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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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musical alchemist
Grr...summer school has been taking up too much of my time. I'm still trying to work on drabbles and what not, but I end up working on my homework. dry.gif *sigh* I'll get moving soon...

PS...Has anyone else noticed that the mini skirt army website has been down for a while now???
@musical alchemist - Aww.. hope you're studying well!! You already gave us nice Royai Day banners and a Royai fanart, so that's good!! ^^ School and real life comes first on our thread, and we totally understand being pressed with time!! *hugs!!* happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - More Haiku!! And the latest fic!! You're awesome!! happy.gif

@Starrie - Wow, you're totally going authentic with Kimono!! Furisode style?? That's gorgeous!!
Can't wait to see!! BTW, I just remembered I haven't finished editing of 2006 Royai Christmas Album. laugh.gif I'll bring it here AFTER the Royai Day... ^^

@Zachelle - Let's hope together that Roy and Riza will make appearances for chapter 72!! ^^
Hmm. I hope I can post a picture of my Roy t- shirt soon. I did it by myself.
musical alchemist
QUOTE(Twilightz @ Jun 1 2007, 11:53 AM) [snapback]549140[/snapback]
Hmm. I hope I can post a picture of my Roy t- shirt soon. I did it by myself.

Zomg...I'm not the only one making a shirt! laugh.gif Mine's actually a tank top and it features my banner that I made. I still need to print and iron it on.
@Twilightz and musical alchemist - Wow, Roy T-shirt and Royai Tank-top!! Awesome!! ^^
If you get the pics, please post on 2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Banner/poster Flood! thread in Fanworks forum, because those are considered "fanworks," and then I'm gonna include your guys' creations in this year's Royai Day Album!! happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Starrie - I wanna see kimono! *happy hyper squeal* biggrin.gif

Musical Alchemist - Good luck, but of course, school's also important.

Oh dear, I hope the Miniskirts are doing fine. RISEMBOOL RANGERS FTW!

Tombow - Thanks! happy.gif I'm actually liking making haikus. XD And yeah, here's hoping it'll be Roy AND Riza in chapter 72!

Twilightz and Musical Alchemist - Awesome, shirts and tank tops! You might want to go into business after Royai Day. XDDDD
Amethyst Sunset - laugh.gif Great idea! Bring instant coffee then make a commoner coffee demonstration by a commoner tongue.gif If ever you do a cosplay, make sure to post pics of it here!! happy.gif

Starrie - I'm getting excited!! I wanna see your kimono!

musical alchemist and Twilightz - Awesome!! A Royai t-shirt and tank-top! You're both awesome!!

I made another quickly made poster.. tho this one is kind of boring, and I'd like to change it up a bit. Anyone, feel free to play around with it.. laugh.gif

(Used this pic in the Gallery)

I'm thinking of switching Roy's pic with some funny Roy pic.. XDDD

Ok, I changed. laugh.gif

Used this magazine scan pic from the Gallery. ^^
haha! Love the second one Tombow! Sweet, Roy with flowers XD
But the first one was good too.
And is the shadow on Riza got cut out?
@ Tombow-dono I'm in agreement w/ Zachelle, the second one is far funnier.
@Starrie - Wow, you're totally going authentic with Kimono!! Furisode style?? That's gorgeous!!
I tend to go all out! It's my nature.
I just remembered I haven't finished editing of 2006 Royai Christmas Album. I'll bring it here AFTER the Royai Day... ^^
Oh good! I'm not the only procrastinator one still behind. wink.gif

@ Zachelle and Amethyst_Sunset I'll post piccies, no worries biggrin.gif I worked on it for about 4 to 5 hours a night. But now I've taken break. I'll work more on it on Sunday. It's looking like I'll have it done by Tuesday night!

@ m_a The MSA site is down???? Have you taken a peek at their myspace page? They may have some answers. And keep up w/ the hard work at school!

10 days til chpt 72! Royai, Royai, Royai! cree-py Se-lim, cree-py Se-lim
Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - That was a priceless moment...the rich kids and commoner coffee. XDDDD

Tombow - Awesome posters! And yeah, I also prefer the second one. XD

Starrie - Yay! And yeah, I agree, [spoiler]Pride is CREEPY. Get your shadowy tentacles off Riza, or else it's death by combustion![/spoiler]
Gahaha, yeah, I like the second poster better, too!! laugh.gif

@Zachelle - Yeah, I fixed the shadow. ^^

And, more "flowery" banner. biggrin.gif

Used this magazine scan pic from the Gallery. ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Flowers! happy.gif Awwww...

And I wasn't able to post this awhile ago because I wrote 07-11-07 instead of 06-11-07 and had to edit (editing is the pits XD), here is my poster! It's just full of snippets and screenies from FMA depicting everyone's favorite military couple...

Yup, it did take a while. ^^;
@Amethyst Sunset - I love your poster!! Niiiiice!! happy.gif
Yeah, I can see it took a while!! That one takes some work!! ^^
Nice job!! ^^
Starrieidgirl - wow, you really worked hard on it!! But yeah, be sure to take a break once in a while happy.gif

Amethyst Sunset - laugh.gif those rich kids do tend to be stupid at some point XD And tell me when you finish watching, I have a question tongue.gif Nice banner!! Wow, that sure took some time!!

Tombow - Love the flowery banner! Though Riza looks like she's being entangled by the flower or I'm just over imagining things tongue.gif Riza sure looks pretty there, and Roy.. *speechless*

When I saw Tombow's banner, got the urge to make one myself XD

Then I played with the background and got this. PINK POWER!!! XD

It looks weird mellow.gif
@Zachelle - Those are nice posters!! I love them!! ^^
The one with the Pink Power is...uh, unique!! I like it!! laugh.gif
And, Chibi Riza and Hayate are cute!! ^^ Nice job! happy.gif

And, you're right, the flowery Riza looks like she's getting entangled by the Lilly vine!! laugh.gif
(Ok, actually, some of them are straps for her strap dress. ^^)
"Help me, Roy, I'm being entangled by the Lilly vines!!" XDDD
Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - Thanks! happy.gif Yikes, poor Riza, with the vines...perhaps Roy can burn off the extras? XD

Roy: I'll untangle you from those evil vines! *cue heroic music*
Riza: Nah, I'm fine, I can take care of myself, sir. *heroic music screeches to a halt*

Zachelle - Love your posters! Haha, pink! XDDDD And look at chibi Riza, protecting him...absolute cuteness.

And yeah, that's why Haruhi sometimes goes, "Rich bastards..." XD I'm currently on episode 22.
Triss Hawkeye
Gah, this topic is suddenly moving really quickly! Great posters everyone - I especially like your pink power one, Zachelle!

I'm still working on a fanart for Royai day, hopefully I can get it done in time! biggrin.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Triss Hawkeye - Good luck with your fanart! happy.gif And seeing that it's almost Royai Day, we can expect this thread to move faster.

Who knows, it might actually hit 1000 pages before June 11! Or I can sit here and dream... XD
How are you?
This thread goes fast >.<! Wow!!!
I'm sorry I haven't post...but I have been very busy with tests u_u.

I have something for you smile.gif :
More pics: (3 pics) (link to a gallery full of pics! from


From :
some more pics here...
another here
Chibies here
And Riza is angry therebut happy here
She ahs a ring in this one :0 (I ahve already posted it, haven't I? O.o)!! <3
(go to the page for more wink.gif )

(this page's link has been already been posted...but it has looots of pics)

Just a few pics xDDD

Amethyst Sunset: I read you last fic! I like it a lot! *waits for a new one xD*

Starrieidgirl: You are really working hard on that kimono! I want to see a pic of it!!

lol Tombow has had an attack! Now you are obsessed in making posters xD Jajajaja They are all pretty nice! Good work!

Everybody's posters and banners are nice!!! They make the thread be full of life!! =D

Well, I have to stop writting.... But I am going to return >____>

See you!
Amethyst Sunset
OMG, Paca, more pics! =D They're all so cute! And thanks... XD Hope to see you around soon!
@paca - Those are so adorable!!! Thank you!!! happy.gif

@Triss Hawkeye - oh, can't wait to see your Royai fanart!! biggrin.gif

Roy: I'll untangle you from those evil vines! *cue heroic music*
Riza: Nah, I'm fine, I can take care of myself, sir. *heroic music screeches to a halt*

@Amethyst Sunset - Gawahaha!! That's sooo funny!! Good one!! laugh.gif

Less than a week till start of the Royai Weekend!! biggrin.gif
Thanks everyone! happy.gif
I love making these posters with a chibi Riza rather than a normal one XD

Tombow and Amethyst Sunset - lol. laugh.gif Then I wasn't over-imagining things XD

Amethyst Sunset - Episode 22? Hmm. That's with Kasanoda, right? haha. Love Mori's reactions there(especially when he asked Tamaki for help, priceless XD) and Honey being a lovely item laugh.gif

Triss Hawkeye - Best of luck with your fanart!!

paca - The goddess of Royai pictures XD Love those pictures!! Thanks! happy.gif

Yay!! Royai weekend finally draws closer and closer!! Hope to see you guys around by then!! By the drawing close of Royai weekend, this thread will keep going on faster and faster, on to page 1000! XDDD
Reminder to flood those threads... ^^

Flood threads for Royai Day stuff...

2007 Royai Day Fanfics, Drabbles, Haiku, & Poems Flood! thread in Fanfics forum,

2007 Royai Day Banners, Posters & Other Royai Fanworks Flood! in Fanworks forum,

2007 Royai Day Fanarts Flood! thread in Fanart forum.

You can post your Royai creations on those threads, and on this thread ANYTIME now. smile.gif

All contributed creations will be included in this year's Royai Day Album. ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Tombow - I know...I can't wait for Royai Day! XD I hope I didn't accidentally kill the fanfic/drabble/poem/haiku thread... XDDDD

Zachelle - Yeah, the Halloween one. [spoiler]Tamaki as vampire = win. XD And when he was all, "I will not let my daughter play outside at night!"[/spoiler]

N.C. StormEye
It's done! It's done! June Eleven Nineteen Oh Eight is DONE!!!!!

See Linky -

...BTW, yeah. It's still in preview form. Go looky for it on kay?

Stormy (...v. tired)
Amethyst Sunset
Paca - Yay, more pics! =D And congrats on your 800th post! (Still working on my 600th. XD)

Stormie - Submitted a review. ^^ And following in the tradition of teasers, here's a random snippet of my contest entry...

EDIT: Ah, screw the snippet, here's the first chapter! XD

Twilight in Trissamé
N.C. StormEye
I left a review. Genius as usual. You just MIGHT win...biggrin.gif
That fanfic looks good so far, Amethyst Sunset! biggrin.gif You're such a fast writer.. laugh.gif Anyways, nice job.

I posted a picture of my Roy t- shirt in the banner thread. ^^

BTW, could anyone tell me what time is it when the Royai Day begins?
@Paca - Thank you!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - The Twilight funfic looks great!! Can't wait to read the rest!! happy.gif

@Stormie - I can't access it since I don't have the account there!! sad.gif

@Twilightz - I love that T-shirt!! happy.gif

As for the Royai Day observation, this is how we did last year for 2006 Royai Day ...

Royai Day, June 11 (Japan Time) starts when it's June 11th, 12:00 AM in Tokyo Japan (That's assumed to be where Arakawa-sensei's Ushigoya farm/office is located.) and ends about 24 hours after that (June 11th, 11:59:59 PM in Tokyo, Japan.)
Another words, we ALL observe the simultaneous 24 hour time period.

If we do this way this year again, our official 24 hour Royai Day for this year will be
(in each respective local time):
in Auckland, New Zealand,
Monday, June 11th, 3:00 AM - Tuesday, June 12th, 2:59 AM,

in Sydney, Australia,
Monday, June 11th, 1:00 AM - Tuesday, June 12th, 12:59 AM,

in Seoul, South Korea, (Same with Japan Time)
Monday, June 11th, 12:01 AM - Monday, June 11th, 11:59 PM,

in Hong Kong, in Singapore, in Perth, Australia, KL, Malaysia, and Manila, Philippines
Sunday, June 10th, 11:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 10:59 PM,

in Bangkok, Thailand
Sunday, June 10th, 10:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 9:59 PM,

in Kuwait City, Kuwait
Sunday, June 10, 7:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 6:59 PM

in Paris, France, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 6:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 5:59 PM,

in London, UK, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 5:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 4:59 PM,

in Madrid, Spain, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 6:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 5:59 PM,

in New York, NY, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 12:00 Noon - Monday, June 11th, 11:59 AM,

in Houston, TX, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 11:00 AM - Monday, June 11th, 10:59 AM,

in Los Angeles, CA, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 9:00 AM - Monday, June 11th, 8:59 AM,

in Honolulu, Hawaii,
Sunday, June 10th, 5:00 AM - Monday, June 11th, 4:59 AM, and so on.

Those are examples I made for posters we had around the Royai Day last year on this thread, and I can figure out time in other places on request. Just post your country, and ask me. smile.gif

ETA: Tho, I double-checked, I don't guarantee 100% accuracy of these.
Please consult the World Time chart (see below) for your area for the actual time. biggrin.gif

World Time Chart

And, to make it easier, we just celebrate the whole weekend, starting late night Friday, June 8, and continue on through Monday June 11. biggrin.gif
Nooooooo!! I'll probably be away from the boards the whole weekend, because we're visiting my aunt. sad.gif But I could come on Monday. * sigh*
@Twilightz - Monday, June 11 is the official Royai Day, so you'll be fine if you can come on the board on Monday. happy.gif
And, if we are lucky, we might get chapter 72 on that day, too!! ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Stormie - Thanks! happy.gif I might? *snerk* XD

Twilightz - Thanks, and I loved the shirt! I saw it on the thread. At least you can come on Monday! biggrin.gif

Tombow - Yeah, hopefully chapter 72 will also be out! =D And thanks for reading!

And speaking of reading...I finished two chapters in one day! Although...yeesh. I rushed the second one a lot more.

Twilight in Trissamé - Part 2
Just like to say this before I knock off work today: Thanks for keeping me entertained this boring Monday with your fanfics, Amethyst Sunset! =)

Looking forward to reading more Royai fanfics, and Royai day!
Amethyst Sunset
Menelvir - Aw, you flatter me so. XD Thanks. Actually, I'm writing a whole lot 'cause I won't be writing this much when I'm hauled off to college. XDDDDD Of course, quality is still over quantity. wink.gif

I'm also looking forward to more Royai stuff - and of course, the day itself.
Oh, that's good, Tombow!

And thanks, Amethyst Sunset! I haven't read the second chapter yet, but I'm totally going to. ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - OMG, you already got the chapter 2!!! ohmy.gif
You are amazing!! And, wonderful writer, too!!
I enjoy the story very much!! Thank you!! happy.gif

@Menelvir - You got to keep coming for more Royai goodness!! happy.gif

@Twilightz - Love your sig!! ^^
paca- wow, more pics already, thanks! biggrin.gif

Stormie and Amethyst Sunset - Is it just me or won't load on me? I can't read your fics sad.gif

Amethyst Sunset - you already have two chapters? wow, that's fast!! And I know it'll be brilliant like your previous ones.

Twilightz - Oh love the shirt!! Too bad you can't come on Royai weekend, still, you can come on Monday and celebrate with us!! happy.gif Oh my, I just remembered, I might also be gone on Sunday!! At least it's only a day biggrin.gif

Menelvir - Keep in touch! Just a bit more and I'm sure loads of goodies are sure to come our Royai way biggrin.gif

Tombow - Oh, love your sig!!

Can't wait for Royai day and chapter 72, hope they come together!! Oh, better change my sig too, in honor of Royai day, I can use my deadly chibi banner, right? XD
Amethyst Sunset
"Twilight" - chapter 3

^ Shameless advertising. XD

*blinks* Dang, already past midnight where I live. Whoopsie, I have to go to bed. Thanks to everyone following my fic...will be posting it on the thread pretty soon, but I'm too afraid of double-posting, and maybe I can wait till it's done (The fic isn't that long, but to make it so, I'll have to make a lot of breaks in the time line. XD)
Hi!!! x_x taking a break of my books....I am having my last test this Saturday >.<...then I am having some months to rest xD Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
Chapter 72 is soooooo close!!! *waits for it*

@Sunset: Yay! More fics!!! *reads* 3 chapters! You write fast!!!

@Stormie: I can't read it T_T . It asks for a password O.o

1000º page is still far away....but let's keep on posting and at least reach the 800 pages!!!
@Amethyst Sunset - OMG, chapter 3!!! You are on fire now!!
Bows to Amethyst Sunset's Royai fanfic writing ability!! Awesome!! happy.gif
Yap, I know your college starts very soon also, so I'm glad you are on fire and write as much before your school starts!! ^^
(Thank god your school starts AFTER the Royai Day!! ^^)

@paca - Good luck with all your test!!
Hoping you can post tons of pics for the Royai Day!! ^^
BTW, love your new Royai sig!! Look mine... we had a similar thoughts!! happy.gif

@Zachelle - Love your sig for Royai Day!! happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset - wow!! You already have chapter 3? You are undoubtedly on a roll!! Really not wasting the last few days of our vacation, eh? XD I have been focusing on using photoshop lately, look I have improved!! Before vacation the only thing I know how to use was crop biggrin.gif

paca - Best of luck on your upcoming exam!!

Tombow - Now that you mention it, you and paca have similar sigs XD How nice that both of you had that idea tongue.gif

And I noticed we're already on page 760, not long before page 800 arrives!!! Go us!! XD
Amethyst Sunset
Paca - Good luck! happy.gif Yeah, we can probably reach 800 pages before June 11 (and/or chapter 72!).

Tombow - Thanks, and yeah, good thing school only starts after Royai Day, so I can celebrate with you guys. On fire? *snicker* Flame puns... XDDDD

Zachelle - Can't do Photoshop to save my life. XD But it's a good thing you've improved! And yeah, I don't want to waste the last few days of my vacation. ^^;

Thanks so much for reading my fic, everyone. happy.gif I hope I can get chapter 4 done soon...I'm currently working on it and I had to rewrite an entire portion because it was too out of character. XDDDDDDDDD
OMG... it's a few days more to Royai Day and my banner is still untouched since last Sunday!! sad.gif

BTW...those chibis are so cute... It's everywhere... laugh.gif
musical alchemist
Here's my new royai day banner laugh.gif I've posted it in the banner flood already. Yet here it is for your enjoyment.
@musical alchemist - That's so cool!! I love your collection of manga Royai!!!
I love it, I love it!! Niiiice!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - OMG, chapter 4 is coming out soon also??!! You 're blazing hot now!! ^^
Looking forward to reading the next chapter!! happy.gif

@Zachelle - You're right, the thread is moving fast!! And, we are having fun!! Awesome!! ^^

@Kenji - That's ok, you have much more important thing to do right now.
Hope you study well, and stop by here on your spare time to join the fun with us!! ^^
Awww!!! Thank's everyone!! I will carry all the good luck with me!!! happy.gif -it'd be useful ;P-

@Tombow: Hey! That's true! xD I didn't siggy is old in fact ...I can't remember when I did it? O.o
I like the hands in the backgroud of it ^.^ *pokes paca's siggy*

@musical alchemist: I like that manga banner ...good work!

A few more pics (click-direct to the fma gallery wink.gif )

And here, this site has a pretty banner now, with hayate in it ^.^:

@Paca - Thank you!! That Roy and Riza with Hayate is sooo cute!! happy.gif
And, love the hands in your Royai sig!!
Mine is just a temporary sig through the Royai Day. ^^
Hope you're gonna ace the exams!! biggrin.gif
N.C. StormEye
Okay, oKAAAAAy...lemme leave the linky to my Royai ficcie.

June 11, 1908

PLEASE READ AND REVIEW...and yes, you can access this one even if you don't have an account.
This is a "lo-fi" version of our main content. To view the full version with more information, formatting and images, please click here.