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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@Stormie - Yes, yes, teaser please!! biggrin.gif

@Zachelle - Thank you for catching it!! Corrected it. ^^

My eyes are crossed after making
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Fanfic/Drabble/Haiku/Poem Flood! in Fanfics forum,
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Banner/Poster Flood! thread in Fanworks forum, and
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Fanart Contest/Flood thread in Fanart forum.. laugh.gif

I'm sure I have more typos.. please check the threads and let me know if find more typo! ^^
Umm... Pardon my ignorance, but what/when is Royai day? I don't really think it's a good idea search through the 754 pages(o_O congrats on the achievement, btw) of the thread.
@Menelvir - WELCOME to our board, and welcome to the Royai thread!! happy.gif
Haha, yeah, this thread is quite long!! biggrin.gif
Royai Day is on June 11. ^^
This year is the second year this thread is holding the Royai Day Weekend Celebration, and this year's celebration starts Saturday, June 9, 12:01 AM (that's actually late Friday night. ^^) and ends Monday, June 11, 11:59 PM, and as like last year, this will be on JAPAN time (that's where Arakawa-sensei's office, the creator of FMA, is being located. ^^) I'll post the charts of what this means to various local times, for main countries and cities around the world later. ^^

BTW, look, I colored the Transmutation Circle!! biggrin.gif

(Original artwork by Kenji, effects and coloring by Twilightz, and Tombow)

(Original artwork by Kenji, effects and coloring by Twilightz, and Tombow)

Ah I see! I'll be looking forward to it then! ^^
@Menelvir - If you like Royai, you don't have to wait to come over here, just join us and enjoy the Royai fun everyday with us!! happy.gif We are one of the nicest threads on the board, IMO!! ^^

And... I made another poster...

Last one was with FMA manga, so this one is with anime FMA. ^^
I used this pic from the Gallery. ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Musical Alchemist - *hugs* Don't worry, at least you won't miss the awesome day that is Royai Day! happy.gif Help us flood the threads! XD And yeah, cool avatar!

Stormie - FEEL THE POWER THAT IS THE ROYAI LURVE! XDDDDD *slapped* It's a good thing your fic is going well...and even though I know it's going to tease me even more, TEASER! XD

Zachelle - FLOODING AWAY! XD And perfect timing, we'll also start flooding as well when the rainy season really kicks in...

Menelvir - Welcome to the board! happy.gif

Tombow - Awesome work on the banner, and the poster, and thanks! happy.gif

And speaking of banners...I'm glad you liked what I made awhile's another one. Like I said before, I'll post everything in a single post on the thread provided by the awesome Tombow.

Menelvir - Welcome to the Royai thread!! I've been here for quite a while now and it really is the best thread on the boards IMO. Hope to see ya around. happy.gif

Tombow - Love both the variations to Kenji's banner!! Both are nice, my favorite now is the dark one. biggrin.gif
Team effort really is the way to go!!
And you know, I was just experimenting working on a banner with that exact same picture!!! Kind of hard, Winry's hair is in the way and I'm only teaching myself how to use photoshop now. And I see you covered the part of with Winry's hair and Ed's coat with the slogan. Nicely done. biggrin.gif

Amethyst Sunset - haha! Love your banner!! "I was just ordering pizza" laugh.gif
Riza sure gets carried away easily tongue.gif
You colored the circle, Tombow? Awesome! Nice work with the dark one. ^^

Cool banner, Amethyst Sunset! Roy's lines are so funny. XD

Welcome to the Hawkeye X Roy thread, Menelvir! happy.gif
@Amethyst Sunset - Gahaha!! I love yours!! So funny!! laugh.gif

@Zachelle - Yap, exactly!! I couldn't get rid of Winry's hair, so I covered it!! tongue.gif

@Twilightz and Zachelle - I'm glad you like Kenji's dark one with colored Transmutation Circle!! That's my fav between those two also!! ^^

And, one more banner. I couldn't resist making one with Hayate!! happy.gif

I used this pic from the Gallery. ^^
N.C. StormEye

Zis in an excerpt of the more climactic bit of the story:

The cold steel feels like a catharsis, a purging of all the dirt and grime he feels has seared itself into his soul. His hand is shaky as he touches the barrel of a gun he has almost never used…that he has only used today, too panicky to snap his fingers and release his flames.

He muses on how cold the steel can be, even in this harsh climate, and he remembers when he first felt the touch of that steel. The recoil when he had ended a life…two lives. The two doctors…they were brave souls, being unbiased in their treating of both sides. But to a heartless government, paranoid and racked with exhaustion, they were double agents. He killed them both, refusing to use flames. A bullet, no, two. They rang in the silence. She was there then, and for a moment horror flashed in her large eyes.
He has shed innocent blood twice in one day.

They couldn’t trust each other with words any longer. No words could be exchanged as they ran out, shooting and burning and killing…murderers in a game where there could be no ‘right thing’. How could you comfort someone who had killed without reason to? How could you say “it’s okay” to someone who had spilled innocent blood? It wasn’t okay…and now she is terrified of him.

He has lost one of the last links to childhood he has left.

Silently he presses the cold barrel against his head. The chambers are loaded, there is no margin of error this time. The coldness spikes into his brain, shudders along his spine. He can end it all with this one moment, with one last pull of a trigger…
Menelvir, don't blame you for not wanting to search through the 754 page insanity that is this thread. (LOL!) So yeah. Tombow's got the lowdown for ya. Please, join the party!

Stormie: AUGHHH!!! That is cruel of you!! laugh.gif Teasers... and such a "cliffhanger" of a teaser too. WE WANT MOAR!

FWIW, When I logged onto this morning, my banner ad on the left side of the page was for a 2008 Ford Mustang. I LAWL'ed... laugh.gif

EDIT: AHahahaaa!! 755!!!
Amethyst Sunset
Hey guys! *waves* Sorry I can't say much...except that I finished another Royai fic today! More of a really long drabble, but yeah...such a little unrefined rock compared to that gem that is Stormie's teaser...

I Talk to the Rain

I'm being forced into bed against my will!


Oh, glad you liked the banner. ^^; Thanks! I like Tombow's too.
Oh yes... those banners are all Mega-Win. *big thumbs WAY up*

LOL-- I changed my sig pic in honor of RoiAi weekend. laugh.gif
Triss Hawkeye
@Menelvir: Welcome! Hope to see you on this thread! smile.gif

@CodenameElizabeth: Haha, I always laugh when I see that picture - now I'll be able to laugh every time you post! YAY FOR TEH LULZ! XD
musical alchemist
@Amethyst Sunset Ha ha! nice banner! "Hawkeye, I was just ordering pizza!" *wipes tear away* that is funny. I like tombow's too, showin' the black hayate love. I just had an idea, there should be a Black Hayate day too.
Beautiful fanfic, Amethyst Sunset. Love it. happy.gif

Your sig is hilarious, CodenameElizabeth! laugh.gif

Black Hayate day? Now that's what we should call love, musical alchemist. Nice idea! XD
@Stormie - Awesome teaser!! Can't wait to read the rest!! ^^

@Liz - Gahh!! You are the only one who can express "Get your own morally bankrupt Colonel!!" theme in cosplay pic!! Awesome!! laugh.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Oh!! Nice fic!! Love it!! happy.gif

@musical alchemist and Twilightz - Gahaha, yeah, we should do Black Hayate Day on Black Hayate Fans!! thread sometime! biggrin.gif
Tombow - Winry's hair really is hard to remove there, nice idea to cover it tongue.gif Nice banner!! Aww.. Black Hayate's so cute!! And I just noticed, you're not on my mutual friends list XD

Stormie - Awesome teaser. Can't wait to read the rest happy.gif

CodenameElizabeth - lol at your sig tongue.gif

Amethyst Sunset - Love your fic! You sure are inspired nowadays happy.gif

musical alchemist - I second the Black Hayate Day!! biggrin.gif

Oh yeah, I kinda made a banner. This is all I can come up with

Deadly Riza chibi!! biggrin.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Liz - Very nice change of siggy! I think I don't need to change mine. XDDDDDD

Twilightz, Tombow, Zachelle - Thanks for reading! happy.gif Yeah, I'm kinda inspired and I want to write as much as I can before I'm hauled off to ol' college and leisure time starts seeming like a faraway fantasy

And yes, Black Hayate Day! happy.gif He deserves teh lurve.

*bows* I like pizza. XD
@Zachelle - Nice banner with Chibi-Royai!! Love it!! laugh.gif
Nice effects, too!! I like that very much!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - I'm glad you're inspired!! ^^
I really enjoy reading your fics!! Can't wait to read more!! happy.gif

Princess Blade
Hey everyone, I found more cosplay pics of my FMA gathering at FanimeCon!! ^^
They're all on this page, and I'm the Lust standing in the middle of the Homunculi group. I have the curly wig and my dress isn't open in the middle.

I also have my own gallery linked on page 751 if you're interested. Thanks all! long to Royai day? I feel so deprived. T.T
@Princess Blade - Nice to see you!! happy.gif
Those are nice cosplay pics!! (Some of them I can't see, but the I can see are very nice!!)
You look very pretty as Lust!! happy.gif

Royai Day is June 11, and the Royai Day Weekend celebration starts on June 8 late night, and continue through June 11.

We opened Flood threads for Royai Day stuff...
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Fanfic/Drabble/Haiku/Poem Flood! thread in Fanfics forum,
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Banner/Poster Flood! thread in Fanworks forum, and
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Fanart Contest/Flood thread in Fanart forum.. so that people can post their contributions anytime now.

All contributed peices will be included in this year's Royai Day Album, so you can look at them anytime later!! But I hope you can stop by sometime during the Royai Day Weekend as well!!
Hope you're doing well... We miss you!! sad.gif
Nice Chibi banner!! ohmy.gif

I'm still working with mine!! Hang on!! laugh.gif
Ok, so this is how we did last year for 2006 Royai Day ...

Royai Day, June 11 (Japan Time) starts when it's June 11th, 12:00 AM in Tokyo Japan (That's assumed to be where Arakawa-sensei's Ushigoya farm/office is located.) and ends about 24 hours after that (June 11th, 11:59:59 PM in Tokyo, Japan.)
Another words, we ALL observe the simultaneous 24 hour time period.

If we do this way this year again, our official 24 hour Royai Day for this year will be
(in each respective local time):
in Auckland, New Zealand,
Monday, June 11th, 3:00 AM - Tuesday, June 12th, 2:59 AM,

in Sydney, Australia,
Monday, June 11th, 1:00 AM - Tuesday, June 12th, 12:59 AM,

in Seoul, South Korea, (Same with Japan Time)
Monday, June 11th, 12:01 AM - Monday, June 11th, 11:59 PM,

in Hong Kong, in Singapore, in Perth, Australia, KL, Malaysia, and Manila, Philippines
Sunday, June 10th, 11:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 10:59 PM,

in Bangkok, Thailand
Sunday, June 10th, 10:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 9:59 PM,

in Kuwait City, Kuwait
Sunday, June 10, 7:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 6:59 PM

in Paris, France, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 6:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 5:59 PM,

in London, UK, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 5:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 4:59 PM,

in Madrid, Spain, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 6:00 PM - Monday, June 11th, 5:59 PM,

in New York, NY, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 12:00 Noon - Monday, June 11th, 11:59 AM,

in Houston, TX, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 11:00 AM - Monday, June 11th, 10:59 AM,

in Los Angeles, CA, (factoring in Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday, June 10th, 9:00 AM - Monday, June 11th, 8:59 AM,

in Honolulu, Hawaii,
Sunday, June 10th, 5:00 AM - Monday, June 11th, 4:59 AM, and so on.

Those are examples I made for posters we had around the Royai Day last year on this thread, and I can figure out time in other places on request. Just post your country, and ask me. smile.gif

ETA: Tho, I double-checked, I don't guarantee 100% accuracy of these.
Please consult the World Time Zone map (see below) for your area for the actual time. biggrin.gif

Click to view attachment

Or from the World Time Chart

And, to make it easier, we just celebrate the whole weekend, starting late night Friday, June 8, and continue on through Monday June 11. biggrin.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - Awesome banner! Chibi love! happy.gif

Princess Blade - Must...cosplay...I want to cosplay someday. XD And you're just making me even more excited. XDDDD

Tombow - Thanks for the heads-up! And I was right - we're just a single hour behind Japan! XD
Tombow, Kenji, Amethyst Sunset - Thank you all very much!! Really!! happy.gif That was the very first banner that I did, so I'm glad that it turned out okay. The thing on Mustang's pants is actually Ed's spear, I can't get rid of it XD (Is it that noticeable?) Ed always overlaps mustang like on Tombow's banner XD

Princess Blade - Nice cosplay. Though some pictures won't load, but they seem good thumbnail-wise!! biggrin.gif More invasion of the Elrics!! XD

Kenji - Can't wait to see your banner!! Now I think it's even better than the awesome banner you did before, now that it's not an "express" banner anymore tongue.gif

Tombow - woah! That time chart must have taken lots of time to do!! Thank you very much for all your efforts!! You deserve some cake!! *hands over cake* biggrin.gif Why cake? I dunno XD

Amethyst Sunset - You're not the only one!! I wanna try cosplaying too!! Though problem is it would be pricey and I have no money on me XD
@Zachelle - Gahaha, luckily, I made the similar one last year, so this year I already had a good idea about the time table. biggrin.gif

Reminder to flood those threads... ^^

Flood threads for Royai Day stuff...
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Fanfic/Drabble/Haiku/Poem Flood! thread in Fanfics forum,
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Banner/Poster Flood! thread in Fanworks forum, and
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Fanart Contest/Flood thread in Fanart forum.. so that people can post their contributions anytime now.

All contributed peices will be included in this year's Royai Day Album. ^^

And, I made some festive looking banner for a change. happy.gif

It's from this pic in the Gallery.

Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - Well, it's not too obvious, so don't worry. ^^ And yeah, I just need money to cosplay. Maybe a part-time job? XDDD THAT JUST SOUNDED SO WRONG XD

Tombow - Aye, I shall flood. XD And, nice banner! They're really celebrating, no?
Good News: I made 2 banners

Bad news: [spoiler]It is all in the bin[/spoiler]

N.C. StormEye
Aw such a nice reaction to my teaser...It's a piece of crap (my fic) compared to Amethyst's fic!!

Considering I pulled my fic out of my arse...urgh. I intend it to be a series that runs in tandem with Calculated Risk-Taker. *sigh*

Anyway, almost done. Just have to finish end notes. Story is purposefully confusing.

And yeah...also writing another, more OBVIOUS Royai fluff-laden fic. Just to please the masses.

Amethyst Sunset
Kenji - D= Why? Awwww...

Stormie - Don't say that. XD And yay, it's almost finished!

As for me...I might write another fic too, which takes place in between the movie and Becoming the Fuhrer, pretty much. It'll also explain a whole lot of things and unfortunately, I might have to kill a character to make it happen...
I don't know if I can catch up. I'm gone for a few days and we are three pages ahead. But go team!

To our lovely new poster Menelvir, welcome. You will be bombarded by some of the nicest ppl here.

Darling CNE there needs to be more "naughty" Roy cosplay pics, there are never enough.

The amazing Tombow-dono, once again, you go above and beyond the call of duty.

For those of you that are posting fanfict and artwork, I bow down to you all! I've been abducted by the Ouran Host Club on YouTube and working on my kimono, which means that writing or drawing anything Royai related has been sufficently pushed out of my thoughts. But I plan to finish my kimono before Royai Day, so that I can celebrate the occassion Japanese-style! I encourage many of you to join me, if you can.

I hope you are all well and are posting Haikus! Lots of them! In Japanese if you can as well, please.

I think I'll go watch a few more episodes of Ouran...btw, when is chpt 72 coming out????


PS Thank you all for checking out my new Royai pics at my DA account. I greatly appreciate the enthusicastic responses.

PPS This may sound beneath me, but... I want a cool banner too! OOOO-wait! I have idea! Mmmmmm, will draw later......

Tombow - Very nice banner! I shall make another banner later I have no inspiration to write a drabble, let alone a fic XD

Amethyst Sunset - Whew! Good thing it's not that noticeable. biggrin.gif lol. Part-time job just to cosplay? laugh.gif And looking forward to your fic!!

Kenji - ohmy.gif Why???

Stormie - Don't be like that, looking forward to reading your fic!! happy.gif

Starrieidgirl - Go Ouran!! XD Though I know it's pretty much impossible, I'm craving for season 2. tongue.gif Wanna see your Royai banner!! happy.gif
@ Zachelle *snicker* Not yet! Have to finish watching Ouran HC and making kimono, then draw pic!

Any other banner ideas ppl are coming up w/?
@Starrie - Nice to see you!! So that's you've been doing!! Making a Kimono!! that sounds like a challenge itself!! ^^ Hopefully, it will be done by June 8 so that you can stop by here every day during the Royai Day Week!! And, yes, I wanna see you in Kimono for the Royai Day!! ^^
Oh, and thanks for the reminder!! I haven't made any Royai Japanese Haiku yet... Got to start working on them soon!! happy.gif

@Kenji - Aww... sorry your banners didn't come out well to your satisfaction!! But, thanks so much for trying!! Hope your college life is sailing smoothly, and you can get to stop by and enjoy the Royai Day Weekend with us!! ^^

@Zachelle - Glad you like the banner!! biggrin.gif Yes, please make some more!! happy.gif

@Stormie - Your fic is seriously good!! And, do I hear that you'll be writing some "fluffy" Royai fic for the Royai Day as well?? Awesome!! Can't wait to see!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Yes!! You are definitely on a roll!! ^^
Please write another one for the Royai Day!! I really enjoy reading your fic!! happy.gif

And, this is for some of the members who are our regular readers, but not necessarily posting here every time coming to this thread...

Jo21, and sara_chan, and Roy Mustard, and all other regular readers of the Royai thread... Hope you can come by, and join us for our Royai Day celebration!! happy.gif
If you have some Royai fanfics, fanarts, banners and posters to contribute for this year's Royai Day, please feel free to post them on "Royai Day Flood" threads (links on my post above)!!
And, of course you can post them here also!! ^^ Hope to see you all for the Royai Day!! biggrin.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Starrie - Cool, a kimono! And Ouran High School Host Club is absolute <3. The relationship between Tamaki and Haruhi reminds me of Roy and Riza to some extent. XD

Zachelle - I still have 5 episodes to go and I already want a second season, that is, if they really will make one. >_>;;

Tombow - Yes, I'll do it for the Royai lurve! XD

And here's another OPM song for you guys... XD Yeah, song-searching, banner-making, fic-writing...Royai Day is really kicking in, and it's not yet even the 11th!

Balisong (NOTE: In Filipino, a balisong is a small pocket knife. You can find out more about it here.)

Your face lights up the sky on the highway.
Someday, you'll share your world with me someday.
You mesmerize me with diamond eyes;
I try to fool myself to think I'll be alright.
But I am losing all control -
My mind, my heart, my body and my soul

Never in my life have I been more sure,
So come on up to me and close the door.
Nobody's made me feel this way before;
You're everything I wanted and more.

To speak or not to; where to begin.
Your great dilemmas I'm finding myself in.
For all I know you only see me as a friend.
I try to tell myself wake up fool; this fairy tale's got to end.

Never in my life have I been more sure,
So come on up to me and close the door.
Nobody's made me feel this way before;
You're everything I wanted...

Never in my life have I been more sure,
So come on up to me and close the door.
Nobody's made me feel this way before;
You're everything I wanted...more...
You're everything I wanted...
QUOTE(Amethyst Sunset @ May 31 2007, 10:05 AM) [snapback]548646[/snapback]
Kenji - D= Why? Awwww...

QUOTE(Zachelle @ May 31 2007, 11:19 AM) [snapback]548672[/snapback]
Kenji - ohmy.gif Why???

QUOTE(Tombow @ May 31 2007, 03:42 PM) [snapback]548720[/snapback]
@Kenji - Aww... sorry your banners didn't come out well to your satisfaction!! But, thanks so much for trying!! Hope your college life is sailing smoothly, and you can get to stop by and enjoy the Royai Day Weekend with us!! ^^

Somehow Tombow answered all the questions on behalf of me...
My banner will be 80% handwork and 20% computer edit...

Of course I can enjoy Royai weekend with you all... ^.^
Amethyst Sunset
*hugs Kenji*

At least you can still celebrate the awesome Royai weekend! biggrin.gif
Starrieidgirl - Have fun watching Ouran!! And best of luck with the Kimono!! happy.gif

Amethyst Sunset - Oh you haven't finished watching Ouran yet? Well I'll tell you, the last two episodes kind of not feels like Ouran at all. I cried my eyes out watching the last episode. biggrin.gif And for some unknown reason I'm not familiar with that song. mellow.gif Is that old or new?

Kenji - Aww.. That's alright!! We'll celebrate Royai weekend the best way we can!! biggrin.gif

Tombow - Time to get cracking on your Japanese Haiku! Looking forward to it!!

Oh my.. Royai weekend is slowly creeping by!! Which means school starts soon for me and Amethyst XD
Amethyst Sunset
Zachelle - Really? Yikes...better start getting my tissues ready for those final episodes. XD That song is kinda old now though...but it's a hit among Rivermaya fans. *swoons at Rico Blanco's voice in that song*

And it really is almost back to school for us. XP We start on June 12.

I might try to write more Royai haikus as well. =D The one I thought off the top of my head was actually all right. XD
I spent a good half hour on AIM last night trying to convince my one friend to cosplay Tamaki, because I'm getting the urge to cosplay Haruhi... but Ouran crap is O/T here, cracktastic as it is...

Oh yessssss, my preciousssss. More "dirty Roy pics" WILL happen. (People on these boards keep showing much love for teh new siggy...) A bunch of us Northeast U.S. cosplayers have picnics throughout the year, and we're doing a HUGE FMA gathering in September. Chris and I will be there, and be up to our crazy drunken antics again, so I'm sure a lot of good things will come of it.

Alright-- just for Starrie, HERE'S ANOTHER ONE... (from the last picnic.)

If I weren't at work, I'd make a post with ALL of the banners lined up in a row, because there is already so much good stuff out there. (Tombow? You'll probably jump on that one, right?)

I'm still annoyed that I haven't had time to enter Valerie's contest. No time to draw anything new with the move and everything. Maybe next year...

EDIT: SonOfA... why do my posts always wind up starting new pages?!? It is TOTALY NOT ON PURPOSE, I TELL YOU!! XD
Amethyst Sunset
Liz - Yeah, Ouran FTW! =D If I can't cosplay an FMA character, I might just go as Haruhi. Heck, I even sort of have the hair now, after my mom butchered it during early summer. If it grows out I can cosplay Ed or anime!Sloth...

Oh wow, sounds awesome! It's a shame I don't live in America...and September means college for me...

Roy is so in character. XD

It's fate, I tell ye! *shakes fist* wink.gif
N.C. StormEye
*depressive funk*

*depressive funk*

I. Am such. A loser.

*depressive funk*
@Stormie - Why in a funk?? Of course you are not a loser!! Look at the fanatstic job you're doing with the Royai fanfic!! Cheer up!! We love ya!! happy.gif

@Amethyst Sunset - Yes, more Royai Haiku, please!! I really liked your last one!! ^^

@Zachelle - You're right, Royai Weekend is creeping up!! And, I still got so much more to do!! Yikes!! tongue.gif

@Starrie - What kind of Kimono are you making?? What material... long/short.. what color.. ???
Can't wait to see you in your Kimono!!

@Kenji - We still have time before the Royai Weekend. If you make some more banners, or time to write Royai drabble (that's a short writing, 100 words to 1000 words) please post here, and on the Royai Flood threads. ^^

@Liz - Yes, we can always count on you for juicy Royai cosplay pics!! laugh.gif
Maybe I'll line up all the banners posted on Flood thread so far on one post here, just for fun. biggrin.gif

Chapter 72 will probably come out on the Royai Day, or definitely during the Royai Day Weekend!!
(Gahh, it will be so hectic so much excitement!! laugh.gif )
CodenameElizabeth - Woo! Ouran cosplay!! XD Make sure to post pics here!! Though I have seen a lot of Ouran cosplay lately, none of them can get Hikaru right XD

Stormie - Oh, why? What's wrong? *hugs* You're not a loser!! Ya like Tombow said, we love you happy.gif

Amethyst Sunset - Or maybe it's just me being over emotional that I cried XD And I see you really wanna cosplay biggrin.gif Oh, yay for more Royai haiku's!!

Tombow - Woah! It would be so great if chapter 72 comes out on Royai Day and then Roy would make an appearance!! I've been missing him, he hasn't appeared for a while now.
QUOTE(Tombow @ Jun 1 2007, 02:18 PM) [snapback]549006[/snapback]
@Kenji - We still have time before the Royai Weekend. If you make some more banners, or time to write Royai drabble (that's a short writing, 100 words to 1000 words) please post here, and on the Royai Flood threads. ^^

Nope... bad news...
Next Friday [June 8th] I have to go out of state again to attend my Grandfather's 3rd memorial service. I will only be back on Saturday. So, I only can join Royai Day on Sunday instead of Saturday sad.gif ...

BTW... wet painting is 40% complete... ^.^
@Kenji - Yes, of course!! My regard to your Grandfather's 3rd memorial service. sleep.gif
The actual Royai Day is on Monday, 11th, so, I hope you have bit of time to join us then. happy.gif

@Zachelle - Yeah, it will be nice if Roy AND Riza shows up for chapter 72!!! happy.gif
*hugs* Oh that's alright Kenji, family matters comes first. But you better be sure to be here on Sunday and celebrate the Royai Sunday with us!! happy.gif

Tombow that would really really make my Royai weekend the bestest XD!!

QUOTE(Kenji @ Jun 1 2007, 07:57 PM) [snapback]549062[/snapback]
wet painting is 40% complete... ^.^

yay!! biggrin.gif You still have lots of time to complete it. Really looking forward to it!!
Amethyst Sunset
Stormie - Optimism is your friend. happy.gif And if it helps, I'm FINALLY typing up my contest entry. XDDDDD It takes place in an alternate universe Riza finds herself in, and there, strangely familiar people abound (like a knife maker whose name is Hughes), and legends and rumors about a vampire who comes and goes by fire. *cough* We all know who that'll be. XD

Tombow - Oh man, a day before I go to college! XD Which is Royai Day! And I added my latest fic and another haiku to the thread. *dances*

Zachelle - I wanted to cosplay before I graduate from high school, but high school had other plans. XD Dang. That's sad, nobody getting Hikaru right? Sad indeed. Ouran cosplay is nice. If I could, I'd cosplay Haruhi. biggrin.gif Maybe even bring a bag of instant coffee to complete the image. XDDDDD

Kenji - *hugs* That's all right. You have to be with your grandfather. ^^ You can always celebrate with us the day after, and good luck with your painting!
@ Kenji We'll be thinking of you and we look forward to seeing you on here on Royai Day. Plus, I'm excited to see your new work.

@ Tombow-dono're extremely excited to know about my kimono. Something you want to tell me wub.gif???? J/K! biggrin.gif It is a long kimono, I'm fashioning it as a furisode and it's colors are in the peachy tones. I'll post a photo once I'm done. I just finished the mock up the night before last and started sewing it last night. I should be done w/ it tonight! Then next few things will be the Jimbei, lining for the sleeves, obi, and some wrap-around pants to wear underneath. I've discovered the fabric is slightly see thru, so Starrie needs to wear something to hide the "no-no" spots. ohmy.gif

@ CNE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! Is Roy sniffing your chest! That's frickin' hilarious! I need to come crash your picnic! Plus, Riza drinking beer! That's awesome. I think I said it earlier, but if you don't get your work in for Valerie's contest, at least still post it for us. I'm curious, as I'm sure everyone else is.

@ Stormie Cheer up, k? We are only 7 days away from the start of our "lil" party.

@ Everyone Yay! ppl talking about cosplay make me happy! And Chpt 72 will be out in .....10 days, 15 hours! So just in time for ROYAI DAY!!!!!! yaaaayyyy!!!!!

I'm off to work! I'll stop by tonight, perhaps w/ a pic of kimono!

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