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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Amethyst Sunset - OMG!! Chapter 4 already? You're on fire!! XD My vacation was already wasted biggrin.gif I did nothing, though I can say that my accomplishment this vacation is my new avatar and siggie that I made myself! XD

Kenji - Oh, don't worry, that's alright. You can do it when you have some free time. happy.gif Chibi's makes the world a cuter place to live in tongue.gif

musical alchemist - aww!! Love your Royai manga banner!! Good job!!

Stormie - Finally I can read your fic!! I will read afterwards happy.gif

@Stormie - OMG, I luuuv your fanfic!!! You made the (fictional) background story of June 11, the Royai Day!!!!! Awesome idea!! I get the chill! Love it!! happy.gif

Gahh, I got to work on my Royai Day Japanese Haiku!!! biggrin.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Kenji - Don't worry, you still have lots of time. happy.gif And chibis are cute!

Musical Alchemist - Cool banner! happy.gif Awww, Royai goodness!

Paca - <3 the pics. And your sig is awesome.

Zachelle - But I LIKE your new avatar and sig! XD So your summer couldn't have been wasted!

Tombow - Good luck! We'd love to see your Japanese haiku!

Phew...chapter 4...rushed and crappy and baaaaaad. >_>
N.C. StormEye
Danken. biggrin.gif I think me and my best friend might be fighting. *sigh* *bad feelings*

Urgh. *Lost without my buddy*
Holy Hell, Stormie!! That Fic is AMAZING!!!

It totally doesn't suck...
The only thing I can even pick out is some weidrness with the verb tenses in the beginning, but that's something any beta could pick up on. Minor technical thing.

The plot and wording is BRILLIANT. My Fave passage had to be

" a way, the analogy is fitting. He has entered into a similarly binding commitment. Only where marriage is said to “love, honor, and cherish”, the military is said to crush, consume, and destroy." wink.gif

Oh, and friend-drama sucks. Bigtime.
Hopefully everything will work itself out.

I have had no internets in the new apartment all week. Hopefully it will be up and working tonight or tomorrow-- hence my absence here.
I'll probably be back online by this weekend...
@LIz - Missed you!! Yeah, I figured and guessed somethng along that line... not having the Net connection yet. Glad you got the moving done, and in time for the Royai Day!! ^^
Hope you'll get the Net connection by this weekend!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - Oh, the chapter 4!! I'm so intrigued by how the story is going!!
Love Roy and Riza's meeting... ^^

@Stormie - I really like your fanfic!! ^^
Sorry to hear that you're getting in a fight with your friend!! Hope it will end soon!!

Royai Weekend is just around the corner!!
If you can, please bring some of your fav Roy, Riza, or Royai pics during the Royai Day Weekend to make this thread festive and cheerful! ^^ (It can be the pics previously posted and shared by others. If it's a nice Roy, Riza, or Royai pics, please share with us again!! ^^)

I'm translating few short comics for the Royai Day!! ^^
@Stormie: Yay! I will read it later happy.gif

@Liz: *waves* You are backkkkkkk!!!!

@Sunset: ^w^ I want to read more!!!! How will all this end? xD

*runs back to the books*
@Paca - I will go ahead and translate some of the short Roiai comics for the Rpoyai Day, and after you are free from all the test, or later, if you feel like it, please scanlate them for us!! ^^
Thank you!!! ^^

Here is a picture of Roy, and Riza I made for Royai day happy.gif!
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Nice to see your post here!! WELCOME to the Royai thread!! happy.gif
That is a beautiful Royai wallpaper!! It's so Royai!! I love it!! Thank you!! ^^
Please post it on 2007 Royai Day Banners/ Posters / And Other Royai Fanworks Flood! thread also!!
And, it will be included in this year's 2007 Royai Day Album later!! Thanks again!! happy.gif
Stormie - Oh! I have just read your fic!! It was awesome!! You really made it feel like wartime. Good job!! happy.gif

Amethyst Sunset - I also just read yours, and as expected from you, no less than the best! I'm being intrigued by the story happy.gif Yay! Thanks! The fruits of my summer vacation XD

Tombow - Yay for Japanese Haiku!! Can't wait for Royai Day weekend!!

CodenameElizabeth and Paca - Hope to see you both on Royai Day weekend!!

~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Awesome Royai Day banner!!
N.C. StormEye
I'm glad everyone liked it. I can't wait for Royai day! biggrin.gif
@Stormie - Me, too!! happy.gif

And, to keep the Royai Day hypes up, here is one of my fav Royai piccie. ^^
(This pic was previously posted, I think on this thread, by one of the previous regular posters of this thread, but I don't remember the artist's name.. sorry!! ^^)

During the Royai Day Weekend, please bring your fav Roy, Riza, or Royai pics and post here and share them with us and decorate the thread at the same time!! biggrin.gif
(Those pics are for our eyes only, and do not go into the Royai Day Album. ^^)

Pic posting hint: If the pics are large, shrink them to less than 500 pix wide, then you can post them as Images, and not as links without stretching the forum page. ^^
Stormie and Amethyst Sunset, Yay! More stuff to read!! *bounces up and down on the office chair* I'm on vacation too, but I chose to use the time to earn some extra cash. Bad idea. As you can probably tell, there are some days there's so little work to do I can surf the net (and read Royai fics!) I'd probably write too, but I've got no inspiration, except for an occasional poem.

~Edward~Elric~Fan~, nice!! Sort of reminds me of one of the Royai fics I read (from last year's album, if I'm not wrong!) And there's a significant meaning for Roy because if his gloves get wet in the rain, he can't use his alchemy.

Tombow, I've never seen that picture before. But it's so cute!! Very nicely drawn. I can't draw for nuts... ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Stormie - Hope you and your friend sort things out very soon. ^^ *hugs* ROYAI DAY IS SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT. XD

Liz - It's sad when the 'Net is down. T_T Good luck with your 'Net!

Paca - Ah, the books. XD Good luck with them. And soon I'll need it as well. XDDDDD

Tombow and ~Edward~Elric~Fan - Love your Royai Day posters! happy.gif

And thanks, everyone, for reading my story. ^^ Can't wait for Royai Day...and chapter 72, of course!
@Amethyst Sunset - Tehehe, it's actually just a fanart that is one of my fav Royai pics. ^^
It would probably make a nice poster, but since I don't know who the artist is, I probably shouldn't... ^^
Anyway, I'll post more of my fav Royai pics during the Royai Day Weekend! biggrin.gif
Tombow - Aww!! Sweetness! I love that fanart!! Yes, that would make a very lovely poster, too bad the artist is unknown.

Have to rummage through my FMA pics and look for Royai goodies!! I should have already organized it before but I'm too lazy XD All the pictures are in one folder and there's too many of them tongue.gif Though right now I'm totally engrossed in making another Royai banner/poster tongue.gif

I can't wait for Royai Day and chapter 72!! It feels like it's just around the corner tongue.gif
@Zachelle - Oh, please please make more Royai posters/banners!!
I'm working on the editing of translations of short Royai comics that would be posted during the Royai Day Weekend. ^^

[spoiler]And... not that I care for the post counts, but it looks kind of neat, this is my 12345th post!! XDD[/spoiler]
Tombow - Oh that's so cute!! XD And also nice that you noticed tongue.gif Keep going until you reach [spoiler]your 123,456,789 post[/spoiler] laugh.gif
I already finished two, but I'll post in on the start of Royai weekend and Royai Day. And the posters/banners/pictures/fanarts does make this thread lively happy.gif Oh Royai comics!! I'd love to see that!! Wish I knew Japanese XD
Tombow, congrats! That IS a very cool number of posts to have. It comes from your long years of dedication to this forum!

Zachelle, yes yes, more banners and posters please! I admire anyone that can draw better than me (which is everyone without exception). Oh, think I missed out mentioning: I love your banner! They're so cute! I would huggle chibi Roy, if not for chibi Riza there pointing her gun at me. (Off-topic, but I like your avatar too! Just can't tell if that's Hikaru and Kaoru)

In other news, I searched for a little inspiration, and I found pretty good material for a Royai ficlet (mini-fic). Still working on it! wink.gif
Menelvir - Thank you very much!! Right now I'm looking for some more Royai pics and also a bit of inspiration. Oh don't be so rough on yourself. Actually I also can't draw even if my life depended on it, my hands by themselves can't do anything XD Chibi Riza scary tongue.gif Oh good luck on your Royai 'ficlet', glad to hear that you found some inspiration!! Looking forward to reading it!! happy.gif And on a side note: it's Hikaru. Hikaru is love XD

Tombow - Aww.. there goes post 12,345. tongue.gif
Zachelle, gah! Still can't tell the twins apart! Here's something to whet your appetiteLife in a Love (part 1) Nothing fancy, just a simple story. I'll finish it up tomorrow!

Time to knock off, whee!! See you all later!
Menelvir - Oh nice!! Riza turning Roy down tongue.gif Good job!! Not minding to own Roy, me too tongue.gif And about the twins, just remember, Hikaru parts his hair on the right, Kaoru on the left, no matter what they say tongue.gif Then once you see that difference, you'll notice that they have way to different voices. happy.gif

Oh yeah, a question, is Black Hayate a she or he?
@Menelvir - I love the part 1!!! Riza turning Roy down... awesome Royai twist!! ^^
Can't wait to read the rest!! happy.gif

@Zachelle - Gahaha, yeah I did not notice it, but someone PMed me and told me!! laugh.gif
And, look, it's gone, but not before captured!! XDD
BTW, I think I read it somewhere about Black Hayate that it's a male... ^^

This week was such a, um...,*painful* weekend...But, Finals are all done and over!! However, I'm not really sure I'll still get any time to finish the royai drawing as promised, since my parents just told me (out of nowhere) that we'll be away for the entire weekend. (No!!!It's the Royai weekend!!)

*sigh* Of course, when hard finals are over, everything I was looking forward to doesn't happen. T^T

I'll eventually die of lack of royai...(no, not really, I don't want to die because of such a simple reason...On second thought, I don't really want to die and all. hehe ^^V)

Anyways, I've noticed that I missed alot from a past week. Now I have more than 10 pages to go thorough..o_O

I'll hopfully be able to stop by by the late sunday afternoon, since that's when I'm coming back from my short vacation. Keep all the royai loves up everyone!!
@ika07 - So nice to see you again!! *hugs!!*
Glad your finals are over!!! And, you'll be going for a family vacation?? That sounds great!!
And, no, don't worry, the Royai Day is June 11, Monday, so if you can stop by Sunday night or Monday, then you can still join the fun!! And, if not, you can always catch up later!! ^^
Hope you will have a safe trip, and have lots of fun on your vacation!! happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Thought I'd drop by for a while. ^^ I'm editing so much, story-wise, but I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. XD After that, I might do a not-so-romantic crossover fic...either that, or another romantic fic if I'm still up for it. XDDDDD

Tombow and Zachelle - PIIIIIICS. <3 Which means more Royai! And yes, [spoiler]congrats on your 12,345th post, Tombow! Talk about dedication. XD[/spoiler] I want to take my Japanese classes in college NOW XD Oh, and yes, Hikaru is love, but my favorite hosts will always be Mommy and Daddy a.k.a. Kyouya and Tamaki. XDDDD

Menelvir - Interesting story. And I love that poem. ^^ GASP. She turned down the Flame Alchemist! *insert apocalyptic stuff here* Then again, Riza ain't your ordinary girl. ^^;

Ika07 - Glad you're back and those exams are over! Hope you can stop by for Royai Day!
Tombow - Nice! You got a screenshot! Now you have something to remember it by always tongue.gif Ah, thanks!! So Black Hayate's male. I was thinking of another drabble for Royai Day, not sure if I can make it though, it's still in the imagination phase XD

ika07 - *waves* Nice to see you again!! happy.gif Glad your exams are over, and hope you could stop by on Royai Day!! hah, dying by lack of Royai, I know what you mean, I love to say it too, but I don't want it to happen, I just like saying it XD Have fun on your short vacation!! happy.gif

Amethyst Sunset - Oh you deserve the love, your such an awesome writer!! Expect us to read whatever you come up with next happy.gif lol. I have this fetish for the devilish acts-slash-boys(wow, that so doesn't sound right XD), so mine would be the Hitachiin twins, or even just Hikaru tongue.gif

And oh my gosh, FMA is coming back on adult swim on July 2nd-my birthday XD. Too bad though, I'm not in the U.S, that would be some birthday present(even though I have it on DVD, still, watching it on TV sounds nice biggrin.gif ) And I don't think Cartoon Network had shown FMA before in the Philippines(or am I just totally clueless? Amethyst and Stormie? tongue.gif )
GAH!! Intarwebs won't be up and running until JUNE 18th!!! (Stupid DSL service...) mad.gif

Maybe I can try and dial in so I can upload stuff for this weekend. (Photos, drawings, random crap thats been sitting on my hard drive FOREVER just achin' to be Photoshopped...) We'll see...

But I can't finich watching Ouran over dial-up!!! XD
@Liz - Oh no, you will be cablesless for the Royai Day Weekend??!!! sad.gif
Dial up is soooo painful!! But, yeah, it's better than no connection!! Maybe you can try uploading some pics and drawings overnight during the weekend?? And, maybe you can catch us at work (^^) on Monday!! ^^

@Zachelle - Tehehe, thanks!! ^^ And, more drabbles will be great!! Hoping the Royai fanfic writing muse will strike more of your creativity!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Gahaha, thanks!! ^^ It shows how much I'm enjoying it here.. XDD
And, I bow to your great Royai creativity!! I'm so enjoying reading your Royai fics!!
Please keep on!! happy.gif

Yap, FMA will be back on Adult Swim again!! Spread more Royai!! ^^
@Liz: Ooohh!! Poor you!! sad.gif

@iak07: Hiiii!!!!! *hugs* You are back!!! Nice to see your posts! Don't be sad for not being here.... smile.gif Surely your little vacation will be great! Post after it, when you return! happy.gif

@Tombow:lol [ironically] That post counter shows that you have been posting soooooo little [/ironically] Jajajajajjajaa xDDDD

I can't remember you asked me, but it was someone of this thread...about some lyrics I had posted here, well...I will post them again with the audio:

Trust you
[Why are more and more people dreaming of the other world laugh all the way]

The wind gently
passes through my hair
[There's no place like you for me]
unchanged from yesturday,
alone in the quiet sunset,
what are you looking at?

Far eye sight
looking before you
Move on without turning back

Sometimes, I'm very lonely
Sometimes, I'm very painful
I want to run up, hug, and tell you
but I won't say it now
The day you capture your dream
I will only believe the that day

[Why are more and more people dreaming of the other world laugh all the way]

When the tired and injured
wings want rest
[There's no place like me for you]
at your heart
ask softly
and the answer is there

By trying to despise
and trying to blame
the kight will never shine

Sometimes, I lose my way
Sometimes, I stop
It's okay to feel low or get lost
With the miracle that was found
a new wind will blow
I am believing the overlapping destiny

Living this time

I won't comfort you but

Sometimes, I'm very lonely
Sometimes, I'm very painful
I want to run up, hug, and tell you
but I won't say it now
The day you capture your dream
I can see you capturing it

Omokage (English Translation)

at the sideview of the face reflected in the mirror
I place you over it and
my heart is breaking
like the passing wind
I can't catch it
why is it you?

the finger tips that will never reach
I hold them alone
the words that will never be exchanged are
drifted into the stars in the night sky

I won't turn back
ah even sadness, even loneliness

is the proof that we were born
ah the flowing
end of my heart
I made up my mind

the lips that will never say anything
I feel it deep within
you are my true north
leaving your voice
more than words
I know enough

instead of whispering that you love me
my heart is probably swaying
instead of saying you're in love
the relationship gets deeper

I'm not alone now
ah even sadness, even loneliness
seems like it can be endured
ah held it to myself
your reminiscent and now
I will take it there

I won't turn back
ah even sadness, even loneliness
is the proof that we were born

ah the flowing
end of my heart
ah even sadness, even loneliness
seems like it can be endured
ah held it to myself
your reminiscent and now
I will take it there

Chapter 72 is sooooo close now!!! *___* I can smell it ! *snifsnif*

N.C. StormEye
Vacation is short-lived...FIVE DAYS TO SCHOOL!!
@Zachelle, Amethyst Sunset, paca, and Tombow: Thank you for all your support(?) *tear* I'll be sure to stop by during Royai weekend (as late as it may be) despite my lack of contribution for this thread..*feels insignificant and hides in a corner* ph34r.gif

*yawn* I'm so tired right now. Must be the lack of sleep for a week that's now catching up with me.
Anyways, last year around this time, we got tons of royai moments from Arakawa-sensei. Does anyone feel that she'll give us more royai moments as royai day present for us in the upcoming chapter? XDD

EDIT: Just noticed the lyrics to the songs, paca! They're great! Thank you!!
Morning all! (Yea, it's morning on this side of the world...) Thanks, everyone who read part 1! Glad you enjoyed it. I'll complete part two and post it up before Royai weekend! =) A little spoiler, if you dare: [spoiler]don't worry, I won't be so cruel to Roy. He'll have his ego AND his girl back by the end of the day.[/spoiler]

N.C. Stormeye, poor you! Vacations never last long enough eh?
paca - Oh great song!! And yeah, chapter 72!!

CodenameElizabeth - Dial-up is a major pain, but I agree with Tombow, it's still better than nothing happy.gif Then your can savor the last episodes of Ouran XD

Stormie - Oh yeah!! Me too, 5 days 'till my college days begin!!

ika07 - oh you're not insignificant!! *hugs* I hope too that more royai in chapter 72.

Tombow - laugh.gif you really are enjoying here a lot happy.gif

Menelvir - Morning to you too! Well here it's almost noon, but I just woke up XD I'm itching for the next part!! biggrin.gif
(Hehe! Temporary icon-change in honor of the weekend...) XD

So, that song's from Shaman King, eh, Paca?
Can't watch the YouTube vid on dialup, but I'll book mark it to check back once the hi-speed gets back up and running.

I like the lyrics. I think I'm gonna try... um... "obtaining" it once I can get back on Limewire. wink.gif

Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - FMA has always been shown on Animax (English dub) or GMA (Filipino dub XD). Rumor has it that Hero TV may do their own Filipino least, that's as far as I know.

Happy advanced birthday. XD My birthday's much, much later in July. wink.gif

Liz - Good luck! I'm on DSL and I haven't even finished watching Ouran XD Already on episode 22.

Paca - Cool lyrics! CHAPTER 72...*twitch* THE SUSPENSE! XD

Stormie - Yeesh, four days to go before classes. I start my first day in school with PE, then an hour and a half of social science, then another hour and a half of Japanese, and THEN a freshman orientation.

I will be back...with some lyrics, and hopefully a new chapter of Twilight. happy.gif
CodenameElizabeth - loove your new aviie!! Royai cuteness!

Amethyst Sunset - Thank you!! Much Advanced Happy Birthday to you too!! happy.gif Oh, I haven't watched FMA on GMA when it was aired then, don't want to hear the dubbed XD And as for Animax, we don't have it on our cable for some weird reason >.< And as for Hero TV, eh? If that's true then I'll either ignore it, like GMA or watch it due to curiosity XD Yay!! A new chapter of Twilight!!(At first I thought what you mean was Twilightz and I was like o_O huh? XD)
Zachelle, thanks for your enthusiasm! I have a fan! Whee! Oh yea, thanks for pointing out the difference between Hikaru and Kaoru. You're right, I never noticed the hair parting before. I always look at their eyes...

Stormie and Amethyst Sunset, geez you guys start college early. I don't start classes until August. (and to be honest, I'm sick of work enough to get back to class.) And Jap class sounds fun!!

Write on, Amethyst Sunset! I'm waiting for another dose of Twilight!

Oh, and CodenameElizabeth, if it makes you feel better about Ouran High, I'm still on episode 7. >.< And the best hosts are still the twins! It's two for the price of one!
@Paca - Nice song!! I like it!! ^^

@Stormie - Aww.. your vacation is almost over... hope you'll enjoy the remaining days of your vacation in full blast with the Royai Day Weekend!! ^^

@Zachelle and Amethyst Sunset - You two also got the school starting soon huh?
After the Royai day, I predict this thread will be more quiet for a while!! (But, it's all for good since you guys will be busy learning new stuff.. ^^) And, yay for the new chapter of Twilight!! ^^

@Liz - Love your "temporary" Royai avatar!! So cute!! happy.gif

@Menelvir - Hooray for Roy for [spoiler]getting Riza back[/spoiler]!! Can't wait to read the rest of your fanfic!! ^^

@ika07 - Please don't go hiding in the corner!! Seriously, in my view, no poster on this thread is "insignificant" or "not important" or any of such things!! And, to me the main goal of the Royai Day here is to have a fun day among Royai fans, and if we are fortunate to have some talented writers who can contribute some fanfics then we will enjoy reading that, and if someone can draw some Royai fanarts we'll enjoy that, or we'll look at Royai banners, or if nothing else we can just ogle at Roy, Riza, and Royai pics and go ooooh and aaah, and as long as we have a fun day doing that then to me we got a fine Royai Day!! Please don't feel bad for not contributing some Royai creations!! That's really not important, IMO!! Hope you can stop by on Royai Day and have some fun with us!! If not, just stop by whenever you can, and that will make me happy!! happy.gif

And, this goes for anyone who will be visiting this thread during the Royai Day Weekend!
Our maing goal (at least to me) for the Royai Day Weekend is to just have fun time enjoying Royai stuff!! Please feel free to come in anytime, and have fun enjoying Royai goodness with us!!! happy.gif
Aye, Tombow! Well said! Every person, and every thread counts, even if it's just to say "Nice artwork!" or "Cool fanfic!" There would be no Royai day without Royai fans, right? And there's no Royai day without the golden couple themselves. [spoiler]So of course Roy gets Riza back, Tombow![/spoiler]

Speaking of Royai weekend, I'll be quite busy over the next two days, but I'll try to pop by! If I can't, then have a great weekend everyone! =)

N.C. StormEye
Okay folks...thanks for all the well-wishes due to my ending-soon weekend. As promised, I've finally uploaded and edited my beloved, BELOVED Royai fanwork announcement...biggrin.gif

One, Two, Three, ROYAI!!

...OMFG!! OMFG! biggrin.gif
Stormie!! I love it! And especially the way you added the three figures down at the bottom to show the enormous scale of the poster! Too bad they're so small though... A sweatdrop would have been a more appropriate response, methinks!
@Menelvir - Aww.. we'll miss you for the weekend!! If you can, please stop by, but if not, hope you'll have a nice weekend!! And, hope to see you on Monday, Royai Day!! happy.gif

@Stormie - OMG!! I LUUUV it!! It's so nicely done!!!
Love those hearts!! And, you even got Hayate!!
Awesome!!! happy.gif
@ Stormie- XDD Nice! Love the Havoc- part!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted here. but now I'm back atleast for a while. ^^

So many fanfics. wacko.gif I promise to read them all. ^^

I love your banner, musical alchemist! And your poster is so cool, ~Edward~Elric~Fan~! biggrin.gif

(At first I thought what you mean was Twilightz and I was like o_O huh? XD)

My username is everywhere. tongue.gif laugh.gif
Tombow - Very very well said!! Couldn't have said it better myself, you sure have a way with words, share some with me XD happy.gif

Menelvir - Aww.. But be sure though to drop by when you find the time happy.gif Why is my name the only one not in bold? tongue.gif Yeah I'm your fan too! [spoiler]Roy getting Riza back!! XD[/spoiler] My favorite hosts too are the Hitachiin Brothers!! Go Hitachiin twincest XD, though you can have Kaoru, Hikaru's mine XD *shot* Now you guys make me want to watch Ouran all over again(And I have done that for 5times, I think tongue.gif )

Stormie - Awesome!! I love the "and Hayate" part, he looks like a distorted key, cute!! tongue.gif

Twilightz - Nice to see you again!! Yeah, our talented fanfic writers are on a roll!! *coughAmethystcough* laugh.gif Yeah, it's everywhere XD
Thanks Zachelle! (didn't forget the bold this time... wink.gif) Of course, nothing can beat the great master Amethyst Sunset, but yea I try... Oh, but the twins come as a pair! It'd be too cruel to split them up...

Oh never mind about that. *grabs Kaoru and runs off* ph34r.gif

Here's part 2, as promised:
For those who missed it and want to see what the fuss is all about, part 1:

Because I wrote more than I expected (over 2000 words! *gags and dies*), and because I'm evil, I'm only going to post the third and final when I get home.


(Amethyst Sunset, honey, I'm still waiting for the next chapter of Twilight! wink.gif)
@Twilightz - Nice to see you!!! happy.gif Yap, lots of good stuff to read!! ^^

@Menelvir - Oh!! *rushes over to divArt to read!!*
Aww.. They are [spoiler]going to try to help Roy getting [/spoiler]Riza!!
And, [spoiler]"Edward Elric snorted in laughter"[/spoiler].. That's so Ed!!! laugh.gif
I love it!!! I'm really enjoying the story!! Thank you!! happy.gif
Menelvir - Oh!! I'm loving this story!! And everyone of Mustang's subordinates makes an appearance XD lol. I agree with Tombow
Edward Elric snorted in laughter. “Well, he had it coming. Finally, someone that can put Mustang and his oversized ego into place.”
That is so Ed! I love it! biggrin.gif And yes, you're evil for leaving us with a cliffhanger tongue.gif yay my name's bold now XD
N.C. StormEye
Twilightz - Nice to see you again!! Yeah, our talented fanfic writers are on a roll!! *coughAmethystcough* laugh.gif Yeah, it's everywhere XD
Thanks Zachelle! (didn't forget the bold this time... wink.gif) Of course, nothing can beat the great master Amethyst Sunset, but yea I try...

I am so hurt! I worked so HARD on my Royai day fanfic and people neglect me!! Although yeah, Amethyst-san rocks my socks off. Not that I'm wearing socks though.

*sigh* ...I think I like the exclamation point. I mean, it'd be ALARM, not embarassment.

biggrin.gif Anyway...tired. Sleepy. Fic-writing. ROMANCE ROXX.
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