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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Triss Hawkeye
Er...hello all...I haven't been here in ages either...but I'll say I remember most of you. I can't remember whether I saw Icey before, so I'll just say hi and belated welcome, just in case. smile.gif

I am also Mustanging, since I have about three essays to write, a whole load of photos to sort out and buy about £20 worth of stamps to send out a whole load of letters to agents...but guess what? I'm not doing anything! I'm slacking off over here. Oh yeah, I bet Roy's proud of me. >.>

For goodness' sake, this is the holidays! Why do I have so much to do? T_T

Oh, and I really love the opening theme of the movie too! I'm quite into L'Arc~en~Ciel at the moment. ^^
Tian Ai
Ahh! I feel so clueless, I haven't even thought about FMA for awhile.. gotta clear up all the rust blink.gif

Amethyst Sunset - Hi there! Glad to meet you too! laugh.gif I recgonize your icon, might it be from the anime Blood? Or something similar to that name.. I can't remember well, sorry wacko.gif

Triss - I'm sorry to hear about your workload sad.gif Hope you'll get through it okay! Don't let the stress pile up!

On a completely random note, I'm in Taiwan, and if any of you have been there before you'll know that there are tons of game stands set up, one of which is the water/air balloon stand where you can shoot them with darts or guns, and yesterday I couldn't resist and went to try my hand at the gun happy.gif

I shot 25/30 though blink.gif Aii.. well anyhow I did win a pretty good prize.. this big blow-up beer bottle that I can beat people with! laugh.gif Wait.. why am I posting this? blink.gif Oh, right.. Riza! It reminded me of Riza! That's it! blink.gif ... Yeah. Don't mind me. Really.
Amethyst Sunset
Triss - Hey, glad to see you around! Haven't seen you here in a while. ^^; And be glad you've still got holidays - they're long gone for me. XD I bet Roy's also proud of me.

Tian Ai - Blood+ - that's where I got my avatar. Wow, I'd sure love to try that game! I bet Riza could beat that game easy. XDDDDDD

Yeesh...I think I'll finish chapter five of YGALWTG (a long title, yes?). Ahhh, Mustanging. It's a way of life.

O_O They've changed the look of the forums! They look awesome!

Oh, I found this cute little video I'd like to share with you all. The song is Only Hope by Mandy Moore from the movie A Walk To Remember, one of my personal favorites. I was actually thinking of making Riza sing this song in Temptation Affairs, but thought better of it for some reason...

So many of our old members are coming back! Welcome back guys! If you don't remember me, or never actually got to meet me, I'm sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye, I'm the one that has the adorable twins Edward and Isabella. I'm also the author of the steamy affair fic Temptation Affairs, it's on if you want to look it up, and my other Royai fics, and the one FrankXRiza (*gasps* and hears shouts of "YOU EVIL WITCH") are on there as well.

Umm, CodenameElizabeth, I believe you asked where I got my avatar? I found it somewhere on photobucket, forgot exactly WHO it came from though.

FYI, I should have Chapter six of T.A. out today, not sure yet...I'm having a spot of trouble... :/
@Amethyst Sunset - OMG, only two days to the exams? You got to disappear and study!!
Study well, and best of luck for all your exams!! happy.gif
And, yap, watermelon is totally Sumer kind of fruit, and I think someone posted official FMA pic with Roy, Riza, and watermelon somewhere. I think it makes the theme very Summer like. ^^

@Schubes - I don't know how it fits, but I love Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard!! biggrin.gif
Good luck with your video!! ^^

@Ice_Alchemist578 - Nice job with chapter 4 of meet the parents!!
And, you're getting the Special Edition of the "Shambara" movie?? Nice!! ^^
Oh, and about when Stormie's contests end... probably few days before the Royai Summer festival that's when Stormie will announce the winner, and as for the Summer Festival Date, that is up to the Royai Summer Festival organizers, a.k.a. Amethyst Sunset and Starrie. happy.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist and Tian Ai - I was just thinking about you two yesterday!! ohmy.gif
Welcome back!! ^^ Nice to see you two again!! happy.gif
We have some very nice new people, and some old regulars you know, like Liz with "the Rizalicious" Riza cosplay, and Starrie, and Paca, and bunch others!!
And, we have so many new Royai fics that can go to C2!!! You're gonna love them!! ^^

QUOTE(Kenji @ Jul 18 2007, 04:55 AM) *
QUOTE(The New Fullmetal Alchemist @ Jul 18 2007, 12:07 PM) *
Good Lord, it's been a while! Hey, every... I don't know any of you... sad.gif
So, you doesn't know me and Tombow... OH GOSH... *cries until the whole room flooded*

Aww.. Kenji, please don't cry!! laugh.gif I'm sure The New Fullmetal Alchemist and Tian Ai will remember. ^^
And, yap, Link is very much "Shambara" song to me, but that one particular line is very very Royai!! ^^

@Menelvir - Yap, we can't deny that Roy s hot!! biggrin.gif
And, how is the restoration of your cello coming?? ^^

@Stormie - We'll try to get some entries for fanart/fanworks contests also!! ^^
But... about Menelvir's nickname.. we already have one Mel, who is MeLRizA, so it might get confusing... unsure.gif

@Triss Hawkeye - Nice to see you!! You got to stop by more often!! biggrin.gif

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Oh my, I love that video!!
Hope whatever the trouble you have will get solved soon!! ^^

I think I covered eveyone... whew!! Busy night!! (But in a good way!!) ^^
Amethyst Sunset
SRH - The new forum layout is nice, but it might take a bit of getting used to on my part. XD And hope you sort out whatever trouble you're dealing with right now!

"Only Hope"? I <3 that song. happy.gif Ever since like, the first time I heard it. XDDDDD And "A Walk to Remember" is one of my favorite novels, and the one that hooked me on Nicholas Sparks forever.

Tombow - You're so right. XDDDD Wouldn't want to fail my first college exams, no? And let's include the watermelons! wink.gif

I agree, Ice is pretty lucky. Maybe I'll ask for the special edition DVD on my birthday from my relatives who live in the U.S.A...

EDIT: 2 pages to go till 800! XD
QUOTE(Amethyst Sunset @ Jul 18 2007, 08:42 AM) *
The new forum layout is nice, but it might take a bit of getting used to on my part. XD

Just a reminder to everyone..

You can still have the old skin with the Blue theme, too... Yap, we now have choices of forum skins!! biggrin.gif
In case you like the old Blue skin, then go to the Bottom Left of this page, (the very bottom) where it says "Modern," and click on it to get to the drop down menu, then pick Original (FMA Theme), and that will get you back the old Blue skin. smile.gif

Oh, and before I forget again...
@Stormie - Please decide on the last entry date for the Royai Twilight contests!!
(Please consult with Stormie and Amethyst Sunset!! ^^)

@Amethyst Sunset - Oh my... yap, 2 more pages to page 800!! ^^
Wow new forum layout, i like it smile.gif

hello to New Fullmetal, Triss Hawkeye, and Tian Ai its nice to meet you!

Menelvir-yeah im really excited, i think its like an early xmas gift. I'm sorry that you didn;t get to see it sad.gif that really stinks. Please update your story soon its amazing. i finally got my act together and finished the first chapter of my vampire one, sticking with the twilight theme people have going on i called it Hunting in the Twilight, chapter one is on fanfic heres a link chapter 1 for those who want to read it. Thanks for your AWESOME review on meet the parents, im so surprised by how much people actually enjoy this story! im so flattered. lol my security number for fanfiction login today was 666 i was kinda like hmmm interesting lol

N.C. StormEye-how do i personal message you? and do you want just one chapter at a time or the whole thing when its done? lol so many questions. oh and yeah! Go Elements! wink.gif

Amethyst Sunset-math was my hardest exam, usually im good at math but this test was like obnoxiously hard. are these summer classes?

sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye-i loved the video, that movie and song are amazing! the video was so cute smile.gif plase update your story soon! smile.gif

tombow-thanks! im really glad your liking the story like i said to Menelvir, im so flattered that people are actually enjoying it! smile.gif
Yay! new skin!! happy.gif

So many new members came back!!

Tombow- I go to school in America. Just a confirmation, since it seemed like you thought I go to school in some other country. ^^;;

Tian ai- Nice to see you! Where have you been? You should stop by more often if you get a chance! biggrin.gif

TNFMA-*glomps* I missed you so much! You're back! Yay! I wonder if you even remember me?? Maybe French Revolution will jog your memory. wink.gif

paca- Thanks for the awesome pics!

Triss Hawkeye- Nice to see you here again!

Ice alchemist
- I love your fics! Keep it up!! ^^

Yay, two pages until pg800!

@ika07 - Oh no... I was posting that with Stormie and others in mind since they are in Philippines and other cuntries. ^^

@paca - They are awesome, but some of the links are not working... sad.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist

Ika, that was a perfect memory jog, thanks! I knew I remembered your name, just not why! biggrin.gif *glomps back*

And look at Stormy! All grown up! *sniff*

Hey, Tian Ai! So we inadvertantly took a hiatus together, eh? Such is life! rolleyes.gif

It's Paca!!!! And you're still uploading photos! Nice! biggrin.gif

@ SRH - oooh, I love that song! I will definitely check that out! Oh, and how are your twins doing? Cute as always, I hope?

Where's CodenameElizabeth? sad.gif I must give her my Riza-licious hello!

Ah, so, Tombow, there's some C2 worthy fanfiction? If you can find it, I'll post it.

Oooh... Fanfiction contest! I feel bad, b/c I never quite finished the last ones because of school, so what's the theme? I'll give it a shot. smile.gif

*waves hi to all the "newish" people* Hopefully I'll get the chance to talk to you all - with any luck, I'll be on every once in a while once I start up with college. smile.gif

EDIT: That first pic of Paca's from uta-kata - Riza's eyes are exactly how I envision Ed's in my "Adventure" fics! XD For those of you who have read them, you'll know what I mean. smile.gif Oh, and I updated a new one with a hint of Royai, so it's all good. smile.gif But I really like the Black Hayate Christmas pic! biggrin.gif
TNFMA- I knew it! XD It's a perfect memory jog!! haha

- Don't worry about it at all. It's tend to get confusing with so many royai-ers in the forum. XD

In page 2?!! So much flooding today..oh, well, I'll just bump it back up! XD
Triss Hawkeye
@Icey: Nice to meet you too!! ^^

Nice go see you all again, and a big thank you yet again to paca for posting pictures!
Amethyst Sunset

^ I finally translate! XD (Though it's a little bit...)

In the little house thing, Roy wrote "Riza" in Hiragana on the left, and "Roy" (Roi) on the right. Then Riza wrote munou, which means "useless". XDDDDDDDD

Ah, I'm reviewing for my Japanese classes! XD

Tombow - Thanks for the heads-up, but I think this layout is fine for me. ^^

Ice - I like math, but when the quizzes and tests come, I phail. XD No, no, it's no longer summer for us. In the Philippines, school starts in June (same as your summer vacation). Reviewed your story, btw.

Paca - Thank you for the pic overload! happy.gif Unfortunately I can't translate them all...not when I have zero knowledge of Kanji...

TNFMA - Good luck with college. happy.gif


I pimp my latest Royai fic...again. XD
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Thanks, Amethyst! happy.gif By the way, that's a cute pic! Thank you for sharing it! biggrin.gif I shall read your fanfic, too... And away I go! *wheee!*

Hi, Triss! Long time no see! laugh.gif
omg! so many new ppl i haven't met yet!!!!!!
HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__^
Amethyst: Thanks for the translation! (I feel bad for Roy XDD) I guess the Japanese lessons are paying off, huh? XD My friend just started taking Japanese lessons too. She's really excited about it!

Triss: I love your new avie. ^^ Though I liked the KFC roy one too. XD

Well, I better go to sleep now!

EDIT: Geh, Schubes, you beat me to the post! XD
Tian Ai
WOAH! This thread moves 3x faster these days huh? wacko.gif

Kenji and Tombow - Noo I didn't forget you guys! I was just looking at the current page, that's all sad.gif I'm sorry!

TNFMA - Wow.. maybe it's psychic connection!

Ika - I've always been around, but I suppose that the forums were pushed to the back of my mind! Yeah, since it's summer I should be able to hang around more biggrin.gif How've ya been?

SSR - Of course I remember you and your cuuuute twins! How are you all doing? smile.gif

Aaa! So much to keep up with!

hey guys~

Paca- Once again you've managed to get your hands on some great pics!

ika07-im so glad you're enjoying my fics!!

Amethyst Sunset- its really cool that you live in the Philippines, so when is your summer? I got your review! thanks, im glad your enjoying, i can tell you the story is going to be about 10 chapters long so hopefully that can give you an idea of what happens to Riza, lol wink.gif This is the first story i have all planned out. I'm really enjoying writing it, i like writing it to Phantom of the Opera music and Evanescence lol two totally different types of music lol oh well Chapter 2 will be up tomorrow and chapter 5 of MTP will be too
Ehehe I did, Stormie! And they told me I'm a Melancholic Sanguine... Which didn't really surprise me, although I thought I'd have more Choler than that... And yea, go ahead and shorten my name!

Heh, I've been getting lots of comments about Dreams like Amethyst's Trissame, so I'm not offended. Have to admit her fic sorta inspired me to write. smile.gif

And aye, it's the curse of Asians to be tiny... >.< I'm about that height too...

Anyway, if you're interested in personality quizes, check this one out! It's based on C.G. Jung's theory of four personality preferences: introverted vs extraverted, sense vs intuition, thinking vs feeling, and perception vs judgement. I'm an INFP, by the way: introverted, intuition, feeling, perception.

Amethyst Sunset, and thus we know what's your favourite subject... happy.gif No harm there, just a little peeved you hate Maths so much... *cries*

Oooo, congrats on your first translation!! Poor Roy's being mocked again...

Wow, Tian Ai! You're such a marksman! I probably can't hit a target to safe my life... Unless it's a big target... happy.gif

Heh, Tombow, I totally didn't get any work done on my darling cello yesterday... I'm soooooooo lazy... I doubt I'll have time today either!!

Yay, Icey, your fic's up! I'll read it over lunch alright? *stomach growls* Yeah, I'm hungry already...

Hokay, here's my plan for the day: I'll read Icey's story over lunch, then start some work on my next chapter. (what number am I on now? Heh...) If all goes well, you'll have the next chapter by twilight, which is umm... about 6 hours away? But I might be dragged off to watch Harry Potter again with my friend, so please don't put too much hope on it!
@Amethyst Sunset - Tehehe, nice translation job with that "useless Roy" fanart!! That one is cute!! biggrin.gif

@Menelvir - Nice new avatar!! ^^

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - We got some awsome fanfics for the Royai Day, and now for Stormie's Twilight contest!! Check it out!! ^^

@Tian Ai - Glad you added more of your fanarts to your fanart thread!! If you like please enter Stormie's Twilight Fanart contest!! ^^

So... here again, Rules for Stormie's contests. ^^


Stormie's Royai Twilight Fanfic/Fanart/Doujin/Famworks Contests
(Inspired by Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse* series of books by Stephanie Meyer.)

Theme: "Royai - Twilight."*
Create fanfics, fanarts, or comics, with Vampire!Roy and Anything Goes!Riza.

Rating: Safe to read/view by 12 years old. (That's the younger end of our thread viewers. ^^)

Length/Size: From one time shot to an epic length for fanfics, and any size for fanarts & comics.

Submission Period: To be announced (I'm guessing few days before the Royai Summer Festival date.. but the Festival date has not been set... so, please ask Royai Summer Festival organizers, a.k.a. Starrie and Amethyst Sunset for more info. ^^)

Prize: No material prizes, but Stormie will carry the winning fanarts, and maybe the links to winning fanfics, in her sig for a period of time (I think she might have said one month.) biggrin.gif

There will be selection for: First place, and Second Place, and Third Place.
And also (maybe) for Cutest Picture, and Best Costumes, and Funniest Picture, and and Most Romantic Scenario.

* This is a part of passage from the series:
"I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot, and kissed me again.
This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine—like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us."


This page stretchy thing is making it hard to read. Sorry if I missed anyone!! ^^
Tian Ai
Menelvir - Aw thanks for the praise but it really wasn't that great hehe laugh.gif I'm sure most of us would panic if our life was resting on a shot like that ph34r.gif I'm checking out that quiz you posted, it's really cool! Thanks for posting it biggrin.gif

Man I should get around to reading all the new fanfics! 8D


Tombow - I'm happy you always check my fanart thread laugh.gif Thanks! Ooh, fanart contest.. ahh, I'm stuck here for a few weeks without a scanner, so I don't think I should enter =x But it sounds really interesting! I'm sure all the submissions will be great biggrin.gif
[grabs googlebot by the ear] Get out of our thread!!!! No spamming allowed!

Tombow-dooooonooooooo Make Googlebot go away please!

Jeeze Chreeze, I'm gone a few days and tons of stuff is goin' down!

@ Tian Ai, ika07, Triss, and TNFMA So good to see all of you! Long time no see. So much stuff has happened its hard to sum up, but we are so close to pg 800, so i'm sure you understand.

@ Stormie I'm sorry darlin' I'm not ignoring you. I've been extremely busy and coming to the thread is a challenge some days. Thank for the birthday wishes, you are very sweet.

@ Everyone There is way to much to say to...the show is going okay, I'm about to strangle our Romeo. Harry Potter and OotP was excellent and I can't wait for the seventh book. I've bought more fabric to make another kimono and obi, I'll end up with four of five by the end of the summer!

BTW, what's up the spoiler boxes??? This new layout is mucking them up and renders them useless...[snickers, "useless"]

So our summer festival, it looks like Saturdays are the optimum date of the week, however, not so much for me sad.gif I work and then have a show to stage manage immediately afterwards. You all may need to celebrate w/o me. If I can vote for which day, July 28th would be best for me, but your feed back is important. I'll go back thru the pages and have an actual tally ready for tomorrow.

Okay, that's it for now!

Tian Ai
Starrie - Hey, great to see you again! Yeah, the thread is as energetic and active as ever! laugh.gif

Yup, Harry Potter 5 was a good movie but as the later ones have been, rushed >< It's a wonder really how they fit so much in those 2 hours.. ah, well, I'll stick to the books biggrin.gif

So what's up with the summer festival? Sounds exciting! laugh.gif
@ Tian Ai We are planning a summer festival since Royai Day was such a huge success. There is a theme for our festival, it involves fireworks, watermelons, and bikinis...more specifically Riza in a bikini and Roy getting a nosebleed. Amethyst Sunset and myself are trying to organize it. Firstly, we need a date. I plan to go back thru the page on my day off and figure that out. But we'll be pulling together fanficts, fanart, or fanworks that involve that them. We have a carry over of Stormie's Twillight fanfict contest so tying that in will be great. If you have anything to submit, it'll be awesome!

O/T I agree, like GoF, went by too quickly. I could have done w/ another half hour of film. Perhaps the kids going to the hospital or the screaming portrait would have been nice. but i'm a potter purest! i'm glad that the same director will be directing HP and HBP.
N.C. StormEye
Starrie ignore my cries for attention. In the Philippines they call people like me KSP...*gyah* It's an acronym for 'kulang sa pansin' or 'lacks attention'. Another favorite is 'kulang sa palo' or 'lacks spanking'. The most favorite is 'kulang sa pogi' or 'lacks handsomeness' least that's MY favorite. Our Roy-chan won't have that problem, will he. biggrin.gif

TNFMA Grown up my old-timing foot. I may have risen in the ranks as one of the 'old peeps'...but I haven't grown up! I'm still an immature shrimp...with a God complex. biggrin.gif Roy/Riza/Ed (Height Deficiency) hybrid. Woah.

Tombow Sure, sure, I'll coordinate with Amethyst. AMETHYST???

Amethyst...when should the deadline be? I'm putting entries sometime in early August. When kaya?

Oh...I might reconsider UP as an option. I went to UA&P today and their combined BA-MA program hooked me. I study for five years and graduate with a masters' degree. The last year I spend there is as a residency, kind of like a doctor does in a hospital. And the campus is niiiiiiice...the campus of Mass Com in UP is rather old right?

*sigh* Now my only problem is picking between the School of Humanities or the College of Communications. School of Humanities seems more Journ-related, but College of Communications has that uber-cool residency program! If only I can get a residency at SUMMIT Media or something, some magazine or broadcasting company. It would be...*heaven*.

'Nir Because there is already a Mel and 'Nir sounds cool. I'm going to take the test as soon as I stop agonizing between my first and second choices, Siliman University sadly forgotten. (UP or UA&P?? Can some non-Filipino, non-biased person help? Here are the websites - (UA&P) or (UP). PM me (To Ice - click on my username, go to my userpage, and click 'Private Message'.) the details okay? I'm in conundrumic hell here!)


If I forgot anyone, chalk it up to my fried brain. *sigh*


Triss Hawkeye
Wow, I remember when we were looking forward to getting to page 750! And now we're nearly at 800! I guess it won't take us too long to get to the thousand mark!

I agree with Starrie, what's up with the Googlebot? I'm pretty certain it's not a Royai fan... tongue.gif
Tian Ai
Starrie - Haha, the festival sounds great! Lookin' forward to it! =D

[OT: Yup, although the Harry Potter movies are fun to watch and good movies by themselves, I still prefer the books to the movies hehe biggrin.gif]

Googlebot - Super Royai heart attack! ohmy.gif

.. Yup, I've been watching too much Sailor Moon ph34r.gif
Heh Tian Ai, even if my life didn't depend on it, I probably wouldn't shoot straight anyway... (yeah I suck...)

By the way, what does your forum name mean? It's Chinese right? But the only possible words I can come up with is "sky" and "love", which sounds a bit weird to me... Heh.

Tombow, heh thanks! I'm getting in the mood for Harry Potter 7~ Whee!

Stormie, there's already a Mel? Where? Where? *looks around excitedly* Heh. 'Nir's cool~ happy.gif

And man, you do have one hell of a problem there. I had the same dilema, but I managed to make a choice, and I'm hoping I don't regret it! Let me look through those sites first kays? And good luck choosing! My advice is: take whatever you're more comfortable with, not what is more prestigious. If you enjoy your college days, you'll probably end up doing better than if you don't, and good grades from a less well-known college is always better than poorer grades from a good one! Well that's my opinion anyway...

Triss Hawkeye, ha! Googlebot a Royai fan! That's a good one... So you heard him, Googlebot! Besides, it's rude, squeezing in behind my post... Begone, foul fiend!

To everyone who commented on Harry Potter: Sighs, I did end up being dragged to watch it again. Well I still think the movie's good, just a little boring the second time round. So I paid more attention to the soundtrack this time. I just love the use of running notes and tremolo strings! It compliments the too-fast pace of the movie very well, so although it was rather rushed, like Goblet of Fire, the combined effect made Order of the Phoenix a much more enjoyable watch. smile.gif

Oh anyway, it's a few hours after twilight, but here it is: Chapter Seven. Heh sorry for the wait!
Tian Ai
Menelvir - Oh stop being so modest! sad.gif Hehe actually you're right about my name - 'sky love', 天愛 laugh.gif Weird, isn't it? blink.gif

Hehe the awesomeness of Royai is catching up with me again! Trying to find some inspiration right now for another fanart.. hmm.. smile.gif
Tian Ai, I thought I was wrong about your name because it didn't seem right to me... Heh, but it sounds really good, and it's unique! Just makes me wonder what about the sky that you love... Heh!

Oooh if you're looking for inspiration for fanart, maybe you can try for Stormie's contest. Rules are on the second post of this page... And I hear Stormie wants more fanart! smile.gif

Page 800 in a few posts! Wonder if it'll be page 801 by the time I wake up... *yawns*
@ Stormie Hmmm, "lacks spanking?" That would be Roy tongue.gif Nah.... I presume that I will not be able to enter or contest, but if you run another one later this year, I should have more time to do it.

@ Menelvir I don't think I can watch it again, I may want to when it goes to our cheap theatre later this year. But listening to the music is important, I loved it when I could pick up on the variations of the "Hedwig Theme" at points in the movie. BTW "begone foul fiend" what a great line. I can image an Elizabethan Ed telling an Elizabethan Roy that line. on Shakespeare overload

@ Googlebot Thank you for not spamming on this page!

@ Tian Ai Yes, please come to the celebration, I missed you during Royai Day. And your name means "sky love" That's frickin' sweet! I'm curious...what would "starry eyed girl" be in Chinese?

@ Triss I love your new avvie btw. Very cute. P.I. Al.

I wonder who will start the 800th pg? Let's have a race!
Starrieidgirl- i agree that HP 5 was really good! i really enjoyed it. im really excited for the 7th book except im away when it come out so i have to wait a whole week until i can get the copy i put on hold...sad.gif

N.C. StormEye- ok thanks i'll send you it all once its done only 4 chapters left, i was going to have it be 10 shortish chapters but i decided to combine them into 6 chapters. i should be done by the end of next week/ beginning of the week after. good luck choosing. both schools look good/cool i think i'd probably pick UP. (im from the u.s so im not biased lol)

Menelvir- Great new chapter! i loved it alot! it was great. im really glad you liked my new story. i just posted chapter 2 so please check it out when you get a chance

And to close i wanted to say im not going to be here for a few days. I'm going back to the cape tomorrow afternoon. so i will probably post later tonight and one time tomorrow and then im not coming back til wednesday! im gonna miss out on all this stuff. pfft. you guys got to all fill me in.
also that means i won't post my story til i get back and im going to try to get MTP ch 5 up today and so yeah i see you all later today

Triss Hawkeye
@Starrie: I love it! I'm a cat person, what can I say...although Black Hayate is still cute.

I still haven't seen the fifth HP movie. I feel slightly behind with the times - but our town's titchy cinema closed down a while back, so it's a one-and-a-half hour drive to the nearest one. sleep.gif Me and my friends want to buy out the old one and turn it into an anime viewing theatre! And the first anime I would thrust upon the masses is of course going to be FMA! >D
@ Ice_Alchemist578 Have a fun trip! I'll check out your fict when I have some more time. And sorry to hear how you have to wait for your copy! I've been on a reserve list for about two months and I'll be in line this friday night to get it at midnight. I'll take pics to share w/ you! *hugs*

Inner thread poll:

What color of bikini would Riza were?

My vote is for a muted pink, but it may not work w/ her complexion.


EDIT: Yay! I started the 800th page!
Hey, hey guys...I love Harry potter as much as all of you....BUT we're getting off our topic, which Royai, not Harry. Sorry to sound like a nag or sound rude...but really, Harry's not our topic.

I'm starting to think that our lovely little Googlebot is a Royai fan....scarry.

GTG! I'm late for work, I was just reading through posts. Chapter six WILL be out tonight, I swear it. I love you all, I'll see you later.
@ SRH I agree that w/ the HP we are off topic, but do you have a response to what color of bikini Riza might wear?

In addition to that question, what kind of swim wear would Roy have? Speedo or swim trunks. I'd say the long board short kind. He comes across as being a modest *snicker* kind of guy at the beach.
In addition to that question, what kind of swim wear would Roy have? Speedo or swim trunks. I'd say the long board short kind. He comes across as being a modest *snicker* kind of guy at the beach.

Swim trunks with flame patterns, of course! x3 I can't imagine him in speedos. No wait... xD

Wow, page 800!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Twilightz @ Jul 19 2007, 02:23 PM) *
In addition to that question, what kind of swim wear would Roy have? Speedo or swim trunks. I'd say the long board short kind. He comes across as being a modest *snicker* kind of guy at the beach.

Swim trunks with flame patterns, of course! x3 I can't imagine him in speedos. No wait... xD

Wow, page 800!! biggrin.gif

biggrin.gif excellent idea for Roy's swimsuit, Twilightz! lol You made me laugh so much with the swim trunks with flame patterns..haha laugh.gif

Starrie-jeez, I can't ever imagine Roy with speedos.. huh.gif Now the question is, can you? tongue.gif

This thread is moving so fast...I think I already missed a page! (of posting)
@ Twilightz Flames would be a must for him! I bet I could find a pair like that at Walmart. I just might go a look for some and take pic for reference. lol And your "gangsta" siggie cracks me up everytime I see it. biggrin.gif

So far: Mustang swimwear-- 1 for shorts, 0 for speedo.
Riza's bikini color-- 1 for pink, 0 for any other color.

What color or style of swimwear would best suit Riza or Roy?

EDIT: @ ika07 Hell ya I could! W/ a bow tie and a silver platter w/ my Cosmo on it! It's the uniform for all of Starrie's Cabana boys must wear when they work for her. wink.gif
Blue, Riza should have a blue bikini (or possibly green...). Roy....definitely the flames.

Typing on chapter 6 as I type this...will post it soon.
Whoa, page 800!! biggrin.gif

@Starrie - Ghah, I love the poll!!
No way Roy will wear speedo!! XDD I say shorts. ^^
Riza with blue bikini!! ^^

@Twilightz - Gahaha, yes, swim trunks with flame patterns!! Awesome!! laugh.gif

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Wowow, chapter 6!!! You are amazing!! happy.gif

Someone, please draw Roy with trunks with flame patterns!! XDD
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Ahhh... Roy in a bathing suit. This mental image is indeed priceless. smile.gif

@ Everyone - Ok, well, for all you Royai fan-fic writers, here's the scoop in case you didn't know:Once upon a time I started a C2 on that contains *only* the works of members of the Royai forum! So, since it's been a while, and since the threads have merged and been deleted and lord knows what else, I have no idea about who, what, where, when, why, or how, so if you've written a Royai fanfic and posted it on this site, please let me know so it can be added to the C2!

It makes it easier if you already have an account, but if not, let me know and we'll work things out! Also, for a while we had some fun with Royai haiku, which is also on our C2, so if you have any of those you'd like to submit, please say the word! If you're not sure if you've already submitted your story to the C2 or not, please follow the link in my sig! Thankies!

Now, for some on-topic goodness: I love Roy. woot! So smexy... And I think that the last couple of chapters in the manga are definitely pro-Royai, what do you guys think?

And now for a quick bit of off-topic Harry Potter crack-theories! Hooray! laugh.gif (I promise that this is a one-time thing) The NFMA's predictions for Harry Potter book 7:
~Voldemort will turn to ash and be scattered by the winds of time
~Harry will escape by morphing into a lion and living out the rest of time in the lion exhibit at the London Zoo (until such a time as the world needs him again), and
~Ron and Hagrid snuff it.
Ok, I'm done. smile.gif Now, back on topic!!!

In light of the current "poll" conversations!:I don't think it's too shabby, given I used the touch-pad on my laptop for a mouse, and I did it in the Paint program, and I did it in about 30 seconds! laugh.gifBecause when you think of Roy in a bathing suit, you *know* this is who you think of! XD
yay page 800!!!
Starrieidgirl- thanks! the trip will be fun, but it sucks to miss HP and the opening of Hairspray in theatres! oh welll for your poll, i agree with the Roy in flame suit and Riza i would put in pink or light blue i think those would go nicely with her hair smile.gif

The New Fullmetal Alchemist- how can i be added to the C2 group? i have 5 Royai fics on my Fanfic account under Emerald Leviney how can i add my stories?

Look! It's TNFMA back at last (you are still in my sig, LOL...) and Starrie, who I haven't seen in ages either (I have your beach photo as my desktop background... Speaking of, I also haven't seen TianAi here in a while either. WELCOME BACK, ALL!!!

I have nothing relative to anyones interests to post, so I'm out for now.
Off to Otakon. Last con 'till October (THANK GAWD. I'm getting burned out. And I still need to finish my RoiAi day fanart. WTF SRSLY?)

And FWIW, I will be avoiding the internetz this weekend until I finish reading Harry Potter...
Hi everyone! Wow I haven't missed page 800 eh?

Can't stop by for long, so I can't reply everyone's posts. I'm running late meeting a friend... Anyway, Starrie, I'll try to remember that, if I ever write a FMA parody of Shakespeare! wink.gif

Anyway, I don't think I will be online till monday morning. That's sunday night in the US, I believe! I'll be out all day today, and curled up in my bed reading HP7 on the weekend... tongue.gif

Have a great weekend everyone! smile.gif And thanks to all who read Chapter 7! I'll be back in business in 3 days!
Oh wow I haven't been here in a long time.Don't get mad I'm changing my password biggrin.gif;
Can some one update me biggrin.gif;;;;;;
Wow!! It feels like forever since I last logged in here!

And wow! New skin!! It looks great!

So, uh, what have I missed? Updates for me and RoyMustangkitty please? tongue.gif

It seems that there were loads of new fanfics, have to catch up!! biggrin.gif

And nice!! Page 800 already!! You guys are doing great! I feel guilty now..
@Zachelle - Nice to see you!! How's the school going? Please don't feel guilty!! We all know studying is important!! happy.gif Not much since you were here last time, except lots of updates with Royai fanfics, and some oldie members are back. ^^ No scanlation from ZOMGFT for chapter 73 yet. Tho, other version of scanlation is available elsewhere.
And, currently Starrie is taking Roy & Riza "swimwear" poll!! laugh.gif

@RoyMustangkitty - Hey long time no see!! Nice to see you again!! ^^
We had Royai Day celebration for June 11, and some of us made banners and fanarts and fanfics and we posted bunch of Royai stuff and had a good time. We're planning to have Royai Summer festival soon, and I hope you can stay here and enjoy with us!! ^^

@Menelvir - Oh yes, FMA parody of Shakespeare will be fun!! biggrin.gif
Have a nice HP time, and see you in 3 days!! ^^
Oh, BTW, the other Mel is MeLRizA. ^^

@LIz - Haha, yes, I can imagine many people spending time with HP book this weekend!!
And, after you read the book, you can post your review on Harry Potter thread, too. ^^

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Haha, "Bay Watch" Roy!! XDD

@Ice_Alchemist578 - Yes, I think light blue bikini will be nice for Riza!! ^^

2007 Royai Day Album is almost done.. currently waiting for some replies on some stuff. ^^
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