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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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N.C. StormEye
Stormie - I can imagine how hard it must be to take Riza's place, aye.

I go to teh University of the Philippines. XDDDD *insert ego swelling here* And we just came from a pep rally and now the varsity theme song is stuck in my head...although yes, I forget a lot of the lyrics..."Push on UP, and go in to win...push on UP...Our hearts will ever yearn/For the maroon and green banner waving high up for UP...UP rah, UP rah, UP rah rah BOOM!" XD

For those who don't know, 'tis the UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) season, which means it's time to show our school colors and our school spirit and cheer for our teams...yes, indeedy. XD We even learned the cheers, and the first basketball game is this Saturday...

Well, I suggest you take review classes if you want to pass the UPCAT (and the ACET, and the La Salle test, etc.), and take 'em seriously. And no cramming. CRAMMING IS A BIG NO-NO. And if you even think you're going to suck badly in one test (which I highly doubt), make up for it in the next ones. For example, I left practically half the math questions blank, but I answered everything else. And luck was on my side XD

And try not to hazard guesses. Better to leave something blank. But don't do it all the time! XD *pat pat* If you need to talk to me, college entrance exam concerns or otherwise, I'm always a PM away. wink.gif I hope you liked my entry to your contest
I did, of course. Twilight in Trissame is getting to be one of my favorites. So you go to UP...dammmn...I remember you mentioned that. It's my dream school (have already purchased I Love UP button from Papelmelrotti)!! I'm pretty worried that I won't get in seeing as my grades are not doing well...

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm emotionally unstable, stressed, and lonely. Yes, Tombow, those are all my problems. Of course, paca cheered me up considerably with the picture of nerdy Roy. Me <3 major. biggrin.gif

Stormie, yes I've read June 11, 1908! And it's one of my favourites for this year's Royai Day album! You concentrated a lot on the emotions of the characters, instead of events, and you cleverly conveyed Roy's horror, and the relief Riza brought to his tortured soul. I also like the way you set the story in the present tense. Instead of a recollection, which those who are familiar with the FMA series are used to, readers are pulled back into the past, watching the scene with Roy. It gives us a closer awareness of what is going on, and intensifies the emotions conveyed. *can't stop being a Literature student*

And of course Amethyst rocks harder; an amethyst's a gem stone! tongue.gif (bad pun) But her writing style and yours are different. She focuses on things that happens outside (dramatisation of actions), and you focus more on things that happen inside (dramatisation of thoughts and feelings). Both ways are good.

And thanks for the encouragement! Hope you resolve your problems soon... Wait a minute. Anagram problems?

Yes, Anagram problems. Gyah, but it's not serious. I'm going to be a Journalism student myself so it's no problem if you go all literary on me. After all, I'm conditioned to enjoy reading in-depth analysis of my work and Ame (no Hiwa)-chan's. (Yes, Amethyst, another bad spin-off.)

Seeing as you're a literature student and study story elements in-depth, creating a piece should be no problem for you. I read a lot of Lemony Snicket books before I got my writing style down pat, as he's an accepted author with a purposefully verbose style, as I tend to be.

My writing style pretty much took on a life of its own after that. Of course, I do have experimental pieces. You can read all my work on my personal brain-dump, Chiaroscuro: A Play of Light and Shadow.

Seeing as I'm an emotionally fragile person (I'm all Roy-like in the brave on the outside, broken on the inside aspect), I tend to lean towards representing emotions rather than events.

Gyah, I could give you a whole author talk if you need help (I like beta-ing). And, as with Amethyst, if you DO need help, I'm a pm or YM away. biggrin.gif


Thank you SO much for all the well-wishes folks. Third year couldn't GET any ....tier, so I'm uber depressed. Actually, am feeling pretty crappy right now...broke down crying in school and DUH, got scolded for it. Being the melodramatic, hypersensitive, put-on-bravado type...ACH...pain.

*sigh* But I refuse to be emo! *bravado 2x*

Anyway...Amethyst-san, has Roy processed the sign-up sheets yet or should I already be grabbing the cosplay Bazooka?



Amethyst: *hiding* *whimper, whimper*
Roy: *hiding* *whisper* Ssh! Don't let her hear us...

Where are those two?
Amethyst Sunset
Ice_Alchemist578 - Hey, we love welcoming new members - 'tis always nice to meet other Royai fanatics - or FMA fans in general - or new people in general. XD

The anime was all right for me (after all, it did get me into FMA in the first place), but yes, it could have run a bit longer. Anyhow, we would love to read your stories. happy.gif Do post them here once in a while. wink.gif

And you can sing? Hah, I can't carry a tune to save my life. I'm an instrumentalist - the piano is my voice. happy.gif

Tombow - Arigatou. happy.gif And yeah, hopefully by then I can write more than just simple sentences in Japanese. biggrin.gif

That's a good theory - Pride is like a vampire, he can't go out into the sun. XD And Roy can always create fire and make things too bright for any shadows.

Stormie - My grades were the pits when I was a junior. XD But hey, it won't matter when you pass UP. And I'm glad you're thinking of going to it. UP is fun, if a bit shocking at first, since I came from a private all-girls school and then got tossed into a melting pot of students from all walks of life...and all genders. wink.gif *pat pat* And don't get so worried. Like I said, you can't keep all that in or else you'll cave in. happy.gif Trust me, I know. I've broken down in school many times myself. Especially before I took the Ateneo entrance exam. Back then, I wanted so bad to get in...

And I'm glad you liked my story. *ego inflation mode again*

My writing style was also influenced by Lemony Snicket, one of my favorite authors - actually not only him, but also J.K. Rowling (fantasy and teenage issues), Nicholas Sparks (romance, mostly of the more mature variety, but not exactly erotica), and others include Garth Nix, Tamora Pierce and so many others. Then from there, I put together my own style, like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces I found everywhere, but also made with pieces I produce on my own.

It varies though, depending on what I write - in a forum I go to, I was once called the "next Lemony Snicket". In another one, they compared my writing to Rowling's. XDDDDD One's style should be flexible, easily adapting to anything. It doesn't even apply only to writing, even.

Journalism, eh? Good luck with that. I thought of it myself, but of course, I have to take psychology as a pre-medicine course. Maybe when I finally get the courage (and time, and energy) to major in two courses, I'll take journ.

AME is actually the acronym for an organization I signed up for - Anime/Manga Enthusiasts. Yup, that's the UP AME. happy.gif Join us, 'kay?


*stands up* SIGN-UP SHEETS READY! Damn it, next time I'm in charge, Colonel. Thank goodness I don't have much homework tonight. No, seriously, I don't. XD

EDIT: Looks like FMA's also back on Animax where we live! XD If you're interested, Stormie and Zachelle, it will start again on July 11 @ 4:30 PM. Weekdays. I saw the commercial before Blood+ started. XD
N.C. StormEye
Stormie - My grades were the pits when I was a junior. XD But hey, it won't matter when you pass UP. And I'm glad you're thinking of going to it. UP is fun, if a bit shocking at first, since I came from a private all-girls school and then got tossed into a melting pot of students from all walks of life...and all genders. wink.gif *pat pat* And don't get so worried. Like I said, you can't keep all that in or else you'll cave in. happy.gif Trust me, I know. I've broken down in school many times myself. Especially before I took the Ateneo entrance exam. Back then, I wanted so bad to get in...

And I'm glad you liked my story. *ego inflation mode again*

My writing style was also influenced by Lemony Snicket, one of my favorite authors - actually not only him, but also J.K. Rowling (fantasy and teenage issues), Nicholas Sparks (romance, mostly of the more mature variety, but not exactly erotica), and others include Garth Nix, Tamora Pierce and so many others. Then from there, I put together my own style, like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces I found everywhere, but also made with pieces I produce on my own.

It varies though, depending on what I write - in a forum I go to, I was once called the "next Lemony Snicket". In another one, they compared my writing to Rowling's. XDDDDD One's style should be flexible, easily adapting to anything. It doesn't even apply only to writing, even.

Journalism, eh? Good luck with that. I thought of it myself, but of course, I have to take psychology as a pre-medicine course. Maybe when I finally get the courage (and time, and energy) to major in two courses, I'll take journ.

AME is actually the acronym for an organization I signed up for - Anime/Manga Enthusiasts. Yup, that's the UP AME. happy.gif Join us, 'kay?

Hell yes. And I'm happy to see that the Colonel has FINALLY processed the papers.

*sigh* Men.

Anyway...My writing style took off not because of Lemony Snicket, but because of a fanfiction author in Gakuen Alice, Simple Days by Heartxofxice. You can watch my style evolve by reading my Gakuen Alice fanfics.

I'm pretty much an open-style writer. Please, PLEASE check out the fiction blog, the link I left in my last post!!
Actually, Tombow, I think this thread is so dedicated to Royai that it inspires people to write about it! tongue.gif I think that's how I started, just someone who wanted to make a contribution for Royai Day, and then... The story continues... Heh.

Twilightz, Gangsta Royai! I love it! Riza looks ready to beat someone up... *runs and hides* Not sure about those words on Mustang's jacket, Tombow, but I do notice that he's also got his flame Transmutation Circle on his sleeve!

Thanks for sharing the pics, paca! Roy looks somewhat hot as a high school student... Oh and what's Riza praying for in that Christmas picture? I can only make out a few of the kanji words, and they seem to have something to do with the 'coming year' and her 'superior', which I take to be Roy...

All the best for your exams! Oh don't we all hate them? But you'll do fine, no worries. ^^

Amethyst Sunset, then you must be one of those people with good endurance when it comes to fanfics... Unless I'm in the mood for reading, I get put off by long chapters, especially those with long, wordy paragraphs... Anyway, draft for Chapter Two is 1700 words long... *faints* I'm planning to put them up on once I have Chapter Three!

Ice_Alchemist578, wow, I'm honoured to have my fanfics read! It's every writer's dream eh? wink.gif And I wish I have your talent of singing... I mean, I like to THINK I can sing, but really my vocals are nothing worth talking about. Like Amethyst Sunset, I'm an instrumentalist rather than a vocalist, although my talents lie more in string instruments.

Tombow, but even at noon there is a shadow, right under you... Where there is light, there will be shadow. Can't get around it... =/ But what surprises does Arakawa-sensei have in store for us?

Stormie, actually, no. Sometimes I feel that being a Lit student makes writing harder because I become more critical of my writing, and as such I'm almost never satisfied with what I write. I was quite proud of my two Royai Day pieces, but that's because I haven't reviewed them yet. If I re-read them, I think I'll find something to be ashamed of...

I've never read Lemony Snicket, but I think I get his style, although I don't think I see it much in June 11, 1908. Maybe I need to read more of your works. tongue.gif I don't know where I got my style from, but I tend to use a lot of free indirect discourse, where the narrator suddenly becomes a mind-reader, and readers can see the character's thought process.

But thanks for sharing your insight on style, and for offering your help! I think I'll need it soon... And yea, I'll check out the fiction blog!

Amethyst Sunset, sign-up sheets? Where? Where? tongue.gif

Oh pity I don't have cable tv... That's the only way I can catch Animax. But that's okay, I get to watch FMA on my computer, and it's commercial free! AND I get to pause it when Ed's face fills the screen, and stare into his beautiful eyes... *goes into dreamy mode*

Oh, and I don't know if I should be glad or sad to say this, but you're not alone, Stormie... I think it's the curse of the student's life to be constantly worried about our grades. But you'll be fine! How you're doing in school now is no indication of how you'll do in the big exam! (UPCAT, was it?) In junior college, I had bad grades too, all the way to my preliminary exams. But I studied hard (no, don't give me that look, studying's a compulsory part of a student's life, isn't it?), and did well enough in my GCE 'A' Levels.

So what am I worrying about now? The emotionally unstable, low self-esteemed idiot that I am is worrying about university...even before term starts... I'm having doubts about my chosen major, and am confused about what minor to take. AND I'm worried about being alone in a new environment. AND to top it off, I'm having boyfriend problems... GAH.

Sorry guys, I just had to say it. I just needed someone to hear it. Even if no one read that last paragraph, that's okay. I think I feel better after writing it out. Which is why I like writing so much. It helps me express myself, and it always cheers me up. ^^
@Stormie - Awww, I think we all understand that kind of pressure about the grades, and about the big tests (we have similar tests here in the U.S. also.) Do your best, and hope it will be coming out in a very rewarding way for you!! We're rooting for you!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - That's interesting about Roy creating huge/bright fire to make things too bright for any shadows... ^^

@Menelvir - Yeah, I agree about this thread making people inspired to write!! biggrin.gif
(Just looking at all the pics Paca brings here alone is inspiring!! XDD)
And, these 4 Chinese letters on Roy's jacket in Twilightz's sig, these are phonetically spelling "" with the way Japanese people pronounce these Chinese letters. biggrin.gif
(And, from I see, I bet you'll do fine with your study at your University!! And, I bet you'll do fine with your new environment, too!! ^^ Now as for your boyfriend problem... that I can't promise anything.. ^^)

And, as for the fanart Paca has posted, Riza is saying "Oh God, as I promise you to work hard for the upcoming year, please make my superior do his paper work during the next year."
(Or something to that effect. ^^) And, as you can see.. Roy is saying "Chuui??!! happy.gifu" laugh.gif
QUOTE(paca @ Jul 5 2007, 06:09 AM) [snapback]558885[/snapback]


No wonder Riza's attracted to Roy... laugh.gif

Hey fangirls... I know you're yelling in excitement now... but please be calm... XD

_Goes back into Hiding_
Thank you again for the nice compliments. ^^ I think I'm gonna do some more sigs, though, I haven't started working on them yet.

Lovely pics, paca. Thanks for sharing them with us! happy.gif

That picture of Roy is bloody hot. Glasses make him look so good... xD

I can't wait for chapter 73! Hopefully we see some Royai moments. wub.gif I like the theory that Pride can't see them if there's no shadows. It could be possible. ohmy.gif
Paca! i Loved the pictures from fivestartablet and the one with Riza in the dress SO pretty!

Amethyst Sunset- How do i post my stories here??? and yeah singing is the only thing i do sing and write songs, poetry and fanfics haha my life in bowl right there XD

Menelvir- i lovveee reviewing/reading fanfics of course the ones i read are like ALWAYS Royai lol When i put some of my longer ones up i hope you read them! biggrin.gif

agree with Twilightz on being wicked pumped for 73 and hoping for Royai *fingers crossed as always* and on Roy being wicked sexy in glasses
QUOTE(Kenji @ Jul 5 2007, 01:12 PM) [snapback]559057[/snapback]


No wonder Riza's attracted to Roy... laugh.gif

OMFG, if Roy Mustang were a real man, he would be the MOST GORGEOUS MAN ALIVE. Srsly.

OH My GAWED--- the Gangsta!Roiai sig PWNS ME!! laugh.gif
The best EVAR!!

That is my favorite Omake of the series.

Paca-- MORE PICS W00H00!!
The Riza/Winry in kimono one was my favorite...

I just realized, I never finished the fanart that I started for Roiai day. Because I am full of suck and FAIL.
So, I was working on it today, and I figured I'd do a quick screen-cap of it for you guys.

Click to view attachment

YES, I am pulling my colors from the background images, to make sure they are accurate.
I only have the flat color laid down currently. I will need to borrow a digital tablet to finish the rest I think.

Oh, and:

Translation plz? THX!!!! XD
@Paca - Thank you!!! happy.gif

@Ice_Alchemist578 - You can post your FMA fanfics in our Fanfics sub-forum, then give us the link to that, or you can give us the link to your FFnet if you have the account there. ^^
(If you're using Internet Explorer and having a trouble opening a new thread, please check out Can't use ADDREPLY button? thread. ^^)

@Twilightz and Kenji - I agree!! That Roy in glasses looks hot!! biggrin.gif

@Liz - OMG, that's an awesome Royai Day fanart!! Whenever you finish that one please let me know. We can add that to this year's Royai Day Album!! (Take your time!!) ^^

QUOTE(CodenameElizabeth @ Jul 5 2007, 05:56 PM) [snapback]559168[/snapback]
Translation plz? THX!!!! XD

Translation is on the way!! laugh.gif
QUOTE(paca @ Jul 6 2007, 04:11 AM) [snapback]559138[/snapback]

Lara Croft- Tomb Raider inspired fanart? laugh.gif

Others fanarts are still in process of clicking and viewing... ^.^
Keep it up teh Royai team... XD

*runs away* lol

*Catches paca back... Kenji then runs away*
@Liz - Here you go.. biggrin.gif

Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment

This was such a popular shocking theme that there are many variations of this comic out there.
I translated a couple of really funny ones besides this one. If I find them I'll post them. biggrin.gif
@ Paca: I LOVE all of those pics you uploaded, they're absolutely marvelous! Hope you've done well on the exams so far!

*sighs* I should have Chapter three of TA out tomorrow morning, or maybe around noon, maybe late tonight, dunno. I'll have a chance to get started on chapter four before leaving for the Reunion Saturday, so that's good.

Btw, I agree with what everyone says. Lol, I've only had a chance to skim over the last couple of pages, so I caught snitches of what everyone said, and hurried through Paca's lovely picture findings. Eddie and Bella are hyper on sugar, and I keep having to rush off to make sure they stay out of things.

*rushes after them* GET BACK IN THE PLAY PEN! MOMMY SAID NO!

Lawlz, see you soon guys, love you.

Roy: you want kids?
Riza: Someday...*gives Roy a funny look* Why?
Roy: many?
Riza: 2.
Roy: Just two?
Riza: Okay, maybe 10
Roy: @_@.... How about we stick with four?
Riza: Who said I'd have my children with you?
Roy: *pwned*
Amethyst Sunset
Came back from Japanese class again...we're starting on KATAKANA! *cue dramatic music* The characters look so alike. XD Anyhow, I made a big blunder (that I fixed during our oral thing awhile ago) and kept on saying shirigaku when the right term was shinrigaku. Ah, psychology. XD My beloved course.

Although I can write most hiragana characters well, I still have to work on those characters that require a LOT of steps to write. Still, Japanese is one of two classes I eagerly look forward to in college - the other being creative writing. =P

Stormie - No, I did not use any bribery or threats to make him do the sign-up sheets...nosireeeee...

Oh, all right. ^^ And speaking of Lemony Snicket...I'm rereading the last book. Yup, I blame him partly for some of my descriptions. Anyhow, I'll check out your fiction blog, I know it'll be a big showcase of talent that should be taken right into the College of Arts and Letters in UP (Diliman, because that's where I am too XD).

Menelvir - I've written many long stories in the past (I remember writing one that was 30 chapters long, but then again, those were shorter than the average length of my chapters now). Hope to see your fanfic, yes? wink.gif

You mean you use omniscience in writing - you know, wherein the narrator knows EVERYTHING that happens? Sometimes I only delve into the thoughts of one character and narrate the actions of the rest, or shift from one character's view to another. But my narrators can be omniscient, or just plain oblivious to everything going on around them. ROFL. XD

Good luck with college, and hope you sort things out. *pat, pat, hug* Don't stress yourself though. Ah, I also love abusing the pause button. XD I did while transcribing episodes 13 and 37. Just remember - the A.S. help line is a PM away! wink.gif (And A.S. also stands for Arts and Sciences, the building where half of my classes are...)

Tombow - Yeah, who knows, it might actually happen! biggrin.gif Yay physics!

We're currently at the first 20 characters of katakana...I want to be able to write more than just simple sentences and greetings and be able to translate! XD But thanks for translating!

Kenji - Must...stay...calm...

*locks self in some random tiny empty room and squeals her lungs out inside*


Twilightz - Good luck with your sigs! happy.gif And yes, Roy is absolutely HOT. In anything. Even in nothing XDDDDD I actually spazzed out while in our organization hangout awhile ago and said aloud, "I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHAPTER 73!"

One of the upperclassmen was like, "Chapter 73 of what?"


"Oh." *nod nod*

Paca - You are making me want to write my planned Royai wedding story more and more with that beautiful pic of Riza. <3 Of course, I loved all the pics...I tried to read the Japanese around, but of course, I'm still really slow. XDDDDD *FAIL*

Ice_Alchemist578 - I'm too lazy to write my own songs. XD *snerk* I only hunt for pieces on the 'Net for me to play on the piano, and I'm not very good at playing by ear - you know, listening to something and then trying to play it without any notes to read...

Liz - I AGREE.

I love your fanart! Better late then never, yes?

SRH - Good luck with your fanfics, your reunion and your twins. happy.gif Speaking of which, here's a teensy-weensy spoiler for future fanfics from yours truly...

[spoiler]I plan to have Roy and Riza have twins - a boy and a girl! XD Of course, whether they'll be the couple's only children is still up to me. *wink*[/spoiler]

And ROFL, Roy gets pwn'd! XD
N.C. StormEye
Amethyst Diliman? It's where I want to go!

Melvenir Welcome to the club of the emotionally unstable. *sigh*

Tombow thanks for the encouragement!

Anyway, I'm working on the next chapter of Calculated least after I finish blogging. Have serious case of Nausea right now. Could I be pregnant?

Kidding! Big V. over here. biggrin.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Stormie - Nice. XDDDDDD Honestly, where have you been going lately? XD *pat pat*

Oh yeah - you know Gakuen Alice, right? If it's not too much trouble, I've got a Gakuen Alice/FMA crossover in progress. wink.gif Thought you'd like to know. I'm planning the sixth chapter, along with the first of Three Alchemists, Two Worlds, One Gate and Innocent and Naive (little kid!Royai)

Diliman is HUGE though. Be prepared to walk and commute your way to your next classes.
Thanks for the encouragement, Tombow and Amethyst Sunset! I really hope everything turns out alright! I stayed up late last night eating chocolates and writing stupid poems, and now I feel much better. (A note to Stormie, chocolate works wonders! wink.gif )

Tombow, thanks for the insight on the Chinese characters on Roy's jacket, and for the translation of the Christmas fanart! My understanding of Jap only extends so far as the Chinese characters go! XD Cheers for eleven long years studying Chinese!

Kenji-san, stop hiding! *drags Kenji out from his hiding place*

Yes, more sigs please, Twilightz!

Gosh, paca, where do you get all these pictures from? That white dress looks good enough to be Riza's wedding gown! It shows a feminine side of her that we seldom see, and yet those guns remind us that she's still the same old Riza that we know and love!

Ice_Alchemist578, fear not! I'd love to read your fanfics! Although your Fictionpress account seems to be "under construction"...

Good luck with your fanart, Lizzie! I'm hopeless at Photoshop, but what you've done so far looks good! =D

All the best with the fic, SSR! And also with managing the kids... Poor Roy there, getting owned by Riza!! I can just see him, sulking in the corner... AhahaZ.

Amethyst Sunset, wow that's a long post... Congrats on starting Katakana! Heh, give it time, you'll be a pro in no time!

Third-person omniscience isn't exactly the same as free indirect discourse. The former has to do with the type of narrative, ie the viewpoint of the narrator. The latter is a style used in third-person narrative, ie the way the third-person narrator tells the story. Free indirect discourse would be:

Roy was outraged. No one rejected having kids with him, and got away with it!

For comparision's sake, free direct discourse:

Roy was outraged. No one rejects having kids with me, and gets away with it, he thought.

Can you see the difference? The first example is as though the narrator is voicing Roy's thoughts for him, and the second is the narrator telling us what Roy thought. smile.gif *snaps out of teacher-mode*

Hmm, about that theory about light and shadows... *thinks hard* Well, TECHNICALLY, if Roy were to create a firery sphere around Riza, there is no place for the shadow to fall on. Except herself, of course, but I imagine Roy can protect Riza that way, provided she doesn't get roasted by his flames first! tongue.gif

Heh, Stormie, don't get stressed out over the exams yet, there's still much time, I imagine! Good luck getting into Diliman! Speaking as a failed Arts student, I sincerely hope you can achieve the dream that I could not. XD

Pregnant? That reminds me of my medical checkup today. When the doctor asked me, "Are you pregnant", I was like, hellooooooo, I'm immature 18, do I look like a potential mother to you? XD But yea, it's standard procedure, I guess...

Amethyst, I've read the first chapter of Substitute Teacher, and I already love it! *is ashamed that she hasn't read the rest yet... >.<*

*Note to self: must stop writing long posts!! Gyah!*
Amethyst Sunset
Wow, I actually gathered up 20 songs (and you know, 20 just isn't enough! XD) for a little Royai soundtrack. Unfortunately, 'tis a bit biased towards my taste in yeah. ^^; And I even have an explanation for why there are more male artists - Roy is more vocal and outspoken than Riza, if I'm not mistaken. *prepares to get shot*

Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
I'll Be - Goo Goo Dolls
Fix You - Coldplay
Home - Michael Bublé
Cry - Mandy Moore
Start of Something New - Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
True Colors - M.Y.M.P.
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Written in the Stars - Westlife
Now and Forever - Richard Marx
You'll Be in My Heart - Phil Collins
Take My Hand - Callalily
Hanging By a Moment - Lifehouse
I Talk to the Rain - Kajiura Yuki (composer)
Kiss the Girl - Samuel E. Wright and various artists
Balisong - Rivermaya
Gemini - Sponge Cola
Prinsesa - 6cyclemind (The song is in Filipino - I shall post a translation for you guys, don't worry. happy.gif)
Breathless - The Corrs
At the Beginning - Richard Marx and Donna Lewis

So out of these 20 songs, 18 are in English, one is instrumental, and one is Filipino (I'll post the lyrics later, with the translation, so you'll see why I couldn't resist putting it in).

Menelvir - Sorry, I lent my English notes to a friend who's still studying in my old school, so I must be forgetting some lessons already. Goldfish memory? Yes. XDDDDD Thanks for correcting me...heehee. And reading my story and the katakana-learnign encouragement, yes. XD Hiragana was easier, at least the characters didn't look so gosh darn alike...

And careful - too much of a good thing can be bad. wink.gif Although yes, chocolates are nice. I had some dark chocolate the last time I watched episode 25. T_T
Amethyst Sunset- yeah writing songs takes foreverssss with lyrics etc but tis rewarding once you finish. I also LOVE some of the songs on ur list, (at the beginning, Holding out for a hero, I'll be,) I actually wrote a songfic using Cry (its on my fanfic account) cause i thought it was perfect for Riza and Roy, Riza is slightly ooc but w/e! I have a playlist called Royai on my Ipod and many of these songs are on it lol! butttt i plan to hunt down the ones i don't have to add to it! smile.gif and i'm so jealous youre taking japanese!!! i'm so looking forward to being able to take that in college 1 more year till graduation THANK GOD xD

Menelvir-yeah my fictionpress is under construction because i made it in like 7th grade and all the stuff on there was crap ( like actually died laughing rereading them) anyway im trying to upload new stuff. but my fanfiction accoutn should work fine [post=""]Fanfics[/post]

sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye-Roy was pwned hahahah so cute!!!
Amethyst Sunset, thanks for doing up that list! I don't know all the songs up there, but those I know definitely fit the bill. I'll look through the lyrics of those I haven't heard soon!

And sorry for being such a Lit student! I miss literature classes... sad.gif

Yes, I'll be cautious with those chocs. I know I've gained weight... XD

Ice_Alchemist578, you write songs? Wow! I seldom do, and those that I've written, I'm too ashamed to share them with the people I wrote them for... XD Heh, have fun in your final year! I want to take Jap in college too!

I'm in the mood for poetry... Shouldn't be hard to figure out what this is about:

Shadowed Roads

I stand at the crossroads where we said goodbye.
Our last meeting was brief; I didn't want to cry.
We stood in silence, you holding me close,
Until you had to go, and left me, a lonely rose.

I see your image in the shadowy road ahead;
Imagining you are with me even as I meet my fate.
But without your light I am stumbling blind,
And fear's tendrils soon have me in their bind.

Struggling to be free, your name my safety charm,
But danger's grip is strong, my weakness causes my harm.
Panic rises; I fail to stay calm
And soon the shadows have me in their icy palm.

And yet I hope in your love and your light;
My destiny is twined in yours, my shining knight.
Though to separate us the shadows strive,
Where light lives darkness cannot survive.

In this knowledge I wait out my bounds
And ease my heart from hell's howling hounds.
I know you'll come to rescue me,
And through your light this rose is set free.

Alright. Criticise away!
Amethyst Sunset
Menelvir - No problem, and thanks. happy.gif And it's not bad being a Lit student. wink.gif

I love the poem. Can't say much except that - it's a nice poem.

Teaser for my next fic - changed the title. It's now You've Got a Long Way to Go. Roy is ten, Riza's a bit younger.

“The other boys usually just call me Mustang,” he said with a shrug. “But fine, I guess you can call me Roy, if you really want to. What’s your name?”

“You can call me Riza,” she said, pocketing her slingshot. “Anyway, I have to get going. My father wants me home now.”

“I can take you home. Where do you live?”

“I can go home on my own. I’m not some lost little kitten – I know the way.”

“Isn’t it too early?” Mustang glanced up at the sky. “The sun is up, the sky is blue…”

“And the only thing annoying me now is you,” Riza finished for him.

Ice_Alchemist578 - I'm really thinking of making a Royai playlist on my iPod as well. =D And I'm glad you liked the songs I picked out. ^^

I had to take a foreign language - it was a requirement. XD Good luck!

And just as promised...I phail at translating...

Prinsesa (Princess)

Nakaupo siya sa isang madilim na sulok (She is sitting in a dark corner)
Ewan ko ba kung bakit sa libo-libong babaeng nandoon (I don't know why among all the others)
Wala pang isang minuto (Not even a minute has passed)
Nahulog na ang loob ko sa'yo (My soul has fallen for you)

Gusto ko sanang marinig ang tinig mo (I wish to hear your voice)
Umasa na rin na sana'y mahawakan ko ang palad mo (Also long to hopefully touch your palm)
Gusto ko sanang lumapit (I wish to come closer)
Kung hindi lang sa lalaking kayakap mo (If it weren't for the man embracing you)

Dalhin mo ako sa iyong palasyo (Bring me to your palace)
Maglakad tayo sa hardin ng 'yong kaharian (Let's walk in the garden of your kingdom)
Wala man akong pag-aari (Even though I own nothing)
Pangako kong habang buhay kitang pagsisilbihan (I promise to serve you all my life)
O aking prinsesa (O my princess)
Prinsesa (Princess) - 3x

'Di ako makatulog (I can't sleep)
Naisip ko ang ningning ng 'yong mata (I thought of the twinkling of your eyes)
Nasa isip kita buong umaga, buong magdamag (You are in my mind all morning, all the time)
Sana'y parati kang tanaw (I wish to always see you)
O ang sakit isiping ito'y isang panaginip (Oh, it's so painful to think of this as a dream)
Panaginip lang (Only a dream)


Menelvir- yeah im almost done with this one song we're going to sing next year in my chorus class at our winter concert. IM so excited and yeah i've never shared songs that i've written for people i'd be so embarassed! I LOVE ur poem like Amethyst Sunset said, its just really good no need for critism

Amethyst Sunset- ur so lucky that ur school offers japanese i took french which was pretty but ya know japanese is just so cool. I'll post my playlist sometime today i have to fix it, im really excited to read ur new fic im currently in the middle of becoming the fuhrer and i think its great so far i loved Roys line hahah it was silly!

as a side note the link i posted isn't working so is the url so yeah
So you liked the pics, didn't you? It's good to heard that!!!

@Tombow: Thanks for the translation! happy.gif

....=____= *tired*

-My school doesn't offer any interesting language ...and teh only two languages I can take are awfuly taught @_@... That's why I study languages out of school happy.gif

Page 800 and chapter 73 at the round of the corner!!! lol

i`d like to know too.

Well there you have it, chapter three.

@ Menelvir: very beautiful poem, I like it a lot.

Amethyst: Keep the songs coming, they're all so good! Lol. Hmm, I'll be reading You've Got A Long Way To Go for sure.

Chapter 73...needs to get here faster. I'm dying to see if there's more Royai.

Well I'm off to start chapter four, which, incidentally, is when the danger for Roy and Riza starts. Here's a passage from it: (BTW, the passage is taken out of context to avoid spoiling, so it won't be exactly like this in the chapter)
'Why did he come? People might suspect something...nobody here knows him but me.' Riza thought desperately. He smirked at her, jerking his head toward the balcony. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes, and turned toward her husband. "Frank, I'm going to go get some air. All this birthday spirit is killing me." she made excuse and walked gracefully towards the balcony. [/spoiler]

Roy: Stupid rain. *mutters in a chair in his corner, tearing up pieces of paperwork*
Riza: Colonel, the Fuhrer doesn't pay you to sit in a corner all day muttering to yourself.
Roy: I don't care...I hate rain.
Riza: I'm sure you can do plenty of things in the rain that don't involve using your alchemy, sir.
Roy: *light bulb goes on, and he smirks* Oh, I'm quite sure wanna see?
Riza: sleep.gif;;;
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(AndroidLust @ Jul 6 2007, 04:14 PM) [snapback]559685[/snapback]

i`d like to know too.

Someone got cornholed.

Can't say who for sure, but someone...
Amethyst Sunset
Ice_Alchemist578 - But French is fun too - of course, you do have to know when and when not to pronounce certain sounds and letters. XD Good luck with your concert, and I can't wait to see your playlist as well. wink.gif And thanks for reading my story, glad you like it so far. ^^

Paca - Awwww. *hugs* You'd definitely really like our sensei, she's really good. happy.gif I'm so grateful for the weekend, I'm really exhausted.

It would be nice if chapter 73 and page 800 came at the same time. XDDDDD Nice timing, yes?

AndroidLust - Hangovers! I blame teh hangovers! XD And indeed, Abstruse Eulogy, I can't say for sure either...

Riza: WTH am I doing in this negligee?! With two guys IN THE SAME BED?!

SRH - Cool, chapter 3! =D *braces self for any incoming lemons* And thanks, I'm hoping I can post the first chapter today...I might keep the fic going till Roy and Riza pass adolescence...

And looks like teasers are flying everywhere! XD *teased*

And ROFL - yes, Roy is not entirely useless in the rain. wink.gif
QUOTE(Abstruse Eulogy @ Jul 6 2007, 07:56 PM) [snapback]559770[/snapback]
QUOTE(AndroidLust @ Jul 6 2007, 04:14 PM) [snapback]559685[/snapback]

i`d like to know too.

Can't say who for sure, but someone...

Oh Noes...
Double!Penetration WHUUUUT???!


That was CLASSIC...
Amethyst Sunset
Liz - ROFL! Oh noes indeed. XD it is, first chapter of my new Royai story! happy.gif

You've Got a Long Way to Go

Can also be found on the Fanfics board. wink.gif

Wow, the thread moves fast!! biggrin.gif
(I'm on the board everyday, and I can barely keep up!! XDD )

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - OMG, chapter 3!!!
I'm going to read it during this weekend!!! ^^

@Menelvir - Yay for chocolate!! Best food when writing poems!! ^^
I love the poem!! Please write more!! happy.gif

@Twilightz - Yes, yes, more sigs!! You're getting really good at sig making!! ^^

@Ice_Alchemist578 - You write songs?? Awesome!!
I can foresee some Royai songs on this thread in the coming future!! (Wishful thinking!!^^) biggrin.gif
And, for FFnet, could you log in, then post the link to your fic?? I don't have an account there, hence I can't get to your fic..
Also, if you like, post your fic, in entirety in our Fanfic forum!! ^^

@Paca - Don't run away!! We love you!! happy.gif
You're right... 800 page is coming our way!! ohmy.gif

@AndroidLust - OMG, long time no see!! Glad to see you here again!! ^^
Gah, is that Riza?? And that guy in dark hair looks like.. and the blond haired guy looks like... >.<

@Abstruse Eulogy and Liz- I know, I know... looks like someone with someone and someone... ph34r.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Love the fic!! And, nice song collection, too!!
(Oh, and if you checked the Spoiler tagged part of my previous post 2 pages ago, I corrected yours to shinrigaku.. that was the first thing I noticed.. but, I thought the way you were saying was how your Japanese teacher taught you, and since many of these foreign language teachers hate being corrected when wrong, hence I told you to go along with what your teacher taught you. ^^)

Happy 18th Birthday, Aiko!!
Haven't seen you for some time!! Hope you're doing great!! happy.gif

Whew, I hope I caught up... it has been a really busy day today. I will go over again when I get more time later!! ^^

Chapter 73 is around the corner!! biggrin.gif
Thanks, Amethyst Sunset, Ice_Alchemist578, SSR and Tombow, for your commentary on my poem! Seriously, I appreciate it! happy.gif I will continue to do my best!

Amethyst, that story already shows promise! I've yet to read it... Heh, that's how good it is. I'll read it later kays? Same for your fic, SSR!

Okay, I need to rush off... But before I do...

Menelvir productions presents...
My first fic on
The long awaited *coughcoughyeahrightcoughcough* entry for Stormie's contest...

Twilight Dreams

Please read and tell me your comments! Thanks~ happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - Indeed it does...what a fast thread. XD And about the songs and the fic - thanks. happy.gif

That's all right...I was the one who made the mistake, I checked my notes. ^^; Whoops. At least I said it right during our oral introductions.

Can't wait for chapter 73! (How many times will we say this till chapter 73 actually arrives? XD)

Oh, and happy birthday, Aiko! Hope you have a good one! =D

Menelvir - Thanks...and I left a review for your story as well. wink.gif
Amethyst Sunset-yeah french is pretty awesome but i had to drop it since im not smart enough for AP and my school doesn't offer any lower french levels for next year ahhh oh well...I really like ur new fic i gave u a review on and yeah im wicked pumped for 73, i think maybe if we keep saying how excited we are it will come faster smile.gif / my playlist is almost perfect i just have to change some songs and fix somethings so i'll post it soon! smile.gif

Menelvir-I'm really excited to read ur new fic! i'll review on

Tombow- Writing a Royai song would be SO much fun, definitely going to be my next project lol! and yeah i'll post the links to my fics and later on tonight i'll post them here!
i hope this works this one is a continuing one. ii'll have chapter 2 up later today and these three are songfics/ one-shots

The post link thing didn't work so heres the url lol i hope this works if not, i'll posts the fics here later tonight or tomorrow morning
don't click the url links cause it doesn't work just copy paste
Amethyst Sunset
Ice_Alchemist578 - Thanks for the review. ^^ And wow, that's a lot of stories you've got there. I'll try to read them all...but right now, it's past midnight and I have to go to bed. XD

Good luck with your playlist and your foreign languages. wink.gif Try learning outside school.
*runs back*

@Kenji: What's taht? You can run away but I can't * growls*

Oh! So many fics to read...-Paca si not having enought time at the moment ...but Paca will read them later happy.gif -

Today is 7/7/07... It's Tanabata O= -make your wishies people-

@Sunset: You speak french, don't you? I am planing to start taking French lessons next year.... smile.gif

Happy birthday Aiko!!!
Hmm... Amethyst-san pointed this out to me, and I have to say when I was writing Twilight Dreams, I felt it too. As promised, credit where it is due: If you read my fic and feel like you've seen a similar story around somewhere, that other story might be the great Amethyst-san's Twilight in Trissame. Because I myself feel that my writing has been influenced by her sweet story. smile.gif

That said, I am striving to keep our stories from sounding the same. But with the cast set as vampire!Roy (which meant AU, because I can't see a vampire in Amestris), and one of the rules of AU being to stay faithful to the personalities of the characters, I find it hard to do it any differently without discounting plot. *shrugs*

If Amethyst Sunset, or anyone feels this gives her an unfair advantage for Stormie's contest, I'll withdraw. Just say the word.

Concluding words: Thanks for reading my fic, Amethyst Sunset and ice_alchemist578! I'd love to read your stories, but it's 1am and I'm dying to crawl into my bed... So if you will excuse me, I will do your great works the offence of putting them off till tomorrow. Sorry about this...
Amethyst Sunset- haha goodnight, where i am its only like 2:30 in the afternoon lol, take ur time reading they're all pretty short and please update ur fic soon!!!

Menelvir-I'm really excited to finish ur fic i started the first chapter today its so good!! roy as a vampire=<3, lol vampires just rock in general. my friend made me read Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books in like 8th grade and ever since i've loved vampire fiction and fanfiction.
QUOTE(Tombow @ Jul 7 2007, 12:33 AM) [snapback]559849[/snapback]
@AndroidLust - OMG, long time no see!! Glad to see you here again!! ^^
Gah, is that Riza?? And that guy in dark hair looks like.. and the blond haired guy looks like... >.<

yes, i got a little distracted because of intense junior year schoolwork and a new job. but the other day, i randomly decided to play the second fma game and i was like "wow. royai. remember that?''

it`s almost like discovering a new fandom. XD

QUOTE(paca @ Jul 8 2007, 12:30 AM) [snapback]559955[/snapback]
*runs back*
@Kenji: What's taht? You can run away but I can't * growls*

You're attached to here... XD
Amethyst Sunset
Paca - Non. I don't speak French, but I know snippets of the language. XD C'est la vie, ma chére.

Menelvir - "Great"? Psh. XD I'm flattered though. Thanks. But my fic is not all that AU. wink.gif I'd say more, but then I'd spoil people. And don't back out! Your storyline is different from mine, anyway.

And speaking of my fic...have you guys figured out the significance of the word Trissamé? wink.gif I've been itching to ask this question, but I kept forgetting. Heh. Someone sent me a message on saying they figured it out, and they were the first one. XDDDDD Either it was too obscure, or it was just so glaringly obvious.

Ice_Alchemist578 - Thanks. I had inspiration from Anne Rice when I wrote Twilight in Trissamé, though.

AndroidLust - I disappeared from the forum some time ago for more than half a year, and then when I came back, I saw this thread and I was like, "Hey...I used to post here quite a bit." XD Ahhh, rediscovering fandoms...

Kenji - So you won't be needing these handcuffs? XD


Must write...before I go back to class tomorrow! O_O! *shakes fist at college* XD
Hi everyone! biggrin.gif
I'm finally back from vacation!!!
It's gonna take me a while to catch up cuz i'm feeling kinda lazy right now and don't want to read 5 pages right now. But i will sooner or later laugh.gif
K well I'm gonna go to the festival in my town now. Bye! tongue.gif
ahh theres so many fics to read so little time!!! i want to read all of ur guys fics! the ones i've read so far are all so good. i just updated my latest fic meet the parents so much RoyRiza love<3 lol ANYway my long awaited playlist has arrived lol its long but oh well hope you guys like it

100 Years-Five For Fighting
Ame no Hi wa No Thank You-Japanese Voice Actors for Roy & Riza (don't remember their names and im way to lazy to look them up) this song is clearly meant for the royriza playlist for obvious reasons
Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
Black Balloon-Goo Goo Dolls
Better Together-Jack Johnson
What's Left of Me-Nick Lachey
It was you-ashley ballard
It's you- Michelle Branch
You and Me- Lifehouse
The Reason-Hoobastank
Gifts & Curses-Yellowcard (replace Mary with Riza and its like woah!)
23-Jimmy Eat World (mainly for the line "no one else will have me...only you)
You Were Meant for Me-Jewel
Baby, It's Fact-Hellogoodbye
My Wish-Rascal Flatts
Beautiful Love-The Afters
Anytime-kelly clarkson
Look After you-The Fray
Only One-Yellowcard
The Tension and The Terror-Straylight Run
Cristofori's Dream-David Lanz (Piano Instrumental...its beautiful!)
A Thousand Miles-Vanessa Carlton
There She Goes-Multiple Artist, my fav is Six Pence None the Richer
Ever The Same-Rob Thomas
Best Friend in the World-David Corey
That;'s the Way it is-Celine Dion
A Dream Worth Keeping -Sheena Easton(fern gully anyone? lol such a great movie)
Can't Fight the Moonlight-Leann Rhymes
hands Down- Dashboard confessional
Come What May-Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge <3)
You and I Both-Jason Mraz
Love Will Find A Way-Lion king 2 (liz callaway and Gene Miller)
Only Hope- Mandy Moore

hahaha this playlist is massive! why? oh right my ipod has about 5000 songs and im waaayyy too obsessed with music rolleyes.gif this is just my taste but i have a wide variety so hopefully something for everyone! lol
Amethyst Sunset-thanks for giving me the idea to post my playlist i didn't double songs but i did have alot of the ones on ur playlist on mine...making mine even oh well enjoy! I'm off to read fics! biggrin.gif
Whew, I had been really busy on and off board.. ^^

@Menelvir - You did it!! Nice job on Twilight Dreams!! Yap, stpry came out similar, but I understand it's hard to write story within the setting for Stormie's contest. I enjoyed reading it!! ^^

@Ice_Alchemist578 - The links are finally working!! ^^ I enjoy reading your fics very much!! biggrin.gif
And, I like your playlist!! It's huge!! XDD

@paca - Happy belated Tanabata to you, too!! ^^
Did you make any Royai wish?? happy.gif

@AndroidLust - We all understand about school, work, and other real life stuff getting in the way sometime!! I'm so glad you "re-discovered" Royai!! So nice to see your posts!! happy.gif
Hope you can stop by more often!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - No, I haven't figure out about Trissamé yet. I read everyones' fics so fast I need to go back and read them all again when I get more time later.. (Probably after I will finish translating chapter 73 because it's coming out very soon, then I will have to concentrate on translating the chapter. ^^)

@Schubes - Welcome back!! Hpw was your vacation??
Yes, you have lots of fics to read if you like to read Royai fics!!

Only few more days to chapter 73!!!
Crossing fingers for any Roy, Riza, or Royai scenes... as usual. ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Schubes - Good to see you again! Hope you enjoyed your vacation...and hope you enjoy your festival!

Ice_Alchemist578 - Wow, that's a pretty long playlist, and I also had some of the songs you listed in mind when I took down some random songs to create my list. And there are even some of my favorite artists! happy.gif Anyhow, I don't know all of them, but I know many of the songs, and they're really very Royai-ish. wink.gif

Tombow - has something to do with the word itself though. There's a hint. wink.gif Don't worry, I'll reveal it soon...unless someone figures it out first. XDDDDDD Hope you didn't overwork yourself. happy.gif And yeah, chapter 73 is just around the corner and thanks so much in advance for translating!

And speaking of translating...we'll be taking up the second half of the katakana tomorrow. I can't wait! biggrin.gif
*sneaks in*
What are you looking at? I was here the whole time ^^;

Wow, so many new people, I feel kinda new right now happy.gif
So, for those of you who have no ff-ing idea who I am: Hi *waves* I'm Keoni, Royai-fan, Roy-fangirl and part of the old-people-crew *nudges Liz*
Nice to meet you all!

And I missed Royai Day sad.gif I actually did draw something for Royai Day... I hope nobody minds I post it now?

Click to view attachment
I figured they would find Royai Day a bit.. confronting laugh.gif
@Keoni - OMG!! *glomps Keoni!!* Nice to see you!!!
That Royai Day fanart is awesome!! Lol on Roy's shy pose!! I love it!!! biggrin.gif
Actually, MeLRizA just dropped off her Royai Day fanart the other day, and I'm still compiling the 2007 Royai Day Album (keep editing because more stuff are still coming in.... ^^)
If it's ok with you, I would love to include that in this year's Royai Day Album!! happy.gif
(If you like, please post it on 2007 Royai Day Fanart Flood thread also!! ^^ )
Amethyst Sunset
Keoni - *waves* Hi, I don't believe we've met. Nice to meet you. happy.gif And, I love your artwork!
Tombow *glomp* Good to see you, too!
:lolo: Thank you! Yeah, I figured poor Roy would feel like that after reading all those fics laugh.gif

Nice to meet you, too Amethyst Sunset happy.gif Thank you! That makes me really happy biggrin.gif
Nice to meet you, Keoni! happy.gif That drawing is awesome. So cute! biggrin.gif

Chapter 73 is so close! It's coming. I can feel it... xD
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