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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Strawberry Cakes!!! I like it... (And YES, Starrie-- I wish I had an excuse to bake MORE. I'm just getting through drooling over the latest episode of "Extreme Cakes" OMFG!! That show is hardcore...)

I know that this has NOTHING to do with RoiAi, but it DOES have EVERYTHING to do with desserts.


It is so brainlessly simple that last time I made it, I pureed the extra strawberries, cooked them down and made my own jam that I piped onto the cake to decorate it. wink.gif

Tombow- thanks for the buffalo-wing recipe. I've been looking for a good one to try. I used to make wings for parties back in the day, but it's been a while since I've tried making them.
@Causmicfire - Watermelon cake!! Totally going along with this year's theme!! biggrin.gif
And, it's strawberry flavored and with real whipped cream frosting! MMmm, nice!! ^^

@riza'slittlesister - Thanks!! laugh.gif Yeah, I'm getting hungry myself!! biggrin.gif

@Liz - That one looks so good!! Great idea using sugar cookie dough for the crust!!
I have to try this one sometime! biggrin.gif
Oh, and that Buffalo-wing recipe is a super easy fool-proof recipe. ^^
Anne Packrat
All this stuff looks good! Too bad I can't eat a whole lot of it given that I'm on Weight Watchers. Here's something I can eat from there though!

Havoc's Corn Dog(s)
Optional instructions, ingredients in italics.


One small black and white dog (or if Hawkeye catches you trying to pinch him, substitute the following:)
8 average fat-free beef and pork hot dogs
1 sprays cooking spray
11 1/2 oz Pillsbury Cornbread Twist(s), or other brand
8 tsp mustard, spicy, brown
2 large egg white(s), whisked
1/3 cup seasoned bread crumbs


Have Colonel distract Hawkeye, either by kissing her, flirting with her, or saying something stupid and getting shot at. While Hawkeye is distracted steal small black and white dog. Pray Hawkeye doesn't discover you're the dognapper. If Hawkeye gets close to fingering you as the culprit then return dog when she's not around and blame Breda.

Preheat oven to 375F. Coat a large baking sheet with cooking spray.

Unroll cornbread twists and separate into 8 equal pieces using dough perforations as a guide (each of the 8 pieces will contain 2 cornbread twists). Pinch together the existing perforations between twists to make 8 solid pieces. Roll each piece into a 4- X 5-inch rectangle.

Spread 1 teaspoon of mustard on each rectangle. Place hot dogs on rectangles, roll up and pinch the ends in to seal.

Place egg whites and bread crumbs in separate shallow dishes. Roll corn dogs first in egg whites, then in bread crumbs, turning to coat. Transfer corn dogs to prepared baking sheet. Bake until golden brown, about 25 minutes.

Deny any involvement in dognapping. Sneak away while Hawkeye is arguing with the Colonel over paperwork. Knock off early and go try to impress that new waitress at the bar down the street before your playboy boss gets to her.

Serves 8, 5 points per serving.
@Anne Packrat - Gahaha, this one wins "the most entertaining recipe" hands down!!! laugh.gif
"If Hawkeye gets close to fingering you as the culprit ... blame Breda." LOL!!!
I love it!! XDD (Besides, I LUV corndogs!! biggrin.gif )
Anne Packrat
QUOTE(Tombow @ Aug 21 2007, 11:54 PM) *
@Anne Packrat - Gahaha, this one wins "the most entertaining recipe" hands down!!! laugh.gif
"If Hawkeye gets close to fingering you as the culprit ... blame Breda." LOL!!!
I love it!! XDD (Besides, I LUV corndogs!! biggrin.gif )

Heh, I haven't actually tried these. Frankly, I have only slightly better cooking skills then Akane Tendo (Oh no! Old school reference!).

I've got my special swimsuit entry all ready to go too!
QUOTE(Anne Packrat @ Aug 21 2007, 08:31 PM) *
Deny any involvement in dognapping. Sneak away while Hawkeye is arguing with the Colonel over paperwork. Knock off early and go try to impress that new waitress at the bar down the street before your playboy boss gets to her.

rofl This one involves the entire office, well most of them. I wonder what Fuery would have to say if he read this.

Fuery: Runs off to tell the new waitress about Havoc's dog eating habits.

My sister would love those, with the beef franks, not Hayate.

@Liz That looks so good. I'll have to store the recipe away to make it next time we have a potluck at work.

@Tombow S'mores!!! I love them, and with coconut, sounds good. As for balancing school, work, and writing, I love to write, and often times I've got notes for RoyAi pieces in the margins of my lecture notes...and my job can be mindless at times, such as when I *get* to fold clothes, and I can play around with the plot bunnies in my head. Thank you! happy.gif Now, I just wish I had more time to draw. Good job explaining the reasons for RoyAi festivals/days!

@Amythest Sunset Thank you!! I'm going to play with it some more when I get photoshop. Mmm, Mocha Ice Candy, sound good.

@Desu ne? Cute pics. I love Rainy Day and the continuation.

@Nastu hime Nice artwork. I love Summer Disaster.

Riza'slittlesister I enjoyed it very much. I'll go back and review each chapter on my day off(Thursday).

I've started on a piece for swimsuit day, and I've found a way to incorporate it in my collection of responses to the 100 RoyAi themes.

@ Anne Packrat That is absolutely brilliant! We need more of those! And I'm gonna have to try the recipe, sans Black Hayate. You also have a swimsuit! Rock on! I can't wait to see it.

@ CNE And you made the jam! Go Liz, go Liz!

@ Causmicfire I love the idea of a watermelon cake. It fits in in so many ways.

@ rls No worries! You could find images of food that you think they would have at a picnic/bbq, it doesn't necessarily have to be your fave food.

@ Tombow-dono I think the deadline for the recipes is for the fifth day aka the 23rd. Voting will be on the sixth day aka 24th.

Now it's time for my editions to the menu---

Appetizers: Shrimp Cocktail

Salad: Shrimp Salad

Main Course: Shrimp Kabobs

Side Dish: Shrimp Pilau

Vegetable: BBQ Corn

Dessert: Banana's Foster

Mixed Drink: Fiery Blue Mustang

Did I mention that Roy would have invited Ed????? laugh.gif

Okay, I'm off for the night! I'll check in tomorrow. Remember it's--

SWIMSUIT PARADE!!! Show us what you think our canon couple (or other FMA character) would wear. Written description or images are accepted.
Anne Packrat
QUOTE(Starrieidgirl @ Aug 22 2007, 01:30 AM) *
Okay, I'm off for the night! I'll check in tomorrow. Remember it's--

SWIMSUIT PARADE!!! Show us what you think our canon couple (or other FMA character) would wear. Written description or images are accepted.

Well, since I can't draw and I can't describe distinct clothing all that well, what I have is this:

And yes, I just took this tonight specifically for this. wink.gif Even went out and bought that bucket. I'm afraid it's kind of hard to see, but Hayate's wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
@Causmicfire - Wow, you're amazing!! And I've just started reading your writings in Fanfic forum! Those are awesome!! ^^

@Anne Packrat - Hayate with Aloha shirt!! I like that!! laugh.gif
The bucket is a nice touch, too!! Hayate is ready to go to the beach party!! Great idea!!
I think this is the first time we feature Hayate cosplay in our Album!! biggrin.gif

@Starrie - Gahaha, skewer those shrimps!! XD Nice selection of recipes!! ^^
And, of course, we got to serve Fiery Blue Mustang!! biggrin.gif
Oh, and thanks, yap, Thursday deadline for recipe sounds good!! ^^

I will post swimsuites design later, but first... I finally got one poster down.

Whew, it took me forever!!!! tongue.gif
@Tombow *blushes* Thanks! Great poster!! I've always liked that pic, especially with Roy in teh back getting ready to light the barbeque.

@Anne Hayate's so cute! I wonder how much food he'll be able to get at the picnic.

@Starrie Poor Ed, thought I have to admit shrimp can be quite tasty! Fiery Blue Mustang!! My best friend loves banana liqueur, so I'm sure she'll try it. We'll probably end up making it at our next card night.
@Causmicfire - Thanks!! It's hard because we don't have many official summer pics for Roy and Riza to be used for the Festival poster/banner, and also, I only have lousy Paint and super slow computer. (My own computer died last year. >.<) Considering all that, it's ok. laugh.gif

And, this is my beach wear design for Roy. XD

It's an Aloha shirt over blue shorts, with matching flame design. tongue.gif
@amethyst sunset - arigatou! ne...i'm indonesian. oh yeah it is stormie's contest fix it already thanks! ^^

@anne packrat - kyaaaa! that hayate is so cute! >.<

@tombow - roy's shorts looks like my cat's aloha shirt!

all the recipes back there makes me hungry...*drool* too bad i don't have a proper kitchen right now and i suck at cooking T^T
Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - Tiramisu is niiiice. happy.gif I agree.

Though thankfully we live in the city, far away from all those dangerous volcanoes. XD Still...I wish they didn't erupt so violently...

I love that pic! =D It was my desktop wallpaper last year. I mean, the entire picture. And, I love your recipes. Though the chicken wings may be a bit too spicy for my taste. XD

Yay, a poster! Great work! Sorry about your computer. *hugs* But you still made some cool shorts for Roy!

Causmicfire - Hahaha, it does look like watermelon! How very fitting for the occasion.

And where I live, actually, there are many flavors of ice candy, not just pineapple or mocha, as I've posted before. ^^ I'll see if there are any specific recipes though.

Can't wait to see what else you've got for the festival!

Liz - Wow! I like strawberries, and dessert, and pizza, so I'm drooling right now. I wish I could bake mom's a pro and she's teaching me. I can't be trusted in the kitchen alone... ^^;

Anne - Interesting! VERY interesting recipe, yes? wink.gif Go Havoc! And, cute Black Hayate cosplay, as always!

Starrie - Awesome, you have it all planned out. biggrin.gif

Shrimp...*snicker* Ed will be hopping mad at all the shrimp references. XDDDDDD And yes, never forget the Fiery Blue Mustangs!

Natsu-hime - I see. ^^ Indonesia's not too far away from where I am. XD


I shall scout for more recipes and see what one-shot I can whip up for the festival - besides the specially-themed chapter from my currently-running Royai fanfic - but I have an important interview this weekend I have to prepare for. Yes, college again. XD It's a long story, really. Wish me luck!
Sorry I don't have any good recipes to share, besides it's on to the next day!....what exactly are we celebrating today?

Ok I'm determined to still draw something even if I can't b entered into the contest i don't really care. Im as determined as last night when i was talking to my friend and decided i wanted to b able to stand on my head...? And I want to make another amv in time for the closing of this celebration!

To the paper and pencils....and the movie maker!!! =D
Anne: Thanks for the Hayate pic, it's cute! And the corn dog recipe's great. Very funny.

Tombow: I like the poster!

Causmic: I'm glad you liked it, I hope it makes more sense when you review the chapters, I have to do that all the time!
@natsu-hime - Your cat has an Aloha shirt with Roy's flame like design? Awesome! laugh.gif
I wanna see your cat with the Aloha shirt with Roy's flames!! biggrin.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Glad you like the poster!! Can't wait to read your one shot! ^^
And, good luck with your interview!! happy.gif

@Schubes - I think fanarts and recipes and banners... we can all post them through Thursday and can still enter the contests... ^^ Yes, yes, please make more fanarts!!

@riza'slittlesister - Glad you like my poster!!

And, it's a Royai Swimsuites Parade day!!! biggrin.gif

This is all I could come up with for Riza's swimsuites. tongue.gif
(Please don't shoot me for mauling your fav pic!! XDD)

Hope everyone else would do much better! biggrin.gif
I've got a written entry for the swimsuit parade!
Secrets-Chapters 39, and 58-61 spoilers!!

ok thanks Tombow! *runs off to get paper and pencils* forget coloring in this coloring book i found in the basment today XD to the drawing!!!!!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Ahh... I'm now all moved in at college, band camp is done, and my classes are all under way! biggrin.gif

Granted, I still have tons of bags and junk on my tiny little floor, it's still in the 100s, and it's only Wednesday of my first week, but I'm already starting to get into some semblance of a routine - up next will be my chunk of time for writing and all FMA-website-related business... Probably between my EAS and Micro classes on Thursdays... I'm thinking of just sitting in the student center and writing. tongue.gif

How's everything here??? Anything new and fun going on?
@ Schubes Any AMV will be gladly added to the album. Sorry I didn't make an AMV day, but so far, you are the only one who has done one.

@ Anne Packrat Great photo! I could see Hayate in a Hawaiian shirtl And you went and bought a pail! You are dedicated! Thank you so much!

@ Causmicfire Awesome! I have the link and I'll get it added to the album. Keep up the great work! And let us know how the Fiery Blue Mustangs work out for you. I haven't tried them yet, I wanted to for my 25th b-day, but I got held up by an Irish car bomb!

@ Tombow-dono Great pics! And you did a banner! So far I think we have two entries...

Tomorrow is "one-shot" Thursday. Please submit a 500 to 1000 word one shot involving these three words; watermelon(s), fireworks, and nosebleed.

Thanks all! I love what everyone is doing and I've heard from Stormie, I understand Menelvir is assisting her so keep on putting in your entries for Stormie's Twilight contest.
Starrie don't worry about not having an amv day. that's fine with me ^__^ im just glad i got to share one with somewhat of a summer theme =]

and yes im acctually working on my fanart! =D i have an entire sandcastle drawn and working on the outlines of roy, riza, and hayate =] yay!!!
QUOTE(Schubes @ Aug 22 2007, 09:11 PM) *
Starrie don't worry about not having an amv day. that's fine with me ^__^ im just glad i got to share one with somewhat of a summer theme =]

and yes im acctually working on my fanart! =D i have an entire sandcastle drawn and working on the outlines of roy, riza, and hayate =] yay!!!

Schubes That's great! I'd love to see your sandcastle. I tried building one at our company picnic on Sunday, but I failed sad.gif

I keep forgetting to go back the fict I was writing. I haven't had the desire or the time. But I'll get it up soon for all to read.

Deadline for recipes is set for tomorrow! Get them in if you haven't!

Desu ne?
@Causmicfire I liked your written entry. ^^

@Everyone So much stuff has been posted since I last looked. O.o It's all very nice and I apologize that I don't comment on everything individually.
@ Desu ne? A lot has happened and lot more will happen. Hopefully you will be able to add some fanfict tomorrow.

I'm out for now, I'll check in with you all later!

@Starrie - Thank you for doing the awesome jobs with the Festival!! *hugs!!* happy.gif
And, thanks for getting in touch with Stormie!! Glad to hear that Menelvir is helping her!! ^^

@Causmicfire - Your written entry for the swimsuite parade is sooo good!! ^^

@Desu ne? - Gahaha, yap, aren't they great?? biggrin.gif
And, don't worry about commenting!! You enjoy them and that makes me/us happy!! ^^

@Schubes - Oh!! Roy, Riza, sandcastle, and Hayate?? This is going to be good!!
Can't wait to see!! biggrin.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Here comes a newly minted Georgia Tech freshman!! biggrin.gif
Welcome back!! Nice to see you!! How do you like the college life so far? ^^
We are right in the middle of Royai Summer Festival Week, Sun Aug 19 ~ Sat. Aug 25.
Starrie has organized a week full of fun, fun, fun activities!!
You can see the schedule on Starrie's post here. ^^

I can't wait to read all the "One Shot Thursday" entries!! happy.gif
QUOTE(Tombow @ Aug 23 2007, 02:44 PM) *
@Starrie - Thank you for doing the awesome jobs with the Festival!! *hugs!!* happy.gif
And, thanks for getting in touch with Stormie!! Glad to hear that Menelvir is helping her!! ^^

Heh, actually, I just saw Stormie's pm for help. Of course I'm glad to! The unfortunate thing is, we're both victims of the education system of our countries. I suppose I could go through the last few pages to find all the entries, but I'm quite tired at the present moment... It'd be really nice if everyone who's participating to re-post the link, or pm it to me. It'd be nice if you all can tip me off about anyone you know is joining, so I don't miss them out. What I'll do is collate all the links to the fanfics and fan art, and pm them all to our dearest Stormie.

So far, I only know of Amethyst Sunset's Twilight in Trissame and Ice Alchemist's Hunting in Twilight. I'm sure there are a few fanart entries, but you'll have to give me the links again. So sorry about that!

Stormie sends her love!

And good luck to everyone entering! smile.gif
Wow, I haven't been here for what seems like ages now. I can see that I definetly missed some pretty cool stuff. I saw Tombow and Starrie's schedules for a fun-filled week of Royai goodies. I loved all the ideas, and everything looked like so much fun that I couldn't resist checking out the fun. I saw that there is a Royai themed picinc lunch recipe contest, but I was just wondering if you are still recieving submissions. I look forward to seeing/reading everybody's great artworks, recipes, fanfictions, fan-arts, etc. Best of luck to everyone and hope that you are all having a great last couple of weeks of summer.
@Menelvir - It's so nice to see you!! happy.gif Haha, that sounds like Stormie. XDD
I would like to help, but I have been handful, and even as is I've been trying to participate in the activities as much as I could, and thus stretching myself. Hopefully, Starrie can help you!!
Or, if you guys are pressed with time, maybe we announce winners for all other event contests on Saturday, except the winners of Stormie's contests, and Stormie and you guys can take time to choose the winners that way. Of course that's up to Stormie, Starrie, and Amethyst Sunset to decide, I'm assuming you're pressed with time because of the studying, and if nobody can help you, then I will be fine if you guys postpone the announcement of the winners of Stormie's contests till reasonably later date. I would rather see that than you shaving your study time to get this done for Stormie so that she could announce it on Saturday. Maybe Stormy would announce it on Monday, and that way you guys can have this weekend to get it done? After all, we are here to have fun, not the burden. Anyway, that's just my thought.. ^^
And, thanks for helping Stormie!! *hugs!!* happy.gif

@Edamame - Nice to see you!! happy.gif Our Recipe Contest, Roy & Riza's Swim suites design Contests, 2007 Royai Summer Festival Banner Contest are all still open through end of today... which probably means Starrie's local time, meaning U.S. time, so, that means we probably have up to 15 more hours or so, I guess. ^^
I would love to see your entries!! biggrin.gif

And... Roy and Riza in summer kimono, previously posted by someone. XD Don't know the artist, tho the style is vaguely familiar. ^^

Finally! After an hour of waiting not-so-patiently for my computer to figure things out, I present to you the link to my oneshot:

Family Picnic

The story itself is just over 500 words (I don't think it's much more than 525, if that), but the author's notes at the beginning and end clear things up a bit for you. ALSO, check the summary for the setting! Please! I phrased it how I want to phrase it there!

Anyway, happy one-shot Thursday! I might not get around to reading what's submitted until tomorrow because I'm doing chores, doing something with my family, then babysitting. Tomorrow is another story, though, thank goodness.
Desu ne?
@Menelvir Nice to meet you, I think it's the first time I see you in the thread (for the short time I've been here). Here's my entry, reposted: Vampire lesson #103

@Tombow Cute picture. :3

I'm thinking of maybe doing a "100-themes challenge" thing sometime (and let it all be FMA-related stuff), but knowing me it'll probably all be quickies. And RAARGH anatomy you are stupid. <<
Hooray for school though, since I picked computer class and we got Flash installed on our school compys. Maybe I might be able to use it for some cool stuff eventually. tongue.gif
ok! yay! i finished my fan art!!! now im not sure exactly how i should b putting this picture, so im just gonna post it in this post. unsure.gif

Sorry I don't have a scannre so it was taken with my digital. And it's only shaded cuz Im a horrible colorer! haha. and i only had one day smile.gif

And just for the record, i suck at drawing hands and dogs! laugh.gif

Click to view attachment

Hope everyone enjoys it ^__^ well im gonna go clean my house then go work on a new amv!!! bye everyone!!!! =D
@JS - Nice one shot!! I like it very much!! ^^
Hope you can stop by tomorrow for voting for Recipe Contest and other contests!! happy.gif

@Desu ne? - Yes, 100 theme will be great!! Sounds like fun!! ^^

@Schubes - OMG, cute!! laugh.gif That sandcastle looks great, and Roy and Riza are a nice looking couple, and Black Hayate is "awwww" inspiring cute!!
The whole pic brings me a big smile!! I love it!! happy.gif
(BTW, it was stretching the forum page, so I switched to an Attachment. ^^)
thanks tombow! biggrin.gif

o and thanks for switching it! sorry i didn't know exactly what i should do sad.gif
@Schubes - No problem!! ^^
I just can't get over how cute Black Hayate is in your drawing!! biggrin.gif
Hayate is messing up a part of Roy's sandcastle, and nice job with Roy's expressions!!
And, the details, like sands in the background, and Roy x Riza heart flag, sand pail, watermelon, they are well thought-out!! I love it!! happy.gif
Reta McClain
Bringing one Royai fanart...
Click to view attachment
Sorry for the poor resolution, I have to use our digital camera *sweatdrop*

So, I had read just a little bit too much FMA while stuck on one island and I decided that I needed to draw Royai. So, being a good girl I am, I did so and this is the result. Only flaw is Roy's little bit too big head... This was a pain to draw, you know. I like Riza's gun, tho tongue.gif
Desu ne?
@Schubes Awww, that pic is just too cute. ^^

@Reta McClain Good girl. *pats on head* Jokes aside, you did a great job with the pic.
@Reta McClain - So nice to see you!! And, you brought your Royai drawing!! Awesome!!
Those details on his/her clothings are amazing, including Roy's uniform and the glove!!
You did nice job with shadowing and highlighting, too!! Yeah, the resolution gets somewhat lost using the digital camera, but I'm glad you decided to improvise so that we get to see your wonderful drawing!! Thank you!! happy.gif
LOL-ing at Anne's recipe...

I am DEFINITELY trying this. Because I LOVE corndogs, but I know they are very bad for you. And this is a much healthier way to make them!

I usually wind up getting the Morningstar Farms vegitarian corn dogs when I crave them. I wonder if these would work if made with vegitarian hot dogs? Hmmmm...
Anne Packrat
I'm still working on my entries for the contest and the fair. Ugh, I might not make the deadline for today, as I had PT today.

You all aren't making the corndogs right. They have to be made with small black and white dogs.
@Liz - I just had Morningstar conrndogs last night!! laugh.gif
My guess is that it looks like the recipe should work with any veggie dogs. ^^

@Anne Packrat - Nooo, back off, back of!! *Fight back Havoc and take away Hayate from him* tongue.gif
And, about the deadline, if it's one shot, then as far as I know that is not contest, so can be posted Friday and Saturday also, and still be included in the Album, I think. Only the ones that are part of the contest events... Swimsuite, Recipe, and Banner need to be in by today, so that they can put them up for voting tomorrow, and the winner announced on Saturday, I think. ^^

And, speaking of... I made a banner.. finally!! biggrin.gif
(No laugh, I know it's very very primitive!! laugh.gif At least, I tried. ^^ )
So, here it is... ^^ Hope others making some better banners.. ^^

Jacksparrow: I really like your short fiction "Family Picnic". I love how Riza views the entire military including Roy as an extension of your family. The thought of Roy attempting to play ultimate frisbee is hilarious.

Desu ne?
Your vampire Roy artwork is so cute. I wonder if he will bite Riza after he finishes the paper-work.
Schubes: I really like your artwork of Roy and Riza at the beach. Roy's expression is hilarious as Hayate destroys the sand-castle. I just noticed the little flag on top of the castle says "RoyXRiza". Cute!
Reta: Lovely Royai drawing Reta! You did a great job capturing the facial expressions of both Roy and Riza- they look like they are ready to take anybody on together. Nice job with shading.

Some Royai Picnic Recipes:
Roy's Barbecued Spareribs (Makes six large servings)

-Five pounds spareribs, cut into serving-size pieces
-For the SAUCE Mix together:
*1 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
*1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce
*1/3 cup soy sauce
*1/4 cup cider vinegar
*1/4 cup chili sauce
*1/2 cup ketchup
*2 tsps. of yellow mustard
*2 cloves of garlic, mashed
* 1/8 tsp pepper
~Preheat the oven to 350. (Or if your Roy you can simply use your mad alchemy skills to start it up.) Wrap the rips in double thickness heavy foil and bake them for 1 and 1/2 hrs. at 350 degrees. After the 1 and 1/2 hours is up take the rips out of the oven, unwrap them, and drain off drippings. Marinate ribs in the sauce that you made for 1-2 hours at room temperature. After rips are done marinating, remove them from sauce, and lay them on the barbecue about 4 inches from coals. Broil rips for 20 mins (this is a good time to show of your flame alchemy skills) with sauce and make sure to turn often. Enjoy!

Riza's Apple Crumble
Apples: Eight medium-sized apples (about 2 1/2 pounds) are required for one crumble. Riza prefers to use Golden Delicious apples for their sweet and tender flesh which is excellent in baking. Next, peel the apples into a bowl. After that, core the apples with a melon baller, and cut the apple into one inch chunks. Spread and place the apples in an oven-proof dish.

Crumble Topping: Combine the crumble topping in a seperate bowl. For the crumb topping you will need 3/4 cup of flour, 3/4 cup of sugar, 1/2 tsp. of salt, and 1/2 tsp. cinnamon. Next, you will combine the ingredients while a very hungry Roy salvitates. Now add eight tbs. (1 stick) of unsalted butter, and cute the butter into small pieces. Then using a pastry blender or normal knige cut the butter into the dry ingredients until it resembles coarse bread crumbs. Scatter it on top of the sliced apples, and bake in the oven at 375 degrees for fifty to fifty-five minutes.
~Serve hot or cold with clotted cream or vanilla ice-cream.
@Desu ne? Thanks! I'll be looking for your 100 themes.

@Tombow Thank you! Nice banner. I can't do much else with graphics either.

@Starrie Thanks! I'll let you know when I try it.

@JackSparrow Nice one-shot! I agree with Edamame it certainly is an amusing picture!

@Schubes I love that Hayate is destroying Roy's sandcastle, and Riza's necklaces. R for Roy, or R for Riza? The flag is another great detail. Keep up the good work!

@Reta I love the shading on your entry, keep up the good work!

@Edamame Mmmm Apple Crumble. Thanks for the recipe!

I'll have my one-shot out before the day is over.
Wow, the new art on here is great! I wish I could draw...

Causmic and Jack Sparrow: I loved both of your fics, they were great contributions!

Edamame: Those recipes look great, I may have to save the Apple Crumble one for this fall!
Reta McClain very nice fan art! biggrin.gif

Desu ne? thanks ^__^

Tombow cute picture/banner thingy! laugh.gif

Edamame Thanks ^__^

Causmicfire Thanks ^__^ I thought R for wasn't till I finished it that I relized that the R could also b for Riza haha. XD

Yearrrrrrgh! I had a nice reply ready to be sent, then Internet Explorer crashed on me. Grrrrrr... Okay, here's the gist of it:

Desu ne?, so yours is the fanart entry I saw! Thought it was very cute! But I hope Riza won't discipline Roy the way she did Black Hayate!

Tombow, it's alright. I have some free time today. Incidentally, do you know anyone else joining, besides me, Amethyst, Ice Alchemist and Desu ne??

Nice banner by the way. With that serious expression and bright beach shorts, Roy looks hilarious! And Riza? Beautiful as usual!

Schubes, I love your picture! The watermelons give a weird touch...

Reta, pity about the resolution. I agree though, Riza's gun is good. That and Roy's glove puts the duo very much in character.

JS, nice one-shot! I particularly liked your use of the word nosebleed. biggrin.gif The whole family thing adds a very sweet touch to the fic too!

Edamame, apple crumble! *drools* Pity my mum won't let me anywhere near her oven...

Causmicfire, I liked Secrets! The way you integrated bits of the manga storyline in is just amazing! And I'll look forward to your one-shot!

I think I might try to work on my err... two-shot too, and get it done by today.

Meanwhile, here's another call for entries to Stormie's Twilight Contest! So far:


Desu ne? -


Amethyst Sunset -

Ice_Alchemist578(I think, can someone confirm the identity of the pen name 'Emerald Leviney'?) -

Menelvir -

Hunting in Twilight isn't finished, though. Anyone knows if the author plans to finish it soon?
Anne Packrat
Okay, I finished my one shot. I realize it's an hour late, but that's okay since it's also way too long! I can't seem to write just a 1000 words (unless it's porn or .hack I guess). Instead here's a 1700 word monster Royai piece. Don't worry, it's rated K+ or PG.

A Fine Summer Mess

If the above link doesn't work it means is being stupid. Either reload, or if you can read it here.
@ Everybody Thank you all so much for all of your additions today and yesterday. I will be heading to bed here in a bit but I think I pretty much have everyone's entries for the various things. I'll be back on to post all of the entries and open up the voting.

FYI: I live in Oregon, as I write this, it's almost 10:30pm. So for many ppl, Summer Fest may extend into Monday, Aug 26th. No worries though for the few that need to squeak in an entry.

Thank you so much everyone, and Menelvir YOU ROCK!

Keep up the great work!
Sorry, for getting it in so late, but here's my one-shot. I've still got about a half hour of Thursday left.

Pain and Firework: The annual end of summer barbeque had never been a good day for Kain. There's RoyAi, I promise! 998 words. Enjoy.

@Menelvir Thanks! I love to use the manga to go off, it's got great parts to use for RoyAi.

@Riza'slittlesister Thanks!

@Anne- lol, I love your one-shot!
Tada! I have returned with yet another amv creation! laugh.gif

Tho I don't believe it has anything at all to do with I guess you'd call it just a regular video wink.gif

It's acctually a video I remade after the original got deleated with my old youtube. sad.gif

So anyways...

The song is I Don't Love You by my fav band, My Chemical Romance. It's deffiently different in what the words are trying to say. So I dunno if anyone with like it or not. But who knows tongue.gif Amv I Don't Love You My Chemical Romance
Let the voting being!!!!

Banners: We have three entries so far, one from Twilightz, and two from Tombow-dono i don't know if they intentionally entered them, but i'd like for you all to select which one for the album cover

'The Little Match Boy' Roy's Dream Festival by Twilightz

1st Banner by Tombow

2nd Banner by Tombow

Recipes: These are broken down by desserts, appetizers, and/or en trees. There were a lot of desserts submitted, I'd hate for us to have a tie-breaker! tongue.gif


Roy's Flaming Hot Eastern Headquarters (Chicken) Wings by Tombow

En trees:

Havoc's Corn Dog(s) by Anne Packrat

Roy's Barbecued Spareribs by Edamame


List of links posted by Amethyst Sunset

Riza's Bittersweet Love Chocolate Coconut S'mores by Tombow

This Dessert Rocks! by CodenameElizabeth

Watermelon Cake by Causmicfire

Riza's Apple Crumble by Edamame

Swimsuits: Here are links for images or written entries.

Back to Back by Causmicfire

Hayate w/ pail by Anne Packrat

Summer Diaster by natsu-hime

Riza and Hayate by Tombow please don't *shoot* me for adding it as an entry!

Roy fighting bbq'er by Tombow

Roy's sandcastle by Schubes


How to vote: Please put the link into your reply. I'll be out pretty much all day (work and pick-up rehearsal). But winners will be announced tomorrow!

Good luck to all those that have entered into the various contests!


PS @ Schubes That amazing! I'll get it added to the album and take a peek before I head out. I have a 8 o'clock mtg. bleh! Have a good day!

EDIT: Corrected the entry for "Summer Diaster"
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