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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Amethyst Sunset-I'm glad you liked the playlist!!! it took me forever to make it that small and its still long lol. I just love music too much xD

Tombow- Yay im glad i fixed the links lol! Thanks for reading and i'm really happy you liked them smile.gif!

Keoni- Hi! i'm new so i haven't met you. Its great to meet new royai fans. I love your drawing its so cute!
Ice_Alchemist578, wow that's a long playlist! I've only had a quick browse, and I recognise some of those songs. In particular, Nick Lashey's "What's Left of Me". That one brings back lots of memories for me, but mostly hilarious ones... >_<

Amethyst Sunset, yep, "great"! And I mean it! happy.gif And Trissame was modeled off Anne Rice? I didn't know that either! Heh, but I had my own vampire inspiration while writing Dreams.

Schubes, welcome back~

Keoni, don't think I've met you before either, but that's a cute fanart!! Did you use pencil shading? I always admire people who can do really nice traditional art!

Tombow, heh thanks! And thanks everyone who reviewed! I think Ice_Alchemist578 left one too! Thanks~~

A little update on Dreams: I had quite a busy weekend, but decided to stay up a bit today, despite my slight flu, and finally got Chapter Four done today. And guess what I find? is being mean to me... *sulks* Sorry guys, you'll have to wait for it too!

And if you all don't mind, my bed calls... *sneezes*
O: Keoni is alive!!!! *hugs* Nice to see you again!!!! smile.gif -nice drawing-

@Tombow: I didn't make any wish ... I don't have bamboo = (

@Ice_Alchemist578: lol , that's a really long~~~~ playlist! I like this one: "Better Together-Jack Johnson".

Can't the chapter be out today???? *wonders*
Whew. Chapter Four of Temptation Affairs is up. I trust that everyone has some means of getting to it, so I won't put up a link.

Haha, nobody ask me to put up a play list. It would take up a whole page on here it's so long. It does however, feature Moulin Rouge(me and you both, Ice_Alchemist578), LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain, Toby Keith, George Strait, LeeAnn Womack, Harry Potter music (lol), Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, J-pop, Frank Sinatra, AC/DC, Van Halen, and so many....more...artists. I just love music, of all types. Except rap. And I only venture so far outside of Country and my Moulin Rouge music, lol.

And there are SO many songs out there that remind me of Royai, so that expands the play list quite a bit.

Welcome back, Keoni! We missed you!

You've come to the right place for Royai, AndroidLust! We're glad to have you.
As a quick note i wanted to add that i want to add The Great Escape-Boys like girls to the playlist i forgot friends tell me i shouldn't have more then ten favorite songs...i have at least 1000 oh well...

Menelvir- I love nick lachey guilty pleasure much? all the songs on the playlist are my favorites plus many others tongue.gif I Read Twilight Dreams and loved it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE update soon!!! I forget who said it but it does remind me a little bit of Phantom of the Opera...which is amazing i <3 it

Paca- as i said love all the songs. that one is amazing. i love jack johnson. i like listening at night because its so calming

sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye-Moulin Rouge is amazing...if Roy and Riza played those roles o_O hahaha ANYway its by far my favorite movie and the music is just beautiful. and even though ur playlist would be long you should put it up anyway!! Also i'd like to read ur fic! where can i find it? p.s love ur icon its sooooo cute... meant to tell you that awhile ago

Amethyst Sunset-i've read most of ur fics and they are all amazing im currently reading Becoming the Fuhrer and Twilight in Trissame, they're longer and im a slow reader so but i've loved what i've read so far. Work Ethics is my favorite so far! I plan to finish both tomorrow or today i suppose since its 1215 in the keep up writing ur stuff is so good!

i'm off to bed for now its midnight x_x and i have rehearsal for my show for a long time tomorrow...i actually got a solo i'm wicked excited! but the note is a high C and so i need to sleep to be able to sing that high lol night night!
Ahaha, good night, Ice_Alchemist578! Yeah, I think it was Amethyst Sunset who first mentioned that the vampire was like the Phantom. Well, it wasn't intentional, mostly. The Phantom of the Opera did cross my mind when I had the idea for the fanfic, but it was more of plot-wise than character-wise. So where did the vampire get his mask from? *shrugs* I probably modeled him after the Phantom subconsciously...

Nick Lashey's "Guilty Pleasure"? Sorry, never heard it... Heh. But I had a friend who was obsessed with "I Can't Hate You Anymore". We used to tease him about it actually...

Oh, and enjoy your practice! It does sound exciting!

SSR, I love Moulin Rogue too~ "Come What May" is one of my favourite duets of all time. But it does go pretty high...

*mental note to self: must start reading Temptation*
Heh, sorry I'm a bit slow on all the recent fanfics, as I've been rather busy these days. My work replacement arrived yesterday, and I'm still trying to teach her the ropes...

Again, thanks for your kind comments, everyone who read Twilight Dreams! is being good today, so here's Chapter Four! Enjoy~ Oh don't we all love cliffhangers? wink.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Twilightz - AWRGH! The suspense! I can't take it anymore! XD

Ice_Alchemist578 - I knew I was missing something big in my life when I still didn't know how to play the piano - I love music too. happy.gif I might post a second set of songs though myself; Royai is just something that can't be described with a single soundtrack. XDDDDDD

Good luck with your solo, and thanks for reading my fics. happy.gif Work Ethics was my first-ever Royai fic. I wrote it on a whim, and it's not related to the plot of my other fics. ^^;;;

Menelvir - Awwww, thanks. wink.gif And I left you a review for the latest chapter of your story, it's getting very intriguing. I need to rent "Phantom of the Opera" this weekend... Good luck with work!

Paca - Come over here, we've got lots of bamboo where I live! *is so not helping* XD

SRH - Left a review as can post some songs, you don't have to post EVERYTHING XDDDD I'm not too fond of rap either...


I <3 my Japanese classes. Finished katakana today. Our hiragana + katakana long test will be next week. o_o;;;

Which means if I'm suddenly gone next week, I'm probably reviewing for tests.

Anyhow, I'll be working on the second chapter of You've Got a Long Way to Go. Hmmm...if I were Roy, what would my first ever transmutation be?
Amethyst Sunset, thanks for the review! They're like candy: just gotta love getting reviews! I want to watch Phantom again too! Ha, don't know if I'll get the chance, but I've had my eye on the soundtrack for ages! Maybe I'll get it on my last day of work, sort of as a "farewell" gift to myself!

Two's a company, three's a crowd. And so I shall join you and Ice_Alchemist578 in the "I love music" crowd! I think for me, I've always been a girl with a scientific mind and an artistic soul. I never got the chance (and never had the patience) to learn the piano, but I enjoyed every moment of my life playing the guitar and the cello. Music just has something that soothes my soul, after a stressful day, or a depressing event... And I'm not fond of rap either... Or techno... That gives me a headache... XD

And I agree, Royai doesn't deserve just a soundtrack. It needs a 4GB ipod dedicated to it! Especially looking at Ice_Alchemist578's veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy looooooooong list~

SSR, I just realised... Harry Potter music? For some reason, for the past few days I've had 'A Window to the Past' from Harry Potter amd the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack stuck in my head... And every time, I thought of Roy's past, and Stormie's June 11, 1908... Heh... But John Williams does good soundtracks!
Thank you Twilightz! I'm really glad you like it! I can't wait for 73, I hope it comes along fast happy.gif

Hi Ice_Alchemist578! You're right, this is a great place to meet Royai-fans happy.gif I met most of my LJ Flist here laugh.gif Thanks! It makes me really happy to hear that happy.gif

@ Menelvir: (that's an unusual username ^^) Yup *nods* It's just pencils. I'm lazy laugh.gif Pencil drawing take 3 hrs max and digital take up to 30 hrs rolleyes.gif So sometimes I ditch photoshop and break out the pencils wink.gif I'm glad you like it!

*hugs paca* Nice to see you, too!

Hi sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye! *hugs* good to see you! I missed you too. btw, would you mind putting up a link? I would love to read it, but I have no idea where to start looking smile.gif

I'll post more later, gotta run! (It's my turn to cook today dry.gif)
@Ice_Alchemist578 & Keoni:

There you go. Always love to get new readers.

Ugh...Chapter 5 is going to be insane!

Menelvir, Yes, he is a great composer, some of his music inspires me to get off my bottom and start writing again. lol.

Amethyst Sunset: He should transmute... grass. I dunno, lol. Or he could transmute Riza a hair clip, a tiny one to pin some of her short hair back...
Menelvir- i loved chapter 4 please update soon! It took me forever to narrow my playlist down i have way too many songs on my ipod. Phantom's soundtrack is a must have the movie=amazing and the music is beautiful. im tryng to convince my mom to go to NYC with me to see it. Also i'm the same with the scientific mind and artistic soul. i was talking about college majors since i'm going to start applying to school and i can;t decide between a musical theatre major or marine science...x_x maybe i'll just double major. Rap is not good...most of it is the same beat and copied tunes. Techno is fun if youre with a lot of people and jsut want to be goofy, but its not something you can listen to by yourself lol x_x

Amethyst Sunset-Please post more music. i like seeing what other people come up. I just finished Twilight and it was amazing great job!!!

Keoni-yeah i've only been here about a week and i've met all these great new people! its so much fun!

sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye-yay! a new story! i'll read it asap!
Amethyst Sunset
Menelvir - That means my iPod (2GB) isn't enough to hold the Royai lurve. XDDDDDD Ah, heck, I've already got 60 songs in my Royai playlist and I'm not even done yet...and my poor iPod is bursting at the seams. XD

Heck, I'd love to learn how to play a string instrument. wink.gif I don't think the piano's enough for me.

I also want the PotO soundtrack. =D And the HP soundtracks. Yeah, I know, I <3 music. A LOT. Except maybe rap, but besides that, I've got a pretty broad taste in music. From classical to rock, you'll find it all in my iPod.

Keoni - Have fun cooking! And you've got an LJ? Add me!

SRH - Good ideas...and the latter one intrigues me. Whether it'll be his first transmutation or no, I should really include that. wink.gif

Ice_Alchemist578 - Thanks! happy.gif And yeah, I'll post some other songs later on, like a second soundtrack. And try not to repost some songs. XDDDDDD
@Keoni - Haha, that's true. Roy is even being a vampire these days! biggrin.gif
BTW, nice new avatar and sig!! Love that Roy and the gang sig!!

@Twilightz - I know.. chapter 73 should be here any minutes!! ^^

@Paca - Same here.. I didn't make Royai wish because I don;t get bamboo here neither.. sad.gif

@AndroidLust - Please don't go away again, 'kay?? ^^

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Chapter 4!! But, you made Riza cry!! Aww. sad.gif

@Ice_Alchemist578 - Wow, you have a solo singing role in a play!! That's exciting!!
What kind of play is it? Please tell us more!! ^^
And, Roya and Riza in Moulin Rouge will be wow!! It might be a little stretcg for Riza's character, but that might be interesting!! biggrin.gif

@Menelvir - You too are on a roll!! And, the story is turning very interesting!!
BTW, you have a flue??!! ohmy.gif Oh noooo!! Please take care, and get well soon!!

@Amethyst Sunset - Yes to the second soundtrack!! biggrin.gif

Chapter 73 any time now!! ^^
N.C. StormEye
Dear god! I've been gone again because I was sicky-sicky...sad.gif

Sorry everybody! Anyway...gyah to the "What Happened" photo of Roy, Riza, and Havoc...*freaky*. Read "You've got a long way to go". Update me again, Amethyst-chan??

Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(N.C. StormEye @ Jul 11 2007, 07:06 PM) [snapback]561086[/snapback]
Dear god! I've been gone again because I was sicky-sicky...sad.gif

Sorry everybody! Anyway...gyah to the "What Happened" photo of Roy, Riza, and Havoc...*freaky*. Read "You've got a long way to go". Update me again, Amethyst-chan??


Yeesh, everyone's getting sick. Hope you all get well soon. happy.gif

Anyhow, hope you liked my fic. wink.gif Menelvir is entering your contest as well, and yes, she's already got the fic up and running, in case you haven't noticed. XD SRH also has her own story (AU), Temptation Affairs, where Riza is married to Archer (O_o I pity her) and starts an affair with Roy. We've got songs too...and yes, we all agree that we'll never stop listing down songs to relate to Royai, since there are so many songs out there that can fit them. Plus we've got an entire slew of pics and sigs and more awesome Royai goodies too many to list.

And YES CHAPTER 73 IS SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT. More Royai, please? ^^

Came from my AME orientation. I met other FMA fans and best of all, almost all of them are Royai supporters! =D Currently writing 2nd chapter of You've Got a Long Way to Go.
@Stormie - Aww.. you're sick again?? Hope you're getting better now.. hugs!!
Meantime, your Royai fics contest is getting quite few entires!!
Hopefully, we get some entires with Royai fanarts also!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - That's a nice summery!! biggrin.gif
And, come to think of it, it's true!! Stormie's contest is generating helthy competitions!!
(And we get to read and enjoy all of them, so that's great!! ^^)

So... here again, Rules for Stormie's contests. ^^


Stormie's Royai Twilight Fanfic/Fanart/Doujin Contests
(Inspired by Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse* series of books by Stephanie Meyer.)

Theme: "Royai - Twilight."*
Create fanfics, fanarts, or comics, with Vampire!Roy and Anything Goes!Riza.

Rating: Safe to read/view by 12 years old. (That's the younger end of our thread viewers. ^^)

Length/Size: From one time shot to an epic length for fanfics, and any size for fanarts & comics.

Submission Period: To be announced (please ask Royai Summer Festival organizers.)

Prize: No material prizes, but Stormie will carry the winning fanarts, and maybe the links to winning fanfics, in her sig for a period of time (I think she might have said one month.) biggrin.gif

There will be selection for: First place, and Second Place, and Third Place.
And also (maybe) for Cutest Picture, and Best Costumes, and Funniest Picture, and and Most Romantic Scenario.

* This is a part of passage from the series:
"I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot, and kissed me again.
This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine—like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us."

Amethyst Sunset- hahah don't worry about reposts, i could probably post another list here, but it would have like a million songs again, please update soon!

Tombow- yeah the play is the Wiz and its jsut a short little line, but its the first solo i've had! and im really excited smile.gif i think Roy and Riza in moulin rouge would be awesome, when i'm done with the fanfic im working on i think i might write something like that

N.C. StormEye- Hi!, i don't think i've met you yet since i'm new, i'd like to try out your contest it sounds like fun

chapter 3 of my Meet the parents is up & if any of u guys have a facebook you should join the Royai facebook group: Of A Colonel and his lieutenant. see you guys soon and for all of you who are sick feel better! *Hug*
sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye link to down load the RAW!

Chapter 5 will be out soon, and WELCOME BACK Stormie, we missed you!

Lots of love to all of you, gotta run, just wanted to drop off the RAW link for you all.
@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Thank you!!!! *glomps*

@Ice_Alchemist578 - Looking forward to your Roy & Riza moulin rouge style!! biggrin.gif

*going to chek chapter 73!!! *

ETA: I will be on "Chapter 73 Spoiler Party" thread, working on translations. smile.gif
ooo yay! ch. 73 raw!!!! thanks sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye!!!!
N.C. StormEye
And I'm being stalked again. *sigh* Oh well. I'm fine now, so thanks for your concern Tombow!

Ngah...Amethyst-chan...what's the playlist again? I've got mine...could you gimme your list so I could download some of em?

Everything - Michelle Branch
Why Can't I - Liz Phair
Home - Michael Buble or Chris Daughtry (both are Royai-ish)
Eternal Flame - MYMP (DUH!)
Umaasa - 6 Cycle Mind
Sabihin Mo Na - ????
When You Say Nothing At All - Allison Krauss
She's Not Innocent - Antigone Rising
Crazy For Your Love - Morris (Initial D Music meets FMA Meanings)
Accidentally In Love - Counting Crowes
Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Slide - Goo Goo Dolls
One In This World - Haylie Duff
Now You Know - Hilary Duff
Black Velvet - Alannah Miles
Samson - Regina Spektor (Read between the lines...)
Elegy - Ken Hirai

N.C. StormEye- Hi!, i don't think i've met you yet since i'm new, i'd like to try out your contest it sounds like fun

HEY! I said Hi to you a few pages back ya know! I'm Stormie!!

Nywayz...will take a bit long to update Calculated Risk-Taker, seeing as I have to throw off a wacko stalker...and do well in my Geometry and Chinese tests. This guy REALLY annoys me. *sigh*

Also, I've formed an 'unofficial' club at school, The Lizzie Bennet Club (LBC, Hari ng Padala, haha). It's all about Jane Austen's works and modern non-radical, Judeo-Christian 'feminism', and group study and stuff. If anyone wants to help make the online chapter, ping me. biggrin.gif

Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - Yup, I've got some pretty tough competition right about now. XD I'm sorry if I can't help with the translation right now...I can read hiragana, but katakana takes me longer, and we haven't started with kanji. ^^;

Ice_Alchemist578 - Looking forward to more of your work! happy.gif

SRH - Wh00t! =D Maybe I should put my current Japanese reading skills to the test...but I know no kanji. XDDDDDD That is so sad.

Stormie - Good luck with your tests. You go to a Chinese school? That'll make it so much easier for me to figure out where you study XDDDDD And good luck with everything else. *pat pat* You know what I mean. I have some of the songs on your playlist though...and just for you, here's the first 20 songs I posted (once again, some songs may be repeated):

Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
I'll Be - Goo Goo Dolls
Fix You - Coldplay
Home - Michael Bublé
Cry - Mandy Moore
Start of Something New - Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
True Colors - M.Y.M.P.
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Written in the Stars - Westlife
Now and Forever - Richard Marx
You'll Be in My Heart - Phil Collins
Take My Hand - Callalily
Hanging By a Moment - Lifehouse
I Talk to the Rain - Kajiura Yuki (composer)
Kiss the Girl - Samuel E. Wright and various artists
Balisong - Rivermaya
Gemini - Sponge Cola
Prinsesa - 6cyclemind
Breathless - The Corrs
At the Beginning - Richard Marx and Donna Lewis

And as's ANOTHER list of songs! XD Might repeat some songs others may have specified in the yeah. ^^; *too lazy to go back and check...hahaha*

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
You'll Be Safe Here - Rivermaya
Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Nocturne for Orchestra - Hirano Yoshihisa (composer)
Cry No More - Nakashima Mika
You and Me - Lifehouse
Eternal Flame - The Bangles (yeah, MYMP also did a version of it. *nods* Either way, it's a nice song)
Mandy - Westlife
Savin' Me - Nickelback
Akap - Imago ("Akap" is Filipino for "embrace", something like that)
Jopay - Mayonnaise (Jopay is the name of a sexy starlet. XDDDD)
You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
I Won't Say I'm in Love - Susan Egan and various artists
Tsubasa - FictionJunction KAORI
Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney
I Promise - Stacie Orrico
Truly, Madly, Deeply - Savage Garden
Harana - Parokya ni Edgar ("Harana" means "serenade")
Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows
Tell Me Where It Hurts - MYMP
A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson
Narda - Kamikazee (Narda is the protagonist of a comic by Mars Ravelo, who can change into Darna, the Filipino version of Wonder Woman)
Weak - Jojo
All You Wanted - Michelle Branch
Bliss - Alice Peacock
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Come - Amuro Namie
Yay! Thank you so much sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye! *hugs* I'm downloading it right now. And it's SLOW! Geez! Hurry up silly download dry.gif

So what's this playlist thing everybody's going on about? Anybody care to explain? happy.gif *is lost in the dark*

Stormie!!! *hugs* So you're holding a contest? Cool! I might join smile.gif Good luck on your test! You'll be fine, don't worry!

So.. silly me who's under the deluded impression she can actually write has written another Royai drabble

Royai 100 themes: No. 3 Leave

Thought I'd share happy.gif

Gah! 77%
Amethyst Sunset
Keoni - Downloading it as well. happy.gif Eh, we're just making up lists of songs for the heck of it - Royai songs, of course.

And I like the fanfic, you can really write. wink.gif
Chapter 73 page by page translations. Done all 44 pages. ^^

@Keoni - Ah, you still remember the Royai 100 Theme!! I'm too tired now, (just finished the translations for the chapter 73) but I will read it in a while!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset and Stormie - Nice Royai song lists!! biggrin.gif

Happy Birthday, Starrieidgirl!!!
Hope you have an awesome birthday!! biggrin.gif
Sorry for my current blurrness...
What are those songs for??? I'm quite blur now after studying for 5 hours...
*too lazy to go back and check...*

yeah...and Happy Birthday to Starrieidgirl!
Feels like I haven't been here for a LONG time, although it was only two days! I'll reply as I read:

Sharpshooter, yes, good music certainly does inspire writing, doesn't it? As a sidenote, Chapter Five of Twilight Dreams is (being) written with Evenstar from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack in mind. Well, not exactly in mind, it just popped in...

Aww thanks Ice_Alchemist578! Chapter Five is going well, so you'll have it soon! And actually, I was thinking of the original London stage cast OST for Phantom. It's amazing. Sarah Brightman is so good!! Wish I had a voice like hers... *sighs*

Musical Theatre and Marine Science? Tough choice... I would go with Musical Theatre, but I can neither sing nor act. Marine Science sounds exciting though! I chose the Science path; I'll be starting my freshman year in August with Mathematical Sciences as a major. But I'm definitely going to compensate by taking Psychology as a minor! And I'll join a musical group for my extra-curricular activity. happy.gif

Amethyst Sunset, if your 2GB isn't enough, what about my 512MB? XD I just don't have enough space for all the Royai love, so I leave most of it on the computer. My mp3 player has mostly instrumentals, and my current playlist has lots of Pirates of the Caribbean! Jack Sparrow = love happy.gif

And yes, please do the second soundtrack! Maybe you and Ice_Alchemist578 can collaborate on one?

Thanks Tombow. If you say I'm on a roll, then SRH must be on a bigger roll! wink.gif And yay for Chapter 73 coming soon! *resolves to read faster* XD

And thanks for your well-wishes! I'm certainly better today. At least I don't have to go around with tissue stuck up my nose... XD But now my nose is all blocked, and I've been eating mints all day to clear the passageway... Heh!

Stormie, me too!! >_< Get well soon, so you can come and join us with the Royai fun instead of just reading summaries of what we've been doing! *hugs*

Great summary, Amethyst! And thanks for mentioning my contest entry! I'm too shy to do that myself... Heh. Oh, and Stormie just reminded me. I've read You've Got a Long Way to Go, and also left a review. Keep going! I want to know more about junior Royai!

Ice_Alchemist578, I'll look forward to the Moulin Rogue version of Royai then! Though I can't see Riza in a cabaret... XD It WOULD be in Roy's character to visit a place full of seductive women, though! And yes, go ahead and join Stormie's contest! We can't get enough of vampire!Roy... Heh!

I skimmed through Meet the Parents, and it looks good so far! I want to read it in greater detail before I leave a review though...

Nice playlist, Stormie! Yes, I can certainly see how some of those songs can be related to Royai. Haven't heard of the rest though! I'll need to check them out...

Amethyst, oh, there's the second playlist! I really need to find some of these songs and put them together as a playlist!

Keoni: currently reading your drabble. It's fantastic!! I couldn't help but go "Awww...." wink.gif Yes I agree with Amethyst. You can write. And beautifully too!

Poor you, Kenji! I feel bad mentioning this, but I spent an hour studying today, because I felt the need to gear up for college. And I felt great after that! XD Anyway, Amethyst Sunset was the first one to come up with the idea of a Royai soundtrack, I believe. Then we realised 20 songs wasn't enough, so various people started putting up their lists! I would put mine up too, but most of what I have has already been listed... Except a couple of instrumentals, like Salut D'Amour, which I put down as the wedding song in my Royai wedding...

Oooh, it's Starrieied's birthday! Happy birthday girl!


Phew! Okay, my update: Twilight Dreams is going well, although I think the story's developing a little too fast for my liking. But I won't delay Chapter Five too long, or the suspense might kill someone... XD

I'm only halfway through this one, but I already have plans for a sequel... I hope to carry on with it, but if college is as scary as Amethyst and the others say it is, then I shall have to find the time to write it first!
Tombow Posted Today, 06:48 AM
Happy Birthday, Starrieidgirl!!!
Hope you have an awesome birthday!! biggrin.gif

Kenji Posted Today, 07:03 AM
yeah...and Happy Birthday to Starrieidgirl!

Menelvir Posted Today, 08:06 AM
Oooh, it's Starrieied's birthday! Happy birthday girl!

Thank you everyone! It's so awesome today! The weather is perfect (cool, overcast, and slightly damp though it's the summer! but it's Oregon!) And the days preceeding have been frickin' awesome! Harry Potter at midnight and driving around hitting as many 7-11s for free slurpees!

So far I've had a great breakfast and I'm now playing w/ my iPod Nano! Now I have a reason to have a Royai Playlist and perfect time too. There are a number of you that have posted some awesome playlists that I'm gonna have to copy.

I'll be on and off today and tomorrow. The big plan tonight is to find a bar in town that will make me a Fiery Blue Mustang, sans the Everclear blink.gif

But I plan to read all of the brand spanking new ficts and d/l some of the songs that some of you have on your playlists.

Have a great day and go eat some cake on my behalf!

Love you all!
i didn't sign on for one night and i missed so much! i'm going to the cape tomorrow till sunday so i'm gonna miss out on so much!

N.C. StormEye-ha i'm such a ditz! i'm so sorry! tongue.gif ur songs are awesome i love One in this world by haylie duff and Michael Buble is god. lol

Amethyst Sunset-YAY new songs and yay new chapter!!! i'm off to read it right now! i'm so excited. its such a cute story!

sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye-please update soon!! i really like what you have so far

Tombow-yay Chapter 73! Thanks for translating! smile.gif

Menelvir- oh man i know Sarah Brightman is amazing and i'm definitely going to pursue music more than science, but i like science two, people are always like weird choices since they;re not similar AT ALL lol Good luck ur first year!!! i wish i was going into college im so done with high school x_x lol, but since i;m a senior i get to leave school when i have study and i get to take fun classes so its cool, but i bet college will be even better and i'm still nervous about getting in to school though lol so much stress. i saw that you were writing ch 5 to Evenstar...only the greatest LOTR song <3 and i'm working on second playlist that will probably be equally as long tongue.gif

I'm trying to come up with a good vampire idea, i'm kinda at a loss, but i'm working hard. Im really glad u liked what you read of Meet The Parents, people seem to really like i'm so Flattered! laugh.gif I'm trying my best to update cause if i don't i keep forgetting lol. Moulin Rouge is my next project, so please check it out when i post it! smile.gif

You're all welcome. I just figured since it wasn't posted on ZOMGFTA yet, and I have them on my LJ, that I'd be super nice and post the link here for you all.

Chapter five....what can I say about this little chapter? It will be up sometime tonight or tomorrow. But I'm telling you all right now, my fellow Moulin Rouge fans, that Riza and Roy, and yes, even Frank, have seen this movie, and references are made. It's actually rather funny. References are also made to Titanic and Unfaithful.

[spoiler]NO ROY OR RIZA THIS CHAPTER! *ish very sad* [/spoiler]
I have no excuse this time. I've been gone for months. (At least I haven't given up writing Royai fanfiction!) Glad to be back.

Now for my little bit of information: onemanga has chapter 73 scans. (And it's working again, there were a few hours this afternoon where they weren't up. My guess is that FMA fans swamped the site since ZOMGFTA only just got back up.)

[spoiler] Four of five positions filled? Hmm... I wonder... Could Roy be the fifth? It would make sense! [/spoiler]

SO, what's new?
sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye-ahh yay! can't wait for chapter 5. Yay moulin rouge! and yeah.. [spoiler]i was so disappointed there was no new Roy Riza in 73 sad.gif[/spoiler]

riza'slittlesister-i might be spacing out again but i definitely don't think i've met you yet i'm new! and if you have fanfics, i'd really like to read them please post links smile.gif
It's nice to meet you, ice. I've been gone for a long time, but at one time I was very active on the board.

As for my fics, I've written several Royai ones. (Actually, writing anything else seems much, much harder.) My ff account is HERE. My name on there is ThatLittleBlondeAngel.

I'm enjoying Meet the Parents, by the way.
Glad you're having a super birthday, Starrie! I want to watch Harry Potter too! *sulks* Heh. Anyway, enjoy the nano! The playlists we have here are great, aren't they? happy.gif

Ice_Alchemist578, I can't wait to start college! But I think I'll be complaining by the first week. And yea, Evenstar is such a sweet song, isn't it? So full of love too...

Good luck with Meet the Parents and your new Moulin Rogue project! And for the vampire story too! smile.gif

Sad to hear you won't be around for the weekend... But enjoy yourself at the Cape! We'll update you on Monday when you return! tongue.gif

Chapter Five sounds interesting, SRH! I'll look forward to it!

Hi, Riza'slittlesister! Don't think I've met you either... Nice to meet more Royai fans! And I see you're enjoying the fanfics already! I'll be sure to check out yours soon! =)
hello Riza'slittlesister I don't think we've met! i'm new too!
riza'slittlesister-yay new fics! i'm so excited, since its almost 12:30 in the morning i have to go to bed, but i'm so excited to read! and i'm glad you like meet the parents i'm so flattered!

Menelvir- yeah i'm going to be writing on the beach all weekend! So hopefully i can post a few MTP chapters and hopefully get to start a cool vampire fic. i'm so excited, Falmouth is my second home <3
N.C. StormEye
Heya everyone! Thanks for all the well-wishes! Keoni your fic is magnificent! Amethyst-chan no kidnapping me. I'm not rich. I'm Fil-Chi but in the middle class 1M here.

Riza's Little Sister nice to see you again!

Melvenir and Ice...Music is everything to me.

*sigh* I could really use a tequila rose right now. Friday the Thirteenth went alright here. biggrin.gif Thirteen Degrees of better and better luck. biggrin.gif

Starrie! Belated Happy Birthday! *huggles*
@Kenji - Those are lists of songs that remind us of Royai. biggrin.gif

@Keoni - Read your latest Royai 100 theme. Love it!! ^^

@Menelvir - Wow, you even have sequel planned?? Nice!! ^^
Hope your feeling much better!! ^^

@Starrie - Our birthday girl is here!! ^^
Yap, we have lots of lots of Royai fics!! biggrin.gif

@Ice_Alchemist578 - I'm so looking forward to your Royai Moulin Rouge!! biggrin.gif
And, I like MTP also!! ^^

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Chapter 5 coming up??
I'm getting behind!! (I've been terribly busy this week..) Maybe I can cacth up this weekend. ^^
And yeah, no Royai on chapter 73, but it was a good chapter anyway. ^^

@riza'slittlesister - Nice to see you again!!

@Stormie - I'm glad you're getting better!! happy.gif

Chapter 73 Spoiler: I hope [spoiler]the fifth one[/spoiler] will not be Roy!!!!

Happy 13th Birthday, Jo21!!
You got to stop by more often!! biggrin.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Happy birthday, Jo21 and Starrie! *throws confetti and brings out the huge cakes*

Oh...and a shameless plug for those who haven't read the next chapter of my new fanfic - chapter 2 of You've Got a Long Way to Go.

Tombow - Thanks for the translations! happy.gif *hug*

[spoiler]It is possible, unfortunately...that the fifth one would be Roy. T_T After all, they've always hinted that he would make a good human sacrifice...and he would be used to open the Gate...

I think Riza will protest to this, yes? I hope there'll be Royai in chapter 74![/spoiler]

Menelvir - Good to see you're still alive, and that you're getting better. XD I leave a lot of songs on my computer as well...and even then, I share the comp with everyone else in the family, so I have to free up some space for them. Of course, sometimes I just can't pass up some songs I find...

Thanks for reading my story! happy.gif And hope to see more of yours! *stabs college* Yeech, even getting into our anime/manga organization is pretty hard...then again, it IS an org...

Starrie - Sounds like you had a great time on your birthday. Happy birthday again! =D Tell us what the Fiery Blue Mustang tastes like...I plan to have one on or after my birthday...preferably without the 'rents XDDDDDD

Haha, got an iPod Nano myself for my graduation last March. ^^

Ice_Alchemist578 - Thanks! I still look forward to your next fanfics!


[spoiler]I know, not even a peep from either Roy or Riza. T_T[/spoiler]

Riza'slittlesister - Hey there! I believe we haven't met - I'm Amethyst Sunset, otherwise known as Amethyst, or Sunset, or A.S., or even just Ame. XD Glad to see you! Keep writing!

I'm also pretty used to writing seems so easy for me (well, it took a while for me to get the characterization down pat) compared to other pairings and fandoms.

Stormie - I'm middle class too! But pure Filipino. No 1M here either.

Good Lord, it's been...about a year since the last time I had a drink. And it was simple red wine...I want to try a Fiery Blue Mustang! XDDDDD Hey, I'll be 18, anyway!


Whew. I'm currently working on the next chapter of my fic(s) and college has been pretty tough on me so far. Still, I'm saving up money so I can buy the FMA volumes I still don't have, and hopefully also a cosplay costume. One of our activities in our organization will be cosplaying...I'd sure love to be part of it! biggrin.gif
Thank you so much for all the sweet comments everyone! *grouphugs* You guys are the greatest!

Happy (late) Birthday Starrie and Jo21!!! biggrin.gif I Hope you've had a greatday, filled with love and presents!

Aha! I might have to add something to the playlist then happy.gif

Whitesnake - Is This Love? (Old, but fitting)
Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful
Kane - Can You Handle Me (Dutch band, they're awesome XD)
Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now

That's all I can think of right now.. Geez, 4 really old songs laugh.gif

I will read your fic tomorrow Amethyst, my vision is kinda blurry right now. I'm really curious about it smile.gif

Yay! Chapter five! I can't wait to see how your story evolves, sharpshooter-san!

riza'slittlesister!! *hugs* Nice to see you again! It's been a while smile.gif

hmmm. I wanted to wait for the scanlation, but those black spoiler boxes are really tempting *fidgets*
Nice to meet you Menelvir, Schubes, and Amethyst!

Hey, StormEye, Tombow, and Keoni! I missed you guys!

Oh, Keoni, scans are up at onemanga if you're interested!

[spoiler]I agree with Amethyst. They've been hinting that Roy would be a good sacrifice for a while now. But Wrath said that he'd have him open the Gate... Is that different from being a sacrifice? In any event, it's not a good thing![/spoiler]
Hello Everyone!

RLS So good to see you! *glomp* I was wondering what happened to you!

Schubes Glad you are back from vacation. Lots has been going on, but I've been away to, so let's catch up together!

Jo21 Happy Belated Birthday!

O/T No go w/ the Fiery Blue Mustang sad.gif I didn't make it to the bar in town that is allowed to use flames. But there is still plenty of time. Once I get the chance, I'll let you know how it is. But i did get a birthday martini! it was filled w/ delicious ice cream and candies! Mmmmmm And the martini glass is HUGE!!!! I'll post a link w/ pics later.

So...chpt 74 we are expecting alot out of you. Chpt 73---is good but grrrrrrrrrrrr. K, i'm done ranting.

Time to find those fanficts you all were working on while i was gone!

Amethyst Sunset
Keoni - Thanks, and hey, you can never have too many Royai songs. wink.gif

RLS - [spoiler]The four people Father is considering - Ed, Al, Izumi and probably also Hohenheim - have seen the Gate and thus can transmute without using an array. They are also very skilled alchemists, Gate or no. It is possible that if Father chooses Roy to be the fifth pawn, he will use the Flame Alchemist to open the Gate because he is the only one who hasn't seen it, assuming everyone else already has. But this would bring up another question - why open the Gate with someone who hasn't had any experience with it, when there are others who have seen it already?

I guess that would count as a human sacrifice.[/spoiler]

Starrie - Sad. D= *pat pat* And I highly doubt my 'rents would let me go off alone on my birthday anyway...

But at least you got a birthday martini, with is also good! happy.gif


Ohayo gozaymasu. I just finished studying for an upcoming Japanese test next week (Hiragana + Katakana only). I just memorized common greetings and all the know, it's actually pretty easy to study the characters when you write anime characters' names with them, hahaha. XDDDDDD There was a time while I was trying to write all the Katakana characters and I forgot one, and I recalled it by remembering Roy's name in Katakana! XD

Hai, ganbarimasu. Yes, I will do my best.

And speaking of doing my best...yes, still working on my fanfic (which will have pretty long chapters). What happens when ten-year-old Roy brings up the subject of becoming a State Alchemist...again?
@Amethyst Sunset - Nice chapter 2!! I really enjoy reading this one! biggrin.gif
And, about Roy being a [spoiler]human sacrifice[/spoiler]... yeah.. I'm worried about that..

@riza'slittlesister - Ah, yes, about them saying using Roy to [spoiler]open the gate[/spoiler], also!!
Roy is in danger!! sad.gif

@Keoni - Non-ZOMGFT scanlations are up at several places. smile.gif
Although, I do recommend getting ZOMGFT one "for keep" once it's up. ^^

@Starrie - Too bad you didn't get to the bar for Flaming Mustang.. but there is always the next time!!
And, sounds like you had a great birthday!! So, that was good!! biggrin.gif
Yeah, I want Royai in chapter 74!! ^^

The fifth one... if it's not Roy, who could it be?? unsure.gif
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(Tombow @ Jul 14 2007, 11:22 AM) [snapback]561768[/snapback]
The fifth one... if it's not Roy, who could it be?? unsure.gif

[spoiler]It could be possible that either Scar or Mei will be used in place of Roy...for their rentanjutsu (in Scar's case, hybrid of alchemy and rentanjutsu).

But that's just my theory...and thanks for reading my fic! happy.gif Arigatou gozaymasu!
@ Amethyst Sunset Thanks. [blows nose] I just finished reading ...Long Way To Go. Well done! I always tend to find inspiration in your writings. BTW, the older sisters,I think I've come across a comic that made light of Roy having been dressed up in girls clothes due to his three older sisters.

@ Tombow-dono [spoiler]I immediately thought of Scar. Roy is also another possible fifth piece. But I suspect that there is someone else that Papa Hoho has in mind. Dr. Marcoh for example? What do we truely know about him. He did make the Philosopher's Stone, so wouldn't there be a likelihood that he has seen the gate as well?[/spoiler] That's my two cents.

I can't wait for chpt 74! Why only once a month. Gah! I'm too impatient.

[runs off to add more music to Nano]
@Starrie - Wooo, this is scary, because, just like you, I was thinking about [spoiler]Dr. Marcho[/spoiler] for the fifth. I agree that we don't know much about him.
That means Roy would be spared?? Right?? Hope so!! unsure.gif
@ Tombow-dono Wheew! I was afraid I would be the only one on that one! [spoiler] BTW, didn't the pieces look like the individuals Papa Hoho was naming? Kinda like voodoo dolls. Weird. [/spoiler] But yeah, Roy could be spared. My thought is that those individuals would have to perform the alchemy for Papa Hoho. But what will happen to the lovely Major General???? mmmmmm.....

O/T I finished my obi!!!! My friend took pics of me wearing it w/ the kimono. It's tied has a buffertfly knot. I'll post a link to the pics later.

We are sooooo close to 800! How exciting!!!!!
Amethyst Sunset
Starrie - Yeah, that comic provided partial inspiration for Roy's three sisters. I also gave their names meanings - Roy means "king", right? Regine is "queen" (in French too), and Victoria and Elizabeth are two names of British queens. Even Vicky's middle name, Anne, was taken from a British monarch. XD

Although they don't dress Roy up in girls' clothes, they do love to show him off to their friends, because he's cute, talented and downright smart. XDDDDDD

I'd love to see your obi, yes? happy.gif And thanks for reading my story!

[spoiler]I also agree that big Daddy also has other options for his fifth pawn. Scar, Marcoh, maybe even some random State Alchemist he'll pick up somewhere...even Mei Chan.


And Miles/Olivia FTW! XD <3[/spoiler]

Tombow - It would be nice if Roy was spared [spoiler]but unfortunately, I highly doubt it. Father may have other things in store for Roy even if he's not one of the five pawns...[/spoiler]
Starrie haha yea let's catch up together.

gosh i wish i didn't have to work. I really wanna make some new amvs! I especailly wanna re make this one i used to have on my old youtube with the song Girl All The Bad Guys want by Bowling for soup. It was prolly my most non serious and funny royai video XD

o and since everyone is talking about the manga. i have no idea what's gonna happen but everyone's ideas sound real logical.
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