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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Amethyst Sunset

Ah, but Stormie, you rock MY socks off. And I wouldn't be writing Twilight if it weren't for your contest No, wait, make that slippers. I'm not wearing socks right now either. And your poster also rocks my socks off. BIIIIIIG poster. XD Yikes.

Menelvir - I pity Roy and his ego right now, but yeah, seriously, once he hooks up with Riza, he won't be able to steal girlfriends from Havoc and everyone else. XDDDDD Keep going!
@Stormie - Are you kidding!?? I love reading your Royai fanfics!! (I want more!! ^^)
You're a terrific writer!! Thanks for the awesome jobs!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - I love that you're including good old Grumman!!
And, Winry makes appearance!! I can't wait to hear Hughes's story!!! happy.gif
Stormie - Oh sorry!! I didn't mean it like that way, what I mean for that is Amethyst is on a roll these past few days(that Twilightz must've missed), with her 5 chapters of Twilight. But you yourself is an awesome writer!! I love your fanfic entirely happy.gif

Amethyst Sunset - woah! Chapter 5, yay! *goes to read on* will read first and comment later, biggrin.gif

Oh!! I love it Amethyst, even though you said it was rushed happy.gif And love the whole fountain scene! Such Royai sweetness!!
I'm away, like, two hours and there's more chapters coming. I'm left behind. Dx * starts reading*
Sorry about that, Stormie! Your fanfic is good too! You and Amethyst Sunset can both be my worshipful masters! wink.gif And besides, no fanfic/fanart are bad fanfics/fanart, not on this board, and especially not when it concerns Royai.

YAYNESS! Chapter 5!! *runs off to read it*
It is the start of Royai Weekend, right? XD Anyway!! Happy Royai Weekend!! happy.gif

And here, another attempt at a Royai banner, though this one's a little rushed XD

mmmm.. Cake XD Yes I like doing banners/posters with at least one in chibi form XD
Ah finally! Some sort of lifeform! This forum's been rather quiet for the past two hours or so!

Nice banner Zachelle!! Riza's baking! How sweet! And it looks like Black Hayate wants a slice of cake. Mmm... Cake... Give me cake... *drool*

Yes, happy Royai weekend!

As promised, the finale of my 3-part Royai fanfic:
Part 1 can be found here:
Part 2 can be found here:

Please review, and point out any mistakes, especially in spelling or the military ranks. =p

Spread the Royai! It's Royai weekend!
OMG that banner WINS! laugh.gif

The "Winry/Riza bake-off" is one of my favorite peices of official art that is anime-style. Mostly because I'm obsessed with baking.

And I AM planning on making one of my friends (the guy grabbin' my ass in my sig...) a "Roy cake" for our photoshoot in September. Just because it will make him LOL. I'm thinking red velvet cake (LOL FIRE!) with buttercream and chocotale icing, and cocoa powder... Mmmmmm... cake! I am SO baking when I get home from work!
@Zachelle - I LUUUV that poster!!! Totally awesome!! laugh.gif

@Liz - Mmmm, Royai cake!! Sounds doubly delicious!! happy.gif

@Menelvir - Oh, the part 3!!! My connection is not cooperating loading up the page, but I'll keep trying!! ^^

Yes, our Royai Day Weekend is officially here!!! happy.gif

My Net connection dropped out this morning, and even now I'm having trouble loading up some pages, but I will try my best to stay on. ^^

And, this is another one of my fav Royai pic... tho, I don't know the artist, so this is another one of "for your eye only"... ^^ hope it will get through..

ETA: Whew, it got through!! I'll post more stuff later when my Net connection improves... usually it improves late at night when Net traffics are less busy. ^^
Thanks everyone!! I just love that pic, Riza and Winry baking XD

Menelvir - Oh!! Part 3!! I'll go off and read first, 'kay? XD (for spelling, I think you spelled "Hughes" - 'Huges') Well, that's all I could remember for now tongue.gif

CodenameElizabeth - That cake idea would be so great!! mmm, Royai cake!! XD

Tombow - You should sue your net provider now dropping your connection on Royai weekend XD And oh!! I love that picture!! Love it love it love it!! And Black Hayate's there too!! Aww.. Royai sweetness!! wub.gif
@Zachelle - Gahaha, that's what I get for using discount Net connection. tongue.gif
I think my connection is slowly improving for now. ^^

Another Royai comic that was previously posted. (This one doen by Nyu.)^^
"When Roy met Riza"

Tombow - lol! I love that comic strip!! The reactions are sooo Riza and Roy and what comes to my mind was the reactions of Roy in Chibi Party OVA XD
And I can't believe I forgot to mention it...
I just LOVE your new avie!! Oh so cute!!
tongue.gif A new revelation, Tombow's a cheapskate. haha, just kidding with ya! XD Glad that you're connection's improving!!


Menelvir - oh!! I just finished part 3!! Sweetness!! But this just got to be my favorite:
It was amazing how many short jokes one could come up with in ten minutes.

tongue.gif Poor Ed XD
Good job writing the fic!! I love it! Write some more!! happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - Awesome banner! I love that scene where Winry and Riza are baking cakes for two very sexy alchemists XDDDD While they playfully try to outdo each other in baking, Roy and Ed are all-out in a battle of wits and alchemy. XD

Menelvir - Roy is so manipulative. XD I love how it ended. Great job!

Liz - I can't bake to save my life. ^^; It's great that you're baking a cake for Royai Day!

Tombow - Mean ol' connection. D= At least you can still pop by and it's improving. happy.gif Love the pics!

HAPPY ROYAI WEEKEND, EVERYONE! Aw man, three days to college. XD And I shall spend the weekend not only making last minute preparations for my very first day in college (like a map so I don't get lost in the big fat univ) but finishing off Twilight. I'm glad you guys like it so far. ^^
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Nice to see your post here!! WELCOME to the Royai thread!! happy.gif
That is a beautiful Royai wallpaper!! It's so Royai!! I love it!! Thank you!! ^^
Please post it on 2007 Royai Day Banners/ Posters / And Other Royai Fanworks Flood! thread also!!
And, it will be included in this year's 2007 Royai Day Album later!! Thanks again!! happy.gif
~*Tombow: Thank you very much happy.gif!! Your quite welcome, and I posted it there now. It will be cool to have it there biggrin.gif!!
~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Awesome Royai Day banner!!

~*Zachelle: Thanks biggrin.gif!!
~Edward~Elric~Fan~, nice!! Sort of reminds me of one of the Royai fics I read (from last year's album, if I'm not wrong!) And there's a significant meaning for Roy because if his gloves get wet in the rain, he can't use his alchemy.
~*Menelvir: Thanks, oh thats sounds cool happy.gif. I just thought it looked cool with a blue mixed into it wink.gif.
Tombow and ~Edward~Elric~Fan - Love your Royai Day posters!

~*Amethyst Sunset: Thank you!!
At all of the people that made Royai stuff, keep up the great work!! Its all so lovely, and cute happy.gif!! Very creative too.
Oh bother! I don't know if I'll have time to read everyone's ficts and have my kimono finished?!?! But either way, I'll have a pic up of me wearing it in some fashion.

Keep up the great work and love, I'll be on the day after tomorrow and Monday night. Now I'll go work on some Royai art....


Aren't they cute tongue.gif.
Amethyst Sunset
Starrie - I can't wait to see the kimono, and your fanart as well! happy.gif

~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Awwww, they're so cute! *huggles them*

And on a random, somewhat related note, I decided to change my avatar for the occasion. XD
Amethyst Sunset - thanks! love the new avvie!! maybe I should change too, but I'm still drooling over HikaruxHaruhi XD Yeah, we only have a few days left this we get hauled back to school biggrin.gif

Starrie - Aww!! Can't wait to see your kimono!! Woo!! More Royai fanart!!

~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Oww!! So cute!! *cuddles them tightly*
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Thank you!! Nice to see you here!! happy.gif
And, OMG, that Royai chibis are sooo cute!!

@Starrie - Nice to see you!! happy.gif
I know, we got a wonderful collection of Royai fanfics!! They are great!! ^^
Can't wait to see your Royai art and the Kimono pic!!

@Amethyst Sunset - Happy Royai Day Weekend!!! happy.gif
IYes, please keep working on Twilight!! I love the story!!! And, g;ad you like the pic!! happy.gif
Nice avatar for the occasion!!! ^^

@Zachelle - Glad you like the comic!! More is coming during this weekend!! biggrin.gif
And, thanks, the avatar is just for the Royai Day Weekend. ^^ Yeah, they look cute together!! ^^

More of my fav Royai pic.. also for your eyes only, tho it looks like by Tomo. ^^
This is a drawing that my brothers friends, friend [Kaido-Koi] made. Please give any, and all credit to her happy.gif!
~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Awwww, they're so cute! *huggles them*
~*Amethyst Sunset: Yeah I know, I just want to hug them so bad tongue.gif. Thanks!!
~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Oww!! So cute!! *cuddles them tightly*

~*Zachelle: Thanks!! I love the flowers they are holding biggrin.gif.
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Thank you!! Nice to see you here!! happy.gif
And, OMG, that Royai chibis are sooo cute!!

~*Tombow: Why thanks happy.gif! I know, aren't they tongue.gif. Oh, and great pic of Roy, and Riza!!
Please give Kaido-Koi credit on this too, thanks!
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Wow... those Royai drawings are soooo good!!
The first one is simply amazing!! I want to put it in a frame and hang on my wall!!
And, the Chibi Roy and Riza drawing is sooo cute!!
Your brother is amazing!! Thank you!!! happy.gif
~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - lol. I love your brother's drawings!! The first one was just 'woah! amazing!' and the second one, was so cute!! Oh watch out Roy, from what I see, Riza's hand curled to a fist, just a bit more and it will make contact with your face XD And love your Royai avie! happy.gif

Tombow - Oh! I know what you mean!! Something like that on my wall would be the greatest!

Here, a fanart a found way back, can't remember where tongue.gif
@Zachelle - That's a nice Royai fanart!! I like it very much!! happy.gif
And, I know what you mean about the chibi Roy & Riza drawing from ~Edward~Elric~Fan~'s brother!!Each Roy's and Riza's poses and expressions are priceless!! ^^

@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Love your "occasional" Royai avatar!! Lovely!! happy.gif

Ok, here is my Royai Day Haiku for today.
Setting: FMA "Shambara" movie.
Riza is in Central, while demoted Roy is guarding the remote post.
Riza sees the migrating ducks in a formation in the sky, and ponder...

渡り鴨 (わたりがも= watari.gamo) 綴れし (つづれし=tsuzure.shi) 想い(おもい=omoi) 運ぺしや(はこぺしや=hakobeshiya)

Oh migrating ducks who are heading back, just as you're lining up one after another in the sky, I have these thoughts one after another in my mind (about him.) Would you take the letters I wrote with all my thoughts to him with you??

(And, in the tradition of "kakekotoba," hakobe means "carry," but also implying another Japanese word hakobe=burden, invoking the thought for "burden [of guilt??]" Roy is [assumed to be] imposing on himself. ^^)
@ Amethyst_Sunset, Zachelle, and Tombow-dono Thank you! I can't wait to have it done too! Just a bit a go I was practicing some "Riza-esque" poses in my kimono, and some non-Riza-esque ones as well biggrin.gif

At the moment I'm drafting an image for ppl to use to make their own fan. It's on the cheesy side, but I think it's cute! I'll scan it Sunday night and have it up on my DA acct for all to download, color, and fold into fans. It'll be my gift you all. of course I'll do one to use w/ the kimono

Keep up the posting! 1000 pgs is just the much closer!

OT: I downloaded FireFox, now i can reply to posts like most ppl! yay!
Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - It's TamakiXHaruhi for me, but that episode was cute. XD

Tombow - Love the haiku! =D Great job!

Starrie - Can't wait for pictures. And yay, join the Firefox users! XDDD And yeah, 1000 pages is getting really close...

Great fanart, everyone! I love them all. They're all so cute! happy.gif And the fact that they're all Royai makes them even better.
@Amethyst Sunset - Thanks!! ^^ Came out all right as my first Royai Japanese Haiku. biggrin.gif
I'll post one Royai Haiku each day during the Royai Day Weekend. ^^

@Starrie - Can't wait to see your Rizaesq poses in kimono!!
And, the image you drafted for the fan!! happy.gif
And, yap, FireFox is love!! ^^

@Zachelle - Love your Chibi Royai avatar!! happy.gif
Tombow - Oh I love your Japanese Haiku!! Very good! Make some more happy.gif And thanks!! I just did that now, seeing everyone changed avatars in honor of Royai Weekend, I thought I should too. tongue.gif Though I dunno why it wont load completely, it's cut off at the bottom, and when I tried to upload again, it stopped mellow.gif I'll try linking it to photobucket.

Starrie - Yay Riza-esque and non-Riza-esque pictures!! XD Yeah, firefox really is the way to go! happy.gif

Amethyst Sunset - I'm torn between the two pairings, but I'm more on TamakixHaruhi so Hikaru can be all mine XD

Wow, this thread is moving fast!! I can really feel the hype of Royai weekend!!

And here, another Royai art I found somewhere a few ages ago XD
EDIT: Cropped the picture so it doesn't look, uh, weird.
@Zachelle - Thank you!! ^^ I'll post another Haiku tomorrow. ^^
And, your avatar seems ok to me. This is how is looks. Click to view attachment

And, wow, Riza in that pic is ..uh very "endowed"!! biggrin.gif
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Wow... those Royai drawings are soooo good!!
The first one is simply amazing!! I want to put it in a frame and hang on my wall!!
And, the Chibi Roy and Riza drawing is sooo cute!!
Your brother is amazing!! Thank you!!! happy.gif
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Love your "occasional" Royai avatar!! Lovely!! happy.gif

~*Tombow: Thank you so much for saying that! It made me bro feel good to know that you like it that much biggrin.gif!! Oh, and he says "your quite welcome" happy.gif! Yeah I think its pretty cute too, thanks again biggrin.gif!!
~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - lol. I love your brother's drawings!! The first one was just 'woah! amazing!' and the second one, was so cute!! Oh watch out Roy, from what I see, Riza's hand curled to a fist, just a bit more and it will make contact with your face XD And love your Royai avie! happy.gif

~*Zachelle: Thanks happy.gif!! Yeah I thought that was pretty hilarious cause it looks like she wants to punch him in the face laugh.gif. My bro has such a good personality, and if he draws anymore I will post the drawings right away biggrin.gif. Oh, and thanks again for saying ya like my avi happy.gif!!
Riza kissing Roy
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Please tell your brother that he brightened up our Royai Day Weekend!! Thank you!!! happy.gif
And, love that Riza's kiss pic!! ^^

Here is more Royai kiss pic... ^^
Tombow - From the pic that I posted before, just look at the upper half part of the pic XD The lower half part, uh, is weird XD Oh, I guess my avatar loaded okay, but in my computer it's cut off at the bottom >.< weird. Oh sweetness! Roy kissing Riza happy.gif And love the "chuu" at the background XD

~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - I agree with Tombow 100%! He really brightened up our Royai weekend with his wonderful Royai drawings!! We thank you(and him) from the bottom of our hearts for sharing his awesome drawings with us. biggrin.gif
@Zachelle - Maybe you can re-post the top half of that pic.. (ETA: It looks nice now) laugh.gif

One more pic for the day, and that's it for the first day of Royai Day weekend (Friday.)

And, appropriately for the last pic of the day, it's a Royai Wedding pic!!!

As long as my Net connection would hold I'll post more Royai pics and Royai Haiku and Royai comic later today!! ^^
(It is very early Saturday morning here. )
Tombow - Oh!! How nice!! A wedding Royai pic to end the Royai Friday Weekend biggrin.gif I wish your connection would get better happy.gif Oh yeah, I think it's almost/past 3am there? Why are you still awake? XD

And another Royai wedding picture!! Again, found somewhere biggrin.gif
@Zachelle - That's a cute and lovely Royai wedding fanart!! Nice!!
I think I'm ready to go off line... I'll see you later today!!
Had a nice fun time!! Thanks, everyone!! happy.gif
Tombow - It was definitely fun today/tonight!! Spread the Royai love biggrin.gif

Oh yeah, and I just totally love ~Edward~Elric~Fan~'s brother's Royai fanart, that I just couldn't resist making this biggrin.gif

(Artwork by ~Edward~Elric~Fan~'s brother, credit to him happy.gif )
Hope you don't mind.
I've been posting like mad today, I can totally feel the Royai love
I'm an EdxWin fan....and look at what you've reduced me to doing!
How are you¿?
^w^So many cute pics, drawings...!!
Nice hiaku Tombow!
And the drawing by Edward~Elric~Fan's 's brother is really good!! ohmy.gif
All of you ahve changed your avvi!! >____> *wants to join all* *goes to look for an avvi*

This chapter comes out on Royai Day, maybe Arakawa knows about Royai Day... xD

*goes to look for some pics* wink.gif

*comes back and edits*
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! New pics!

 (strage style O.o- in fact I think I don't like it)

Click to view attachment (comic)



(Pssss-Chiyo....Edwin pic ----> happy.gif It's cute)

Just some pics!!:D
Awesome drawings paca!
Hey all--

Dayaaam! That's one hell of a pic-dump, Paca! Too bad I need to wait until the hi-speed internets get fixed before I can surf any pic-heavy websites. Dialup sucks...

And holy dude EEF's brother is incredibly talanted. Pencil is hard to work with...

Alrighty-- it's not a banner or a fanart or anything, but my contribution for today features my friend Chris and I and our crazy drunken shenannigans in a public park last month. Same place my sig. pic was taken. Enjoy!! (I LOVE Photoshop... LOL! Photo was taken by Chris's fiancee.)

I'm also attaching my formal studio prints that my friend Bruce took at the Anime Con in April.
Woohoo! Craziness!! My eyes look SO SCARY on the first one.

I've got more cosplay photo-manipulations on the way, but I need to be heading out to dinner with da man-friend. laugh.gif
I'll be back online later tonight...
Amethyst Sunset
~Edward~Elric~Fan - Your brother really is talented. ^^

Liz - Oh, very nice photos! XD Awesome cosplay. Someday I shall cosplay as well...

Zachelle - That's all right - so long as Tamaki is with Haruhi. XD

Chiyo - Edwin is cute too! happy.gif

And to everyone...WHOA, IT'S A FANART FLOOD! XDDDD OMG, Greed's trying to hit on Riza and someone's getting into pyromaniac mode... I shall browse through every single pic later on...we're off to the mall and I just finished the 6th chapter of Twilight *braces self for pitchforks and torches*

Ahhh, don't you just feel that Royai spirit in the air? ^^
Whoa, overwhelmed by Royainess!!! biggrin.gif

@Paca - Thanks for sharing your fav Royai fanats!! I got to take time to explore them all!! ^^

@Chiyo - I luuuv your Royai Day sig!! It's beautiful!! happy.gif

@Zachelle - That's lovely and beautiful!! Very nicely done!!

@.:cookie:. - Welcome to the Royai thread!! Hope you enjoy our thread!! happy.gif

@Liz - Only you can contribute "Live Action" Royainess!! And, done it so well!! Thank you!!

@Amethyst Sunset - Whoa, 6th chapter!! Thank you!!
I'll catch up as soon as I recover from being overwhelmed by the Royainess!! ^^

My connection has been rather bad during the day today, but it's steadily improving now, so I'll try to post up my stuff just in a while!! happy.gif

Happy continuing Royai Weekend!! biggrin.gif
OMG! Picture overload!! XD

paca - so many many Royai pictures, it will take time for me to load them all XD

CodenameElizabeth - Nice one! I love that, tongue.gif live-action Royai XD

Amethyst Sunset - Wee~! 6th chapter already? Got to read them fast now!! But I'm sure it'll be brilliant like all the previous ones! happy.gif

Tombow - Thank you!! happy.gif Yay! Let the Royai madness continue!! tongue.gif lol. I told you, we should sue your net provider tongue.gif
I'm translating one of the comics Paca has just posted, but meantime....

Another one of my fav Royai pics..

Ok, I'm done translating one of the comics Paca has just posted. ^^

"Yearning for your love"

Roy: "For you, Riza-chan, I will go anywhere as required, into the forest, into the water, even into the fire!!"

Riza: "Taisa, I will go into the water in place of you, 'kay?.. ^^"

Roy: "....o...k..."


"I feel 'useless'...."


Awww... Poor Roy!! >.<

I have more comic and Royai pics and today's Haiku is coming also... ^^
Haha! That christmas comic... I remember that one...

Alright, The rest of the Cosplay Pic Dump.
("Live-Action" RoiAi... LOL!!)

This one is classic...

Sir, you're useless in the rain...
(YES. It IS a Hello Kitty umbrella. Don't ask...)

Click to view attachment

Now, for some fanart favorites:

This is my favorite RoiAi fanart EVAR.
(It's actually the background on my CellPhone.)
Click to view attachment

I even made it into a desktop wallpaper along with the lyrics to "I'll Stand By You":
Click to view attachment

And speaking of wedding pics...
Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

Had this as a desktop wallpaper for a while last summer...
Click to view attachment

AND my fave. "moment" from the anime. And I'm not even a huge FMA-anime fan...
Click to view attachment
Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - Good luck with your connection! happy.gif Yay for more Royai-ness! And good job with the translation! Poor Roy...useless in water, as always. XD That's why he has Riza! Can't wait for another haiku and more translations...

We're all overloaded with Royai-ness, but that's a very good thing! biggrin.gif

Liz - Yay, more cosplay! Well, at least the Hello kitty umbrella is blue XD And more pics. That's also one of my favorite moments in the anime...

Zachelle - Head...swelling up... XD Yeesh, two more days before I officially start the college life...
@Liz - Nice fanarts, and awesome cosplay pics!! happy.gif
Love the wallpaper you made!! That's lovely!!

@Amethyst Sunset - Thanks!! my connection is slooow tonihgt, but at least it's steady, so I think I can post stuff slowly. ^^
But yeah, we are all overloaded with Royainess!! biggrin.gif
And, best of luck with your college life!! happy.gif

More of my fav Royai pic..

And another previously posted (fan fun-subbed) omake,
Please read Right panel first, then to the Left panel. ^^

I think this one was done by one of our posters.. biggrin.gif

And, here is my Royai Japanese Haiku for today.

Setting: Episode 25. After the [spoiler]Hughes[/spoiler]' funeral, after all others have left, Roy and Riza are standing alone by the [spoiler]Hughes[/spoiler]' tombstone. Riza is standing behind Roy. On Roy's back, Riza sees the loneliness & sadness of having lost his best friend. Without turning, Roy tells Riza, "It is going to rain..." (it's sad, yet one of my favorite Royai scenes... ^^)

友去りて (とも.さりて=tomo.sarite) 立つ背の碧は(たつ.せ.の.そら.は 雨模様(あま.もよう=ama.moyou)

"His friend is gone. He is standing by the tomb, wearing sadness on his back. The blue sky. Yet, feels like it will be rain ahead."

(The Chinese letter applied to the word "sora"=sky is not the traditional one, but 碧, implying blue sky. And, as a "kakekotoba" .... 立つ (tatsu=stand) is invoking the word 発つ (tatsu=depart,) implying the departure of [spoiler]Houghes[/spoiler] from this life. ^^)
Hi all! I haven't been here for too long I forgot my login name... =x
so I've registered again just to say.. HAPPY ROYAI DAY!!!! XDDDDD
(it's past 12 here where I live XD)

I'm attaching some of my old fanarts and cosplay photos... Hope you like happy.gif

This is more like a sketch thing.. I think I drew it for one Valentine Day happy.gif of my really early go at CG.. XD BH mug for anyone? >w<

and last but not least... photos from my FIRST COSPLAY!! XD
It was actually the formal costume (seen in Hughes' funeral), but that didn't stop us from taking a few photos to indulge in royai-ness.. wink.gif
Very poetic, Tombow! Japanese is a beautiful language... *sighs* I want to learn it!!

I'm enjoying the pics!! Especially Liz's huge collection up there! I love that song "I'll stand by you"!! The pics and the wallpapers are beautifully done. Now I want to change my wallpaper... >.<

Oh, and I believe the day we've been waiting for is here!


EDIT: Didn't see you there, ringofanatic! I love the pics! Especially the cosplay one! Tsk tsk... Haha. Where do you live, by the way? It's past 12 for me too.
Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - Thanks, and wow, another wonderful haiku from you, and more pics! happy.gif Good thing your connection's still all right...

Ringofanatic - Hey there! *waves* Welcome back! Great pictures, and neat cosplay! [spoiler]All we need is angel!Hughes to complete it. T_T XD[/spoiler]

Menelvir - Past 12 for me already as well. XD 12:30 AM, to be exact, and I'm typing up Twilight #7 in the dead of night. Maybe if I look behind me I'll see vampire!Roy sneaking up on me XDDDDD

Amethyst Sunset! Looking forward to Twilight 7! But I haven't read 6 yet, so I'll read that first! Haha! Your comment reminds me of how Hughes is always telling Roy to wisen up and get a wife! And how Roy used to slam the phone down when he hears such comments. [spoiler] Bet Hughes is smiling down at them from heaven now![/spoiler]

Oh anyway, thanks to everyone who read my fanfic, which link I posted a few pages back. Glad you all enjoyed it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. (Wasn't around for the weekend, so I didn't see the wonderful reviews) To be honest, that was the first fanfic I've written in a long time. It's also the first FMA fanfic. So yes, I dedicated my virgin FMA fanfic to Royai-ness!! HahaZ.

Think I'd better go sleep... *yawns* I have to wake up early tomorrow... Take care everyone! Sorry I don't have any Royai goodness to share, but I suppose there's enough to go around for now yea? =)
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