even a blind men could see both of us in love
But what can we do, we're in a war
Struggling ourselves to serve the nation, protect the innocent
Let children live and reach for the sky
Well, love is a battlefield

Everytime I looked into your empty desk
I missed the sound of the safety gun click
Along with the face of a very hot chick
Saying with her stern lines, reminding me about paperwork
And again, I always didn't care

I promised you with all my life
One day this damn freak carnival show will end
At the curtain call we will bow together
Tie it up together with a single kiss
And maybe a proposal if I have enough guts

Until it ends, promise me you'll be alright
I can't protect you, again sue the rules
This heart of mine feels hurt when I think about you
And the days we used to spend together
Even most of it were spend in quietness

I regret the days we spend back then when we were together
If a chance like that came again to me, I promise that I'll do better
Treat you right, kiss you right, do my papers,
even though I knew I can't promise that
But I will be honest to you and to myself
And hope the best from you.

Well, love is a battlefield after all.

natsu-hime: I love it! For having English as a second language... let's just say you write better than some people I know who have English as a first language. Sure, there's verb tense issues, but who cares? It's awesome, and it says just about everything I think when I look at the Royai relationship. Great job!
I like that, Natsu-hime!

Amethyst Sunset
All in favor of a Valentine's Royai flood, say AYE! XD I'm planning to release another chapter of You've Got a Long Way to Go on that day...unless I manage to stick another part in between. After all, this IS college. *sigh*

Natsu-hime - I love the song. To bits. Awesome job. I haven't even written any poetry in AGES. The last one I wrote, I think, was about Al/Rose, animeverse. Last year. You're making me write poetry again.

Liz - I agree with everything you said. Story's getting bigger, which means a lot of characters doing a lot of things, and it's hard to squish a lot into one single chapter. other words, I need another avatar/sig change. And of course, I never make them match because I'm weird that way. XD And yet, I've gotten too attached to my current sig Off-topic: One of the keywords on an anime download site for Gun X Sword was "love triangle". I laughed my head off.
*pokes head in cautiously* Eheheh... ph34r.gif

Well, seems that the 'reply' issue from before has been fixed. Then again, I'm not sure how long ago my last login was...happy.gif;

Wow, nearly 1000 pages, now, huh guys? But I guess with the lack of Royai in...a very long time, nothing new to post, I suppose.

Just though I'd pop in and make sure my account still worked and that I remembered my login. huh.gif

I am wondering if you guys remember this Royai photobucket album from...way back when:, I've been a member for a while. blink.gif Nearly two years now. Wow. It seems like longer. tongue.gif
QUOTE(RoyxRizaFan4ever @ Feb 4 2008, 05:34 PM) *
I am wondering if you guys remember this Royai photobucket album from...way back when:

WOW--- that Photobucket is still up? Sweet. I'll have to waste some time at work looking thru that again. I lost that link a long time ago.
Wonder if there is anything in there I DON'T already have saved on my hard drive. XD

I see me sum doujinshi scans... I'd post some of mine, but they aren't... well... "appropriate for all ages." (LOL pr0nz.) laugh.gif

EDIT: lolwut?

^^^ Are We Doin' it Rite? laugh.gif

And here we thought we were being ORIGINAL with that idea... LMAO.
Heh heh... Otakon... XD
QUOTE(RoyxRizaFan4ever @ Feb 4 2008, 03:34 PM) *
*pokes head in cautiously* Eheheh... ph34r.gif

Well, seems that the 'reply' issue from before has been fixed. Then again, I'm not sure how long ago my last login was...happy.gif;

Wow, nearly 1000 pages, now, huh guys? But I guess with the lack of Royai in...a very long time, nothing new to post, I suppose.

Just though I'd pop in and make sure my account still worked and that I remembered my login. huh.gif, I've been a member for a while. blink.gif Nearly two years now. Wow. It seems like longer. tongue.gif

i feel ya. one day i was like "whoah, remember royai?" and then i went on and was like "whats good really old acount that i hadnt been on in madddd long."

QUOTE(CodenameElizabeth @ Feb 5 2008, 08:58 AM) *
EDIT: lolwut?

^^^ Are We Doin' it Rite? laugh.gif

this makes me happy. biggrin.gif


Poking in also, looking for some Royai fics for the Valentine's day... biggrin.gif
Sorry for the long absence. I'd been swamped with assignments and projects. ^^

@Liz: I like your "live action" one better!! laugh.gif

@AndroidLust - Nice to see you! ^^

Chapter 80 is coming up in just few days. Arakawa-sensei usually gives us some "sevice" scenes for the "Valentine's Day" chapter (it comes out on Feb. 12.) I hope we can get some scenes for Roy and/or Riza, or better yet, both this month. ^^
Tombow! *tackle-hugs*

*Also hoping for Royai fanservice!
I'll be having a Valentines fic out sometime next week, I'm thinking the theme will be finders, keepers.
I'm going to put out a fic on Valentine's Day, I think, but not neccesarily a Valentine's themed one. I recently wrote one to Five For Fighting's "The Riddle", and I haven't posted it yet, so that'll probably be what I put up unless I come up with something better.
Tombow! Nice to see you! =D

My Gangsta Royai sig made its comeback. ^^ Yeah, I couldn't resist.
Yay for Valentines Day Royai fics!! happy.gif

*tuckle hugs JS* biggrin.gif

And, thanks Twlightz! ^^
Hehe, I LOVE that Gangsta sig!! XDD

Chapter 80 Spoiler Preview Summary is posted!!

Riza is in this chapter!!!! *dances around*
Looks like she has some significant scenes. Wow!
I'm doing the translation of the Spoiler Summery. It will be all done by tonight. ^^

I can't wait to see the raw for this chapter!! ^^
Yay! *Joins in dancing*

'Tis the perfect thing to come home from inventory and see.

Awesome sig, Twilightz
I can't resist it because I'm so excited to see Riza in the new chapter again...
(Sorry for posting the spoiler!! ^^)

The part of chapter 80 with Riza and Bradley scene:

At the Central Headquarters, inside the Führer's office...
Bradley asks Lieutenant Hawkeye to bring him a cup of tea.
While Hawkeye is making the tea, Bradley talks to Hawkeye.
Bradley: "You are aware of my true identity, and Selim's identity, aren't you?"
Hawkeye: "Now that you know I know, are you going to kill me?"
Bradley: "I'm just curious. How do you feel about having homunculi as someone at the top of the country and his son?"
Hawkeye answers: "Family is someone you should be able to trust in, and instead that being a fictitious unit, that is sad. Is that just 'playing house'? Homunculi who look down on humans are imitating this human trait and laughing about it in behind?"

Bradley replies: "Indeed, I have been 'playing house.' My 'son,' the position of 'Führer,' 'subordinates,' the 'power,' they have been all placed upon me by someone from the above; As if I have been playing 'the power to be.' BUT, my wife, I CHOSE HER MYSELF."

The Lieutenant seems to be slightly surprised by the Führer's last words.
He smiles at Hawkeye, saying it is good tea.
Hawkeye looks at the Führer as if in some unexpected confusion.

Watch out Roy, Bradley is charming her!!!! (No, not really. tongue.gif )
Oh, goody, Riza's come back! I'll definitely have to check out this month's chapter. happy.gif

Oh, and Tombow, I'm pretty sure you've been here more recently than me. LOL >,>

And this post commemorates my two years on the site! biggrin.gif Aaand only 69 posts... tongue.gif

but i miss roy...T_T

mustang, hurry up and burn the fuhrer's mansion with your kickass snap-n-boom action, save your queen and marry the princess!
can anybody predict in which chapter roy and riza will get married?

(sorry, stressed out because math exam is tomorrow)
QUOTE(natsu-hime @ Feb 11 2008, 07:29 AM) *
can anybody predict in which chapter roy and riza will get married?

LOLWUT laugh.gif

I'm actually shocked by that spoiler since I did not think that Homunculi had the ability to love...
Maybe Bradley "chose her" for some other, more strategic reason.

FWIW, I'm actually MORE excited that Armstrong is back in this chapter. I liek me sum big-Sis Armstrong... plus, I'm hoping for some more good shots of her medals so I can work on my campaign pins for my cosplay...
@natsu-hime - Haha, I don't know if we ever see their wedding.. For now, I'm just hoping Riza can get free from being a hostage soon.

Chapter 80 raw is out!

Oww, Riza doesn't look very happy while working for Bradley. sad.gif
She should be making tea for Roy, not Bradley! tongue.gif

@RoyxRizaFan4ever - Happy two year anniversary of being on the board! biggrin.gif
Six months since new sig is staying until he returns. I love Ed, but he's only been gone half as long as Roy, so people really are complaining too much...

But then again, Ed's the main character and Roy's just...well, I'm probably not judging it correctly...whatever.

It was nice to see Riza, though I would have prefferred to have seen how Roy's been reacting to his news about Selim. Bradley was originally human, so i guess he still has some human in him, and he lives with humans so their example runs off on him even if he doesn't show it.
Hmmm... Bradley and Riza... DO NOT WANT! If he was younger and more attractive, I could see something, but he's not, so... ew. But nonetheless, Roy must get his damsel in distress out of the clutches of evil before she does it herself! (Whoa... A.L. Armstrong moment there? Maybe more like Tamaki Suou moment?)

And RoyxRizaFan- I was totally thinking the same thing. Bradley's human side makes an appearance. Makes you wonder just who he'll fight for when the time comes. I wanted to see Roy, too! (Then again, I wouldn't be on this thread if I didn't want to!)

Tombow- The RAW! *Would tackle-hug again, but this is overdone with me, and I've had a pretty disheartening weekend.*

Wow-- what ever has Arakawa done to her? I miss the badass with the sniper rifle. sad.gif
She's been turned into some chamber-maid waiting on His highness the Fuhrer... LAME!

I wanna see her snap. Break out the M16 and start showering the place in bullets.
(Yeaaahhhhh... that's more like it!)

@Liz - I hear ya! I miss "badass" Riza! sad.gif
YES WE MISS A BADASS RIZA! oh well, she can't shoot the fuhrer if he's not doing his papers and dude, like the fuhrer's EVER being lazy?! *sniff* arakawa is seriously twisting our nerves here.
She gave fan service for both AlxMei and EdWin, where's the RoyAi love? DX

tiny text says no roy in this chapter

without tiny text
As much as I, too, miss "badass" Riza, it's not like she can do anything to Bradley. Although, since he's kind of shown her his more "human" side... I dunno where that speculation is going, actually. I've been pretty scatterbrained.

I think she'll break out her guns when the time is right, though. I mean, there are (presumably) some real-as-can-be humans that'll go with Bradley when it comes to the ultimate showdown, so she'll be useful there, and she can at least stall homunculi, since healing, though quick, takes time. I just wanna see some Royai love! Is that too much to ask? We get AlxMei, we get EdxWin, we even get BradleyxBradley's Wife! BUT NO ROYAI! ARG!

And now I have to go to dinner. The rest of this rant can wait for later.
QUOTE(Causmicfire @ Feb 12 2008, 06:03 AM) *
She gave fan service for both AlxMei and EdWin, where's the RoyAi love? DX

tiny text says no roy in this chapter

without tiny text

Causmicfire: DO WANT!!!

(I can use icon nao plz???)
Liz: Yeah!
happy valentine`s day!

above pic is from this very cute site, if you didnt already know about it ^^
Happy Valentine's Day, indeed! I actually posted a new story! Well, it's a drabble, really. Kinda depressing, too. They all are living at the end, at least.

Please check it out! (I'll link it up later.) Anime. Full Metal Alchemist. "Love Is..." by jacksparrow589.
Happy Valentin'e Day!

@AndroidLust - Love the pic! ^^

@JS - Yes, yes, the link to your fic please! biggrin.gif
Finders, Keepers: Young!Roy finds out that being an alchemist's apprentice doesn't mean his tasks will always have something to do with alchemy. He meets Young!Riza for the first time, and their first meeting turns out to be quite strange.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
@RoyxRizaFan4ever - Happy two year anniversary of being on the board!

Thanks, Tombow! happy.gif

Well, I only really follow the FMA chapters when I hear of Roy and Riza popping in or some potential EdWin moments, so I'm not completely following the storyline. Imagine my surprise at Envy's...appearance. O_o And Riza making tea for Bradley...<,< Now, I did know she was working for him, but...making tea? Yeah, not the Riza I remember. But we'll see the implications eventually, I hope. I did like the AlMei (heh, Almay) scenes, though. Oh, and Yoki's...importance to the characters cleared up. laugh.gif

And thus 70 posts... cool.gif
The story- Finally!

Love Is...

Causmicfire- eek! I need to go read your stroy now!
Thanks for the nice fics!! biggrin.gif

@Causmicfire - Aw, nice fic! I enjoyed that fisrt meeting of Roy and Riza! It fits Valentine's Day theme nicely, yet not getting overly sweet... I liked it very much!! ^^

@JS - That's angtsy!! But, I enjoyed it very much!! ^^
Tombow- Yeah... "stress" has kinda been my life in one word for the past week. What makes it worse is that there's not too much I can do to change my situation, so I'm jut trying to make the best of it. Writing helps me vent. Thank you for reading it and enjoying!
kind of curious but...
does anyone know where i could find a better quality copy of this?

im kinda ocd (haha) and would like to find one that isnt an actual picture of the image. which is the only thing i can seem to find >.<
Android Lust- Wow! Cool picture! I barely know where half the crap in my room comes from, though, so I'll be of no help. Sorry! On a completely different (EDIT: where'd I get "curious" from? *looks confused*) topic: I love the haiku in your signature!

Anyway, I've been getting back into the swing of fanfiction, mostly of the Royai variety. I posted a little oneshot last night (At the Beginning), and I've been working on a set of oneshot songfics (none of which I have posted) under the hood and title of "Second Chances". Three guesses (and the first two don't count) as to the theme. wink.gif It's not all just "let's cheat on one another!", though. In fact, the first two, which I have written, are... just not that. That's all I'm gonna say for now, though. If you feel like reading it when I put it up, I suppose you'll do that.

Anybody else been up to anything you'd like to share?
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