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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ Thanks!

~*Causmicfire: You're quite welcome ^^.
~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Cute chibi magnets! happy.gif I love them!

~*Amethyst Sunset: Thanks, I like your sig, the caption is hilarious XD.
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ Those magnets are really cute! ^^

~*Desu ne?: Thank you, I like the Roy one best, hes so kawaii as a chibi biggrin.gif.
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Nice job on the Royai magnet!! Looking so nice!! ^^

~*Tombow: Thanks! Yep, no one can tell but I messed up a bit on Riza's magnet. I was tracing the outline of her on the sticky paper and I did it backwards. Cute avatar, I like the pumpkin ^^.
Amethyst Sunset
Desu ne - Sorry, when you said "Van", the first Van I thought of was the guy in my sig. XDDDD Anyhow, I thought of...

- Miroku and Sango from Inuyasha (Roy and Miroku look a bit alike, even!)
- Wendy and Van from GUNxSWORD (although she carries a gun, Wendy is...well, a kid; maybe Riza can just dress up as Carmen 99)
- Shirou and Saber from Fate/Stay Night (but Roy and Shirou are not very alike)
- Rin and Archer from FSN (well, that should be interesting XD)
- Shi Ryuuki and Kou Shuurei from Saiunkoku Monogatari (Ryuuki is the lazy emperor and Shuurei is his wife, who nags him to do stuff XDDDDD)
- Haji and Saya from Blood+ (Roy with long hair and playing a cello, anyone?)
- Tamaki and Haruhi from Ouran Host Club (Why not?)

XD Don't mind me, I have nothing to do.

Tombow - I love your Halloween avatar! happy.gif Thanks...and get well soon!

~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Thanks. XD Made it from a screenshot of GUNxSWORD. Yes, they are the Van and Wendy I'm talking about. happy.gif
LOL-- Roy and Miroku were, like, separated at birth or something... laugh.gif

The picture I drew last night WAS SO WRONG.
I need to clean it up. I drew it in 5 minutes... XD

Too tired right now tho. TIME 4 BED.
@Tombow Yeah, I'm a good distance away from the fires, but the smoke and ash have definitely gotten to me. It's really nothing compared to people that have lost houses and more in the fire. Get well soon!

@Amethyst Sunset Woudn't Roy love to see Riza dressed up as Carmen 99 >:3
Riza Avatar!!
~~I got a new program to play with. (If anyone finds the language offensive let me know, and I will link it instead)

Amethyst Sunset
Liz - AMEN TO THAT. Yay for quick sketches! XD

Causmicfire - Nice avatar! (Nah, the language is fine with me, I've seen more colorful language in avatars XD)

Oh yeah! Roy would so get a nosebleed and he'd end up too OOC, as Van never gets a nosebleed no matter how many pretty girls he meets. Plus, Van is blissfully unaware of how many girls like him. But seriously, Riza is kick-butt, she could pull off the look...if she wanted to XD

@Amethyst Sunset I didn't until you said the post in which you mentioned the anime your sig came from. I watched the first 5 episodes today. Thanks!
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Thank you!! Love your Halloween avatar and sig, too!! Very nice!! ^^
So, are you ready for the Royai Halloween?? ^^

@Causmicfire - Thank you!! ^^ And, hooray for your Riza avatar!! ^^
(BTW, I played safe and switched to the link. Hope that's ok.. ^^)
Yoohoo, Royai Halloween is just around the corner!! Would you please post the activity schedule again to remind everyone?? biggrin.gif

@Liz - It's true. Roy and Miroku even look alike! XDD
(If Miroku comes to Hagaren world, I bet Roy would try to burn him crisp. XDD )
So, how is your sketch coming?? I wanna see!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - Gahaha, I can not imagine Roy not noticing it if any women around him is eying on him. XDD
And, thank you!! Yes, I'm wrapped up in a blanket with a tissue box on my side.
Time to make some tea and take it easy. ^^

And, this announcement for another one of our awesome artist...
Happy 20th Birthday, Galorfilinde!!
Miss you!! Hope you have an awesome birthday!! ^^

Sunday, October 28th: Past and unfinished fanart and fanfiction.

Monday, October 29th: The theme will be honoring/remembering the dead.

Tuesday, October 30th: Horror Stories with two themes to choose from--Creatures of the Night or Did You Hear/See That.

Wednesday, October 31st: Costume Contest and Trick or Treat. What would our favorite military dogs wear on Halloween? Deadline will be midnight PDT Voting will open after I get a chance to post on the 1st and end on Monday, November 5th, midnight PDT.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful entries!

@Tombow Thanks. I forgot it was so close!! Time flies when exam week comes around.
Click to view attachment

I don't know is this considered as fanart, but I decided to post it anyway. ^^
Just popping in with colored manga.
Click to view attachment

I like your sig, Twilightz!
Hey, all!

I haven't been around too much lately- haven't written much, haven't seen the light of day much, either. Homework and midterms are a big pain! Okay, so I lied. I went out yesterday, but still, I just haven't been feeling the Royai vibe lately! I still love 'em together, but I just haven't had any good ideas! Maybe after midterms...
Amethyst Sunset
Causmicfire - No problem. wink.gif As for length, it's only 26 episodes long. Episode 4 is MADE OF VAN/WENDY MOMENTS XDDDDDD Nah, seriously, Wendy needs to put on a few more years till I can start shipping her with anyone.

Great job on the colored manga, btw. happy.gif

Tombow - Glad to hear you're doing all right. happy.gif As for me, since it's getting pretty cold 'round here, I also need to carry a few tissues with me. XD

Twilightz - Awesome sig! I love it to bits.

JS - Good luck, hope you're doing fine with school! Sometimes we all have our me, I've had several, so I have to get my rear in gear and get writing. XD
@Amethyst Sunset Thanks! I already watched episode 26. I got anxious to know the end. I like it. Now I have to go back and watch from 9-25.

A Riza icon, not Halloween related, but its Riza:

Now something Halloween related, but not Royai:
Click to view attachment
Yeah, Amethyst, holidays never last long enough, and the semester can never end quickly enough! tongue.gif

Desu ne, you draw really well! Oh, and Amethyst's ideas sound interesting! Especially the Blood+ one. Roy playing the cello will be hot! Provided he doesn't get frustrated and decides he could do with extra firewood... =X And if you do the Rin/Archer combination from Fate/Stay, Roy... Well, Roy will have his innermost desire of seeing Riza in a mini-skirt fulfulled... wink.gif

Tombow, Halloween poem? Hmm.... Now you've got me thinking... Hehe.

Causmicfire, I love that Riza avatar! And seriously, with that look, no one would dare mess with her. biggrin.gif The coloured manga looks good too, though Armstrong doesn't have enough pink sparklies around him!!
I guess it's time for remembereing/honoring the dead. Here's someone both Roy and Riza will always remember:
Click to view attachment

@Menelvir Thanks! I definitely agree, Armstrong need some more sparkles.
Amethyst Sunset
Causmicfire - Talk about jumping the gun. XDDDDD So that's how far you've gone already? I smell similarities between the Lundgrens and the Tringhams, I just realized it; older brothers don't tick well with the protagonists, younger brothers tick with the protagonists' sidekicks, they're blond...okay, okay, I'm really pushing it. XD

Aye. We must have a moment of silence for this particular character. I hope to finish something as well for honoring the dead, but I'll think of someone else they have to remember first.

Love the avatar and banner, I commented on your LJ. wink.gif

Menelvir - *sigh* In two weeks, I start my second semester. And yeah, that would be a great opportunity for Roy to show off his musical side. XD

Roy (as Archer): MINISKIRT!
Riza (as Rin): Sir, I believe you're supposed to be the servant.
Roy: Yes, master. *innocent smile*


Roy (as Haji from Blood+): *plays the cello*

*gets frustrated*

*brings out ignition gloves*

Riza (as Saya): *brings out sword* Sir, I don't think that's such a good idea.


Roy (as Van from Gun X Sword): *nosebleeds at the sight of Riza in Carmen 99's skimpy outfit*
Riza (as Carmen 99): Sir, you're horribly out of character.


Roy (as Miroku from Inuyasha): *reaches out to grope*
Riza (as Sango): Sir...
Roy: I'm in character this time!
Riza: *whips out Hiraikotsu*
Amethyst- You totally just brightened up my day. I really did laugh out loud at all those little scenes. Thank you for the Royai fix for today!

Umm... When are we supposed to post fanfiction again?
@J.S. Tomorrow(Tuesday) is Did you hear/see that?, for me we're still on Monday with Remembering/honoring the dead. Hopefully I'll finish what I'm writing in the next hour. Halloween itself is going with the costume/trick or treat theme for any fanart or fanfiction.

@Amethyst Nice skits! The last two are great!

Done! A fic for honoring/remembering the dead! Who's Maes?- Had it already been nine years?
Desu ne?
@Amethyst Haha, those skits made me smile. xD I could so picture that..

Anyways. Since Tombow asked me to make a halloween-ish caption thing, here it is:


Link in case image won't work:

It's.. erm Roy in the dress of Jack Skellington from a nightmare before christmas. The thing with a pumpkin on the head is poor little Hayate. And it's up to you to figure what is going on. xD Because I for sure can't. O.o

The prize will be a drawing for this one too, don't really know anything else. xD
Amethyst Sunset
It was my pleasure doing those random skits; I felt random, anyway. XD And because my fics and/or poetry may be delayed. Enrollment for my second semester is coming up! And which reminds me...

Roy (as Tamaki from Ouran): GET AWAY FROM MY PRECIOUS HARUHI!
Riza (as Haruhi): Uh...can you get away from me? No offense, sir, but I don't need any of that.
Roy: *gloom*

*crawls into corner*

And we could even have Hughes as Kyouya. XDDDD

And, Causmicfire, left ye a review. wink.gif Nice job on that!

Desu ne, great job on that! Roy as Jack Skellington is awesome. Now, if only we could also get Riza to dress as Sally...
@Desu ne? Nice drawing, it furthers my need for Nightmare Before Christmas. Such a great movie, I've had it on the brain for a couple days now. I wonder if it will be airing on television within the next couple days.

@Amethyst Thanks! Now, if only we could find someone in fma who looks like Havoc and we'd have Hikaru and Kaoru. We already know who would be Honey and Mori, Ed and Al XP.

Unfortunately I won't be able to get a story in for today's theme until tomorrow.
Since my exams have been pushed to next week, we got behind schedule in all of my classes, I will actually have time to try my hand at drawing, but I'm not much of an artist when it comes to drawing people, still life is my thing.
Okay, so, here's my contribution to the whole Did You Hear/See That? category. It's not Royai but for one microscopic hint, and even then, you can take it as being totally platonic. Still, I think it's pretty Halloween-y.

Here you are!

Things Go Bump In the Night

I have to go now, but I'll check stuff out later!
Desu ne?
I don't have anything for today, sorry. I've tried drawing something (other than a quick sketch xp) of Roy and Riza over the last few days, but I have no inspiration whatsoever for poses or costumes..
Amethyst Sunset

Looks like my stories will be quite late. I was planning to submit 'em today at least, but my family had different plans. We be headin' off to the province and staying there overnight.

Ah well. But the next chapter of You've Got a Long Way to Go, for those who're following it, is halfway done.

Causmicfire - I agree. happy.gif *hugs* Good luck with real life! XD

JS - That's all right; I enjoyed the story. XD Heh. I can relate...

Desu ne - That's all right, you don't have to force yourself if you don't have inspiration. Just wait for it to come your way...or find it. happy.gif
That's alright Desu ne?, inspiration can't be forced. I've got an entry to your Halloween Caption Contest:
Click to view attachment

@Amethyst Have a good time with your family! Thanks!

@JS Great fic!

I was going to carve the profile of Lust onto my pumpkin today, but I could find one the proper size, so instead I carved out the serpent from the ouroboros tattoos, and if you don't know what it is, it actually looks like my pumpkin is screaming. I'll see about getting a pic of it later.

Have a Happy, Safe Halloween everyone!

edit: So, I've got some very rough costume sketches of Roy and Riza.

Riza in Wonderland:
Click to view attachment

Roy as the White Rabbit
Click to view attachment

I tried drawing them facing each other, but Roy kept coming out looking horrible, so I stuck with the seperate drawings.
Well, I had a safe Halloween, but not a happy one. I didn't go out, but that was because I had to study for stupid midterms. On the plus side, I don't think I failed any of them! On the minus side... well... I might not have failed, per se, but still...

I've had little drabble bugs biting me with Royai ideas, but I haven't had time to get them down on paper. I really should at some point...
Amethyst Sunset
Due to the onslaught of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) craze, my Royai fic has ended up getting quite...postponed. I already missed the day I lost when we went to the province, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Wow, 50k words in a month and I haven't even done 5k.

Though my Royai fic will definitely have something to do with the events of chapter 58 and above. wink.gif

Causmicfire - I <3 your sketches. Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite stories as a kid, and I still like it till now.

JS - Glad your midterms went quite well. happy.gif Heh, sometimes the problem with us writers is writing our ideas down...I do have that problem myself; I end up getting ideas when I don't have anything around to write them down in the shower XDDDDD
@J.S.Yeah, I do the same thing with my ideas, especially when I think of them just before I go to bed. I keep a notebook close, but don't always get to it, and then if I do, it's in quick writing and I have trouble deciphering it. Mustang does, that doesn't make sense. And Riza's face is, huh?

@Amethyst Good luck with NaNoWriMo! I was thinking of entering, but I don't know what to write about. If I get an idea before the 5th I may be a late starter. Thanks! I was going to be Alice for Halloween, but it didn't happen. People(children) used call me Alice in Wonderland during elementary school, since my first name is Alison, awfully clever of them, eh?

So, I;ve got a new chapter of my RoyAi 100 themes. This chapter is a continuation of the theme Gunshot. Heiki & Heiki ((Weapon & Fine))--Grumman reveals to Riza that Roy isn't her guardian.
*Pops head in*
Hmmm...mind if i cut in?
*waves* Hi everyone..sorry for butting in between the topic..i just wanted to share some pretty pics i have cuz i was updating my online anime album. smile.gif

Haha..i can't seem to visit here long enough to catch up on the topic though..
university life sure is busy in my country..but i'll still bring more pics everytime i update my album!

Hope you like'em!

Ok! I'm done with my job here... *disappears*
That be sum good fic thar, Causmicfire!!


I like the background you wrote on Grumman and the rest of Riza's family. I'm sure he is going to come into play again soon, I'm just curious as to when Arakawa is going to bring him back into the story.
@Liz Thanks! Yeah, I don't think we've seen the end of Grumman either. I'm working on the two companion pieces to it right now. I'm reading a 100 themes response by the author WhiteLadyoftheRing on right now, and I thought she might be you for a moment when I read the theme fingertips solely because of this passage: "Her father had encrypted his research into the Requiem mass. It was ingenious really, to use such a common, well-known and well-loved text to put on his daughter’s back. Anyone who saw it might think she had taken a certain liking for the mass itself, and would dismiss the tattoo altogether." I immediately thought of your tattoo. She's going to have the tattoo put on her back in henna for a con next year.

If you like background fics I'm working on one about Riza's father called Becoming Hawkeye which will cover from his early childhood to death. I've only got three chapters up, but the rest is planned out. excuse my story pimpage

erm, double posting, but it's been almost three days without activity here sad.gif

So, I've got another chapter to the guardian arc ((as I have dubbed it)) in Back to Back. Letter: Roy finds out that Riza isn't living at her father's house any longer. Jumping to conclusions, the beginning of establishing a code, and a strange, old, married couple included. Did I mention hints of RoyAi??

Anyone else anxious for the next chapter?
Hey everyone!!! ^__^

I've missed u all being busy with school and all that not so very fun stuff =P

Sorry I missed our wonderful royai halloween =(

but i'm working on 2 new royai amvs that i'm very excited for! =D i should have them done by the weekend...hopefully ;D

but just felt like dropping by to say hello and will b back soon with some videos for everyone!
Causmicfire- I need to check out your new one-shot-drabble-type-thingy! And I'm anxious for the next chapter. I wanna know what happens! And I want to see Roy. Or Riza. Or Roy and Riza, but when do I not?

Schubes- Yes, school seems to be in full swing for those of us actually in school on this thread. Stupid junior year is full of work!
Jacksparrow: I know i'm in my junior yr too and i have so much work, it's insane.

But as I promised!

New Royai Amv ~ One In Million

it's kinda short (only 1:24) but i think the lyrics are pretty cute ^__^ so yeah, enjoy everyone!
Oy, sorry for being away for so long!!
My Internet connection went completely bonkers.. turned out it wasn't the net service problem this time, but the problem was somewhere between the connection and my computer. I (actually, my friend did for me ^^) changed to a new router today, and it seems to be working!! Yay!!!
Whew!! It's so good to be back!!! biggrin.gif

It will take me a while to catch up what I missed, but first... I bring you the translation of....
Chapter 77 Spoiler Summary!!!
Desu ne?
The caption contests are still running, I think I'l just merge them due to lack of entries.. if you have an entry, either post it in the thread or pm it.

Anyway.. I think I finally found the reason we haven't been seeing too much of Roy and Riza in the recent chapters:

And yes, I drew it.

@Tombow: Chapter 77 summary? Niiice. But I won't read it since I usually wait until the translated scans are ready. I'm just weird like that.
Welcome back, Tombow!

Lovely amv, Schubes!

lol, love the art, Desu ne?!
Schubes- I watched your amv. It's so CUTE!!!!

Tombow- You're alive! Yay! Oh- and the spoiler summary looks awesome. I can't wait to actually read the chapter!

Desu ne?- Your little comic is cute! It reminds me of the "cast party" OVA from after the movie.
Desu ne?
I read the new chapter today.

I really wonder how long my drawing will remain usable, lol. It's nice that things are happening but.. I really want to see some more of Roy and Riza. Akarawa-san better have something in store to justify not putting them in the recent chapters. =p
I just wish we'd get more back ground information about them. I've been talking with an author on about their background and our own separate theories. It'd be nice to have some solid facts, other than what we already know.
wooot! my indonesian dad is nice! yesterday he took me to kinokuniya and bought me FMA chinese vol 17, english vol 11 and 2008 calendar! WOOOOT~ another year spent with FMA...hehehehehe but i hope arakawa will release her original artwork calendar too for 2008 biggrin.gif

sorry for being gone for quite a long time i was busy with schoolworks...but i posted new FMA sketches in my deviantart. here's a few of my best: > one-page doujin. with english translations

just a pop-in...
@Tombow - awesome job.. don't know how u find the time for these things

and as for the "lack" of royai; admit that when Ms. Arakawa includes it she does so at key points in the story, well drafted... expect it to be well done when it does happen
as for now the new chapter looks really good as it is
How are you ??
Any news?
Wow! This thread goes on growing O:!!

I'll bring you some pics wink.gif :

A short -comic, but without knowing what is says you can understand tha idea :

Comic, young-Roy & young-RIza:

"Comic" 50 moves...(1-29 FMA - Royai):


Official pics (by Aarkawa):
"special cover"

More later smile.gif ...

*rolls away*
I really liked that one official pic, Paca. Nice to see Havoc again. Been wondering what's up with the poor guy...

It just dawned upon me that I never showed you guys the picture that my one friend drew me for my birthday. laugh.gif

My first reaction was "Holysh*t, what's WRONG with you, woman??!?" but the I realized that I'd just warped her into becoming a closet-RoiAi shipper as well. Even though she's never seen or read FMA. LOLZ.

So, um, yeah.
I DIDN'T DRAW THIS. But I approve of it 100%
And it's not a 'shoop. she drew and colored it by hand, not by compuiter which makes it 50 times cooler.

Click to view attachment
Thanks for all the links Paca, they're awesome.

@Liz That drawing is brilliant, thanks for sharing it!
Desu ne?
@Liz That drawing seriously scares me! ..well at least it made me forget about being depressed for a sec. But still.. agh the mental afterimage.. it burns..

Nothing new elsewise.

Been doing some fma character quizzes though.. but most are rather far off, I think. Oh and all the typos in them.. geez.. Maes turns in to Marse, course to coarse.. can't people be bothered to check their spelling before they upload their quiz? Either way.. so far I haven't a lot of quizzes I feel I could 'trust', since they a) have the color question and/or b ) have questions that make the outcome obvious. Sometime, I wonder how it would go if I asked my sister to fill out a quiz on behalf of me.. maybe I'll try sometime.
@Natsu-hime You're drawing are cute!

Since, I don't think I'll finish the one-shot I'm working on for another couple days here's an avvie:

If I spend less time making these things, I might finish fics faster DX, but I can't stop! It does help break down writer's block.
Hi! New here. Devout Royai fan. So uh . . . hi. smile.gif Just slipping into the thread. (Causmicfire, I see you biggrin.gif )
Hi, welcome to our thread, and forum. I hope you enjoy it!
People, go check out her fic A Blue September Morning on Some awesome RoyAi there.
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