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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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N.C. StormEye
PAGE EIGHT HUNDERED!!! (Misspelled on Purpose.)

WhooT! What a whoop. biggrin.gif Anyway...gyah...I am so braindead right now. I'm creating Roy and Riza TekTeks (again) if anyone has any requests, send 'em in.

Nywayz...hmm...I vote Riza - Navy Blue One Piece. Works with the complexion. Pink is okay for blondes I think...but it tends to wash out color.

Roy...SHORTS NOT SPEEDO! Speedos are for desperate men. Roy his classic shmexy...I see him in black or tan swim shorts. Maybe red-brown.

*gasps for air* Chapter six of Temptation Affairs has been posted! And I'll be updating Confessions of a Fuhrer to day as well for anyone that's reading that.

For whoever asked (can't quite remember who, cause everyone's been posting like crazy the past couple of days,lol) Edward and Isabella are doing fine. Bella's a little mad at me right now because I didn't have enough money to buy her a Roy Mustang blanket. (why did we have to pass Hot Topic in the mall? Better yet, why did they have to display FMA in the window next to Harry Potter?) She kept pointing to it, and making noises. so I said, "Mommy can't afford it, sweetie, we're window shopping." she threw fit when we kept walking. So to say the least, I've been a mean mommy.

Roy:*drooling in his sleep on his desk* Rizaaaaa.....put on the damn mini-skirt, you've got excellent legs.
*Riza, Havoc, Breda, Fuery, Falman, Armstrong, Ed, Al, basically the whole FMA cast watches him* (It's like the chibi OVA, kays? smile.gif )
Roy: No...bad Havoc...that's my Hawkeye, mine. I'm gonna marry her. *everyone but Riza goes, awwww*
Roy: Riza...marry me and we can have as many Black Hayate's as you want...
Riza: Mustang, you're not even asleep!
Roy: *pretends to jerk awake* What? Where am I?
Riza: You were just proposing to me in front of the entire FMA cast.
Roy: it being voice recorded?
Amethyst Sunset
I spend a night at my cousin's house 'cause I came home late from college, and I get all these pages. XDDDDD *cracks knuckles* No need to worry about me Mustanging this time; my Japanese and Social Science exams are out of the way (though I think I did better in the former), and I just reviewed for my math exam tomorrow. Huzzah! XD

Will try to leave reviews for everyone's stories, I'm pretty exhausted. x_x Or at the very least, read. Yeesh, I have to go to school on a Saturday (HP7 Day, no less) to take my math exam and talk about an upcoming activity for us Anime Manga Enthusiasts.

TNFMA - Paca shared it; I just did the translating, yes? happy.gif Thanks!

Nice...manipulated image, hahaha. XD If you *actually* want to add something from my quaint little collection of cheesy, mushy, overly dramatic and romantic Royai fics, my account is there, in my sig. Chaotic Lullaby's the name, Royai is my game. wink.gif But I do other (het) pairings and fandoms too...

Ika07 - Thanks...yes, poor Roy. When I realized what Riza was writing, I laughed. XD Japanese is really paying off...I think next week we'll start on Kanji. biggrin.gif

Ice - Our summer is in March. And still looking forward to more fics from you! And, have fun, we'll miss ya!

Menelvir - I don't hate math - far from it! I love math, but I don't like it that much these days because the quizzes are really hard. I get the lessons, but when the quizzes begin, it's like I never learned anything. XDDDDD Or I'm just Mustanging again. It's becoming a bad habit of mine...

Oh and I took the test...

moderately expressed introvert
distinctively expressed intuitive personality
moderately expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed judging personality

I really am a Roy/Ed hybrid. XD Leaning more closely to Ed though.

Looks like everyone's gonna be out this weekend to read HP. XDDDDD Hope you enjoy reading it!

Tombow - Arigatou gozaimasu! I hope I can translate more in the future...that was really simple. ^^

Starrie - Thanks! *big squishy hug* And hope your show goes well. I think it would be nice to stretch the festival so it fits in more than just a single Saturday. That way, you can celebrate with us! Good luck with thy kimonos and obis! And thanks for giving everyone the lowdown on the festival!

Yes, I think OotP could have done with more scenes, but they did have to work with the longest book in the series, so yeah...

I see Riza in a black or any dark-colored bikini myself. Probably not too skimpy or showy - something simple. *nods* Probably solid color, even.

Stormie - August is fine. Fanfics can be in-progress when entered, although as much as possible they have to be finished by then so judging can go a little more smoothly. And chill, 'kay? You have an entire year ahead of you - more than one year - before you head off for college. Unfortunately as I have been tossed into the wonderful, wonderful world of UP Diliman, any college advice I will give you will either be biased or based on my experiences in that wonderful, wonderful world.

Still, it's all up to you, whatever you feel is more suited to your needs and your capacity. Of course, I did partly enter UP 'cause my parents wanted me to, but yeah, I'm having fun, don't worry. wink.gif It's just the workload as they really lay on the pressure here. Just a warning.'re reminding me that I still have 13 years ahead of me till I really finish my classes. Medicine, see. Maybe that'll be shortened to 10 if I take the accelerated program in UP. But then again, it's ACCELERATED. You gotta be a smart cookie to stand that. If I can do a double major, I'd take up journalism or communication arts...

Triss - I <3 cats too. happy.gif I'm an ailurophile. But dogs are great too (*thinks of Roy going, "I LOVE DOGS!"*)

Twilightz - I AGREE. Shorts. Flaming shorts. Mwahaha. >=D I really see him with those on. Or, if not (BUT FLAMING SHORTS ALL THE WAY!), maybe something blue, dark blue, preferably.

Which reminds me - in a presentation in our university some time ago, the swim team had a segment...the girls were in different kinds of swimsuits, and all the guys were wearing Speedos. Yes, EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM. Mostly those black ones. Nope, I highly doubt Roy would be caught dead on one of those.

Liz - Have fun at Otakon, and have fun reading HP! I might have to wait till my birthday (which is exactly a week after the release) to get a copy...and in the meantime, SPOILERS BE GONE!

RMK - I believe we haven't met - and if we did, it's been a long time. XDDDDD Welcome back! I'm Amethyst Sunset - people call me Amethyst, or Sunset, or A.S., or just Ame. And...uhhh, yeah. wink.gif

Zachelle - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! XDDDDDD *cough* Good to see you again!

SRH - You could always save up for the blanket! wink.gif Like I do as I complete my collection of FMA manga...but then again, hopefully for my birthday I get FMA stuff. wink.gif It's good that the twins are doing well!

And...*hides recording equips*


Whattalongpost. XD Go me.

UGH... Myers-Briggs clones... *cringes*
And this one seems to be ripping off the Step II version with it's "sub-dichotomies." Oh Holy Hell...

Sorry. I actually got qualified to administer the actual MBTI instrument about 5 years ago, and it pains me to see cheaply ripped-off versions that do not have the reliability and validity of the true instrument... Reminds me of back in the day when I wrote articles rantoing about these things in the Bulletin of Psychological Type.... man, those were some good times... it's been YEARS since I've written for those guys!

(Oh yeah- if anyone cares- a shameless peice of self-promotion. I used to do freelance art for, a divison of the Keirsey "empire", as I've gotten used to calling it, after a BAAAADLY written contract back in 2002...)

I haven't taken THAT quiz, but I know from taking the "REAL" MBTI that I have a dominant Extraverted Intuitive personality with an Idealist core temperament. :/

Anyway, enough of my Myers Briggs ranting, for I'm sure its boring people.
Back to the RoiAi.

Back to bathing suits. I want to make a Riza bathing suit-- something I would imagne was military-issued. I'd like to get a rather conservative one-peice racerback Speedo in Navy (yes, Speedo DOES make cute womens suits that are not scary...) and somehow screen-print the military crest onto the front in silver. Right on the chest. But I currently do not know how to screen-print metalic colors, so I'm S.O.L. for now. XD

My friend Paul made a "Roy swimsuit" as a joke. Well, he really didn't MAKE it, he just showed up at a hotel pool during a convention wearing a pair of swimming trunks with flames on them, and his Roy gloves... it was absolutely hilarious.

Tian Ai
Menelvir - Thanks! Oo well when I think about Tian Ai I don't necessarily think of what I love about the sky but that's an interesting way to look at it smile.gif Hmm.. what do I love about the sky? The vast, free feeling.. colors in the sky, no matter how dark it may seem one day you'll know it can always become bright again.. probably the feeling on those starry nights when you look up, it's almost a bit scary, you feel like you can just disappear into that sky and never come back again! ph34r.gif I have a weird mind, don't ask biggrin.gif

Starrie - Ahh, 'starry eyed girl' in Chinese.. I think it's one of those things that you can't directly translate.. let's see, 星 for star, 眼 for eye, 女 for girl.. would that work? 星眼女, maybe add the transition term 之 [I think it's the same as 'no' in Japanese right?], 星眼之女 Xing Yan Zhi Nu.. oh wow that sounds a bit strange blink.gif I'm sorry! And thanks for bringing us to page 800! Yeahhh! biggrin.gif

CodenameElizabeth - Hey!! I remember you clearly, Ms. Rizalicious! Hehe biggrin.gif How've you been?
Amethyst Sunset
Liz - *hugs*

I agree, that would make a nice swimsuit for Riza. With a bit of gold color to add to the military effect.

Haha, Roy swimsuit! What a great cosplay idea! XDDDDD

Tian Ai - But it's nice to stare up at the sky sometimes! happy.gif It gives me inspiration. Especially when it rains XDDDDDD
Tian Ai
Amethyst Sunset - I love when it rains!! biggrin.gif And if you've ever been up in the mountains or someplace where the city lights don't get to, you can see so many stars - it's really breathtaking blink.gif
I know spam happy.gif
But... hey..? Update me pleeeaasee biggrin.gif
ahhh this board moves so fast! i just wanted to drop by and say HI! to all the new people and just remind everyone im leaving today (friday) and coming back on wednesday so i'll miss you guys!

To Amethyst Sunset-im glad you're enjoying my fic, yeah its moviing kinda fast, but i want it to be done in time for the contest and so like i said i ended up combining chapters in to longer ones especially that one and the next chapter were all supposed to be like 4 seperate chapters. lol well anyway for all those who read Meet The Parents chapter 5 is going up in a minute

So good bye to everyone an d i'll see you all on wednesday miss you guys! sad.gif
I am leaving to (going to Florida)Coming back on the 26th
So uh see ya *walks away*
Tian Ai
Ice Alchemist - Hey I'd just like to say, I read 2 of your fanfics and I think they're great happy.gif Please keep writing!

RoyMustangkitty - Ooh, Florida! Have fun there biggrin.gif
Dang I go to bed and come back and there's like 2 pages for me to keep up on.
I think I'm the only person that's not gonna disappear for the weekend for HP. I read the first 4 and the very beginning of 5 and quit for some reason.
O well that's not the point of this! Seriously I need some more feedback on a song for the summer festival amv.
I was thinking possibly Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard but I'm not sure if that's really summery
But for anyone that dosen't know the song here u go. Anyone else got any other suggestions?
Ocean Avenue Video by Yellowcard
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Ice Alchemist - I add them myself. Thanks for giving me your pen-name, though - I'll get right on it! biggrin.gif Were there any in particular that were posted on the thread itself?

@ SRH - your daughter is a true FMA fan - you should be proud, not feel guilty! biggrin.gif What Hot-Topic were you at? All the ones near me have pretty much removed all of their FMA mechandise. sad.gif Makes me sad - I was saving up for that very same Roy blanket, and now I can't find it! XD

@ Tombow - actually, it's Daniel Craig. wink.gif

@ Elizabeth - You still have that on there? biggrin.gif That makes me smile! Also, I *love* that pic in your sig! XD In true Riza fashion, is there a pic following with a gun to his head? smile.gif Also, I don't know what you were ranting about, but it sounds interesting... care to explain a bit?

Let's see, who else told me to add them to the C2... probably on the other page - off to look! Curator, AWAY!!!*whoosh*
@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Aww.. it is so cute the way Bella threw fits over Roy blanket!! laugh.gif Glad to hear that they are doing great!! And, omg, chapter 6!! You are simply amazing!! And, Roy pretending to be asleep and proposing to Riza is so cute!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Go you!! Nice long post!! ^^ Glad your two exams went well!!
I think you're right, Riza in those Speedo competitive swimwear might be nice!!
(But no, not Roy in one of those... XDD)

@Stormie - "Speedos are for desperate men"?? laugh.gif

@Liz - You're a lady with so many skills!! ^^ I like the idea of military-issued bathing suites!!
Yes, with Amestris chimera!! Make some design, please!!?? ^^
And, haha, why I'm not surprixed to hear that your cosplay friend has already done Roy with "flame" swimming trunks!! laugh.gif

@Tian Ai - Haha, yeah I agree. 'starry eyed girl' is hard to direct translate!! biggrin.gif
But, yeah, I love looking at the night sky with thousands of stars!! It's beautiful!! ^^

@Untitled - OMG, nice to see you!! *glomps*!!
We celebrated page 750 (because it's 2/3 of a way to page 1000) then we had big Royai Day on June 11, we got many more new posters (very talented, too!! ^^) and now Starrie and Amethyst Sunset are planning Royai Summer Festival, and Stormie is holding Royai Twilight fanfic/fanart/doujin/fanworks contests!! I posted rules a few pages back. ^^

@Ice_Alchemist578 - Have a safe trip!! Miss you!! See you on Wednesday!!

@RoyMustangkitty - You are going, too?? Have a fun time in Florida!!
And, see you after 26!! happy.gif

@Schubes - Haha, I used to watch that Ocean Avenue Video by Yellowcard!! ^^
I say, go for it!! happy.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - You can chack out Royai Day fanfics here. biggrin.gif

Whew, I think that covered most of the posts...
Goes out to see if I can find some Riza in bathing suits pics. ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Tian Ai - I agree. I remember taking a class trip with my classmates to a province, and when night came, there were so many stars! Plus, down below you could see all the lights of the city! Everyone was snapping photos like mad. XD

We'll miss you both, Ice and RMK!

Schubes - I won't be off to read HP as parents told me to wait till my birthday, because someone may give me the book as a gift.

And a summer AMV made me think of this song...


Here she comes
Coming out of the water
Here she comes
Coming straight at me
Here she comes
Coming out of the water
Here she comes
Summer refugee

CHORUS: I just wanna be on the beach (sunburn) (repeat...4 times, I think)

Here she comes
Golden island seniorita
Here she comes
Slow-mo freeze the frame
Here she comes
Golden island seniorita
Here she comes
Do you know her name?


I need to get away from the city
I need to get away from work
I need to get away from traffic
I need to get away, got to get away


TNFMA - I've seen lots of Royai fanfics around, we've got some pretty talented writers I'm not even fit to spit-polish the shoes of! XD

Tombow - A.S. is the name. Making long posts is my game. XD

Thanks! happy.gif True...Speedo (yup, not those really fancy ones) would look good on Riza...but not on Roy. XDDDDDDD

And here's one!
I vote for light blue swimsuit on riza and flaming SHORTS and NOT SPEEDO for Roy. tongue.gif

I'm on the run right now, since I'm not really supposed to be online right now, but it seems like most of you are taking a break this weekend for HP book! I really want the 7th book!! (Sadly I don't have any reserved, but hopefully I can pick one up tomorrow.) I know this is OT but this is only for one time. Since it's the last HP book and all. happy.gif

gotta run!
saves this thread from getting submerged~
What's with these speedos and swimsuit apparatus...

Well, in my onion opinion, both of them should wear the same suit, black as the base colour and with flames [on the side for Roy, and on the bottom for Riza] and finally, some silver lines indicating bullets...

Yeah, I always associates both of the object with Roy and Riza... dry.gif How unimaginative...

and finally hooray for breaking the 800 page barrier
Tian Ai
Schubes - I know what you mean, it's so hard to keep up nowadays! @@"

SSRH - Aww, Bella is so adorable!! wub.gif I don't think you were a mean mom! Kids shouldn't be spoiled too much tongue.gif In terms of material posessions and protection, 'cause I believe kids should have to get through some things alone too, to grow up that way and learn by themselves. Anyhow, it looks like she has great potential to being a hardcore FMA fan when she grows up! happy.gif

Tombow - Ah, but our language translating genius should be way better at translating than me! laugh.gif

Amethyst Sunset - Oh wow!! I'm jealous of your class!! laugh.gif The view must have been stunning!! It's one of those things in life where you know it's there, but you don't realize how beautiful it really is till you experience it!

About the whole swimsuit thing.. Roy can't swim, can he? Would he want to get in a swimsuit?? blink.gif

The New Fullmetal Alchemist


Ok, you'll all probably hate me for this, but I read the epilogue of the seventh Harry book, and I have on thing to say: JK ROWLING IS A CLOSET FAN-FICTION WRITER!!!

Ok, there, I've said it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must continue to inhale the *rest* of the book...


While waiting in line for the book, I finally managed to pick up a copy of The FMA manga "Profiles" book! biggrin.gif It proved quite entertaining while waiting in line, and I have now officially established my place as a mega-nerd in the chronicles of FMA-fandom!

Also, I'm delighted to report that my personality was not Roy's, but closer akin to Ed's. biggrin.gif Roy's personality type was, for all intents and purposes, listed as "promiscuous." biggrin.gif

If anyone wants, I can type up the test for the thread. smile.gif
Triss Hawkeye
Argh, this thread is moving faaast...I'm not going to be helped by the fact that I will be disappearing for a week starting Monday. And no, it's not for Harry Potter, funnily enough.

Flaming trunks for Roy and blue-green swimming costume for Riza, certainly! ^^ I've got inspiration for a fanart, if only I can find some decent colouring apparatus...

@Tian Ai: I dunno, I've always assumed Roy can swim. I mean, just because he's a flame alchemist doesn't mean he can't. And he's in the army, surely they'd have some basic training? Ah well, he can always paddle...laugh.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Lol, that's a hilarious picture:

Roy Mustang doing the doggy paddle with water wingys! >.<

Where you going, Triss?
Hi!!! *waves*

Auuuhhhh*yelps*!!! Paca missed a lot!!! >.< *paca is upset* Can someone help paca and tell her what ahs happened during her absence? O.o

Oh!!!O: 800 pages!!!!! Amazing! Let's keep it going!!! Don't give up!!

I'll check the last URLs I posted and correct the ones that aren't working happy.gif.....and bring some more....

The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Paca! you know that normally I would love to fill you in, but unfortunately in this circumstance I've been gone longer than you have!

However, since your last posting, the main topic of conversation has been what kind of bathing suit Roy would wear. smile.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Kenji - That's also a great idea. happy.gif Or, they can both wear black, but Riza gets the bullets and Roy gets the flames - or the other way around for a twist, hahahaha. XDDDDD

Tian Ai - Yeah, it was really breathtaking. It's great that you can still see skies like those around such an urbanized world...

Aw, Roy can swim, I bet. wink.gif He's not that hydrophobic; just 'cause his alchemical power depends largely on fire...

TNFMA - Good for you! XD And I'll have to wait patiently till I can read the book...although in a bookstore I frequent, all the books are open and devoid of plastic, so I could see lots of people already taking a peek at the epilogue.

And thanks a lot for the nice imagery. XD Then there's Riza, probably, as the lifeguard...

Triss - Dog paddle. *snicker*

*shot for pun*

Paca - Summer festival discussion - and what swimsuits Roy and Riza would wear. And off-topic - HP7. XD
ok everyone, i'm starting to slowly work on the royai summer festival amv! I have completly decided to use ocean avenue. and i'm gonna cut out parts of the performance parts of that video and use those too. so it seems even more like a music video ^__^

gosh i'm getting backed up ideas and haven't been able to get any of them done!
I'm still working on Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
Then I still wanna do All Around Me by Flyleaf
there are prolly others but i'm so tierd from work that i can't remember
@Paca - Like Amethyst Sunset said, we were talking about Royai Summer Festival, and then Starrie started Royai swimsuites poll, and the topic took off, and now everyone is guessing what Roy's and Riza's swimsuites would look like!! biggrin.gif

@Schubes - Good luck with Royai "Ocean Avenue" video!! ^^ My Net connection is bad and can't view those videos on the links right now, but I will check them when it gets better!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - Yes, Riza would do nicely as a lifeguard, IMO!! biggrin.gif

@Triss Hawkeye - You will be gone for a week?? Gonna miss you on the board!!

@Tian Ai - Haha, even I have hard time keeping up with this thread sometime!! tongue.gif

@Kenji - Oh, Flame and the Silver bullet swim suites designs!! I like that!!

@ika07 - Yeah, I know, it's THE last HP book, so, many people are pretty excited!!

@The New Fullmetal Alchemis - Tehehe, you're now a a mega-nerd in the chronicles of FMA-fandom!! That sounds good tho. biggrin.gif

@Tian Ai - I can't tell for sure about Roy's swimming ability, but I bet that doesn't stop him from wearing swim-suites!! laugh.gif
ohmy.gif Lots of new people happy.gif Woot~!
So.... Nice topic you guys are having... Bathing suits.. biggrin.gif
Wait.....! Roy goes in the water?! Aaaaaaa!!!! I have to take this down~
@Untitled - Yoohoo, welcome back!! Nice to see you!! biggrin.gif
No, no, Roy doesn't have to go into the watre... we just want to know what swimsuites he might wear. XDD

For anyone who'd missed it, here is the original poll questions posted by Starrie:

Inner thread poll:
What color of bikini would Riza were?
And, what kind of swim wear would Roy have? Speedo or swim trunks.

Now we got some nice ideas for designs for their swimsuites!! ^^
(Maybe we should have Roy and Riza bathing suites photoshop flood for Royai Summer Fastival, like the Royai Day banner flood we had for Royai Day. laugh.gif )
Amethyst Sunset
Untitled - I believe we haven't been properly introduced? XD I'm Amethyst Sunset, otherwise known as Amethyst, or Sunset, or A.S., or Ame, or Chaotic Lullaby (on I live in the Philippines too! *couldn't help noticing your signature*

But just as Tombow said, Roy doesn't have to get himself wet. wink.gif Although it would be even more fun if he did...

Ooh, a fanart flood! happy.gif We can't have a Royai festival without a fanart/fanfic/fanwork flood!
HAY, HI AGAEN!!! Im back from Otakon!!! laugh.gif

This is all I have to say:

Click to view attachment

And now I sleep...
Moar "Myers-Briggs rants" later when I've had sleep.


CodenameElizabeth: ROTFL! That picture is hilarious, not to mention a crazy Royai dream! Thank you for sharing that with us.

Chapter seven is coming along...swimmingly. As of right now, it's basically the big chapter before the showdown, so brace yourselves.

Sorry I've been a bit of a lurker lately, just been busy, and yesterday I was busy reading HP7, which only took me a day to read, including all my motherly duties and such. Good book, good book.

Edit: WHOOT! I started 803!

Roy: And we helped!
Riza: *shoots gun and confetti comes out*
Hi All!

Wow, I can't believe how something simple as swimsuits would start a long debate.

So far:

Roy in trunks--10 Roy in speedo (wearing bowtie and has tray w/my drink)--1

Riza's color: pink-1, blue-3, and green-2. If my numbers are off...I'm sorry.

But i'm glad that is getting everyone into the mood for a Summer Festival!

And go Liz w/ your photos, but should Riza have the jacket off????

Congrats SRH for starting the next page! and I'm w/ you on lurking. Haven't had the focus to post.

I'm out for the mo', be back around laters!

Tian Ai
I told myself I'd wait a good few months before getting the last book because I wasn't that excited and then the price would drop.. but my curiosity proved too much, and I have bought a copy of Harry Potter 7 in a Taiwanese bookstore. ph34r.gif Gotta say, it's pretty.. fast-paced, I found myself reading really fast! Haha blink.gif

Triss - That's true.. I just imagined he wouldn't like it too much though..

Tombow - I know what you mean! I refresh after posting and there's a new one already! blink.gif

Amethyst Sunset - Ahh wow, I'm tempted to strand myself in the mountains now! laugh.gif Actually.. no, I'm not haha ph34r.gif I get frightened real easily, a week or so ago we were up there at night and I was scared someone would pop out and.. I dunno, scream "BOO!"
wow swimsuits is a good long debate lol

gosh this forum's summer festival amv is prooving to b more of a pain in the butt than i originally thought. I just started putting clips in tonight after work and still can't think of anything for
"There's a place off ocean avenue"
haha it's the very first line! XD
"we were both sixteen and it felt so right"
gosh i suck haha
I blink and the thread is on the new page!! ohmy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Yeah, we should do Summer Festival fanart/fanworks floods, huh?? ^^
(I think we can just flood this thread this time.. ^^)

@Liz - Gahaha, Riza is tanked!! Cute that Roy is reaching out to Riza!! Great pic!! laugh.gif

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Yes you did!! ^^ Yay for opening page 803!! ^^
And, you did chapter 7, reading HP book, performing "motherly" duties.. gosh you are amazing!! ^^

@Starrie - Gahh.. can't imagine Roy with Speedo, wearing a bow tie and carrying drinks!! >.<

@Tian Ai - OMG, your talk of yourself getting scared just reminded me of Riza being terrified of shadows!! ph34r.gif biggrin.gif

@Schubes - Go, go, I know you can do it!! biggrin.gif My image of that Ocean Avenue beginning... A scene from one of the FMA games.. Riza is undercover and dressed as a secretary, and walking on the street, and Roy's car drives into a water puddle and splash water to Riza, and Roy's car stops and Roy says : "Excuse me, miss.." or somethinging like that... don't remember exactly how it goes, but I like that scene.. biggrin.gif
Tombow: THANKS!!!!! i'll u that ^__^ I just have to find it in my mass of royai video clips haha. thank u so much! biggrin.gif u rock!!!
Amethyst Sunset
Liz - Whoa...that was interesting. XDDDDD

SRH - Ooh, hope you're still doing well with all that on your plate. wink.gif I don't have HP7 yet, I'm procrastinating (yes, Mustanging yet again)...

Starrie - But this discussion is fun! *shot yet again*

...Roy in a Speedo and a bow tie and drinks?! XDDDDDDDD Thank you, thank you for the imagery.

Roy: Here is your Fiery Blue Mustang, madam.
Riza: Thank you very much. And no thanks, I don't drink.
Roy: ...I thought you ordered a Fiery Blue Mustang!
Riza: I did.
Roy: ...

Tian Ai - Temptation. XD ROFL! In fact, that was another fun thing we enjoyed - scaring people with ghost stories about the place we were staying in, and we even tried looking for ghosts. XDDDDDDD

Schubes - Yes, swimsuits can spark long debates. XD Good luck with your AMVs!

Tombow - Yes, yes, let's start flooding! biggrin.gif ironic for a summer festival. *burned*


Working on chapter 5 right now...the thing with Riza's father is that he's not insane; he's just depressed and eccentric. And I'm trying to nail it just right.
@ Amethyst Sunset mmmm Fiery Blue Mustang....I need to try one soon. And great way of working that in...teehee. I could see Riza being that malicious.

@ Tombow-dono Roy in speedo is a sad, sad, sad fantasy of mine. It'll never happen, much like Roy being in an all anime Chippendale's group. ohmy.gif

@ Schubes Cool! AMV! Can't wait to see it.

@ Tian Ai Before I forget, thank you for coming up w/ my name in Chinese, one sad thing is that my computer cannot read the characters for Chinese or Japanese. oops! So all i see are ???? instead of the characters. I'll have to play w/ the computer so that it can read the characters. Thanks again for doing that, I loved it. BTW- it's cheaper to buy the book now. in a few months, it'll go to it's cover price. In the states that's about $35! Yikes. got mine for $21.

Okay, I'm off to read more HP and how much longer til chpt 74? Me want more FMA! Especially more Royai!

Since all is well w/ Roy and Riza's swimwear, how about other characters??? i.e. Falman, Fuery, Havoc, etc. Any thoughts?

Tian Ai
Schubes - Jiayou!! I know your video will be great laugh.gif

Tombow - Riza is scared of shadows?! ph34r.gif Seriously?! WOAH! Got any more details? laugh.gif

Amethyst Sunset - I've just gotten so scared as I grew up! My mom always makes fun of me, saying that I was a lot braver when I was an infant than I am now! sad.gif

Starrie - Yup, no problem! I think you need to change the Encoding, but ah well, it's nothing important biggrin.gif 35 bucks ph34r.gif Freeeak... glad I got mine, then, thanks!
Amethyst Sunset
Starrie - Yes, I want chapter 74 too...but we have to wait till August, which is still a long way away. T_T Hope Roy and Riza make an appearance this time...

I'm thinking everyone's in shorts - at least, every guy. Even Ed. *snerk* Although now I have this image of Hughes in a Hawaiian getup. XD Maybe Havoc would try a...erm, skimpier swimsuit to try and impress the ladies? XDDDDDDD Yikes. I give myself strange imagery.

Tian Ai - *pat pat* I was a bit nervous when we went ghost-hunting though. We didn't find anything though. XD Except for this dark, empty room where the ceiling fan was running, but perhaps we can chalk that up to the maintenance personnel.

Riza scared of shadows - Assuming that Pride's power is lurking in shadows, and considering Riza's encounter with Pride...well, maybe she isn't scared for herself, but for everyone else around her who are in danger, especially Roy, being considered as a human sacrifice/means of opening the Gate and all.
@Schubes - Oh, I'm glad you like it!! laugh.gif That's all I can come up with hto!! XDD
Can't wait to see your video!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - Gahaha, that Riza is wicked!! biggrin.gif
(Heck, I may order one, too if Roy would bring the drink!! laugh.gif )

@Starrie - Whoa, Roy as a Chippendale dancer!! >.<
And, I have to give some thoughts as to other characters' swim wears.. XDD

@Tian Ai - Ooops, Riza bing afraid of shadow is FMA manga Spoiler!! I thought you were up to currect chapters with FMA manga!! Sorry!! >.<
Oh, and yes, in the U.S., the week when music albums and books coming out they usually have sales to promote and increase the first week sales figures because that is the one of the most important thing in the book/music sales. ^^
Oh, and I came up with Japanese version of "Srarrie eyed" ... How about 星瞳娘?? biggrin.gif

And, for your computer, Starrie, that Japanese version of Starrie eyed girl looks like this: biggrin.gif
Click to view attachment
The first letter on the left is star, second letter (the one in the middle) is kind of nicer way of describing eye, the literal meaning is pupil, but they also use it to describe for sort of that big and round anime kind of eyes in Japanese, and the last letter (the one on the right) is girl but they use it for young ladies in 20's also. ^^

And, it reads "Hoshi (no) Hitomi (no) Musume," (no) part is not included in the Chinese letters but when you read it you should included these (no) also.

Or, you can read it as "Hoshi (no) Hitomikko" the "ko" or in this case changing to "kko" part is the "girl." I personally like this one... it's less formal and cute way of calling your name than the above one. ^^
Tian Ai
Amethyst Sunset - Haha, maintenance personnel? Oh wow.. ph34r.gif Thanks for the description! Encounter with Pride? Oh, jeez.. I think I've missed more than I thought..

Tombow - I thought I was pretty up to date, too! @@" No no it's not your fault, it's mine, thanks biggrin.gif
Okay, okay....I got ahead of myself. Chapter Seven is sooooo EMO (Blame Harry Potter...) . I absolutely love what I did.

So without further ado, I present to you: Chapter Seven Of Temptation Affairs.

So, have fun with that. Warning, a box of tissues is recommended.

Roy: Only because you try--
Riza:*Puts hand over his mouth* Hush.
Roy: *sulks off to his corner, pulling a cute chibi face*
Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - I'd order a Fiery Blue Mustang too, but Riza might shoot me. XD

And that reminds me...hopefully we start Kanji tomorrow!

Tian Ai - It was a bit disappointing though. ^^; Anyhow, yeah, that was in chapters 70-72. *cough*ROYAIIN72*cough*

SRH - Left a review. DARN CLIFFHANGERS, DARNIT DARNIT XD Awww, chibi!Roy!

And speaking of stories...

^ Chapter 5 of You've Got a Long Way to Go. Roy turns 11, Mr. Hawkeye gets a little emo, and...what the heck is the Mustang string quartet? XD
And go Liz w/ your photos, but should Riza have the jacket off????

"Actually, the Colonel finds it to be much more kinky when I leave it ON."


(Sleep deprivation makes Liz a very VERY sick and twisted individual...)
@ Tombow-dono I love it!!!!! Awe, you are so sweet for creating my Japanese name, I'm gonna have to save it for forever and a day!

@ Liz Why am I not surprised that he would be that way! blink.gif And who would you want in an all anime Chippendales group? Number one is Roy, and Kakashi is up there as well. Can you think of anyone?

@ Tian-Ai Hmmmm, yes, the encoding. I'll bug my brother when he gets home from his class today. He's the one that built this new computer, maybe he can figure it out for me. K! Hugs.

Sooooo...I'm dragging my feet about reading Harry Potter 7, so I'm reading everyone's fanficts.

@ SRH OMG!!!! Frank is scary! I finished reading up to chpt 6....and now you have seven? You are on a roll! Hopefully when I'm done w/ the my theatre stuff, I'll have time to post some of my work up as well.

Time for a family get together here at my 'rents place. I'll be here and there!

And who would you want in an all anime Chippendales group? Number one is Roy, and Kakashi is up there as well. Can you think of anyone?


My additional votes go for Miroku from Inuyasha (he's, like, Roy in a past life ro something. Just look at the hair!) and Sha Goyjo from Saiyuki.

Oh, and you can throw Hughes in there too. Because he's be hilarous prancing around in a speedo...
@ Liz LOL! I'm so glad you'd appreciate my fantasy. Maybe at a con, you could convince some guys dressed as these characters to do a Chippendale skit. That would be awesome. I'd also have to have Shigure from Fruits Basket and Uruhara from Bleach. That would round it off nicely. Maes on the other hand..... He can be the groups manager, I doubt Gracia would allow him to perform in the group. I could see him pandering Roy out more than anything.

also, I think you can screen print metallic onto a bathing suit. but i can see Riza wearing something like it only for PT, not as her vacation swimsuit. she could be an old t-shirt, short-shorts kinda gal.

Anymore thoughts on the swimwear that our lovely couple should be wearing?
@Liz - Oh, my goodness.... laugh.gif
The anime Chippendales with Roy and Kakashi and Miroku and Hughes??? XDDDD
I think Roy and Miroku will totally corrupt each other!!! XDD
(Riza, Sango, RanFan, and others should form Rockettes for Radio City Music Hall!! XDD)

@Satrrie - Gahaha, Uruhara from Bleach!!! XDDD
And, as for the Roy's and Riza's swimwear, I like everyones' suggestion on the design. ^^

And, Amethyst Sunset and sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye, you guys are awesome!!
I got so much to read!! biggrin.gif

Come to think of it, Riza might shoot any ladies who might reach out to Roy... >.<


It's Riza's Bachelorette Party (or unspecified birthday party). She is abducted into a vehicle and driven to a dive of a bar. There she is placed front row of an all star Chippendale review. While her co-workers from Central are hooting and hollering as the skimpy dressed men gyrate before them, one stands out before her. I realize there is a very horrible pun embedded in that sentence

She recognizes the man to be none other than--

"Colonel!" She bellows above the song "It's Raining Men." It screeches to a halt as Roy Mustang turns sheepishly to Riza. The woman trying to stuff a fist full of ones into his flame printed chaps looks as though she sucked on a lemon.

"Uh,..." Roy splutters, "Colonel, why I don't know what your talking about."

Riza storms out of the bar.


Then next day...

Roy is snoozing on his desk when the sensation of papers falling next to his head rouses him. He looks up to see Riza.

"Good Morning, Lt."

"Morning, sir!"

"So what am I signing today?"

"My transfer to Eastern Headquarters."


"You heard me," Riza bends down to whisper in his ear "Fiery Blue Mustang!" She then turns on her heel and stomps out. Roy sits there dejected and embarrassed.

This went from funny to sad....booooooooo. Ah well. Enjoy
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