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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Oh dear, Amethyst Sunset! I hope you get well soon! Must have been all the homework eh? And you write pretty good kiss scenes too!

Thanks, Tombow! I'm rushing a little now, but I think I can get the end of the story up by Sunday. Or at least the next chapter, so you guys won't be left on the cliffhanger...

And about Anne's fic, no problem! It was my pleasure. I did end up reading all four chapters of A Confusing Midday, and I totally love it! It's very good for some light humour. Thanks for sharing with us, Anne! When are you updating?

Everyone who talked about HP7, I was pretty satisfied with the conclusion too. However, if I had it my way, Harry would have remained dead, because I don't really like the way Rowling emphasised for six books that there is no magic that can revive the dead, then resurrected Harry in the 7th book. I also agree about Harry's reactions to Snape. I'd have prefered more emotions worked into there. Also, from all of Rowling's recent interviews, she's been talking a lot about how Harry works hard to ensure that Snape's status (i.e. not evil) is known in the world. I didn't feel that from the book, except in that little snippet about Albus Severus Potter's name in the epilogue, and I think more could have been done about that. But then again, I'm not Rowling. She did truely write a masterpiece, and I'm rather proud to say I've watched Harry grow up, and I've watched Rowling's writing style mature. smile.gif
Amethyst Sunset: Yes, the song is indeed from Lilo ad Stitch, I had my kiddos watching it when I posted last night.

Uh I feel bad for not shielding the littler ones in our thread from our "mature" writing. As a matter of fact I won't even let my kids come into my room while I'm writing that story. I mean, I know they can't read, but still. The fact is, what if they COULD read? I'd be getting all kinds of questions that shouldn't be answered until they're at least 10 or 11.

Menelvir & Tombow: Thanks for reading my lovely story. I promise to have a little less racy one come out soon. Well...I don't want to give out details just yet, but PM so we can speak of this "mysterious" new story.

OT: The whole book of HP7 just kinda blew me away, and made me cry. A LOT. But anyways...let's try to steer back to being on topic. Or perhaps, go to another forum somewhere on here that has the topic of HP7?

Roy: Harry Potter. Who the hell is he? Why is he always carrying that stick around?
Ed: I don't know, but his stupid headmaster destroyed the Philosopher's Stone, and now I can't revive Alphonse!
Havoc: And none of them smoke, what's up with that?
Riza: Not all of us have the life ambition of dying because of blackened lungs, Jean.
Roy: Anyways. Lieutenant Hawkeye, I want a cup of coffee, reading all those books aloud has made my voice less sexy.
Riza: I'm an aide, not a receptionist.
Ed: Aren't those like the same thing?
Riza: I just don't want to do it. I know my job...everyone be quiet.
anne packrat omg travis!!! that's such a cute picture!!! biggrin.gif haha travis is on my myspace heros tongue.gif

tombow the amv is slowly coming. i've had to work the last 2 days from 3-9:30 and when i got home i really didn't wanna mess with it. and when i did get some free time like in the morning before i left, it kept freezing on me sad.gif so i gave up for a while. i'll prolly get back to working on it this afternoon wink.gif
Tombow- don't worry about taking the link out, i should've expected you to! i should've said to PM me in the first place Sorry!!

In regards to the ending of HP7 i too enjoyed it! i thought it was so cute, except the names of the children were a little TOO cute (I mean Scorpius? C'mon) i was happy Harry didn't die along with Ron and Hermoine and since i am an avid Draco worshiper i was pleased with his outcome as well. overall i thought it was a brilliant ending to a great series!
haha that ended up sounding like a review!

ON TOPICCCC lol do we know when Chapter 74 is coming out?

SRH-yay a new chapter so excited!! and yeah that song is GREAT and such a good Royai song

anne packrat
- great picture of Travis and Black Hayete so cute!!!
and actually speaking of travis did/do people here watch the anime dubbed or subbed? just curious
@Menelvir: More about the reaction would have been perferct !!! ^__^

@Triss: Yay! One who shares my idea!

@SRH: You made me laugh with that !

Sorry~~! *hits Harry once and again* Go away!!! xDDDD

I bring you here the rest of the text I'd found :

More about Roy!!!:

A Shakesperean Conception of the Character (the writing)

The shakesperean conception is a direct approach of the character, letting each character appear in front of the public as he or she is, with no intromision, no judgement from the author. Arakawa may be the most shakesperean writer nowadays and her characters seem to be more real, more alive than people we pass on the streets.

Fullmetal Alchemist is a work full of subtleties and ambiguity; the most we know about the characters is from what they say, what they do and what other characters say about them. But there is no absolute truth in Fullmetal Alchemist.

This applies specially to Roy Mustang, King of the Subtle. After 48 chapters we think we know him pretty well, still he has a unique ability to surprise the reader, and in my case to make me love him more than I already did. He is like an iceberg, there are just too many things about him hidden.

The monthly format of the manga has allowed Arakawa a paused and mature rhythm that not many shonen series can achieve. Arakawa has often indulge in the luxury of focusing entire chapters on "just people talking"; she doesn´t need action to make the story exciting, she portrays real people with real relationships (Fullmetal Alchemist addresses seriously themes like family, friendship, responsibility or loyalty) rather than puppets that just follow the plot´s flow. That´s one of the many reasons why Fullmetal Alchemist is the best manga I have ever read.

Devotion (the relationships)

"Lose your way
And I will follow
Here today and here tomorrow."

As the story goes on more and more characters display their loyalty to Roy. This is one of the things that warm my heart about this manga: that I see my own massive love for Roy mirrored in other characters. In the beginning I felt like I had to defend Roy from critics, from the short-sighted views about him, but not much time has passed until most of the other key players in the series have seen all the goodness and selflessness inside Roy as well.

The fact that so many people is willing to do *anything* for Roy should be as defining for the character as what he does or says.

Ghosts (Maes Hughes)

Roy: There is no such thing as "profesional" or "private". My intention of an individual is to become the president as well as avenge Hughes.

Along with Riza Hawkeye, Maes Hughes was the person who knew Roy best, who could see past his masks. He knew Roy through the Ishval war, he has shared many years, even though they had been living in different cities these last past years.

Hughes was a more down-to-earth man and often enjoyed teasing his more ambitious friend. He had a wife and a daughter, and still he was very committed to his work, to helping Roy and the Elric brothers; this was, ultimately, his downfall. In true Arakawa fashion we don´t know yet what it is that Hughes found out, what was he murdered by the homunculus for. We just know that it had to be with the corruption inside the military, and that with Bradley in absolute power, we can only imagine how far it goes.

Even if Hughes died very early on (volume 4) in the series his presence lingers and is still affecting other characters and the plot.

Family (Edward and Alphonse Elric)

From the very first time Roy stepped into the Elric´s house (and horrified he saw the blood, he understood what they had done), from the very first glimpse into Ed´s eyes ("eyes full of determination", Roy says) the Elric brothers have been something very special to Roy Mustang.

He offered them hope when their lives seemed empty; with the goal of becoming National Alchemist and gaining enough power and knowledge to restore their bodies Edward found a reason to keep fighting. I don´t think many people have mentioned this but in becoming a "dog of the military" Ed found meaning in a life he has given up before Roy appeared. And since that very moment Roy´s sense of responsability regarding the brothers has only gotten stronger with time.

One of the things (of the many) that I hate about the anime adaptation is that Ed and Roy´s relationship was of rivalry and animosity whereas in the manga is totally different. Of course Ed has many issues with authority and father figures (Roy is both, a mixture of a caring and annoying older brother, and the parent Ed can always count on, unlike Ed´s real father) but he also has enough sense to realize that Roy genuinely cares about him and Alphonse, and that his objectives are noble. Ed has softened even more after he has found out that Roy didn´t kill Ross, in fact he saved her life. The next conversation between the two of them after Ed comes back portrayed a very mature Ed saying he is sorry about Havoc and not pressing Roy on the matter of Ishval, after Roy tried to change the subject.

Roy´s relationship with Alphonse is slightly different, it lacks the tension of having to deal with someone as stubborn as Ed. Sensitive person as Al is he sees right through Roy; he said the problem was that Ed and him were too alike, specially in how reckless they are when someone they love is in danger (Al was referring to the happenings in chapters 38-39).

In the middle of the desperate situation of chapter 39 Al decided to protect Hawkeye saying that he won´t let anyone else die because of his weakness, Roy heard this and replied: "well said, Alphonse Elric". While the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom often overlooks Al here Roy has aknowledged him as an individual, separated from his brother. As much as the siblings love each other I think it would do Alphonse good to realize he doesn´t stand in Ed´s shadow.

Devoted (Jean Havoc)

When chapter 38 came out few were prepared for the impact of realizing how important Havoc had become to Roy; he had in fact taken up Hughes´ place as Roy´s best (male) friend. Someone with whom Roy can loosen up a bit, laugh and be malicious in a way he seldom allows himself. A guy like Havoc is just what Roy needed after Hughes´ death. Of course when Roy found out that Lust´s attack had Havoc unable to move the lower side of his body Roy blamed himself just like he blamed himself for Hughes´ death. The hospital room scene in chapter 44 is one of the most heartbreaking Arakawa has ever written, with Havoc begging Roy to leave him behind and Roy, in his subtle way ("I´ll leave you so... you´ll have to catch up. I´ll go first") refusing to do so.

In exchange we had never suspected that soft-manered, girl-crazed, lazy Jean Havoc could become so commited with Roy´s cause. But Roy has a way of bringing out the most unexpected qualities in the people around him. Havoc is a good soldier, specially gifted for action, but somehow we always felt that he lacked the ambition, or he just didn´t care. Well, he does now. He cares about Roy.

Chess Piece (Heymans Breda)

He used to be the mysterious man of the office. While we were slowly discovering things about the rest of characters Breda remained in the background, offering the ocassional humorous comment but never really betraying his true personality. Until chapters 40-41 came out and we came to know how much Roy trusts him, and how reliable Breda is.

Like Havoc before him Breda never seemed the type to blindly follow Roy´s idealism but he surprisingly does. His real nature showed during the "Ross problem"; not only he helped Roy to fake Maria Ross´ death but he personally escorted her away from danger, giving her a way out of the country. We also learned that he had orders to kill Ross if in the end she turned out to be Hughes´ killer, and by the look in Breda´s eyes we were sure he would have pulled the trigger without a second thought. This is what made me think of him as somehow very Hawkeye-like: both are reserved, extremely intelligent people who, surprisingly for their natures, would do anything for one man. They would kill, and they would die.

Trust (Alex Louis Armstrong)

Armstrong has seen what war can do to a man, still he believes that Roy is the one who can save the country from its current state. Working with Hughes for so much time it is very likely that Armstrong has heard more than he shows from Roy´s best friend, and the story goes that the more you know Roy the more you love him.

If it had been any other man than Roy I´m sure Armstrong would have kicked the .... out of him when he thought him the killer of Maria Ross. Roy knew it was better for Armstrong not to know what had really happened to her and he was resolved to let him believe her dead. But in the last moment Roy was too weak (or soft, using Havoc´s affectionate term) and gave him one hint that allowed Armstrong to find out where Maria Ross was hiding. Of course Armstrong´s utter shock had been because he refused to think that the man he so fervently believed in had murdered his subordinate.

Hero Worship (Kain Fuery)

The love Fuery feels for his colonel is like a child´s love for his parents: in Fuery´s eyes everything Roy does is perfect (see the hilarious comment in the Flame Alchemist booklet about "the colonel´s artistic skills"). Which is not to say that Fuery is not insightful when it comes to Roy; he was the one to chat with Alphonse about how much Roy resembled Ed, how reckless he was about Hawkeye and Havoc being in danger.

Fuery´s faith in Roy is totally justified, and in exchange Roy trusts Fuery with his life and admires him for his intelligence and skills. He also spoils Fuery like he does nobody else and truly acts like a proud father (he even totally fanboys Fuery´s reliability) when around him. It´s very endearing to see these two interact.

The Quiet Man (Vato Falman)

Roy: Also, forget everything you have heard tonight. Do you understand? It is a dangerous bridge and though you are my associate you have no need to cross it with me.

Falman: Hmm...that is true. However, colonel, the regretful thing is that I have too good a memory. Telling me to forget is an advice that´s impossible to follow. Since I stepped aboard this boat I have to follow you wherever you go. If there is anything I can do, just say so.

Of all the people working for Roy, Falman, intelligent if a bit clueless, lukewarm and sensitive, seemed the less likely to get caught up in Roy´s idealism. Roy´s passionate nature doesn´t seem to go well with Falman but surprinsingly he has proved his loyalty as the rest; I was delighted to see him stick by Roy (and say so) when he had to "take care" of Barry the Chopper. The proud look on Hawkeye in that scene is priceless, I believe I made the same face.

Roy would better get used to people declaring his love as Falman did in such a Falman-esque but touching way.

Humanity (King Bradley)

I have always found fascinating King Bradley´s view on who is supossed to be his nemesis (specially after surprisingly killing Lust); the most human of the homunculus has developed a strange kind of admiration for the very person who holds the most danger for him. I have always defended that Bradley has misguided fatherly feelings for Roy: he considers his passion as useless but at the same time it´s this deep humanity in Roy what he admires, or rather what he is drawn to, as he is something not human himself.

Roy has always been aware that appearing weak before his enemies is a deathly mistake; Bradley witnessed the events of chapter 39 up close, he saw how Hawkeye was Roy´s soft spot and the extent of his kindness, as Lust herself noted before dying. This is very vital information that Bradley could use against Roy.

It is still a mystery what the homunculus want to do with Roy; he supossedly is, along with the Elrics, an important human sacrifie, whatever that means for their plans. The situation is specially tense since this last chapter 48: not only Roy has found out that Bradley is a homunculus but the Fuhrer himself has realized that Roy has this information now.

Credits go to whoever wrote this <3

*runs away*

Triss Hawkeye
Anne Packrat: One word: KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

And thank you so much paca for posting these articles - they really make you appreciate the character of Roy Mustang, and make me love him even more! <3
Anne Packrat
QUOTE(Reta McClain @ Aug 2 2007, 09:30 AM) *
Amethyst: Haha, I can pass as Riza if I wear contact lenses tongue.gif I'm just a little too tall xDDD (If 12 centimeters can be considered "little"...)

Why are you all worried about being the exact height to cosplay what have you? If you want to do it, then do it. Wigs and such can help the wrong hair color, and if you're overweight, wrong skin color etc then do it anyway! If you're entering craftsmanship judging I can see it, but if you just want to cosplay a character you love, then don't worry about it.

Or are you afraid of being made fun of online? That does happen, and I'm pretty much one of the poster children for bad cosplay on a number of sites (one blog said I was one of the top ten worst cosplayers alive!) tongue.gif

Oh, and IceAlchemist, I watched it dubbed on Cartoon Network. It was a great dub so why not?
N.C. StormEye
...I'm back. Again. I was sick. Again. This is beginning to get old ne?

OMG! Anne Packrat! I absolutely love your stories! *gushes like a fangirl*

Sorry Nir & Amethyst...again, taken down by the Junior year stress-induced disease. I missed you a lot.

I hope I didn't miss the summer festival though. *sigh* many entries are there currently in my Twilight comp?

Paca...I liked the Shakespearean analysis. Mind if I copy it to my blog? (BTW, I might make an analysis of my own.)

Oh yeah...and guys, do you mind? I wrote this's a pseudo romance in which I pull Roy and Riza into the real world in the form of an org or something.

Please read...leave comments. biggrin.gif

Hanging By A Moment

It’s good to have you back, Hawkeye. The nickname, gleaned from an anime, seemed familiar to her ears, her brown eyes widened slightly as a response to it.

My feelings exactly. She nodded and her ponytail bounced a little.

I, we…we’ve really missed you back at the office. The stutter she obviously brushed off as clumsiness, knowing that once upon a time she had been the one to watch after that, that clumsiness. She never did comment on it.

Did you like it…over there? The question hung, unanswered. She shook her head slightly.

I missed this place, the people. The atmosphere. The speed and dreams of that faction could only interest me for awhile. I do have some habits though, from back there. I hope you don’t mind them. She said calmly, fluffing her hair. She was different now, more grown-up yet maybe less frigid. It was as if the relief of returning to where she felt she belonged had given her some temporary state of warmth.

Hey, if it lets me get away with slacking once in awhile, why not? She rolled her eyes and shook her head again. Her smile, however, was friendly.

Not a chance.

So how’s it been then? Posed with genuine concern, masked with a layer of cool. She smiled, shrugging, a gesture she never used to toy with before.

Fine. The atmosphere was too cold. I was altogether ignored and my efforts to make contact were brushed aside. It was insulting, to a point. She said, not concerned that what she was saying could be considered libel.

Well…you’ll never get that here, Hawkeye, I can assure you of that. She laughed, hearing the old nickname repeated again.

Must you still call me that? She asked. A shrug was the response.

It used to suit you…I think it still will.

Oh? How so? She raised an eyebrow, an inquisitive gesture.

Well…it just did. The moment of almost-swallowed pride still stands there. This entire conversation is hanging by a moment, the moment it would take for all the things left unsaid when she left. Now she was back, there was another chance to say them.

Only not now, not now.

“I suppose you should get resettled…” I trailed off, unable to think of how to continue. She nodded.

“Yes, I will. Thank you, Chase.” Her smile will be something to get used to. It won’t make anything any easier, but it’s a welcome change.

“Welcome back, Nicole.” Now’s the time to say it! Now’s the time. But I shut my mouth and walked away. I turned around and waved, she waved back…with a bit of hesitation. It was as if she was waiting for me to say something.

Perhaps she was. If so, I really did blow it. Everything I wanted to say was hanging by a moment and I never cut it loose. She left before I found the courage…and I gathered it because I never expected her to return. But now she’s back.

Thank you for standing behind me, even when I seemed impossible. Thank you for believing in me, even when it all seemed improbable. Thank you for everything…I love you. Please don’t leave me again.

I shrugged my shoulders and entered my office, slamming the door behind me. In a second she came to my door, with sugared coffee and smoldering eyes, her customary scolding. It was then I realized how badly I had missed her, how disappointed I was in myself.

But I couldn’t say anything. Everything was still hanging by a moment…but I couldn’t let it go.


Weeell...that's about it.

Amethyst Sunset
Wh00t, back from the doctor. Nothing serious, 'cept now I have several medicines to take for my ears for a few days. ^^;;;

And happy belated birthday, Roy Jr.!

Everyone discussing HP7 - I agree that when you know that your own death is near, it's hard to think of anything else. Harry had time to think of how brave those people in his life were when they laid down their lives for him after the war, when ol' Voldy kicked the bucket.

And Harry probably never died at all, since his mother's blood still remained in Voldy. Maybe he blacked out a bit and saw that whole King's Cross thing.

Paca - Awwww *hugs* T_T I want my sem break NOW. Unfortunately it's just the middle of the first semester. DANG

Wow, you really C&P these things? XDDDDDD *salutes*

Anne - Oh noes, Travis Willingham! XD I've seen that photo on LJ. Ah, the I-love-dogs of the many FMA classics.

Which reminds me...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRAVIS! happy.gif

I hope to hear more of his voice work soon, especially as Funimation has now acquired Ouran Host Club...and judging from the excellent work on the FMA English dub, among many others, Ouran will definitely be another English-dubbed anime to watch out for in the future (next year, to be exact).

And about cosplay...yeah, our FFVIII cosplay has been moved to next week, and I had to settle for a blue jacket with slight pink trimming as I'm going to be Selphie Tilmitt. ^^; Yes, I do have an Irvine, why do you ask? XDDDDD Well, it's my first cosplay, and we're just going to do it within our campus, so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm just a bit obsessive-compulsive, that's all...and yes, I did not forget the gold epaulets.

But you're a good cosplayer! ^^ People just have different opinions, I guess...some people are just more obsessive-compulsive and more into cosplaying than the rest...

Menelvir - Awww, thanks. ^^;; Sorry, I almost forgot to leave ye a review! And I'm feeling better now; I just have lots of medicines now.

SRH - ROFL! And sorry for almost forgetting to leave you a review as well. I enjoyed Lilo and Stitch (and I still remain a fan), and I've always loved that song ever since I first heard it there.

Stormie - Love the story, and I feel your pain. I got sick as well, only now I'm feeling much better. Anyhow, I'd like to make an analysis of my own, but since there have been so many analyses already, I'm a bit apprehensive about creating one because the chances of writing something that has been featured many times before increases.

Nope, I proposed that the summer festival be stretched to more than just a single day. wink.gif So don't worry.
N.C. StormEye
Hey Amethyst! You were sick too! My goodness! BTW, is the Travis you mentioned Travis Willingham? If so, yeah, happy birthday.

BTW, I've started my pseudo-podcast! Here's a sample of it -

biggrin.gif People PLEASE listen and judge if I could become a voice actress. XD
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(N.C. StormEye @ Aug 3 2007, 04:07 PM) *
Hey Amethyst! You were sick too! My goodness! BTW, is the Travis you mentioned Travis Willingham? If so, yeah, happy birthday.

BTW, I've started my pseudo-podcast! Here's a sample of it -

biggrin.gif People PLEASE listen and judge if I could become a voice actress. XD

Aye, it be none other than Travis Willingham, who has lent his awesome voice not just to a certain morally-bankrupt Flame Alchemist, but also to a loyal Autoreiv (sp? - Iggy from Ergo Proxy) and even a treasure-obsessed captain (Kaiji - Gun X Sword). Did I mention that Captain Kaiji has a French accent? XD

Sorry, stuff like that doesn't work on our comp right now (T_T STUPID PC), but hey, I think anyone can be a voice actor/actress - it just takes training and figuring out which characters you can lend your voice to.


I am SO NOT on topic. sleep.gif;;; In my futile attempt to stay on topic, I shall just say that the next chapter of You've Got a Long Way to Go (see account in signature) may focus more on the love story of Mr. and Mrs. Hawkeye than on Roy and Riza themselves, but I'll do my best. I can tell that this story's gonna be a long one, as I plan to stretch it all the way till Roy passes his State Alchemist exam.
Anne Packrat
QUOTE(Amethyst Sunset @ Aug 3 2007, 05:32 AM) *
Aye, it be none other than Travis Willingham, who has lent his awesome voice not just to a certain morally-bankrupt Flame Alchemist, but also to a loyal Autoreiv (sp? - Iggy from Ergo Proxy) and even a treasure-obsessed captain (Kaiji - Gun X Sword). Did I mention that Captain Kaiji has a French accent? XD

My God.... Someone else actually watched Gun x Sword! blink.gif biggrin.gif Woohoo! Is the Kaiji the one who ends up running around half naked at the end?


Anne Packrat laugh.gif omg that's a great picture of a half man/half dog creature XD

Amethyst Sunset Travis was also a kidnapper in Case Closed and a few cops and dead ppl here and there hahaha O! and was in The Guardian!!!! =D and some bully that got beat up by an old guy in Secondhand Lions who ran away with a steak on his swollen eye laugh.gif

And Im sooooooooo close to getting the video done!!! All I have left is the chorus and really I dont have to put anything there cuz its just the band playing, but it lacks royai and well that's sad =( haha There is this one part that needs a clip but im too lazy to put anything there cuz there aren't any lyrics there anyways, so i don't think it'll hurt too much =)
Amethyst Sunset
Anne - I remember that pic too! XDDDDD Travis must be having fun in there...

"Dog, huh? I LOVE DOGS!"
"Really? You mean it?"
"OF COURSE! Dogs embody loyalty! They follow their masters' commands above all else! Be a jerk to them and they don't complain and never once beg for a paycheck! Trust me, Fuery, they're the great servants of man! Loyal canine, how we salute thee! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

^ Classic. Unfortunately now that Riza owns Black Hayate, I highly doubt Roy would dance with him again.

Riza: Don't even think about it, sir.
Roy: *puts Hayate down* Aw, man...

Are you kidding? Ever since I watched the first episode out of curiosity, I've been hooked on Gun X Sword ever since. Though I have absolutely no idea who to pair up with Van besides his beloved and sadly dead Elena (and I assure you all that this is not a spoiler) OH NOES CHOOSE ME!!! I'LL BE YOUR NEW BRIDE!!!! XDDDDD *is trampled upon by Dann of Thursday*

Anyhow, Kaiji was in episode 10, with the ruins that Vivian wanted to salvage. He was the captain with the French accent and who had sailors obeying his every whim. XD That was the last episode I watched so far...I'm not yet through. ^^;;;

Schubes - Travis really gets around, yes? happy.gif Here's hoping he'll also be in Ouran Host Club, and/or in Tsubasa, and/or xxxHoLiC, and/or in Jigoku Shoujo, all of which have been licensed by Funi...
paca- Great little thing about Roy, it was SOOO deep and i loved it alot! biggrin.gif

Anne Packrat- yeah i love the dubbed its great i think the cast is wonderful, but i was always kinda disappointed with the fact that Travis never talked during the Documentary the Transmutation of a Phenomenon (i never expect phenomenon to be spelled like that) OR in the Commentary on the Movie where they talk to like pretty much the WHOLE cast but him. Also great picture! And where can i find your FanFics or do you have some posted here

Happy B-day Travis <3

N.C. StormEye- Welcome back its good to see you're feeling better! smile.gif I'm entering your contest i still have three more chapters left, i was telling Tombow that i ended up cutting down the chapters, so instead of doing like 12 shortish chapters i combined them to 6 longer chapters, it makes the story move kinda fast but i really hope that doesn't take away from the story. I will PM you the whole thing when its done. But for now you can read the first 3 chapters here Anyway, i loved the story you posted here, it was very interesting your writing is really good! and aslo i think your voice would be a very good one for voice acting, and i do agree with Amethyst in that if you can put your mind to it and find the right character anyone could be really good at it. I'd really like to try voice acting i can do alot of various accents and change my voice really easily so i think it would be a wicked fun job

Amethyst Sunset
- glad to hear you're feeling better too! and Funimation is taking Ouran!!!!!!! oh man im so excited I <3 Ouran and i've been watching the japanese with subs online but the quality is not that good. the manga is amazing. Im really excited Funimation is doing it yay! They did an excellent job with FMA and i think they're doing amazing with Tsubasa and Black Cat as well, they just seem to always do a good job. Also im really excited your story is going to be long! its a great story so please keep up the awesome work! smile.gif In regards to Travis being in tsubasa, i don't think he's scheduled to do any work with it, but thats only with 2 dvds being out (sadly i only have the first since i am a penniless fool lol) hopefully he'll make a later appearance since there are 52 episodes AND the movie, lets hope he's ouran! im so happy about that

Schubes- ahhh Travis in the Guardian, that was an amazing movie and the fact that he was in it was like WOAH awesome lol

off to read fanfic and write fanfics! smile.gif see you all later!
LOL @ Travis w/ Dog Head... laugh.gif

Travis seems like a very nice guy. I have been to many cons where he was a guest, but I never managed to run into him. (Vic, on the other hand, has stalked our Anime Boston table countless times... he loves our con!)

Oh, and I found this in the gallery-- it's an old fanart that was in the Movie Pics section, but the style is so impressively similar to the anime, that I had to share:

Click to view attachment
Anne Packrat
QUOTE(Ice_Alchemist578 @ Aug 3 2007, 11:27 AM) *
paca- Great little thing about Roy, it was SOOO deep and i loved it alot! biggrin.gif

Anne Packrat- yeah i love the dubbed its great i think the cast is wonderful, but i was always kinda disappointed with the fact that Travis never talked during the Documentary the Transmutation of a Phenomenon (i never expect phenomenon to be spelled like that) OR in the Commentary on the Movie where they talk to like pretty much the WHOLE cast but him. Also great picture! And where can i find your FanFics or do you have some posted here

My name on is Anne Packrat surprisingly enough. (I pretty much use this everywhere). The main adult Royai stories I have are Paperwork, Lonely Mornings and A Confusing Midday, and not really needing the rating, but it's there anyway Riza Hawkeye, c**k Inspector. The Teen or lower rated stories are Back to the Path, Goodbye and Godspeed and Special Missions.

Amethyst Sunset: Oh, you haven't seen the whole series yet? I won't spoil you then. But definiately watch Gun x Sword-San!

According to ANN, Travis's latest work is as Ginko in Mushi-shi.
Amethyst Sunset
Ice - I agree, hopefully Travis pops up in the latter episodes of Tsubasa. ^^; But if not, there's always those future Funi-dubbed animes to look forward to...I don't have either of the Tsubasa DVDs, they don't sell those 'round here. >_>;;; Though I want them. BAD.

Liz - You lucky ducks get to meet Vic, at least. XD

And AWWWWWWW! *changes Roy's rank to FUHRER and runs* What? I couldn't resist! ROY FOR FUHRER!

Anne - Yes, yes, I'm continuing the series and I plan to finish it. I love the story so far. MUST WRITE VAN/ELENA PRE-ANIME FIC XD

EDIT: Ah, now I just changed my avatar to Wendy. XD

And oh yes, Travis is playing the lead in Mushi-shi, can't forget that! Must...catch...
Reta McClain
I was very bored and made this and then decided to share:



*dramatic music plays*

Royai Summer Festival 2007 Amv
Triss Hawkeye
Anne Packrat That picture is WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!

Happy Birthday Travis! We all love you!!


(As you can tell, I am hyper. biggrin.gif)
Anne Packrat-I'll definitely check out your stories the first chance i get!

Amethyst Sunset- yeah im really hoping for Travis to show up in stuff soon, Colleen is in ALOT lol shes in Tsubasa/xxxHolic as Yuko and shes just really good! My grandmother is giving me a job this week so im hoping to get enough money to buy Tsubasa 2 the first disc was good, i really like the manga. Do you have order all your stuff online? my friend who lives in Ireland has to do that...its really lucky to be able to go to like Best Buy or Walmart and pick up basically any anime, we also have a club at my school so we watch alot of stuff during that

Reta McClain - cute picture!!! Riza looks really pretty!

Schubes-congrats on finishing I LOVED it, i really liked the black and white stuff and how you featured yellowcard and the Royai, really cool/GREAT job! make more soon!
QUOTE(Schubes @ Aug 4 2007, 02:48 AM) *

LOL... What's with the 5 sec finger intro...
Nice AMV...nevertheless.... ^.^

Schubes- Yay! Awesome! I sang along to the whole thing! I liked it a lot! When "I remember the look in your eyes/ when you told me that this was good bye/ you were begging me not tonight/ not here... not now" came up, I have to say I had figured which scene it would be, but it made me happy, anyway. Great job! biggrin.gif

Reta McClain- Wow! Nice picture-thingy! (Yeah, I'm not very awake right now. There's a rather long, off-topic story behind that.) Long live Royai!

Amethyst Sunset- I absolutely ADORE that part in the anime! "Loyal canine, how we salute thee!" laugh.gif My older brother can almost imitate it, but his voice is still just a little too high.

Wait, Funimation licensed Ouran? NO WAY! AWESOMENESS! I have to tell one of my friends! (Coincidentally, this is the one I just got hooked on FMA. Next comes getting her hooked on Royai...)

Wow... I'm going WAY off-topic. Okay, um, in my defense, I had to sleep out in the rain with a sleeping bag as my only shelter for two hours, and I slept on concrete after that! Well, that was the night before last, but still! BACK ON TOPIC BELOW!

ROYAI = HAPPINESS! smile.gif
Anne Packrat
Well, I've finished the latest chapter of "A Confusing Midday." As per the rules I will not direct link. It can be found on by searching for the title or by my username of Anne Packrat.

A brief outline of the story:

Title: A Confusing Midday
Genre: Humor / Romance
Pairings: Roy / Riza, Havoc / Sceizka, possibly Ed / Winry
Rating: R or M for inneundo, profanity and description of a bare butt

Plot: After their first success, Roy and Havoc decide to put their matchmaking skills to the test on a short-tempered alchemist and his mechanic. But Riza isn't excited about them messing with the kids' love life and just may throw a monkey wrench into their plans!

A few (edited to be age-appropriate) excerpts:

---Chapter 1
Slowly the younger brother reached in his chest and pulled out a cute, fluffy kitten. He bent and put the kitten on the ground, muttering under his breath. He stood and addressed Ed. "It's just a kitten, brother. What's your problem with it?"

"My problem," Ed replied angrily, "is that I'm the one who has to clean the cat poo out of you!"

---Chapter 2
"Anyway..." Roy's gaze flickered over to Ed, and he ran his hand through his hair nervously. "I don't have to explain everything to shortbread do I? I mean, at his age he should know at least know how the basic process goes, right?"

A shadow of his customary grin appeared on Havoc's face (it was slow to return after the earlier brush with death had chased it off). "Don't worry, chief. I got it covered. Ed and his brother came and asked me about it a few months ago. I gave them some tips."

"Oh god..." Roy said, covering his face with his hand.

---Chapter 3
"Uh- It's my fault!" Al said, bringing her attention away from his brother and onto him, "I was teasing brother, and uh, I mentioned the s-word..."

Hawkeye's lips quirked in a half smile at the younger boy's explanation. "Oh?" she said, her eyes gaining a glint of amusement, "Was it the s-word that rhymes with ball or the s-word that rhymes with court?"

---Chapter 4
The third thing that was worrying him was his plan to get Fullmetal and Winry together, or the lack thereof. Oh, he had come up with a plan all right, but since it involved a case of tequila, two trained tigers, a stalled car and twenty coconuts it wasn't exactly feasible.

Roy rubbed his temple. "I have got to stop making plans while drunk," he muttered, "Or at least I've got to stop making stupid plans while drunk."

---Chapter 5
Al laughed nervously and looked back and forth between the four soldiers. "The colonel humbly requests your prescences in his office at your earliest convenience."

Despite his anxiety, Falman raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Those weren't the colonel's exact words were they?"

With another nervous laugh, Al put his hand behind his head and stared at the floor. "Actually he said to just get the those, uh..." he paused, and looked up at the soldiers before looking down again, "To get those gosh darn, idiotic, sons of female dogs into his office before he burned their, uh, butts off."

Well, that's about it. Hopefully these aren't too inappropriate or too long. If they are I apologize and I will edit them right away.
QUOTE(Anne Packrat @ Aug 4 2007, 01:01 PM) *
"My problem," Ed replied angrily, "is that I'm the one who has to clean the cat poo out of you!"


YOU WIN. I lol'd hard...

Okay, I am going to cry uncle here, and finally post the clean lineart to the picture I was working on for RoiAi day.
I have given up any hope of ever getting it colored, so you guys get lineart. Deal with it. laugh.gif

Click to view attachment

Comment here if you feel so inclined:
Huh, I only did not post yesterday, and 3 more pages to catch up..

@Amethyst Sunset - Glad you're feeling better!!
Yes, the chapter 74 is coming close!! ^^

@Anne Packrat - Lucky you getting pic with Travis!!!
Oh, the power of Black Hayate!! (Who can resist putting on that Blaha head!! XDD)
And, those are good excerpts!! ^^ I think I already told 3 people outside of this thread to go to your account and read your fics in the last two days!! biggrin.gif Oh, and yes, sometimes I do translations. (Tho, it's very random because I have other stuff to do also!! ^^)

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Please don't feel bad. This is just a precaution and playing it safe. I don;t think anyone got hurt or anything. ^^
And, HP7 is being discussed on this thread. biggrin.gif

@paca - Interesting post!! Some interesting points to ponder!! ^^

@Ice - FMA manga chapter 74 is coming out on Aug 11. We always know one month in advance because at the end of current chapter it tells when the next chapter is coming out. biggrin.gif
Oh, and I'm, in U.S., so I watch FMA English dubbed as it comes on Adult Swim, but many others are in different countries (Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, France, and so on) I think in Finland it's Fin dubbed, in France, it's French dubbed, in Spain it's Spanish dubbed, and in Mexico they have different version of Spanish dubbed, and so on. And, I think some watch it Chinese subbed also. biggrin.gif

@Liz - That's a nice Royai pic!! I don't remember seeing it. It's lovely!!
And, your Royai Day line art is awesome!! I like the Chibi style!! Nicely done!!
I added it to 2007 Royai Day Fanart Collection (Last post) 'kay?? ^^

@Reta McClain -Aww. Nice!! That's beautiful!! Those are some of my fav Royai fanarts, too I love it!! Thank you!! ^^

@Stormy - Nice short writing!! And, I lost counts about how many entries to your contests.
All I know is you got many entries!! ^^ And, omg, I want to listen to your podcast!! (I can't because my connection is bad right now.. I'll try later at my friend's computer!! ^^)
You should try out on this voice actors wanted thingy!! ^^

@Schubes - Oh!! You're done with AMV!!! Unfortunately, my connection is so slow and bad right now, so when I play the AMV will get stuck with the first pic with the "bird" sign. >.<
(The "bird" sign logo doesn't go well with Royai!! XDD) I will try to view it at Friend's computer later!! ^^

@jacksparrow - I know, I love that Roy with Hayate scene, too!! XDD
It's one of my fav Roy scenes!! ^^

(Hope I got everyone!! Sorry if I missed anyone's post!! )

One week to chapter 74!!! ^^
Amethyst Sunset
First and foremost...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRISS HAWKEYE! ^____^ Ah, so many birthdays, so little time.

Reta - <3 that pic. To bits. Roy looks like he's plotting something...something for himself and Riza. wink.gif

Schubes - Awesome! I bow to thy greatness. *kicks sound in PC* But I like your choice of clips. ^^

Ice - I'll probably start saving up for the DVDs, then I'll order them online.

Kenji - Haha, I know! XD

J.S. - We always reenact that line, my friend and I. happy.gif Along with many other classics. I can make my voice deep enough, but it sometimes ends up going back up to its normal tone while I fool around. XD

And yeah, it's a good thing a great company like Funi was able to snag Ouran.

Anne - Awesome! And I for one have nothing to worry about; I'm perfectly legal now. XDDDDDD Then again, not everyone here is, so yeah. ^^;;;

Liz - Even if it's not colored, it's still cute! And you even included Black Hayate! biggrin.gif

Tombow - ONE week? I won't be able to concentrate in class now, with chapter 74 on the way! XDDDDD

And thanks, yeah, I'm better. ^^

FMA is English dubbed on Animax, here in the Philippines. wink.gif It just started again sometime last July. There have been rumors though that the Filipino dub may run again on a local channel as well.
I'm posting a short one for tonight...sadly I've only been lurking. Having rehearsals every night has been draining X) We opened tonight and will not reconvene until lots of opportunities for me to come onto the thread.

@ all of the fanfict writers Tuesday I'll go back thru the posts and read your work...I can't wait to have my weeknights back to write again. I think I'll get something written for the Summer Fest.

@ Schubes Thank you for doing that awesome AMV! And it's so sweet for you to thank the thread, that means a lot. Maybe we can get you to do a Halloween one???

@ all the b-day ppl Happy Belated Birthday to you all! There are several and I'm sorry that I do not list you...I'm trying to keep this short! smile.gif

@ the HP7 readers I haven't finished the book! O no! And i was one of those who bought it at midnight, ah well......parting is such sweet sorrow...

Ciao, I'll be back soon!
Amethyst Sunset
ACK, Starrie! *glomps* Great to see you! Hope your rehearsals are going well!

And speaking of summer festival fanfics...I should really get started on one. ^^;;; Though I know a good friend of mine who's doing a fanfic with the FMA gang on the beach; I'll post the link. Ah, here we go...she said there'll be eventual Royai. And here's the second chapter.

Speaking of fanfiction...chapter 7 of You've Got a Long Way to Go. wink.gif
My thoughts from my quick glance through of the last two pages:

SRH, concerning your little FMA dialogue about Harry Potter. Mundungus smokes from a pipe, does he count? tongue.gif

Wow Schubes! It's amazing!

Kenji, umm, why are you advertising mooncakes? It's not even the Hungry Ghost Festival yet...

Yay, updates, Anne Packrat! Heh, do we get to see Winry for real in this chapter?

Aww, Starrie, good luck with your rehearsals! I'll look forward to your Summer Festival piece then!

Ha, Amethyst, the FMA gang on the beach? I had a similar idea for my own Summer Festival fic... Oh well, I'll just wait and see how things go... And I'll read your Chapter 7 soon!

Yes, speaking of fanfiction... I'm having trouble concluding Twilight Dreams, because I do have an idea for a sequel, as I think I've mentioned before, but I don't want to put about too much suspense, or hope, because I don't know when I will be able to write it, or if I will ever write it. But anyway Chapter Eleven: On the Border Between Life and Death should be enough to quench your vampire!Roy thirst for now... Yes,yes, I know my chapter titles are getting cheesier...

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank every one of you who has stuck with me throughout the entire fanfic. I know I wasn't the best, but your encouragement has led me through eleven whole chapters of this, and I really appreciate that. Thanks!
Mooncakes aren't for hungry ghosts... !!! >.< !!! ... >.<
Just as a motivation... and I am quite well known for featuring mouth watering signatures and avatars... XD

To keep it on track,

Liz picture of Roy is just so... not Roy... laugh.gif
With the lips desperate to kiss Riza... Haha.. laugh.gif
Anne Packrat
QUOTE(Menelvir @ Aug 5 2007, 10:02 AM) *
Yay, updates, Anne Packrat! Heh, do we get to see Winry for real in this chapter?

Yes you do, though she's at the very end and doesn't do any talking.

On topic from the FMA shoot I ended up running at Acen:

Red vs. Blue (but without the footage from Halo) wink.gif
Triss Hawkeye
Thank you those who wished me happy birthday, 16 is a bit of a milestone! ^^

That cosplay is brilliant Anne Packrat! biggrin.gif
Anne Packrat
QUOTE(Triss Hawkeye @ Aug 5 2007, 06:49 PM) *
Thank you those who wished me happy birthday, 16 is a bit of a milestone! ^^

That cosplay is brilliant Anne Packrat! biggrin.gif

Well, in this case, I'm taking the picture not in it. Though Hawkeye does have my gun.
CodenameElizabeth- I really like your drawing, its very cool! i really like the style. Great job!

Tombow-Yeah i'm in the U.S too, but i started reading FMA manga first so i didn't realize it was on T.V until after i bought the first two DVDs, and now i own them all + the movie i'm pretty much obsessed! lol i <3 FMA so much. I'm really exciting for the new graphic novel due out this month and the next Novels due out in October and December also i think the next art book is out by Xmas too im really excited smile.gif!!! and im also really pumped for ch 74 w00t! so excited!

Amethyst Sunset- yeah Tsubasa is totally worth it, it's a great show. I love Chapter 7 btw its great!

Menelvir-adored chapter 11 as you can tell from my review lol. is that the last chapter?? if it is you should definitely write a sequel if it isn't the last chapter you should write a sequel anyway. it was a great story!

Anne Packrat-such a great cosplay pic!! i love it! can three ed's beat the power of Royai? hmm i dunnnnooo lol.

Triss Hawkeye- it was your b-day! I'm sorry i missed it. So Happy Belated B-day! and congrats on being 16! 16 is a milestone. I loved turning sixteen the first thing i did was get my drivers permit lol. i've had my license for almost a year know it kicks butt!

andd on a finishing note Meet the Parents chapter 7 is now up! I'm so flattered by how many people like this story! i almost have 80 reviews! im so happy!! AND Chapter 4 of Hunting in the Twilight will be up tomorrow, i just need to finish editing it but im tired and want sleep. anyway im off to finish editing! see you guys soon!
Triss Hawkeye: haha laugh.gif yes i can tell ur very excited

Ice Alchemist: Thank u! im glad u liked it so much and of course i will make more soon! biggrin.gif

Kenji: lmao XD the 5 sec finger intro. ummm how to explain that well... that's kinda like my signature with my name on it, but it's my favorite guitarist and i showed that picture to my friends and they thought it was funny and should b my picture thing laugh.gif

Jacksparrow: thank u glad u liked it. haha u know me too well that u know what im gonna put in certain places wink.gif

Tombow: yup im finally done yay! XDD what r u talking about the bird dose go well with royai!?!? u must b crazy!!! laugh.gif j/k

amethyst sunsert: thank you, glad u liked it! haha bowing to my greatness? haha ok thank u

starrieidgirl: thank u! and ur welcome for making an awesome amv and thinking of everyone over here at the forum ^__^ hmmm maybe i could make a halloween amv wink.gif but we'll wait till october to see what's going on.

menelvir: thank u! glad u liked it! =D

N.C. StormEye
Hey! Uhm...*bows to the sempais* It's Liz and Anne Packrat. *bows again*

Anyway, just got back from first drama club meeting. I'm the evil stepmother for this years musical. It's a bit part, only three lines. I'm funking.

Anyway...gyah, I didn't get to see all the reviews on my 'podcast'. Blah...but I'm happy. Sick, but happy. biggrin.gif

*sigh* Hope there are a LOOOOT of entries. But I really want some drawings kay?

Amethyst Sunset
Menelvir - My summer fic won't have them on the beach exactly though. ^^;;; At least, that's how my idea will probably go. Or maybe one of those clichéd walks on the beach. XD And I left a review for your story.

Kenji - Quit making me hungry. XDDDDDD I for one couldn't care less if my avatar and signature were the most mismatched av and sig on earth.

Anne - Cool! Better take cover, 'cause Ed (make that the Eds) and Roy are at it again - and Riza's joined the fray!

Ice - Thanks. happy.gif Anyhow, I left a review for your story too. Sorry if I haven't been exactly up-to-date; I think I keep missing chapters of stories at this rate. Stupid college. *shoots - or alchemizes*

Stormie - Have fun in your musical! And get well soon - I'm all right myself. wink.gif


And a bit off-topic, came back from my cosplay. Unfortunately, the rain turned my flyaway hair (yes, it was supposed to be flyaway) into the wet look, and if I tried to wear my epaulets under all that rain...well, the results would be drastic. But our FFVIII cosplay (Irvine + Selphie, I'm the latter) went well despite all that rain and my mom nearly freaking out when she saw me come home with temporary hair color. XD

Back on-topic, chapter 74 draws ever closer as we speak! *le gasp*
i shall haunt you all with mooncakes!


So many Eds vs Roy and Riza...
Riza got a shotgun.... O_o
Ack! Triss Hawkeye, I didn't wish you happiness, joy, and felicity! Think you could go for it a day late? In any case, happiness, joy and felicity showered upon you as my b-day wish for you!

Kenji- You're making me hungry! And I just ate breakfast!

Ice Alchemist578- Ooh! A new chapter of Meet the Parents! I need to go read! Yay, Royai!

I just realized I haven't updated or written anything for in a while, Royai or otherwise. I need to! Hmm... but what to write? I need to think...
Anne Packrat
QUOTE(Kenji @ Aug 6 2007, 08:27 AM) *
i shall haunt you all with mooncakes!


So many Eds vs Roy and Riza...
Riza got a shotgun.... O_o

It's actually more of a sniper rifle, though I do have both single action and a double barrel shotgun toys. There was one Roy at the shoot, but we had a Ross, Mei-chan, Armor Al and a Noa. It was quite odd. Then again the AX shoot was also odd. We had two Mei-chans, a Seig (no Izumi), a Black Hayate, Armor Al, a Breda, and a Havoc.

Happy Birthday, Triss.

Have some random Royai fanart:

(If anyone can point me to this artist's website I'd appreciate it.)
O= The chapter is closer!!!!! ohOhOhoH!!!

@Anne Packrat: I remember to saw that pic somewhere...but I think that the artist has no-web page ..... I'll thinking and trying to remember smile.gif

Happy Birthday Triss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Stormie: Use the text as you like

Nothing new people....classes starting in a couple of days =____=U ....

This thread goes on growing!!! lol I laugh when I read in other forums that this or that character had a big thread xD they are nothing compared to this one!!! xDDDD
Schubes-i thought ur video was great, im really looking forward to more videos from you!! biggrin.gif

N.C. StormEye-congrats on your part! thats really exciting!! also do you have a deadline yet? i still have a few chapters left so i was just curious how much time i have left.
speaking of the contest i have chapter 4 up finally yay!

Amethyst Sunset- thanks for the review! don't worry about it i totally understand how rigorous school is. You can review when ever you feel like it, im just happy people review

jacksparrow589-thanks for the review!, and yeah you're totally right, i wanted to update so i kinda skimmed my editing process, next time i'll pay more attention lol oops wink.gif

Anne Packrat
-Oh my gosh that picture is SO cute!

paca-yeah this thread is HUGE! and everyone is so nice to everyone. Basically we rock lol

love you all, im off to read HP some more
Triss Hawkeye
This has got to be one of the longest non-spam threads I've ever seen, and I've quite a lot. I guess we have a lot to talk about, especially since new material is still coming out... *again hopes for chapter 74 Royai*
@Starrie - Nice to see you!!
Your play is on now?? Wow, wow!! Break a leg!! Good luck with your play!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Oh, the new chapter!! And, Roy likes flames!! Nice chapter!! biggrin.gif I'm looking forward to your FMA Summer fic, too!! And, thanks for your friend's Royai fanfic!! ^^
BTW, if you get the pics from your cosplay, please post!! ^^

@Schubes - I checked at my friend's computer!! Nice!! I propose that to be our theme AMV for the Royai Summer Festival!!
(Oh, and the "bird" sign.. just don't post it as an image on our board! XDD
Yeah, I think the last time someone posted that as an image, it was snipped. XDD)

Speaking of Royai Summer Festival... may I propose one possible solution for the date??
How about if we make it for one week period, Sunday Aug. 19 through Saturday Aug. 25, and during the week it's not going to be as intense as it was during the three day Royai Day Weekend, but maybe we post some summer themed Royai pics and stuff like that during the week of August 19, and then we have the announcement of the winners of Twilight contests on Saturday Aug. 25??
In the U.S., many schools start during the last week of August, so this will schedule the Royai Summer festival before the school starts for some U.S. members.
Just a thought. Other ideas are appreciated, too. ^^

@Menelvir - Ooooh, the conclusion!! Love the way it went!! Yes, I'm sooo looking forward to the sequel!!

@Kenji - Never mind the hungry ghosts.. I want those mooncakes!! biggrin.gif

@Anne Packrat - Love that Red vs. Blue cosplay pic!! biggrin.gif
And, I don't know where that Roy pic is from, but I like it!! The clever use of Black Hayate!! ^^

@Stormie - You got a speaking part in the play?? Nice!!
And, yes, I'm hoping we'll get some fanarts for the contest also!!

@Ice - Nice chapter!! Short, but nice!! I like it very much!!^^
And, yap, isn't this thread nice?? happy.gif
And, I'm excited about the chpater 74, too!! ^^

@jacksparrow - Maybe you can write Royai Summer one shot or drabble for the Summer Festival?

@paca - I know, this thread keeps going, and going.. I can hardly catch up these days. laugh.gif

Happy (belated) 16th Birthday, Triss Hawkeye!!!
Happy sweet sixteen!! ^^

Yap, we are the longest running Character Discussion thread, and you guys are all doing awesome job keeping it going and going and going... happy.gif

And, to be on topic, I'm sooo excited about the chapter 74, and hoping any Roy Riza or Royai scenes!! ^^
Anne Packrat
Is there any place to get details on the contests and summer festival? What does it entail etc?
@Anne Packrat - The contest rules are on this thread probably few pages back, on my post. If you don't see in few pages, keep going back more till you see it. biggrin.gif

I will try to get it and repost, but since my connection is slow, you'll probably get it faster. ^^

As for the Summer Festival, it's up to the Summer Festival committee, a.k.a. Starrie, and I think Amethyst Sunset is helping her also, or anyone who'd like to help out in case they need more help. ^^
Ice_Alchemist578 thanks glad u liked it! =D and of course ill b making more soon wink.gif

tombow thank u! =D haha XDD don't worry i won't post it here. come to think of it next time ill try not to add it to my video. sorry i never thought of it offending anyone just cuz im so used to using it in my other videos. so next time i'll use something a lil more friendly wink.gif Also i agree on your idea for the summer festival! that would b a great way to spend my last week of summer vacation sad.gif My first day back is august 27 gosh i don't wanna go back to that evil place dry.gif Hmmm well i need to go make some fan art now! O yeah and yay! for my video being theme!!!!! laugh.gif

Oh, look, I found it!! ^^

So... here again, Rules for Stormie's "Twilight" contests. ^^


Stormie's Royai Twilight Fanfic/Fanart/Doujin/Famworks Contests
(Inspired by Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse* series of books by Stephanie Meyer.)

Theme: "Royai - Twilight."*
Create fanfics, fanarts, or comics, with Vampire!Roy and Anything Goes!Riza.

Rating: Safe to read/view by 12 years old. (That's the younger end of our thread viewers. ^^)

Length/Size: From one time shot to an epic length for fanfics, and any size for fanarts & comics.

Submission Period: To be announced (I'm guessing few days before the Royai Summer Festival date.. but the Festival date has not been set... so, please ask Royai Summer Festival organizers, a.k.a. Starrie and Amethyst Sunset for more info. ^^)

Prize: No material prizes, but Stormie will carry the winning fanarts, and maybe the links to winning fanfics, in her sig for a period of time (I think she might have said one month.) biggrin.gif

There will be selection for: First place, and Second Place, and Third Place.
And also (maybe) for Cutest Picture, and Best Costumes, and Funniest Picture, and and Most Romantic Scenario.

* This is a part of passage from the series:
"I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot, and kissed me again.
This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine—like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us."


Oh, and the Summer Festival is themed Watermelon, bikini, and the last one was.. firework?
For the Royai Day we had banner making, and we posted tons of our fav Royai pics, and members contributed fanarts and fanfics and poem and Haiku and we had comics for each day and stuff like that. And I'm assuming Summer Festival is with similar stuff, except pics and fics are summer themed, but it's all up to the Summer Festival committee. ^^

@Schubes - Haha, no problem!! (about the sign..) ^^
And, yes, please do some fanart!! That will be great!!
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