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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Thanks guys! Now I can finally add something this discussion laugh.gif

[spoiler] I doubt the fifth is Scar. They've tried to kill him on multiple occassions. If he had been one of them, wouldn't Father have slapped them silly told them to keep their hands of Scar? Nah, I think it's Roy. It's about time for Arakawa-sensei to kill another one of my favorite characters dry.gif [/spoiler]

*nods* Well we'll just have to wait and see. happy.gif

Random Question: Is the three sisters-thing actual canon? I've seen it show up all over fanfiction, but I don't recall reading about it unsure.gif
*Throws aside a to of papers* Ahhh...Chapter 5 is out my pretties, so go read your brains out, it's very...exciting. (Also rather funny...)

Hmm..the fifth....lot of speculation about who that is, isn't there? All of your suggestions are excellent...though, I must unfortunately put my money on Riza's lover...I mean Roy.

Chapter can speculate about that after you've reviewed Chapter five for me, lol.

Amethyst Sunset: Loved chapter 3, it was spectacular, left a lovely little review.

My love goes out to all of you, I hope you're having a great summer so far, and don't let Royai die! lol.

Roy: *sings* Raindrops keep falling on my head...
Riza: Sir, your singing is just as bad as your alchemy is in the rain.
Roy: *flees to corner and shreds paperwork, while going emo* Mean terrifying, lovely woman, isn't she precious?
Havoc: Wrong movie Roy.
Riza: Both of you shush and get back to work. *taps gun threateningly*
Havoc/Roy: *hastily both get back to work*

Riza pwns all. Again.
Amethyst Sunset
Schubes - Like I said before, you're a lean, mean, AMV-making machine. wink.gif

Well...there are a lot of possibilities with the manga plot.

Keoni - [spoiler]Still, even if you strike Scar out, there are still lots of possibilities, but yes, Roy is the closest.

Egads, I hope he doesn't die. D= He's already come close to death once...[/spoiler]

I saw on a site (forgot where) that Arakawa-sensei revealed that Roy is the youngest and only boy among four children. But originally, I did plan to give him three older sisters, the eldest older than him by quite a large gap (10 years, in Regine's case), and the other two girls are twins.

Whether or not they do dress him up as a girl is another story. XDDDDD But I did imply in my fanfic that his sisters show him off to their friends, sometimes making him play instruments or even do alchemy.

SRH - Glad you like it! happy.gif Now I shall follow the Law of Equivalent Exchange and read your story. XD And yes, leave a nice little review.

ROFL! Poor emo Roy. XD

And it's not summer where I live. wink.gif I have SCHOOL T_T

Chapter 3 of You've Got a Long Way to Go...for those who haven't read it.
Hello everyone! Long time no see!

I wonder if you remember me? Anyways, I'm enjoying your fics! I'm so excited that chapter 5 came out already! ^^ Oh, and I hope your twins are doing well!

I don't believe we've met before! It's a bit late, but welcome!!

Amethyst Sunset: I love your fics! Especially You've Got a Long Way to Go. I love reading about Roy and Riza as kids. ^^ Have you ever read nil-chan's Origins? It's a really good fic about Roy and Riza as kids as well. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it!

Keoni: Did you make your siggie and avie yourself? I really like both of them. Wow, you're really talented if you made them!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I'm so sorry that I missed it!! But still, I'll *glomp* you just because I missed you much! ^_~

[spoiler]Aww, no royai in the new chappie..[/spoiler]

Tombow: *waves* Hi, there!!

EDIT: Just noticed that Keoni's siggie had 'Keoni' written on it. Wow, I feel stupid (Though it wouldn't be the first time, lol). Keoni's so talented!
Phew! I haven't been in here for THE LONGEST TIME!! hahaha..
and i am now back to share some nice pictures!!
I just updated my online album...and all are welcome to take a look smile.gif

And it looks like the fma story is going real slow now...
so while waiting for the latest chapter to be scanalated..
Enjoy these pics!

*Waves* Bye!! tongue.gif tongue.gif

@Tombow: Nope! I am not double posting! don't panic I'm haven't returned as a noob smile.gif Just that since I am still stuck with using the fast reply icon..i can't post 13 pictures all at the same i have to divide them into 2 posts..

I wonder if i have posted them before...anyway..continue to enjoy!!

ps: ..i am starting university here on the 20th of august...and the thought of starting school again...*Ugh* me the chills..haha

@Starrie - Yes, I'm worried about Olivier also! Wow, Olivier goes[spoiler] to the Central[/spoiler]!! Who'd tonk that!! But, that means she will get the chance to talk with Roy? That would be interesting!
And, wooo you made obi for your kimono!! I wanna see!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - I really wish we would know what Father is planning for Roy soon!! And, noooo Roy can't die!!

@Schubes - I wanna see that Royai AMV!! Sound like fun!
Please make it again when you get the chance!! ^^

@ika07 - Nice to see you again!! ^^ I love your new Royai avatar!! happy.gif

@Keoni - About Roy's three sister thing... it will be awesome if Arakawa sensei introduces any one of them in manga before it concludes!!

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Oh, my, you are a writing machine!! Awesome!!
Yes, I'll catch up to chapter 5, and then speculate on chapter 6 during this weekend. ^^
And, haha, yap, Riza pawns all. biggrin.gif

@animefreak_zzz - Nice to see you!! Thanks for the nice pics!! happy.gif
(Oh, and I think we can post max of 10 pics per post... or something like that. And, I think you did the right way to go around that because we also have automatic double posting prevention system that automatically merge consecutive postings if you post one right after another. ^^ )

No Riza in chapter 73.. I wonder how she is doing... unsure.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Ika07 - Hey, long time no see indeed! Thanks! happy.gif

animefreak_zzz - I believe we haven't met? Nice to see you! biggrin.gif And thanks so much for the truckload of pretty pictures! Good luck with college! I'm struggling through it right now. XD

Tombow - I also want to know how Riza is doing...hope she's all right. Same with Roy. But she has Black Hayate with her...and of course, Roy. ^^ Even though he's not exactly with her as of that moment...
Lookie what I made, lol. It's a lovely little locket with my avatar as the picture, and the text is from Come What May, because that song was playing when I made it. I'm thinking of making Roy give Riza a locket at some point...

Click to view attachment
hey everyone! i'm back from the cape! i missed you guys so much. seems like everyone is discussing the manga. cp73 was good and its sad to wait a whole month for the next one!!

also hi to animefreak_zzz (whose pics are awesome btw) and ika07 because i haven't met you guys yet

sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye-great pic and awesome new chapter pleaseee update soon!

Amethyst Sunset-great new chapter please update soon, little roy is so cute!

ahh its great to be back biggrin.gif ch4 of meet the parents will be up tomorrow, its done just not typed. also the first chapter of my Roy as a vampire fic will be going up tomorrow. i decided to make Riza a vampire hunter and yeah im going to see where it goes. i hope you all check it out
alright well im off to play FMA 2 for PS2 see you all tomorrow smile.gif
@Ice alchemist: Nice to meet you! I can't wait to read your vampire royai fic! ^-^

@Tombow: Thanks! It's actually been a while since I changed my avie. More than a month ago.

@SRH: Nice pic! It's so cool!

@Amethyst Sunset - Yeah, I really want to see Riza in chapter 74. She can't stay that terrified that long. Her mind will go crazy. She has to find way to trick Pride's shadowy eyes..

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - That one looks great!! How did you make it?? It's like, ultimate Royai!! biggrin.gif

@Ice_Alchemist578 - Welcome back!! New chapters coming up?? Nice!!
And, Riza as a vampire hunter?? Awesome idea!! Can't wait to read that one!! happy.gif

@ika07 - Yeah, that's right, you have been away for about a month, right??
Glad you're back!! happy.gif

We need to decide on the date for the one day Royai Summer Festival. Probably some Saturday in July or August.

Candidates are: July 28, Aug. 4, Aug. 11, Aug. 18, or Aug. 25. Please tell us which one is most convenient for you, which date is most likely for you to be able to be on the board. ^^
Then, Amethyst Sunset and Starrie, please pick one date for the Summer Festival for us. biggrin.gif
ika07 Hello! nice to meet u!

Tombow of course u can see it when i remake it! ^__^ i get two days off of work so I'm gonna work on it! =D
*runs away from spoilers* Gah! *chants to self* Must read manga faster...

Oh for those who don't know yet, I'm not up to date on the manga. *hides face in shame* I'm doing my best though! I'm already on chapter 33... Heh.

So what happened over the weekend? Sorry, I was too busy to come online. Watched Harry Potter on Saturday, and spent the day out on Sunday.

And yes, I know I said I'll get Chapter Five of Twilight Dreams up by last week. Sorry about that. I'm planning a double chapter update soon though! smile.gif

SRH, saw your little locket. It's beautiful! And that song is beautiful too... *sighs* I miss my boyfriend... He's in the army now, and he only gets out on weekends... >.< But that's beside the point. Is Chapter 5 of Temptation out yet?

Tombow, I'm starting college on August 6th, and while I don't know for sure, my first weekend or so might be a little busy. Perhaps July 28th or August 25th? tongue.gif Of course, we'll have to see what everyone else says first. If thety want it earlier, I'll try to at least pop by...
No Royai in chapter 73... I'm disappointed. ;_;

And about the Royai festival. I'm probably not here on July 28th, because we are coming back from Greece. 16th of August would also be rather difficult for me. So 11th and 25th of August would be the best for me.
N.C. StormEye
OMFG! So many people are entering the Twilight comp! I do hope I won't only be reading fics! Please submit some doujinshi and fanarts, okay? Photoshops will be accepted.

*sigh* I do hope the *ehem ehem* won't be Roy-chan. *sigh*

Oh, Off-topic, please take this test: I'm a Melancholy Sanguine. Which means *sigh* I'm Roy all over.

Starrie-chan, why are you ignoring me?
Ok, so far Aug. 25 seems to be a good date for the Royai Summer Festival? unsure.gif

@Stormie - You'd like to add "fanworks" contest to your Twilight contests also??

So... here again, Rules for Stormie's contests. ^^


Stormie's Royai Twilight Fanfic/Fanart/Doujin/Famworks Contests
(Inspired by Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse* series of books by Stephanie Meyer.)

Theme: "Royai - Twilight."*
Create fanfics, fanarts, or comics, with Vampire!Roy and Anything Goes!Riza.

Rating: Safe to read/view by 12 years old. (That's the younger end of our thread viewers. ^^)

Length/Size: From one time shot to an epic length for fanfics, and any size for fanarts & comics.

Submission Period: To be announced (please ask Royai Summer Festival organizers.)

Prize: No material prizes, but Stormie will carry the winning fanarts, and maybe the links to winning fanfics, in her sig for a period of time (I think she might have said one month.) biggrin.gif

There will be selection for: First place, and Second Place, and Third Place.
And also (maybe) for Cutest Picture, and Best Costumes, and Funniest Picture, and and Most Romantic Scenario.

* This is a part of passage from the series:
"I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot, and kissed me again.
This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mineŚlike he was afraid we had only so much time left to us."

Sorry, Stormie I can neither draw nor photo-edit, so I'll just have to use my writting skills (if they can even be called "skills" haha) for your contest. I'm having so much fun writing Twilight Dreams anyway. happy.gif

I gave in and read some of the spoilers. Yeah, Stormie, I hope it doesn't have to be Roy... Imagine the number of fangirls that would swarm Arakawa-sensei's farm if that happened! tongue.gif
But then again, the good guys always die. sad.gif

Oh you're in Greece, Twilightz? I didn't know that... *is hopelessly clueless*

August 25th sounds good, Tombow!
Oh you're in Greece, Twilightz? I didn't know that... *is hopelessly clueless*

Not now, but we are going there on 20th of July.

It looks like I can't get my sig/s ready in time, I'm trying, though. ;_;
Amethyst Sunset
SRH - <3 the locket! It's so cute!

Ice_Alchemist578 - Thanks! happy.gif Ooh, good luck with your fics!

Tombow - Knowing Riza, she'll hopefully think of something. happy.gif If not...I bet Roy would be willing to give her a hand. wink.gif

July 28...heh, that's my birthday. XDDDDD So that's definitely out. Or maybe I can pop in the day after or the day before. Wh00t, the day I turn 18. XD

Menelvir - You're getting pretty close to the - *shuts up* I'm not helping, am I? XD Watched HP as well. Hope your boyfriend is doing fine, and good luck with college and your fics!

Hopefully not all the good guys die. *crosses fingers* I'll exchange theories again with you guys sometime - I have so much to do, hahaha.

Twilightz - I'm disappointed too. T_T Have fun in Greece! I'd like to go there too sometime...

Stormie - Seems like only yesterday you were begging for entries. You got your wish, all right. XD

I'm a Choleric Melancholy. I'll be the Ed to your Roy! XD Although yeah, Roy is second in my list of FMA characters I'm most like...everyone agrees I'm most like Ed.


Next chapter
of You've Got a Long Way to Go (what a long title XD)

Thanks for reading! happy.gif
hey guys,
Tombow-ummm i'd say probably the July 28th is the best, but the 11th works too, i'm not here on the 25th and i my show is on the 16th so i'd be here in the morning. What does the festival entail?
I see, Twilightz! Have fun in Greece! And good luck with your siggies!

Thanks Amethyst Sunset! I'll do my best with the fics! happy.gif And I've read the next chapter! Had a fun time imagining [spoiler]Roy on the piano, with Riza watching[/spoiler]. Heh. And no spoilers!! *shuts eyes*

Welcome back, ice_alchemist578! If I remember correctly, you went away for the weekend right? How was the beach?

Didn't see the link to the quiz there, Stormie! And this is based on the Four Humours right? So coincidental! I've been reading up on the humours recently. I was thinking of referencing it in Twilight Dreams, but that won't be for a few chapters!

And I can tell you without taking the test that I'm Phlegmatic. *coughs up some phlegm* Sorry, bad joke, but my flu's sorta developed into a cough too... I'm a Melancholy Sanguine too...

And finally... I've plucked up the courage to present to you: Chapter 5: Unmasked and Chapter 6: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Enjoy, everyone!
Hay Hi Guyz.

I am officially behind on this thread, and heading into the 4th and final week of my "month from hell." After this, there will be a lot of lounging around and doing NOTHING since I am pretty much burnt out by this point (Both mentally and financially.) So I'll be able to read fanfic. Since there seems to be a LOT of it on here lately.

I have NO idea WTF else is going on since I haven't read the past, like, seven pages very closely at all. But I did read Chapter 73 (my one friend who was rooming with us this past weekend is fluent in Japanese, and she read it to me LOL!). And I have to say that the first person I though of as [spoiler]Father's 5th pawn WAS Scar or MeiChan... (Scar because of his ability to transmute w/o an array, and MeiChan because her knowledge of Rentanjutsu might be an important peice of the puzzle.)[/spoiler] And OMG [spoiler]Greed!Ling[/spoiler]!!! I was so happy to see him in the last panel. About time we saw him again.

Five weeks. FOUR anime cons. Two airplane flights from HELL. 500 miles clocked on my car. A LOT of PR work, as well as trying to squeeze cosplay and other masquerade management stuffs in there. I want to curl up and DIE in my bed right now.

However, I DID meet up with my friend Brent this past weekend at Connecticon, and along with our friend Dave as Hughes, we succeeded in bringing "live-action Roiai" to a whole new level of Epic Win. I'll compile photos eventually, and get them into an online photo album somewhere.

And ZOMG!! Someone Haxx0red my sig!!! OH NOES!!! laugh.gif

Amethyst Sunset
Menelvir - Thanks! happy.gif And I left a review again.

Dangit, I need more Eds to back me up. XD

Liz - *hugs* And yeah, I have the same theory as you. Hope you're doing well.

Sorry, don't have much time. Thanks for reading my fanfic, everyone! *runs*
Haha thanks Amethyst Sunset! Yes, you better shoo off to school! smile.gif

And no problem. Your fic is really good! And the real action (aka the juicy Royai bits) hasn't even begun!

Liz, nice pictures you've got there! Is that Maes going "YES!" in the background of the first one? And Ed rolling his eyes on the right-hand side?
I have to say, that Maes looks pretty hot! Heh. He looks like an old friend of mine...
ooo! i wanna enter the twilight contest! i have an idea in my head for a fan art, but i have absolutly no motivation to put it on paper, hahaha XD

Animefreak I loved the pictures, very lovely!
Haha-- yeah. Hughes is my friend Dave. He's a freakin' Hughes look-alike. It's pretty scary.
AND he's a TOTAL "closet" Roiai shipper. During that photo, he was all like "FINALLY!! You know, Roy, she'd make a GOOD WIFE!" We had a bunch of people in the lobby LOL-ing.

And one more moment of Epic Win from Connecticon 2007:
(Cosplay Chess-- Sunday morning.)

Click to view attachment

Menelvir- ahh the beach was awesome...sigh i miss it already, im really to read ur next two chapters!! so exciting

Stormie-Do you know when your contest is going to end? i planned out my whole story today and it'll probably be about 10 chapters i meant to post the first today buttt i got ice cream and watched a movie...x_x im soo lazy anyway, i just wanted to make sure i have some time to enter still and stuff

CodenameElizabeth- I love your pictures!! you guys all look so great! your friend looks so much like Hughes! I can't wait to go to college so i can go to all the conventions, i keep trying to convince my dad to take me or let me drive in, but its always a no. Hopefully this year, since im a senior, i'm going to try and go with my friend Tucker to Anime Boston *crosses fingers* well anyway ur pics rock. I can't wait to cosplay...

Sry for all those expecting new chapters, i just didn't have time to transfer them to the computer with internet...see i'm not supposed to have this account or Fanfic so i do stuff with them on the sly when my parental units arent watching...SIGH i can't wait for college x_x
hey what are the rules for the twlight contest like when's the dead line? and is it ok if the fan art is drawn on paper free hand and taken picture by my digital camera, cuz i don't have a scanner. and is it kool if i use lyrics on it from this one song that's acctual about vampires? unsure.gif

sorry haha i'm full of annoying questions sad.gif
Hi! =]

Just quickly dropping by to say that I'll be fine with any date for Royai Summer Festival except for August 25th. My school will have begun by then, and I probably won't be able to participate if the Festival is on that date. =(

Liz-Awesome cosplay as usual!

Menelvir-I love your fanfic so much!! I really enjoyed reading the double chapter! Keep them coming!! wink.gif
Ice Alchemist: You really need to convince your dad to let you go to Anime Boston. Tell him that you want to go as a "Graduation Present." The first time I was allowed to go on a trip by myself with no parents was the spring of my senior year of high school. We went to New York City with the high school Drama Club.

Plus, I can meet you if you go to Anime Boston (I'll be there running the Masquerade and other Cosplay Events as usual.)
CodenameElizabeth: Love the picture, it's really cute!

Tombow: I made the locket on Really cool little place.

Chapter six is...coming soon. I'm in the middle of crying over it right now. FRANK ARCHER IS EVIL! *sniffles* Anyways, I've been getting a ton of reviews for this story. I'm so thankful for that, I'm glad people like this story.

For those who don't know:

The story is called Temptation Affairs and can be found on As can my other stories.

Anyways...had a big day today...and I had so much fun...anyways, going to write a bit on the chapter before I get off to bed. Night all.

My computer ate my long reply post!! Aaaargh!! huh.gif
I will try again...

@Menelvir - Nice chapters!! OMG, "[spoiler]Take me with you, Roy![/spoiler]" ^^

@Twilightz - You're heading for Greece on 20th?? Hope you have a great trip!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - Nice new chapter!! ^^
Oh and, as a Royai Summer festival organizer, please decide on the date for the Summer Festival..
(I'm supposed to be just another participant on this one!! ^^)

@Ice_Alchemist578 - I think Royai Summer festival is something like, smaller version of Royai Day, and with Summer theme... I think the theme is "Firework, watermelon, and bikini." We post pics of Roy and Riza in summer theme, make fanfics or fanarts if anyone can, and maybe post more comics, and post all entries to Stormie's Twilight contests, and announce the winners. ^^

@Liz - Welcome back!! Missed you!! Awesome cosplay pics!! All of them are so good!! laugh.gif

@Schubes - As far as I know, we have no restrictions for the fanart. As long as you have Riza, and vampire Roy it should be fine. Freehand drawing, and using camera to get it on the computer will be no problem!! And, IMO, having lyrics will be cool!! I would love to see your entry!! ^^

@ika07 - Nice to see you!! Yeah, most of schools in the U.S. starts around there also.

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - You know all these neat places to get nice stuff!! ^^
OMG, Archer is going to be mean to Riza!! No way!! tongue.gif
I can see why your story is getting tons of reviews!! Nice job!! ^^

That's it, half the size of original post, but I'd better post it before I lose it again. ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Back from school, y'all. happy.gif My exams draw ever closer...and I need to study (especially Japanese greetings and expressions and social science terminology stuff - and now ALGEBRA XD). So like I said before, if I start disappearing this week, that means I'm studying. And that would definitely mean a drastic decrease in fanfic writing. T_T Sad, no?

Anyway, in case chapter 5 (or some other succeeding chapter, if I manage to get that in) of You've Got a Long Way to Go (, for those who don't know) still has a long way to go till it's published (bad pun XD), I'll just tell you all that I plan to write more about Riza and her father, the musical expertise of the entire Mustang family (no, really), and possibly Roy's 11th birthday, when he'll be getting an unexpected visitor. wink.gif

Since it's technically a summer festival, perhaps we can have it run for much longer than a single day, to accommodate everyone. happy.gif Like for the rest of the summer? I mean - your summer, as it's far from summer where I live. XDDDD At least, that's just what I think. Plus, I don't even know what'll happen to me during those Saturdays. Because I just found out that I can have an exam on a Saturday. T_T

Menelvir - Thanks! wink.gif Can't start the Royai goodness yet; it's too early for that. Maybe when they hit the teenage years XDDDDD

Liz - Awesome cosplay! =D We hope to cosplay in our organization in college as well...

SRH - Typical Archer. XP

XD Look forward to it.
SRH, where did you get the original picture (from your icon...) for the locket photo-manipulation?
Just curious... it looks very "realistic".
Thanks so much Tombow!!!!!!

hmmmm maybe i could make amvs for both contests, but i dunno cuz I'm already pretty busy, haha i still have my friend's band's video waiting to b done. tongue.gif
All the best with your fanart, Schubes! And no, your questions aren't annoying... I asked them before too... Heh. No fixed deadline yet, but I think it'll be during or before the Summer Festival, which could be anywhere from the end of this month to the end of the next. So best to get started soon! wink.gif

Liz, I can't stop laughing at Hughes' expression in that last photo... Closet Royai fan indeed... Well see folks, that's what happens when you keep it all in. You're bound to go mad one day. So take my advice and let out all the Royai gushing here... happy.gif

Icey (hope you don't mind me calling you that... the full username's too long!), glad to hear you had a good weekend! And I'll look forward to your fic! Ahh, we all get lazy some time or other. Me, I didn't get any writing done today either! wink.gif See, you're not that bad~

And good luck with all those restrictions... I'm starting college soon, but I still have some curfews to follow. At least there isn't a rule about no forum accounts for me... Heh.

Thanks ika07! Always nice to get positive feedback from new readers! happy.gif

And good luck with school! I'm starting soon too, but earlier than you I think...

SRH, ack, now I'm dreading Chapter Six! What's Frank going to do?? *shudders*

Heh Tombow, the com's being mean to you... ^^ Glad you enjoyed Chapters 5 and 6! And yes, the Royai's about to start... In fact, it already has... *evil grin*

Aye Amethyst Sunset, I'll hold you to your word on the teenage Royai! wink.gif And good luck studying for your exams.

And when's summer for you? For me, it doesn't matter which part of the year you decide to hold the Summer Festival. You know what they say about Singapore: it's always summer. XD And we're having a freak rain from out of the blue right now... -__-

Wow, what a day! I spent the entire afternoon looking like a drunkard because I had a bottle of spirit in my hand. No, I wasn't about to set fire to my house. XD I'm refurbishing my cello, and the first step's to get the old coat of paint off, because I don't like the colour. Heh...

But the bottle of spirit did make me think about Roy and how he started off on the path that eventually led to him becoming the "Flame" alchemist. Had funny visions of Roy as a drunkard and setting his bottle of drink on fire by accident... XD
@Amethyst Sunset - About the Summer festival, that's an idea, too!! ^^
Since you and Starrrie are the organizers, whatever you decide will be fine with me.. happy.gif
And, good luck with exams!! You might get exams on Saturday also?? That's nasty!!
But, yes, please take your time out from writing, and concentrate on studying!!
(But, the preview of chapter 5 of You've Got a Long Way to Go sounds great!! ^^)

@Liz - Can't wait to see the rest of cosplay pics by this FMA bunch!! They are awesome!! XDD

@Schubes - Oh, Royai AMV for the Festival/contest will be great!! Or fanart, or BOTH!! biggrin.gif

@Menelvir - You were refurbishing your cello??!! Wow!! And, you got drunk from the spirit? >.<
But, yeah, that Roy being drunk and accidentally discovering Flame Alchemy would be funny!! XDD
And, I can't wait to read more about the junior Royai!! ^^

And, it is so true about Summer... In the U.S., Summer is normally like, July and August, but even in U.S., in the Northern States it could get chilly by the end of August, and in Southern States they may get hot days well into September. And, I know in Australia it's Winter when we have Summer, right? And, many of you guys are from Philippines, Singapore, and other countries...
So... if anyone has some alternative name for the Festival, that would be fine also. happy.gif
@Liz - That cosplay is awesome... XDD

Okay, for some reason Link - L'Arc~en~Ciel reminds me of Royai. biggrin.gif
I am NOT drunk, Tombow!! *hic* Ooops... Heh.

And no, Summer Festival is fine! I mean, we already have a summer theme. "Fireworks, watermelons and bikinis" wasn't it? But wait a sec, how did the watermelons get there? *thinks of young Hitsugaya from Bleach eating watermelons with his childhood friend Hinamori* AHHHHHHHH!!! Stop thinking of Shiro-chan!! XDD (I spent part of the day reviewing the older episodes of Bleach too, so forgive me on this one... *sheepish grin*)

I'm looking at the translation for Link, Twilightz! There's a line that translates to "I don't care how much my body burns, as long as it's for you." You're right, very Royai, methinks!
@Menelvir - You're too funny!! laugh.gif

QUOTE(Menelvir @ Jul 17 2007, 12:50 PM) [snapback]562623[/snapback]
I'm looking at the translation for Link, Twilightz! There's a line that translates to "I don't care how much my body burns, as long as it's for you." You're right, very Royai, methinks!

OMG, Twilightz, that's right!! It's totally FMA manga chapter 61, page 39!!
Where Riza asks Roy to [spoiler]burn her tattoo[/spoiler]!!!!

Oh, and I totally forgot and can't remember where or how watermelons got in there for our Royai Summer Festival theme!! laugh.gif
menelvir Thanks! Yea I started my really rough outline last night. So i'll prolly get to work on the real one sometime today =]

Tombow haha yea it would be great. I'll give it a try, can't guarentee i'll finish any amvs for the contest/festival but i'll certainly try! =D and of course i'm gonna enter my twlight fanart cuz i've already gotten my idea sketched out =]
Amethyst Sunset
Menelvir - Mwahaha. wink.gif And same here - it either burning hot or damp with rain here in the Philippines. ^^ Right now it's supposed to be the rainy season, but we're getting pretty sweltering days too...

Oh, if Roy became a drunkard, Riza would kill him. XDDDDD Technically, he'd be straying off the path he promised to take if he did.

Watermelons are a very summery fruit, yes? wink.gif And OMG YES, that line is SO Royai! Must add that scene somewhere....

Tombow - Aye, exams. I'm almost done studying for my Japanese exam though. No Kanji yet, of course. And thanks. happy.gif

Ah, the name of the festival's all right. We can't all have summer at the same time anyway. XDDDD

Schubes - Best of luck to you! happy.gif Ganbatte kudasai!


Yes, practicing Japanese. XD
Thank you Amethyst Sunset!!!!!!!! =D

ok well i just tried making a royai video to the song i was talking about earlier that was about vampiers, haha it didn't go so well. The anime just dosen't seem to fit, unless roy was acctually a vampire, haha who knew?

so i think i'll have better luck making an amv for the summer festival! =D but i have no idea what song to use!? Any ideas anyone?! Perferably something alternative rock, cuz that's my genre of music so it's easier for me to work with. I was thinking maybe Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, but i dunno if that's really summer like and would go with the festival. unsure.gif
Liz- oh man yeah i REALLY want to go, but idk who i'd cosplay as, maybe lust, my boobs are big enough hahaha...ha lol but yeah that'd be so cool to meet people!!! yeah so im hoping my dad will say yes

Amethyst Sunset- good luck with your exams, exams suck, i always do bad on mine...XD oh well, will they matter in 20 years? NO lol. I'm looking foward to more installments i love ur latest chapter w00t!

Menelvir-you can totally call me Icey, i love it smile.gif ! anyway yeah my new vampire fic is almost done i just wanted to get Chapter 4 of meet the parents up first which is up btw! I really hope you check it out once its up. i still haev to read chp 5 and 6 and once im done with uploading my pictures on to Facebook i shall go read them. oh and btw rememeber when i was saying about convincing my mom to take me to see Phantom? WE"RE GOING! smile.gif We're going with my grandmother and aunt too and we;'re seeing it on broadway and im SO pumped! YAY! lol btw nice ideas with Roy being drunk and trying flame alchemy that was kinda awesome. LMAO

Tombow- i'm really looking forward to the festival it should be awesome! Do you know when Stormies contest ends?

Schubes-i'm really excited to see ur AMV my peice o junk computer finally got speakers so i'll actually be able to hear it. yay!

I'm also buying the superspecial edition of the FMA movie tomorrow cause i don't have it, pathetic right?

i'm off to upload photos, try to put on my siggy, read reviews, read fanfic, talk to my bff, listen to music amazingly the list goes on, i'll come back a little later tonight
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Good Lord, it's been a while! Hey, every... I don't know any of you... sad.gif

Well, hi, though! I'm The New FMA, and I haven't logged in in over a month. smile.gif How are you all?

And the add-reply button for a full post isn't working, so I had to use fast-reply - just like old times! XD
Nope Tombow, I'm drunk remember? And drunk people say silly things... happy.gif

Heh, Amethyst Sunset, June/July are the hottest months here, but I don't know why it's raining. Showered a bit last night, and again this morning...

Roy: *slumped on the floor drinking*
Riza: *trying to keep a level voice* Drunk again, Roy Mustang?! *points gun at bottle*
Roy: Hey stop that! *quickly sketches a transmutation circle on the ground*
*transmutation circle reacts same time as Riza fires bullet*
*whatever thing that got transmutated reacts with the heat from the bullet and the alcoholic fumes from the bottle to create a fire*
Roy: *scrambles to feet* What the -?

Yes that was what was going through my head yesterday... tongue.gif

And yea, I agree that the name of the festival's alright. Besides, Roy's element is fire, and fire is associated with the season summer~
Not to mention that he's hot...
Riza: *cocks gun* What did you say?
Me: Uhh.... Nothing... Nothing... *whistles and walks away as quickly as possible*

((gah what's wrong with me?! Must've been the mocha I drank this morning... I knew I put too much chocolate in it!))

Icey~ Heh I think it sounds cool (ignore the pun)! Aww you're going for Phantom? I'm so jealous! I wanted to go too, when they were here, but my mum wouldn't pay for my ticket, and I couldn't afford to pay on my own... And most of my friends didn't want to go either, for the same reason... sad.gif Have fun anyway~

And good luck persuading your dad on the cosplay! Looking forward to seeing your cosplay piccies~

And have fun! Looking at the list of things to do, it sounds like you're going to have a great time~ Thanks for the review too! I hope to at least get started on the next chapter today! Though I'm feeling rather lazy too... happy.gif

Hey The New Fullmetal Alchemist! I... think I've seen you around before... Can't say for sure though! Nice too meet you anyway. smile.gif And yea, we do have lots of new members around here...
Tian Ai
JEEZ! I haven't been on here in MONTHS!

New Fullmetal - Hi! I see we've both been kinda unactive huh? blink.gif

Aaand.. I don't think I know any of you guys sad.gif I haven't even been keeping up with the manga! I should go do that.. catch up a bit..
QUOTE(Tombow @ Jul 18 2007, 01:03 AM) *
QUOTE(Menelvir @ Jul 17 2007, 12:50 PM) *
I'm looking at the translation for Link, Twilightz! There's a line that translates to "I don't care how much my body burns, as long as it's for you." You're right, very Royai, methinks!

OMG, Twilightz, that's right!! It's totally FMA manga chapter 61, page 39!!
Where Riza asks Roy to burn her tattoo!!!!

IMO...although it's quite Royai, but most of us know that song in FMA is more towards the brotherhood of Elrics rather than Royai... sad.gif

It will be rather awkward if we use it though... mellow.gif

Working on the translation of a Malay song that I think will be very Royai... ^.^

QUOTE(The New Fullmetal Alchemist @ Jul 18 2007, 12:07 PM) *
Good Lord, it's been a while! Hey, every... I don't know any of you... sad.gif

So, you doesn't know me and Tombow... OH GOSH... *cries until the whole room flooded*
N.C. StormEye
I present to you...the Femme Ed and Roy of the Royai thread...(okay, I'm a RoyRiza hybrid, but whatever)...AMETHYST AND STORMIE!!

*sigh* Now that's in true Mustanging fashion, I'm slacking off.

Melvenir is it okay if I call you Mel? Nir? Typing your whole name gets confusing sometimes. S' why I got shortened to Stormie. And you should take the test (, then click the 'free personality test' link) to check if you're REALLY a Melancholy Sanguine. No, seriously, you'll be surprised. I was supposed to be borderline Sanguine-Choleric ( charmer with no weaknesses) but when I took the test...BANG! It's the super-freaky, super-contradiction Melancholy Sanguine type! OMFG!! My results (with comments) are on this link -

I like Twilight Dreams. It's a bit like Twilight in Trissame (no offense)...but it seems...well, there's more of an edge to it. I'm going to have my hands full for sure!

Amethyst-chan...mou, you're a Melancholy Choleric? Woah! That's Ed all over! Then again, I kinda already have a shrimp I poke fun at (my best friend Danski...I'm Brigadier General b*tch (General b*tch for short) and she's Major Shrimpy (formerly Private Shrimpy)...hehehe.). But sure...although truth be told I'm probably shorter than you. Seeing as I'm a kid and, what, only 5'3?

But still growing, duh. And no, people, I DRINK MILK...okay? I'm Asian. We're tiny.

Liz I love the pictures! Live action Royai v. cute. I was snickering all the way.

Tombow I do hope this doesn't end up JUST a fanfic contest. Hopefully there'll be some doujins and stuff that come in. I like pictures. I love to read but...*gyah* Computer killing my eyes.

Starrie...uhm...are you ignoring me? Did I piss you off or something? Coz if I did, really sorry! Belated Happy Birthday by the way. unsure.gif

So...woah, we got two elements. Icey and Stormie! Whoot! Go Ice-chan!!

And yea, I agree that the name of the festival's alright. Besides, Roy's element is fire, and fire is associated with the season summer~
Not to mention that he's hot...
Riza: *cocks gun* What did you say?
Me: Uhh.... Nothing... Nothing... *whistles and walks away as quickly as possible*

Mou, Hawkeye-san, please don't shoot Melvenir! S' one of the peeps entering my contest! Please? *puppy dog eyes*

[Riza: *sigh* Proclaiming yourself 'Most Roy-like Riza Fanclubber' isn't as inaccurate as it should be.]

I knoooow...but I'm a kid. No really, a real KID. I'll outgrow this in say...hmm...ten years. Maybe less.

[Riza: You better. *puts gun down*]

Melvenir...RUN!!! *both scamper off*

[Riza: ...]


Well, anyway, I do hope we see more entries. Err...for those who are entering, please Private Message me with your entries. I'm having a hard time keeping track, okay?


TNFMA ZOMG! So nice to see you back! It's the newbie back then, Stormie! How are you? You mean you don't remember me? *sobs*

Amethyst Sunset
Ice - Thanks. happy.gif Two days till my exams...I've only reviewed in Japanese (80% done) and Social Science (20%)...haven't touched Math. XDDDDD

TNFMA - I used to hang around this board a long, long time ago - actually, the term is LURK. XD Then I went on a really long hiatus, and came back again. Ah, heck, it's a pleasure to meet you! Same with you, Tian Ai!

Menelvir - Haha! Careful, Riza knows how to use those guns, yes? wink.gif

Rainy season starts in July and ends 'round October-November-ish, when it gets colder. Then come March, things get hotter again.

Kenji - Yeah, the song's mostly about Ed and Al (I mean, it's the opening theme of the movie, after all), but that line is quite Royai anyway.

Stormie - Strangely, I am a Roy/Ed hybrid (Seriously!). And yes, I am currently Mustanging as well. I see a sociology report and a math quiz in my future...not to mention those exams...and yet, here I am. XDDDD Actually, I'm waiting for my friends to get online so we can discuss a presentation for our anime/manga organization. I plan to stick some FMA references into it, hahahaha! XD

And yes, you are indeed shorter than me. wink.gif I am around an inch or two taller than you. *snicker* I am also taller than the person IRL who is the Roy to my Ed. Yeesh. I hate how Asians are almost always small. Then again, there are a ton of exceptions to that rule.

*resists urge to leave you some bribes* XD No, seriously, good luck with judging that contest.
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