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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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HOOOORAY! Today's the 11th of June... meeeeaaaning....

Triss Hawkeye
Happy Royai Day everyone!! This was originally meant to be for Valerie's contest but I didn't have the time. If anyone wants to colour it, please feel free! ^^

I call it 'Not Entirely Useless In The Rain...' laugh.gif
@Triss Hawkeye - That is so sweet!! I love the drawing!! Thank you!!!

@ika07 - OMG!!! The spoiler!!!! KYAAA indeed!!!
Thank you for bringng it here!! ^^

@Valérie - Nice to see you!! Happy Royai day!!!
Thank you for beinging the winners!!
I'll post that on 2007 Royai Day Fanart thread, and include their creations in The Album!! ^^

@Princess Blade - Happy Royai Day!!! Wow, chibi viki fanart!! Thyank you!!! ^^
And, I really don't know why the Royai Day is on June 11... so far nobody knows, except that Japanese fan just started it on June 11. biggrin.gif

@paca - Thank you for those!!! They are lovely!!!
Yap, I'm waitinfg for the chapter 72!!!

@Menelvir - I'm a huge fan of Phantom of the Opera!!! Yes, I totally agree!! happy.gif

@LIz - Thank you so much for the compilation of Royaiesq lyrics!!!
I'm enjoying it very much!!! happy.gif

@Amalthea - I agree with you about Royai being truly relatable real adult couple!!
Another reason I really like Royai!! happy.gif

I know couple of members had contacted me and told me that their fanarts are coming also..

(Yes, MeL's Royai Day fanart is coming, too!! But, she is in the middle of exam right now... )

We still wait for those, but meantime, it has been an awesome Royai Day this year!!
Thanks everyone!!! happy.gif
Man, you guys are like so awesome at fanart. I wish i was, but im not what you call an artist... not at all. I cant draw to save my life... it's sad... )=
I missed it all... T.T

*plays sad song*

Looks like my banner will be saved up for next year...
*pats on back* Its ok...
N.C. StormEye
...Aww! I missed Royai day! I was in Tagaytay with my SUPER-PLAYLIST Royai day songs.

Anyway, thanks for the well-wishers to my insecurity complex...What happened? Who happened? Can someone summarize this years Royai goodies??

And for all Filipinos. Calling ALL Filipinos. There's a shop next to Penshoppe in Glorietta sporting a T-shirt for all FMA Roy fangirls. "Colonel b*tch" Say it in style! Also, don't forget to pick up some Flame gloves from COMIC ALLEY to complete your look. After all, it's getting chilly over here!!

BTW, School starts tomorrow...*sigh*
Happy Royai Day Everybody ^^
I didn't make this (perhaps teh creator has an account here?), but this is a really cool RoyxRiza AMV!! ^^

Happy Royai Day, everyone!!
@ Amalthea Thank you for posting that AMV! I had been wanting to have one for our Royai Day and this one has to be one of the best ones I've seen!

@ Amethyst Sunset OMG!!!!! I love, LOVE your fanfict. Please don't stop writing it! It's so well done I want to know how it will end. Flippin' amazing! I had to read the whole before I went to bed and all I could do was wait for flames to appear as a laid in bed! You're brillant!

@ Kenji and Stormie Don't worry if you've missed Royai Day! Think that everyday is Royai Day! So please, Kenji post what you have completed for us, and Stormie keep up w/ your stories. It's so wonderful to see everyone's creativity coming out on a regular basis!

Okay, I'm getting my scanner ready so that I can get my fan design up. I'll post it on DA and have the link on the Royai Day Fanworks threads. So Tombow-dono, don't close that thread yet!

Menelvir - Just finished reading your fic, good job!! Finally their much anticipated wedding XD And don't worry, I love your detailed description happy.gif

Tombow - Awesome haiku, yup, you managed to slip it before Royai Day ended in Japan time biggrin.gif

Triss Hawkeye - Oh nice fanart!! Yup, Roy isn't that entirely useless in the rain, he could be of some use too tongue.gif

Kenji - Oh, don't worry, it's alright, we know you're busy with school *gasp* My classes starts tomorrow XD You could post it when you finish, even after Royai Day happy.gif

Stormie - They're selling Roy T-shirts?? Really? Aw. Too bad I live far far away from Glorietta, though when classes starts tomorrow, I could probably stop by Glorietta before going home XD And Comic Alley has now Roy'g Gloves? Wow, I haven't dropped by Comic Alley lately, I just have to have one biggrin.gif

Amalthea - Wow, cool RoyxRiza AMV!!

CodenameElizabeth - Nice compilation of Royai songs! I love them all, especially At The Beginning happy.gif Woah! There's OPM in there! Cool! The OPM domination isn't over XD

ika07 - aiiyyaa!! Awesome spoiler!! Maybe Arakawa-sensei does know about Royai Day happy.gif
Hey Everyone! I have the link to my fan template up at the Fanworks thread. Find it here!

I would love to see what everyone does w/ it. It's fairly simple but I love it and hopefully you all too! Should anybody do a color rendering, please post it or take a pic of it.

So here in Spfld, OR, USA...the Royai Love Train leaves the station at 11:59:59 PM PDT. Which is about three hours away! Sad sad.gif But there is always the next holiday. Which...

Our next theme, for the summer, should be....

WATERMELONS!!! Or perhaps fireworks due to the fast approaching American holiday of Independence Day. Which would be great to get in as many ficts or pics about our illustrious couple involving said latter theme.

If anyone objects, please say so!

Okay, time to do some laundry. i'd been putting it off cuz i wanted to finish my kimono ohmy.gif
Wow, many posts while I was gone!! ^^

@Kenji - Welcome back!! Yap, we had a good time!! ^^
And, we can use your banner for the next year (just change the year)!! happy.gif

@SsleepyAlly - OMG!!! Nice to see you!!! *hug*!!!! I missed you!!!
You got to stop by more often!!! ^^

@Stormie - We have too many Royai goodies for me to summarize!! happy.gif
You can read the past several pagest!! They are full of Royai goodness!! ^^

@Amalthea - Cool Royai AMV!!! Thank you for bringing it here!!!

@Starrieidgirl - That's a cool design template!! ^^
And, that's a nice summer theme!! Yeah, watermelons!! biggrin.gif
Starrie - lol. Watermelons laugh.gif

Anyway, lookie, I've played with your Roy template a bit XD I really don't know what to do with it, so here, more pink tongue.gif
Starrie's Roy Template colored by me XD
It's not really good, I just kept it simple biggrin.gif
@Zachelle - That's cute!! I love that!! biggrin.gif

Guess what?? Chapter 72!!!! With a ROYAI moment!!!!!!

Use this or Megaupload: Use this for Raw download
(Courtesy of Animeoldtimer on Chapter 72 Raw thread in FMA manag forum!!)
Tombow - Thanks!! happy.gif

Chapter 72 already? ZOMG!
Now I really wish I knew Japanese
*downloads RAW*
@ Zachelle Thank you soooo much! It's amazing! I have no computer graphic skills, so I bow down in your magnificence! Hopefully your inspire others to play around w/ the template. And yes, watermelons are funny. I envision Ed or Armstrong pounding one into bits w/ their fists. laugh.gif

@ Tombow-dono I'm happy that you like the theme. I'll keep dropping it into the thread from time to time to see if there are any takers. And thank you, hopefully you too will play around w/ the design as well. It'd be really awesome if everyone did.

Chapter 72 in the raw is downloading!!! Yay!
Princess Blade
After having just read the chapter (if skimming counts), I'd have to say: ZOMG.

Seriously, only to those of you who are okay with spoilers or to those of you who want to have a translation of the Royai moment, check the Royai Livejournal community's most recent post (Subject title: FMA 72). Someone (a first year Japanese student) posted a rough translation. smile.gif

*is dead from happiness*

Starrie - Yay! I'm glad that you liked it tongue.gif I sure hope that would be even the tiniest bit of inspiration for others with finer skills than little ol' me XD lol. *imagines Armstrong pounding open watermelons after showcasingly flexing his muscles* tongue.gif

Princess Blade - wee~! I'll go take a peek at LJ, skimming just isn't enough XD
Amethyst Sunset
I can't believe that just because I slept early yesterday and spent the entire day at college (which, by the way, was fun even though it was really hot and it was mostly orientation for us freshmen), this thread moved a whole lot. XD

First off, it was a great Royai Day (the first one I've actually participated in), and yes, I want an Edwin Day too! I agree, Chiyo! (Partly so I'll be motivated to write Edwin XD Although I'm more used to Royai...I guess I've been influenced partly by Nicholas Sparks, author of "The Notebook", who writes romance in adults, but not necessarily full of sex)

And man, the pictures. Can't get enough of the pictures, not to mention all those other random goodies. Thank you to everyone who contributed, whether by drawing or posting links or translating, it was a real hoot! Congratulations too, to the winners of Valérie's contest!

Chapter 72...darn, my Japanese lessons haven't even started! XD I'll just have to wait for the translation.

Menelvir - You read my mind! I'm also planning a Royai wedding (though with Roy as Fuhrer), and my friend and I had drafted Grumman to lead the vows! XDDDDD Great minds think alike, ne? ^^ And I loved the titles, being a big music freak and a pianist. Despite a few little typos, it was a very entertaining, beautiful read.

*makes mental note to self to watch Phantom of the Opera* I can just imagine Roy as the phantom AND the leading man... XDDDDD

Tombow - Yay, I love your haikus! happy.gif Awwww...and this one takes the cake! It's the AWWWW factor. XD

Yay, raw chapter 72 is here! But I think I'll wait for the translation...or maybe not. wink.gif

Amalthea - I agree. I've done a lot of teenage romance fics in the past, but I've gotten more compliments for what I do with Royai, and I find it easier to write about. I also love the interaction between them. Sure, Roy is...erm, immature sometimes, yeah... XDDDDD But still.

Liz - Yeah, I just realized that many of the couples I support, whether in anime or not, are teenage couples. XD I'm almost 18 and I haven't cosplayed yet...but I want to.

Great playlist! Philippine pride! *pokes OPM songs* And yay for Edwin fanart! I love how Al looks.

Paca - You never run out of pics, do you? XD

Ika07 - Must...not spoiler... ^^; Ah, what the heck! OMG! KYAAAAAA!!!

.:cookie:. - And the same to you! happy.gif Royai Day was awesome!

Triss Hawkeye - I love it! happy.gif Yup, not really useless in the rain...

Kenji - *hugs* There's always next year. And who says we can't spread the Royai lurve all year? wink.gif

Stormie - Honestly, you can't summarize this Royai Day with a single post. XD I bet I'd make the reply box explode. Hope you had fun in Tagaytay though. At least you had songs! Man, can't go to Tagaytay now...COLLEGE is here and everyone's laying the pressure on us as early as now...

Glorietta?! I'M ALWAYS THERE! *jawdrop* Okay, next to Penshoppe, got it. And seriously, they're selling ignition gloves in Comic Alley already? More reasons to go malling this weekend...not just to unwind after my first week in college

Good luck with school, and same with Zachelle! Be glad you guys aren't in my shoes. XD Oh, and I'll be finished with my entry for your contest in two chapters, at least

SsleepyAlly - And the same to you! biggrin.gif

Starrie - Thanks. happy.gif Love the fan design! Yes, we all <3 Roy. wink.gif And WATERMELONS! XD Haha, very interesting! I'd love to see what we can come up with that kind of theme.

Zachelle - Like I said, good luck with school. It was a big shock though...I came from a private, all-girls school which I've been going to practically all my life, and then I get tossed into UP, which is like, public and co-ed. XDDDDD Yikes. Thank goodness I'm still sane. XD

Maybe we could have a meet-up in Glorietta and we can all get matching T-shirts XDDDDDDD Or Comic Alley...I've been waiting for them to release gloves! ^^

Did I mention that I have zero classes on Wednesday? MWAHAHA *waits for you and Stormie to chase me with guns and torches* XD

Nice job on Starrie's fan template! Indeed, more pink XD Haha...Armstrong breaking watermelons to boast about the techniques that have been passed down for generations. XD

Princess Blade - Thanks for the heads-up! happy.gif


Phew. Since I have no classes on Wednesday, I'll hopefully be able to finish at least one chapter of Twilight. Although you might be disappointed with the ending. >_> [spoiler]But I promise a kissing scene! XD[/spoiler]
@Princess Blade - I know!! I love Arakawa sensei!!
I'm sooo convinced she knows about Royai Day!! biggrin.gif

@Zachelle - Haha, that'll be a funny Armstrong scene!! biggrin.gif
We should invent some swim suits scene for Riza also, soooo, we got to make some "water melons on the beach" scene, too!! laugh.gif

@Starrie - I will try some once I finish translating of chapter 72!! (Yeah that one comes first!! ^^)
Although, I'll like to keep the current Royai Day banner for 2007 Royai Day contributions only because I'm using that thread for making this year's 2007 Royai Day Album, so if you get non-Royai Day stuff later, then please post that here, and we'll have some fun here!! biggrin.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Glad the first day of your college went well!!
Yap, that was an awesome Royai Day!! I had a great time!! happy.gif

I have to take care of chapter 72 translation/summary first, but after that I'll work on compiling this year's 2007 Royai Day Album!! ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - Thanks! biggrin.gif And I had a great time too! Thanks so much for translating and compiling the Royai goodies! happy.gif
ohmy.gif Woah! Long post *points up to Amethyst Sunset's post * XD

Amethyst Sunset - lol. Thanks! happy.gif Yes, pink is power tongue.gif Glad to hear you had a fun first day at college -and not just any college, it's the University of the Philippines which you must be super brilliant to study there- now it's my turn and Stormie too!! Have to sleep early, which I'm taking would be next to impossible due to the fact that I woke up at around 11am today XD What? No classes on Wednesday, woah lucky you *runs and grabs torches tongue.gif*

Meeting up at Glorietta and getting Roy shirts, what could be more fun than that XD though the Mall of Asia would be nearer my school Oh, have to finish reading Twilight before schedule gets hectic!! Who could possibly be disappointed with your fics?? XD[spoiler]yay! A kissing scene!! XD[/spoiler] I've read lots of Nicholas Sparks novels to name: A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, The Wedding, The Guradian, Bend in the Road, Nights in Rodante(sp?)-wow, I've just noticed I read lots of Sparks' books mellow.gif

I so want the translation to Chapter 72 now, I'm dying to know what these scenes mean >.<

Woah, you guys have already posted when I was typing tongue.gif

Tombow - lol. yeah! Of course Riza can't be left behind tongue.gif Will I also include the thing I did with Starrie's Roy template in the Royai banner thread? You sure have a busy schedule now happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - Couldn't help it...I got home real tired, but hey, it was fun. XD *runs away from torches* Good luck to both of you. BETTER GO TO BED NOW MWAHAHA XD

I wish I was close to MoA...that's like WHOA FAR from where I live...

Nicholas Sparks was one of my inspirations to take up romance writing. ^^; The Notebook is my favorite among his novels I've read so far. Close in second is A Bend in the Road.

Me too, I want the translation already! XD

And thanks for the support...*opens MS Word* Then I might decide to work on a wedding fic as well...
Amethyst Sunset - Yup!! Those two were great!! Love them both too happy.gif I just wish I could go to sleep, not feeling sleepy even the tiniest bit XD haha, wait for the translations for now, then later, thanks to your Japanese class, you can do it even without translations XD Wee~ another wedding fic XD

Now my mom is trying to get me out of the computer and sleep, as if I could sleep this early XD

The Royai in this chapter is just.. just..


You guys should know that I downloaded a karaoke version of "Only Reminds me of You" last night... O.o

(The song just happens to be RIGHT in my vocal range. Heh...)

I need to ZOMGFTA to put up a d/l link for 72 RAW.
I can never get Sendspace or Megaupload to work for some reason...
Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - Hopefully I'll be able to understand even bits of the raw scans. Good night. happy.gif

Yeah, the Royai just makes me want to faint happily with a big fat smile on my face. XD

Liz - Yesssss, our plans to dominate the music scene are working. XD Which reminds me - *digs through MP3s for a good song...or two*
Congratulations to the winners of Valeries contest!

@Tombow: Would you like me to do the scanlations of those comics?

@SsleepyAlly: Hi!!! *waves*

@ika07:Where did you find that page? I was refreshing once and again the gangan net page without luck sad.gif

@Liz:Can't you dl with sendspace or megaupload? O.o You are missing a so good chapter!!!!

@Princess Blade:Don't know hoew it started (it started in japan) But I think Arakawa maybe knows about it rolleyes.gif - Nice pic there!

A roughly translation of the first pages of chapter 72 (by my sister) :

[spoiler]Page 1

Riza: Because I see him from the shadow anytime, don't I?

Page 2

Riza: It's all right, all right

Riza:.... yes

Page 3

Roy: asks if the flowers have arrived.

Riza: answers that they haven't arrived.(...)

Last panel> phone> Roy: Why?

Page 4

Roy: Something happens?

Riza: No, nothing.

Roy: So? Really?

Riza: Regardless, it's not. Hai (O.k.) (...) -she start talking about the flowers again (I think it says something about no-vase. Then she says something about the voice he applies... and the she says "Thank you. Taisa"

Page 5

Riza: says something like "What he was thinking? Phoning at such hour for something like that "

Roy: ...

Chapter 72 "A negative chain, the correct stone"(nearly something like that)
Amethyst Sunset
Paca - Awww, tell your sister thanks. happy.gif sleepy. Must work on fanfic tomorrow...
I just saw the raw.

eh hem.. well, anyways the translations are up on the fma manga section of the forum. So feel free to check it out, everyone! ^^
(It's sooo sweet)

@paca: I found the spoiler at the zomgfta forums. Someone there posted it. Though I can't remember who it was. When I first saw it,I out. XD
Amethyst Sunset
Thanks for the heads-up, ika07! happy.gif

Now I REALLY have to go to bed. ^^ [spoiler]Roy wants to give Riza flowers...*sings* XD I know he's got other reasons for having a lot of flowers, but yeah...[/spoiler]
*sobs* OMG I've missed so much, and I missed Royai day, and I missed greeting the new people, and chatting with the rest of you! Luckily, I didn't miss the RAW coming out. Since the blacking out thingy never works for me, I'll simply say this:


I've just been soooooooooo busy lately it's not funny. Bella and Eddie have just been amazing me every time I come home from work. I have the most exciting news ever: They are now walking and talking! And my camera is broken so I can't get any pictures of it! sad.gif

But it is so adorable how they say "Momma" and "Ganma" which roughly translates to "grandma" lol. And now that they're walking about with their fast little legs, I'm finding out more and more that permanent marker does not wash off walls or baby skin easily happy.gif;;

But enough of my baby cuteness, Someone tell me what I've missed. I missed you guys so much! I've been thinking about you all a lot lately.
Princess Blade
*GLOMP* Hi there!! Glad to hear you're doing well, and that your beautiful twins are also doing well!!

Thank goodness for Chapter 72; Arakawa-sensei really delivered for us Royai fans. XD

So happy to see you here again! *hugs*
Amethyst Sunset
SRH - Yay! happy.gif It's great to hear from you, and awwww, glad to hear that you and your twins are doing fine - more than fine, actually. XD At least you didn't miss chapter 72. wink.gif And we'll always have another Royai Day next year!
Oh wow, thanks so much Valerie!

Would've been nice to have some competition... xD

Happy belated Royai day, everybody! <3
@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Nice to see you!!! *hugs!!*
Sorry you mised the Royai Day!!! I was thinking about you on Royai Day!!
But, glad to know your lovely twin are doing very well!! Wow, hey are now walking and talking??!! Awesome!! ^^ We had lots of Royai goodness... pics, fanafics, comics, fanarts, banners and posters and lot more!! They are all on past dozen or so pages, I think.. ^^ We'll also compile 2007 Royai Day Album shortly, so that anyone who missed the Royai Day can check it out later!! ^^
I know you're extremely busy, but I'm so glad you could stop by!!! Hope to see your post again soon!! happy.gif

@Paca - Yes, please do the scanlations!! ^^ Thank you!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - A [spoiler]kiss scene[/spoiler]!! YES!! biggrin.gif

@ika07 - Thanks for the heads up for the chapter 72 translation!! Yap, I'm working on the page by page summary/translation thingy now also. ^^

@Princess Blade - I know! And that Roya and Riza phone scene is like, totally fan-service for Royai Day!! (And I'm loving it!! laugh.gif )

@Zachelle - It's up to you and Starrie.. If she would like to contribute the template as her fanwork contribution for 2007 Royai Day Fanworks, then it's variations will be posted on the 2007 Royai Day Fanwork Flood thread. We can hold the Flood threads open for additional contributions through this weekend, then any stuff made after that would be posted here?? unsure.gif

@SMtofu - Congratulations for winning the Royai Day Fanart contest!! biggrin.gif
(I knew it for a while, but I was waiting for Valerie to post the results. ^^)
Later on, I will post all the contest winning fanarts, and they will be included as the contest winning fanarts in this year's 2007 Royai Day Album. ^^
From I know, I think there were three more people who were going to enter, but since the Royai Day was June 11 but the contest closed fairly early, by May 31, those people missed the deadlines, thus could not be included...
Regardless, your mini doujin was very nicely done, and deserve the top prize IMO!! ^^

Also, congratulations damagexxx and AnImE-lOvEr-FMA for winning the first and the second place in 16 years old and under category!!

I will post all the winning entries later!! ^^
N.C. StormEye
Hi. Yeah...sorry I went bye for awhile. School started today, and I'm beat. Can someone like update me and stuff...and if the pages fly by, PM me the link so I can read? Too lazy to too sick to care. *sobs*
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(N.C. StormEye @ Jun 13 2007, 04:16 PM) [snapback]551994[/snapback]
Hi. Yeah...sorry I went bye for awhile. School started today, and I'm beat. Can someone like update me and stuff...and if the pages fly by, PM me the link so I can read? Too lazy to too sick to care. *sobs*

So, how was it? XD And my classes tomorrow start at 10 AM tomorrow...

Eh, not much happened, really...just that we're proposing a summer theme next (with watermelons XD But of course, it won't be summer for us anymore), people have got last-minute Royai goodies, and in my fic [spoiler]I will indeed be plugging in a kiss scene. Sorry to all those who were praying hard and long for Roy to turn Riza into a vampire XD[/spoiler]

Popped by Comic Alley in Megamall this morning after having 1x1 pictures taken (For college purposes). No gloves in this CA, but I can't wait for Toycon '07!
Stormie! What has school done to you!! *hugs* What lessons did you guys have today? Or was it just orientation and stuff?

Congratulations to all the Fanart Contest winners! Haven't seen the winning entries yet, but I'm sure they're wonderful. I can't draw to save my life...
I was at Camp Ehi-Passiko at that time... campfire night... T_T
i can't believe that i had missed it...
@Stormie - Glad to see you back!! ^^

@Jo21 - Nice to see you!! Well, happy belated Royai Day to you!! biggrin.gif
Yeah, we had the celebration this weekend, through June 11, and we had a blast!! We had tons of pics and nice fanfics and comics and we made lots of banners, and stuff like that!! ^^
Paca is going to scanlate the translations I made for the comics, so you can see that in a while, and the fanarts and fanfics and fanworks will be all compiled into 2007 Royai Day Album later, so you can check it out later!! ^^ (You got to stop by more often!! happy.gif)
Amethyst Sunset
Jo21 - Hey, and don't worry, there'll be another Royai Day next year! happy.gif

Tombow - Yay for album compilation! Thanks, you rock. ^^

And on another note...maaaaaan, it's so hard to type the next chapter of Twilight. sleep.gif;;; I can't finish it today...might as well do it tomorrow...
Amethyst Sunset - hah! I have no classes on Fridays XD And my classes start at 9am XD Though on Saturdays, I have half day class >.< Whew, just got home from my first day at college. I'm dead tired, I'm not used to going different rooms per class >.< Though it's really annoying that on first day, my Psychology professor already assigned reports!! And it's due on Monday, take note: It's a Powerpoint presentation!! And I have no books yet. Bleh. Though it is a good excuse to go online XD

Wee~! You're going to the Toycon in Megamall?? I'm going too!! Maybe we could meet there!! happy.gif Unless something bad happens like extended classes on Saturday and some get-a-way on Sunday tongue.gif

Stormie - Aww. *hugs*

Tombow - Ah!! Then let's see what Starrie thinks, and also if someone would also do another variation of it happy.gif

Congrats to the winners of Valerie's contest!

Oh yeah, has ZOMGFTA released their scanlations yet?
@Zachelle - If I get some time then I'll try making some with Starrie's Roy fan design. biggrin.gif

Done page by page summary/translation for all 44 pages of chapter 72.
They are on first post of this thread. Whew, this was a big/long chapter!! biggrin.gif

I noticed that the quick (non-ZOMGFT) translations being posted there contain some inaccuracies this month. (BTW, the last month's their quick translations were full of inaccuracies...>.< Although, the month before was excellent.) I'm quite positive my version is correct... and hence I'm expecting mine should be closer to the ZOMGFT version as well, which, I assume/hope they are working on as we speak. I know the quick-translation version of scanlation is out there already, but my recommendation for this month is to wait for ZOMGFT version of the scanlations.
N.C. StormEye
Hey. I'll be on hiatus for awhile. School is literally killing me by piling on the work as my immune resistance lowers. Bastards.

*sobs* I am too tired. It's only day two and already we're being scared ....less.

Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - No classes on Saturdays either for me. Yikes, homework already? Our teacher in Social Science just told us to bring an index card and a 1x1 recent pic, and that's pretty much the only homework we've got so far.

Heck, depends on which day you're going to Toycon '07. ^^ I don't know if we'll be going on Saturday, or Sunday.

And I just got an application form for UP AME (UP Anime/Manga Enthusiasts)! They quickly saw from my Roy button pin that I'm a big FMA fan. XD

Tombow - Awesome, thanks so much! happy.gif

Stormie - *hugs* Mean school. Hope you're all right.

I'm going to watch FMA episode 51 today. ROYAI-NESS ABOUNDS. I want to master Chopin's Etude in E Major, Op. 10, No. 3...for reasons that are best kept under wraps lest I give out spoilers. XD
QUOTE(Zachelle @ Jun 12 2007, 10:58 AM) [snapback]551617[/snapback]
Kenji - Oh, don't worry, it's alright, we know you're busy with school *gasp* My classes starts tomorrow XD You could post it when you finish, even after Royai Day happy.gif

It's not the school factor... it's the technology factor... T.T
Tombow - Yes!! You should do a variation of Starrie's banner too!! happy.gif Oh, I see. Then I'll wait for ZOMGFT's scanlations, as I have always had happy.gif Though I would skim the page translation thread, I'm dying to know what happens! Wow, that must be tiring, excellent job!!

Amethyst Sunset - Aww, your schedule's unfair XD That was the only homework though, but still, it's pretty rushed. And what's weird is we haven't had the orientation yet blink.gif And they say next Friday is the freshmen orientation, which means we have to go to school on our supposedly rest day >.<

I'm not sure when I'm going either XD It all depends on the mood of my brother, whose going with me happy.gif Oh!! Nice!! I don't think my college has an Anime/Manga club, maybe I should go ahead and start the club tongue.gif

Kenji - Technology Factor? Why? Your computer is busted? Or something like that?
Amethyst Sunset
Kenji - *hugs* Good luck with technology - it's not perfect, but I bet it's doing the best it can. wink.gif *lame attempt to cheer you up*

Zachelle - We've had A LOT of orientations. XDDDD We even have one college-specific orientation, which was just awhile ago. Good luck with your homework...I bet we'll get some tomorrow. XD

Seriously, I was also rather surprised to hear that UP had its own anime/manga club. And we even have an orientation next month!


Aw, man, I have to go to bed. T_T Looks like I'll just post the next chapter of Twilight tomorrow, when I return from school. The good news is, my dismissal tomorrow is at 1 PM. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Zachelle @ Jun 14 2007, 09:19 PM) [snapback]552293[/snapback]
Kenji - Technology Factor? Why? Your computer is busted? Or something like that?

Yeah. My motherboard is spoilt, together with it's processor.
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